Spoiler Warning: The commentary found here discusses events in this episode and beyond.  Read at your own risk!


Episode 14: "Yesterday's Trash"

This episode was completed on October 13, 2006, and released on June 7, 2008.  The title refers to Bobo's status as a forgotten relic from Maggie's past (as is Sean, in some ways).

Writer:  Joe Rovang

[ Sentai footage is from Jetman #21 unless otherwise noted. ]

In Jetman #21, Blue discards her childhood teddy bear, regarding it as juvenile.  As Semimaru (Infernis) continues maturing, Tran sends Maria's Jinnsect to the dump, where it creates a monster from Blue's bear.  The monster (Bobo) is rejected by people and abused by Maria (Sasha) until he recognizes Blue and begins tagging along with her.  She gets him a job at the dump, but his home is bulldozed by illegal dumpers, and Maria coaxes him into growing and attacking the city.  Blue joins the others in battling him but leaps out to save a young girl with a teddy bear of her own.  Remembering Blue once again, the monster reverts back to normal but is slain by Maria below.  Blue defeats Maria in combat and later erects a small monument in the dump.

I placed this episode here because I didn't believe Maggie would simply discard her cherished bear; rather, it made much more sense to connect this plot to the Parkview rubble from episode 13, such that the bear was taken to the landfill along with all the other debris.

[ Fade in to EXT. SPACE STATION - Establishment shot. ]

Picking up from the previous episode, this scene takes place on Tuesday, May 26, 1992.

[ INT. SPACE STATION COMMAND - TRASK leans against the wall console, polishing his sword with a rag, when SASHA saunters in.  Her STAR HANDLE is not in her hand. ]

Once again, the polishing was retconned in episode 38 as the application of Ancients' tears.  This will be the last time Trask is seen doing so.

SASHA (smugly):
I just made the Rangers destroy their own headquarters.  (to Trask, with a gleeful grin)  I trust you saw it...

TRASK (unenthusiastically):
Yes, well done, your majesty.

[ SASHA leans against the central console and crosses her arms with self-satisfaction. ]

TRASK (cont'd, done with his sword):
... Unfortunately, the Rangers still exist.

[ The smile drains from SASHA's face. ]

[ TRASK dispels his sword with a ripple effect and tosses the rag onto the wall console's keypad. ]

Was this the last of the Ancients' tears?  Perhaps, but also note that Trask later suspends his suspicion of her immortality in this episode.

TRASK (cont'd, more directly):
Our mission is to destroy the Rangers, is it not?  ... my queen.

[ SASHA eyes TRASK before replying. ]

Trask, my... LOYAL general...  Is it possible you're envious that I've succeeded where you've failed?

Sasha surely knows that Trask's allegiance to her is tenuous at best.

Define success as you will, my queen.

[ SASHA glares crossly at Trask (off-screen). ]

[ TRASK rises from his leaning position. ]

TRASK (cont'd):
I only hope your majesty doesn't become consumed by this vendetta against the Rangers.

SASHA (spitefully):
You're right, Trask.  Let's concentrate on YOUR vendetta instead...

Sasha learned of his grudge against humanity in episode 9; it will be detailed further in episode 17.

[ TRASK narrows his eyes silently. ]

TRASK (speaking precisely):
What you may not realize... your majesty... is that the more you continue to antagonize the Rangers, the more desperate and dangerous they will become.  And THAT, my queen, will make the Earth all the more difficult to conquer.

Trask's knowledge comes from experience: in episode 13, he lost to Luke in a space battle after taunting him with knowledge of Dr. Bering's existence.

[ SASHA glares at Trask (off-screen), her teeth clenched.  Moments later, she turns and storms out of the room, nearly knocking DILLIK aside as he innocently enters.  Bewildered, DILLIK watches her leave. ]

[ TRASK watches as well. ]

[ INT. GIRLS' MOTEL ROOM (NIGHT) - In a somewhat small motel room with two twin-sized beds, MAGGIE is lying under the covers reading a worn, second-hand novel.  Her hair is down, and she wears a loose-fitting gray T-shirt.  Various suitcases and travel bags, some new and some old, are scattered around the room.  Some of their contents can be seen, revealing folded piles of clothes, linens, assorted household items, and even some packaged and canned food.  Various receipts, paperwork, and voucher cards lie in piles on a small writing desk nearby.  A small pillow lies on a chair beside Maggie's bed.  On the night-stand between the two beds, a lamp is on, and the girls' two AVIMORPHERS lie mingled. ]

The Rangers have taken up temporary residence in a motel since Parkview's destruction in the previous episode.

This scene and the next take place on the evening of Thursday, May 28, 1992, two days since Parkview's destruction.

[ In the bathroom, CASEY stands brushing her teeth at the sink.  She is wearing pink pajama bottoms with a loose-fitting white T-shirt.  The sink, if seen, is cluttered with personal items, with essentials such as soap outnumbering beauty items. ]

[ Note that from this episode and onward, none of the Rangers should be seen wearing any civilian clothes they previously owned, though they may be similar in style and color. ]

Their wardrobes would have been destroyed along with Parkview (not counting the clothes they were wearing during the Disastros battle).

Boy, I'm still full!  That was so good.

MAGGIE (lowering her book):
I know.  That was really nice of Mr. Franco to donate all that food to the shelter.

[ CASEY crawls under her covers. ]

No kidding.  Everyone's been so nice.  I heard they're getting more donations than they know what to do with.

Though Spring Valley isn't a perfect city by any means, I felt it wouldn't be unreasonable for its citizens to respond to the Parkview disaster with an outpouring of support.

I'm just glad everyone has a place to stay for now.

I feared this bordered on an overly rosy outcome, but I wanted the Parkview incident to be primarily a transformative event for the Rangers rather than a source of lasting anguish.

Yeah...  Thanks for letting me room with you.  (rolls her eyes)  I never would've heard the end of it if I stayed with my parents.

I used this to explain why Casey would need to live in a motel with the others while her parents lived so close.  (Luke's reason may have been similar.)

[ MAGGIE modestly brushes off the remark, setting her book and glasses on the night-stand. ]

MAGGIE (with a smile):
Nah... I'm happy to have the company.  (more seriously)  I just wonder where we're going to live now.

I know...

I think Luke has a good point, about trying to find some place more private.

This discussion occurred between episodes.

Yeah, really.  We can't risk being so close to so many people again.

Yeah... and like Chris said...

CASEY / MAGGIE (in unison):
"No Hoverbirds!"

The Rangers discovered the danger of using the Hoverbirds in episode 6, but by that point Trask and Dillik had already learned the location of their home (episode 2).

[ CASEY smiles softly. ]

I told you my brother Todd's in real estate, right?

Todd appears next episode.

[ MAGGIE nods. ]

CASEY (cont'd):
I told him kind of what we were looking for, but I don't think he's found much.

Incorrect assumption on Casey's part: as revealed next episode, many houses are on the market in the wake of alien attacks on the city.

Well, I'm going to keep looking tomorrow too...  I'll make some calls after I get back from the DMV.

Maggie's visit to the DMV was merely an excuse to get her out of the motel to encounter Sean, but presumably she lost her driver's license in Parkview's destruction.

[ CASEY begins to get more comfortable under her sheets. ]

Good idea.

[ MAGGIE reaches over to the chair beside her bed and retrieves the small pillow lying on it.  She then curls up on her side, facing in the direction of CASEY's bed, with the small pillow cradled under her arm as a child might cuddle a stuffed animal.  She finally reaches up with her free hand to turn off the lamp. ]

Maggie's affinity for stuffed animals was hinted at in episodes 4 and 10.

MAGGIE (cont'd):
Good night!

[ Noticing Maggie's behavior (off-screen), CASEY tilts her head slightly with restrained curiosity.  Her brow furrows slightly. ]

CASEY (distractedly):
... 'Night.

[ CASEY's curiosity is cut short as the lamp switches off, casting the room in darkness. ]

[ Dissolve to EXT. LANDFILL ENTRANCE (NIGHT) - We pan down across a sign reading, "Spring Valley Landfill" outside a fenced area of land.  The sign is lit by a street lamp nearby. ]

[ Dissolve to EXT. LANDFILL (NIGHT) - In the dimly lit landfill, large piles of junk and debris fill the area.  A dormant bulldozer can be seen parked nearby. ]

The bulldozer has been used to help with the cleanup of the Parkview debris (previous episode).  It was also intended to be reminiscent of the sentai, in which the bear monster's home in the landfill was bulldozed.

[ SASHA appears with a white flash of light, her STAR HANDLE in hand.  She strolls through the junk curiously, absently kicking an item or two as she walks. ]

SASHA (to herself):
So, Rangers, here lie the broken pieces of your lives.  (chuckles wickedly)  What a perfect place to find a monster candidate.

[ As she walks, SASHA comes upon an object partially buried in junk (a rusty red wagon immediately nearby).  In close-up, we see a tag sticking out of the object; consisting of washing instructions for a stuffed animal, the tag bears a childishly-written "Maggie" in somewhat faded permanent marker. ]

The wagon seen here will be used by Bobo later.

Maggie was using her Western name at an early age, indicating her parents probably immigrated from China while she was quite young.

[ SASHA's STAR HANDLE extends its fencing rod with a white gleam, and she then uses the rod to dislodge the item.  As it turns over, we see it to be a teddy bear (see episode 4).  The bear is dingy and missing its left ear, its right eye also dangling out by a thread. ]

As noted above, Bobo was seen previously in episode 4.

[ SASHA gazes down at the teddy bear with intrigue. ]

Sasha presumably knows Maggie's name, but episode 15 suggests she has some sort of heightened sense able to determine objects' former owners.

Sasha will use Jinnsect #16 of 46 to create Bobo.

[ Dissolve to EXT. CITY STREET (MORNING) - Initially looking at the morning sky, we tilt down to see a moderately busy city street, down which MAGGIE is walking with several papers in hand.  She is wearing second-hand clothing in her approximate size and style, but their color consists of neutral earth tones rather than her usual blue.  Her demeanor is upbeat. ]

I figured she'd have to make do with whatever color clothes she could get ahold of, at least initially.

The rest of this episode (except the final scene) takes place on Friday, May 29, 1992, three days since Parkview's destruction.

At this point on a Friday morning, Pete is working his morning shift, Chris is about to open the bike shop (below), and Luke will soon begin his shift at the museum (also below).  Casey will work in the afternoon; Maggie has not yet begun summer semester.

[ EXT. DMV (MORNING) - We then see MAGGIE approach the glass doors of a DMV, the doors plastered with various notifications and prohibitions, including office hours, a "no smoking" sign, "no food or drink," "no bicycles inside," "no firearms allowed," and "no pets."  After glancing at the barrage of signs, she nonetheless opens the door and enters merrily. ]

Maggie doesn't appear to be bothered greatly by external upheavals (to be contrasted with her dour musings on the future from episodes 25 through 31).  There was still no Ranger swap-out planned at this point.

[ EXT. BIKE SHOP (MORNING) - Initially, we follow a bicycle tire in close-up as it rolls down the sidewalk. ]

[ We then see CHRIS from the front, walking a black bicycle, a black helmet hung on the handlebars.  Along the side of the shot is a storefront (compare with episode 8). ]

[ Soon, CHRIS turns and disappears into a side alley behind the storefront. ]

[ Moments later, CHRIS returns without his bike and helmet.  He walks in the direction of the camera, his head down slightly.  As he draws closer to the camera, he notices someone ahead of him, nearly halting in his tracks. ]

[ From Chris's perspective, we see AARON (see previous episode) sitting in front of the bike shop, the security gate of which is down.  Seeing Chris (off-screen), AARON stands with a humble demeanor. ]

[ We flash to INT. BIKE SHOP (from the previous episode), replaying the encounter between CHRIS and AARON: ]

[ As CHRIS and AARON listen to the air, PETE's voice suddenly crackles from CHRIS's MORPHER. ]

PETE (from Morpher):
Red Ranger!  Pink Ranger!  Where are you?

[ CHRIS slaps his hand over his MORPHER and reels backward as AARON watches him with wide eyes. ]

(chuckles awkwardly)  ... Radio watch.  It... picks up all sorts of interference.  Would you excuse me please?  We're closing early today.

[ AARON is stunned as CHRIS opens the front door. ]

Are... Are you the Red Ranger?

LUKE (from Morpher):
We're sealed in!  We're trying to find another way out.

CHRIS (shooing Aaron out the door):
No.  (nodding toward his recently noisy Morpher)  See?  Off you go.

[ CHRIS latches the door behind AARON and darts out of frame. ]

[ EXT. BIKE SHOP - Resigned, CHRIS continues, digging his keys out of his pocket.  We follow him into AARON's location as he begins unlocking the security gate.  AARON stands aside politely. ]

Look, Aaron, I don't know what you think you heard the other day...

I wanted to give the impression that yet another person had learned one of the Rangers' identities, and yet I didn't actually want him to learn it.

AARON (bashfully):
I--  I don't wanna be a pain or anything, but...

[ CHRIS raises the security gate and turns to AARON, waiting for him to finish. ]

AARON (cont'd, blurting out):
... You've gotta tell me where I can get a radio watch like that!

[ CHRIS glances at his AVIMORPHER and glares impassively at AARON. ]

Aaron won't appear further; apparently Chris's (unseen) response satisfied him.

[ INT. MUSEUM EXHIBIT ROOM - We pan across an exhibit room featuring the wildlife of California.  In the center, we see LUKE speaking to a group of children, roughly second-graders, accompanied by two chaperones.  LUKE is dressed in uniform and speaks to the children energetically but non-patronizingly. ]

I assumed Luke would be good with children.

So how many of you are going out of state with your families over the summer?

School is almost over for the year, and summer break will soon begin.

[ A few children raise their hands. ]

Yeah?  How about out of the COUNTRY?

[ Most lower their hands, some noncommittally.  One hand absently remains up.  Another goes up for good measure. ]


Wow... all right.  I'll bet you'll see lots of new things.  Maybe some animals you've never seen before.  But you know what?  There are a lot of really neat plants and animals right here in the state.

Luke is serving as tour guide for an exhibit on plants and animals native to California.

[ LUKE is suddenly distracted by something in the back of the room. ]

[ We see LISA standing in wait by the rear entrance.  Having been biting her lip, she flashes a bashful smile to Luke (off-screen). ]

Lisa and Luke last spoke in episode 10, at which point Luke seemed to grow distant toward her after she'd learned his identity.

[ LUKE smiles softly in return before returning his attention to the children. ]

LUKE (cont'd, his voice fading as we dissolve):
Has anybody heard of a "blue chub?"  ... No?  What do you think it sounds like?

The blue chub (Gila coerulea) is a fish native to northern California and southern Oregon.  I liked the name.

[ Dissolve to INT. MUSEUM LOBBY - As LISA waits alone, LUKE approaches.  She turns, relieved to see him, but they do not embrace. ]

Oh, Luke...

LUKE (mildly surprised):
Lisa, hey...  It's good to see you.  How are you?

[ LISA brushes a strand of hair behind her ear. ]

I'm okay.

LUKE (interested):
Yeah?  Is the card shop still working out for you?

Lisa told Luke of her employment at a greeting card shop in episode 9.

LISA (distractedly):
... Yeah.  Luke, there's... (makes sure no one is in earshot)  That detective was asking me questions about you.

Detective... (thinks) ... Morales?

Detective Morales is investigating Luke after finding his name on Parkview's tenant list (episode 13).  He previously questioned both Lisa and Luke about a stolen necklace (episode 6), and before that, he questioned Luke and Pete about the missing ruby (episodes 4 and 5).

[ LISA nods worriedly. ]

I think he might know something.  I didn't tell him anything though.

[ LUKE ponders silently. ]

LISA (cont'd, plaintively):
Are you guys okay?  I heard about that apartment building that came to life.  (looks down)  ... It's scary.

Lisa isn't aware Luke lived at that apartment building.  He neglects to tell her here.

LUKE (calmly, with a nod):
We're okay.

[ Both LUKE and LISA seem to have more they want to say to each other, but they are unable.  Finally, LISA awkwardly speaks, gesturing toward the exit. ]

I -- I wasn't going to bother you at work, but your phone didn't --

Unbeknownst to her, his phone was disconnected due to the Parkview incident.  Luke doesn't seem to feel any compulsion to clarify the situation.

No!  It's okay!  I'm glad to see you.

[ LISA smiles self-consciously. ]

LUKE (cont'd, awkwardly):
... But, um... things are kinda crazy right now...

LISA (feigning indifference):
No, yeah, that's... (nods, trailing off as she turns)

[ LUKE starts after her but doesn't know what to say. ]

I --  (disappointed)  Lisa...

Lisa again feels a sense of rejection (see episode 10), perhaps fittingly, given that Luke doesn't seem willing to pursue her.

[ LISA puts on a smile, turning back before leaving. ]

No, it's okay.

[ LUKE watches helplessly as she leaves.  After a moment, he reluctantly returns to work. ]

[ INT. CAFE - PETE and CASEY sit at their normal booth (see episode 9) as a SERVER takes their plates away. ]

PETE (to server):

So what do you think we should do for Maggie's birthday?  I still need to get her a present.

Pete alluded to Maggie's birthday in episode 11.

I know - me too.  I WAS gonna buy her one of those cool bonsai trees...

This was the present he mentioned he'd already picked out in episode 11.

Oh, the little Japanese trees?

Actually, they started in China...

This is the first and only dialog-based indication that Maggie might be from China.

Oh, really?

Yeah, see, I didn't know that either until they told me at the nursery.  Anyway, I don't know where she'd put it now... and they're kind of expensive, too.  I mean, the nice ones anyway.

The team is in a bit of a money crunch given the recent catastrophe.


Like, what's something she needs?  ... Aside from everything.

(thinks)  Um, well... I don't know if I should mention it, but...


Well, last night I noticed she was kinda... cuddled up with a pillow... like she was missing something.

A boyfriend...?

Pete's joke doesn't require that Maggie and Sean lived together, but it does leave us to wonder.

[ CASEY smacks PETE's arm lightly before continuing to think. ]

No, like a... stuffed animal or something.

Didn't she used to have a teddy bear?  Like, on her bed...?  (shrugs)  I dunno.

Pete apparently spent little time in Maggie's bedroom, as one might expect; he did, however, see the bear on at least one occasion.

CASEY (with dawning familiarity):
... No, I think you're right.  (ponders)  Hmmm...

Apparently Casey also visited her bedroom at least once.

[ EXT. CITY STREET - MAGGIE walks down the sidewalk, still in seemingly high spirits.  She passes by a "Juice" vending machine (compare to episode 7), causing her to stop suspiciously as she notices it.  She studies the machine, pressing a button cautiously, but nothing happens.  Just as her suspicions are subsiding and she seems ready to leave, she is startled by a gentle male voice behind her. ]

I was eager for the "Juice" brand to reappear, as the brand had to be legitimate for Dillik to have turned one of their machines into a monster (Canhandler).  Using it here had the added advantage of introducing Sean in a relevant way (he's heard of her misfortune and now wants to help, starting with a drink on him).

SEAN (off-screen):
Hey, Mags.

[ MAGGIE twirls to find SEAN (see episode 10) behind her in casual clothes. ]

Sean was first seen in Maggie's dream in episode 10 (in which he apologized for unspecified wrongdoing which no doubt ended their relationship); prior to that, he was a topic of conversation between Maggie and Casey in episode 4.

[ MAGGIE stammers, growing flush. ]

... S-- Sean...

[ SEAN speaks in a gentle, concerned tone. ]

SEAN (nodding toward the machine):
Can I buy you something?

[ MAGGIE looks over her shoulder and replies, flustered: ]

What?  ... N-- no... I'm okay.

SEAN (sympathetically):
I heard you lived in that apartment that the Power Rangers destroyed...

Maggie apparently moved after their breakup, perhaps further basis for speculation that they might have lived together.

[ MAGGIE fidgets awkwardly. ]

Um, yeah...

I enjoyed having characters unwittingly insult the heroes with off-handed remarks about the Power Rangers.  Here, the emphasis on the Rangers' destruction of the building surely rubs Maggie the wrong way.

I'm really sorry to hear it.  Are you okay?

[ MAGGIE nods with restraint. ]

Yeah, I'm... staying with friends...

Is there anything I can do?

[ MAGGIE shakes her head and feigns normalcy. ]

Nope.  We're good.  Got lots of donations and everything - just... looking for a new place...

[ SEAN nods silently.  After a moment, he speaks: ]

Maggie, I'm really sorry about how things ended.  I... (guiltily) ... totally didn't handle things right.

Once again, we don't know the exact nature of Sean's transgression, but infidelity fits with the clues given.

[ MAGGIE bristles, apparently fighting back emotion of some kind.  She then speaks resolutely, her words nearly cut short by the chime of her AVIMORPHER. ]

I'm glad you realize that.  (chime)

Maggie is reluctant to yield to Sean's kindness.

[ MAGGIE glances at her blinking MORPHER.  She then speaks to SEAN, seemingly drained of spirit. ]

MAGGIE (cont'd):
I'm sorry, I have to go.

[ As MAGGIE departs in the direction of her original destination, SEAN calls out after her. ]


[ EXT. CITY STREET (ELSEWHERE) - At a street corner, MAGGIE stops long enough to check her AVIMORPHER, pressing its upper left button.  Her mouth drops and her brow creases as she views the resulting image within (not shown). ]

What in the world...?

Her Hoverbird has shown her Bobo (below).

[ MAGGIE departs quickly in a different direction. ]

[ EXT. EMPTY LOT - At a low level, the camera follows along behind a rusty, red wagon (as previously seen in the landfill) being pulled by something or someone small (not yet seen clearly).  The wagon is full of salvaged trash items, including an old TV (compare with sentai); boxes of various sizes; a blue plastic sack of unknown contents; a tall, twined bundle of old newspapers; a fluorescent tube; a VHS tape; a large, grayish jug with a handle; and a yellow baseball bat with a black grip.  (The items are stacked in such a way that they do not fall off the wagon as it's dragged.)  The wagon appears to be approaching a large, open area (the empty lot), also not seen clearly from this angle. ]

All of the items described in Bobo's wagon will be components in his sentai monster form.  He has brought them as gifts for Maggie.

[ We see a close-up of the feet of the individual pulling the wagon along the sidewalk: it is the TEDDY BEAR from the landfill, now apparently alive. ]

I would be interested to see Bobo depicted on-screen; though CGI might be the obvious temptation, I also considered that he might be represented by a shrunken-down, green-screened person in a bear suit.

[ From within a deep hole torn out of the ground, we see the TEDDY BEAR approach the edge (cordoned off with yellow "caution" tape) and peer down into the hole.  It speaks with a young, boyish voice. ]

Bobo has followed his memory to the former location of Parkview, which was once his home.

Oh no...  It really is gone.

As Jinnsect monsters retain the memories of their host objects, Bobo remembers Parkview's destruction, but he apparently discounted it as a nightmare.

[ From over the TEDDY BEAR's shoulder, we look out upon the large, empty lot now occupied by a massive crater where an apartment building used to lie, several severed pipes jutting out of the earth in places.  The edge of the crater is marked off with orange cones and the aforementioned yellow tape. ]

TEDDY BEAR (cont'd, troubled):
Why-- why would somebody do this?

Poor Bobo...

[ From a different direction, MAGGIE runs up and stops in her tracks as she sees the TEDDY BEAR.  After a stunned pause, she speaks: ]

... Bobo...?

In both Mandarin and Cantonese, Bobo is an affectionate name meaning "baby"; it may be used for people, pets, or dolls.

[ The TEDDY BEAR turns and then shrieks with delight. ]


[ The TEDDY BEAR runs with its stubby legs, arms outstretched, and jumps up to MAGGIE, who is taken aback as the bear hugs her upper body dearly.  MAGGIE uncomfortably gives the bear a reluctant embrace in return.  After a moment, she places the TEDDY BEAR down on the ground, and it excitedly trots back to its wagon of junk, cheerily waving for her to follow. ]

Maggie isn't quite sure what to make of her childhood friend brought to life.

Look!  I brought you some stuff!

[ As MAGGIE slowly follows, the TEDDY BEAR rummages through its items. ]

TEDDY BEAR (eagerly):
I found a TV... some old books... I think there's some milk in here somewhere...

Milk.  That makes me laugh when I read it.  To my recollection, there were no containers of milk in Bobo's sentai body.

Bobo, what happened to you?

[ The TEDDY BEAR stops and peers up from its rummaging, its loose eye dangling slightly. ]


That image also makes me laugh, though it could also be a little disturbing.

MAGGIE (with pity and slight revulsion):
They infected you with one of those alien bugs, didn't they?

Eww, gross!  What bugs?

I wanted to demonstrate that the monster's memory and personality came strictly from the host object, and that his identity wasn't associated with the Jinnsect at all.

[ MAGGIE sighs in dismay. ]

SEAN (off-screen):

[ Hearing the voice, the TEDDY BEAR timidly hides behind the wagon. ]

[ MAGGIE turns as SEAN arrives, slightly out of breath. ]

... Maggie.

[ MAGGIE glances over her shoulder at the wagon before confronting SEAN with steely resolve. ]

What do you want, Sean?

Look, Maggie, I don't want things to end like this.  I feel terrible about what I did.

[ MAGGIE shifts uncomfortably, her arms crossed. ]

SEAN (cont'd):
But I've really grown up a lot since then, and I can't stop thinking about how much I screwed up.  (pauses)  I really care about you, Mags.  I miss you a lot.

We're left to wonder exactly how much Sean has actually "grown up," but it may be noted their breakup occurred roughly one year ago.

[ Though on the verge of tears, MAGGIE shakes her head and replies with a fiery antagonism: ]

I took a year out of my life for you, and you threw it away.  (turns)  That's all you get.

Maggie is a year behind in her studies due to her year-long hiatus during a whirlwind romance with Sean.

[ With MAGGIE's back to him, SEAN sighs in defeat.  He then says softly: ]

I'm so sorry.

[ MAGGIE closes her eyes, causing tears to run down her cheeks. ]

[ SEAN slowly turns. ]

Goodbye, Mags.

[ As Sean's footsteps (off-screen) recede into the distance, MAGGIE opens her eyes, takes a deep breath, and dabs her eyes and cheeks with the back of her hand, sniffling once.  After regaining her composure, she looks down at the wagon. ]


[ Receiving no response, MAGGIE peers around the side of the wagon but sees nothing. ]

MAGGIE (peering):

[ MAGGIE looks all around and finally spots something in the direction in which Sean left (off-screen). ]

[ From Maggie's point of view, we see SEAN walking away in the distance, his hands in his pockets.  At the far corner of the sunken lot, a short distance behind SEAN, the TEDDY BEAR is creeping up from the crater's edge.  It proceeds to stalk SEAN from behind. ]

Bobo bears malice toward Sean for hurting Maggie's feelings; in addition to the encounter he just witnessed, he presumably he remembers Sean from days gone by.  Perhaps Maggie took solace in Bobo's comfort immediately after their breakup.

[ Desperate to intervene, MAGGIE cries out: ]


[ As SEAN stops in his tracks, removing his hands from his pockets, the TEDDY BEAR freezes as well.  It then dives back into the crater just as SEAN turns curiously, not having noticed the bear. ]

[ MAGGIE grunts in frustration and trots forward. ]

Maggie was stubborn (and probably rightly so) toward Sean's efforts to reconcile; I enjoyed having circumstance coax her into giving him another chance.

[ SEAN advances tentatively as MAGGIE approaches.  She glances over the crater's edge, trying to explain herself.  SEAN's eyes are glued to her in anticipation. ]

There was a --

[ MAGGIE gives up and sighs, addressing SEAN instead with a slight roll of her eyes. ]

MAGGIE (cont'd):
All right, look... I'm... (gestures with her hands) ... touched that you... feel the way you do.  I'm just --  Just give me some time, okay?  (peers over the edge again)

We're left to wonder how much of her willingness to reconcile is genuine and how much merely serves to cover for Bobo.

[ SEAN nods solemnly. ]


[ SEAN smiles softly and departs. ]

[ Alone again, MAGGIE kneels beside the ledge and leans her head under the yellow tape.  Seeing nothing, she looks around and spots the TEDDY BEAR climbing out of the crater on a different side of the lot.  He scampers away and disappears behind a nearby building in an adjacent lot. ]

[ MAGGIE rises with determination and presses the two left buttons on her MORPHER.  She glances up as her HOVERBIRD whizzes over her head in the teddy bear's direction. ]

Maggie's use of the Hoverbird will lead Sasha to Bobo's location.

[ EXT. SPACE STATION - Establishment shot. ]

[ INT. SPACE STATION COMMAND - Both TRASK and DILLIK watch the central console's monitor. ]

Dillik, this is a perfect time to attack.  Why don't you have a battalion of Nobodies ready?

Because you didn't ask for any...?

Due to the limited lifespans of the Nobodies, they aren't always at the ready.

[ TRASK narrows his eyes and resumes looking at the monitor. ]

Hmm.  A pity.  This harebrained scheme of Sasha's will never work without our help.

D-- Do you want me to make some?

Don't bother.  We don't want her thinking we'll bail her out every time she goes off on her own, do we?

Um, I guess not.

Admittedly, this scene accomplishes little, but I wanted to show that Trask felt no compulsion to help Sasha battle the Rangers.

[ EXT. PARK - SEAN sits beside a fountain in the park, absently staring at the sky. ]

Sean does seem truly repentant for his prior misdeeds.

[ Suddenly, the TEDDY BEAR latches onto SEAN's back from behind.  Startled, SEAN leaps to his feet and struggles to pry off the creature, but he can't seem to reach it. ]

This reminded me of the teddy bear villain in my old comic book Apathy Rangers.  That villain, Squishy the Bear, was designed by co-writer Brantley Smith.

[ Finally, SEAN manages to grab the TEDDY BEAR's arm and flings it over his shoulder. ]

[ Rolling across the grass, the TEDDY BEAR rises and brushes itself off. ]

[ SEAN stares in disbelief, somewhat out of breath. ]

W-- What the heck...?

You made Maggie sad!

[ Trying to catch his breath and keep his eyes on the bear between efforts to examine his shoulder, SEAN replies: ]

What...?  (with dawning realization)  ... Y-- You're Maggie's teddy bear!

Sean has been around Bobo prior to his animated state.

[ The TEDDY BEAR slowly advances in a predatory manner. ]

You're never gonna make her sad again.

[ Suddenly, sparks erupt from the ground around the TEDDY BEAR, causing it to recoil backward with a shriek. ]

[ BLUE RANGER lands in front of SEAN and holsters her SKY BLASTER. ]

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):
Leave him alone!  (to Sean)  Get out of here!

Somehow, Sean is apparently unable to recognize Maggie's voice.

[ SEAN nods and flees the area. ]

[ Recovering its footing, the TEDDY BEAR, extends a paw, heartbroken. ]

No...!  He's getting away!

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):
That's right, and you're not gonna touch him!

But I'm your friend, Maggie!  I want to help you.

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):
You're not my friend.  You're a monster who thinks he's my friend.

Maggie doesn't regard Bobo as her dear teddy bear brought to life, but rather a corrupted representation of him.  This is not a wholly accurate interpretation, however.

[ Agonized, the TEDDY BEAR recoils, covering its ears (though one is missing) with its paws. ]

No!  That's not true!

[ Staggering back, the TEDDY BEAR vanishes with a shimmer of multicolored light. ]

[ BLUE RANGER starts forward but slouches in resignation.  She sighs.  Just then, the PINK and YELLOW RANGERS land beside her. ]

Casey's shift hasn't started, Pete is currently on his midday break.

CASEY (Pink Ranger):

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
Was I seeing things, or was there a fat, hairy baby attacking someone here?

[ BLUE RANGER turns to leave, her spirits low. ]

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):
No...  It was my old teddy bear, Bobo.

PETE (Yellow Ranger, to himself):
Wow, that's weird.

CASEY (Pink Ranger, to Blue):
Was that guy who I think it was?

Casey is familiar with Sean (see notes in episode 4).

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger, passing out of frame):

[ EXT. EMPTY LOT - The TEDDY BEAR appears from a multicolored shimmer near the previous crater.  Approaching its wagon (off-screen), it looks up and stops in its tracks. ]

[ Sitting atop the wagon's pile of junk with her legs crossed, STAR HANDLE in hand, is SASHA. ]

Of course, I don't know how exactly she could sit up there without knocking everything over.  Bobo must have some excellent stacking skills.

Things not going your way, little man?

[ Pouting, the TEDDY BEAR tugs on the wagon's handle. ]

Leave me alone.

[ SASHA lands beside the bear, allowing it to pull more freely. ]

[ EXT. ALLEY - In an alley, we follow the TEDDY BEAR and its wagon.  Soon, SASHA strolls up alongside the TEDDY BEAR. ]

My name's Sasha.  What's yours?

[ Still pouting, the TEDDY BEAR briefly glances up at SASHA.  It then answers as it continues walking: ]

... Bobo.

Bobo, huh?  What's got you so upset, Bobo?

My best friend told me I was a monster.

Well, that's not very nice.  She doesn't sound like much of a friend to me.

[ The TEDDY BEAR stops and turns to SASHA with its hands on its hips. ]

Don't say that!  (dourly)  Maybe I am a monster.

So what if you are?  Maybe I'm a monster.

[ The TEDDY BEAR cocks its head at her amusedly. ]

(giggles)  You are not.  Silly.

Episode 22 will prove otherwise (suggested in episode 19).

Well, I'll tell you what, Bobo.  I'll be your friend whether you're a monster or not.


[ SASHA smiles. ]


[ SASHA continues strolling.  The TEDDY BEAR follows along, continuing to drag its wagon. ]

SASHA (cont'd, absently):
Now, unfortunately, there are some people who want to destroy people like us.

W-- Why?

[ SASHA stops again, turning to the TEDDY BEAR. ]

Because we're different from them.  And we're stronger.

Sasha similarly posed as the Rangers' allies against Trask and Dillik in episode 9.

[ The TEDDY BEAR seems to swallow. ]

(gulp)  ... Really?

That's right.  Pretty soon they'll come after you, because they don't want you to become the big, strong bear you'll grow up to be.

LUKE (distantly, off-screen):
This way!

[ SASHA straightens, looking ahead smugly. ]

In fact, I think I hear them now.

[ The TEDDY BEAR looks urgently down the alley. ]

[ At the end of the alley, the RED and BLACK RANGERS arrive and confront the villains (off-screen). ]

In retrospect, this was unfair for me to categorize Bobo as a villain like Sasha ("villains").

Luke and Chris have arrived later, as both came from work.

LUKE (Red Ranger):

[ SASHA brandishes her STAR HANDLE in a defensive stance in front of the TEDDY BEAR. ]

They're coming, Bobo!  We need to be strong!

[ The TEDDY BEAR nods up at SASHA with determination and dives into its wagon-borne junk pile, disappearing inside.  The pile (though not the wagon) begins to shimmer with multicolored light. ]

[ RED and BLACK look on. ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
What's he doing?

[ From the perspective of the junk pile (off-screen), we see SASHA look over her shoulder as the light shimmers behind her.  She grins and looks on as an unseen presence appears to rise (off-screen) to at least head height. ]

Clearly, I had no US Bobo costume, so I had to cheat here.

Bobo merges with surrounding materials to metamorphose into his monster form.  This arguably happened with Traffico (episode 5), Reverbit (episode 16), Arcanum (episode 19), and possibly Facetia (episode 4) as well.

[ RED and BLACK watch somewhat apprehensively. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
Ohh, that's not pretty.

[ EXT. ALLEY (LATER) - At the entrance to the same alley, the BLUE, PINK, and YELLOW RANGERS arrive in a hurry.  They spot someone further down the alley. ]

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):

CASEY (Pink Ranger):

[ We see BLACK and RED lying barely conscious in a pile of trashcans and bags.  The others rush over to help them. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger):

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):
Are you okay?

[ BLACK RANGER groans and clutches his head.  RED RANGER also stirs. ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
(groans)  Did we just get beaten up by a giant teddy bear?

LUKE (Red Ranger):
I think the princess got in a few blows too.

[ BLUE speaks as the RANGERS help RED and BLACK to their feet. ]

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):
Bobo did this to you?

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
"Bobo?"  Is that what we're calling him?

Chris didn't know Maggie much at all before they became Rangers, and so he has no experience with Bobo's original form.

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):
Come on, we've got to find them before they do any more damage.

[ The RANGERS depart. ]

[ EXT. HARBOR (sentai) - We see seagulls or some other kind of birds flying overhead, their sounds heard in the distance. ]

In the sentai, Bobo's makeshift home in the dump had been bulldozed by people he'd previously chased away for illegal dumping.


[ Out in the harbor, a ship passes by. ]


[ On a path overlooking the harbor, BOBO, a man-sized conglomeration of a teddy bear monster and rubbish from the teddy bear's previous wagon, stumbles into frame and collapses in despair.  He tries to rise but slaps his hands wretchedly on the concrete.  His voice is essentially the same as the teddy bear's but slightly deeper. ]

Prior to this point in the sentai, Bobo (always in monster form) had been in a number of scenes I might have liked to use, but each featured Japanese actors, including Blue's civilian form and numerous hostile citizens.

wretched Bobo wretched Bobo

Ohh, what have I done?  (collapses)  I'm not supposed to hurt people!

To my knowledge, Bobo didn't feel any particular remorse until his tears in the giant battle downtown (below).

[ BOBO repeatedly pounds his fist against the ground.  After speaking, he suddenly looks behind him. ]

Bobo upset Bobo upset Bobo looks

BOBO (upset):
It's not supposed to be like this!  I wanna go back to how things were!  (looks back)  Who's there?

[ US footage - SASHA saunters up, tapping her STAR HANDLE against her palm. ]

That was some nice work back there.  But they'll be back.  We need to finish them off for good.

[ BOBO looks up (footage reversed from sentai). ]

Bobo looks up

But Maggie --

[ US footage - SASHA retorts: ]

Do you think she'll have any mercy on you?  Look at you!  You're an abomination to her.

Glossing over the fact that this was her idea.

[ We zoom in on BOBO as he looks down in thought. ]

Bobo looks down Bobo looks down

In the sentai, Bobo was remembering people throwing things at him for looking different earlier in the episode.

[ We flash back to EXT. PARK, where the previous encounter with BLUE RANGER repeats: ]

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):
You're not my friend.  You're a monster who thinks he's my friend.

[ Dissolve to INT. MAGGIE'S BEDROOM - In Maggie's previous bedroom (see episode 4), we slowly zoom in on the TEDDY BEAR, which sits atop the bedspread in its original condition. ]

I considered that this shot might be difficult to film if all of the apartment sets had already been taken down in the wake of Parkview's destruction, but surely the bedroom (or one wall of it) could be rebuilt if that were the case.

BOBO (voice-over):
We used to be best friends...

[ The bedroom descends into darkness, leaving only the TEDDY BEAR visible.  It comes to life, standing in a somber pose before looking down at its paws. ]

BOBO (voice-over):
But you threw that away.  Why?  It's because I'm different now.  Maybe I am just a monster.

Previously in the episode, Maggie had charged Sean with throwing away the effort she'd put into their relationship.

[ EXT. HARBOR (US footage) - SASHA eyes Bobo (off-screen) below with sinister intent. ]

We can make them pay.  If they want to treat us like monsters, let's show them what we can do.

[ Sentai - In close-up, we see BOBO clenching his trembling fist.  We zoom out as he shakes both fists, a frustrated growl rumbling from within him. ]

Bobo shakes his fists Bobo shakes his fists Bobo shakes his fists

[ SASHA grins wickedly. ]

[ Sentai - BOBO slowly stands and turns to face SASHA.  In the foreground, leaves flutter in the breeze. ]

Bobo rises Bobo rises Bobo faces Sasha

No.  I won't do it.

In the sentai, Bobo merely turned to Maria (Sasha) and allowed her to enlarge him.  I wanted Bobo to be more sympathetic.

[ SASHA reacts incredulously. ]

You what...?

[ We see leaves and branches blowing in the breeze as BOBO's voice is heard. ]

Odd focus for this shot, but it's covering up the fact that I have no Bobo costume to use in US footage.

BOBO (voice-over):
Maggie thinks I'm a monster.  She's probably right.  But if I hurt any more people, then there's no chance that she's wrong.

[ SASHA sneers and points her STAR HANDLE forward with a vengeful thrust. ]

Oh, you'll be surprised what you're capable of!  (points)

[ Switch to sentai - A bluish bolt of electricity shoots out of SASHA's STAR HANDLE and envelops BOBO, forming a cocoon of white light around him (partial US addition, insectoid energy obscured).  SASHA watches as the mass of energy flies upward. ]

As this episode featured a violation of the irreversibility of Jinnsect monsters' transformations (growth, in this case), I needed Bobo's growth to be a scenario unique to this episode.  Therefore, I replaced the insectoid effects here to suggest his growth (not to mention his demonic appearance) was a function of Sasha's magic.  This magic might be an explanation for the creation of Disastros from the apartment building (episode 13).

Sasha enlarges Bobo (US effects not shown) Sasha enlarges Bobo (US effects not shown) Sasha enlarges Bobo (US effects not shown)

[ EXT. CITY (sentai) - The mass of light (partial US addition, insectoid energy obscured) rises and gives way to a transformed version of BOBO: his body remains the same, while his face (though not yet seen clearly) is twisted and sinister, his ears pointy, and a small horn atop his head. ]

Bobo grows (US effects not shown) giant Bobo

[ In close-up, we see BOBO's eye flash with a red gleam. ]

evil eye evil eye

In the sentai, Bobo's eye gleam was the exercise of his power to age things to a ruined state (including people to skeletons); this contrasted with his prior non-giant form, in which he could restore things from ruin to a state of newness.  I used neither power in Take Flight.

[ As if coming to life, giant BOBO roars with a deep, monstrous voice and flexes his arms.  He then bends down and reaches menacingly toward the camera below. ]

giant Bobo looms giant Bobo looms

[ EXT. HARBOR (US footage) - Looking up as a giant shadow looms overhead, SASHA yelps in outrage and scrambles back a step before vanishing with a burst of light from her STAR HANDLE. ]

In the sentai, Bobo's menacing reach seemed to serve no purpose (though he did later antagonize Blue).  Here, I made him menace Sasha.

[ EXT. CITY (sentai) - The five SKY FLYERS fly between rows of buildings downtown.  We then see them reflected in a building's windows.  Finally, the FLYERS fly over the camera. ]

Sky Flyers Sky Flyers Sky Flyers

[ INT. HAWK COCKPIT - RED RANGER looks up to his right and pumps his fist before banking to his right. ]

Red Ranger's proposition Red Ranger's proposition Red Ranger's proposition

LUKE (Red Ranger):
You ready, Chris?  Let's do it!

[ INT. CONDOR COCKPIT - BLACK RANGER banks to his left. ]

Black banks

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
I'm on it.

[ EXT. SKY - The CONDOR and HAWK assume their back-to-back formation and fire their respective lasers. ]

Condor and Hawk lasers Condor and Hawk lasers

[ EXT. CITY - Sparks erupt all around BOBO. ]

Bobo blasted Bobo blasted Bobo blasted

[ EXT. FIRE ESCAPE (US footage) - On a tall building's fire escape, SASHA materializes from a burst of light.  Her attention is on the action above (off-screen), and her STAR HANDLE remains in her hand. ]

In the sentai, Maria (Sasha) wasn't seen on the fire escape at this point; her later presence there in the sentai surely influenced her location here, but I later ended up cutting all of her sentai fire escape footage (due to the Japanese actress's prominence).

SASHA (smugly):
That's it, Rangers.  Make him angry.

[ EXT. CITY - With another roar, BOBO swings his arms angrily and shoots a series of successive blue, yellow, and red beams from his eyes. ]

Bobo's beams Bobo's beams

Presumably in the sentai, Bobo's blue, yellow, and red beams were intended to match the shot below, which was recycled from the Traffico battle (Jetman #5).

[ EXT. SKY - The CONDOR and HAWK swoop by the camera, the colored beams barely missing the two Zords. ]

Bobo's beams Bobo's beams

[ INT. SWAN COCKPIT - PINK RANGER clenches her fist before working an unseen control to her left. ]

Pink in cockpit Pink in cockpit

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
Sorry, Bobo - you asked for it.

[ EXT. CITY - As white lasers (US addition) strike around BOBO, additional sparks erupt around him. ]

Bobo blasted

I reused the earlier spark shot here to give the Swan something to do; in the sentai, the Swan was perpetually useless.

[ EXT. SKY - The OWL flies by, carrying a large boulder. ]

Owl and boulder

[ INT. OWL COCKPIT - YELLOW RANGER clenches his fist and pulls the lever to his right. ]

Yellow releases Yellow releases

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
Owl Claw, release!  (pulls lever)

[ EXT. SKY - The boulder plummets down from the OWL above. ]

boulder falls

[ EXT. CITY - The boulder falls down toward BOBO, below.  The monster, however, catches the boulder and promptly slams it down to the ground with a triumphant growl. ]

boulder falls boulder falls Bobo catches boulder Bobo catches boulder Bobo catches boulder

In the sentai, Bobo was trying to crush unmorphed Blue with the boulder.  She then morphed to join the others in fighting him.

[ EXT. SKY - The SWALLOW loops through the air overhead. ]

Swallow Five Swallow Five

[ INT. SWALLOW COCKPIT (Jetman #35) - In close-up, BLUE RANGER readies her thumb with a sense of finality before pulling the lever on her right. ]

Blue pulls lever Blue pulls lever Blue pulls lever

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):
Sorry, Bobo - I have to do this.  (pulls lever)  Wing Blade!

[ EXT. SKY - The WING BLADE detaches from SWALLOW FIVE and flies off independently. ]

Wing Blade Wing Blade

[ EXT. CITY - BOBO turns as the relatively small WING BLADE approaches.  He catches it in midair and, with a growl, hurls it like a boomerang. ]

Bobo catches Wing Blade Bobo catches Wing Blade Bobo catches Wing Blade Bobo catches Wing Blade

[ The WING BLADE flies past a tall building, slicing its wall with a burst of sparks. ]

Wing Blade collateral damage Wing Blade collateral damage

[ INT. SWALLOW COCKPIT - BLUE RANGER looks up and speaks, clenching her fist before grabbing her joystick. ]

Swallow cockpit Swallow cockpit Swallow cockpit

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):
It's no use!  We need the Megazord!  (grabs joystick)  Let's do it!

[ EXT. SKY - The HAWK transforms, and the MEGAZORD's legs attach.  The head rises, and the MEGAZORD is complete. ]

Megazord assembly Megazord assembly Megazord assembly Megazord assembly Megazord assembly Megazord assembly Megazord assembly

[ EXT. CITY - We zoom out from BOBO as he turns with a curious growl.  The MEGAZORD lands in the foreground. ]

Megazord lands Megazord lands

[ The MEGAZORD assumes a ready stance. ]

Megazord ready

[ INT. MEGAZORD COCKPIT - We zoom in on BLUE RANGER, who clenches her fist. ]

Blue Ranger Blue Ranger

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):
All right, guys... we can do this!

I cut a brief sequence involving Bobo blowing mist at the Megazord.

[ EXT. CITY - BOBO charges.  As he nears the advancing MEGAZORD, he spins and slashes the robot's midsection with his claws.  He then slashes twice more. ]

Bobo assails Megazord Bobo assails Megazord Bobo assails Megazord Bobo assails Megazord

[ BOBO then lunges forward with a spiked head-butt. ]

Bobo assails Megazord Bobo assails Megazord

[ As seen from below, the MEGAZORD and BOBO lock arms, but BOBO manages to lift the MEGAZORD into the air. ]

Bobo assails Megazord Bobo lifts Megazord

[ With a growl, BOBO hurls the MEGAZORD, causing it to crash to the ground nearby. ]

Bobo throws Megazord Bobo throws Megazord Megazord crash-lands Megazord crash-lands Megazord crash-lands

[ BOBO shoots a series of incendiary blasts from his fingertips. ]

Bobo's finger blasts

[ With BOBO in the foreground, the prostrate MEGAZORD erupts with sparks. ]

Bobo's finger blasts

[ INT. MEGAZORD COCKPIT - The RANGERS are jarred violently as the cockpit is rocked by showers of sparks. ]

sparks aplenty

[ EXT. FIRE ESCAPE (US footage) - Watching the downed robot (off-screen), SASHA smirks wickedly.  Her smile fades, however, as thunderous footsteps approach and a shadow falls over her building.  She looks up anxiously. ]

In the sentai, a little girl with a stuffed animal of her own had wandered into the area.

[ INT. MEGAZORD COCKPIT - On one side of the smoking cockpit, where the RANGERS clamor about, we zoom in on BLUE RANGER as she peers out from behind YELLOW's seat.  She cranes her head to get a better view. ]

Blue Ranger peers out Blue Ranger peers out Blue Ranger peers out

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):
Wait, what's he doing?

[ EXT. CITY - As seen from below, BOBO bends down and swats numerous chunks off the top of a building. ]

chunks chunks

In the sentai, Bobo was trying to crush the little girl with rubble.

[ The building chunks tumble down. ]


[ EXT. FIRE ESCAPE (US footage) - Looking up, SASHA quickly tries to cover her face. ]

[ One of the building chunks clips the corner of SASHA's fire escape, jarring her with such violence that her STAR HANDLE is thrown from her hand; she shouts in alarm and nearly tumbles over the ledge but manages to catch herself.  Left dangling by one hand, she anxiously looks down. ]

In episode 38, Trask will later cite this incident as proving Sasha wasn't immortal, due to her apparent fear of death.

[ The STAR HANDLE clanks as it falls down several flights of the fire escape, ultimately falling free and landing with a clatter in the alley below.  Also strewn across the alley are pieces of rubble from the building above. ]

[ With an exasperated grunt, SASHA looks back at the railing above and struggles to maintain her grip. ]

[ In close-up, we see SASHA's fingers beginning to slip. ]

[ INT. SPACE STATION COMMAND - As TRASK and DILLIK watch the monitor, DILLIK reacts anxiously and starts to depart, but TRASK has a firm grip on his shoulder.  DILLIK yelps. ]

And where might you be going?

[ DILLIK gulps. ]

N-- nowhere...?

TRASK (with a grin):

Does Trask still suspect Dillik of being responsible for Strife?

[ EXT. FIRE ESCAPE (US footage) - Struggling to hold on, SASHA continues to lose her grip on the railing. ]

[ In close-up, we see her fingers slip. ]

[ SASHA falls in slow motion. ]

[ INT. MEGAZORD COCKPIT - BLUE RANGER deftly scrambles out the rear door of the cockpit. ]

Blue Ranger exits Blue Ranger exits Blue Ranger exits

[ EXT. FIRE ESCAPE (sentai) - BLUE RANGER flies down over the camera. ]

Blue Ranger flies down

[ US footage - As SASHA falls, BLUE RANGER intercepts her in midair, catching SASHA in her arms. ]

In the sentai, Blue Ranger dove down and shielded the little girl from the rubble just in time.

[ EXT. CITY (sentai) - We zoom in on the fallen MEGAZORD. ]

downed Megazord downed Megazord

[ INT. MEGAZORD COCKPIT (sentai) - The four RANGERS snap to attention, enrapt by the scene below. ]

Rangers look on Rangers look on

[ EXT. ALLEY (US footage) - BLUE lands in the rubble-strewn alley below.  Tumbling to the ground in a mad dash to escape, SASHA scrambles onto her hands and knees, her eyes darting between Blue Ranger and the monster above (both off-screen). ]

[ BLUE RANGER looks up and points defiantly. ]

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):
All right, that's enough out of you!

In the sentai, Bobo prepared to stomp on Blue and the little girl, but by some astonishing coincidence, the girl's stuffed animal had a jingle bell just like his, reminding him of his former self.

[ EXT. CITY (sentai) - From below, we see BOBO anxiously put his fingers in his mouth.  His voice is deep and guttural. ]

Bobo frets Bobo frets

I'm sorry...

[ EXT. ALLEY (US footage) - BLUE RANGER softens slightly, startled. ]

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):
You're what?

In the sentai, it was Bobo who had a change of heart, but in Take Flight it was Maggie's realization that was pivotal, in that she realized that Bobo was more than a mere monster.

[ EXT. CITY (sentai) - BOBO removes his fingers from his mouth and explains while touching his cheek: ]

Bobo frets Bobo frets

This spell won't let me stop...

[ EXT. ALLEY (US footage) - Her eyes sinisterly locked on Blue Ranger (off-screen), SASHA creeps closer to her errant STAR HANDLE. ]

BOBO (off-screen):
I don't want to fight.  I just want to go back to when we were friends, and we used to play together.

[ BLUE RANGER, meanwhile, continues speaking to the monster above (off-screen). ]

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):
Oh, Bobo...

[ ASSORTED FLASHBACKS - We cut to several sentai shots of YOUNG MAGGIE playing with her TEDDY BEAR: In the first, she carries the TEDDY BEAR beside a tire swing (apparently in front of an apartment building); in the second, she is in a dress walking the TEDDY BEAR beside a bed of flowers (in front of the same building); and in the third, she covers herself and the TEDDY BEAR with an orange blanket in bed, gives the TEDDY BEAR a kiss, and curls up to sleep.  Behind all shots is pleasant background music in place of audio. ]

young Maggie and Bobo young Maggie and Bobo young Maggie and Bobo young Maggie and Bobo young Maggie and Bobo young Maggie and Bobo young Maggie and Bobo

In the sentai, this footage depicted Blue Ranger in her youth.  I let it pass for Maggie since she, too, is Asian, but it remains to be seen how well Maggie's actress would match this girl if this series were produced.

[ EXT. ALLEY (US footage) - BLUE RANGER regretfully addresses the monster above (off-screen), her hands clasped together.  SASHA is not visible in the background. ]

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):
I'm sorry for what I said earlier, Bobo.  You're not a monster.

In the sentai, Blue Ranger remained buried under a large slab of rubble after allowing the little girl to escape; she did not have a conversation with giant Bobo.

[ EXT. CITY (sentai) - In close-up, we see tears flowing down BOBO's cheeks, and they glow with bluish white energy. ]

Bobo cries


[ In a wider shot, the weeping BOBO dissolves to his earlier, more innocent monster face and slowly speaks two words, his voice closer in pitch to its original version. ]

Bobo reverts Bobo reverts Bobo reverts Bobo reverts

We're...  friends...?

[ EXT. ALLEY (US footage) - BLUE nods happily. ]

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):
That's right.  We're friends.

[ EXT. CITY (sentai) - BOBO bends down, reaching out with a plaintive gesture.  He then glows with bluish-white light and begins to shrink. ]

Bobo shrinks Bobo shrinks Bobo shrinks Bobo shrinks

Oh, Maggie!  (shrinks)

One wonders if anyone downtown heard the monster speak Maggie's name.

[ EXT. ALLEY (sentai) - BOBO shrinks into his man-sized monster form, the energy dissipating with a sparkle effect.  BOBO looks around in awe.  His voice is now even closer to its original version. ]

Bobo shrinks Bobo shrinks Bobo shrinks

The spell...!  It's gone!

[ US footage - BLUE RANGER looks on in relief.  A cracking sound is heard off-screen, however, causing BLUE to look up. ]

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):

[ Above, another large chunk of building crumbles off and falls toward the camera. ]

[ The massive slab thunderously crashes beside BLUE RANGER and topples onto her, burying her (and particularly her legs) beneath the rubble. ]

In the sentai, Blue was already buried, as mentioned above.

[ Switch to sentai - BOBO exclaims and runs forward.  We see his trash-laden feet running at full speed. ]

Bobo exclaims Bobo running Bobo running


[ BOBO runs in slow motion, his arms out urgently. ]

Bobo running Bobo running

BOBO (somewhat slowly):
This is my fault...!

[ In close-up, BLUE RANGER puts up a hand to reassure Bobo (off-screen). ]

Blue Ranger's hand

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):
Bobo!  I'm okay!

[ BOBO arrives and easily tosses the slab aside, freeing BLUE.  He helps her into a sitting position, and they have a tender exchange. ]

Blue rescued Blue rescued Blue rescued Blue rescued Blue rescued

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):
Bobo... you saved me.

Of course!  You're my friend, aren't you?

[ BOBO and BLUE RANGER hug warmly. ]

Bobo and Blue Ranger hug

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger, fondly):

[ From above, we zoom down on the embracing BLUE and BOBO.   He speaks to her and then escorts her from the area. ]

hug from above fleeing the area

Come on!  It's not safe here!  (escorts her)

[ SASHA leaps over the camera, STAR HANDLE reared in sword mode. ]

Sasha leaps over

In the sentai, Maria (Sasha) was leaping down from her fire escape.

[ As BOBO is leading BLUE away, they both turn and look up. ]

Bobo and Blue turn Bobo and Blue turn

[ BOBO shoves BLUE aside in slow motion as SASHA flies in.  She thrusts with her sword, impaling BOBO through the midsection with a spark explosion. ]

Bobo's fatal wound Bobo's fatal wound Bobo's fatal wound Bobo's fatal wound

[ Smoking, BOBO wobbles on his feet and groans.  We quickly pan down to BLUE RANGER, who rises from the ground and extends her hand in desperation. ]

too late for Bobo too late for Bobo too late for Bobo too late for Bobo

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):

[ With BLUE RANGER in the foreground and SASHA in the far background, BOBO's body erupts repeatedly with sparks and begins to gleam with bluish-white sparkles.  BOBO then explodes in a large fireball (US addition). ]

Bobo dies Bobo dies Bobo dies (explosion not shown)

I added the explosion to make this destruction more consistent with standard Jinnsect monster defeats.  I also intended for this scene to be the inspiration for the later Jinnsect-sharpshooting technique, but that ended up being Chris's idea instead (episode 19).

In the sentai, the mortally wounded Bobo flew into the air as a bear-shaped glimmer of multicolored light and vanished in a flash.

[ Switch to US footage - Clutching her head, BLUE RANGER cries out: ]

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):

[ In front of SASHA, a smoking, stunned JINNSECT lands on the ground as flames flicker in the foreground.  A yellowish-white glow begins to radiate from the JINNSECT. ]

[ Seeing the Jinnsect (off-screen), SASHA readies her sword.  She then points it toward the Jinnsect. ]

Not this time, Jinnsect - you had your chance!  (points sword)

Maggie learns the term "Jinnsect."

[ Two tight beams of bluish-white light (compare with sentai) shoot from SASHA's STAR HANDLE sword, striking the glowing JINNSECT squarely.  The JINNSECT's yellow energy swells and seems to shatter apart into fragments which then vanish.  Only a puff of vapor remains where the JINNSECT lay. ]

This is the first time a Jinnsect is destroyed on-screen.

[ Switch to sentai - In close-up, BLUE RANGER angrily clenches her left fist by her side. ]

Blue Ranger's fury

[ BLUE then clenches her right fist and brings it up in front of her.  She then swings her arm out angrily. ]

Blue Ranger's fury Blue Ranger's fury Blue Ranger's fury

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):
You're going to PAY!  (swings arm)

[ In close-up, BLUE draws her TALON SWORD from its sheath. ]

Blue Ranger draws Talon Sword

[ Drawing her sword, BLUE then charges. ]

Blue charges Blue charges

[ US footage - SASHA smirks callously and brandishes her STAR HANDLE sword.  She then charges as well. ]

[ BLUE RANGER runs toward the camera wielding her TALON SWORD. ]

Blue charges

[ US footage - SASHA runs toward the camera wielding her own sword. ]

[ BLUE and SASHA meet in the center of the rubble-strewn alley, their swords clashing.  They parry several attacks until BLUE finally strikes SASHA in the face with the handle of her TALON SWORD, knocking SASHA back. ]

Blue vs. Sasha Blue vs. Sasha Blue vs. Sasha Blue vs. Sasha Blue vs. Sasha

[ US footage - SASHA rolls back across the ground and quickly rises.  She sticks out her sword to fire (compare with sentai). ]

[ From behind, we see SASHA fire two bluish-white beams at BLUE RANGER, who somersaults out of the way, causing the beams to strike the wall behind her with a spark explosion.  SASHA then fires two beams in a V formation, causing spark explosions to erupt around BLUE. ]

Blue vs. Sasha Blue vs. Sasha Blue vs. Sasha Blue vs. Sasha

[ BLUE RANGER rolls back and immediately returns fire with yellow lasers from her SKY BLASTER. ]

Blue vs. Sasha Blue vs. Sasha Blue vs. Sasha

[ US footage - Her right hand struck by the yellow lasers with a burst of sparks, SASHA drops her STAR HANDLE sword in pain. ]

[ The smoking sword clatters to the ground.  With a white gleam, the blade quickly retracts into the STAR HANDLE (US effect). ]

fallen Star Handle fallen Star Handle (retracting blade not shown)

[ US footage - Still clutching her pained right hand, SASHA apprehensively alternates her gaze between Blue Ranger and her fallen weapon (both off-screen). ]

[ Rising, BLUE RANGER assumes a ready stance and leaps into the air. ]

Blue Ranger leaps Blue Ranger leaps

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):
You're mine!  (leaps)

[ In close-up, we see BLUE RANGER spreading her underarm wings.  She then flies toward the camera with wings extended. ]

Blue Ranger's wings Blue Ranger's wings Blue Ranger leaping

[ BLUE repeatedly performs acrobatic flips all around a disoriented SASHA, who continues to grip her right hand. ]

Blue's acrobatics Blue's acrobatics Blue's acrobatics Blue's acrobatics

[ BLUE RANGER spirals as she flies up toward the wall of a building above.  Her feet rebound off the wall in close-up.  Her wings still extended, BLUE then flies toward the camera with an X-strike (shown twice). ]

Blue Ranger leaps up Blue Ranger leaps up Blue rebounds X-strike X-strike

[ US footage - BLUE's crossed hands strike SASHA in the chest, sending her flying back. ]

[ SASHA clumsily flies through the air. ]

Sasha goes flying Sasha goes flying

[ Switch to US footage - SASHA crashes onto the ground and rolls. ]

[ Landing beside the fallen STAR HANDLE, BLUE RANGER is joined by the other RANGERS, who gather behind her. ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
Maggie!  Are you okay?

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
Sorry we're late.  The Megazord was acting up.

This was the beginning of the malfunctioning Megazord arc; it also served to explain why the others took so long to join Maggie against Sasha.

[ BLUE RANGER silently bends down and picks up the STAR HANDLE.  Glaring at Sasha (off-screen), BLUE grasps the STAR HANDLE firmly with both hands and exerts pressure as if trying to snap it like a stick.  The STAR HANDLE, however, resists her effort. ]

It's fortunate Maggie didn't succeed in breaking the Star Handle here, given the explosive results of its breakage in episode 32.  I didn't have precise plans for the Star Handle's fate at this point, but I knew it would be more durable than one Ranger's attempts to break it.

[ Having risen partially, SASHA smirks spitefully. ]

[ BLUE RANGER instead throws the STAR HANDLE.  It conks SASHA on her padded head, causing her to recoil and hold up her arms an instant too late. ]

One of my favorite moments.

[ BLUE RANGER points at Sasha (off-screen). ]

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger, boldly):
Now get out of here while you still can!

[ Glaring at Blue Ranger (off-screen) with narrowed eyes, SASHA gropes around beside her before finding her STAR HANDLE.  She then rises and vanishes in a gleam of white light. ]

Sasha is apparently powerless without her Star Handle.

[ Beginning with a close-up of a charred spot where a few flames are flickering out, we pan up as BLUE RANGER approaches. ]

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):

[ The other RANGERS gather behind BLUE.  PINK and YELLOW place consoling hands on her back and shoulder. ]

[ Fade to black. ]

[ Break. ]

[ EXT. SPACE STATION - Establishment shot. ]

[ INT. SPACE STATION COMMAND - SASHA storms into the room in a foul mood, her STAR HANDLE in her hand.  As she pauses, glaring without focus into the distance, we find TRASK leaning against a nearby wall console, his arms crossed. ]

TRASK (smugly):
Welcome back, your majesty.

[ SASHA cocks her jaw in irritation without looking back. ]

SASHA (heatedly):
I don't want to hear it.

[ TRASK rises. ]

TRASK (with syrupy mock-innocence):
My queen, surely you don't think I'd be so disrespectful as to remind you... (circling her) ... NOW of all times, that I warned your highness not to antagonize the Rangers... what with your resounding defeat still so fresh in your mind...

Trask's gloating seems justified, given that he was quite right about the dangers of personally antagonizing the Rangers.

[ Beside the center console, DILLIK nods. ]

Yeah, th-- that'd be pretty disrespectful.

[ SASHA grits her teeth and storms out in the other direction.  TRASK calls out behind her: ]

I'm just glad you escaped with your life, my queen!

This remark could have added meaning in the context of the immortality retcon from episode 38.

[ After she exits, TRASK smiles broadly. ]

[ INT. CAFE - We pan across the cafe and come across the five HEROES seated at their normal booth.  With five forks, they are all eating from a large dessert with an extinguished candle beside the plate.  MAGGIE is wearing an inexpensive paper party hat.  LUKE wears his work uniform, while the others are in casual clothes.  The mood is fairly light and pleasant. ]

This scene and the next take place on Maggie's birthday: Saturday, May 30, 1992.  This is the day after the Bobo incident.

[ Before the camera fully reaches the booth, MAGGIE says something inaudible to PETE and giggles good-naturedly. ]

[ Smiling between bites of dessert, CASEY places her fork on the plate and reaches for something under the table. ]

Oh!  I almost forgot...

[ CASEY produces a somewhat large, oddly-shaped present wrapped with gift wrap and a ribbon.  She stands and hands it across the table to MAGGIE, illustrating that the gift is quite light. ]

[ MAGGIE chuckles awkwardly and accepts the strange, lumpy item.  She laughs to the others and shakes the lightweight object before sitting back down.  She unties the ribbon and begins to unwrap the present delicately. ]

Just rip it!

[ MAGGIE smiles and rips off the paper, revealing a large, fuzzy, teddy bear with light beige fur.  MAGGIE smiles tenderly at the bear. ]

It's from all of us.  We weren't sure if --

[ MAGGIE eagerly gives the bear a hug. ]

I love it.  Thanks, you guys.

[ PETE speaks somewhat quietly to MAGGIE, changing the subject abruptly. ]

All right, so... you can't leave the Megazord anymore.  We could hardly get the darned thing off the ground without you.

Yeah, what'd you do, take the keys with you or something?

(giggles)  You guys need me that much, huh?

Looks like it.

The Rangers' difficulty with the Megazord is presented in a light-hearted context, but it foreshadows the Megazord's failure (episode 17).  Here, the Rangers merely assume that the five of them are necessary for it to function properly.

MAGGIE (coyly):
You know, my classes start back up on Monday...  I hope you guys don't plan on needing the Megazord on weekdays, because my schedule's kinda full.

The end of Maggie's spring semester was mentioned in episode 9.  She will begin summer semester in two days.

(scoffs)  Yeah, we'll pass the word on to Sasha and Trask.

[ MAGGIE smirks. ]

[ Wipe to INT. GIRLS' MOTEL ROOM (NIGHT) - Maggie's new bear sits upright atop the bedspread on Maggie's bed. ]

CASEY (off-screen, in disbelief):
What...?  You're joking.

[ In the bathroom, MAGGIE listens momentarily.  She then spits toothpaste into the sink, wipes her mouth with a washcloth, and approaches her bed.  She is wearing a long, oversized T-shirt. ]

[ CASEY, meanwhile, sits on her own bed, listening to someone on the phone.  She then replies in a mock-threatening tone. ]

Seriously, Todd, that's not funny.

Apparently Todd was quite the prankster in their youth.

[ MAGGIE plops herself onto her bed and rests her head on the teddy bear, listening curiously. ]

[ Listening to the phone, CASEY mouths, "oh my gosh!" to Maggie (off-screen).  Putting her hand over the receiver, she tells Maggie: ]

My brother found us a place!

As mentioned in episode 36, the house Todd has found was on the market once already but is now "priced to sell."  More next episode.

[ Cut to black. ]