Episode 15: "The Drawing Board"

Writer:  Joe Rovang

[ Sentai footage is from Jetman #16 unless otherwise noted. ]

DR. BERING (voice-over):
Previously on Power Rangers Take Flight:

[ Fade in to EXT. HOUSE, DRIVEWAY - In the bright midday light, a black SUV (appropriate for 1992) drives up to a gravel driveway in a private, wooded lot.  The lot sits at a relatively high elevation, as any terrain in the distance appears to be downhill.  A house (off-camera) lies at the top of the lot. ]

[ As the SUV parks, CASEY drives up in her convertible, the top up.  In the front passenger seat is MAGGIE, while LUKE and CHRIS sit in the back. ]

[ From the driver's side of the SUV emerges TODD, a tall, slender man in his mid- to late twenties who shares certain features with Casey.  He is wearing a suit, and clipped to his belt is a cellular phone appropriate for 1992.  He is not wearing a wedding ring.  PETE, meanwhile, emerges from the SUV's passenger side and looks up, awestruck, at the house above (off-screen). ]


[ The other RANGERS emerge from the convertible, also looking up as the six people gather in the driveway.  LUKE is wearing his work uniform. ]

[ We see a low-angle shot of the majestic house above, the camera dollying slowly to give perspective on the structure.  Excluding the attic, the house stands two stories tall.  Its wood decor and siding appear slightly old and rustic but still well-preserved.  Trees line the side of the property, draping the house in partial shade.  Due to the camera angle and abundant foliage, we cannot see the back yard from here. ]

[ The HEROES continue to stare up at the house. ]

It's beautiful.  (skeptically, to Todd)  So, what's wrong with it?

TODD (with a shrug):
Nothing.  The owner just priced to sell.

[ Continuing to look the house over, CASEY nods somewhat approvingly. ]

TODD (cont'd, casually):
Well, that and it's overlooking a cemetery.

[ The HEROES look at each other as TODD continues: ]

TODD (cont'd):
... But some people think of that a bonus.  You know what they say... at least the neighbors are quiet.

[ The HEROES remain uncertain, with the exception of CHRIS, who is studying the attic above. ]

TODD (encouragingly):
Come on, just take a look.

[ He rallies them toward the front steps.  As he unlocks the door, he casually asks: ]

TODD (cont'd):
You guys don't mind bagpipes, do you?  (waves his hand dismissively on second thought)  Aw, you probably won't even hear 'em from here.

[ TODD opens the door, and they reluctantly follow him in. ]

[ INT. HOUSE, DOWNSTAIRS - The HEROES fan out beyond the small foyer and into a medium-sized living room to their left.  TODD stands out of the way beside a laundry room to the right, closing the front door once everyone is inside. ]

[ As we see in various exploratory camera pans, the house's interior appears slightly outdated (for 1992) but remains modestly classic.  A dining room is located behind the living room, toward the back side of the house.  Straight ahead from the foyer, a staircase leads up to the second floor, where a hallway turns left (over the dining room), while a door is on the immediate right after the stairs. ]

[ Again downstairs, around the right side of the stairs, a door leads to a small room (later revealed to be a half bathroom) underneath the stairs, while opposite it (on the same side of the house as the laundry room) is an empty room which could serve as a bedroom; this room lies beneath the room shown on the right upstairs. ]

[ TODD continues to watch the HEROES surveying the downstairs. ]

So... It's private, which you said you wanted...  It looks pretty well maintained, but of course we'd have it inspected...

[ The HEROES remain speechless. ]

TODD (with a smile):
Wanna see the upstairs?

[ INT. HOUSE, UPSTAIRS - From a second upstairs hallway, a left turn from the first upstairs hallway shown previously (which now makes this hallway run toward the front of the house), we see CASEY and PETE, followed by TODD, round the corner and look around.  The first door on their left, into which they peek, is a full bathroom. ]

Hmm, not bad.

[ Past the bathroom, toward the end of the hall, are two bedroom doors opposite each other.  PETE and CASEY arbitrarily each take a door, PETE turning to his right and CASEY to her left.  Full of curiosity, they disappear within their respective bedrooms (off-screen) as TODD waits in the hall. ]

[ Shown in a tighter shot, we see CHRIS wandering around in the adjoining hallway.  He passes this hallway and opens a door immediately after it on the left.  Over his shoulder, we see a dark wooden staircase leading up to the attic.  Without much hesitation, he begins climbing the steps. ]

[ INT. HOUSE, ATTIC - In a shadowy, dusty attic barely lit by two dingy windows, CHRIS rises from the staircase below and takes in the sights.  He doesn't appear off-put by the murky environment. ]

[ CHRIS steps forward and approaches one of the windows.  He uses the edge of his hand to wipe away the dusty residue from the glass, revealing a beautiful view of the rolling cemetery hills below. ]

[ INT. HOUSE, MASTER BEDROOM - In a fairly large, unfurnished bedroom (the upstairs room to the right of the stairs), LUKE and MAGGIE enter and look around. ]

Wow, four bedrooms.

[ MAGGIE notices a private, full bathroom located off the bedroom (effectively above the downstairs laundry room). ]

Looks like this is the master.

Who do you suppose gets this one?

[ MAGGIE eyes the room. ]

Well, I'M not taking it.

[ INT. HOUSE, UPSTAIRS - CASEY emerges from her room and reunites with TODD.  He speaks to her in a fond, somewhat hushed tone. ]

You're pretty tough, squirt.

CASEY (with a smirk):
... Why?

The grief Mom and Dad give me just for WORKING in the valley...  And you're buying a house here.

[ CASEY shrugs soberly. ]

TODD (cont'd):
I'll tell you the truth... It's not a shock that you guys are getting such a good deal on this house.  The market in town's been... insane since the attacks started.  You can pretty much have your pick if you're crazy enough to stay.

[ CASEY turns and absently looks out the window at the end of the hall. ]

TODD (cont'd):
... But... are you sure you wanna stay?

[ CASEY turns back to TODD. ]

Did Mom and Dad put you up to this?

No.  Look, it's just...  I'm worried about you.  Whoever these "Power Rangers" are... who knows how long they're gonna protect the city?  I mean, what if they lose?  Or... you know, they can't protect everybody.  They didn't protect your apartment.

[ CASEY glares at TODD somewhat crossly. ]

CASEY (soberly):
When can we move in?

[ TODD keeps his eyes on CASEY without replying. ]

[ INT. CATACOMBS - In a set of labyrinthine, forgotten catacombs, SASHA braves the darkness, her STAR HANDLE functioning as a flashlight.  In place of her normal costume, she is wearing a streamlined black and white bodysuit, her hair pulled back tightly. ]

[ As she comes to a sealed stone doorway, SASHA focuses the light of her STAR HANDLE into a white-hot beam of energy, which she slowly uses to cut out the rectangular stone blocking her path. ]

[ We then see darkness.  With a dull rumbling, we watch as the massive stone slab topples and strikes the ground with a titanic crash.  Through the dust, we see SASHA, her STAR HANDLE once again serving as a flashlight.  She cautiously steps into the dark room beyond. ]

[ On a pedestal before her is a very old alabaster jar bearing Egyptian hieroglyphics, its lid in the shape of a human head (depicting the god Imset). ]

[ SASHA approaches the jar with wide eyes.  She places her STAR HANDLE on the pedestal's edge, the light facing herself, and snatches the jar greedily from the pedestal.  Prying off its lid and discarding it, she frowns and reaches into the jar, pulling out a long wad of yellowed linen.  She then turns the jar upside-down and pours its contents onto the pedestal.  Fragments of a brittle, dark, leathery mass tumble onto the pedestal's surface. ]

[ The jar still upside-down in her hands, SASHA stands frozen, mouth agape in a mixture of disbelief and disgust. ]

[ INT. SPACE STATION COMMAND - An incensed SASHA, now in her regular costume, clenches something in her fist as she shouts at someone off-screen. ]

SASHA (shouting):
I spent TWO WEEKS tracking down this "Godfire Amulet" and THIS is all I have to show for it?!

[ At the end of her line, SASHA hurls the contents of her hand across the room at the subject of her wrath, DILLIK.  The previously seen leathery fragments barrage DILLIK and his side of the room, causing him to recoil. ]

DILLIK (looking at the floor as he cowers):
Ew!  What IS that, anyway?

[ SASHA storms toward DILLIK, her STAR HANDLE in her other hand. ]

Those were YOUR clues I followed, Dillik!  There IS no Godfire Amulet, is there?!

DILLIK (continuing to cower):
I don't know!  I'm sorry!  Trask told me to give you those clues!

[ SASHA stops in her tracks, narrowing her eyes. ]

SASHA (growling):
... Trask.

[ TRASK enters, carrying a biomass canister into the room. ]

Your majesty, welcome back from your quest!

SASHA (fuming, to Trask):
You did this.

[ In the background, DILLIK grimaces as he brushes debris from the console beside him. ]

[ TRASK sets his canister down. ]

SASHA (cont'd, off-screen, resentfully):
You sent me after some magical artifact that doesn't exist.

TRASK (calmly):
Your majesty, my sincerest apologies.  In my travels on Earth, I heard rumors of an ancient power...

SASHA (scowling):
You heard no such thing.

My queen...


[ As she barks at Trask, SASHA flicks the laser whip out from her STAR HANDLE.  The glowing tendril flashes through the air toward TRASK. ]

[ In a split-second, TRASK has raised his forearm to block the incoming whip, but as he pauses in his defensive pose, we see the whip has never arrived.  TRASK glances down. ]

[ At his feet, the biomass canister cleaves apart cleanly in two as a thick black liquid pools out over the floor and under TRASK's boots.  The edges of the halved canister are still glowing pinkish-orange from residual heat. ]

[ Holding her STAR HANDLE close to her body, the whip already out of sight, SASHA speaks: ]

Don't let me catch you on Earth, Trask.  The Rangers are my affair.

[ With a white gleam, SASHA vanishes. ]

[ TRASK chuckles stiffly as he lowers his arm from its defensive position.  He then speaks: ]

Clean up this mess, Dillik.

[ TRASK vanishes with a ripple effect. ]

[ Visibly shaken, DILLIK blinks speechlessly. ]

[ INT. HOUSE, DOWNSTAIRS - From a low angle downstairs, we see MAGGIE emerge from the master bedroom at the top of the stairs, three paper slips in her hand.  She descends and enters the living room, where CASEY, PETE, and CHRIS are gathered.  All are wearing casual spring or summer clothing. ]

[ The house has now been decorated with second-hand furniture and a few basic decorations.  The house is not shabby in appearance but is still a work in progress.  Future episodes will slowly add successive layers of detail to the house furnishings.  It may be noted that the living room furniture sits facing the front wall of the house, where an average-sized TV set (appropriate for 1992) rests on an impromptu TV stand. ]

All right, I'd like to remind everybody that I'm not a math major, but here it is.  (hands out slips)  This is the total I'll need by the first of every month, starting... next month.  That's mortgage, utilities, repair fund... and groceries, now that we're gonna split them up too.

[ CASEY playfully tries to peek at PETE's slip, which he hides from her. ]

So we're not all paying the same thing?

No, there were a couple people who volunteered a little extra.

[ CHRIS makes a mildly surprised expression and glances at the others. ]

CASEY (wrinkling her brow, looking at her slip):
How much was rent back at the apartment?

A good bit more than what we're each paying now.

CASEY (pleased):
Oh, cool.

CHRIS (dryly, to Casey):
Yeah, all we had to do was cram five people into one house.  You got any friends we can bring in?  We can make it dirt cheap.

[ CASEY is momentarily flustered until MAGGIE replies: ]

Sorry, Chris.  We're at maximum occupancy right now.

[ CHRIS appears mockingly disappointed. ]

PETE (to Maggie):
So you already told Luke what he has to pay?


[ PETE nods approvingly.  There is a momentary silence. ]

CHRIS (rising to go upstairs):
All right, see you guys.

[ CASEY watches silently as CHRIS leaves. ]

PETE (to Casey):
So, we getting groceries today?

CASEY (clearing her head):
Oh, yeah!

[ Having ventured into the dining room briefly, MAGGIE returns with a grocery list, which she hands to PETE. ]

Okay, so... Since we're sharing the groceries, we need to make sure we stick to --

CASEY (excited by something out the side window, nudging Pete):
Oh!  There's that white kitty again!  Put some cat food on the list!

MAGGIE (to herself, warily):
Ohh, this is going to be interesting...

[ EXT. LANDFILL - Panning across the landfill (see previous episode), we come across SASHA strolling through the rubble.  She ultimately comes across Chris's old sketch book (see episode 7), now somewhat charred and mangled.  She lifts it from the debris below and holds it in her hand, feeling its weight.  She then closes her eyes and concentrates a moment. ]

[ Soon, SASHA opens her eyes knowingly. ]

Black Ranger.

[ INT. SPACE STATION COMMAND - DILLIK is studying the central console's monitor.  He then speaks into the small microphone, his voice echoing through the station. ]

DILLIK (officially):
Trask, you're needed in the command center... Trask, you're needed in the command center.

TRASK (off-screen):
What is it, Dillik?

[ We now see TRASK standing in front of DILLIK in a position not shown in the previous camera angle. ]

Oh!  Trask!  I've tracked Sasha's teleport signal.  She's near the edge of Spring Valley.

[ DILLIK's eyes fall on the monitor below, and the certainty drains from his face. ]

DILLIK (cont'd):
Oh, wait... no, she's gone now.

TRASK (impatiently):
Well, where did she go?

[ DILLIK studies the monitor intently, working a few controls.  An alert tone is heard, and DILLIK looks pleased by his discovery. ]

Ah, here we go.  She's in the Jinnsect habitat.

TRASK (incensed):

[ DILLIK begins to answer affirmatively but then loses the signal again. ]

... Oh.  Now she's gone again.  (studies the monitor further)  ... and so is a Jinnsect.  We're down to twenty-nine.

[ TRASK clenches his fist and growls furiously. ]

[ INT. HOUSE, ATTIC - We pan through the attic, which is now slightly cleaner and moderately decorated as a bedroom and living area, though it remains fairly dark.  Seated at a second-hand writing desk under the window which overlooks the cemetery, CHRIS is hunched over, drawing into a new sketch book, of which he has only used a few pages. ]

[ CHRIS stops drawing as we hear the door at the bottom of his stairs open, and footsteps are heard coming up. ]

CASEY (off-screen):
Hey, Chris, do you have anything for the list before we go?

[ CHRIS closes his sketch book and turns around in his chair, somewhat displeased, as CASEY emerges from the stairway.  She is holding the grocery list and a pen. ]

CHRIS (awkwardly):
Uhh... how about a knock?

[ CASEY appears baffled, as if expecting something she could write down. ]

CHRIS (cont'd):
You know...  Like, I won't waltz into your bedroom...

[ CASEY blushes sheepishly. ]

... Sorry.

CHRIS (relaxing slightly):
It's okay.  So, what is it?  Groceries?

CASEY (flustered):
Oh, um, yeah...  Do you... know of anything we need?

Toilet paper?

CASEY (glancing at the list):
Got it.


Yep.  What else?

CHRIS (off-screen):
Uhh, a kiss is all.

[ CASEY looks at Chris (off-screen) in astonishment. ]


CHRIS (repeating slowly as if he's said it before):
I said, "I guess that's all."

[ CASEY frowns suspiciously and then begins to back out of the room. ]

Um, okay.  Well... (searches for something to say) ... bye!

[ CHRIS watches CASEY curiously as she disappears down the steps.  The door can be heard closing below, and CHRIS shrugs and reopens his sketch book. ]

[ EXT. CITY STREET - We see a MOTHER driving a sedan downtown.  A BOY, four or five years old, rides in a car seat in the back.  As they drive, a few small pieces of white confetti (compare with sentai) brush past the windshield.  The confetti grows more plentiful as they continue to drive. ]

[ Puzzled by the confetti, the MOTHER turns on her windshield wipers, to no avail. ]

Mommy, is it snowing?

[ The MOTHER looks out her window and toward the bright sky above. ]

No, baby.  They must be having a parade--

[ Suddenly noticing the road ahead, the MOTHER slams on the brakes.  Her car comes to a screeching halt, as do other cars behind her. ]

[ We pan up to see, towering above the car, a massive stone windmill in the middle of the street.  Traffic quickly grinds to a halt as the MOTHER and other drivers gaze at the object in bewilderment. ]

[ INT. HOUSE, DOWNSTAIRS BATHROOM - Standing with one foot on the toilet lid and the other on the sink, MAGGIE is replacing a light bulb over the mirror in a small half bathroom tucked under the stairs, the left half of its ceiling sloped down from the staircase above. ]

[ Shortly, heavy footsteps can be heard through the ceiling as someone hurries above.  The person then begins scampering down the stairs directly above with a tumultuous rumble. ]

MAGGIE (to herself, rolling her eyes):
Jeez, where's the fire...?

[ Just then, her MORPHER chimes, at which point she nearly drops her light bulb as she fumbles for the device.  She successfully climbs down and sets the light bulb on the counter, then checks her MORPHER by pressing its upper left button.  By this time, the noise above has stopped. ]

[ In a close-up of the MORPHER's screen, we see a large, serpentine dragon snaking through the air above a park.  People flee in panic below. ]

[ MAGGIE's jaw drops.  Just then, CHRIS quickly arrives at the bathroom's open door from the front of the house. ]

We've got trouble!

[ MAGGIE speechlessly gestures CHRIS to her AVIMORPHER, but he remains unfazed.  He then dashes off toward the front of the house, and she follows. ]

[ EXT. CEMETERY - In an expansive, hilly cemetery, a GRIEVING MAN stands soberly in front of a tombstone.  He looks up, spotting the BLUE and BLACK RANGERS flying some distance over the cemetery, their underarm wings extended. ]

[ The GRIEVING MAN stands bewildered. ]

[ EXT. PARK FIELD - The BLUE and BLACK RANGERS land in an open field in the park, a thick region of trees in the distance.  Both BLUE and BLACK keep an eye on the skies above. ]

[ Suddenly, from behind them, the dragon's giant shadow swoops over them with a whoosh of air (the dragon itself off-camera).  BLUE and BLACK instinctively duck slightly. ]

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):
Okay, so... they have dragons now.

[ We see over BLACK RANGER's shoulder as he watches the dragon bank in the distance to turn back toward the RANGERS. ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
Maybe it's friendly.

[ By this point, the dragon is barreling straight for the two RANGERS. ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger, cont'd):
Then again...

[ The two RANGERS apprehensively reach for their SKY BLASTERS, but before either has drawn his or her weapon, the dragon blows a stream of fire as it roars overhead, the flames blowing the RANGERS back amidst a flurry of sparks.  The grass around them, meanwhile, remains charred as the two smoking RANGERS return to their feet, essentially unharmed. ]

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):
(coughs)  All right, that's -- (pauses)  Wait a second.

[ BLUE RANGER touches two fingers to the left side of her helmet, viewing something privately. ]

[ EXT. RESIDENTIAL STREET - Through Blue Ranger's visor display (compare with episode 2 and Jetman #35), we see an alien-looking blob creature in a residential area from a Hoverbird's vantage point.  Walking on numerous pseudopodia, the blob plunges its sharp, brightly-colored tendrils into the side of a parked car, causing the punctured areas to begin to degrade into rust.  (At some point further down the street, though not necessarily shown here, is a moving truck.) ]

[ EXT. PARK FIELD - Removing her fingers, BLUE RANGER speaks to BLACK while keeping a watchful eye on the sky. ]

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):
More trouble!  There's a... something on the loose.

[ BLACK ducks as the dragon swoops overhead again. ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
Better split up until the others get here.

[ BLUE nods cautiously. ]

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):
Right.  Be careful.

[ BLUE RANGER takes a running start and leaps into the air and out of frame. ]

[ Now alone, BLACK RANGER assumes a ready stance with his gaze on the sky. ]

[ INT. GROCERY STORE - We see PETE pushing a shopping cart in a grocery store with CASEY by his side; some groceries are in their cart.  Under the scene, in place of its audio, is relatively placid background music. ]

[ Both PETE and CASEY apparently hear an alert on PETE's MORPHER; in response, they check for people nearby.  PETE then finds a nearby stock clerk and apologetically hands off the cart to him (his explanation unheard) as he and CASEY depart. ]

[ INT. MUSEUM GALLERY - In uniform, LUKE's MORPHER seems to sound (the same background music still in place over the audio), but he finds himself surrounded by museum patrons. ]

[ EXT. PARK FIELD - PINK RANGER trots onto the scene and surveys the area, which has been scorched in several areas. ]

[ Unexpectedly, BLACK RANGER falls from above and rolls across the ground in a heap beside PINK.  She quickly rushes to help. ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger):

[ BLACK RANGER collects himself and dusts himself off, brushing off her efforts to tend to him. ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger, casually):
Oh, hey, Casey.

[ We see over the dragon's shoulder as it circles high above the BLACK and PINK RANGERS. ]

[ Eying the sky, PINK asks: ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
What is that thing?

[ BLACK RANGER rises. ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
Well, I'm not an expert, but, uh... that's what I'd think of as a dragon.  (casually)  Careful.

[ BLACK RANGER nonchalantly tackles PINK to the side as a stream of fire narrowly misses them from above. ]

[ BLACK and PINK roll across the grass.  BLACK recovers his footing and takes PINK's hand, helping her up.  PINK RANGER looks at the charred ground beside them. ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger):

[ From a low angle behind BLACK and PINK, we see the dragon circling overhead. ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
Here's what we know:  It's aggressive, breathes fire, and it doesn't like people on its back.  (considers)  ... I think we're gonna need the Flyers.

[ In the background, the sound of a distant helicopter grows louder.  PINK RANGER perks up. ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
Hey, is that a...?

[ The camera dollies around BLACK and PINK as they turn to see a news helicopter for Channel 6 approaching.  Though not yet shown clearly, the helicopter's side door is open, with a cameraman in a harness nearly hanging out the side as he records the dragon (off-screen). ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger, muttering privately):
Aww, jeez... Get out of here...!

[ EXT. SKY - The news helicopter approaches the dragon's airspace.  The cameraman is now shown in greater detail. ]

[ Then shown in a closer shot, the circling dragon turns in the direction of the helicopter (off-screen). ]

[ The cameraman reacts with alarm but continues recording as the dragon grows closer (as reflected in the lens of his camera). ]

[ As it roars toward the helicopter, the dragon is struck by two yellow laser blasts from below; though seemingly unscathed, the dragon nonetheless veers off, just missing the helicopter.  Seen briefly as we pan quickly by the helicopter, the astonished cameraman whips his head to watch the dragon soar by. ]

[ EXT. PARK FIELD - Having shot their SKY BLASTERS, BLACK and PINK relax their arms slightly as they consult each other.  The helicopter sound above slowly fades away. ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
All right, here he comes.  What's your plan?

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
MY plan?  I thought you had a plan.

[ The dragon swoops down between PINK and BLACK, violently knocking them aside as it grazes them; though BLACK stumbles only slightly, PINK is hit harder and flips to the side, landing in the grass.  Both have lost their SKY BLASTERS from the impact. ]

[ Recovering his footing, BLACK keeps his eyes on the dragon (off-screen) as it climbs in the air. ]

[ From Black Ranger's perspective, we see the dragon looping up through the air and preparing to plunge straight down, jaws open, toward PINK RANGER, whom we pan down to see recovering but still on the ground, her SKY BLASTER out of reach. ]

[ BLACK RANGER grunts apprehensively and draws his TALON SWORD while leaping straight up. ]

[ From over the dragon's shoulder as it races earthward, we see BLACK RANGER soaring up to meet it.  He delivers a gleaming purple X strike with his TALON SWORD; both slashes cleave through the dragon with purple energy as he passes the dragon in midair. ]

[ From a low angle beside PINK RANGER as she shields her face with her arms, the dragon disintegrates into white particles only moments away from her.  (BLACK RANGER can be seen reaching the zenith of his jump high above.) ]

[ Lowering her arms, PINK looks around as the white confetti-like particles evaporate into nothingness all around her.  As she begins to stand, BLACK RANGER lands nearby and sheathes his TALON SWORD. ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger, with a relieved chuckle):
... Wow.  My hero.

[ Both RANGERS collect their discarded SKY BLASTERS and holster them. ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
So what was all that white stuff...?  It almost looked like... paper.

[ BLACK RANGER looks around seriously as a few pieces of white confetti blow through the air.  Nearby, a cloud of confetti swirls together, congealing with a yellow glow into a unique creature which might be described as a six-legged alien seal with spines jutting out from its back.  The creature roars monstrously. ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger, with a sigh):
Oh, jeez... another one?

[ While deep in thought, BLACK RANGER draws his TALON SWORD again and steps protectively in front of PINK seemingly subconsciously. ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
All right, now THIS is weird.  I drew this thing... like, months ago.

[ As the creature slowly lumbers forward, BLACK and PINK carefully circle around it, keeping their distance.  BLACK holds his TALON SWORD ready. ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger, cont'd):
... The spines on its back... the face... I mean, even those toes.  (privately) I never did like those toes...

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
You mean you made it up?  How can that be?

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
I dunno.  But I think that dragon was mine too.

[ The creature lunges as quickly as it can, but BLACK and PINK leap aside and continue to circle it.  BLACK RANGER keeps his TALON SWORD held defensively aloft. ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
So your drawings are coming to life...?

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
Looks that way.

[ We remain on PINK RANGER as BLACK quickly pounces out of frame toward the creature (off-camera).  We hear his sword impaling the creature, and its dissolving is heard subsequently. ]

[ We now see BLACK RANGER standing where the creature stood.  He sheathes his TALON SWORD once again.  He then watches as more confetti blows out from a thick area of trees nearby.  From yellow energy, a disembodied human hand (able to double for Chris's hand) appears on the grass and begins crawling around on its fingers.  Suddenly, the hand leaps for BLACK RANGER, but a yellow laser from Pink Ranger's direction (off-screen) disintegrates it in midair. ]

[ PINK RANGER holsters her SKY BLASTER. ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
So I guess we follow the paper trail...?

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
Good plan.

[ Together, the two RANGERS run off in the direction of the confetti stream. ]

[ EXT. RESIDENTIAL STREET - As we cut to YELLOW RANGER, we see him quickly get struck by one of the blob creature's pointed tendrils, causing a flash of sparks as he falls back.  His SKY BLASTER is in his hand. ]

[ BLUE RANGER places herself in front of the fallen YELLOW, her TALON SWORD held defensively as the creature lurks in the foreground. ]

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger, glancing back):
Pete!  Are you okay?

[ YELLOW RANGER rises, examining his torso. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
Yeah... I think so.

[ YELLOW gestures with his SKY BLASTER. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger, cont'd):
All right, so a blaster doesn't work, a sword doesn't work...  What about the Battlizers?

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):
Tried it.  He just absorbs the shock.

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
Wanna try the Sky Enforcers?  The Phoenix Cannon?  Not much firepower with just the two of us, though...

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):
I'm thinking we should try to restrain it for now so we can go help the others.

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
Uhh, how the heck are we gonna do that?

[ Alternating their attention on the blob creature, the two RANGERS take turns looking around.  In the background (though not necessarily the focus of the scene), a couple of MOVING MEN are loading a piece of furniture into the back of the moving truck down the street. ]

[ EXT. PARK CLEARING - The BLACK and PINK RANGERS enter a clearing in the park as the confetti thins and vanishes from the air.  PINK and BLACK survey the area. ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
It stopped!

CHRIS (Black Ranger):

[ An echoing female voice, that of PAPYRIA (off-screen), draws the RANGERS' attention to their side. ]

PAPYRIA (off-screen):
Oh, hello, Rangers!  I was just leaving!

[ Sentai - A white monster seemingly made of folded paper (a JINNSECT embedded in her shoulder), PAPYRIA tiptoes backward, waving her hands back and forth tauntingly.  She then fades away as her laughter echoes in the distance. ]

Papyria fades Papyria fades Papyria fades Papyria fades

But do enjoy your handiwork!  (laughs and vanishes)

[ BLACK and PINK react.  BLACK then grumbles: ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
Oh, great.  What now?

[ A voice comes from behind them.  Her voice is a malicious version of Casey's. ]

ESTELLE (off-screen):
I think she means me.

[ BLACK and PINK spin to see ESTELLE, a perfect doppelganger for Casey.  She is wearing a long, dark purple hooded robe, with a thin, jeweled circlet across her forehead, both remotely Celtic in design.  Her hair is pulled back tightly. ]

[ The shot holds before fading to black. ]

[ Break. ]

[ EXT. PARK CLEARING - The BLACK and PINK RANGERS stand in defensive poses against ESTELLE. ]

ESTELLE (wickedly amused, pulling back her hood):
You look so out of sorts, Rangers.

CASEY (Pink Ranger, to Black, surprised):
You drew me...?

CHRIS (Black Ranger, uncomfortably):
Uhh... I was bored, you were over at our place watching TV...

ESTELLE (while summoning a sword):
Listen, Rangers, I hate to interrupt, but this is the part where I have to destroy you.

[ The sword, summoned with a multicolored (but mostly pink) gleam of light, is an elegant, bejeweled longsword which ESTELLE grips with confidence.  She then approaches PINK and BLACK. ]

[ PINK RANGER takes a step back as BLACK watches ESTELLE warily, his hand on his sheathed sword handle. ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger, apprehensively):
Um, Luke went kinda fast on the swordfighting lessons...

[ ESTELLE lunges toward BLACK RANGER with surprising speed, striking his sword hand with a flash of sparks before he can even draw his TALON SWORD.  He clutches his hand and quickly finds ESTELLE's sword at his neck. ]

[ ESTELLE grins.  Then, with a yellow laser burst from off-screen and a flash of sparks, ESTELLE drops her sword to the grass below. ]

[ Nearby, we see PINK RANGER having fired her SKY BLASTER. ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
Then again, I'm not too bad with a Sky Blaster.

[ ESTELLE looks down quickly just as BLACK RANGER drops into a sweeping kick.  His foot strikes the hilt of her sword, sending the weapon flying some distance away.  He rises in a defensive martial arts pose, ready to fight. ]

[ Cocking her head with an irritated glare, ESTELLE then attacks.  She and BLACK RANGER engage in hand-to-hand combat: BLACK manages to block most, but not all, of her attacks, while appearing to pull his own attacks. ]

[ During one particular moment, BLACK RANGER fails to strike while he has the upper hand.  ESTELLE quickly seizes on his hesitation by heel-kicking him in the kidney, knocking him to the ground. ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger):

[ EXT. RESIDENTIAL STREET - We see into the back of a moving truck as the blob creature is hurled into it with a mighty thud.  Ropes tied around the creature dangle freely as though it was thrown with the ropes.  BLUE RANGER's hands then close and lock the back of the truck. ]

[ We see the BLUE and YELLOW RANGERS, BLUE having finished with the truck door and YELLOW brushing off his hands after his throw, while two astonished MOVING MEN and a female HOMEOWNER stand in the lawn, jaws agape. ]

[ BLUE delivers a casual salute and nod to the HOMEOWNER. ]

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):
Thank you, ma'am.  We'll be back shortly.

[ As they turn to leave, YELLOW notes to the HOMEOWNER, nodding toward the truck: ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
Uhh, you... probably don't want to open that.

[ In the background, a sharp tendril pierces through the side of the moving truck, drawing everyone's attention.  The metal around the puncture may be seen to degrade slightly. ]

[ YELLOW and BLUE then look at each other. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger, coolly):
I'm sure it's fine.

[ They leap into the air and are gone, leaving the MOVING MEN and HOMEOWNER speechless. ]

[ EXT. PARK CLEARING - As ESTELLE stomps on BLACK RANGER's back, PINK RANGER aims her SKY BLASTER and fires.  ESTELLE, however, deflects the laser harmlessly with an item suddenly in her hand.  She then holds the item in plain sight, revealing it to be a glazed black ocarina; its four holes are arranged in a diamond pattern. ]

This is what's called the Phantom Ocarina, White Ranger.  Let me show you what it can do.

[ Pinned under ESTELLE's boot, BLACK RANGER groans to Pink (off-screen). ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
Casey, get back!

[ Still clutching her SKY BLASTER, PINK RANGER takes a step back and watches warily as ESTELLE blows the ocarina.  A beautiful but haunting melody, the SYLPH'S NOCTURNE, flows from the instrument; though initially pleasing, a discordant note begins to resonate, causing PINK RANGER to appear physically drained. ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger, weakly):
(groans)  What's happening?

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
She's draining our energy!

[ BLACK tries to strike the back of ESTELLE's robed knee with his fist, but he is so visibly weakened that his strike is remarkably feeble.  Then, with a purple gleam, he demorphs, barely able to move. ]

[ The gems in ESTELLE's circlet begin to glow. ]

[ Appearing increasingly desperate, PINK RANGER aims her SKY BLASTER at ESTELLE and pulls the trigger, but only a dying whine is heard.  She then demorphs with a pink gleam, her blaster vanishing from her hands.  CASEY's legs buckle, and she collapses to the grass. ]

[ Smiling coolly as her circlet's gems grow even brighter, ESTELLE removes her boot from CHRIS's back and strolls closer to the prone CASEY.  She cocks her head and curiously studies CASEY's face. ]

Hmm, there is a bit of a resemblance, isn't there?

[ ESTELLE crouches down beside the helpless CASEY and lifts her limp left arm, examining her AVIMORPHER.  CASEY, meanwhile, remains conscious but barely able to move. ]

ESTELLE (cont'd):
This is what gives you your powers, is it?  (considers)  ... Tell you what... let's have a little fun.

[ ESTELLE sets her ocarina in the grass and reaches to unfasten the AVIMORPHER from CASEY's wrist.  Just then, a hand takes a firm grasp of the back of ESTELLE's robe.  With all his (limited) strength, CHRIS hurls ESTELLE onto her back. ]

CHRIS (with a mighty grunt):
... Leave her alone!

[ ESTELLE quickly rolls to her feet and faces CHRIS.  Seeing he is barely supporting himself on his hands and knees, she chuckles smugly. ]

Beautiful heroics, Black Ranger, but hardly effective.

[ ESTELLE summons a gleaming ball of multicolored energy into her hand with apparent ill intent.  Suddenly from above, BLUE RANGER plants a flying kick in ESTELLE's chest, sending her flying back and tumbling into the grass some distance away.  The energy has since evaporated from her hand. ]

[ Landing in front of CHRIS, BLUE RANGER strikes a martial arts pose as her HOVERBIRD can be seen momentarily zipping around behind her. ]

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):
I've seen enough.

[ Nearby, YELLOW RANGER casually props Estelle's lost sword over his shoulder and saunters forward. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
Me too.

[ We see over ESTELLE's shoulder as she apprehensively looks between YELLOW RANGER on the right, advancing casually, and BLUE RANGER on the left, who checks on CHRIS and then lifts CASEY into a sitting position. ]

[ YELLOW continues to advance. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger, to Estelle):
See, the Phantom Ocarina only drains people temporarily.

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):
How do you know that?

PETE (Yellow Ranger, looking back at the others):
It's from a video game we used to have.

[ As a different ocarina melody, the LULLABY OF RESTORATION, begins to play, BLUE RANGER looks at CHRIS, who is kneeling by CASEY's side as he plays the ocarina. ]

[ YELLOW RANGER notes offhandedly: ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
That's the Lullaby of Restoration.

[ Pink and purple wisps of energy spiral inward to CASEY and CHRIS, re-morphing them as the tune stops.  Lowering the ocarina, BLACK RANGER stands and offers his free hand to PINK.  She accepts and rises, standing by his side.  Together, the three RANGERS strike defensive martial arts stances in Estelle's direction (off-screen). ]

[ ESTELLE takes a startled step back and looks at Yellow Ranger (off-screen) on her more immediate right.  ESTELLE's circlet is no longer glowing. ]

[ Still casually holding Estelle's sword, YELLOW RANGER shrugs at Estelle (off-screen), then tosses her sword behind him and assumes a similar martial arts stance in her direction. ]

[ ESTELLE glances behind her and sees RED RANGER in a similar pose. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Hey, guys.  Sorry I'm late.

[ ESTELLE disgustedly returns her gaze to the front. ]

Well, isn't this lovely.

[ From behind the assorted RANGERS in front of ESTELLE, another cloud of confetti blows through the park.  From it materializes a horde of alien and mythical creatures surrounding the four RANGERS.  Startled by a monster beside him, YELLOW RANGER cartwheels forward and joins the other three. ]

[ The only Ranger not surrounded, RED RANGER calls out, concerned. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Hey, guys...?

[ The four RANGERS are fighting back against the creatures around them, PINK RANGER with her SKY BLASTER. ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
We'll handle these freaks!  You go take care of Papyria!  She's the one doing all this!  (kicks an enemy back)  Just follow the paper!

LUKE (Red Ranger, with a nod):

[ RED RANGER dashes off through the trees in the direction of the confetti's origin. ]

[ Her eyes darting between the mob and the departing RED RANGER, ESTELLE dashes forward, plucks her sword off the ground, and runs in the direction Red Ranger departed. ]

[ EXT. PARK CLEARING #2 - In another, similar area of the park, RED RANGER rushes into frame and looks around. ]

[ We see white confetti blowing from an indistinct presence, invisible except for the monster-sized hole (compare with sentai) in the swirling cloud of confetti around it. ]

[ RED RANGER looks intently at the presence (off-screen). ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
I guess I got ya.

[ RED RANGER runs forward and performs a jump-kick toward the camera. ]

[ Sentai - PAPYRIA rolls back across the grass. ]


Papyria rolls Papyria rolls

[ At the edge of the clearing, ESTELLE emerges from the trees but then takes a step back, watching the fight (off-screen) without making her presence known. ]

[ Switch to sentai - PAPYRIA blows a stream of confetti from her torso. ]

Papyria blows confetti Papyria blows confetti Papyria blows confetti

Take this!

[ US footage - RED RANGER clenches his fist. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
That's enough littering out of you!

[ RED RANGER plants his feet together and leaps into the air. ]

Red Ranger leaps Red Ranger leaps


Red Ranger draws Talon Sword

[ RED RANGER performs a leaping sword strike, slashing PAPYRIA with a flash of sparks (a dwindling residue of confetti still in the air, a US addition).  RED RANGER strikes again.  His third strike, however, is grabbed by PAPYRIA.  She promptly hurls his blade aside and punches him. ]

Red Ranger vs. Papyria Red Ranger vs. Papyria Red Ranger vs. Papyria Red Ranger vs. Papyria Red Ranger vs. Papyria Red Ranger vs. Papyria Red Ranger vs. Papyria Red Ranger vs. Papyria

[ Sword still in hand, RED RANGER tumbles back but quickly leaps back into the air. ]

Red Ranger leaps again Red Ranger leaps again

[ RED RANGER readies his BATTLIZER. ]

Red Ranger readies Battlizer Red Ranger readies Battlizer

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Battlizer, power up!

[ His TALON SWORD in his other hand, RED RANGER delivers a leaping BATTLIZER punch toward the camera (shown three times).  His punch makes contact with PAPYRIA's face in a burst of sparks, sending her flying back. ]

Battlizer punch Battlizer punch Battlizer punch Battlizer punch Battlizer punch Battlizer punch

[ The smoking PAPYRIA rolls across the grass. ]

Papyria rolls back

[ In close-up, RED RANGER draws his SKY BLASTER. ]

Red Ranger draws Sky Blaster

[ US footage - Having drawn his blaster, RED RANGER is startled to find himself alone. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Huh?  Where'd she go?

[ PAPYRIA rushes toward the camera with a swat of her hand.  Struck, RED RANGER sparks and falls back. ]

Papyria's swat Papyria's swat Papyria's swat Papyria's swat

[ US footage - RED RANGER falls and rolls onto the grass, his SKY BLASTER still in hand.  He begins to rise. ]

[ PAPYRIA shoots incendiary blasts from her fingertips. ]

Papyria's hand blasts Papyria's hand blasts

[ US footage - Sparks erupting around him, RED falls again. ]

[ PAPYRIA charges toward the camera in slow motion. ]

Papyria charges Papyria charges

[ Smoking on the ground, RED RANGER rolls onto his side.  He perks up as a new ocarina tune, the ODE TO VIRTUE, is heard in the distance. ]

Red Ranger hears something Red Ranger hears something

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Oh, man...  (tune heard)  Huh?

[ With RED RANGER in the foreground, we see the charging PAPYRIA suddenly stop in her tracks as the tune continues.  She clutches her head in pain. ]

Papyria halts Papyria in pain Papyria in pain

[ US footage - By the trees, ESTELLE writhes in discomfort as the tune continues. ]

[ PAPYRIA looks around, still holding her head in pain. ]

Papyria in pain Papyria in pain

(shrieks)  What is that horrible music?!

[ RED RANGER looks to the side. ]

Red Ranger looks

LUKE (Red Ranger):

[ US footage - Advancing from the trees are the BLUE, YELLOW, and PINK RANGERS, led by CHRIS.  CHRIS is wearing his BLACK RANGER suit, minus the helmet, as he plays the ocarina. ]

[ PAPYRIA recoils backward in pain. ]

Papyria in pain Papyria in pain

Stop already!

[ Switch to US footage - Still in discomfort, ESTELLE looks at her sword as it begins to crumble into dissolving white fragments, beginning from the tip of the blade.  She tosses it to the ground in disgust and glares in the RANGERS' direction (off-screen). ]

[ RED RANGER rises and joins the others as CHRIS continues playing.  The shot is tight enough that PINK RANGER, at the edge of the group, is off-screen. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger, to others):
What IS this?

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
It's the Phantom Ocarina.  Chris drew it --

LUKE (Red Ranger):
No, but... what's with this song?

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
Oh, it's the Ode to Virtue.  Badguys hate it.

CASEY (off-camera, urgently):
Uh, guys...?!

[ As the four RANGERS look to the side, we see ESTELLE's arm tightened around PINK RANGER's neck from behind, her other hand poised on PINK RANGER's head in an apparent (but not explicit) threat to break her neck.  CHRIS stops playing and startles forward a step as the RANGERS react. ]

[ Sentai - From a distance, we zoom in on PAPYRIA, who laughs wickedly. ]

Papyria laughing Papyria laughing Papyria laughing

Now then, Black Ranger... I suggest you hand over that ocarina, for your lover's sake.

CHRIS (startled):
My what...?

ESTELLE (patronizingly):
Well, it couldn't be more obvious.  You're compelled to protect her, to draw her... (wickedly amused) ... and you wouldn't strike me because I look too much like her.

CHRIS (stammering):
But I --  I --

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
Chris, don't worry.  I feel the same way.

[ CHRIS is speechless.  Behind him, RED RANGER exchanges a surprised glance with YELLOW and BLUE, who aren't necessarily as surprised. ]

So what'll it be?  The White Ranger, or the ocarina?

[ CHRIS makes an embittered face, looks down at the ocarina, and then begins to trudge forward in surrender. ]

[ We see PINK RANGER in close-up. ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
Chris, it's okay.

Casey, I'm not gonna let you sacrifice yourself.

[ Again, we see PINK RANGER in close-up. ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
No, I mean...

[ A flash of sparks erupts from ESTELLE's torso, causing her to stagger backward.  PINK RANGER, now free, reveals a SKY BLASTER from behind her back, having blasted ESTELLE in the chest. ]

[ CHRIS startles, as do the other RANGERS behind him. ]

[ PINK RANGER holsters her SKY BLASTER as ESTELLE continues to stagger backward in shock, her chest smoking. ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger, cheerily):
I mean, I'm not too bad with a Sky Blaster.  (to Estelle)  By the way, it's "Pink Ranger."  (gesturing to her pink leggings)  I mean, hello...!

[ With a final lurch backward, ESTELLE dissolves into white fragments. ]

[ PINK RANGER joins the other RANGERS as they commend her. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
All right!

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
Ha!  Nice!

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):
Way to go, Casey!

[ PINK RANGER stops to look up at CHRIS.  After a moment of silence, he smiles softly and says: ]

Nice job.

[ Sentai - PAPYRIA shrieks angrily and charges forward. ]

Papyria charges Papyria charges

[ RED RANGER steps forward and delivers a side-kick toward the camera. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Back off!  (kicks)

[ Sentai - PAPYRIA rolls back and recovers her footing. ]

Papyria rolls back Papyria rolls back Papyria rolls back

[ RED RANGER looks back at CHRIS. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
You ready?

[ CHRIS nods and speaks into his gloved left wrist: ]

Sky Condor!

[ With a purple gleam, CHRIS's helmet returns to his head, completing his BLACK RANGER suit.  PINK RANGER affectionately slaps his arm as she rushes forward into battle (out of frame). ]

[ RED RANGER's feet are shown in close-up as he leaps into the air. ]

[ Switch to sentai - The YELLOW and RED RANGERS deliver leaping strikes with their TALON SWORDS, causing PAPYRIA to spark. ]

Yellow and Red attack Yellow and Red attack

[ The BLUE and PINK RANGERS leap in with dual BATTLIZER punches, striking PAPYRIA near her face. ]

Blue and Pink attack Blue and Pink attack Blue and Pink attack

[ BLACK RANGER performs a leaping two-footed kick toward the camera.  He plants his feet into the smoking PAPYRIA, sending her flying back. ]

Black Ranger's flying kick Black Ranger's flying kick Black Ranger's flying kick

[ PAPYRIA flies through the air.  She then crashes into a nearby tree and falls to the ground. ]

Papyria flying Papyria hits tree Papyria hits tree

[ US footage - As BLACK RANGER lands, the other RANGERS gather around him.  RED RANGER calls into his left wrist: ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Phoenix Cannon!

[ Over a black background, the PHOENIX CANNON transforms and descends to the five waiting RANGERS. ]

Phoenix Cannon Phoenix Cannon Phoenix Cannon Phoenix Cannon Phoenix Cannon Phoenix Cannon

[ Energy from the RANGERS flows into the PHOENIX CANNON. ]

Phoenix Cannon charges

[ RED RANGER looks down at his monitor. ]

Red looks down

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Target lock!

[ The PHOENIX CANNON's monitor shows PAPYRIA rising to her feet. ]

Papyria rising

[ RED RANGER presses the trigger button. ]

trigger button

LUKE (Red Ranger):

[ The cannon fires. ]

Phoenix Cannon fires Phoenix Cannon fires


[ PAPYRIA reacts. ]

Papyria reacts

Hey, what are you doing?

[ The cannon's phoenix flies down.  A spiraling fireball then strikes PAPYRIA, causing her to vanish in a burst of flames. ]

Papyria destroyed Papyria destroyed Papyria destroyed Papyria destroyed Papyria destroyed

[ US footage - A smoking JINNSECT lands in the grass, where it expands with yellowish-white energy. ]

[ Above, PAPYRIA materializes from insectoid energy and roars menacingly.  A vertical mouth with jagged teeth has now opened in the middle of her head. ]

Papyria grows Papyria grows giant Papyria giant Papyria

[ As the RANGERS scatter below, RED RANGER calls into his wrist: ]

Rangers scatter Red Ranger calls into wrist

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Sky Flyers, we need you!

[ EXT. SKY - As the FLYERS emerge from the clouds, the RANGERS beam up as streaks of light. ]

Rangers beam up

[ The HAWK transforms, and the legs and arms then attach.  The head rises, and the MEGAZORD is complete. ]

Megazord assembly Megazord assembly Megazord assembly Megazord assembly Megazord assembly Megazord assembly Megazord assembly Megazord ready

[ EXT. MOUNTAINS - Her feet shown in close-up, PAPYRIA runs forward and leaps. ]

[ Flying toward the MEGAZORD, PAPYRIA slams into it with her head, causing it to stagger back. ]

Papyria leaps Papyria leaps Papyria's headbutt Papyria's headbutt Megazord staggers Megazord staggers Megazord ready

[ INT. MEGAZORD COCKPIT (Jetman #23) - The RANGERS startle as they look ahead. ]

Rangers startle Rangers startle

PETE (Yellow Ranger):

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):
Where'd she go?

[ EXT. MOUNTAINS (US footage) - We pan across a view of the mountains, with no monster in sight. ]

LUKE (off-screen):
She turned invisible again!

[ INT. MEGAZORD COCKPIT (US footage) - Shown in close-up, BLACK RANGER presents the ocarina. ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
I'm on it.

[ BLACK RANGER touches two fingers to the right side of his helmet, underneath his ear and behind his jaw. ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger):

[ BLACK RANGER's helmet vanishes with purple energy, revealing CHRIS's head.  He then brings the ocarina to his mouth and begins to play a new tune, the VISIONARY ETUDE. ]

[ EXT. MOUNTAINS (Jetman #12) - The MEGAZORD brandishes its PHOENIX BLADE as the tune continues. ]

Megazord brandishes Phoenix Blade Megazord brandishes Phoenix Blade Megazord brandishes Phoenix Blade

[ Switch back to Jetman #16 - In the MEGAZORD's hand, the PHOENIX BLADE gleams with fiery energy which then turns light blue, as normal.  The ocarina tune concludes. ]

Phoenix Blade charges Phoenix Blade charges

[ Standing alone in the mountains, the MEGAZORD holds its glowing sword aloft.  Just as the tune concludes, bluish-white streaks of energy radiate outward from the sword, revealing PAPYRIA.  Bellowing angrily, she crackles with bluish electricity and then erupts in sparks. ]

Phoenix Blade reveals Papyria Phoenix Blade reveals Papyria Phoenix Blade reveals Papyria Phoenix Blade reveals Papyria Phoenix Blade reveals Papyria

[ The MEGAZORD leaps and flies in front of its blue vortex. ]

Megazord leaps Megazord with vortex

[ The camera closes on PAPYRIA. ]

Papyria reacts Papyria reacts


[ The MEGAZORD delivers its gleaming slash.  Struck, PAPYRIA flops into the air and onto her face, gleaming with multicolored streaks of light the entire time, and finally explodes. ]

Phoenix Strike Phoenix Strike Papyria destroyed Papyria destroyed Papyria destroyed Papyria destroyed

[ EXT. RESIDENTIAL STREET - Two POLICE OFFICERS are shooting ineffectively at the blob creature from behind the shelter of their patrol car.  In the background is the moving truck, with a gaping, rusted hole in its side. ]

[ Spontaneously, the blob creature dissolves into white fragments.  The POLICE OFFICERS hold their fire and stand in bewildered relief. ]

[ INT. MEGAZORD COCKPIT (US footage) - Shown in close-up, CHRIS watches as the ocarina dissolves into white fragments in his hands. ]

[ PINK RANGER peeks over the back of CHRIS's seat. ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
Well, you did it.

[ CHRIS looks up at PINK RANGER somewhat fondly. ]

We did it.

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
(giggles)  I guess so.  Hey, you know, it was fun getting a peek into your little world and all, but you think next time you could draw some friendlier creatures?

CHRIS (jestingly):
Hey, we're all still in one piece, right?

[ Just then, the lights in the cockpit flicker slightly.  CHRIS and PINK RANGER are initially puzzled, but once the flickering stops, PINK RANGER giggles. ]

[ Break. ]

[ INT. HOUSE, ATTIC - CHRIS is again upstairs drawing in his new sketch book when we hear a knock on the door below.  Glancing back at the stairs, CHRIS appears slightly anxious and unsure what to do.  He finally settles on straightening his hair with his hands and then replies: ]

Uhh, come in!

[ As the door is heard opening below and footsteps climb the steps, CHRIS rises (without closing the sketch book on his desk) and awkwardly approaches the stairs.  He smiles uncomfortably as CASEY appears from downstairs.  She is smiling coyly. ]

All right, so where'd you learn to play an ocarina, anyway?

[ CHRIS shrugs. ]

Video game.  The buttons were, uh...

[ CHRIS briefly twists his fingers into a half-ocarina-playing, half-video-game-playing shape.  He then confuses himself and gives up. ]

Well, it's hard to --

CASEY (gently amused):
I get the idea.  (more seriously)  So, um... about earlier...

CHRIS (awkwardly):
Yeah...  I, uh... (searches for words) ... I thought you liked Luke...?

CASEY (surprised):
What?  When?

Oh, umm...  You know, when... (waves his hand dismissively)  Ah, never mind.

[ CASEY stands bashfully, at a loss for words herself.  After a moment, CHRIS volunteers: ]

So, like... I was thinking... maybe we should --

[ CASEY listens intently. ]

CHRIS (cont'd):
... like, just... stay friends for right now...?

[ CASEY remains numbly expressionless but appears to blush as silence hangs in the air. ]

Like, uh...  This business about saving the world and all...  I mean, it puts a lot of pressure on us, you know?  It's just... I don't --

[ CASEY blinks and stirs to life. ]

CASEY (not entirely convincingly):
No, no... I agree.  Totally.

But, I mean, we could, like... hang out... sometime, if you wanted...

CASEY (distractedly):
Oh, yeah.  Definitely.

[ CHRIS grows sullen, perhaps frustrated with himself. ]

[ CASEY gingerly takes a step back toward the stairs. ]

CASEY (more cheerily):
Well, if you ever wanna show somebody some of your drawings, I'd love to see 'em.

[ CHRIS smiles softly. ]


[ CASEY smiles back, then turns and descends the stairs. ]

[ INT. HOUSE, UPSTAIRS - Just outside the slightly open door to the attic, PETE and MAGGIE have been eavesdropping.  Hearing approaching steps from upstairs, they scatter down the hall, clumsily trying to be quiet and shhing each other in the process. ]

[ CASEY emerges from the attic door before PETE and MAGGIE can reach the lower staircase heading downstairs.  Her voice causes them to freeze in their tracks. ]

CASEY (with mock seriousness):
What are you guys doing...?

[ PETE and MAGGIE guiltily turn. ]


CASEY (shutting the door behind her):
... 'Cause... it looked to me like you might've overheard something.

PETE (scratching his chin absently):
Uhhh... like what?

CASEY (approaching them):
Like me making an idiot out of myself...?

[ PETE and MAGGIE stammer. ]

Seriously, did you guys know?  Like, before...?

[ MAGGIE confesses: ]

I knew.

[ PETE nods and then gestures toward MAGGIE. ]

I knew because she told me.

[ Making a face, MAGGIE elbows PETE harmlessly. ]

CASEY (sheepishly):
All right, well... cat's out of the bag now.

Hey, you know, there's worse things than being friends.

CASEY (reluctantly):

And, tell you the truth, Chris doesn't... let a lot of people in, you know?  So if you two are friends, then you're not doing too bad.  (shrugs)  And, I mean, you never know...

CASEY (more quietly, after glancing over her shoulder):
What kind of girls does he usually like, anyway?

[ PETE stops to think for a moment.  His brow crinkles as he looks up distantly, lost in thought. ]

[ Time passes as CASEY and MAGGIE await an answer.  MAGGIE finally takes CASEY by the arm and heads downstairs with a smirk. ]

Yeah, let us know when you come up with something there, Owly.

[ The girls depart downstairs as PETE is left alone with his thoughts. ]

[ EXT. SPACE STATION - Establishment shot. ]

DILLIK (voice-over):
Um, I've got another reading on Sasha...

[ INT. SPACE STATION COMMAND - From across the room, TRASK interestedly watches DILLIK work the central console. ]


DILLIK (studying the display):
... She's back in Siberia... in her mother's lair.

[ TRASK nods thoughtfully. ]

As I expected.  (ponders a moment, then turns to leave)  Well done, Dillik.  I'll have to pay her a visit some time.

[ DILLIK holds back comment but then speaks up before TRASK steps out the door. ]

DILLIK (timidly):
... Y-- You're not gonna hurt her, are you, Trask...?

[ TRASK pauses a moment. ]

That all depends on her.

[ TRASK departs, leaving DILLIK concerned.  Cut to black. ]

DR. BERING (voice-over):
Next time on Power Rangers Take Flight:

[ EXT. SPACE STATION - Establishment shot. ]

DILLIK (voice-over, shamefully):
I made a monster, but he's a loser...

[ INT. SPACE STATION COMMAND - DILLIK steps aside soberly as TRASK approaches the displays on the central console. ]

DILLIK (woefully):
He says he steals people's voices.

Dillik...  Pray tell, how do the Rangers activate their powers?

[ EXT. RESIDENTIAL STREET - MAGGIE is invited into what appears to be a private residence by a well-dressed woman in her forties. ]

MAGGIE (voice-over):
I've got an appointment with a therapist this morning.  It's a prerequisite for my degree.

[ INT. THERAPIST'S OFFICE - MAGGIE and LESLIE sit opposite each other; outside the window is a wooded back yard. ]

I assume we'll get to know each other, then we'll talk about my family history, my childhood, my relationships...

Do any of those subjects make you uncomfortable to talk about?

[ EXT. BACK YARD - In a wooded area, we zoom in on an orange-ish monster with one eye, small gray satellite dishes for ears, and a round meter in his chest.  Meanwhile, MAGGIE's voice echoes softly with a muffled reverberation. ]

monster listens monster listens monster listens

MAGGIE (voice-over, muffled):
Well, I don't know about "uncomfortable"...

Ha ha!  I found you, Blue Ranger!

[ Cut to black. ]

DR. BERING (voice-over):
Next time, on Power Rangers Take Flight.