by Joe Rovang and Kittie Verdena

A Heart of Gold


* * *

[Space background.  Yellow text scrolls slowly, narrated by Zordon.]

"The year is 1997.  For the moment, all is peaceful.

"Billy Cranston, recent visitor to Aquitar and Triforia, seeks treatment on Aquitar for his accelerated aging and remains with his Aquitian companion Cestria.  Jason Lee, unable to maintain the Gold Ranger persona, returns the powers to Trey of Triforia.

"The Zeo Rangers have defeated the Machine Empire, but Rita and Lord Zedd are poised for takeover.  At the heart of it all lies a hidden alliance which threatens the freedom of two worlds...."

* * *

[Aerial view of the desert in midday.  Far below, a bleached, cracked road stretches across the arid land and comes to a stop at a small facility surrounded by large dishes aimed at the sky.]

[Establishment shot of the exterior of the facility.  In the background behind the small building are the large dishes.  A beeping sound emanates from inside the facility.  Small white text at the bottom of the screen names the location.]

TEXT:  EROS (Establishing Relations with Otherworldly Sentience) Headquarters, Mountain View, California...

[Inside a room in the facility, the same beeping continues from a computer setup.  Scientist1, a middle-aged black female, sits at the computer and scans the display.]

[Scientist2, an older white male, looks over Scientist1's right shoulder.]

SCIENTIST2:  Another one got past every filter?

[Scientist1 stares intently at the screen, the patterns in the monitor reflecting off her glasses.]

SCIENTIST1:  That's right.  It's definitely from deep space.  Looks like another hyperspace transmission from god-knows-where...

[Scientist2 reaches for the phone, which is on the table to the right of the computer.]

SCIENTIST2:  Better call it in.

[Scientist1 smirks bitterly as she continues to stare at the monitor.  Scientist2, in the background, dials the phone.]

SCIENTIST1:  With the progress they make on decoding these messages, we could have an alien invasion coming our way and never know it.

[Scientist2 holds the receiver between his shoulder and neck.]

SCIENTIST2:  Let's just hope the Power Rangers got the message too.

* * *

[Establishment shot of a basketball court in the park.  As Tanya passes Jason the ball beneath Tommy's blocking arms, Kat and Adam watch from the small stands to the right of the court. Adam has an open notebook in his lap and a pen in his hand.]

[Jason slam-dunks the ball.]

[Tanya smiles at Tommy, who is leaning over for a moment, resting his hands on his slightly bent knees.  In the background, Jason grabs the ball.]

TANYA:  I believe that's 19 for Tanya and Jason....

[Jason smiles and passes the ball in Tommy's direction.]

JASON:  8 for the outmatched Tommy Oliver.

[Tommy, ball in hand, leaps between Jason and Tanya.]

TOMMY:  Yeah, well don't count your chickens before they hatch!

[Tommy slam-dunks the ball.]

[Kat claps for Tommy.  Adam is no longer paying attention, but is instead scribbling intently into his notebook.]

[Tommy, now guarding Tanya, talks toward the stands.]

TOMMY:  You guys like that one?

[Adam is still writing.]

KAT:  Yes, very nice.

[Kat nudges Adam.  Adam looks up and speaks unenthusiastically.]

ADAM:  Yeah, that was astounding.

[Tommy rolls his eyes in the direction of the stands, smiling.  Behind him, Jason passes the ball to Tanya.  Tommy chases after Tanya as Kat and Adam chuckle.]

TOMMY:  Hey!

[Kat speaks to Adam, who is absently looking straight ahead.]

KAT:  Oh, hey, have you talked to Rocky about the charity tournament yet?

[Adam rests his pen on his notebook as he stares into space.]

ADAM:  Eh, he said he was in, but he's been so busy lately at martial arts camp...

KAT:  Well, it HAS always been his dream to get certified as an instructor.

ADAM:  I know...  I just don't want him to wear himself out.

[In the court, Jason stands with his arm around Tanya, who is grinning broadly with the ball under her arm.  Tommy is leaning over, hands on his knees again.]

TANYA:  Admit it, hotshot.  You can't take us both on.

[Tommy smiles with a bit of cockiness.]

TOMMY:  Oh, we'll see about that.  I want a rematch.

[Jason looks at his watch.]

JASON:  Count me out.  I told Emily I'd give her some more lessons today.  In just a few minutes, actually.

[Tommy stands upright.]

TOMMY:  All right... later, bro.

[Black sports bag in hand, Jason walks away into the park as Tanya and Tommy wave after him. Kat waves from the stands while Adam smiles slightly.]

TANYA:  See ya.

KAT:  Bye!

[Tommy grabs the ball from Tanya's hands.  In the background, Kat watches the court as Adam continues to write.  Tommy teases Tanya.]

TOMMY:  So...  I guess you'll be needing Adam's help now.

[Tanya smirks and hunches over slightly, ready to play again.]

TANYA:  Yeah right!  If anyone needs Adam's help, it's you.

[Adam looks up at Tanya and Tommy in confusion.]

ADAM:  Huh?

[Establishment shot of the court from high above as Tommy and Tanya play.  The Angel Grove skyline is on the horizon.  Slow pan/zoom across the mountains, approaching the Command Center.  The title appears at the bottom of the screen.]

TITLE:  A Heart of Gold part I: Eye of the Storm

* * *

[Establishment shot of the Command Center exterior.  Alpha's voice resonates from deep inside the structure.]

ALPHA (voice-over):  Ay yi yi yi yi!

[Establishment shot of the interior of the Power Chamber from the gallery.  Zordon's column is in the opposite wall.  Alpha Five is at the leftmost console.]

ALPHA:  Zordon, I don't know what to make of these readings!  The signal came from Triforia, but it was encoded using our encryption system!

[Alpha pushes various buttons on the console.  Zordon is in the background.]

ZORDON:  Play back the decrypted message at once, Alpha.

ALPHA:  Right!

[A hissing signal emanates from the console in a familiar voice.]

VOICE (voice-over, transmission):  Zordon...  Alpha...  this is...  Blue Wolf calling from Triforia.

ALPHA:  Ay yi yi!  Billy!

[Zordon listens to the message as it continues from off-screen.  His face is emotionless.]

BILLY (voice-over, transmission):  I don't know if this message will make it, but I've got to try.  There's a civil war here, and the rebel Triforians have taken me prisoner and are taking over the planet!  You've got to stop them bef--

[Alpha looks down at the console as the message terminates.]

ALPHA:  Ay yi yi, Zordon!   That's the end of the transmission!

[Zordon looks off into space.]

ZORDON:  This is most disturbing, Alpha.

* * *

[Establishment shot of a vast desert from several stories up.  Five large alien craft hover above the sand as they construct an enormous metallic tower.]

TEXT:  The planet Triforia...

[Establishment shot of the tower from further away.  At the bottom of the screen, the viewer can now see four more craft apart from the tower.  Their lasers are firing at a humanoid figure, but from the altitude of this vantage point, his identity is unknown.]

[From behind the figure, we see that it is the Gold Ranger, bracing himself against the laser fire by crouching in a side stance.]

[Gold Ranger returns fire on the craft with globules of golden energy which fly from his staff.]

GOLD RANGER:  Afraid not, Rebels.  This is one energy tower I will NOT allow to go up!

[Gold Ranger aims his staff as the alien craft's laser cannon explodes from his projected energy.  A radio transmission is heard from inside Gold Ranger's helmet.]

TRANSMISSION:  Lord Trey, we've spotted a Machine Empire skybase in the western lands on a course for Rebel Command!

[Shadowed view of Trey's face inside his helmet.]

GOLD RANGER:  The Machine Empire?  I'm on my way...  but first I'm gonna teach these Rebels we've had enough of their aggression!

[Gold Ranger aims his staff straight ahead.]

GOLD RANGER:  They will expand NO further!

* * *

[Establishment shot inside a dark prison cell with rock walls.  The door, made of metal bars, is open as two soldiers wearing solid red uniforms and helmets, with swords in black sheaths hanging on their black belts, shove Billy into the cell.  Billy is wearing a ratty black turtleneck with dusty jeans.]

[One of the soldiers removes a key from the door, and they begin to walk away.  In the cell, Billy has his back against the rear wall.  He sits almost entirely in shadow.]

[Billy's profile is in silhouette.  There is a pained expression on his face as he looks down. Outside the door, the soldiers are gone.]

BILLY (voice-over):  What have I done?  First Jason, and now Trey...

[Complete darkness.]

BILLY (voice-over):  ...all because of that machine they made me build.

[View from inside a small box of some sort, looking up.  Billy peers in curiously.  He is wearing a beige collared shirt.]

BILLY (voice-over):  Oh, god, why did she have to bring me here?!

[Billy is in a fairly spacious workroom, standing at a large table area.  The table is actually one gigantic display, on which are the schematics of a robot and a futuristic fire truck.  On the table is a plain metallic box.  A translucent hologram of Cestria hovers above the box, somewhat startling Billy.]

HOLOGRAM:  Hello, Billy!

BILLY:  Cestria!

[Cestria's image smiles.]

HOLOGRAM:  I heard about your tower inventions!  Pure genius...!  I hear they work like a charm at keeping back the invading Rebels....

[Billy looks concerned.]

BILLY:  I just hope they never fall into --

[Cestria's image gestures down toward the box.]

HOLOGRAM:  I sent you this gift as a token of my appreciation for your peacekeeping abilities.

[Billy reaches one hand into the box, partially blocking the projection with his hand.]

BILLY:  Gift...?

[Billy holds up a necklace, on which is a beautiful glowing blue gem.]

HOLOGRAM:  It's one-of-a-kind...  just like you, Billy.

[The gem lights up Billy's smiling face with faint light.]

BILLY (voice-over):  Little did I know, billions of radioactive particles were streaming from the gem and seeping into my body, poisoning me.

[Billy's bedroom.  Billy lies sick in bed, his face very pale.  Sunlight streams through his closed window blinds and casts lines across his blue bedspread.]

BILLY (voice-over):  At first, I was only sick from a mysterious illness.  This was about the time Cestria's gift crumbled into dust without warning.

[Billy is old and wrinkled, lying with his eyes closed on the bioscanner bed in the Power Chamber.  He is wearing an unblemished black turtleneck.]

BILLY (voice-over):  Then, one day, after I thought I'd recovered from my illness, the aging hit me.

[Billy in his dark cell.]

BILLY (voice-over):  In the back of my mind, I wondered if Cestria's gift had caused it, but I didn't want to believe it.  Instead, I simply guessed that my one of my own inventions in the past had caused it.

[Cestria and old Billy face each other as they stand at the bottom of a large rock formation jutting out from an expansive ocean.  Cestria uses her hands to pour water over Billy.  A stream of water flows down the side of the rock formation from a source off-screen.  The setting sun in the background casts an orange glow across the sky and sparkles in each drop of water.]

BILLY (voice-over):  How little I knew.  As soon as Cestria had exposed me to the Eternal Falls on Aquitar and cured me of the disease she'd given me...

[In some sort of compound, Cestria stands in the foreground with a hand on her hip as Billy is chained up and surrounded by a crowd of the soldiers previously seen locking Billy in his cell.]

BILLY (voice-over):  ...she whisked me away to the moonbase of the Triforian Rebel Party. I'd been tricked.

[In a lab, Billy is hard at work on a large machine hooked up to a generator as a soldier stands behind him, arms crossed, watching his work.]

BILLY (voice-over):  And now, as the Rebels landed on Triforia to take over the planet, I had to use my inventions against the benevolent Triforian Monarchy...

[Jason, wearing a black tank top and jeans, is shown collapsed onto a blue marble floor.]

BILLY (voice-over):  ...and Jason.

[Back in the cell, Billy's silhouetted profile looks down.]

BILLY (voice-over):  Trey will be the next to fall.  All because of me.

[Billy speaks somberly.]

BILLY:  I wish I were dead.

* * *

[Establishment shot of Power Chamber from Zordon's view.  Adam, Tanya, Kat, and Tommy look up at Zordon from the center of the Power Chamber.]

TOMMY:  What is it, Zordon?

[Zordon looks grim.]

ZORDON:  Rangers, we have received a distressing transmission concerning Billy.

[The girls look up at Zordon in concern.  Behind them is a column of arriving blue energy.]

KAT:  Billy?

TANYA:  What's wrong with Billy?

[Rocky, having arrived, is confused.]

ROCKY:  Something's wrong with Billy?

ZORDON:  Perhaps it would be best for you to hear the transmission for yourselves.

[The teens look concerned as they listen to the transmission.]

BILLY (voice-over, transmission):  Zordon...  Alpha...  this is...  Blue Wolf calling from Triforia.  I don't know if this message will make it, but I've got to try.  There's a civil war here, and the rebel Triforians have taken me prisoner...

[Kat clings to Tommy in worry.  Tommy is visibly disturbed over the message.]

MESSAGE:  ...and are taking over the planet!  You've got to stop them bef--

[Alpha shrugs weakly.]

ALPHA:  Ay yi yi...  that's all...

ADAM:  Billy...

ZORDON:  I am afraid Trey has failed to respond to our inquiries on the situation.

[Rocky has stepped forward from between Tanya and Kat.]

ROCKY:  So, I guess we're going to Triforia...

[Tommy looks at the other teens with determination.  In the background, Alpha is pushing buttons on the console.]

TOMMY:  Right.  We'll find Billy first, then we'll see what we can do about the war.

[Alpha pushes a final button.  Something materializes on the console in front of him in a streak of white light.]

ALPHA:  Cestro has sent us a sample of water from the Eternal Falls to analyze, which will allow you to track down Billy's altered body chemistry.

ADAM:  How do we do that?

[Alpha faces them, holding in his hands a device of the same design as the future Turbo Navigators.]

ALPHA:  With this, a short-range locator.  Normally, the locators are powered remotely by the Power Chamber, but since you'll be so far from Earth, the locators will need a portable power source.

[We see the Power Chamber from behind a set of sliding double doors which are opening in the wall to Alpha's left.  Alpha and, behind him, the teens, look toward the viewer.]

ALPHA:  That's where the Power Boxes come in.

[The teens approach the closet-like space, on the wall of which are five backpacks, the Power Boxes, each a Ranger color.  Each Power Box, with the exception of the red one, has a short-range locator attached to the top of the unit.]

ALPHA:  Each Power Box is equipped with survival gear to help you through Triforia's harsh terrain, along with an internal power source for each of your short-range locators.

[Tommy takes the red Power Box off the wall.  The other teens reach for theirs.]

TOMMY:  Great.  Thanks, Alpha.

ZORDON:  Rangers, keep in mind that there is a civil war on Triforia.  Alpha will teleport you to the secure location nearest the source of the transmission, but you will still find yourselves in a potentially dangerous situation.  Please be careful.

[The teens now have their Power Boxes strapped on and stand between Alpha and the storage area.  Tommy takes his locator from Alpha's hand while looking up at Zordon.]

TOMMY:  You got it, Zordon.

[Alpha looks down at the console, and the teens stand behind him.]

ALPHA:  Teleporting now.

[The teens streak away in their respective colors.  In the background, Alpha has his back to them while he works the console.  Above, Zordon watches.]

ZORDON:  May the Power protect them all.

* * *

[Establishment shot of the rear of Rita and Zedd's moon palace.  In the background, the Rangers streak away from the Earth.]

[Rita and Zedd stand on the front balcony, watching happily.  In the background, Goldar and Rito are carrying boxes toward the left, with Rito behind Goldar.]

RITA:  Oh, Zeddy, this is too good to be true!

[The Earth reflects in Zedd's visor and faceplate.]

ZEDD:  Yes...  both the Machine Empire and the Power Rangers are out of our hair.  It looks like the perfect time to unleash our ultimate weapon...

[Rito, carrying a sizable cardboard box, stops in his tracks and looks toward the balcony.]

RITO:  Aw, how many more boxes do we have to move inside?

[Goldar, carrying a slightly larger box, looks over his shoulder at Rito.]

GOLDAR:  Quit complaining, Rito!  You're such a wimp!

RITO:  Hey, you're just saying that because I don't have any muscles!

ZEDD:  Would you two SHUT UP?!

RITA:  We're trying to formulate an evil plan here!  Sheesh!

* * *

[From inside a darkened detective agency, we see the silhouette of a man standing outside the frosted glass window in the door.  Printed backwards on the glass is "The Private Eyes Have It Detective Agency," with the drawing of an eye in the center of the logo.]

TEXT:  111 Detective Drive, Angel Grove.

[In the hallway, Detective Stone still has his hand on the doorknob after having shut the door behind him.  He is wearing a gray suit, and his hair is slicked back.  Hung on the doorknob is a "Sold" sign.]

[Stone begins to walk away, his head down in thought, as he mutters to himself.]

STONE:  We had some great times in there, boys.

[Stone looks up, a bit surprised.]

STONE:  Oh no... Don't tell me I actually miss those two...

* * *

[Establishment shot of a lone mountain in the Triforian desert.  Built into the mountain is an enormous command outpost.]

TEXT:  Triforian Rebel Command.

[Establishment shot inside a large golden chamber.  At the front of the room is a long, elevated desk of command.  Nine men, from Leader1 on the left to Leader9 on the right, sit side-by-side at the desk, forming a council of some sort.  Their hair ranges from black to gray, depending upon the age of the council member.  Their uniforms appear to be variations of the red Rebel soldier uniforms, with the addition of frilled white vests.  Leader5, speaking in a foreign language, sits in the center seat and appears to be the oldest member of the council. A black-haired officer, Officer1, in the same red uniform but with a much simpler black vest, stands before the council, at a slightly lower elevation.  Apparent ages of the men range from mid-thirties to late-sixties.]

LEADER5 (subtitled):  Report.

[Officer1 appears to be around the same age as the youngest council members.  On the wall behind Officer1 is an enormous viewscreen which is currently off.]

OFFICER1 (subtitled):  Negotiations with Emperor Gasket are complete, and his forces are moving into place as we speak.  Also, the human engineer has sent a distress signal to Earth.

[Leader7 appears to be the fourth youngest.]

LEADER7 (subtitled):  Perfect -- just as we'd predicted.  Once the Machine Empire ambushes and destroys the Earth Rangers, their planet will be that much easier to colonize...  after we seize control of Triforia, of course.

[Leader1, the second youngest council member, speaks to his fellow members.  He looks somewhat irritated.]

LEADER1 (subtitled):  What's left of it after we sell off land to the Machine Empire, you mean.

[Leader3 is slightly older than Leader1, and he speaks to the members on his left.]

LEADER3 (subtitled):  I must admit...  I, too, have reservations about our arrangement with Gasket.  This ambush would be much simpler if the towers defended against more than Triforian technology.  The Earth Rangers would be incinerated the moment they approached to retrieve the engineer.

[Leader5 speaks to the members on his right.]

LEADER5 (subtitled):  Gentlemen, I assure you that this course of action is necessary.  We are all aware that the towers are configured to ignore alien readings to ensure that they do not attack our Aquitian armaments.

[Leader1 looks down at the desk in front of him in submission.  Every council member can be seen from this viewpoint.  Leader5 continues speaking.  All of the members except for Leader1 are looking at Leader5.  In the background beyond Leader9 is a large arched doorway, the golden double doors of which are currently closed.]

LEADER5 (subtitled):  We are quite fortunate Gasket has graciously accepted our original offer of fifty-four districts.  A small price to pay for the eventual colonization of Earth and the acquisition of all its resources.

[Leader6 is the third oldest, and he leans forward to speak to someone further down the table.]

LEADER6 (subtitled):  Indeed.  And what have we discovered about the Earthlings?

[Leader9, the youngest member of the council, replies while looking down at a control panel in his section of the table and pressing several buttons.]

LEADER9 (subtitled):  Contacting Research now.

* * *

[Establishment shot of an observation room.  The room appears to have been dug out of solid rock, and there are metal beams along the walls for support.  Along the side of the room is a long wall of glass through which part of a large second room, at a lower level than the observation room, can be seen, and a nearby side staircase leads down to the level of the lower room.  Standing at a console beneath the viewscreen in the control wall are three researchers wearing red uniforms with simple blue vests.]

LEADER9 (from viewscreen, subtitled):  This is Command.  Report.

* * *

[Close-up of the other end of the communication, the large screen viewed by the nine-man council, showing a live feed from the observation room's viewscreen.  Researcher1 speaks into the observation room's viewscreen.]

RESEARCHER1 (from viewscreen, subtitled):  Well, Sirs, the results are very promising.

[The viewscreen has changed to an establishment shot of the lower room adjoining the observation room.  The observation window, up in the opposite wall from this vantage point, is completely reflective.  The walls of this room are also rock reinforced with metal beams. There is an assortment of exercise equipment throughout the room.  In the center of the room, Bulk and Skull are attempting to work out.  Bulk, wearing black slacks and a yellow dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up, is sitting backwards on a Health Rider with his arms behind him, trying to pull the handlebars toward his back.  Skull, wearing black slacks and a pink dress shirt, is clumsily trying to jump rope.]

RESEARCHER1 (subtitled):  These two humans, whom records on the planet Horath indicate are the most powerful non-Ranger Earthlings, are staggeringly pathetic.

[In the council, Leader7 has a wry smile on his face as Researcher1 continues.]

RESEARCHER1 (subtitled):  From our research, we conclude that there will be no difficulty in colonizing Earth.

LEADER7 (subtitled):  Excellent.

[Leader4 is the second oldest, and he speaks to Officer1.]

LEADER4 (subtitled):  What about the Golden powers?

[Officer1 has turned to look at the viewscreen, which now shows a rock-walled cell from one side of two metal chairs which have been fused back-to-back.  Shackled into the chairs are another black-vested officer on the left and the helmetless Gold Ranger Trey on the right. Gold Ranger's staff is inserted into the machinery connecting the backs of the chairs, held upright between the backs of the officer's and Trey's heads.  The shackled officer, Officer2, looks calmly anticipative.]

OFFICER1 (subtitled):  The Earthling's invention is a success.  Trey has been captured, and the power drain is under way.

[Leader7 speaks to the council members on his right.]

LEADER7 (subtitled):  At this point, Trey has two choices.  He can give his powers to us, or he can keep them until he dies from the power drain, at which point the powers will transfer themselves to their new owner... our operative.

[In the cell, Trey's head is lowered in weakness, and his eyes are barely open.]

LEADER7 (voice-over and subtitled):  Either way, the Golden powers are ours.

* * *

[Establishment shot from in front of a metal balcony which is attached to a much larger structure.  Prince Gasket stands at the railing, staring at the view before him.  Archerina stands behind him and to the right, hidden in shadow.  Her glowing yellow eyes seem to examine Gasket.]

TEXT:  The Machine Skybase.

[Archerina takes a step forward, bringing her face into the light as she speaks cheerfully to her husband.]

ARCHERINA:  Gasket, sweetie, the Rebels have sent us the maps of the land we can take.

[We look out from the couple's perspective.  Beyond the balcony is an expansive desert with mountains in the distance.  The skybase is at a tremendous height.]

GASKET:  I don't want their stupid land.

[Establishment shot from behind the Machine Skybase as it hovers high above the desert.  In the background, the Rangers descend from the atmosphere toward the mountains as streaks of energy.]

GASKET (voice-over):  The reward I'll get will be far greater, my love...

* * *

[Establishment shot as the teens are at the top of a small mountain range, surveying the desert.  Tommy stands ahead of the others.]

TOMMY:  All right, here we are.  Triforia.

ROCKY:  Doesn't look like it would attract too many tourists.

[Tommy turns to face the teens.]

TOMMY:  Okay, before we set out, I think we should take an inventory of our equipment.

TANYA:  Good idea.

[Tanya removes her Power Box, as do Adam and Kat.  Rocky is off-screen.  Kat crouches beside her Power Box, holding a pink miniature lantern and a small silver box with a red cross on it.  Beside her is her locator.  In the background, Adam is standing as he examines a strange green gadget.]

KAT:  Okay, we've got a locator...  mini-lamp...  medkit...

ADAM:  Swiss army knife...?

[Tanya is crouching beside her Power Box.  In front of her on the ground are a yellow, oblong handheld device with a claw at one end, a small metallic yellow container, and a tightly-wrapped yellow bundle.  In the background, Rocky still has his Power Box on and is examining the blue and silver hose and nozzle which are connected to the side of the Power Box.]

TANYA:  Let's see, there's a canteen and a tent, I think... and what I'm guessing is a grappling gun or something...

[A huge flame spews out from the nozzle Rocky is holding.  Tanya hides her head behind her arms in panic.  Rocky looks surprised.]

[Tommy rolls his eyes.  Rocky smiles sheepishly as he looks down at his nozzle, having shut it off.  The other teens stare at Rocky, surprised.]

ROCKY:  Industrial strength matches...

[Tommy faces the others as he returns the mask to his Power Box.  He again has a determined look on his face.]

TOMMY:  All right... uh... we've also got binoculars, a tazer gun, a floatation device, and a mini gas mask.

[Tanya is strapping her Power Box back on.  Behind her, Kat and Rocky are also strapping on theirs.]

TANYA:  Wait, why do we need gas masks?

[Tommy now has his back to the others.  He reaches behind him and removes the locator from the top of his Power Box.]

TOMMY:  I don't know...  I guess anything can happen in a war zone.  Now, let's see if we can get Billy outta here.

[Tommy scans his locator with a look of slight confusion.  In the background, the other teens watch him.]

TOMMY:  It looks like we should head that w--  Wait a second, there are two blips.

[Adam, Kat, Tanya, and Rocky look at each other and at Tommy with concern.]

ADAM:  Two?  Who's the other one?

TANYA:  Someone else who's been to the Eternal Falls?

ROCKY:  An Aquitian...?

KAT:  Cestria!  They must've captured her too!

TOMMY:  Oh, man, this just gets worse and worse...

[Establishment shot of the area as Tommy begins walking down the rocky path.  The others hesitate, still looking at each other and at Tommy.]

TOMMY:  Come on.

* * *

[Council.  Leader9 looks into his display console and then addresses his fellow members.]

LEADER9 (subtitled):  The moonbase has confirmed the arrival of the Earth Rangers in the eastern mountains.  They are moving on foot and are expected to stumble into the Machine Empire's ambush within the ninth-triad.

* * *

[Establishment shot of a large cliff face from beyond the edge of the cliff.  Tanya, Kat, and Rocky are rappelling down the cliff, each wearing what appears to be an arm brace and a waist harness.  Tommy and Adam, with Adam on Tommy's left, still stand at the edge.]

[Tommy aims his claw device at the rocky ground beneath his feet with his right hand.  The silver claw flies out from the red device, connected to the device with a silver cable, and latches onto the ground beside the other three already anchoring Tanya, Rocky, and Kat. Dozens of red tendrils shoot out from the device, wrapping themselves around Tommy's hand and forearm, snaking up his arm and then down his torso.  Tommy doesn't look concerned.]

[Adam holds his device in his hand, not yet having fired it.  He looks over the edge cautiously. Tommy looks at Adam expectantly.  Tommy is now wearing a red arm brace and waist harness formed from the device's tendrils.]

TOMMY:  Well...?

[Adam looks down.  Rocky, Kat, and Tanya are at the bottom of the screen against the cliff face.  Far below is the sand of the desert.]

[Tommy crouches, preparing to climb down.  Adam looks down at him.]

ADAM:  That's a long drop.

TOMMY:  You aren't afraid of heights, are you?

[Adam looks at the desert.]

ADAM:  No...  I just try to avoid 'em whenever possible.  Why can't we teleport down?

[Tommy is beginning to rappel down.]

TOMMY:  We're outside of Alpha's secure area.  If we teleport now, we might attract attention to ourselves.

ADAM:  Right...

[Adam reluctantly fires his claw into the ground beside the others'.]

[Establishment shot at the bottom of the cliff.  Tanya is standing several yards away from the cliff, scanning the horizon with a set of yellow digital binoculars.  Rocky starts to return the compact form of his grappling gun to his Power Box.  Kat, in the center, holds out her arm as the pink tendrils unravel from her forearm and waist, and the unit quickly reels back in the silver support line.  She then returns her grappling gun to her Power Box as she approaches Tanya.]

KAT:  See anything?

[Establishment shot of the horizon through the digital binoculars.  The tower in the distance is identical to the one Gold Ranger had tried to stop from being completed.]

TANYA (voice-over):  Well, those objects in the distance look like some kind of wierd towers.

[Tanya has lowered her binoculars and is looking over her shoulder at Kat.  In the background, Adam and Tommy have reached the bottom.  Rocky approaches.]

TANYA:  There's also a big compound on the horizon...  looks like it's built into the side of a mountain.

[Tommy and Adam are both packing away their grappling guns.]

TOMMY:  That's where we're headed.

* * *

[Dissolve to an establishment shot of the desert.  The teens are a great distance away from this vantage point.]

[Walking, the teens all look up at something very tall directly ahead of them.  Tommy is holding his locator in front of him.  In the background on the horizon is the mountain range from where the teens began their journey.]

[We look up from the teens' perspective and see the large mountain in which the Rebel Command is built.]

TOMMY:  Well, here we are...

[Tommy studies his locator display.]

TOMMY:  ...but I keep picking up weird readings from this entire area we're standing in.  It's like the ground is tripping the locator's secondary sensors...

KAT:  Aliens?  It must be mis-tuned.

[Suddenly, a gray gloved hand emerges from the sand, startling the teens.]

TANYA:  No it isn't!

[Establishment shot from above the teens, looking at dozens of Cogs emerging from the sand. The teens stand defensively in a circle with their backs together as Tommy returns his locator to his Power Box.]

ADAM:  Cogs!!

[Nearly a hundred Cogs close in on the teens as they stand ready to defend themselves.]

ROCKY:  Where'd they all come from??

ADAM:  Either Zedd took over Mondo's factories, or Prince Gasket's got his OWN army!

TANYA:  And now he's ambushed us for the Rebels!

[The teens are all back-to-back, and the Cogs are ready to attack.]

[Tommy shouts with determination.]

TOMMY:  It's morphin' time!

[Close-up of Tommy's left hand, with the Zeonizer appearing on his wrist with the shimmer of a red star.]

[Close-up of Tommy's right hand.  The other part of his Zeonizer is on his wrist, but a Cog hand has grabbed his wrist.]

[The Cogs in front of Tommy are holding his wrists, preventing him from bringing his Zeonizers together.  In the background, the other teens have the same problem.]

ROCKY:  Hey!  Leggo!

[Two Cogs hold Adam's arms.  Behind him, Rocky doubles over from being punched in the stomach.]

ADAM:  I can't morph!

[Kat looks slyly to the side.]

KAT (voice-over):  But I can!  I'll show you to underestimate the Pink Ranger, gearheads...

[Kat brings her Zeonizers together.]

KAT:  Zeo Ranger One, Pink!

[Green gridlines followed by a pink energy wave morph Kat into Zeo Ranger One, and she knocks a few Cogs over with a swing from her sword weapon.  The Cogs holding the other teens are distracted by the commotion.]

[Freeing their arms, Rocky and Tanya bring their Zeonizers together.]

TANYA:  All right, Kat!  Zeo Ranger Two, Yellow!

ROCKY:  Three, Blue!

[Adam and Tommy bring their Zeonizers together.  Behind them, Zeo Rangers One, Two, and Three fight the Cogs.]

ADAM:  Four, Green!

TOMMY:  Five, Red!

[Establishment shot from directly above the Rangers, looking down.  The Rangers are using various blocks, punches, and kicks on the Cogs.]

[Tanya punches a Cog in front of her, but three on her left grab her arm and shoulder.]

[Tommy steps on the chest of a fallen Cog, but two grapple him from the sides.  He hurls them away.]

[Rocky kicks at a Cog, but it ducks into a foot sweep, knocking Rocky's supporting leg out from under him.  Fallen, Rocky kicks upward at the Cog.]

ADAM:  There's too many of them!

[We see the reflection of dozens of Cogs in Tommy's visor as he sighs.]

TOMMY:  I know...

* * *

[Close-up of the circular viewing globe in the wall of the Power Chamber, showing the Rangers fighting the Cogs.]

[Alpha looks at the viewscreen.]

ALPHA:  Ay yi yi, Zordon!  They don't have a chance!

ZORDON:  I am aware of the situation, Alpha.  We must--

[Zordon is interrupted by the whooshing of sliding doors.]

[Mist pours in from the hallway outside as Rita and Zedd stroll in.  Rita is grinning.]

RITA:  Hi!  Don't mind us...

[Alpha shrieks and cowers behind a console.]

ZORDON:  I demand that you leave this place at once!

ZEDD:  Oh, do shut up.

RITA:  Yeah, we're just here to spruce up the place a bit...

[Rita and Zedd cross their staves, facing the gallery in the rear wall.  The Morphin' Ranger suits are in the order blue, yellow, white, pink, black, and red from left to right.  The old Power Weapons are in the center area.]

ZEDD:  Here, meet our remodeling crew!

[Six bolts of Ranger-colored energy flow from Rita and Zedd's staves into their respective Ranger suits in the gallery.]

ALPHA:  Zordon!!  They're using the stolen Morphin' powers!

[Zordon watches grimly as the six colors reflect off his tube.]

[Rita smiles while still looking at the gleaming gallery.  In the background, Zordon watches.]

RITA:  Oh, we've tried making Dark Rangers before, but Putties and teenagers just didn't cut it.

ZEDD:  So we thought we'd give pure evil a chance!

[The gallery is enveloped with energy.]

* * *

[Establishment shot of the Zeo Rangers.  They have almost been swallowed up by the army of Cogs.]

TANYA:  It's no use!

KAT:  They're closing in!

[Dozens of Cog faces and arms fill up the screen from a Ranger's perspective.]

[Establishment shot from above the Cogs.  The Rangers are nowhere to be seen amidst the sea of Cogs.]

* * *

[In the Power Chamber, the gallery is still.  Suddenly, the White Ranger's gloved hand punches through the glass, shattering it into tiny shards.]

[Close-up from in front of the White Ranger.  Inside his visor are two glowing red points for eyes.]


TEXT:  To be continued...