Goseiger to Power Rangers Megaforce

Compiled by Joe Rovang (Goseiger vs. Shinkenger summary by Mark Ivey)

Names in quotation marks have been provided by Megaforce Cast. The rest are placeholders.

Redassociated with sky and the dragon
Pinkassociated with sky and the phoenix
Blackassociated with land and the snake
Yellowassociated with land and the saber-toothed tiger
Blueassociated with sea and the shark
"Robo Knight"silver armored warrior, associated with the lion
"Gosei"stone head seemingly in another realm (not much sentai footage, may be original design)
Zord Headsanimal-related flying heads; in small form, attached to Rangers' guns; in giant form, each copies the form of an Earth vehicle to complete its Zord form
DragonRed's Zord, created from passenger jet
PhoenixPink's Zord, created from fighter jet
SnakeBlack's Zord, created from bullet train
TigerYellow's Zord, created from bulldozer
SharkBlue's Zord, created from submarine
Megazordprimary five-piece robot
Fish Headsthree blue Zord Heads (manta, hammerhead, and saw shark), change Megazord into piratey Fish-Head Megazord
Ground Headsthree Zord Heads (tyrannosaurus, beetle, and rhino), change Megazord into skating Ground-Head Megazord
Bird Headsthree red/gray Zord Heads (hawk, pterodactyl, and crow), change Megazord into flying Bird-Head Megazord
"Tensou"robot resembling a walking arcade machine (at least in sentai), grows into a blue Battlezord ("Punchbot") who punches things (appears in 8 to 10 Megazord battles)
Earthpunch Megazordcombination of the Megazord, Punchbot, and 15 Zord Heads (3 Fish, 3 Ground, 3 Bird, 5 standard, and 1 from Punchbot); appears only in 3 Megazord battles
Ostrich Zordgreen Zord which juggles an egg; becomes an arm attachment for the Megazord, or a neck attachment for Punchbot to form the Punchcopter; used in at 5 Zord battles at most
Lion Megazordcreated from Robo Knight's Lion Zord form plus a blue Sea-Lion (created from cruise ship) and red Sky-Lion (created from blimp)
Megalionzordcombination of Megazord and Lion Megazord
Faceship Megazordrobot form of Faceship, bears a big golden bearded face in its chest
"Loogies"green foot soldiers used by all three factions below
"Warstar"evil space aliens; first wave of villains
"Admiral Malkor"boss of the Warstar
"Creepox"red/gray Warstar general, fiery tough-guy
"Vrak"blue/silver Warstar general, sends "Zombats" to enlarge monsters
EEMsEvil Earth Monsters; second wave of villains
Blobpinkish EEM mastermind
Bigfootblack/red EEM strong-man
Vrak (form 2)blue/red EEM general, now serves EEMs; still sends Zombats
EWBsEvil Water Bots; third wave of villains
Emperorwhite robotic leader of EWBs
FembotEmperor's personal assistant
Vrak (form 3)Vrak rebuilt as a bulky robot warrior, now serves EWBs
Vrak (form 4)Vrak in sleek semi-winged form, takes over EWBs' base


Each sentai episode is briefly summarized in blue. Most usable sentai footage is listed in black bullet points. Some elements, such as the Rangers' cards and cockpit footage, are omitted.

Usage speculation doesn't take into account the possibility of large numbers of episodes being skipped in the event season 2 of Megaforce switches to Gokaiger footage.

Episode 1

The Rangers debut.


Use: The footage in this episode isn't especially noteworthy; a US-original premiere might take its place. How closely will Power Rangers adapt the angel theme? Will the cards used in the "Gosei Morphers" be altered in any way?

Episode 2

A UFO monster captures people. The Zords debut.


Use: The extensive solo Zord battles here would contribute well to a Zord introduction episode, if such an episode is desired. Will cockpit footage be reshot?

Episode 3

Yellow learns to accept help and in the process forges a closer bond with Black.


Use: Yellow could easily learn a similar lesson in Power Rangers.

Episode 4

Red and Pink come to the rescue against a music monster.


Use: Any secondary plot that complements the horrifically annoying music monster. (Or how about skipping this one?)

Episode 5

Blue proves himself against an infectious monster and gets new Zord Heads.


Use: Some sort of "Blue proves himself" plot; the monster's infectious powers could be dropped.

Episode 6

Red teaches the others to "read the wind" to thwart a super-fast monster.


Use: Obvious Red focus episode which for some reason ends with the Black and Yellow Rangers getting new Zords...?

Episode 7

Black saves the day against a dangerously observant monster.


Use: Surely a Black focus of some sort. Will the tickling be edited out?

Episode 8

A monster scrambles Red's powers. Red ultimately conjures up four new Zords.


Use: A Red focus of some sort, but it remains to be seen what ailment he'll suffer or how the Dragon Heads will originate. (Note that this episode is the only appearance of these particular Zord Heads.)

Episode 9

When a queen bee monster captures the guys, Pink and Yellow have to work together to save the day.


Use: Clearly a Pink/Yellow focus; will they learn to work together?

Episode 10

Blue vows to defeat the monster who killed his comrade some time ago.


Use: Some sort of Blue Focus; will Blue be revealed to have lost his partner, the Green Ranger? Note that this episode could be moved earlier, perhaps even serving as the Fish Heads' introduction.

Episode 11

Yellow thwarts an energy-stealing monster with the help of the team's robot assistant.


Use: A Yellow focus, but please tell me the cheerleading won't be adapted.

Episode 12

The Rangers defeat Creepox.


Use: Any secondary plot that complements Creepox's defeat. The chest-stabbing will likely be replaced.

Episode 13

Red encourages Pink as she struggles to learn a challenging technique.


Use: A Pink/Red focus of some sort. The Ostrich could be omitted from the series with a certain amount of effort, but how likely is that?

Episode 14

General Mustache is Malkor's trump card, but even he falls to the Rangers.


Use: Any secondary plot that complements the tough challenge of General Mustache. (Sadly, it's that dumb Ostrich that does him in.)

Episode 15

Malkor battles the Rangers personally.


Use: Any secondary plot that complements Malkor's final battle.

Episode 16

Red has a rematch against Creepox.


Use: Some sort of Red focus. The debut of the EEMs will probably be foreshadowed here.

Episode 17

The Rangers battle a new villain faction. Robo Knight debuts.


Use: The EEMs and Robo Knight debut. Reportedly, Robo Knight's origin will be similar to the sentai.

Episode 18

A mummy monster takes over a TV station. Robo Knight is unconvinced of human worth.


Use: Robo Knight is a jerkwad for some reason. The mummy's scheme will presumably be changed.

Episode 19

After being used in an evil plot, Robo Knight vows to help humanity.


Use: Robo Knight decides to help humanity for some reason.

Episode 20

A monster foils the Rangers' love advice to a student.


Use: Anything, really.

Episode 21

As the Rangers pursue a monster, Pink is preoccupied baking a cake.


Use: Pink focus which involves... cake? Nah, maybe they'll edit that part out.

Episode 22

Robo Knight confronts his old foe, the Loch Ness Monster.


Use: Any secondary plot that complements a tough monster battle.

Episode 23

A monster tries to make everybody hot. Hilarity ensues.


Use: Anything, perhaps not so wacky. The Punchcopter could actually be omitted from this episode, but will it?

Episode 24

Vrak tricks the Rangers into unleashing a powerful sword. The Rangers use it to get new powers.


Use: Any secondary plot that complements the debut of the Battlizer powers.

Episode 25

A monster tries to trick Yellow in the form of her mother.


Use: Yellow focus.

Episode 26

A monster captures people when they laugh.


Use: Any secondary plot that... um, involves laughter? Blue learns to unwind?

Episode 27

A monster who impersonates people's voices discourages Black. Vrak tricks Bigfoot with the same power.


Use: Black focus, perhaps retaining the voice impersonations? Vrak schemes against the EEMs.

Episode 28

A monster manipulates people. Vrak schemes.


Use: Anything; the monster probably won't try to kill people in the same way.

Episode 29

Vrak betrays the EEMs but discovers he's been tricked instead.


Use: Any secondary plot that complements the EEMs' trick on Vrak. Punchcopter could be omitted, but will it?

Episode 30

A dream-eating monster plagues the Rangers.


Use: Pink focus, perhaps dealing with whatever force the monster steals from people.

Episode 31

Blob spreads slime across the city, but he's destroyed.


Use: Any secondary plot that complements Blob's demise. What will be the point of his slime?

Episode 32

The Rangers enter another realm to stop Blob. The EEMs are defeated.


Use: Any secondary plot that complements the EEMs' defeat and the acquisition of the Faceship. Who will the stone head be?

Episode 33

The EWBs debut.


Use: Any secondary plot that complements the debut of the EWBs.

Episode 34

Fembot tries to tempt Robo Knight into allying with the EWBs, per humans' dirtying of the planet.


Use: Any secondary plot that complements Robo Knight being tempted.

Episode 35

A monster makes the Rangers think they need a leader; things go downhill from there.


Use: The Rangers may wrestle with the subject of leadership. Will the wing effects be omitted?

Episode 36

A robot monster doesn't understand human strength.


Use: Black focus of some kind.

Episode 37

Yellow has to learn to be calm.


Use: Straightforward adaptation?

Episode 38

The Rangers thwart Fembot's plot.


Use: Any secondary plot that complements Fembot's defeat. Her boob missiles certainly won't be adapted.

Episode 39

The Rangers meet a rebuilt Vrak, and a clock monster sends Red back in time.


Use: Any secondary plot that complements Vrak's return and a clock monster; will the time travel cliffhanger be retained?

Episode 40

In the past, Red tries to alter history.


Use: Will the time travel plot be retained?

Episode 41

Pink grows fond of a peaceful monster, but it's all part of Fembot's plan.


Use: Similar plot but with a happier ending?

Episode 42

The Rangers fight to save their robot friend.


Use: Will Tensou have been redesigned? Note that the word "Death" often seen in the monster's monitor will surely be painted over if this episode is used. The Rangers use their golden angel wing shields a lot in these battles, too.

Episode 43

Emperor begins his final assault on Earth.


Use: The start of Emperor's final assault, I guess; is there room for a sub-plot?

Episode 44

Emperor falls; Vrak is revealed as a treacherous mastermind.


Use: Mostly similar, but will Vrak's scheme be replicated exactly in Power Rangers?

Episode 45

Clip show; Vrak then reveals his true form.


Use: Clip show, followed by Vrak's true form?

Episode 46

Vrak explains his origin. Black and Yellow work together to beat a monster.


Use: Any secondary plot that complements Black and Yellow's cooperation.

Episode 47

Vrak's scheme develops. The Rangers contend with a brainwashed Robo Knight.


Use: Still a plan to split the Earth apart? Any sub-plot?

Episode 48

Red fights Robo Knight to free him from Vrak's control.


Use: Straightforward? Red still struggles to free Robo Knight?

Episode 49

The Rangers struggle against Vrak.


Use: Similar finale?

Episode 50

The Rangers win.


Use: Similar finale?

Goseiger vs. Shinkenger (movie, set between Gosei #29-33)

Vrak returns as the new leader of the Nighloks, leading the Samurai Rangers to team up with the Goseigers.


Use: Who knows!