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Hey, what's that sound?


Oh, you're sleeping. Hey, that's a novel way for a story to begin. Feel free to wake up any time now.


Yeah, that's it! You clicked a link… I mean, woke up. And now your surroundings have changed. To a library. Might as well look around.

Yes, the same library. A library that seems slightly familiar. A library you may or may not have fallen asleep in before. A library you're pretty sure you haven't fallen asleep in before.

After some craning and squinting, you safely determine it is, in fact, a library. Well, that's resolved.

Nearby are:

Or, of course, you could just go back to sleep.

An Exhaustive History of Interactive Fiction — some other time, maybe A variety of books too mundane to list here Those books right there are just a distraction, really. Just forget about those. The usual — biographies, books about frogs, a softly glowing magical book softly glowing magical book you could open if you felt daring


Gravity gives way, and you and your previously unmentioned library chair find yourselves floating in a void filled with mist, as voids tend to be. Ahead of you, colored shapes seem to be materializing.

Three doors appear in front of you, each colored differently.

Or you can just pick one randomly.

Red Room

This is an empty red room. The paint color kind of makes you angry, actually. Why would somebody paint a room like this??

Yellow Room

This is an empty yellow room. The color is only mildly offensive.

Green Room

This is an empty green room. Could've been worse.

Ahead is a hallway. You should probably go there unless you're going to try to sleep in here.

Oh, hey, you fell right asleep. You're pretty good at that. But I guess we knew that from that whole library thing. You know, with the sleeping over and over…? Ah, good times.

Wake up or let a dream come to you?

You dream of pears.

You dream of applesauce.

You dream of monkeys.

You dream of bridges made of light bulbs.

Wake up, dream about nothing, or dream some more?

Okay, now you're just sleeping. That's much better.

Wake up or dream some more?


It's a plain white hallway. Ahead is a painting.

painting of pearsapplesaucemonkeysbridges made of light bulbsmissed opportunities

Behind you are doorways leading into three rooms:

Just for fun, if you close your eyes and wander around, I'll bet you'll end up in the room you were just in.

And, so you know, you've dreamed all the dreams. You can always restart, though.

(that's where you just came from)