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Captain Mutiny

Chameliac Warrior







Fish Face

Freaky Tiki






Horn Monster

Icy Angel








Motor Mantis



Psycho Rangers

Quake Maker








Scorpius is the main villain, a hideous creature that protrudes from the wall of his space ship, the SCORPION STINGER. He is constantly plotting to destroy the Power Rangers. Though he is ruthlessly evil, he has one soft spot: his daughter. He never allows her to get wrapped up in his evil deeds. He's resolved that she will not grow up to follow in his venomous footsteps.

Shark Brothers


Skelekron Warriors

Sledge (picture of Gasser using sledgehammer on stone Galactabeasts)






Trakeena, Scorpius' daughter, is a spoiled brat who manipulates her father and his generals with her seemingly innocent charm. She's always trying to elbow her way into the latest scheme to destroy the Rangers. Since her father won't let her get involved, she'll usually try to get the Generals on her side.





Leo is a charming, free-spirited young man who enjoys sports. He is respectful and daring and his street smarts give him the natural ability to lead others, while gaining their trust. Leo is always pondering the great questions of life and is very interested in making the most of his Terra Venture experience. His curiosity for "what's out there" is what makes him an inspiration to the other Power Rangers.

Damon's wisecracking and playful nature can be deceiving. Although he is always ready with a quick comback or witty remark, he takes his job as the Green Ranger very seriously. A top-notch mechanic, Damon's knowledge of the Astro Megaship is an invaluable asset to the team. His training as an amateur boxer gives him an extra edge when fighting the forces of evil.

Maya is from a mystical tribe that once thrived on a distant planet that was turned to stone by Scorpius. Proud to be a Power Ranger, Maya believes that as a team the group can defeat her archenemy. Her wild spirit and closeness with nature gives her an ability to understand people and everything around her.

Straight-laced, sensible and ambitious, Kai is the classic over-achiever. Having been brought up in a strict military family, he always does things by the book and likes everything in its place. However, his orderly world is turned upside down when he becomes the Blue Ranger. Now he must learn that sometimes rules are meant to be broken when it comes to saving the Universe.

Highly intelligent and analytical by nature, Kendrix has an interest in all things scientific. She always has a logical explanation for everything and that sometimes prevents her from seeing the wonder that's all around her. Her blossoming friendship with free-spirited Leo teaches her to be more fun loving and spontaneous.

Following the legacy of Kendrix, Karone is the new Pink Power Ranger. The sister of the Red Ranger from "Power Rangers in Space," Karone was kidnapped as a child and was raised to become the evil Astronema. Having returned to the side of good, Karone must find the strength to conquer her evil past.

Magna Defender
Imprisoned for 3000 years in a deep crevice, the Magna Defender took Mike's spirit so he could escape captivity. Filled with anger, he vowed to destroy Scorpius for destroying his son, Zika. Eventually his anger dissipates and he releases Mike to join his son. Mike then carries on the work of the Magna Defender to fulfill his destiny to be good.

First Officer of the Galactic Space Alliance, Mike has proven again and again to be a brave and dependable soldier. He can be a bit overprotective of his little brother, Leo, but only because he cares about him so much. When Mike is called upon to take on the powers of the Magna Defender, he joins his brother in the fight against evil.

Alpha is a robot who assists the Power Rangers in their missions. The Rangers often depend on Alpha for back up or for assistance interpreting special information.

Bulk is Professor Phenomenus' assistant on the Terra Venture. He helps the professor with his crazy experiments, which sometimes go haywire.

Professor Phenomenus
This scatterbrained professor has boundless energy and enthusiasm. He helps the Power Rangers by providing scientific insight to their intergalactic problems. He is often found conducting seemingly crazy experiments to find answers to the Rangers' latest dilemma.

Commander Stanton is the chief officer of the Galactic Space Alliance (GSA), the organization which runs the space colony. Stanton is a tough, yet compassionate leader, and his vast knowledge of space has earned him the respect of everyone on the ship. With Stanton's bravery and determination leading the way, Terra Venture forges on its interstellar quest to find a new world.


Furio, Stingwingers
On Earth, a massive space colony, Terra Venture takes off into the universe in search of a new world. Four teens, Mike, Kai, Kendrix, and Leo all go on the voyage. They meet Maya, a young girl from a distant planet that has just been invaded. All the teens, but Kai follow Maya through a dimensional portal to her planet to help stop the attack.

Scorpius, Furio, Stingwingers
With the help of Damon, a young mechanic, Kai revives the dormant Astro Megaship and the two travel to join the others on Mirinoi, Maya's planet. The six teens must fight the evil Furio and his soldiers, the Stingwingers, who are trying to pull ancient Quasar Sabers from a stone and take possession of them. The teens become the new Power Rangers and are able to fight the creatures and take the Quasar Sabers before Furio can steal them.

Scorpius, Trakeena, Brunt, Furio, Radster, Stingwingers
When Maya hears animals in trouble on a distant planet, the Rangers take the Megaship and speed into the cosmos to help. Five enormous animals, the Galactabeasts, are held in cages by the evil general, Brunt. While the teens fight to free the animals, Scorpious sends the Radster monster and Furio to attack Terra Venture.

Scorpius, Trakeena, Furio, Horn, Stingwingers
Furio confronts the Red Ranger and demands his Quasar Sabers. The Red Ranger defeats him in battle and Scorpius sends the Horn monster, an expert in weapons to try to get the Sabers. The Horn monster breaks into the GSA weapon room, steals the weapons, and brings them to Scorpious. The Rangers save the swords and manage to get weapons called Transdaggers from Horn, which transform into their personal weapons.

Scorpius, Trakeena, Furio, Gasser, Sledge, Stingwingers
A young boy, Matthew, sneaks aboard Terra Venture to see outerspace, but is caught by the Rangers when he tries to turn the space colony around to go home. The Rangers and Matthew are helped by the Galactabeasts when Furio sends the Gasser monster to the colony to put everyone to sleep. During the battle, the Galactabeasts are transformed into Galactazords, and then jointly, the Galaxy Megazord to defeat the enemies.

Scorpius, Furio, Trakeena, Stingwingers, Mutantrum
Furio promises to bring Scorpius the Lights of Orion, a powerful energy source. Furio and Trakeena trick the Rangers into going to a planet containing this special source. Mike tells Leo he must go to the cave to get the Lights of Orion before Furio does. When Leo retrieves a small box from the cave, Mike attacks him and turns into a monster, Mutantrum. The Rangers destroy the monster with the Galaxy Megazord.

Scorpius, Furio, Wisewizard, Stingwingers
Kendrix is surprised when she finds that there is an actress who looks exactly like her. Meanwhile, on the Scorpion Stinger, the Wisewizard monster tells Scorpius that the Lights of Orion are hidden inside of a camera. The Wisewizard attacks the cameras on the set, Carolyn fakes an injury and Kendrix must take her place in the movie.

Scorpius, Trakeena, Furio, Quake Maker, Stingwingers
Kai meets a girl roller-skating, develops a crush on her, but is then led to believe she's engaged. Meanwhile, Scorpius sends the Quake Maker monster to create earthquakes on the space colony. The Rangers destroy the monster with the Galaxy Megazord. Kai learns that the girl he likes isn't engaged--her sister is.

Scorpius, Trakeena, Treacheron, Ruptor, Samuron, Starcon, Stingwingers
When Scorpius learns that the Magna Defender has returned, he sends monsters to stop Magna from getting to the Lights of Orion. The Red Ranger goes to the cave where Magna rescued him and battles a monster digging for a rock, which supposedly contains the Lights of Orion. Monsters and Rangers strive to break open the rock, but it turns out to be an ordinary stone.

Scorpius, Trakeena, Treacheron, Fish Face, Monster 1, Monster 2, Stingwingers
When Scorpius sends the Fish Face monster to go after the Lights of Orion, the Magna Defender is out to destroy the monster, who destroyed Magna's son. The Rangers must intervene when they see that Magna is shooting at the monster without any regard for innocent bystanders. The Rangers and Magna then work together to destroy Fish Face, but Magna turns down Leo's offer to work together with the Rangers.

Scorpius, Trakeena, Treacheron, Chillyfish, Stingwingers
Scorpius sends the Chillyfish monster to the colony to freeze everyone so he can find the Lights of Orion. All of the Ranger teens but Leo are also affected and it's up to him to save the colony. When he discovers that the freeze does not affect animals, the Red Ranger enlists the help of Magna Defender, a wild horse, the Lion Galactabeast, and Magna's Defender Torozord to fight the monster and unfreeze the colony.

Destruxo, Stingwingers, Footsoldiers
Scorpius sends the Destruxo monster to Terra Venture to find the Lights of Orion. Destruxo creates a force field so he can search undisturbed, but Maya and Kendrix get trapped inside. When the girls break the force field and save themselves and the others inside, the Lights of Orion rise into the air and soar off into space.

Scorpius, Trakeena, Treacheron, Destruxo, Impostra, Stingwingers
The Lights of Orion return and the Rangers, Destruxo and the Magna Defender are intent on getting them. When Destruxo captures the Lights, Trakeena sends the Impostra monster to disguise herself as Treacheron and gets the Lights. Magna Defender appears and blasts the Lights out of Destruxo's body and they are suddenly infused into the Rangers. The Rangers morph into Power Up Mode and are able to destroy Destruxo.

Scorpius, Trakeena, Treacheron, Shark Brothers (2), Stingwingers
Treacheron goes after Trakeena when the Shark Brothers reveal that it was she who set him up. Magna Defender finds Trakeena and threatens her when she tries to escape. The Rangers appear and Mike's voice is heard from within the Magna Defender, making Leo wonder whether he is still alive. The Rangers face off against the Sharks and Treacheron and are able to destroy both by Powering Up.

Scorpius, Trakeena, Treacheron, Freaky Tiki, Stingwingers
When the Scorpion Stinger gets a fuel leak, Scorpius tells the Freaky Tiki monster to drain the energy from Terra Venture. To try to destroy Scorpious, Magna Defender creates a pit of fire. When the Freaki Tiki attacks Magna Defender, the Rangers save him and Magna Defender reveals that Mike is living inside of him. Magna releases Mike from within him and sacrifices himself into the pit.

Scorpius, Trakeena, Skelekron, Ancient Skelekron Warriors, Stingwingers
The Skelekron Monster attacks and captures the Blue, Green, Pink and Yellow Rangers inside of mirrors. As Mike and Leo fight to save their friends, the image of the Magna Defender appears and tells Mike that it is his destiny to be the new Magna Defender. Together, the Rangers destroy Skelekron.

Scorpius, Trakeena, Crumummy, Stingwingers
Trakeena wants to be the loveliest girl in the galaxy, so she sends the Crumummy monster to Terra Venture to steal the beauty from all the women on the colony. Trakeena disguises herself and visits the colony to see if her plan is working. In the process, she tries to poison Mike, but he and the other Rangers figure out who she is. Mike morphs into Magna Defender and returns the beauty to its rightful owners and the Rangers defeat the Crumummy.

A distress signal reaches Terra Venture and Commander Stanton sends a search mission to check it out. Inside an old tanker ship, the squad finds a perished crew and an ancient Galaxy Book. The group must fight a stealth-like creature before escaping the ship, but they take the cryptic book with them.

Scorpius, Deviot, Stingwingers
To prove to Scorpius that he is worthy of becoming his second-in-command, the Deviot releases three evil Zords to attack the city and offers to give them to Scorpius if he'll grant his wishes. Kendrix tries to decipher the Galaxy Book and discovers that there are three lost Galactabeasts somewhere in the Universe. When the Rangers call on the Galactabeasts to help fight the evil Zords, the Galaxy Megazord refuses to fight. Kendrix looks through the Galaxy Book for a solution.

Deviot, Hardtochoke, Stingwingers
Deviot orders the Hardtochoke Monster to have the Zords destroy Terra Venture. Kendrix makes a startling discovery in the Galaxy Book: The Stratoforce, Centaurus and Zenith Zords are actually the missing Galactabeasts and she now understands why the Galaxy Megazord won't fight them. When Hardtochoke and the evil Zords continue their attack, the Rangers implore the evil Megazords to remember that they are not really evil. Together with the Galaxy Megazord, the family of Zords destroy the monster.

Scorpius, Trakeena, Deviot, Villamax, Kegler, Stingwingers
Deviot is angry when Scorpius still wishes that Trakeena would return and take her place by his side, so he deliberately sets Scorpius up to battle the Rangers. Meanwhile, a warrior named Villamax trains Trakeena to be a great warrior, like him. The Red Ranger injures Scorpius and Trakeena is chosen to take his place as supreme evil leader.

Scorpius, Trakeena, Deviot, Villamax, Kubak, Teska, Stingwingers
While Trakeena plots her revenge on the Red Ranger for destroying her father, the underhanded Deviot hires two monsters, Kubak and Teska, to get rid of her. Villamax and Deviot capture Leo, but his friends are able to free him using the Galaxy Megazord. The two monsters are destroyed and Deviot is angry that his plot to overthrow Trakeena has failed, but vows to triumph next time.

Trakeena, Furio, Rykon, Stingwingers
Maya's best friend, Shondra from her home planet Mirinoi, arrives on Terra Venture. Kendrix discovers that Shondra has stolen the Galaxy Book. Maya find out that a monster named Rykon disguised himself as Shondra. The Rangers defeat the monster with the Galaxy Megazord.

Trakeena, Deviot, Villamax, Kegler, Cannonbrawl, Stingwingers
When the Scorpion Stinger needs repair to get out of the path of a meteor storm, Trakeena kidnaps Renier and demands that Terra Venture send its best mechanic in exchange for her. Damon, Leo, and Mike go. Damon fixes the spacecraft in the nick of time and Leo frees Renier. Trakeena sends the Connonbrawl monster to destroy the Rangers, who defeat him.

Trakeena, Villamax, Kegler, Icy Angel, Stingwingers
Trakeena plots to send Terra Venture into a nearby star and sends the Icy Angel monster to attack Commander Stanton, making him evil. When Stanton orders Kai to direct the colony into the star, Kai realizes something is not right and he refuses. When Kai sees Stanton conspiring with the monster, he and the Rangers battle the monster, returning Stanton to normal.

Trakeena, Deviot, Villamax, Kegler, Motor Mantis, Stingwingers
Maya tries to teach Leo how to understand the Galactabeasts. The Motor Mantis Monster challenges the male Rangers to a motorcycle race because he has captured the Pink and Yellow Rangers. Leo gets help in the race from the Lion Galactabeast and wins the race with his Red Capsular Cycle. The Rangers call on the Galaxy Megazord to defeat the Mantis.

Trakeena, Deviot, Loyax, Villamax, Kegler, Stingwingers
Deviot wants to use an old warrior, Loyax, to destroy the Rangers. Loyax chooses to battle the Yellow Ranger and when the two get stuck inside a cave during the battle, they befriend one another. Loyax reveals that he wants to fight on the side of good and tries to fight Deviot. Deviot destroys Loyax.

Trakeena, Deviot, Villamax, Kegler, Maronda, Stingwingers
Leo meets Ginger, a girl with an over-protective brother named Colby. Trakeena sends the Maronda monster, who attacks both Ginger and Colby. Leo is able to save Colby, but the Rangers and Colby must work together to defeat Maronda and rescue Ginger.

Trakeena, Villamax, Kegler, Chameliac, Stingwingers
The Rangers encounter the Chameliac Warrior, a monster who is able to copy their fighting styles and use this knowledge against them. Trakeena's plan (which Mike overhears) is to use the Chameliac to divert the Rangers while she sets a deadly laser designed to destroy the Galactabeasts. Meanwhile, the Rangers switch their fighting styles around, confusing the monster. When the Rangers call on the Galactabeasts to fight Chameliac, Magna Defender destroys the laser. The Rangers defeat the monster with the Galaxy and Stratoforce Megazords.

Trakeena, Deviot, Villamax, Kegler, Psycho Rangers, Evil Messenger, Stingwingers
Deviot revives the Psycho Rangers, the Power Rangers archenemies. The Power Rangers in Space show up to help their friends. In a huge battle, the Power Rangers are finally able to destroy the Psycho Rangers once and for all, or so they think. Unbeknownst to them, Psycho Pink has survived the battle and vows revenge on the Pink Ranger.

Trakeena, Deviot, Villamax, Kegler, Psycho Pink Ranger Monster, Stingwingers
The Power Rangers in Space are visiting, while Psycho Pink plots to destroy the Pink Ranger. Kendrix discovers the location of the Savage Sword and Psycho Pink reads Kendrix's mind, finds the Sword, and grows into a huge monster. The Rangers are able to destroy the Psycho Pink Monster, but Kendrix disappears in a blast of pink energy.

Trakeena, Deviot, Villamax, Kegler, Ironite, Spikaka, Runtus, Astronema
Kendrix appears to Maya in a dream and tells her that the Pink Quasar Saber has fallen into evil hands. Karone disguises herself as Astonema and wins the Saber at an auction on the planet Onyx. Karone helps the Rangers fight off Deviot and Spikaka and is saved by the ghost of the Pink Ranger when she is in danger. The Rangers defeat Spikaka and Karone is now the new Pink Ranger.

Trakeena, Astronema, Villamax, Darkonda, Magnatox, Ecliptor, Stingwingers
When Karone and Leo are attacked by the Magnatox Monster, Leo is drained of his powers and can no longer morph. Karone and Leo find a stone warrior who has two keys that could restore Leo's powers. Karone and Leo go back to save their friends. When the Red Ranger activates the keys, he transforms into the Red Armored Ranger and destroys Magnatox with the help of his friends.

Trakeena, Deviot, Villamax, Kegler, Decibat, Stingwingers
Damon competes against a cadet named Baxter for the position of head mechanic on Terra Venture. Meanwhile, Trakeena sends the Decibat monster to Terra Venture. Baxter steals Damon's device, which he created to compete for the head mechanic position and uses it to try to stop the monster. Because the device wasn't finished, Damon and the other Rangers must rescue Baxter.

Deviot, Stingwingers
As GSA scientists try to decipher the Galaxy Book, they read the Keonta Spell, which causes an energy flux throughout the entire space colony. The Guardian of the Galaxy Book visits Kai, wanting to retrieve the book because it is dangerous. Deviot attacks the Guardian and as he fades away, he tells Kai he is the new Guardian. Terra Venture is sucked into a bizarre interstellar dimension known as the Lost Galaxy.

Trakeena, Deviot, Villamax, Kegler, Stingwingers, Captain Mutiny, Barbarax, Rocketron, Grunchor, Swabbies
Terra Venture lands on a bizarre planet where Stanton finds that the ship's navigations are useless. A space pirate named Captain Mutiny offers to help, but the Rangers soon discover that Mutiny has captured many spacecrafts and is keeping the crews as prisoners in a slave camp. Before the Rangers can warn Stanton, he opens a box that Mutiny gave him, releasing a huge monster that burrows underground through the city dome.

Deviot, Captain Mutiny, Barbarax, Grunchor, Swabbies
Stanton sends search teams to try to find the Grunchor monster that he accidentally has set loose. The Rangers discover that Deviot has joined forces with Mutiny. The Rangers summon the Defender Torozord, and the Stratoforce and Centaurus Megazords to fight Grunchor and Mutiny.

Scorpius, Trakeena, Furio, Deviot, Villamax, Psycho Rangers, Rojomon, Stingwingers, Captain Mutiny, Barbarax, Swabbies
Leo and Damon are captured by Deviot and Swabbies and are told they have until sunset to live. The sun begins to set and Mutiny and the Rojomon monster arrive, ready to destroy the two teens. Just when it looks like it's over for Leo and Damon, the other Rangers arrive and save them.

Hexuba, Nightmare, Captain Mutiny, Swabbies
Mutiny's ally, the evil witch, Hexuba, sends each of the Rangers flowers cast with a sleeping spell. In their dream state, they must battle the Nightmare monster and Mutiny's Swabbie. Mike is the only one to remain awake and he breaks Hexuba's crystal ball, releasing the Rangers from the dream. The Rangers must fight Hexuba.

Hexuba, Horn, Gasser, Mutantrum, Fish Face, Treacheron, Samuron, Quake Maker, Destruxo, Freaky Tiki, Hardtochoke, Teska, Captain Mutiny, Rocketron
Hexuba uses a magic ball to resurrect the ghosts of defeated monsters back from the grave to attack the Rangers. The Blue Ranger breaks Hexuba's magic ball. The Rangers must defend themselves when Hexuba absorbs the energy from several monsters and attacks the Rangers herself.

Deviot, Captain Mutiny, Barbarax, Titanisaur, Swabbies
Terra Venture is in danger of losing all power unless it gets out of the Lost Galaxy. Captain Mutiny unleashes his most destructive monster, the Titanisaur and none of the Megazords are able to stop him. The Rangers pull together and use every bit of their energy to blast the creature, but time is still running out for Terra Venture.

Trakeena, Deviot, Captain Mutiny, Barbarax, Swabbies
Mike goes to Captain Mutiny's slave camp, wanting to free the slaves. Meanwhile, Kai reads the Keonta Spell backward and an inter-dimensional portal opens, providing an escape from the Lost Galaxy. Mike befriends a slave named Haley and together they free the slaves and get through the portal with the others.

Trakeena, Deviot, Villamax, Kegler, Stingwingers
Trakeena refuses to believe that Deviot is still loyal to her. The two fight and accidentally end up in the cocoon together. Trakeena emerges with a new vengeance, wanting to destroy all on Terra Venture. Meanwhile, the protective dome starts to crack on the Space Colony and everyone is forced to abandon ship.

Trakeena, Villamax, Kegler, Stingwingers
Trakeena sends her army of Stingwingers to attack the citizens of Terra Venture. With help from the Megazords, the Rangers are able to defeat the army. The Scorpion Stinger is caught in the crossfire and careens to the moon's surface. The teens help everyone onto the shuttlecrafts that will take them to their new planet.

Scorpius, Trakeena
Trakeena transforms into a hideous insect and sets a collision course with the planet so that the Terra Venture will crash into it. The Rangers destroy Trakeena and escape Terra Venture before the crash. Seeing the villagers that had been turned to stone, Maya realizes they have landed on her home planet, Mirinoi. The Rangers put the swords back into the stone and the villagers are brought back to life.