MMPR Lost Pilot
Transcript and pictures of the original Power Rangers pilot episode.  (This pilot was aired on Fox Kids as a "Lost Episode" special with slightly edited fights and dialogue.)
Rita's release - reversioning differences
A comparison of Rita's release scene across the "lost" pilot, the 1993 "Day of the Dumpster," and the 2010 reversioned "Day of the Dumpster."
Zordon Mountain
Image from a UK comic book which diagrammed the parts of "Zordon Mountain" (the mountain on which the Command Center was built).
PRLG Fox Kids website text
Text pulled from the now-defunct Fox Kids pages for Power Rangers Lost Galaxy.
Terra Venture image gallery
Contains almost every external image Lost Galaxy showed us of Terra Venture, with color-coded mockups to explain what's in each shot.
Terra Venture goodies
Scans of Bulk's Terra Venture passport, as well as an original design for Terra Venture drawn by Ron Mason. Images courtesy of Paul Schrier.
Galaxy Book
Photos from the interior of the US Galaxy Book prop.
"Yesterday Again" clips
Video showing Carter's relived days in parallel. See text description here.