Helmetless Rangers in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy

  Leo Damon Kai Maya Kendrix N/A Notes
Quasar Quest, part 1              
Quasar Quest, part 2             The Rangers' standard morphs showed them briefly helmetless; they also appeared helmetless in the Megaship.
Race to the Rescue              
Rookie in Red              
The Lights of Orion              
Double Duty              
The Blue Crush              
  Leo Damon Kai Maya Kendrix Magna Defender Notes
The Magna Defender              
Sunflower Search              
Silent Sleep              
Orion Rising              
Orion Returns              
Shark Attack              
Redemption Day              
  Leo Damon Kai Maya Kendrix Mike Notes
Destined for Greatness             Mike's Magna Defender morph did not show him helmetless.
Stolen Beauty              
The Rescue Mission              
The Lost Galactabeasts, part 1              
The Lost Galactabeasts, part 2              
Heir to the Throne              
An Evil Game              
Memories of Mirinoi              
Green Courage              
Blue to the Test              
Mean Wheels Mantis              
Loyax' Last Battle              
A Red Romance              
The Chameliac Warrior              
To The Tenth Power              
The Power of Pink              
  Leo Damon Kai Maya Karone Mike Notes
Protect the Quasar Saber              
Facing the Past              
Turn Up the Volume              
Enter the Lost Galaxy              
Beware the Mutiny              
Grunchor on the Loose              
Until Sunset              
Dream Battle              
Hexuba's Graveyard              
Raise the Titanisaur              
Escape the Lost Galaxy              
  Leo Damon Kai Maya Karone N/A Notes
Journey's End, part 1              
Journey's End, part 2              
Journey's End, part 3             Leo's visor was cracked open in battle. The Rangers' helmets later vanished off their heads.