Spoiler Warning: The commentary found here discusses events in this episode and beyond.  Read at your own risk!


Episode 19: "A Fortunate Encounter"

This episode was completed on April 8, 2007, and released on July 12, 2008.

Writer:  Joe Rovang

[ Sentai footage is from Jetman #19 unless otherwise noted. ]

In Jetman #19, Pink and Blue visit a fortune-teller, and Pink receives news that she will die soon.  When other premonitions begin to come true, Pink revisits the fortune-teller and learns she will be killed by Maria (Sasha) at the harbor, leading her to avoid that battle altogether.  The monster behind the fortune-telling ruse (Arcanum) traps the others in another realm until Pink's butler knocks some sense into her and prompts her to return to battle.  The others are freed, and Arcanum is destroyed with the Phoenix Cannon.  The worm which will become Semimaru (Infernis), meanwhile, continues to grow.

I used this episode as the pivotal "Rangers learn how to thwart monster growth" episode because its sentai battle inexplicably failed to feature a giant battle, which would have otherwise violated my rule on Jinnsect monsters always growing.

[ Fade in to EXT. SPACE STATION - Establishment shot. ]

The first portion of this episode takes place on Tuesday, June 30, 1992, five days after the Will incident.

[ INT. SPACE STATION COMMAND - TRASK stands in the command center as DILLIK enters animatedly. ]

All right, Trask, this time I've got a really good plan.

Does it involve wasting ten Jinnsects all at once?

Trask refers to the Somebody army (episode 18), which we learn was Dillik's idea.  Dillik was given more leeway regarding initiating ideas in episode 17.

Well, fair enough... That was my fault.  But this one's better.

[ DILLIK tiptoes out and returns with SASHA, coaxing her into the room.  Upon entering reluctantly, she stands with arms crossed, her eyes mistrustfully watching TRASK. ]

DILLIK (cont'd):

[ TRASK crosses his arms, wryly amused. ]

Now this is rich.

The last time they were together (episode 16), Trask intended to destroy Sasha until Strife intervened; before that, Sasha had flooded Trask with light with seemingly murderous intent.  Dillik presumably tracked Sasha down using his ability to follow her teleportation signature, but we don't know how he convinced her to return.

[ EXT. SPACE STATION - Establishment shot. ]

DILLIK (voice-over):
All right, come on, guys... Let's just talk about this for a second.

[ INT. SPACE STATION COMMAND - TRASK and SASHA stand at opposite ends of the command center with arms crossed, their backs to each other.  In the middle, trying to mediate, is DILLIK. ]

DILLIK (cont'd):
So you tried to destroy each other.  We can get past that, right?

[ Silence follows. ]

DILLIK (cont'd):
You both want to destroy the Power Rangers, don't you?

Your point being...?

DILLIK (to Sasha):
Sasha, if we gave you a monster to help you against the Rangers, would you want it?

SASHA (petulantly):
I suppose.

DILLIK (to Trask):
Trask, if Sasha's willing to help one of our monsters destroy the Rangers, would you try to stop her?

TRASK (with jaw clenched):

Dillik makes a convincing point.

DILLIK (cheerily):
Well, look at that!  Common ground already!  (strokes chin) Now, if only one of us had a plan...  Oh, wait!  I do!

Dillik's plan apparently involves Sasha participating in a fortune-telling scheme.  I was glad Dillik was allowed to initiate plans by this point, because only Dillik could come up with a plan this ridiculous.

[ DILLIK takes SASHA by the hand and drags her in TRASK's direction. ]

DILLIK (cont'd):
Come, come!


[ DILLIK then takes TRASK's hand and drags them both off-screen. ]

I liked the idea of Dillik happily brokering a truce between the petulant Trask and Sasha; I found this dynamic entertaining.  Also fitting, as this was intended as a light-hearted episode.

[ EXT. HOUSE (DAY) - Establishment shot. ]

[ INT. HOUSE, DINING ROOM - CASEY exits the back door with a bowl of cat food, which she places on the back step.  As she returns, MAGGIE pops in from the living room. ]

Casey mentioned a white cat in episode 15; Moasi has not yet appeared (episode 28).

Hey.  I'm off for class.

As this is a Tuesday, Luke and Pete both have the day off.  Chris is currently at work, but Casey won't begin her shift until the afternoon.

CASEY (locking the back door):

[ MAGGIE hands CASEY a check. ]

Would you mind dropping this check off at the Pattersons' on your way to work?

CASEY (taking it):
I thought we paid him when he came!

Off-screen during the previous episode, Mr. Patterson repaired the front door, which Maggie broke in episode 16.

MAGGIE (with a smirk):
Yeah, he "forgot" to take it.  Pete says he's trying to treat us because he knows we're Rangers.

This echoes his behavior in episode 13, even though Pete and Chris seemed to talk him out of giving them special treatment.  Casey's visit gave me an excuse to touch on Barry's living situation and allow him to reconcile with Casey.

CASEY (smiling):
Oh, I get it...  I'll just ambush him at home instead!  (giggles) No problem.


[ MAGGIE exits, and CASEY pockets the check. ]

[ EXT. PATTERSONS' HOUSE - In her car, CASEY (wearing her Booksmart uniform) pulls up to a two-story house in good condition.  She gets out of the car and admires the house for a moment before ringing the doorbell. ]

Steve has made substantial repairs on the house, helping to explain how the Pattersons were able to afford it after Parkview's destruction.

[ BARRY opens the door.  CASEY does a double-take. ]

CASEY (shocked):

Oddly, it seems Mr. Patterson refrained from mentioning that Barry lived with them when he repaired the door.

[ BARRY frowns slightly and remains aloof toward Casey. ]

Hey, Casey.

W-- What are you doing here?

Oh, I live here.

[ Perplexed, CASEY checks the house number beside the door (405). ]

You what?  Since when?

Uhh, couple weeks ago.  The Pattersons are renting their basement to me.

This happened at some point after Barry helped them flee from Disastros and their building was destroyed (episode 13).

[ LENORE's voice can be heard from within. ]

LENORE (off-screen):
Barry, who is it?

[ LENORE pops her head out. ]

LENORE (cont'd):
Oh, Casey!  It's nice to see you!  (waves her in) Well, come on in!

[ BARRY steps aside, disappearing into the house. ]

[ CASEY smiles politely and offers LENORE the check. ]

I can't... I'm on my way to work.  I was just dropping this check off.

[ LENORE chuckles and accepts it. ]

That man... Sometimes I think he'd forget his head if it weren't attached to his neck.

Lenore doesn't know Steve's true reason for "forgetting" the check, though she does know the Rangers' identities (see episode 8).

[ With a smile, CASEY turns to leave. ]

Oh, I love what you guys have done with the place!

Casey apparently saw the house when they first moved in, but before Barry began renting their basement.

Well, I've gotta give Steven some of the credit for that.  I'll tell him you said so.

CASEY (departing):

[ LENORE waves.  As Casey's car starts (off-screen), LENORE goes back inside and shuts the door. ]

[ INT. PATTERSONS' HOUSE, DINING ROOM - In a modestly decorated dining room, BARRY sits at a barstool beside the kitchen, peeling a banana.  On display somewhere in the area is a photo of Jason (see episode 8), at the same age at which he was last seen in flashback. ]

I wasn't sure if I would have a chance to delve into Jason's passing, but I figured a photo would be a nice touch anyway.  One wonders whether the Pattersons were eager to take in Barry as a surrogate son of sorts.

[ LENORE walks into the kitchen and speaks to BARRY through the divider. ]

Honey, you know you're allowed to let guests in...

Oh.  Sorry, Mrs. Patterson.

Are you two okay?  You sure were acting glum around her.

BARRY (distractedly):
Huh?  Oh, yeah...  I mean, it's nothing.

LENORE (coyly):
All right then.

Lenore knows by now that reverse psychology is effective in coaxing information from Barry.

[ LENORE turns to the refrigerator.  BARRY then volunteers: ]

It's just she --

[ LENORE turns to listen. ]

BARRY (cont'd):
Well, I kinda liked her, and she was gonna help me give away Mr. Whiskers, but she bailed on me at the last second.

In episode 12.

[ LENORE considers. ]

Well, don't you suppose she feels bad about it?

Maybe.  I dunno.

She does, as revealed in episode 16.

I know she wouldn't have run off without a good reason.  A lot of times, it's hard to know what other people are going through, but sometimes we just have to trust they're doing the best they can.

[ BARRY replies with a grunt. ]

Now, if you disappointed a friend, how long before you'd want them to forgive you?

[ BARRY considers. ]

[ INT. BOOKSMART - BARRY is distractedly flipping through comic books (appropriate for July, 1992), but his attention is directed across the store, where we see CASEY working the cafe.  Further down (if shown), DREW mans the pastry counter. ]

This scene takes place later the same day.

Barry was shown visiting Booksmart in episode 5; I had since concluded he came here for comic books, so I wanted to illustrate that here.

[ Soon, BARRY absently returns the comic book to the stand and sets out in the direction of the cafe.  He then stops and grabs the same comic book, taking it with him this time. ]


[ INT. BOOKSMART CAFE - CASEY finishes helping a customer, after which BARRY approaches sheepishly.  In his hand is a Booksmart shopping bag containing the previous comic book. ]

CASEY (tentatively):
Hey, Barry...  Want the usual?

A bottle of milk (episode 5).

Nah, actually... I just, uh...  How are you?

[ CASEY smiles, amused. ]

I'm okay.

[ BARRY nods. ]

They, uh... treating you okay here?

(giggles)  Yeah, it's fine.  (reconsiders with an eye roll) Well, actually, I -- (waves her hand dismissively)

BARRY (concerned):
No, what is it?

Oh, it's just... I'm coming up on my fourth anniversary soon.

I wondered whether any readers would think this was a mistake, since Casey had mentioned in episode 1 that she was a Booksmart employee, "fourth year running."  But of course at the end of one's first year is one's first anniversary; after one's second year is a second anniversary, and so on.  (But maybe I'm the only one who found this tricky at first.)

Oh.  Is that okay?

Well, I guess, but --  (more discreetly)  I just always figured this was just a college job, and... I graduated over a year ago.

This sentiment was hinted at in Casey's remark in episode 1.  I had rough plans to change Casey's career accordingly, but the ending of this episode leaves her relatively content at Booksmart (and I had trouble thinking of a fitting profession that she could get into realistically, though I did like the idea of her becoming a personal trainer).  Ultimately, though, she keeps this job.

Hmm.  What was your major?


Oh.  (pauses)  What's that for?

People who can't make up their minds.

Apologies to any Communications majors in the audience.

[ BARRY chuckles. ]

CASEY (cont'd):
No, but seriously, you can do so much with it, I never knew where to start.

My personal indecision becomes Casey's.

[ BARRY ponders.  Soon, he suggests: ]

You know, this is probably a dumb idea, but...

CASEY (gently, with a chuckle):
What is it?

Well, there's a, uh... new fortune-telling shop just up the street from my shop.  Madame... something.  I forget.  But maybe she could give you a head start.

What a stunning coincidence that Barry's idea overlaps with the villains' plot!  But actually, they set up shop quite close to Parkview's former location, which seemed to be the best place they would know to try if they were fishing for Rangers.

CASEY (amused):
Fortune-telling?  I didn't know you were into that kind of stuff...

Barry's crazy beliefs adhere to science fiction themes rather than mysticism.

BARRY (self-consciously):
Well, I'm not, really.  Just a little curious.  (with a smirk) But you know, even a phony can give you inspiration.

Hey, more good advice!  Man, my characters are full of it.

(giggles)  That's true.  Well, all right, you wanna go together tomorrow?  Like, after lunch?

BARRY (with a smile):
Yeah, all right.

Want me to pick you up?

Nah, I'm right down the street.  I'll just meet you there.


See ya.


[ BARRY exits. ]

[ EXT. FORTUNE TELLER'S SHOP - We see an establishment shot of a small shop, outside of which is a sign which reads, "Madame Svetlana's Fortune Telling." ]

This scene takes place at lunchtime on Wedenesday, July 1, 1992, the next day.  Chris and Luke are at work, while Maggie's activities are unspecified.  Pete is probably at home.

The name Svetlana continues the Russian theme (at the risk of seeming Russophobic).  I chose the name because it means "light"; this contrasts with most of my name selections, which were essentially arbitrary.

[ INT. FORTUNE TELLER'S SHOP, BACK - In a dark, moody fortune teller's shop, a mysteriously dressed female (secretly SASHA) sits at a small, round table swirling her hands over a crystal ball.  The table is decorated with a black cloth and two candelabras (compare with sentai).  In the crystal ball swirls a mist of shifting colors. ]

The table matches later sentai footage of Arcanum's metamorphosis.

[ Seated in one of two chairs opposite SASHA is a male CUSTOMER.  He watches the crystal ball with anticipation.  SASHA speaks in a low, mysterious-sounding voice. ]

You will... be reunited with... your lost... (shrugs) ... car.

Sasha finds Dillik's plan stupid, partially because she doesn't believe humans have any mystical abilities.  She therefore isn't putting forth much effort.


[ The crystal ball becomes transparent. ]

SASHA (plainly):
Yep, lost car.  That'll be ten dollars.

[ Disgruntled, the CUSTOMER stands, tosses two five dollar bills (appropriate for 1992) on the table, and storms out. ]

Look at that - he paid.  (I imagine most fortune-tellers collect their money up-front, but Sasha's hardly a pro.)

[ Once the front door jingles (off-screen), SASHA carelessly crumples the money in her hand and tosses it over her shoulder. ]

Sasha also has no use for money, so she doesn't care what becomes of it after it's exchanged as part of the fortune-telling ruse.

Arcanum, this is stupid.  What are we even doing here?

[ In the crystal ball appears a bluish skull-like face (compare with sentai).  ARCANUM's raspy voice emanates from the face, which rotates slightly in the sphere at times for emphasis. ]

Arcanum's pupal form is the crystal ball itself, but his metamorphosis will draw in surrounding objects as well (as in Bobo's creation in episode 14).  Dillik used Jinnsect #30 of 46 (recall that ten were used up for the Somebody army) to create this monster.

I'm not sure of Arcanum's intended gender in the sentai, but he/she took the guise of a female fortune-teller at times.  I've described him using male pronouns in Take Flight.

I involved Sasha in the plan due to her prominence in the sentai episode (as the villain whom White Ranger believed would kill her), and yet I ended up cutting out all of her sentai footage!  This type of thing happened a number of times over the course of the series.

We're supposed to be searching people's lives for clues about the Power Rangers.  But with you running the show, we're not gonna get anywhere.

Sasha is present to guide Arcanum's psychic abilities to allow him to scan people's lives; Dillik's hope was that they would turn up clues about the Rangers, if not the Rangers themselves.

Hey, what did I do?

You're not taking this seriously.  You're throwing the energy all off.  And don't get me started about your chakras...!

The nature of Sasha's chakras is left up to the reader's imagination, but note that this seems to imply that human chakras are real.

Oh, please.  This whole thing's a sham anyway.  Like humans can really see the future.

That's your problem.  You're too closed-minded.

[ The door jingles (off-screen).  SASHA straightens up, shushing ARCANUM, and his face vanishes from the crystal ball. ]

[ CASEY enters through a doorway of black beads.  She is mystified. ]

SASHA (inwardly):
Well, look at this...

[ As CASEY looks around in awe, BARRY follows her in.  He examines the room cautiously. ]

[ SASHA begins waving her hands over the crystal ball.  She resumes her mysterious voice. ]

Welcome, humans!  (winces slightly)

Said by Zordon in the first episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.  I use it for comic effect here, as Sasha forgets she's supposed to be portraying a human.

Sasha surely recognizes Casey as the Pink Ranger, but she will try to get more information out of her rather than attack her immediately.  Dillik didn't imagine this as part of his plan.

For some reason, Casey doesn't recognize Sasha in this disguise.

[ BARRY and CASEY glance at each other momentarily. ]

SASHA (cont'd, gently):
Welcome to Madame Svetlana's Fortune Telling.  Please, sit.

[ CASEY and BARRY sit opposite SASHA. ]

SASHA (cont'd):
You have come to unlock the mysteries of your lives.

CASEY (wide-eyed):
That's right...!

Casey's reaction makes me laugh.

[ BARRY inspects the crystal ball as it begins to swirl with clouds.  He begins to extend his hand toward the sphere. ]

SASHA (tersely):
Don't touch that.

[ BARRY retracts his hand. ]

[ Her eyes closed, SASHA begins swirling her hands over the crystal ball as its clouds change hues.  She then stops and looks at CASEY. ]

My child, what do you see?

[ Initially surprised by the question, CASEY curiously peers into the crystal ball.  The mist within gives way, revealing a zoom-in on a giant, alien-looking monster downtown (Jetman #48). ]

monster vision monster vision monster vision monster vision

This foreshadows Sasha's monster form, which I planned to use for the Kestrel's debut on planet Illam (episode 22).  In Jetman, this monster was Radiguet's final form, Raguem.  I chose not to use it for the finale of Take Flight because of its particularly violent conclusion, and because I simply liked the Gigazord battles better.

That Sasha's true form was a monster was hinted in episode 14.

In Jetman #48, the four Rangers briefly contend with Radiguet's giant monster form, Raguem, while Red deals with Maria (Sasha), who's been turned into a vampire.  Maria ultimately turns Red into a vampire as well; the continuation of these events is described in the commentary for episode 21.

[ CASEY frowns. ]

I see... some sort of monster.

[ SASHA awkwardly looks aside before changing the subject, continuing to swirl her hands over the ball. ]

SASHA (toward Barry):
... Tell me what you see about HIM.

[ CASEY studies the mist again. ]

I see... Wow, he's in a suit, in front of a big flag...  Somebody's giving him a medal.

I wrote this premonition with the intent of fulfilling it at some point over the course of the series; little did I know at the time that it would appear in this very episode!

[ BARRY peers at the crystal ball, but only mist is seen within. ]

What?  Where?

[ SASHA sits back, and the crystal ball returns to normal. ]

SASHA (to Casey):
You have great power, my child.

We don't know whether this is true; Sasha probably just wanted to get Casey in a position where she could scan the other Rangers' lives.

CASEY (spellbound):

BARRY (still looking at the ball):
What medal?

SASHA (to Casey, gesturing to the ball):
Please, you try.

[ CASEY smiles giddily and places her hands over the crystal ball.   She gives her hands a wave, causing mist to stir within the ball.  She squeals happily and continues, stirring up yet more mist. ]

All right, this is a trick or something.

[ SASHA narrows her eyes at BARRY.  CASEY, meanwhile, stops swirling and looks at BARRY hurtfully. ]

What do you mean...?

We come in, and you just happen to be a natural at fortune telling?  She's just trying to get more money.  Look.

[ BARRY trivially waves his hand over the crystal ball, but it remains clear and unaffected. ]

[ BARRY frowns at the crystal ball. ]

BARRY (cont'd):
All right, fine.

SASHA (to Casey):
Don't listen to him, my child.  You have a tremendous gift.  (places her hand on Casey's)  Will you come back tomorrow?

[ Before replying, CASEY looks to an unamused BARRY. ]

[ INT. FORTUNE TELLER'S SHOP, BACK (LATER) - CASEY sits behind the crystal ball table, draped in a dark robe.  She is waiting expectantly. ]

Most of the rest of this episode takes place on Thursday, July 2, 1992, the day after the previous scene.  At present time, Luke and Chris are at work, Maggie's activities are unspecified, and Pete is just getting off his morning shift.  Casey's shift begins in the afternoon.

[ The door jingles. ]

Welcome to Lady Estelle's --

Casey has chosen "Lady Estelle" as her fortune-telling name.  This is both her real name (see episode 13) and the name used to describe her evil duplicate (episode 15).

[ BARRY enters through the beaded doorway.  He is wearing different clothes. ]

CASEY (cont'd, sheepishly):
Oh, hey, Barry.

BARRY (reticently):
Hey, Casey.

[ After a moment, BARRY sits opposite CASEY. ]

BARRY (cont'd):
You wanna read my fortune?

[ CASEY smiles. ]


[ CASEY places her hands over the crystal ball, but SASHA interrupts, still in disguise. ]

No, no, no.  I'm afraid we're closed right now.

Sasha wants Casey to probe her teammates' lives for Ranger secrets (which Arcanum could monitor but apparently not direct); she has no interest in Barry as a subject.


[ SASHA pulls BARRY to his feet and escorts him toward the front. ]

But your sign said --

Sorry, we're still in training.

I thought you said to invite my friends!

SASHA (pushing Barry through the beads):
No, your REAL friends!

[ CASEY sternly rises and pulls back her hood. ]

CASEY (crossly):
He IS my real friend.  You take your hands off him.


[ SASHA pauses and glares over her shoulder.  BARRY, meanwhile, is covered in bead strands. ]

You don't know who you're --

[ The front door jingles (off-screen), drawing everyone's attention. ]

[ INT. FORTUNE TELLER'S SHOP, FRONT - In a small waiting room with the blinds closed, PETE has entered.  He stands perplexed at the sight of BARRY partially obscured in the bead doorway. ]

[ INT. FORTUNE TELLER'S SHOP, BACK - SASHA grudgingly releases BARRY, allowing him to stumble forward through the doorway. ]

[ INT. FORTUNE TELLER'S SHOP, FRONT - BARRY stumbles out in front of a wide-eyed PETE.  BARRY plays it cool and gestures toward the back. ]

She's back there.

[ BARRY exits, the bell on the door jingling as he leaves. ]

[ INT. FORTUNE TELLER'S SHOP, BACK - PETE cautiously enters through the beaded doorway and looks around.  SASHA backs away into the shadows as CASEY remains standing.  She eventually regains her composure and takes a seat, re-covering her head.  Her demeanor is serious. ]

Welcome to Lady Estelle's Fortune Telling.

[ PETE advances, somewhat amused. ]

You really weren't kidding.

Shall I reveal the secrets of your future, sir?

[ PETE chuckles and takes a seat. ]

Yeah, all right.

[ CASEY swirls her hands over the crystal ball, stirring up its mists.  A moment passes.  PETE watches eagerly. ]

PETE (cont'd):
So what do you see?

[ CASEY stops.  Distracted, she soon answers: ]

Uhh... you... get a promotion soon.

PETE (excitedly):
Seriously?  You saw that?  Like, how soon...?

[ CASEY subtly gestures for PETE to leave.  He frowns.  She gestures more urgently.  He then stands, puzzled. ]

[ Standing as well, CASEY checks the shadows but sees no one. ]

CASEY (calling out):
Madame Svetlana, I forgot I have to go to work early today!  I'll see you tomorrow!

[ CASEY pushes PETE through the beaded doorway.  The bell then jingles (off-screen). ]

[ SASHA emerges from the shadows, still in costume. ]

Well, what did you find out?  Did you read any of his energy?

[ ARCANUM's head appears in the crystal ball. ]

Errr, actually...  She read YOUR energy.

Casey was motivated to check up on Madame Svetlana after her hostility toward Barry, and she's now discovered that she is Sasha.

She --

[ SASHA glowers toward the front. ]

SASHA (cont'd):
Clever little Ranger.  She'll be back.  And we'll be ready for her.

[ Break. ]

[ EXT. FORTUNE-TELLER'S SHOP - CASEY and CHRIS approach the shop but stop to look back.  In various locations nearby, LUKE, MAGGIE and PETE hide in waiting, their eyes on CASEY and CHRIS.  (Both PETE and CASEY are wearing the same clothes as in the previous scene.) ]

This scene takes place later in the same day.  All but Pete have had to excuse themselves from their normal activities.

[ CASEY and CHRIS turn to enter the shop. ]

[ INT. FORTUNE-TELLER'S SHOP, BACK - CASEY cautiously parts the beads to enter.  She is startled to see someone (off-screen). ]


[ BARRY sits behind the crystal ball table, wearing an extravagantly colored wizard's robe with a Swami turban.  He stands and greets CASEY cheerily. ]

Oh, hi, Casey!

[ CHRIS slips in through the beaded doorway and checks out the room. ]

BARRY (cont'd, with a nod):

[ CHRIS eyes BARRY. ]

CASEY (to Barry):
What are you...

Madame Svetlana chased me down.  She said she was sorry she was rude before... She was actually just jealous because she sensed so much potential in me.

This was Sasha's plan to counteract the Rangers' knowledge of her identity.

She what...?

BARRY (excitedly):
I know, I didn't believe her at first.  But I've been seeing visions from people's lives that they've been saying are, like, spot-on.  (chuckles) It's almost scary.

Presumably this ability comes from Arcanum rather than any innate supernatural abilities.

[ CASEY stutters anxiously.  CHRIS silently scans the room again. ]

So can I read your fortune?  (reassuringly) Hey, it's okay.  We can stagger our shifts.  No reason we both can't be a hit.

Barry, there's something not right about this place.  I think we should go.

[ BARRY sits. ]

BARRY (encouragingly):
No, come on.  It'll just take a minute.

Seriously, man, we need to go.

[ SASHA emerges from the shadows, in her normal white and black costume.  Her STAR HANDLE is in hand. ]

No, I think we'll all be staying right here.

[ CASEY and CHRIS assume defensive stances.  BARRY, meanwhile, is startled.  He stands. ]

Madame Svetlana...?  (pauses, then reacts in alarm)  You're that woman who turned my camera into a monster!

Barry is referring to events in episode 12; though the news coverage he watched in episode 13 didn't show Sasha, Barry must have seen photos or witness sketches at a later date.

SASHA (pointing her Star Handle at him):
Very perceptive.  Now sit.

[ BARRY reacts mistrustfully. ]

[ SASHA fires a bluish-white laser from her STAR HANDLE.  It sails past BARRY's face and strikes the wall behind him with a burst of sparks, causing BARRY to duck, shielding his face.  CASEY and CHRIS watch anxiously. ]

SASHA (cont'd):
I said sit.

[ BARRY reluctantly sits, his eyes locked on SASHA. ]

SASHA (cont'd):
Now...  Read their fortunes.

[ BARRY hesitates a moment.  Then, in one quick movement, he stands and hurls his chair at SASHA.  The impact knocks the STAR HANDLE from her hand as she recoils. ]

Barry shows his heroic side.

[ BARRY rushes around the table, shoving the two customer chairs in SASHA's direction as she desperately scours the floor.  He discards his turban and hurries the surprised CHRIS and CASEY toward the exit. ]

Come on!  Go!  Go!

[ At the doorway, the trio looks back. ]

[ The table and candelabras glow with bluish light, transitioning into sentai as the light coalesces into ARCANUM, a monster cloaked in black with a crystal ball for a head. ]

table before transforming Arcanum transforms Arcanum transforms Arcanum transforms Arcanum transforms Arcanum transforms

This is the only monster metamorphosis to appear in Take Flight; it was rare in Jetman and rarer still that I was able to use the footage.

In the sentai, Arcanum's small crystal ball attached to his tail-like appendage was used to display the image of the fortune-teller who had previously worried White Ranger with ominous premonitions.

[ BARRY hurries CHRIS and CASEY out the beaded doorway. ]

[ Still on the ground, SASHA barks at Arcanum (off-screen). ]

Well, get them already!

[ EXT. FORTUNE TELLER'S SHOP - CASEY, CHRIS, and BARRY evacuate the shop and find PETE waiting for them. ]

You guys okay?

[ CASEY nods. ]

[ A large explosion of smoke nearby startles them. ]

A smoke explosion seemed like an appropriate teleportation effect for a fortune-telling monster, and it also let me transition him into the scene without the use of sentai.

[ Sentai - As a cloud of smoke (US addition) disperses around him, ARCANUM speaks. ]

Arcanum speaks (smoke not shown) Arcanum speaks (smoke not shown) Arcanum speaks (smoke not shown)

Nice try, humans!  Don't you know you can't escape your future?

[ CHRIS takes a step forward. ]

Yeah, well, I think a date with the Power Rangers is in your future.

Barry doesn't conclude from this that Casey and her friends are the Rangers.

[ Sentai - ARCANUM performs a series of hand gestures in front of his torso, which bears a Death tarot card and an embedded JINNSECT. ]

Arcanum's hand gestures Arcanum's hand gestures Arcanum's hand gestures

Let's see them try to find us!

[ Behind CHRIS, a glowing blue emblem surrounded with arcane glyphs appears on the ground surrounding BARRY and CASEY, perplexing them. ]

[ Sentai - ARCANUM jerks his hands toward his torso, enveloping himself in a bluish gleam (US effect). ]

Arcanum's hand gestures Arcanum's hand gestures (blue gleam not shown)

[ The blue emblem streaks upward, warping CASEY and BARRY away as it vanishes. ]

In the sentai, Arcanum trapped the four Rangers in a strange realm in a large black cylinder while White was absent.

[ CHRIS rushes to Casey and Barry's former location, and PETE, LUKE, and MAGGIE join him.  They look around anxiously. ]

Where'd they go?!

The monster's gone too!

In the sentai, Arcanum remained behind, such that White was able to free the others by attacking him with a wooden sword.

SASHA (off-screen):
Don't worry, Rangers... I'm still here!

[ SASHA stands in front of the shop with her STAR HANDLE.  The weapon transforms into sword mode, and she leaps forward to strike. ]

[ INT. WHITE REALM - CASEY and BARRY wander through a white void.  Clouds of shifting hues drift by. ]

I originally wrote this scene as taking place in a black void, but I figured that had been overdone.

Where are we?

I don't know.  Inside the crystal ball or something...?

[ As they continue to wander, BARRY speaks up: ]

Jeez, Casey, I feel terrible that I got you mixed up in this.


This whole thing was probably a setup to get to me.  I just wish I knew what they wanted.

Barry still doesn't know Casey is a Ranger.  It was tricky to write this episode without revealing her identity, but I had no intention of revealing yet another identity at this point.

[ CASEY privately makes a face. ]

Yeah, who knows...  But we're gonna get out of this, okay?

[ ARCANUM's head flies over CASEY and BARRY, causing them to duck reflexively. ]

A spherical head would be easy to replicate in US footage.  And since they're in a mystical alternate realm, I'm able to break my rule on monsters reverting to previous forms (here, the monster as a crystal ball).

Oh, I wouldn't be so sure of that!

[ CASEY takes BARRY by the hand and retreats.  They flee through the mist until being confronted with a brick wall.  They twirl as ARCANUM's head approaches. ]

You're not going anywhere!

[ EXT. FORTUNE TELLER'S SHOP - The four RANGERS battle SASHA as she alternates between all three modes of her STAR HANDLE (sword, whip, and laser).  As the battle progresses, she does not appear to be gaining the upper hand. ]

This is the Rangers' second four-on-one battle with Sasha (see episode 10).

[ INT. WHITE REALM - CASEY and BARRY stand with their backs to the brick wall as ARCANUM hovers some distance above. ]

You see, humans, this is the realm where thought becomes reality.

[ A door materializes in the wall behind BARRY.  He reaches for the knob, but it is suddenly chopped off the door by the quick flash of a curved blade.  BARRY startles and finds a SKELETON WARRIOR wielding a scythe.  The door and wall vanish as BARRY and CASEY step back warily. ]

Arcanum's realm in the sentai featured skeleton warriors as well, but their costumes were pitiful.  Similarity to sentai aside, skeleton warriors simply seemed to fit best in the role of foot soldiers for Arcanum, particularly given his Death tarot card.  They also happened to remind me of the warriors shown in Bones' dimension in "High Five," the second episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (1993).

There's no way out.

So what do you want with us?

You're going to show me everything you know about the Power Rangers.

[ BARRY hears the distant sound of jets.  He looks up and sees a vision of the SKY FLYERS flying overhead (composite from Jetman #5). ]

Sky Flyers Sky Flyers Sky Flyers

When coached to think about the Rangers, Barry brought to life an image of the Flyers, presumably having seen them flying over the city at some point prior to their breakdown (episode 17).

[ BARRY clears his head, and the sound fades away. ]

I won't do it!

[ CASEY adds defiantly: ]

Yeah, we're just gonna think about other stuff!

[ A vision of CHRIS appears beside CASEY.  She furtively shoos him away, and he vanishes. ]

Casey still has Chris on the brain despite his suggestion that they remain friends (episode 15).

I think you'll have to reconsider.

[ The scythe-wielding SKELETON WARRIOR replicates twelve-fold, and thirteen identical warriors advance on BARRY and CASEY. ]

Thirteen is the number of the Death card in tarot decks.

[ CASEY concentrates, and an army of twelve NOBODIES wielding curved blades appears in front of BARRY and CASEY, guarding them protectively from the advancing SKELETON WARRIORS. ]

Faced with a battalion of foot soldiers, Casey thinks of foot soldiers of her own.  I thought this would be an interesting turn of events to have Nobodies as protagonists.


[ The SKELETON WARRIORS attack, and the NOBODY army fights back in a massive melee. ]

BARRY (to Casey):
You're doing that?

[ CASEY nods while continuing to concentrate.  BARRY looks up at ARCANUM's hovering head and clenches his fist. ]

BARRY (cont'd):
All right, then.  I'm gonna do something about bowling-ball-head up there.

[ BARRY lowers his arms and sticks out his chest boldly.  A green gleam morphs him into the GREEN RANGER, identical to the Rangers but in green with some gold embellishments. ]

There is no permanent sixth Ranger in my series, but this comes close.  The color green is a clear parallel to Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.  The idea of Barry becoming the Green Ranger was inspired by a character mockup I made on a lark after I'd mocked up the other Rangers helmetless in costume; I used Barry's head in a Green Ranger costume, and this visual stuck with me when I wrote this episode.

Barry has apparently moved from suspecting the Rangers of being alien in nature to being superheroes worthy of admiration.  He now envisions himself as one to defeat Arcanum.

[ CASEY is startled. ]


[ As the brawl continues nearby, the NOBODIES begin to fade.  CASEY quickly resumes concentrating, and they solidify once more.  The brawl resumes. ]

[ The GREEN RANGER holds out his hand, and an ornate green bo staff appears.  He clutches it with both hands and leaps into the air toward Arcanum's head (off-screen). ]

[ As GREEN RANGER flies toward ARCANUM's head, futuristic-looking crystalline green wings extend from his back. ]

Barry takes a few liberties with the Ranger concept.

BARRY (Green Ranger):
Hey, ball-head!

[ ARCANUM's face turns within the hovering crystal ball to look in Green Ranger's direction. ]

What the --?

[ As he soars by, GREEN RANGER delivers a powerful strike with his bo staff, causing ARCANUM's head to erupt in a burst of sparks (though the sphere doesn't shatter). ]

In the sentai, the unmorphed White Ranger struck Arcanum in the head with a wooden sword, freeing her teammates just before they would have fallen victim to an oversized Death tarot card.

[ All around CASEY, the SKELETON WARRIORS and NOBODIES vanish as the white void quickly peels away, revealing: ]

[ EXT. HARBOR - CASEY finds herself at the harbor (compare with sentai). ]

The harbor...?  How'd we get here?

Though the Arcanum battle began near Parkview's former location, the sentai battle picked up at the harbor, which was nowhere nearby.  Here, I provided a method for the location change, though I didn't offer a reason.

[ With a green gleam in midair, GREEN RANGER demorphs into BARRY, who plummets with a yelp. ]

For those keeping score, Barry was momentarily a Green Ranger in the real world.  I did this for stylistic reasons.

[ BARRY falls hard into a patch of bushes bordering the harbor walkway. ]

Fortunately, this gives Casey a chance to morph.

[ CASEY nearly takes a step forward. ]


[ CASEY stops, noticing someone to her side (off-screen). ]

[ Sentai - Rising with a smoking head, ARCANUM sways dizzily as he speaks. ]

Arcanum dizzy Arcanum dizzy Arcanum dizzy

All right, you two are gonna pay for that...

[ CASEY sternly calls into her MORPHER: ]

Sky Swan!

[ CASEY morphs into the PINK RANGER with a pink gleam. ]

[ Switch to sentai - ARCANUM startles. ]

Arcanum startled

Pink Ranger?!

Did Sasha forget to mention to Arcanum that Casey was a Ranger?

[ PINK RANGER holds out her BATTLIZER before pulling it back.  Its pink side wings extend. ]

Pink Ranger with Battlizer Pink Ranger with Battlizer Striker Mode

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
Battlizer, striker mode!

In the sentai, the other Rangers were present here, as they'd just been freed.  They all morphed and proceeded to fight Nobodies, and White then attacked Arcanum.  I cut a sequence showing Arcanum teleport-dodging White's sword attacks and plaguing her with oversized tarot cards primarily because it looked goofy.

[ PINK RANGER leaps.  She opens her underarm wings. ]

Pink Ranger leaps Pink Ranger leaps Pink wings Pink wings

[ In midair, PINK RANGER rears back to punch, pausing briefly as a swan image appears over a starry background.  She resumes, delivering a glowing pink punch (US effect). ]

Pink Ranger's Battlizer punch Pink Ranger's Battlizer punch Pink Ranger's Battlizer punch (pink gleam not shown)

[ PINK's glowing pink punch (US effect) strikes ARCANUM in the chest, sending him flying back. ]

Pink Ranger's Battlizer punch (pink gleam not shown) Pink Ranger's Battlizer punch Arcanum flies back

[ ARCANUM rolls across the pavement and crackles with blue electricity.  As he rises, a spark explosion erupts from his chest. ]

Arcanum's pain Arcanum's pain Arcanum's pain

[ Switch to US footage - Landing sans BATTLIZER, PINK RANGER is joined by the other RANGERS, whose attention is on the monster (off-screen). ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
Hey, guys!

[ RED RANGER clenches his fist warily. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Looks like it's showtime.

[ To his side, BLACK RANGER replies as BLUE stands between them. ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
The Phoenix Cannon?  He's just gonna grow!

The Flyers were rendered virtually inoperable in episode 17, and the Rangers have not yet devised a solution for the giant monster dilemma.  Admittedly, it seems a bit reckless for them not to have developed a strategy before now, but that wouldn't have been very suspenseful.

LUKE (Red Ranger):
What else can we do?

[ BLACK RANGER reaches for his SKY BLASTER. ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
You guys do what you need to do.  I've got an idea.

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):
Are you thinking what I think you're thinking?

Originally, I had planned for the Sky Enforcer idea to be Maggie's; this was one advantage to Sasha's destruction of Bobo's Jinnsect in front of Maggie in episode 14.  As I wrote this sequence, however, I found it simpler for Chris to be the origin of the idea, as he had to be the one to execute it (I had no footage of the Phoenix Cannon being fired without Blue Ranger).  So that Maggie still gets partial credit here, I suggested she got the idea at roughly the same time.  Chris and Maggie may have been inspired by sharpshooting stray Jinnsects in episode 18.

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
I guess we'll find out.

[ RED pumps his fist and glances over his other shoulder. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Ready, guys?

[ PINK and YELLOW nod. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
Go for it!

[ RED calls into his wrist: ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Phoenix Cannon!

[ Sentai - The PHOENIX ROVER transforms. ]

Phoenix Rover transforms

[ Switch to Jetman #25 - The PHOENIX CANNON descends to the four waiting RANGERS as BLACK RANGER is absent. ]

Phoenix Cannon descends four Rangers with Phoenix Cannon

This footage comes from the four Rangers' attempt to destroy the Shadow Rangers with the Phoenix Cannon in Jetman #25; I didn't end up using that sequence in episode 27, but it gets used several times in other places as part of the Rangers' sharpshooting strategy.

[ The four RANGERS stand ready with the PHOENIX CANNON. ]

four Rangers with Phoenix Cannon four Rangers with Phoenix Cannon

[ Meanwhile, BLACK RANGER assembles his SKY ENFORCER. ]

Sky Enforcer assembly Sky Enforcer assembly

[ US footage - Off to the side, in daylight, BLACK RANGER aims his SKY ENFORCER and looks to his left. ]

I found it awkward to show Black Ranger in daylight while the other four were in black, but I felt I had no alternative, as the Sky Enforcer footage was in daylight.

CHRIS (Black Ranger):

[ Switch back to Jetman #19 - RED RANGER looks down at his monitor. ]

Red Ranger looks at monitor

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Target lock!

[ The target lock screen zooms in on ARCANUM. ]

target lock

[ RED presses the trigger button. ]

Red presses trigger button

LUKE (Red Ranger):

[ The PHOENIX CANNON fires. ]

Phoenix Cannon fires

RANGERS (in unison):

[ The firebird's eye fills the screen. ]

Phoenix Cannon firebird

[ The spiraling fireball strikes ARCANUM with a fiery explosion. ]

Arcanum's destruction Arcanum's destruction Arcanum's destruction Arcanum's destruction

[ Switch to US footage - A smoking JINNSECT lands on the pavement. ]

Arcanum's lack of a giant form wasn't explained in the sentai.

[ Quickly, BLACK RANGER aims down at the Jinnsect (off-screen) and fires a purple beam from his ENFORCER. ]

[ Just as the JINNSECT begins to glow with yellowish-white energy, it is struck with the purple beam.  The JINNSECT shatters into yellow energy fragments. ]

Good thing Chris's aim is better here than in episode 18.  Arguably he can concentrate better here.

[ No longer holding the PHOENIX CANNON, the RANGERS whoop with joy and congratulate BLACK RANGER, who still holds his ENFORCER. ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger):

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
You did it, buddy!

[ RED nods at BLACK. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Good one.

[ BLACK shrugs. ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
Nothing to it.

[ Nearby, BARRY sits up from the bushes with a groan.  He looks toward the Rangers (off-screen), trying to focus his eyes. ]

P-- Power Rangers...?

[ Sentai - Starting on PINK RANGER, we slowly zoom out as the camera tracks in, expanding to a shot of the five RANGERS as the depth perspective shifts. ]

Rangers triumphant Rangers triumphant Rangers triumphant

In the sentai, this shot immediately followed Arcanum's destruction.  Its only witnesses were Radiguet and crew, from afar.

[ BARRY faints into the bushes. ]

Barry has encountered the Black Ranger (episode 5), but not all five together.

[ Break. ]

[ INT. SPACE STATION COMMAND - TRASK stands with arms crossed as SASHA storms into the command center in an apparently foul mood.  DILLIK mans the central console. ]

TRASK (to Sasha):
You seem to have turned retreating into an art form.

SASHA (spitefully):
I don't remember seeing you down there.  By the way, your monsters are useless now.

Well, actually...

[ TRASK and SASHA continue talking over DILLIK. ]

TRASK (to Sasha):
So the Rangers discovered a new parlor trick.  Unlike your majesty, Dillik and I don't surrender in the face of adversity.

Yeah, we --

SASHA (to Trask):
And what exactly do you plan to do about it?

We could --

TRASK (to Sasha):
That's not your concern.  Dillik and I will handle the planning and instruct you --

[ DILLIK speaks into the console microphone, his voice echoing throughout the station. ]

DILLIK (voice echoing):
Ah, pardon me, friends...

[ TRASK and SASHA look at DILLIK as he straightens and clears his throat.  He then declares matter-of-factly: ]

DILLIK (cont'd):
We could create a monster and provoke it into growing before the Rangers can get near it.

Provoke it into growing...  You mean attack it.

Originally, I'd planned for the Zephyros episode to occur much later in the series (using the Jinnsect which had run away in episode 3), but as I was writing this episode, I realized the villains were hardly as helpless as I'd first imagined, as they'd merely need to attack a monster before the Rangers fought it.  It then dawned on me that Zephyros' footage fit that plan perfectly, so I worked it in here (see next episode).

[ In the background, TRASK listens, intrigued. ]

Well, yeah.

And then?

[ DILLIK pauses and then suggests: ]

... And then get out of there before the angry giant monster smashes you...?

[ SASHA grunts. ]

And who exactly do you figure gets that job?

[ TRASK and DILLIK both look at SASHA.  She scowls. ]

I was planning for Sasha to begrudge the villains for putting her in harm's way here, leading to her theft of all the remaining Jinnsects for her monster army.  As it turned out, Sasha enacted her plan with Trask's blessing (episode 21), but her grudge carried over to her discussion with Strife in episode 24.

[ EXT. AWARDS CEREMONY - In a field outdoors, a crowd is gathered for a ceremony taking place on a stage decorated with a giant United States flag as the backdrop.  At a podium with a microphone is an ANNOUNCER in a suit, while BARRY stands to the left.  He is also wearing a suit (perhaps outdated for 1992).  Beside BARRY stands a POLICE OFFICER, who ceremoniously holds a star-shaped gold medal. ]

When Barry's actions in this episode proved especially heroic, I decided this was as good a time as any to fulfill his medal prophecy.  It also just so happened that July 4 was right around the corner at this point, so....

This scene takes place on Saturday, July 4 (Independence Day), 1992, two days after the Arcanum battle.

[ In the crowd, the five HEROES are gathered (all in different clothes from earlier scenes).  Also visible nearby in the crowd is AJAY (see episode 13). ]

Ajay works at Barry's VCR shop.

Pete may have just begun his midday break, and Luke has the day off (the museum being closed on July 4).  The others don't work on Saturdays.

Man, they went all out.

Yeah... Detective Morales pulled a few strings.

The Rangers apparently urged Morales to arrange something special to reward Barry for his role in Arcanum's defeat.  Morales became their ally in episode 18.

[ The ANNOUNCER speaks into the microphone: ]

Barry West...  For your selfless actions to protect the well-being of others in the face of danger, the city proudly presents you with the Citizen's Medal of Bravery.

[ The POLICE OFFICER places the medal around BARRY's neck as he smiles bashfully.  The crowd applauds. ]

[ In the crowd, the HEROES applaud vigorously.  CASEY cheers and whistles. ]

[ BARRY smiles self-consciously to the crowd and nods appreciatively. ]

[ Dissolve to EXT. AWARDS CEREMONY (LATER) - BARRY descends from the stage as the crowd slowly begins to disperse.  The five HEROES meet BARRY at the bottom.  The medal remains around his neck. ]

Hey, Barry!  Way to go, man!

Yeah, great job.


Yeah, man, thanks for saving us.  Casey especially.

Why "especially?"  Well, Barry saved Casey more than anyone else, but it could also be argued Chris is also admitting to fondness for Casey.

[ Closest to BARRY, CASEY looks up at him and smiles. ]


Ahh, it's a big deal over nothing.  I'm just glad you... (bashfully) ...got out safely.

[ CASEY smiles sweetly. ]

BARRY (cont'd):
So... I don't know about you, but I've given up on the fortune-telling career.

(giggles)  Yeah, same here.  I'm thinking maybe Booksmart's not so bad after all.

Yeah...  At least your boss isn't a supervillain.  (considers)  ... super-villainess...?

[ CASEY smiles.  She then looks over BARRY's shoulder. ]

[ Some distance behind BARRY, a young woman in her early twenties, DIANE, whispers an excited remark to her friend while looking in BARRY's direction. ]

CASEY (furtively, with a smile):
I think you have an admirer.

I introduced Diane to conclusively steer Barry away from Casey for the future, but it also seemed reasonable that he'd acquire an admirer or two from this ceremony.  They will be dating in the winter months (episode 40).

[ BARRY looks back, causing DIANE and her friend to look away innocently.  DIANE then meets BARRY's gaze and waves bashfully. ]

[ BARRY quickly raises his hand to wave in return but hits his hand on the medal dangling from his neck.  He clutches his hand and chuckles awkwardly before waving back. ]

This is Barry's last appearance until episode 40; I felt I had done all I wanted to with his character, and I had no particular reason for him to reappear since he no longer shared a building with the Rangers.

[ Nearby, PETE and the others approach CASEY while BARRY is distracted. ]

PETE (eagerly):
So, about that promotion...

Oh... I was just making that up.

[ PETE is crestfallen. ]

Pete is eagerly looking forward to being promoted to sous chef (see episode 8), but he never will be (see episode 36).

MAGGIE (patting him on the back):

All right, all right... How about this?  (concentrates)  Ummm...  You'll soon meet new friends.  Oh!  Or... your skills will be noticed.

Casey was trying to make up fortunes here.  Though I didn't intend for her to possess any special psychic powers, I couldn't resist making her (accidentally) foretell real events.  Here, his skills being noticed refers to his encounter with Scott in episode 29; though I hadn't yet decided when it would occur, I knew I wanted someone to tempt Pete into leaving Franco's.

Dude, Casey...  He wanted a fortune.  You sound more like a fortune cookie.

[ The HEROES chuckle.  The camera slowly begins to rise, leaving the HEROES below. ]

How about this...  You'll inherit a treasured heirloom.

This could refer to the Sky Kestrel (episode 22) or the Thadian Power Coins (episode 24), both of which I had planned by this point.

[ Teasingly, PETE waves dismissively and walks off, the others following suit.  CASEY tags along behind them. ]

CASEY (cont'd):
No, wait!  You'll soon travel to a foreign land!

This refers to either Illam or Thadia.

[ Left behind, CASEY calls out: ]

CASEY (cont'd):
Guys?  Hey, guys!

A rare whimsical ending to a Take Flight episode.

[ Fade to black. ]