Helmetless (or open-visor) Rangers in Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue

  Carter Chad Joel Kelsey Dana N/A Notes
Operation Lightspeed             The Rangers' standard morphs showed them with visors briefly open.
Lightspeed Teamwork              
Trial by Fire              
Riding the Edge              
A Matter of Trust              
Wheels of Destruction              
Cyborg Rangers              
Up to the Challenge              
Go Volcanic              
Rising from Ashes              
  Carter Chad Joel Kelsey Dana Ryan Notes
From Deep in the Shadows           V (V = helmet on, visor open, rebreather over mouth/nose)
Truth Discovered           V  
Ryan's Destiny             Ryan's standard morph showed him with visor briefly open.
Curse of the Cobra              
Strength of the Sun V       V    
The Cobra Strikes              
Olympius Ascends              
A Face from the Past V            
The Queen's Return V            
The Omega Project     V        
The Fifth Crystal              
The Chosen Path              
Yesterday Again x3           Carter removed his helmet on-screen three times in this episode.
As Time Runs Out              
In the Freeze Zone              
The Mighty Mega Battles              
The Great Egg Caper       V      
Ocean Blue              
Trakeena's Revenge, part 1              
Trakeena's Revenge, part 2              
The Last Ranger              
Sorcerer of the Sands              
Olympius Unbound              
Neptune's Daughter             While he was underwater, Chad's visor was transparent enough to reveal blue lights inside his helmet (but not his face).
Web War              
In the Limelight              
Wrath of the Queen              
Rise of the Super Demons              
The Fate of Lightspeed, part 1              
The Fate of Lightspeed, part 2 x2           Carter's helmet was knocked off in battle. All then had their helmets off later.