Spoiler Warning: The commentary found here discusses events in this episode and beyond.  Read at your own risk!


Episode 13: "Homewrecked"

This episode was completed on September 17, 2006, and released on May 31, 2008.  The title clearly refers to the destruction of the Rangers' home.

Writer:  Joe Rovang

[ Sentai footage is from Jetman #6 unless otherwise noted. ]

In Jetman #6, Black's lack of commitment stymies the the Rangers' formation of the Megazord.  A Jinnsect-infected apartment building has been eating people, and it nearly makes a meal out of Black.  Red arrives and fights Radiguet inside the monster (Disastros) as the others form the Megazord.  Radiguet mutates into a new form, Radigan, but Black arrives in time to lend a hand.  They escape together and destroy Disastros with the Megazord.

Shortly after I established an apartment building as the Rangers' shared locale, I decided there was no other respectable way to adapt Jetman #6 except as the destruction of their home.  Originally, it was meant to happen much later in the series (maybe even near the finale), but as the various story arcs evolved, the apartment episode eventually migrated into its current slot; that it had the supposedly unlucky number 13 for its episode number was a nice coincidence.

[ Fade in to INT. VCR SHOP - We open to a small VCR repair shop downtown.  Shelves around the shop are lined with VCRs, some televisions, and other audio-video equipment (all appropriate for 1992), while the carpet appears to date back to the seventies. ]

The first portion of this episode takes place on Thursday, May 21, 1992, continuing from the previous episode.

This is the first and only time Barry's VCR shop appears, but it was mentioned in episode 1.

[ Behind the counter, AJAY (rhymes with "a day," as in, "an apple a day"), a tall, slender Indian-American man in his mid-twenties, is repairing the innards of a VCR while repeatedly looking up to watch a TV near the door which is tuned to a news broadcast.  In the background behind AJAY is a back room lined with electronics in various states of disrepair, as well as boxes and small organizational drawers.  AJAY is not wearing a wedding ring. ]

I went to school with a kid named Ajay, but everyone pronounced his name "A.J."  I never knew we were all pronouncing it wrong until I looked up the name for this episode.  Incidentally, Ajay is another character I introduced just in case I might come up with a more involved purpose for him, but that didn't come to pass.

[ The news broadcast, to which we occasionally cut, shows Channel 6 correspondent STACY KEENE (see episode 6) reporting from the parking lot of Hawkins Aerospace Museum (see previous episode). ]

... I'm here reporting live from Hawkins Aerospace Museum, where the Power Rangers battled their most recent foes earlier this morning.

In the previous episode, the Rangers battled Snapshot behind the aerospace museum; both Sasha and Strife were present for a time.  Prior to this battle, Sasha used a Snapshot's camera form to steal people's souls, though they later returned.

[ The news broadcast cuts to a snippet of a pre-recorded interview with a man, described here as EYEWITNESS, inside the museum. ]

-- We'd just gotten out of our car when this, like, flying camera started shooting people with these weird rays of light.  My wife and I were trying to get away when I got hit, and... I don't know.  The next thing I knew, we were talking to the police.

Victims of Snapshot's soul-stealing ray retained no memories of their time without souls; during that period, they exhibited no unusual behaviors.

[ About this time, BARRY enters with a jingle of the door.  He is wearing the same clothes (and bandages) from the previous episode.  He speaks over the broadcast with a subdued but not overtly melancholy tone. ]

Earlier today, Casey took Barry to the wildlife center to give up his pet squirrel, Mr. Whiskers (episode 12).  He was disappointed in Casey for leaving him alone at the center for a while without explanation, but he seems to be in a better mood now.

Good morning, Ajay.

[ AJAY continues listening to the broadcast, enrapt. ]

EYEWITNESS (cont'd, from TV):
... It's like I was in a trance.  It doesn't make any sense.

[ BARRY turns to look at the TV as the broadcast returns to STACY KEENE. ]

This "flying camera" was later seen in the hands of what eyewitnesses described as a human woman in a white costume, the same woman seen alongside a camera monster battled by the Rangers behind this building.  The monster is believed to have formed from the woman's camera.

This is the first and only known news report of Sasha.

[ BARRY replies incredulously, talking over the report. ]

STACY KEENE (from TV, cont'd, under other dialog):
Police are urging anyone struck by the camera's ray to report to Valley Community Hospital for examination.  Reporting from Hawkins Aerospace Museum, I'm Stacy Keene for Channel 6, Valley News.

Valley Community was the site of a Discard attack (episode 10), and it was also where Pete recovered from being blasted by Trask (episode 8).

That's my camera!  I'll bet you anything those aliens took my camera!

Barry's camera went missing between episodes 11 and 12.

AJAY (rolling his eyes):
Oh, here we go with the aliens again.

As seen in episode 12, Barry has been obsessing over UFOs since his bizarre experience in Casey's car (episode 5).

I'm serious!  My camera disappeared last night, and this morning there's a camera monster!  Coincidence...?

[ AJAY shrugs and heads to the back room with his VCR.  BARRY returns his attention to the TV, which has changed to two news anchors behind a desk. ]

Thanks, Stacy.  (to viewers)  And as always, you can call Valley News at 555-0146 with your latest monster sightings and Ranger news.

Channel 6 has made a name for itself by focusing closely on Ranger events since their media debut (episode 6).

This phone number had no particular significance.

[ EXT. SPACE - In a nondescript region of space, HAWK ONE drifts into frame at what seems like a cruising speed, traveling past the camera and into the distance. ]

Luke flew into space in the previous episode to investigate the space station and perhaps rescue Dr. Bering and the others.

[ INT. HAWK COCKPIT (Jetman #12) - We see over RED RANGER's shoulder as he guides the control stick.  The monitor in his controls shows an expanding, 3-D graphic of the space station drawn in transparent, white-lined polygons (the graphic a US composite over the sentai monitor).  In the graphic, a hefty hangar-sized cubic region (compare with Jinnsect habitat from episode 3) in the lower center portion of the station is filled solid red, a connecting channel leading outward from the red region to the exterior of the station (compare with episode 1).  Also, atop the space station is an unobtrusive red object signifying the villains' docked ship (see episode 1). ]

Red Ranger's monitor (graphic to be replaced)

The individual Flyer cockpits remain sentai-exclusive, though I've called for the monitor graphic to be replaced.

[ Switch to US footage - RED RANGER continues to study the display below (off-screen).  (In this and all subsequent shots of RED RANGER in the Hawk cockpit, the camera angle is a close-up on RED RANGER or his monitor to minimize the amount of US cockpit shown.) ]

All right, make that almost sentai-exclusive.  I called for a tight close-up here so that little of the cockpit would have to be replicated.

[ The computer's voice speaks, a synthesized version of DR. BERING's voice. ]

We first heard the computer speaking with Dr. Bering's voice in episode 5.

Obstruction detected in main holding bay.  Unable to land.

The obstruction is the enormous mass of rock now comprising the Jinnsect habitat in the former holding bay (brought to the space station in episode 3).

[ RED RANGER studies his screen, startled. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
... What?

COMPUTER VOICE (repeating with identical inflection):
Obstruction detected in main holding bay.  Unable to land.

I wanted to demonstrate that the Flyers' A.I. was rigid and overly literal for two reasons: first, this matched with the unpiloted Flyers' lack of creativity in battle (episode 5), and second, I wanted to reinforce that although the computers sounded enough like Dr. Bering to remind Luke of her, they were no substitute whatsoever.  In retrospect, though, I find these repeated lines somewhat tedious.

[ RED RANGER shakes his head. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
I know, but --  Can we blast through?

[ In close-up, the monitor zooms in on the red holding bay inside the space station.  The filled region occupies nearly all of the holding bay, with the exception of a small top section and an adjoining observation booth (compare with episode 3). ]

Negative.  Obstruction exceeds laser capacity.

Hawk One would have been unable to blast through all that rock.  It's probably best, also, that Hawk One didn't wind up anywhere near the Jinnsects, or else Luke might have had a Hawkzord monster on his hands.

[ RED RANGER continues to study the monitor (off-screen). ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Is there any other way in?

[ As the monitor zooms out and twirls around the space station graphic, the holding bay's obstruction is deselected, being replaced with thirteen red spots scattered across the station's exterior (an fourteenth red spot would be located where the villains' ship is docked). ]

Affirmative.  Fourteen emergency airlocks, one occupied.

LUKE (Red Ranger):

All electronically sealed.

[ RED RANGER slumps with a sigh. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
(sighs)  And their computers aren't talking to us.

I actually hadn't decided whether Luke would be able to enter the space station when I began writing this episode (in fact, I rather hoped he would).  However, as I ran through all of the options along with Luke, I found that none were viable.  Therefore, a confrontation with Trask had to occur in space between their ships.

Correction - all airlocks are now unoccupied.

[ RED RANGER looks down at the monitor once again. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):

[ In the screen, the graphic zooms in on the top of the space station, where the villains' ship, highlighted red, is disengaging from the previously hidden fourteenth airlock (though the airlocks are now no longer highlighted). ]

COMPUTER VOICE (repeating with identical inflection):
All airlocks are now unoccupied.

Sorry, just trying to show that overly literal nature again.

[ The ship then turns straight ahead and begins to advance.  An alert tone similar to the AviMorphers' chime is heard. ]

Unidentified craft approaching.

[ EXT. SPACE STATION - The angular, gunmetal craft (see episode 1), hereby described as TRASK'S SHIP, departs from the space station and advances toward the Earth (which appears ten times larger than when seen from the moon, but not as large as when seen from a space shuttle or typical space station orbit). ]

The distance between the Jetman station's geosynchronous orbit (see episode 12) and the Earth is roughly a tenth the distance between the moon and the Earth.

[ INT. VILLAIN COCKPIT - In a small cockpit made of alien-looking materials, TRASK sits in a pilot's seat which appears to be an afterthought; beneath it lie various contours and shapes seemingly designed for a physiology other than humanoid.  TRASK grips controls which seem likewise tacked-on to a previous design.  His monitor is a small square of transparent material in which a head-on image of HAWK ONE appears. ]

When I had to come up with a description for Trask's cockpit, I imagined that the ship was probably stolen from a non-humanoid creature, and therefore it would have had to be modified for Trask's physiology.  I later expounded on this idea in episode 17 when I described the ship as formerly belonging to a Vessit missionary.

You're far from home, Red Ranger.

[ INT. HAWK COCKPIT - In close-up, the monitor shows a head-on image of TRASK'S SHIP, a voiceprint matching Trask's voice displayed across the bottom of the screen. ]

TRASK (over intercom):
What is it you came here expecting to find?

The necessity of a space confrontation here rather than face-to-face posed a problem: how could a Vampirian (unseen and unheard by electronic detection, as seen in episode 10) communicate over ship radio?  I eventually decided on the idea of a techno-organic biophone (mentioned in episode 26).

[ RED RANGER replies: ]

LUKE (Red Ranger, sternly):
How about a few dozen crew members?

Apparently only a few dozen people were working on the space station at the time it was raided, despite the script of episode 1 calling for a space station which could comfortably fit a crew of fifty.  I figured the station wouldn't be fully staffed at all times.

TRASK (over intercom):
I'm afraid you're a bit late.

[ RED RANGER bristles. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
What did you do to them?

TRASK (over intercom):
They were recycled and put to good use.  But they're gone now.

Here we learn that the crew members (aside from Dr. Bering and Will) were melted into biomass and used as Nobodies, presumably battalion 1 which the Rangers fought in episodes 1 through 3.

LUKE (Red Ranger, angrily):
(shakes head)  You monster...

[ EXT. SPACE - With the Earth visible in the background at appropriate times, we see HAWK ONE rocket forward at a quick pace, its dual, white rear boosters engaged. ]

[ Elsewhere, TRASK'S SHIP accelerates as well with blue rear thrusters. ]

[ The two ships proceed to dart around each other with a hail of laser fire, TRASK'S SHIP firing blue lasers from its front (compare with episode 1) and HAWK ONE firing red lasers from behind its canopy (compare with episode 3).  The dogfight is intense, entailing a few glancing laser strikes against each opposing craft, the remainder of the blasts missing. ]

[ Finally, HAWK ONE strikes TRASK'S SHIP with a fairly direct hit, jarring it and blowing off a few pieces of debris. ]

[ INT. VILLAIN COCKPIT - His cockpit sparking slightly, TRASK adjusts a few controls and speaks: ]

Now, I suppose it might be relevant to note...

[ INT. HAWK COCKPIT - We see a close-up of Trask's voiceprint in the monitor as he speaks. ]

TRASK (cont'd, over intercom):
... there is still one human here.  But I'd hate to think this whole fuss is over her.

[ RED RANGER is initially taken aback. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
... Give her to me!

Luke assumes (correctly) that that one person is Dr. Bering.

[ INT. VILLAIN COCKPIT - TRASK gives a faintly amused chuckle before growing serious. ]

(chuckles)  ... No.  (seriously)  Think about it this way, Ranger...  She's actually safer up here with us.

LUKE (over intercom):
What does that mean?

Well, it's rather obvious...  She'll outlive you all when we succeed in cleansing the Earth of your species.

[ INT. HAWK COCKPIT - RED RANGER listens intently. ]

TRASK (cont'd, over intercom):
Think of her as your species' path to immortality, since you humans seem so obsessed with this "afterlife" of yours.  When you're all gone, she'll live on as a final specimen of humanity.

It appears Trask doesn't believe in an afterlife; whether this reflects his clan's beliefs at large isn't resolved.

LUKE (Red Ranger):
What did we ever do to you?!

TRASK (over intercom):
Ah, yes, equity... a concept we do have in common.

[ INT. VILLAIN COCKPIT - TRASK leans in close to his controls to speak with soft precision. ]

You see, Ranger, although few in our civilizations remember, your kind singlehandedly erased mine from the planet Earth many millennia ago.  Those of us who survived fled the planet, cursed with incantations cast by your ancient sorcerers.  We now live as pariahs, scattered throughout the galaxy.

Here we learn the Vampirians' past, vaguely alluded to in episode 9 and incorporated into Trask's story in episode 17.  The humans and Vampirians coexisted for a time, but acts of violence eventually drove the surviving Vampirians from Earth.  The date of this event isn't given, but it apparently occurred millennia ago, during one or more societies' bronze age (as shown on a tapestry in episode 17).

The incantations are presumably what left Vampirians unable to enter human homes, which seems to serve a defensive purpose, suggesting that the Vampirians were responsible for some aggressive acts, though surely not all of them.  I imagined nearly equal blame between the two factions, their violence stemming from mutual suspicion and bigotry.  It seems humanity's barbarism was more effective, if not more prevalent.

[ After a moment of silence from the controls, LUKE's voice emerges. ]

LUKE (over intercom):
Trask, I'm sorry.  (pauses)  ... It's true, there are terrible acts in our history.  But please don't let an ancient grudge keep us from living together peacefully.

Luke isn't averse to apologizing for humanity's sins.  Ultimately, he desires mutual peace over violence.

TRASK (leaning back, initially almost outraged):
"Grudge?"  (calmer)  No, human, you don't understand.  I admit, your destruction WILL be satisfying... but I'm not here for vengeance.  I'm here to stop you from infecting the galaxy.

At least this allegedly noble mission is what Trask claims as his motivation.  As much as he will later criticize Sasha's vendetta against the Rangers, we are left to wonder how much of his motivation is emotional.

I wanted Trask's motive to seem remotely understandable, even if its extent was radical.  If the human race truly were as destructive and violent as Trask believes (and an argument can be made that it is, at least in part), it stands to reason that some concerned parties would want to prevent their irreversible spread across the galaxy.  Genocide, of course, could hardly be defended as an admirable act.

Trask's egregious agenda aside, I was adamant that none of my villains should represent any sort of cosmic force known as "Evil," despite what Power Rangers has established.  (Perhaps the forces of Evil in Power Rangers shared a common origin not shared by this universe; Dark Specter maybe?)

[ TRASK pushes his controls forward, and his ship seems to move forward. ]

[ EXT. SPACE - TRASK'S SHIP darts forward and begins firing again on HAWK ONE.  The HAWK takes evasive maneuvers, and the space battle continues. ]

[ INT. VCR SHOP - AJAY is digging through a box of audio-video cables at the counter when the door jingles.  AJAY looks up. ]

Good afternoon, sir.  How can I help you?

[ DETECTIVE MORALES (see episode 6) enters and removes a pair of sunglasses (appropriate for 1992). ]

I imagined that Detective Morales was assigned to investigate alien and Ranger activities as a result of the mayor's investigation mentioned in episode 6.

I'm looking for Barry West.

[ AJAY calls into the back room: ]


[ BARRY pokes his head out from the back room and spots Detective Morales (off-screen).  He then emerges fully. ]

Hi, Detective Morales.  (shakes his hand)  Thanks for coming.

Barry has arranged a meeting with Detective Morales to discuss his camera turning into a monster.

[ EXT. SPACE - The space battle continues.  Soon, TRASK'S SHIP is blasted solidly, spraying a cluster of debris from a moderate explosion which leaves the ship drifting out of control. ]

[ INT. VILLAIN COCKPIT - Shaken and surrounded with sparking controls, TRASK removes his hands from the controls in defeat. ]

TRASK (fatigued):
Do what you will with me, human.  But you're never getting into that station without tearing it apart.

Trask is resigned in the face of death, as he was against Maggie in episode 4.

Though I wouldn't have minded Luke getting aboard the station, I decided no viable option remained; surely he wouldn't risk harming Dr. Bering by blasting his way in.  This resolution served to deter Luke from repeating this endeavor in future episodes.

[ EXT. SPACE - HAWK ONE looms near TRASK'S SHIP, which tumbles in a disabled condition.  In the background is Earth. ]

[ INT. HAWK COCKPIT - RED RANGER glares intently ahead. ]

[ EXT. SPACE - HAWK ONE turns toward the planet below and departs. ]

[ INT. VILLAIN COCKPIT - TRASK glares bitterly at his display, in which the Earth glides by as his ship rotates. ]

[ Break. ]

[ EXT. SPACE STATION - TRASK'S SHIP, slightly battered and charred in places, docks with the space station in its normal resting position.  We hear the sounds of metal locks klunking and air whoosing as the ship attaches. ]

[ INT. VILLAIN COCKPIT - Finished with the controls, a somewhat fatigued TRASK shuts down the cockpit systems.  With a whoosh of air and a puff of escaping mist, a rear door opens in the cockpit, prompting TRASK to look back. ]

[ As the mist clears, we see DILLIK poking his head into the cockpit, a sympathetic expression on his face. ]

Bad day?

[ TRASK turns away and proceeds to unfasten his seat restraints. ]

TRASK (grumbling):
You've got some nerve still showing your face around here...

Trask is still angry with Dillik for locking him out of his lab in front of Sasha.

[ DILLIK makes an awkward but unassuming expression. ]

DILLIK (innocently):
Want me to fix your ship?

[ TRASK glares ahead crossly.  He then sighs and admits: ]

... Yes.

Dillik's helpful offer serves to pacify Trask, and their relationship will be smoothed over in time.  He is also forced to admit he actually does need Dillik around.

[ As he climbs out of his seat, TRASK casually changes the subject. ]

TRASK (cont'd):
By the way, Dillik...  You wouldn't happen to know about a... rogue robot warrior spotted on Earth, would you?

Trask is referring to Strife's appearances in episode 12.

DILLIK (feigning innocence poorly):
Oh, uh... n-- n-- no...?

[ Passing DILLIK to exit the cockpit, TRASK pauses to look at him briefly. ]

I didn't think so.

Trask is slightly suspicious, but Strife's boldness in episode 16 will make him doubt Dillik could be responsible.

[ TRASK exits, leaving DILLIK slightly apprehensive in his wake. ]

[ EXT. APARTMENT BUILDING (MORNING) - We see the apartment building in morning light. ]

The rest of this episode takes place on Tuesday, May 26, 1992, five days after the Snapshot battle (episode 12) and Luke's space battle with Trask.

We aren't shown the others' reaction to news of Luke's voyage, though he will have told them by episode 16 at the latest.

[ INT. CHRIS AND PETE'S APARTMENT (MORNING) - Wearing ordinary clothes, CHRIS is lacing up his boot-like black shoes in the living room.  In the background, the lower half of one window (see episode 11) is sealed up with a makeshift layer of cardboard. ]

Ramenator's pupal form broke the window in episode 11.

[ In the kitchen, PETE has finished cooking a potato and egg breakfast dish, which he places on the breakfast counter on two plates.  Two glasses of orange juice have already been poured. ]

Hey, man, breakfast's ready.

[ CHRIS rises and approaches the counter. ]

Awesome.  Looks really good.

Chris's acceptance of Pete's meal offers (compare with episode 3) was used to symbolize the renewed strength of their friendship (see episode 7).

[ There is a knock at the door.  Before he can sit, CHRIS turns to get the door. ]

[ The door opens, revealing STEVE (see episode 8) with a box of tools in his hand.  He smiles and gives an almost bashful wave (in a way he has not acted before). ]

This is Steve's first reappearance since he and Lenore learned the Rangers' identities in episode 8.

Hey, Mr. Patterson.


PETE (from the kitchen):
Good morning, Mr. P.!

[ CHRIS lets STEVE in and shuts the door behind him. ]

You here to fix the window?

Steve was mentioned as a handyman in episode 1, as the superintendent, Mr. Monroe, is notoriously slow with repairs (as reiterated below).

[ STEVE approaches the window, taking a cursory look.  He then replies to CHRIS. ]

STEVE (humbly):
Uh, yes.

PETE (from the kitchen):
Man, Mr. P., you've got the perfect market living here in Parkview.  A building that's falling apart, and a landlord who doesn't fix anything.  I'll bet you're making a fortune!

I had no name in mind for the apartment building until I needed it for this episode.  The name Parkview refers to the park located near the building, as seen in episodes 3 and 8.  It was only later that I found my preferred location for the Rangers' new home (episode 15) happened to overlook a cemetery called Mountain View in real life; this parity was coincidental.

[ STEVE chuckles awkwardly. ]

Well --  (coughs)  Y-- You guys don't owe me anything.  It's my pleasure.

I thought it would be realistic for the Rangers' relationship with a personal acquaintance to be altered after he or she learned their identities.  Pete and Chris succeed in talking Steve out of it, however.

[ CHRIS looks to PETE. ]

PETE (confused, from the kitchen):
What are you talking about?  Of course we're gonna pay you!

Yeah, Mr. Patterson.  It's okay.

[ STEVE speaks as PETE enters from the kitchen. ]

No, really...  You guys are out there fighting to keep us safe...  You deserve it.

[ PETE is visibly uncomfortable with the idea. ]

That's... really nice, Mr. Patterson, but...

We don't deserve any special treatment just because we're... (softly, glancing off to the side) ... Power Rangers.

Yeah.  I mean, we're the same ordinary guys.  We just have... (glances at his Morpher) ... unusual part-time jobs on the side.  If you start treating us like we're better than everyone else, we might... (makes a face) ... start to believe you.

When the Rangers are invited aboard the reclaimed space station in episode 32, Chris will note their decision to live there and quit their jobs depended on whether they wanted to be full-time superheroes.  My personal preference was the part-time angle, wherein the Rangers retained personal lives and jobs outside of their Ranger careers.

STEVE (contritely, after a pause):
Sorry, fellas.  I didn't see it like that.  I, uh... (scratches his head)  I guess I could charge you for the labor.

That's the spirit.

STEVE (more confidently):
... And I guess the materials.

PETE (jubilantly):
All right!

[ PETE pats STEVE on the arm as the trio shares a chuckle. ]

[ INT. SPACE STATION COMMAND - TRASK leans against the wall console, idly polishing his sword, while SASHA sits with her legs crossed on the central console, not holding her STAR HANDLE.  There are no NOBODIES present. ]

More sword-polishing, which was retconned in episode 38 into the application of Ancients' tears.

All right, so... how exactly DOES an insignificant planetoid out in the far reaches get its hands on Ranger powers?  (dryly)  And you'd better not tell me an ancient sage from the future...

Sasha received no conclusive answers from interrogating the Rangers in episode 10, having somehow realized that their "ancient sage" story was a concoction.  Beyond their additional embellishments, however, the ancient sage part happened to be correct.

Sasha continues to regard the Earth as a back-woods planet (see episode 9).

[ TRASK shifts slightly, covering a small monitor behind him which a blue screen with text too small to read. ]

I'm afraid there are no conclusive answers at this point.

[ We see a close-up of the small monitor which TRASK is hiding.  Over the blue screen is white text reading, "Signal Blocked." ]

Zordon's transmissions to the space station have been blocked, as alluded to in episode 3.  Trask prefers not to share the powers' origins with Sasha, as he equates knowledge with power.

TRASK (off-screen):
We may never know.

[ SASHA ponders for a moment before looking toward one entrance, where DILLIK has entered.  His suit is greasy and smeared with a few silver metallic paint streaks.   One spot is also burned slightly.  DILLIK, however, looks upbeat. ]

DILLIK (to Trask):
Well, sir, your ship is again space-worthy!  (chuckles)  Brings back memories, huh, Trask?

[ SASHA wryly raises an eyebrow in TRASK's direction. ]

Wreck your ship often...?

As in episode 12, Sasha seems amused by Trask's humilation.  This may be some sort of game she enjoys.

[ TRASK continues polishing his sword, at which point DILLIK volunteers: ]

DILLIK (to Sasha):
Well, no... see, Trask and I met on Dagus 4 when he got shot down by the Larians.

Dillik is referring to events detailed in episode 17.

[ SASHA nearly laughs. ]

SASHA (to Trask, amused):
The Larians!  How in the galaxy did you manage to provoke the LARIANS?

The Larians are an enigmatic race of beings whose automated harvester ships collect lifeforms from across the galaxy for unknown purposes.  They are apparently quite difficult to provoke.  I liked the idea of a mysterious alien force at work in the galaxy, their actions seeming ominous to the reader, while galactic travelers simply regard them as mundane background fixtures.

[ TRASK stops, glaring indignantly at a far corner of the room. ]

DILLIK (to Sasha, beaming):
Trask used to be a space pirate!

[ SASHA looks from Dillik to Trask (both off-screen), comically intrigued. ]

DILLIK (cont'd, off-screen):
He freed hundreds of lifeforms from their harvester ships!  Right, Trask?

Or so Trask told him.  In episode 17, we learn they were turned into biomass and consumed rather than freed.

[ TRASK leans his sword against the wall console. ]

Something like that.

So anyway, one day they find him, and he goes down on Dagus 4, where I... (modestly) ... happened to be gathering specimens for my exobiology thesis...

Dillik is revealed to be an exobiology student.

[ We see TRASK listening impatiently with his arms crossed. ]

DILLIK (cont'd, off-screen):
And I patched up his ship, and he told me about Lord Omos and his mission to save the galaxy from humans, and here I am!

Thus we receive a brief summary of Trask's backstory.  I fleshed it out in much further detail for episode 17; those details were not planned at the time this episode was written.

[ SASHA ponders. ]

SASHA (skeptically):
Why have I never heard of this "Lord Omos?"

This is a hint that Lord Omos is fictional, as revealed in episode 17.

[ DILLIK looks between Sasha and Trask (off-screen), puzzled. ]

DILLIK (innocently):
Well, I'm... sure I've mentioned him...

Dillik must have mentioned him off-screen.

No, I mean BEFORE coming here.  I could name a dozen interstellar warlords in this part of the galaxy, and none of them goes by the name "Omos."

That's a lot of warlords.  I wanted to leave the door open for plenty of future adventures.  I also considered that the warlords could have been the justification for Project Jetman's creation, but we later learn the Ranger technology was apparently intended to attack the empire (episodes 30 and 40).

In actuality, Omos was the name of the Seer that Trask visited, but he wasn't known to many.

[ DILLIK stammers without an explanation, his eyes looking pleadingly to Trask (off-screen). ]

[ TRASK stands. ]

We've wasted enough time.  (politely bows his head to Sasha as an afterthought)  ... your majesty.

Trask changes the subject away from Lord Omos.  Incidentally, they have been wasting time: it's been five days since their last monster attack!

Trask is still maintaining the illusion of subservience to "her majesty."

[ SASHA nods permissively, keeping her eyes on Trask (off-screen). ]

But does Sasha believe it to be genuine?  We don't know for sure.

[ In the center of the room, TRASK speaks briskly to Dillik (off-screen). ]

TRASK (cont'd):
Dillik, monster.

[ DILLIK turns, flustered. ]

Uh, r-- right.

[ DILLIK exits. ]

[ SASHA watches Dillik out of the corner of her eyes, her thoughts remaining private. ]

Presumably she wants to know more about the monsters Dillik creates.

[ INT. SPACE STATION, OBSERVATION BOOTH - In the both overlooking the Jinnsect habitat (see episode 3), DILLIK enters from the adjoining corridor.  He is holding a small instrument which he appears to use to scan the terrain below. ]

This is the only time we see the act of Jinnsect selection.

[ After a moment, we hear SASHA's voice, startling DILLIK somewhat. ]

SASHA (off-screen):
So how many are there?

[ We see SASHA leaning casually against the door frame.   DILLIK turns to her with a lack of self-confidence. ]

DILLIK (flustered):
Oh!  Um...  W-- well, we've used ten, and four died in transit... so thirty-two.

Of a total of 46, the four dead Jinnsects are counted in this commentary as #1-4.  Jinnsects #5-14 were used as assorted monsters (episodes 3 through 12), and there are now 32 remaining.  Jinnsect #15 of 46 will be used to create Disastros.

[ SASHA approaches the glass. ]

And you're just using them one at a time?  Why not send them all down at once?

I felt this was a valid question to bring up, despite its long-standing tradition in sentai and Power Rangers.  Here, we learn it's a matter of the monsters' territorial nature, which will become relevant in episodes 21 and 22.

[ DILLIK advances timidly, apparently nervous in SASHA's presence. ]

W-- well, Jinnsect monsters usually like to have their own territories, and we... kind of have enough trouble keeping the Rangers from destroying them without having them destroy each other too, you know...?

Sasha apparently didn't take this lesson to heart (see episode 21).

[ SASHA studies the gloomy landscape below.  Soon, she inquires: ]

And how do you decide what host object to use?

(chuckles)  Well, the last couple were things right out of the Rangers' headquarters.  Though, to be fair, that was frozen scientist's idea...

It was "frozen scientist's" idea to send a Jinnsect into the apartment building, where it became Ramenator (episode 11).  The decision to send a Jinnsect into Barry's apartment (or the roof) occurred off-screen in episode 12; it became Snapshot.

[ SASHA quickly turns to DILLIK. ]

You know the location of the Rangers' headquarters?

This comes as a surprise to Sasha.  Beyond his initial attack in episode 2, Trask has apparently refrained from attacking the Rangers' home for some reason; could this be due to some sort of personal honor code?

Well, yeah...

[ SASHA slowly turns to look at the Jinnsect habitat once more. ]

[ INT. CHRIS AND PETE'S APARTMENT - STEVE has removed the broken pane and is preparing the space for the new pane when PETE walks by. ]

Hey, Mr. P., we're gonna grab some lunch.  We'll be back in a little bit, okay?

STEVE (merrily):
You should have yourself a new window by then!

[ PETE smiles and heads for the door, keys in hand.  When he opens it, MAGGIE tries to startle him.  LUKE and CASEY may also be seen in the hallway. ]


Maggie is increasingly playful; perhaps her time with Pete has coaxed out this side of her personality.

[ PETE chuckles as he closes the door.  The group appears to be in good spirits. ]

All the better for the crushing doom about to befall them!

[ INT. APARTMENT STAIRWELL - As LUKE, PETE, MAGGIE, and CASEY descend the steps, CASEY giggles to MAGGIE about something, while PETE is having a friendly conversation with LUKE. ]

Chris is currently the only one at work: neither Pete nor Luke work on Tuesdays, Maggie is still between semesters (see episode 10), and Casey doesn't go into work until later in the afternoon.

No, I'm just saying they need to --

I don't recall what I intended Pete and Luke to be discussing here.

[ PETE is interrupted when the wall beside them pops as a crack, perhaps a foot long, suddenly opens in the form of a long, warped bulge in the paint.  The group jumps from the unexpected noise, with CASEY yelping. ]

[ As they realize the source of the noise, the group calms. ]

CASEY (laughing nervously):
Oh, jeez...  That scared me.

[ LUKE studies the crack. ]

Man, that's weird...

I've said it before - this place is falling apart!  You know, Julie and Terri actually deducted sink repairs out of their rent.

Julie and Terri were mentioned in episodes 7 and 6, respectively.  They are now revealed to be roommates.

[ Just as PETE finishes his sentence, another crack pops open on the other side of the hall.  The group twirls to look. ]

[ The crack appears to be spreading down the wall as a long, slender bulge winds its way through the surface of the wall, like a tentacle writhing just under the surface. ]

The entire building is being infected with a Jinnsect.  Sasha will later claim credit (episode 14), but we don't know how she coaxed the Jinnsect to infect the entire building, as the largest host objects yet have been a jet (episode 3) and a bus (episode 6).  Perhaps Sasha's ability to enlarge victims in demonic form (see episode 14) played a role.

I realize in hindsight that I neglected to script any particular sounds here as the building is being infiltrated by tentacles.  Some sort of sickening metallic creak might have been appropriate.

What the heck...?

That is really not good!

We've gotta get out of here!

There's people upstairs!

[ LUKE looks at his MORPHER and clenches his fist with resolve, nodding to the others.  They nod back. ]

LUKE (cont'd):
It's morphing time!

Another nod to the original morphing call from Power Rangers.

[ INT. APARTMENT HALLWAY - Rushing into the hallway, BLUE RANGER pulls the fire alarm, sounding the same alarm heard in episode 2. ]

The alarm in episode 2 seemed to be triggered by Trask somehow.

[ INT. CHRIS AND PETE'S APARTMENT (DARK) - As the alarm continues, YELLOW RANGER bursts into the room, which is now darker than when it was last seen, though some light is still coming from the window wall and a lamp. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
Mr. Patterson, you've gotta --

[ We cut to STEVE, who stands transfixed by large purplish tentacles which appear to have bored down from the ceiling and into the floor, stretching down like thick, organic prison bars nearly sealing STEVE off from the rest of the room (though there may be room to squeeze through).  With the exception of the open space where the window was removed, the windows have all turned solid black, darkening the room considerably. ]

Jinnsects permeate their host objects with tentacles (see episodes 3 and 6), and transparent surfaces generally turn opaque and harden (see episodes 4 and 6).

STEVE (apprehensively):
Pete, I think there's something bad going on.

[ YELLOW RANGER cries out. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
Mr. Patterson!

[ INT. APARTMENT HALLWAY (SIXTH FLOOR) - In a replica of the Rangers' hallway, RED RANGER hurries several people to the stairs as they evacuate their apartments, their doors bearing numbers 6A through 6H.  The ceiling is cracked and warped with what are likely large tentacles under the surface, spreading toward various apartments on either side of the hallway.  The alarm is still sounding. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Go!  Get out!

Though nothing scripted here constitutes a direct violation of a previous episode, I envisioned Parkview as containing six regular floors and a penthouse when I wrote this episode.  I had forgotten, though, that episode 5 described the seventh floor as being identical to the fifth.

[ INT. APARTMENT HALLWAY (FIFTH FLOOR) - As BLUE RANGER evacuates an ELDERLY MAN from further down the hall while the alarm continues to blare, LENORE braces against the door frame of apartment 5A and calls out to BLUE RANGER as she draws near. ]

The elderly man is Mr. Mason, as listed on the tenant list at the end of the episode.

LENORE (anxiously):
Where's my Steven?!

[ BLUE RANGER clutches LENORE's arm. ]

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):
Mrs. Patterson, we have to get out!

I'm not leaving without Steven!

[ YELLOW RANGER emerges from apartment 5D with STEVE.  The door to 5D remains open behind them. ]

Pete has somehow freed Mr. Patterson.

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
Come on!

[ STEVE and LENORE are reunited as the five evacuate together to the stairs. ]

[ INT. APARTMENT HALLWAY (SECOND FLOOR) - PINK RANGER hurries down another hallway (with doors numbered 2A through 2H) banging on any doors which remain closed, though three are already open.  The alarm blares further. ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
Is anybody in there?!  We have to get out!

[ INT. APARTMENT STAIRWELL - RED RANGER hurries down the stairs to a lower floor.  In the stairwell, he encounters PINK RANGER heading up.  The alarm continues to sound.  The walls are cracked and warped in places. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Is that everyone?

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
I think so!  Pete and Maggie took everyone outside!

[ Suddenly, the stairwell begins to quake, nearly shaking RED and PINK off their feet.  The lights fail, causing the emergency lights to switch on.  Also at the same time, the fire alarm dies out with a sickly, deteriorating whine.  As the shaking continues, RED and PINK clutch at the handrails and dash downstairs. ]

The source of the quaking is shown below.

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Let's get out of here!

[ EXT. APARTMENT BUILDING - At various places on the building's exterior, we see close-ups of massive building segments rearranging - some sliding up to form large square spires, others sliding down to form square depressions.  The shaking from the previous scene continues during this process. ]

The building's exterior is being reshaped.  I added this detail to account for Disastros' sentai form not matching the notion of a seven-story, flat-roofed building I had written into the series so far.  Though my exterior description of Parkview in episode 1 was intended to match Disastros to an extent, I didn't expect the hypothetical production crew to be able to find a building which matched this monster identically.  This reshaping process accounts for any such mismatch.

[ INT. APARTMENT STAIRWELL (DARK) - In the emergency lighting, the RED and PINK RANGERS pass the fourth floor and continue dashing downstairs.  Soon, they suddenly encounter a brick wall blocking their path. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
We're sealed in!  This is impossible!

[ RED RANGER punches the brick wall with an echoing thud, the impact chipping the brick slightly but failing to cause major damage.  PINK RANGER, meanwhile, is looking around.  She motions for RED to go back upstairs with her. ]

I liked the idea of a simple punch chipping the brick slightly, to demonstrate the Rangers' strength.  But a small chip is a far cry from being able to break free.

Here, I pondered using some footage from Jetman #5 which featured Red Ranger using his Battlizer to punch through a brick wall (erected by Tran), but Yellow and Blue were visible behind him as he emerged (metal spikes were also embedded in the wall in random directions).  As it stands, I intended not to require the Battlizers in US footage, and therefore I'm left with the curious situation of Luke and Casey failing to try using their Battlizers to escape.

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
Come on!  There's gotta be another way out!

[ EXT. CITY STREET - Looking up at the rumbling building above (off-screen), the BLUE and YELLOW RANGERS stand protectively in front of a crowd of approximately twenty worried tenants, including STEVE and LENORE. ]

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):
Something's wrong...  Why aren't they out yet?

[ YELLOW RANGER calls into his wrist. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger):

[ YELLOW RANGER stops himself, glancing over his shoulder at the tenants behind him.  He clears his throat. ]

At times, Power Rangers has tended to ignore the consequences of yelling out a fellow Ranger's name in front of civilians.  Here, Pete struggles to restrain himself in public.

[ INT. BIKE SHOP - CHRIS is showing a bicycle to AARON, a slightly overweight customer in his thirties.  AARON pauses to listen to something inaudible. ]

Did you hear something?

As explained below, Pete's Morpher would have broadcast his "Lu--" to all Morphers, including Chris's.

[ As CHRIS listens as well, PETE's voice suddenly crackles from his MORPHER. ]

PETE (from Morpher):
Red Ranger!  Pink Ranger!  Where are you?

The Morphers currently lack a means to filter calls by intended recipient.  Dr. Bering will introduce this ability in episode 31.

[ CHRIS slaps his hand over his MORPHER and reels backward as AARON watches him with wide eyes. ]

I thought it would be realistic for the public Ranger calls to make for an uncomfortable situation at one of their jobs.  However, I wasn't prepared to reveal any more identities in this episode, so I had Chris think up a plausible explanation.

(chuckles awkwardly)  ... Radio watch.  It... picks up all sorts of interference.  Would you excuse me please?  We're closing early today.

[ AARON is stunned as CHRIS opens the front door. ]

Are... Are you the Red Ranger?

Aaron heard someone calling the Red Ranger over Chris's watch and assumes Chris is Red.

LUKE (from Morpher):
We're sealed in!  We're trying to find another way out.

CHRIS (shooing Aaron out the door):
No.  (nodding toward his recently noisy Morpher)  See?  Off you go.

This voice would have probably been interpreted as belonging to the Red Ranger, as it answered the previous call.

[ CHRIS latches the door behind AARON and darts out of frame. ]

Aaron will return in the next episode, but he has apparently taken Chris's explanation at face value.

[ EXT. ALLEY - CHRIS bolts out of a back door into an alleyway and calls into his MORPHER: ]

Sky Condor!

[ EXT. CITY STREET - YELLOW RANGER continues to speak into his wrist.  BLUE RANGER and the tenants watch the building with concern. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
Listen!  Try m-- (pauses a moment)  Try 5D!  The window's open!

Pete again has to censor himself, this time to avoid referring to his own apartment in the first-person possessive.

[ INT. APARTMENT STAIRWELL (DARK) - As the RED and PINK RANGERS rush up the stairs to the fifth floor, PINK glances over her shoulder to see that the stairs leading up to the sixth floor are blocked off by another brick wall.  They continue down the hallway. ]

This second wall rules out the roof exit, which I felt would be too easy of an escape.

[ INT. CHRIS AND PETE'S APARTMENT (DARK) - In the apartment, various pieces of furniture are overturned, and the walls and ceiling are cracked and deformed.  The room is almost completely dark, lit only by emergency lights in the hallway as the door is left wide open. ]

[ Just then, the RED and PINK RANGERS approach from the direction of the stairwell.  They are taken aback by what they see inside the apartment. ]

[ We see the far side of the room now completely walled off with massive purple columns the size of tree trunks driven from the ceiling through the floor.  Only faint slivers of light are visible between the edges of the columns.  Ceiling debris is scattered on the floor. ]

The window was open, but the tentacles have now grown too large to fit by.  This arose more out of plausibility than a need to rule this out as their escape method.

[ RED and PINK slowly look at each other. ]

[ INT. LUKE'S APARTMENT (DARK) - We initially see little in the dark room.  Suddenly, RED RANGER kicks the door open, knocking it off its hinges.  In the emergency lighting from the hallway, we can see Luke's apartment is in similar shape to the previous apartment, but with only a smaller tentacle through the kitchen. ]

[ RED and PINK dash over to the windows, which are an opaque black.  RED RANGER punches the glass with no effect.  PINK RANGER draws her SKY BLASTER and fires at a window further from RED, but her yellow laser bounces off and strikes the kitchen.  She speaks into her wrist. ]

Casey is a frequent blaster user, as pointed out in episode 15.

Their difficulty with Jinnsect-toughened glass is similar to Pete and Casey's difficulty escaping from the bus in episode 6.

CASEY (Pink Ranger, her voice trembling slightly):
This is not looking good, guys.

[ EXT. CITY STREET - YELLOW continues to watch the building as BLUE RANGER is distracted with two fingers on the side of her helmet.  To the surprise of the tenants in the background and to YELLOW's apparent relief, BLACK RANGER lands beside them. ]

Maggie is scanning the outside of the building with her Hoverbird.  As demonstrated throughout the series, she seems the most likely to use her Hoverbird to its full strategic potential.

PETE (Yellow Ranger):

Despite Pete's previous efforts to censor himself, he is taken off-guard here and unintentionally speaks Chris's name.  This detail was intentional, but the effect of this utterance isn't shown in the series; presumably the few people who heard it weren't familiar with Chris and didn't make their knowledge public.

[ YELLOW RANGER glances back and ducks his head, intending to be more discreet.  BLACK, meanwhile, looks up at the building (off-screen). ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
My god, what's going on?

Normally "gosh" would be preferable in dialog (from another character), but I figured this spectacle warranted an atypical remark.

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
We don't know!  An alien bug?  Man, I hope not...

The Rangers don't yet know the term "Jinnsect."

[ BLACK RANGER speaks semi-privately to YELLOW. ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger, somewhat softly):
And Luke and Casey haven't made it out yet?

Presumably this was spoken softly enough to avoid detection by the nearby tenants.

[ YELLOW shakes his head. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger):

[ BLUE RANGER suddenly advances, gripping YELLOW's arm. ]

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):
Guys, I found another open window!  4E!

[ YELLOW RANGER calls into his wrist. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
You hear that, man?  4E!

[ YELLOW RANGER looks to where BLACK RANGER was standing but finds him gone. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger, cont'd):

Chris takes a more proactive approach.

[ INT. APARTMENT 4E (DAY-LIT) - We see an apartment structurally identical to Casey's, dark except for an open window.  The room has a medium-sized tentacle dangling from the ceiling.   The curtains are blowing gently in the breeze from the open window. ]

This apartment would have been just below a vacant apartment separating Casey and Barry's apartments.

[ Suddenly, BLACK RANGER flies in through the open window like an arrow and tucks into a somersault, rolling across the living room.  He vaults into the air to avoid a coffee table and ultimately sails shoulder-first into the front door, smashing it to splinters as he tumbles into the nearly dark hallway outside.  Regaining his bearings, BLACK dusts himself off modestly and then hurries down the hallway to the left. ]

I was going for realism: sometimes even Rangers are ungraceful.

[ INT. LUKE'S APARTMENT (DARK) - Near the opaque window wall, RED RANGER holds PINK RANGER in a comforting embrace. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
It's gonna be all right.  We're gonna get out of here.

Casey tended to fret under heavy stress, but she grew a bit tougher over the course of the series.  Here, I wanted Luke's comfort to place Casey in an awkward situation when Chris found them.

[ PINK RANGER looks up at RED. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger, cont'd):
Come on, let's try 4E like Pete said.

[ Just then, BLACK RANGER dashes into the doorway from the hall. ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger, sorely):
Hey!  You two lovebirds gonna stay here all day, or what?

As later mentioned in episode 15, Chris thought Casey liked Luke (possibly from her clinginess toward him in earlier episodes), and this doesn't bother him in the least, as he remains oblivious to his own status as the object of her affection.  These three players were involved in a different sort of love triangle in Jetman, in which Black was jealous of White's feelings for Red, while Red was initially uncomfortable with her attention.

[ Startled, PINK breaks away from RED's embrace. ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger):

[ BLACK RANGER impatiently prepares to leave. ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
Come on, already!

[ Together, the three hastily flee the apartment. ]

[ EXT. CITY STREET - BLUE and YELLOW look down at the building's foundation (off-screen) as a cracking sound is heard. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
Whoa!  What's that?

[ BLUE RANGER points at the foundation. ]

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):

[ We see a close-up of the foundation as the building begins to rise, ripping its way out of the surrounding concrete. ]

An empty crater will remain behind, seen in episode 14.

[ INT. APARTMENT 4E (DAY-LIT) - The BLACK, PINK, and RED RANGERS scramble into the room and toward the window as the building shakes violently beneath their feet. ]

In the sentai, Red had come to rescue Black from the apartment's insatiable appetite; when the shaking began, Red was locked in a confrontation with Radiguet, and the other four were shaken off the building before it rose in monster form.

[ EXT. CITY (sentai) - We begin with a close-up on a gargantuan JINNSECT embedded in the side of the apartment building.  It gleams with yellowish-white energy, and the apartment building rises, a monstrous face seen within the side of the building (footage slowed slightly). ]

building rises building rises building rises

That's a big Jinnsect.

[ EXT. APARTMENT BUILDING (US footage) - From a low angle, we see the BLACK, PINK, and RED RANGERS dive out of an open window in quick succession. ]

[ EXT. CITY (sentai) - The giant monster stands, revealing that the apartment building is now merely the head for a behemoth, DISASTROS, with a combination hammer and hook for one hand, and a hefty flail weapon in the other hand. ]

I see Power Rangers Mystic Force (2006) featured a horse Zord called Catastros.  No relation.

Disastros stands Disastros stands Disastros stands

[ EXT. CITY STREET (US footage) - YELLOW and BLUE look up at the monstrosity above (off-screen), taking a few steps back.  As tenants (with the exception of STEVE and LENORE) begin screaming and fleeing, the two RANGERS turn to escort the crowd of people away, but most have already left on their own.  Finding STEVE and LENORE straggling behind, their eyes glued to the sight above, YELLOW and BLUE urge them to leave. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
Mr. and Mrs. Patterson!  Go!

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):
Get to safety!

[ Wearing different clothes from his earlier scenes (and only a pink mark on his nose), BARRY runs onto the scene, his mouth agape at the scene above.  He does manage, however, to pry STEVE and LENORE away from the area. ]

Mr. and Mrs. Patterson, come on!

I may have intended for Barry to live with the Pattersons at this point (see episode 19), but regardless, I wanted to give him an heroic role before his appearances in the series were reduced.

[ The three exit together. ]

[ As YELLOW and BLUE look up again, they are joined by RED, BLACK, and PINK. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
Guys, you're safe!

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):
Thank goodness!

[ The five RANGERS look up as a giant footstep thunders through the city street, jostling them. ]

[ RED RANGER shakes his head in disbelief. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
This is impossible.

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
Our home!

[ Another massive step shakes the street, then another, and another, as the monster (off-screen) walks into the distance.  The RANGERS stand transfixed, apparently unsure what to do. ]

[ After a moment, BLACK RANGER speaks. ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
Well, come on!

By this point, I was getting the impression that Chris was a more effective leader than Luke in times of crisis.

[ BLACK RANGER leaps into the air, and the other RANGERS glance amongst each other and then leap as well. ]

[ EXT. ROOFTOP - Led by BLACK RANGER, the five RANGERS gather at the edge of an urban rooftop.  They are watching the monster (off-camera) on the horizon. ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
Look, there he is!  (pauses)  You guys, how can we destroy our home?

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):
I don't know that we have any other choice...

PETE (Yellow Ranger):

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
Well, while we stand around and talk about it, he's heading for the gas refinery!

...to match the sentai.

[ EXT. CITY (sentai) - Towering over the city, DISASTROS slams his flail against the ground, dangerously close to the large green spherical tanks of a gas refinery nearby.  Small explosions erupt from the area, though the tanks have not yet ruptured. ]

Disastros attacks refinery Disastros attacks refinery

[ EXT. ROOFTOP (US footage) - The RANGERS watch anxiously.  RED RANGER looks to the others. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
We have to stop him.  Guys...?

[ The other RANGERS nod solemnly.  RED turns and calls into his wrist: ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Sky Flyers!

[ EXT. CITY (Jetman #4) - The SKY FLYERS fly through the city.  We then see them line up in profile.  Finally, they fly by a reflective building. ]

Sky Flyers Sky Flyers Sky Flyers

[ EXT. ROOFTOP (US footage) - As the RANGERS stand ready, a green beam shines on them, beaming them up as Ranger-colored streaks. ]

[ EXT. SKY (Jetman #10) - The Rangers' streaks beam up in to the FLYERS as they emerge from the clouds. ]

Rangers teleport to Flyers

[ EXT. CITY (sentai) - DISASTROS hurls his flail.  In close-up, we see it strike a very short distance from the gas tanks, causing a small explosion, though the tanks survive intact. ]

Disastros attacks refinery Disastros attacks refinery Disastros attacks refinery

In reviewing Jetman's sentai footage, I noticed that Disastros uses a flail here in Jetman #6, and the Megazord later has a very similar-looking flail beginning with Jetman #20.  I decided it would make for attractive continuity to assert that the Megazord ended up stealing the monster's flail in this episode.  To my knowledge, the two flails were unrelated in Jetman.

[ As the refinery burns in the foreground, DISASTROS advances, swinging his flail.  He speaks with a booming, monstrous voice. ]

Disastros attacks refinery Disastros attacks refinery

Where are you, Rangers?

Has Dillik told Disastros about the Rangers over his special frequency?  (See episode 8.)

[ INT. CONDOR COCKPIT (Jetman #4) - BLACK RANGER makes a hand gesture and then clenches his fist before gripping his controls. ]

Black Ranger's idea Black Ranger's idea

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
Guys, I've got an idea!

[ EXT. SKY (Jetman #4) - The CONDOR fires white lasers from its wings (US addition). ]

Condor fires (lasers not shown)

[ EXT. CITY (sentai) - We see DISASTROS' JINNSECT in close-up (frame held from sentai) as the white lasers (US addition) bounce off it ineffectually. ]

Disastros' Jinnsect (lasers not shown)

I wanted the Rangers to try everything they could think of to avoid destroying their own home.  Here, we see that even direct laser shots to the monster's Jinnsect have no effect (though the series has already established that monster transformations are irreversible).

[ INT. HAWK COCKPIT (Jetman #12) - RED RANGER extends his hand plaintively and speaks with determination. ]

Red Ranger speaks Red Ranger speaks

LUKE (Red Ranger):
It didn't faze him!  Well then, the Megazord's our only choice!

[ EXT. SKY (Jetman #14) - The five FLYERS fly into the sky with colored trails.  Any background music from this point on should be somber and slightly ominous in place of any ordinary theme song. ]

Flyers with trails

[ Switch back to Jetman #6 - The CONDOR and SWAN transform into legs. ]

Condor and Swan transform Condor and Swan transform

CASEY (voice-over):
You guys, are we really gonna do this?

CHRIS (voice-over):
You got a better idea?

The voices over the Megazord assembly reminds me of the first episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, in which the Rangers discussed their Zord-piloting abilities over footage of the Dinozords.  Here, I've done it because I lacked adequate cockpit footage to portray the necessary dialog.

[ The OWL and SWALLOW transform into arms. ]

Owl and Swallow transform Owl and Swallow transform

PETE (voice-over):
What about the city?  We've never battled downtown before!

I noticed that Mighty Morphin Power Rangers made no special ado about the Rangers' first downtown Megazord battle, but I figured this would be a particularly harrowing experience (notwithstanding their home being the monster in this instance).  As such, I made a point to mention it.

MAGGIE (voice-over):
We'll just have to be careful.

[ The HAWK transforms. ]

Hawk transforms Hawk transforms

LUKE (voice-over):
Remember, guys, we're here to save the planet... no matter what.

A grim assessment, but there appears to be no alternative.

[ The legs attach and stand ready. ]

Megazord assembles Megazord assembles

[ The arms attach, and the right hand clenches. ]

Megazord assembles Megazord assembles

[ The head rises, and the SKYFORCE MEGAZORD stands complete. ]

Megazord assembles Megazord assembles Megazord assembles Megazord assembles

[ EXT. CITY - DISASTROS turns and speaks, after which we zoom out to see the MEGAZORD landing nearby in the city.  DISASTROS is seen to have been standing over the burning refinery. ]

Disastros confronted by Megazord Disastros confronted by Megazord Disastros confronted by Megazord

In Jetman, this was the Megazord's debut.

Huh?  Oh, it's you...

[ We zoom out from the MEGAZORD's face to view DISASTROS's legs in the foreground.  The two foes circle each other, the monster's foot twitching batch and forth before he starts to one side. ]

Megazord opposite Disastros Megazord opposite Disastros Megazord opposite Disastros Megazord opposite Disastros

Several of these initial shots were taken from the Megazord's second confrontation with Disastros (explained in commentary below).

You squirmy little humans... (sidles)

Disastros is disgusted with the idea of having been infested with humans in his prior form.

[ From behind the MEGAZORD, we zoom in to DISASTROS as he stirs restlessly. ]

Megazord opposite Disastros Megazord opposite Disastros

DISASTROS (cont'd):
I'll pulverize you!

[ From behind DISASTROS, we zoom in on the MEGAZORD's face. ]

Megazord opposite Disastros Megazord opposite Disastros

[ INT. MEGAZORD COCKPIT (Jetman #34) - The RANGERS stir vocally in their cockpit.  BLACK RANGER makes an interjection to which BLUE and RED nod.  The RANGERS then face their respective controls, which YELLOW does with a particular zest. ]

cockpit dialog cockpit dialog

I had to use Megazord footage from other episodes because much of the Disastros battle featured the four unmorphed Rangers at the controls in the sentai.

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
Don't think we're going easy on you!

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Let's go!

[ EXT. CITY - The MEGAZORD strikes an offensive pose and advances out of frame. ]

No, not that type of offensive pose.

Megazord advances Megazord advances

[ DISASTROS charges as well.  He thrusts his hooked sledgehammer forward and slams it into the MEGAZORD's chest with a sparking impact, hurling the MEGAZORD back and out of frame. ]

Disastros charges Disastros charges Disastros strikes Disastros knocks Megazord back Disastros knocks Megazord back Disastros knocks Megazord back Disastros knocks Megazord back

[ With a ground-shaking impact, the MEGAZORD makes a high velocity crash-landing downtown and rolls briefly (Jetman #21). ]

Megazord lands hard Megazord lands hard Megazord lands hard

I used a rougher landing from another episode to give the impression that Disastros was an especially powerful monster; in the sentai, any difficulty with the monster could probably be explained by the Rangers' newness at the controls of the Megazord (also, Red was still absent in the cockpit at this point).

[ INT. MEGAZORD COCKPIT (Jetman #41) - The jostled RANGERS recover from the imact with a collective groan, at which point we zoom in on RED RANGER, who grips his joysticks. ]

Rangers shaken Rangers shaken

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Man!  This guy's strong!

Just in case you didn't get the idea.

[ EXT. CITY (Jetman #23) - The MEGAZORD rises and assumes a ready position.  Buildings are in the foreground. ]

Megazord rises Megazord rises

[ Switch back to Jetman #6 - DISASTROS swings his hammer blade. ]

Disastros swings Disastros swings

Ah, you back for more?  (swings)

[ DISASTROS slashes the MEGAZORD across the chest, then rakes a backhand strike across its midsection, causing a burst of sparks with each strike.  The MEGAZORD reels from the blows. ]

Disastros slashes Megazord Disastros slashes Megazord

[ DISASTROS delivers yet another blow to the MEGAZORD. ]

Disastros slashes Megazord Disastros slashes Megazord

[ DISASTROS then blows a stream of gas from his mouth. ]

Disastros blows Disastros blows

[ INT. MEGAZORD COCKPIT (Jetman #20) - As the gas blows over the front of the cockpit, the RANGERS are shaken about. ]

blown cockpit

[ EXT. CITY - Blown aloft by the stream of gas, the MEGAZORD flies back and eventually lands elsewhere in the city. ]

Megazord blown back Megazord blown back Megazord blown back Megazord lands Megazord lands

[ INT. MEGAZORD COCKPIT (Jetman #23) - The RANGERS are jarred again. ]

jarred Rangers

[ EXT. CITY - DISASTROS swings his flail by the chain and throws it forward, holding the chain with his other hand. ]

flail attack flail attack

Stay down, will ya?

[ As the MEGAZORD rises, the flail strikes it squarely in the chest with a sparking impact. ]

flail attack flail attack

[ INT. MEGAZORD COCKPIT (Jetman #44) - From a side angle, we see the RANGERS jarred once again. ]

jarred Rangers

[ EXT. CITY - The flail flies over the camera (shown twice). ]

flying flail flying flail

[ As we zoom out from the MEGAZORD, we see the flail's chain wrapped around the MEGAZORD's neck as it struggles to get free, the spiked ball gripped in its left hand. ]

choking the Megazord choking the Megazord

[ DISASTROS tugs on the chain, causing the MEGAZORD to stumble around. ]

Megazord jerked around Megazord jerked around

Looks like you're tied to me now, Rangers!

[ We zoom in on the chained MEGAZORD. ]

choking the Megazord choking the Megazord

[ INT. MEGAZORD COCKPIT (Jetman #25) - With determination, RED RANGER sits forward, clenches his fist, and jerks back hard on his joysticks. ]

Red Ranger jerks joysticks Red Ranger jerks joysticks Red Ranger jerks joysticks Red Ranger jerks joysticks

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Yeah, well, that's your problem!  Pull!  (jerks back)

[ EXT. CITY - The MEGAZORD gives a strong tug on the chain, yanking DISASTROS into the air with a startled roar. ]

Megazord tugs on chain Megazord tugs on chain Megazord tugs on chain

[ DISASTROS flies over the MEGAZORD's head, continuing to bellow. ]

Disastros flies over Megazord

[ DISASTROS flips and lands with a crash on his back.  (His flail and its connecting chain are airbrushed out of the scene with US effects.) ]

Disastros lands Disastros lands (chain to be airbrushed out)

I wanted the ball-and-chain airbrushed out to allow the Megazord to have kept it.

At this point in the sentai, Black had the Megazord disassembled for some reason; he then leapt down from the Condor, morphed, and broke in through a window.  Inside, he helped Red against Radiguet (now in his Radigan form).  After using their Battlizer Beams in unison, they escaped to their Flyers and re-formed the Megazord.

[ INT. MEGAZORD COCKPIT - In close-up, we a red hawk emblem in Red Ranger's monitor, pulsing as the computer speaks with DR. BERING's voice. ]

talking hawk talking hawk talking hawk

Acquired: one ball-and-chain.

[ The RANGERS gather with interest around RED RANGER's monitor (Jetman #24). ]

Rangers react to monitor Rangers react to monitor Rangers react to monitor

CASEY (Pink Ranger):

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
It's ours now!

LUKE (Red Ranger):
That helps.

This was a US invention; the Megazord did not keep the flail in the sentai.

[ EXT. CITY - DISASTROS bellows, outraged. ]

Disastros outraged Disastros outraged

Hey, give that back!

[ INT. MEGAZORD COCKPIT (Jetman #12) - We zoom in on PINK RANGER as she makes a declaration before turning to her controls. ]

Pink Ranger's declaration Pink Ranger's declaration Pink Ranger's declaration Pink Ranger's declaration Pink Ranger's declaration

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
You want it back, huh?  Well, we'll see what we can do!  (turns)

[ PINK RANGER shifts her joysticks forward in close-up (Jetman #36). ]

Pink Ranger shifts joysticks Pink Ranger shifts joysticks

[ EXT. CITY (Jetman #23) - We zoom out from a close-up on the MEGAZORD, revealing it to be holding the flail, which it then throws. ]

Megazord throws flail Megazord throws flail Megazord throws flail Megazord throws flail

In the sentai, the Megazord didn't use the flail against Disastros.

[ The flail flies over the camera, the chain held by the Megazord (off-screen) (Jetman #44). ]

flying flail

[ Switch back to Jetman #6 - DISASTROS's head sparks as the flail (a US addition) bounces off him. ]

Disastros struck (flail not shown) Disastros struck (flail not shown)

This spark was actually caused by the Megazord's rocket punch, which originally appeared later in the sentai battle.  Here, I've used it for the flail attack instead.

[ INT. MEGAZORD COCKPIT - We zoom in on BLACK RANGER, who makes a brief declaration before pushing a button on his controls. ]

Black Ranger mashes button Black Ranger mashes button Black Ranger mashes button

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
All right, come on, guys!  Let's take this guy!

[ BLACK RANGER presses a button, lighting up a fist graphic.  He then receives joysticks and shoves the right one forward. ]

Black Ranger mashes button Black Ranger and his joysticks Black Ranger and his joysticks Black Ranger and his joysticks

In the sentai, this sequence triggered the rocket punch.  I'm instead using it to call for the final blow in the chain of punches.

[ EXT. CITY - The MEGAZORD strikes a ready pose and advances. ]

Megazord advances Megazord advances

[ DISASTROS bellows angrily and charges. ]

Disastros charges Disastros charges

[ As seen from below, the MEGAZORD and DISASTROS lock arms.  The MEGAZORD knocks the monster's arms away and delivers a flurry of punches to his midsection and face. ]

Megazord pummels Disastros Megazord pummels Disastros Megazord pummels Disastros Megazord pummels Disastros Megazord pummels Disastros Megazord pummels Disastros

[ The MEGAZORD winds up and delivers a final punch with its right arm. ]

Megazord's final punch Megazord's final punch

[ The punch strikes DISASTROS in the face with a spark, sending him flying back. ]

Megazord's final punch Megazord's final punch

[ DISASTROS lands with a crash elsewhere in the city. ]

Disastros falls Disastros falls

At this point, the Megazord wielded a polearm weapon which never appeared in Take Flight, but if it had, I would have called it the Aero Glaive.  Since it hadn't appeared in any battles prior to this point, I didn't want to complicate this battle with a new weapon introduction (also, I thought I might be able to delay new weapon introductions until the military became involved later in the series).  After the Aero Glaive sequence, the Megazord used its rocket punch, which I also cut for similar reasons.

[ INT. MEGAZORD COCKPIT - The RANGERS perk up, and RED RANGER pumps his fist.  He presses his button, making the Phoenix Blade graphic appear. ]

Red Ranger summons Phoenix Blade Red Ranger summons Phoenix Blade Red Ranger summons Phoenix Blade

LUKE (Red Ranger):
All right!  This is it, guys!  (presses button)  Phoenix Blade!

[ RED RANGER then shifts his left joystick forward. ]

Red Ranger summons Phoenix Blade

[ EXT. CITY (Jetman #10) - Beginning with a close-up on the tip of the PHOENIX BLADE, we follow a flaming wave of energy as it passes down the sword.  The MEGAZORD brandishes the now gleaming blue PHOENIX BLADE as flaming energy flares behind the entire MEGAZORD. ]

Phoenix Blade flares Phoenix Blade flares Phoenix Blade flares Phoenix Blade flares Phoenix Blade flares Phoenix Blade flares Phoenix Blade flares

This charging sequence was unique to Jetman #10 (perhaps it was pertinent to Ramenator's anger spell), but I've used it here for extra flair prior to Disastros' destruction.

[ Switch back to Jetman #6 - We see the MEGAZORD's feet as it leaps into the air.  The MEGAZORD then flies in front of its blue vortex. ]

Megazord leaps Phoenix Strike Phoenix Strike

[ We zoom down on an anxious DISASTROS from above. ]

anxious Disastros anxious Disastros

Hey, you're not serious...!

[ INT. MEGAZORD COCKPIT - The RANGERS speak in unison before looking to their controls. ]

Rangers in unison

RANGERS (in unison):
Phoenix Strike!

[ EXT. CITY - The MEGAZORD delivers its gleaming blue slash.  Slashed, DISASTROS twirls, gleaming with bluish-white beams of light, and falls.  On the ground, he gleams with yellow energy and explodes in a fireball which projects a halo of bluish-white energy across the surrounding area. ]

Phoenix Strike Phoenix Strike Disastros destroyed Disastros destroyed Disastros destroyed Disastros destroyed Disastros destroyed Disastros destroyed Disastros destroyed

[ Switch to Jetman #24 - The MEGAZORD's feet slowly float down.  The background music flattens to a calm but grim baseline. ]

Megazord lands Megazord lands

The landing shot native to Jetman #6 showed the name "Jet Swan" prominently on the Megazord's foot.  I substituted another shot here for that reason, and to lend a more restrained mood, as the feet now land together stiffly.

[ Switch to Jetman #7 - Beginning with a close-up of the MEGAZORD's face, the camera travels down its body, showing it holding the PHOENIX BLADE with a sense of finality. ]

Megazord victorious Megazord victorious Megazord victorious

The victory shot in Jetman #6 had a more triumphant feel than I wanted for this scene, so I switched it for a more somber one.

[ Dissolve to EXT. APARTMENT RUINS - We see a massive pile of rubble spread across a city block or more.  Certain areas of debris in the distance are on fire.  The rubble is littered with ruined furniture and personal belongings.  No background music is heard. ]

And there you have it.  The apartment is gone for good.

[ The five unmorphed HEROES stagger onto the scene in shock.  They wordlessly try to take in the sights around them. ]

[ After a moment, we slowly zoom out from the team, the camera slowly rising above them.  After a very long, slow zoom out, we ultimately see an aerial view surveying the sea of destruction below, the HEROES barely visible amidst the wreckage.  The shot holds a moment and then cuts to black. ]

[ Break. ]

[ INT. GYMNASIUM (SUNSET) - We pan across a school gymnasium which has been converted into a shelter.  Dozens of cots fill the room, some occupied by displaced tenants of all ages.  Aid workers tend to several tenants, speaking with some and delivering blankets or beverage cups to others.  Also along the edges of the room are several tables where additional aid workers sit or stand with various papers, boxes, and stacks of coupons of some sort.  If any windows are seen, the daylight outside is dwindling slightly. ]

[ Gentle instrumental music plays under the scene as we pan across the expansive makeshift shelter. Among the sights we see (though no audio specific to each subject is present) are STACY KEENE and a CAMERAMAN for Channel 6 packing up to leave, MAGGIE reading a storybook to a group of children, PETE and an aid worker emerging from side doors with cafeteria food loaded onto rolling carts, CHRIS and LUKE talking somberly near one wall, and CASEY tearfully hugging her parents.  MR. RASHAD, Casey's father, is a dark-haired, beige-skinned man in business attire.  MRS. REYNOLDS, her mother, is a somewhat petite brunette woman wearing slightly more casual business attire.  The couple wears matching wedding rings.  (Neither STEVE, LENORE, nor BARRY are present.) ]

After her parents got over their relief that Casey was okay, they presumably tried to convince her once again to leave Spring Valley (see episode 12), but they were apparently unsuccessful.

Casey's parents are married, but for some reason, Mrs. Reynolds (Mary) didn't take the last name of Mr. Rashad (Daniel), nor did their children.  I originally envisioned Daniel as a wealthy Coptic Christian who immigrated from Egypt; this later became relevant in episode 34.

Steve, Lenore, and Barry will next be seen living together in episode 19.  I imagined that the Pattersons had money left over from a college fund not spent and vacations not taken, and they therefore realized they could purchase a house at this point.

[ INT. POLICE STATION (SUNSET) - In the same police station previously seen in episode 6, the station somewhat empty, DETECTIVE MORALES sits at his desk reviewing a folder (labeled, "Parkview Apartments," if the label is visible) in his hands.  DETECTIVE LONG, a female detective (also wearing a wedding ring), stands propped against a chair nearby. ]

The file will be confiscated by Special Agent Turnquist in episode 25.

Detective Long appears only in this episode and episode 25.

DETECTIVE MORALES (without looking up):
They give any time frame for the cleanup?

Probably weeks.  They're hauling out the rubble as quickly as they can.

The rubble becomes a vehicle for two subsequent monsters, Bobo and Papyria (episodes 14 and 15).

[ DETECTIVE MORALES continues to review the file. ]

You wanna know the weird part?

Weirder than an apartment building growing legs and walking away?

I just talked with a guy from Parkview last week.  Barry West.  Told me about his camera turning into a monster.  Day before that, another monster was sighted nearby.

As noted above, the camera incident refers to Snapshot (episode 12).  Ramenator was the prior monster spotted near Parkview (episode 11).

That IS a little weird.  You think something was drawing attacks to the building?

Or someone.


Doubtful.  (flips a page)  But I have eighty-three homeless tenants to question.  We'll see what turns up.

[ A phone at the desk near DETECTIVE LONG has begun to ring.  She turns and answers it as we remain focused on DETECTIVE MORALES. ]

DETECTIVE LONG (in the background, barely audible):
This is Detective Long.

[ DETECTIVE MORALES, meanwhile, studies the current page in his file.  A moment passes.  He then reacts with intrigue toward something he finds on the page.  He produces a pen and circles an item in the middle of the page. ]

[ From the detective's point of view, we slowly zoom in on his current page, which contains a printed list of names and apartment numbers, including the following entries (other floors similarly use letters A through J): ]

5A    Steven Ray Patterson, Lenore Clarry Patterson
5B    Margaret Jing Lu
5C    Estelle Reynolds
5D    Wayne Christopher Jacobs, Peter Darren Williams Jr
5E    (vacant)
5F    Lucas Xavier Branson
5G    Barry Neil West
5H    (vacant)
5I    Julie Turner, Teresa Martinez Quiroga
5J    Wilbur Garfield Mason

I had not determined everyone's full names until I had to write this tenant list, with the exception of a few last names which had been established previously (Branson in episode 1, Lu and Jacobs in episode 10, and West in episode 12).

Maggie's Western name is Margaret, adopted when she moved to the United States.  Her birth name was Jing Lu, which happens to be the name of my cousin-in-law.

We also learn that neither Chris nor Casey goes by his or her given name; Chris goes by his middle name, and we're left to wonder where Casey got her nickname.  Estelle will be the informal name for Casey's evil duplicate in the script for episode 15.

[ Our zoom centers on the circled name in Detective Morales's list: "Lucas Xavier Branson."  Freezeframe. ]

Detective Morales has dealt with Luke in the case of the missing ruby (episodes 4 and 5) and the case of the stolen necklace (episode 6).  He now recognizes his name here.