Helmetless Rangers in Power Rangers Operation Overdrive

  Mack Will Dax Ronny Rose N/A Notes
Kick into Overdrive, part 1             The Rangers' standard morphs showed them briefly helmetless.
Kick into Overdrive, part 2              
The Underwater World              
Heart of Blue              
Weather or Not              
Pirate in Pink              
At All Cost              
Both Sides Now              
Follow the Ranger              
Lights, Camera, Dax              
Face to Face, part 1              
Face to Face, part 2              
  Mack Will Dax Ronny Rose Tyzonn Notes
Man of Mercury, part 1              
Man of Mercury, part 2             Tyzonn's standard morph showed him briefly helmetless.
Behind the Scenes              
Just Like Me              
It's Hammer Time              
Out of Luck              
One Gets Away              
Once a Ranger, part 1              
  Adam Bridge Xander Tori Kira N/A Notes
Once a Ranger, part 2             Adam, Bridge, Xander, Tori, and Kira all appeared helmetless; their morph sequences all showed them helmetless as well (Adam's was new, while the rest were standard).
  Mack Will Dax Ronny Rose Tyzonn Notes
One Fine Day              
Ronny on Empty, part 1              
Ronny on Empty, part 2              
Things Not Said              
Red Ranger Unplugged              
Home and Away, part 1              
Home and Away, part 2              
Way Back When              
Two Fallen Foes              
Nothing to Lose              
Crown and Punishment