Power Rangers Take Flight
Release dates: Mar 15, 2008 - Dec 6, 2008
Setting: 1992 (alternate universe)
Description: 40 episodes, adapted from Jetman.
Loss of Innocents
Date completed: Feb 22, 2001
Setting: early-to-mid MMPR season 2
Description: Jason, Trini, and Zack find themselves reluctant to fight.
A Heart of Gold
Date completed: May 16, 2000
Setting: between Zeo and Turbo
Description: The Rangers become entrenched in an alien civil war. Written with Kittie Verdena.
Project: Power Eagle
Date completed: Sep 30, 1999
Setting: MMPR season 2
Description: A short Billy comedy which tries to wrap up some unanswered questions.
The Neon Gray Ranger: Damn, What a Man!
Date completed: Nov 15, 1997
Setting: early Turbo
Description: A Mary Sue spoof.
The Zordon of Eltar Show
Date completed: May 11, 1997 - May 25, 1997
Setting: early Turbo
Description: A whimsical late-night talk show hosted by Zordon.
More Silliness at the Expense of MMPR:TM
Date completed: Aug 16, 1997
Description: A parody of the first Power Rangers movie.
Turbo: A Power Rangers Parody
Date completed: Apr 13, 1997
Description: A parody of the second Power Rangers movie.
The Journal of William Cranston
Date completed: Nov 28, 1996
Setting: after Zeo finale
Description: This journal probes Billy's thoughts during Power Rangers Zeo.
Titanus Speaks
Date completed: Nov 24, 1996
Setting: mid-to-late Zeo
Description: Billy's conversation with Titanus provides clues to some unanswered questions in Power Rangers history.
Ranger Moon
Date completed: Sep 3, 1996 - Dec 4, 1996
Setting: alternate universe
Description: A mashup of elements from Power Rangers and Sailor Moon.
The Once and Future Rangers / The Worse of Two Evils
Dates completed: Jul 24, 1996 / Apr 13, 1997
Setting: mid-Zeo
Description: The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers meet the Zeo Rangers, but which team is real?  The sequel follows a timeline gone awry.
Power Rangers vs. Aliens
Date completed: Nov 14, 1995
Setting: late MMPR season 3
Description: Billy and Kat encounter a race of acid-blooded aliens.