Episode 21: "Desperate Measures, part 1"

Writer:  Joe Rovang

[ Sentai footage is primarily from Jetman #49, but all sources are indicated. ]

DR. BERING (voice-over):
Previously on Power Rangers Take Flight:

[ Fade in to EXT. SPACE STATION - Establishment shot. ]

TRASK (voice-over):
How long could it take to choose a monster host?

[ INT. SPACE STATION COMMAND - As TRASK paces, DILLIK stands in the center of the room. ]

TRASK (cont'd):
What is that witch up to?

You know, I guess I understand why you'd call her that, because her mom was a sorceress and all, but... Sasha's really not all that good with magic.  I'd probably call her a... warrior princess.

[ TRASK snaps his fingers. ]

Focus, Dillik.  Where is she?

[ DILLIK clears his head and examines the displays on the central console as he replies. ]

Oh, I still don't have a reading.  She teleported into the city days ago.  That was the last time I saw her.  And she hasn't shown up on the Rangers' cameras either.

[ TRASK ponders. ]

What did she say when she left?

[ DILLIK thinks a moment. ]

DILLIK (with a shrug):
Just... that she was going to research some host objects.

[ TRASK narrows his eyes suspiciously. ]

Check the Jinnsect habitat.

[ DILLIK presses a few buttons. ]

Okay... (confused)  What am I looking for?  I see fifteen Jinnsects.  That's nothing new.

[ TRASK continues to scowl suspiciously. ]

[ INT. DOLI'S STAIRWELL - In a stairwell not resembling the Rangers' old apartment, CHRIS and CASEY climb the steps with bags of groceries in both hands.  CHRIS is in the lead. ]

(grunts)  Boy, your grandma sure lives high enough.

[ CHRIS chuckles and glances back. ]

She walks down every morning to buy a paper.  She won't let me buy her a subscription.

And you do this every week?  How the heck do you carry all this stuff on your bike?

CHRIS (with a smirk):
Very carefully.

[ INT. DOLI'S HALLWAY - Outside Doli's apartment, CHRIS and CASEY emerge from the stairwell.  Stopping outside the apartment door, CHRIS frees one hand by setting some bags on the floor, and he produces a key from his pocket. ]

[ As he brings the key to the deadbolt lock, he glances back at CASEY with a smile. ]

Watch this.

[ Before the key can touch the deadbolt, it the door unlocks from within.  It swings open to reveal DOLI. ]

[ CHRIS pockets his key as DOLI gives him a warm embrace.  He returns the hug with his free arm. ]

Hello, Gaagii.  Punctual as always.

Hey, Grandma.

[ CHRIS gestures to CASEY. ]

CHRIS (cont'd):
Grandma, this is Casey.  She's my... (trails off, at a loss for words)

[ CHRIS looks to CASEY with an anxious expression. ]

CASEY (smiling):
We're friends.

[ DOLI motions for CHRIS and CASEY to enter. ]

Come in, come in!

[ CASEY follows as CHRIS takes his groceries inside. ]

[ Wipe to EXT. DOLI'S APARTMENT - CHRIS and CASEY emerge from an old apartment building. ]

[ CHRIS looks to CASEY. ]

So, um...

[ CASEY stops and faces him with a sunny disposition. ]

CASEY (cheerily):
Hey, don't get too hung up on the "friends" thing, okay?  (rolls her eyes)  That whole "what are we?" crisis.  Way too much pressure.

[ CHRIS blinks. ]

CASEY (cont'd, gently):
Let's just hang out, be ourselves, and whatever happens happens, right?

[ CHRIS nods, stunned.  He tries to reply diplomatically: ]

Uhh, y-- yeah.  I mean, I was gonna ask if you were hungry, but no... I agree.

[ Blinking in embarrassed silence, CASEY blushes.  She smirks and physically turns him to face the other direction. ]

Just move along!

[ CASEY wraps her arm around his, and they set out together down the sidewalk. ]

CASEY (cont'd):
Hey, what did your grandma call you?  Gaagii?

CHRIS (with a soft chuckle):
Oh, yeah.  It's just a nickname.  It means "blackbird."

Hmmm... "Gaagii"...

Oh, what... you gonna start calling me that too?

CASEY (mischievously):
Well, I dunno...  Maybe that, or "sweetie pie."  Or "honey bun."

[ CHRIS grimaces playfully. ]

How about "Black Ranger?"

[ CASEY laughs loudly as they round the corner into a parking lot. ]

[ Her back turned, a nearby woman in a white dress stands counting imaginary items as she records a tally of some sort into a small, elegant blue and white book.  She curiously turns to look at the passing CHRIS and CASEY, revealing to the camera that she is SASHA.  She then looks up at the apartment building above. ]

[ INT. APARTMENT OFFICE - In a modest leasing office, a female OFFICE CLERK sits filing documents at her desk.  Behind her in the corner is a fairly large metal safe with a combination lock. ]

[ SASHA enters, and the OFFICE CLERK greets her. ]

Hi.  How can I help you?

I'm... looking for some friends of mine.  Could you tell me which rooms they occupy?

Umm... I'm sorry, miss.  I can't give out that information.  I can take a message if you'd like.

[ Looking beyond the clerk, SASHA studies the safe.  Momentarily distracted, she soon speaks: ]

Uh, there's no need.  (points) Please, could you tell me what you call that large cube in the corner?

[ The OFFICE CLERK hesitates suspiciously but then glances back at the safe. ]

You mean the safe...?

[ SASHA writes in her notepad. ]

Ahh, yes, a safe.  And could you tell me its function?

OFFICE CLERK (looking around):
Is this some kind of a joke?

[ SASHA chuckles politely. ]

No, ma'am.  (seriously)  Is it for decoration?

OFFICE CLERK (playing along):
Yeah, sure.  It's for decoration.

[ SASHA makes a final note before turning to leave. ]

Very well then.  Thank you for your time.

[ As SASHA exits, the OFFICE CLERK sits bewildered at her desk. ]

[ EXT. SPACE STATION - Establishment shot. ]

[ INT. SPACE STATION COMMAND - DILLIK is silently working at the central console when SASHA (in normal costume) arrives in a flash of white light, her STAR HANDLE in hand. ]

DILLIK (looking at console):
Oh, hey, I got a reading!  (sees Sasha)  Oh.

SASHA (with a coy smile):
Hello, Dillik.

[ TRASK leans against the doorway nearby, arms crossed. ]

Took you long enough.

[ In SASHA's hand, her STAR HANDLE is replaced with her compact book with a white gleam.  SASHA's demeanor is smug and self-satisfied. ]

I've been researching.  (flips through the first few pages)  I've picked out hosts for all of your remaining Jinnsects.

[ DILLIK lights up and looks between SASHA and TRASK. ]

DILLIK (happily):
Oh, great!  We're set for months!

SASHA (devilishly):
That's not quite what I meant.

[ TRASK uncrosses his arms, eyeing Sasha (off-screen) with slight disbelief. ]

[ INT. SPACE STATION CORRIDOR - DILLIK trails TRASK pleadingly as he travels down the corridor. ]

Come on, Trask... You're not actually gonna let her go through with this, are you?  It-- It's a terrible idea!

Was it so terrible when you did it?

Now wait just a second...  Mine were made from Nobodies so they wouldn't --

The point is they all melted.  These won't.

Yeah, but... w-- what about our other plan?  You know... provoking one into growing?  You know, you shouldn't hold it against the plan just because our first try ran away...

[ TRASK stops and looks at DILLIK. ]

Let's call this an enhancement of the plan.  There are only five Rangers, after all.  They can't be everywhere.

[ DILLIK remains unconvinced. ]

TRASK (cont'd):
I'll tell you what, Dillik... If this doesn't work, you're in charge.

DILLIK (startled):

You heard me.  (walks off)  Now come on.  Let's not keep the princess waiting, shall we?

[ DILLIK stands stunned for a moment.  He then hurries to catch up. ]

[ EXT. CITY STREET - PETE and MAGGIE get out of a taxi and begin walking through a marketplace downtown. ]

[ As they walk, PETE winces slightly and touches his hand to his right cheek. ]

[ MAGGIE stops. ]

Are you okay?

PETE (casually):
Oh, yeah, it's nothing.  Just a toothache.  I've got an appointment Monday.

[ They continue. ]

PETE (cont'd):
Hey, how are those therapy sessions going?

MAGGIE (with an exhausted expression):
Four down, six to go.

[ PETE chuckles. ]

PETE (sarcastically):
Aw, come on, you're not enjoying them?

I keep freaking out that I'm going to say something I shouldn't.  You know... (gestures furtively to her Morpher)

So you don't think she's figured anything out yet?

MAGGIE (with an exasperated chuckle):
She's figured out I'm an evasive pain in the you-know-what.

[ PETE laughs. ]

MAGGIE (cont'd):
Seriously, we have more awkward pauses than... (gestures searchingly) ...something with a lot of awkward pauses.

A comedian at a funeral?

MAGGIE (with a smirk):
I was thinking something like a blind date, but okay...

How about a yodeler in space?

[ With a chuckle, MAGGIE shakes her head and rolls her eyes. ]

Oh!  A mime intervention!

[ MAGGIE laughs and gives PETE a playful push. ]

[ EXT. GREETING CARD SHOP - We see an establishment shot of a small greeting card shop downtown.  A DELIVERY MAN carrying a long, rectangular package approaches the door and enters. ]

[ INT. GREETING CARD SHOP - In uniform, LISA greets the entering DELIVERY MAN from the checkout desk. ]

Good afternoon.

Hi.  (checks package)  I've got a delivery for Lisa Ward...?

LISA (puzzled):
Oh.  That's me.

[ The DELIVERY MAN hands her the long package and presents a slip which she signs. ]

DELIVERY MAN (departing):
Have a nice day.

[ As the DELIVERY MAN exits, LISA studies the mysterious package.  She uses a pair of scissors to cut the box's packing tape, and she removes the lid.  Within is a delicately wrapped bouquet of wildflowers, along with a small card. ]

[ LISA reads the card.  In close-up, we see that it reads: "Looking forward to tonight." ]

[ LISA smiles. ]

[ EXT. WOODED PATH - SASHA descends a wooded hillside from the direction of a residential area behind her (compare area with sentai).  Her STAR HANDLE is in hand.  She stops upon seeing someone in front of her (off-screen). ]

[ Sentai (Jetman #49) - In close-up, we see STRIFE's feet as he walks out from behind a tree.  He stops, turning to face her. ]

Strife walking Strife walking

Your majesty.

[ SASHA suspiciously eyes Strife (off-screen) a moment before curling her mouth into a smirk. ]

Strife.  Did you come to join in the festivities?

[ INT. SPACE STATION, DILLIK'S LAB - Seated at his device-laden work table, DILLIK shakes his head, wearing his VR helmet (see episode 12). ]

[ EXT. WOODED PATH (Jetman #49) - STRIFE similarly shakes his head.  As he speaks, he raises his hands pleadingly. ]

Strife shakes his head Strife pleads

N-- No, your majesty.  This plan... it's fraught with disaster.

[ US footage - SASHA laughs sharply before replying: ]

SASHA (smugly):
What do you know about it?

[ STRIFE lowers his hands soberly. ]

Strife replies

I know these monsters can be... unreliable.

[ US footage - SASHA scoffs.  In the background as she speaks, black smoke slowly begins to rise from a house somewhere in the distance. ]

The Rangers don't stand a chance against my army.  (glances back at the smoke)  Besides, everything's already in motion.


But your majesty... there's no telling what can become of this.  You're putting yourself in great danger just being here.

[ EXT. WOODED PATH - SASHA turns slightly.  The smoke continues to rise in the background. ]

You don't understand, Strife.  (lowers her gaze)  My mother warned me of the technology here on Earth.  It was the same technology developed on my birthworld, Illam.  She knew the Rangers would use their weapons against us, just like the Vanguards.  She came here to eradicate the threat...

[ Sentai (Jetman #49) - STRIFE listens. ]

Strife listens

SASHA (cont'd, off-screen):
...but it cost her her life.

[ SASHA concludes, the smoke continuing. ]

SASHA (cont'd):
And now I intend to put an end to the Rangers.  Or die trying.

[ INT. SPACE STATION, DILLIK'S LAB - Startled, DILLIK recoils slightly.  He then shifts uncomfortably. ]

W-- Well...

[ EXT. WOODED PATH (Jetman #49) - STRIFE slowly raises his hands to his chest as he speaks with sincerity. ]

Strife sincere Strife sincere

STRIFE (cont'd):
...you don't have to do this alone.  I'm here for you.

[ US footage - SASHA cocks her head coyly. ]

Yeah, it looks like you are.  But you've never said why.

[ STRIFE extends his hands as he speaks passionately. ]

Strife speaks Strife speaks

I... I care about you.

[ US footage - Puzzled, SASHA frowns. ]

You what...?  (shakes her head and turns away)  Look, just stay out of my way, okay?

[ US footage - SASHA vanishes with a white gleam.  The sky remains streaked with black smoke. ]

[ STRIFE slowly clenches his fist.  He speaks with determination before finally lowering his fist. ]

Strife's promise Strife's promise Strife's promise Strife's promise Strife's promise Strife's promise

I'm sorry, your majesty.  I can't bring your mother back.  But I will protect you from harm.  I swear it.  (lowers fist)  Power Rangers... you're finished.

[ EXT. OUTDOOR CAFE - CHRIS and CASEY sit together at a table, conversing and occasionally sipping at their iced drinks (Chris with soda, Casey water).  They are alone on the cafe's patio.  Beyond a metal fence at the edge of the patio, traffic passes occasionally on a city street. ]

But how do you do it?

I dunno, actually.  It just happens when I'm in battle.  I get all... charged-up, sort of, and just...

[ CHRIS gestures as if delivering Black Ranger's X-strike with an imaginary sword. ]

CHRIS (cont'd):
...whoosh whoosh... It just happens.  I'm sure you could do it.

[ As CHRIS has been speaking, a police siren has grown louder in the distance.  A police car (compare with episode 15) now races by the cafe.  CHRIS and CASEY pay no particular attention. ]

So... I mean, what makes you not use your Battlizer?

[ CHRIS absently rubs his right wrist, pondering for a moment. ]

[ INT. CAR (DAY) - In the back seat of a sedan sits YOUNG CHRIS, approximately eight years old.  In the front seats are MR. and MRS. JACOBS (see episode 10).  MR. JACOBS is driving on the highway.  He suddenly swerves in reaction to something ahead (off-camera), and YOUNG CHRIS is jostled violently as the screen flashes to white. ]

[ We return to EXT. OUTDOOR CAFE - CHRIS continues: ]

I broke my wrist in the accident.  It took a long time to heal.  Still bothers me sometimes.

[ We see a brief flashback from episode 7 as BLACK RANGER punches SPOUTFIRE with his BATTLIZER. ]

Black's Battlizer Black's Battlizer Black's Battlizer

CHRIS (cont'd, voice-over):
Like the time I tried my Battlizer.

[ CASEY responds. ]

Wow, I didn't know.  But you draw with your right hand though, right?

(chuckles softly)  Yeah, that was part of my recovery.  In more ways than one, I guess.

How do you mean?

Well, I hardly did anything but draw when I started living with my grandma.  I was pretty stubborn... I drew every chance I could, even with my cast on.  I think I just did it to prove I wasn't... broken.

[ CASEY nods, listening intently. ]

CHRIS (cont'd):
So, anyway... (flexes his wrist)  It still kinda aches sometimes, but I'm mostly okay.  (to Casey) Hey, could we just keep this between us?

[ CASEY nods as a fire truck races by (in the other direction), its siren wailing.  CHRIS cranes his neck after it. ]

CHRIS (cont'd):
Man, what's going on?

[ CASEY glances at her AVIMORPHER. ]

I've got nothing.

[ CHRIS stands, looking around with vague concern. ]

Let's check in with Detective Morales.

[ CASEY nods and stands.  She points to a pay phone a short distance from the cafe. ]

Okay.  There's a phone over there.

[ CHRIS and CASEY leave through the patio's gate and approach the phone.  Unexpectedly, a voice apparently emanates from the phone (though not muffled as a broadcast; rather, as though the phone itself is speaking), causing CHRIS and CASEY to halt in their tracks. ]

Hey, just leave me alone, will ya?

[ The pay phone suddenly vanishes with a burst of blue energy.  CHRIS and CASEY startle.  As they look at each other, CASEY notices something else in the distance.  She points toward the street. ]

Look at that!

[ In the street scampers a safe (identical to the one previously seen in the apartment office), using small metallic appendages to drag itself along. ]

[ CHRIS and CASEY watch, transfixed. ]

CASEY (cont'd):
All right, what the heck is going on?

[ CHRIS leads the way to follow the safe (off-screen). ]

Come on.

[ They depart. ]

[ INT. POLICE STATION - DETECTIVE MORALES is working at his desk when he hears a commotion from an adjoining area.  He stands and looks as an opaque gray riot shield (with a clear viewing window, below which is written "Police") flies over a number of clamoring police officers, some with weapons drawn. ]

[ The riot shield flies low over DETECTIVE MORALES' head, causing him to duck, and it promptly smashes its way through the exit doors.  DETECTIVE MORALES looks on in puzzlement. ]

[ EXT. AUDIO SHOP - As a street-rattling bass booms from within, numerous customers and employees evacuate an urban audio shop, many holding their hands over their ears.  As the evacuation continues, a front window shatters. ]

[ EXT. CITY STREET - We see a suitcase hopping down the sidewalk under its own power.  As it approaches a pedestrian, the suitcase pauses, and the pedestrian vanishes with a swirl of white energy.  The suitcase then continues down the sidewalk until encountering another pedestrian.  This repeats several times. ]

[ EXT. MUSIC FESTIVAL, STAGE - On the stage of an outdoor music festival in a park, a ROCKER tries to please a sparse and unenthusiastic audience with somewhat amateurish riffs on an orange electric guitar.  The performance is not going well, as a few people begin to boo. ]

[ Just then, orange musical notes begin to emanate from the guitar, unnoticed by both the ROCKER and the audience.  Suddenly, everyone in the audience begins to cheer, thrilled by the performance. ]

[ The ROCKER is visibly startled by the reaction, but he plays on. ]

[ EXT. URBAN CEMETERY - At a downtown cemetery, an elderly couple stands respectfully before a tombstone.  Behind it stands the statue of a female angel blowing a long trumpet.  To the astonishment of the elderly couple, the angel stiffly comes to life and flies away on stony wings. ]

[ INT. APARTMENT - Inside a random apartment, a TENANT is startled as a white body massager with a large massage head flies into his living room, having passed effortlessly through the wall as though intangible, its only sound a faint buzz.  The massager hovers in midair and emits an amused laugh before flying past the alarmed TENANT.  The massager passes clean through the front door like a ghost with an additional buzz. ]

[ EXT. ARCHERY RANGE - One archer, ARCHER1, shoots an arrow at a target (off-screen) but is clearly disappointed with his shot. ]

Man, what's wrong with me?  I can't hit anything!

[ Another archer, ARCHER2, notes toward a different part of the target range: ]

Hey, at least your target isn't moving.

[ In the middle of the grassy range, one of the bullseye stands gallops across the field like a wild horse. ]

[ EXT. CITY STREET - In the middle of an intersection, the BLACK and PINK RANGERS land, blocking the path of the rogue safe.  Traffic has ground to a halt. ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
Stop right there!  (to Black)  Jeez, I've never heard of a safe robbing itself before.

[ The safe continues crawling in PINK's direction.  BLACK delivers a strong side-kick, knocking it onto its side with a mighty thud (the hinge side downward). ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
She said give it a rest, bucko.

[ With a silvery gleam of energy, the safe shapeshifts into a burly monster named LOCKJAW, his torso consisting of the sideways safe, its door forming a massive square mouth capable of swinging open at the hinge.  His limbs are metallic structures which appear to have burst out of the sides of the safe, and a JINNSECT is embedded in his shoulder.  His voice is gruff and deep. ]

Hey, what'd ya do that for?!

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
Standard procedure.  This is where we say, "Don't make us destroy you..." (gestures to Pink)

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
Don't make us destroy you!

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
...you fight us anyway, and we destroy you.  (shrugs)  Sorry, but we've done this a few times.

[ LOCKJAW pauses a moment, seemingly confused.  He then shakes his fists animatedly. ]

I'll pulverize ya!

[ BLACK shrugs lazily. ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
That's what they all say.  But it's cute you think you're different.

[ LOCKJAW growls and charges forward.  BLACK effortlessly leaps over the lumbering brute, at which point LOCKJAW stumbles and plows head-first into a parked car, his weight crushing the entire front end of the car.  He pries himself free and twirls around angrily. ]

[ INT. WAREHOUSE - The YELLOW and BLUE RANGERS search a labyrinthine warehouse.  Suddenly, yellow energy bolts strike them from off-screen, causing them to recoil amidst a spark explosion.  Recovering, they see their attacker: ]

[ Standing on a stack of crates nearby is STACKSTER, a bulky, yellowish-orange and black mechanical monster with steel forks sticking out of his chest, apparently having been created from a forklift.  A JINNSECT is embedded in his thigh.  He speaks with a temperamental, antagonistic voice. ]

Power Rangers!  I've been waiting for you!  But... there's only two of you!  That doesn't make any sense!  Look, now, you really need to think this through a lot better.  I... (looks away disdainfully)  I really expected a lot better from Power Rangers.  (looks at them again)  My name's Stackster, by the way.  ...In case you wanted to make a note.  S-T-A...

[ YELLOW RANGER glances at BLUE. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
Man, this guy must like to hear himself talk or something.

My body came from a LiftMaster 4200... (looks down toward his embedded Jinnsect) ...but they added this thing here.

[ STACKSTER looks up and finds himself alone. ]

STACKSTER (cont'd):
Hey, where'd you go?  Now, come on, people!  How about some continuity?

[ BLUE and YELLOW jump-kick STACKSTER from behind, sending him flying off his crate.  He lands on his back and quickly rises, irate. ]

STACKSTER (cont'd):
A kick from behind?!  Who even DOES that?!

[ Like a forklift, STACKSTER raises his chest forks to shoulder level.  He then charges toward the crate, at which point BLUE and YELLOW flip into the air.  While airborne, they draw their SKY BLASTERS. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
Sky Blasters!

[ STACKSTER slams into the crate, splintering the top as his forks pierce the crate, briefly immobilizing him. ]

[ Still in midair, BLUE and YELLOW fire their blasters. ]

[ The yellow lasers strike STACKSTER but mostly bounce off ineffectually.  He then pries himself loose and confronts the duo as they land. ]

Ha!  Sky Blasters!  More like... Cry Blasters!

[ BLUE and YELLOW stare at him, unmoved. ]

STACKSTER (cont'd):
...You know, because they make me cry, they're so puny.

[ BLUE and YELLOW look at each other. ]

[ STACKSTER charges out of frame toward the Rangers with an angry wail. ]

[ EXT. GRAVELY LOT - In a fenced-in lot covered with gravel, RED RANGER rolls back and recovers his footing, his opponent out of frame.  Surrounding the lot is a chain-link security fence, and overhead are heavy-duty power lines. ]

[ His opponent, SHOCKRA, approaches.  She is a grayish-black monster comprised of generator parts, including numerous cables, some frayed, which drape down from her wrists.  A JINNSECT is embedded in her chest.  She speaks in a brazen, arrogant tone. ]

You're helpless against the power of Shockra, Red Ranger!

[ Advancing, SHOCKRA draws electricity into herself from the lines above.  She then fires it from her wrists as white-hot electrical bolts. ]

[ Struck by the bolts, RED RANGER flips back amidst significant bursts of sparks. ]

[ EXT. CITY STREET - LOCKJAW fires a series of incendiary blasts from his fingertips.  Sparks erupt around PINK and BLACK.  PINK rolls aside and draws her SKY BLASTER. ]

[ PINK fires yellow lasers, but they bounce off LOCKJAW's iron hide. ]

[ With a growl, LOCKJAW opens his massive, square mouth.  A silvery swirl of energy pulls the SKY BLASTER out of PINK RANGER's hands and sends it flying into the monster's gaping maw.  The safe door comprising his jaw clamps shut, and his combination lock spins. ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
My blaster!

[ BLACK RANGER distractedly touches his fingers to the side of his helmet. ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
Whoa, we've got big trouble.  There's another monster.  I've gotta go do something.  (to Pink)  Can you keep this guy busy?

[ PINK is still somewhat distraught. ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger):

[ BLACK nods and leaps into the air. ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
Try that sword technique I was telling you about.  You can do it!  (leaps)

[ PINK RANGER squares off against LOCKJAW. ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
Yeah, thanks a lot...

[ A loud motorcycle is heard approaching. ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger, cont'd):
Hey, what's that sound?

[ Suddenly, an unmanned black cruiser-style motorcycle races by at high speed, colliding with PINK RANGER.  Grabbing on with a yelp, PINK RANGER manages to flip and land on the seat as the bike speeds away from LOCKJAW. ]

Hey, come back here!

[ EXT. CITY STREETS (HIGH SPEED) - As PINK is ferried at high speed through the city with dizzying twists and turns, she tries in vain to control the handlebars.  (PINK's blaster holster remains empty.) ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
What's going on with this thing?!

[ A scratchy voice emanates from the motorcycle: ]

Roadhog's the name!  What's your pleasure?

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
Uhh, my pleasure?  Maybe you could slow down a little...?

Slow down?!  This IS slow!  Better hold on, Grandma!

[ PINK RANGER yelps as the motorcycle races along even faster. ]

[ INT. WAREHOUSE - Struck by STACKSTER, YELLOW RANGER sparks and rolls back.  BLUE RANGER strikes ineffectually with her TALON SWORD and is knocked back as well. ]

[ As BLUE rolls back, YELLOW helps her up. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
You okay?

[ While BLUE replies, YELLOW is distracted by an apparent vision in his visor.  He touches his fingers to the side of his helmet. ]

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
Hey, wait a sec...  There's a second monster!

[ Through Yellow's visor, we see: EXT. CITY STREET - A female monster, RESA, walks through the city causing random people to vanish with white swirls (compare with previous suitcase scene).  RESA's torso consists of the previous suitcase, her limbs and head comprised of a mishmash of a woman's personal belongings, including clothing, a swimsuit, shoes, sunscreen, and various toiletries.  A JINNSECT is embedded in her torso. ]

PETE (voice-over, cont'd):
What's she doing?!

[ INT. WAREHOUSE - As YELLOW RANGER removes his fingers from his helmet, STACKSTER charges, and he and BLUE dodge. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger, cont'd):
We've gotta stop her!  (dodges)  Better call the others.

[ BLUE nods.  YELLOW takes the opportunity to grasp STACKSTER from behind and lift him into the air.  He then begins spinning the monster over his head, and we pan over to BLUE RANGER as she takes cover behind a crate. ]

STACKSTER (soon off-screen):
Hey, what are you doing?  You're spinning me?  What kind of attack is that?

[ The pan completes.  BLUE speaks into her left wrist in a restrained tone. ]

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):
Guys, are you there?  We've got trouble.

[ EXT. BACK YARD - In a residential area, BLACK RANGER struggles to dodge flames spewed by an unseen foe.  He briefly replies into his wrist: ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
You're telling me!

[ EXT. GRAVELY LOT - While attempting to fight SHOCKRA at hand-to-hand combat, RED RANGER replies into his wrist: ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Yeah, I've got a monster over here, guys.  My hands are full.

[ INT. WAREHOUSE - BLUE responds. ]

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):
Wait a second...  How many monsters are there, anyway?

[ A yellow electrical bolt strikes near BLUE's head, causing her to startle slightly. ]

LUKE (voice-over, transmission):
One here.

CHRIS (voice-over, transmission):
We've seen two, maybe three.

CASEY (voice-over, transmission):
Make that four.  Whooooooa!

[ YELLOW joins BLUE as she ends her transmission. ]

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):
This is bad.

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
We can't wait.  I don't know what that other monster's doing to those people, but we've gotta stop her.

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):
You go.  I'll keep an eye on this guy.

[ STACKSTER clumsily rises from a heap of boxes. ]

Yeah, that's what YOU say!

[ BLUE nods to YELLOW. ]

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):

[ YELLOW nods in return and departs. ]

[ EXT. BACK YARD - BLACK RANGER battles FLAMION, a red and silver monster apparently created from an outdoor grill; he wields a long metal spatula as a weapon.  His head consists of the large grill hood, in which a JINNSECT is embedded, and he occasionally opens the hood to spew a stream of flames at BLACK RANGER.  In his torso is a propane tank. ]

[ During the fight, FLAMION remarks with a boisterous voice: ]

Ha ha!  You're no match for Flamion!  Oh, get it?  "Match?"

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
(grunts)  Terrible.

[ BLACK RANGER side-kicks FLAMION across the yard. ]

[ EXT. URBAN PARK - Now in a park downtown, RESA continues to cause people to vanish. ]

[ Sentai (Jetman #26) - YELLOW RANGER leaps onto the scene with a flying BATTLIZER punch (shown three times). ]

Yellow Ranger's Battlizer punch Yellow Ranger's Battlizer punch Yellow Ranger's Battlizer punch Yellow Ranger's Battlizer punch

[ YELLOW RANGER punches RESA with a burst of sparks using his BATTLIZER (composite from Jetman #32 if necessary).  RESA is knocked back. ]

Yellow Ranger's Battlizer punch (if needed for US composite)

[ Staggering back, RESA barks in a sharp voice: ]

Who invited you?!

[ With a wave of her hand, RESA causes YELLOW RANGER to vanish as well.  (By this point, he is not wearing his Battlizer.) ]

[ EXT. BEACH, BOARDWALK - In the same pose from the previous scene, YELLOW RANGER appears on a boardwalk overlooking a somewhat crowded Pacific beach.  Some people nearby are startled. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
Hey, what the heck?  (to people nearby)  Uhh, no need for alarm.  Hey, could you tell me where we are?

[ The people murmur to each other and shy away. ]

[ YELLOW grunts.  He then hops over a railing into an adjoining parking lot and checks the license plates.  They are California tags. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger, cont'd):
All right, well... Could be worse.

[ He departs. ]

[ EXT. GRAVELY LOT - Blasted with white electrical bolts, RED RANGER flies back amidst substantial spark explosions.  He crashes through the chain-link fence behind him and rolls across the adjoining grass. ]

[ As RED RANGER tries to recover, SHOCKRA approaches the fence. ]

(laughs sinisterly)  Too much to handle, Red Ranger?

[ RED notes privately: ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
I've gotta get her away from those power lines.

[ RED is then distracted by an apparent vision in his visor, and he touches his helmet. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger, cont'd):
Wait.  Another one?!

[ SHOCKRA then electrifies RED RANGER again, knocking him down a nearby hill. ]

[ EXT. GRASSY HILL - Rolling down the hill, below which a small pond can be seen some distance away, RED RANGER comes to a stop at the bottom, beside an out-of-place pay phone.  The pay phone speaks with the same voice as before: ]

Look, can't a guy get some privacy?!

[ The pay phone vanishes with a blue burst.  RED RANGER rises, initially confused but quickly concentrating on other matters. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
All right, stop Shockra from charging up, or rescue people downtown?

[ Elsewhere, SHOCKRA surveys the area.  Red Ranger isn't in sight. ]

Come out come out wherever you are!

[ Sentai (Jetman #32) - RED RANGER readies his BATTLIZER. ]

Red Ranger's Battlizer Red Ranger's Battlizer Red Ranger's Battlizer

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Battlizer, power up!

[ SHOCKRA turns to look behind her. ]

[ Sentai - RED RANGER leaps, opens his underarm wings, and flies through the air (shown twice).  He then delivers a leaping Battlizer punch (also shown twice). ]

Red Ranger leaps Red Ranger's wing Red Ranger leaps Red Ranger's Battlizer punch Red Ranger's Battlizer punch

[ As he lands, wings still prominent, RED RANGER delivers a Battlizer punch to SHOCKRA's chest (sentai composite may be used if necessary), knocking her back with a burst of sparks. ]

Red Ranger's Battlizer punch (if needed for US composite)

[ We see RED RANGER's feet in close-up as he quickly stabilizes his footing and then scrambles forward. ]

[ As SHOCKRA rolls back, she is alarmed as someone grabs her feet: using his grip (Battlizer no longer present), RED RANGER promptly swings SHOCKRA through the air and releases. ]

[ SHOCKRA flies through the air and lands with a mighty splash in the nearby pond.  She convulses and sparks as electricity crackles through the water.  Finally, the electricity ceases, and SHOCKRA groans exhaustedly. ]

[ RED RANGER assumes a defensive stance nearby. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Had enough?

[ Smoking, SHOCKRA wearily crawls out of the water and rises to her feet. ]

You haven't seen the last of me, Red Ranger!

[ She streaks away in the form of a lightning bolt. ]

[ RED RANGER eases slightly. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
All right.  Time for monster number two.

[ He leaps out of frame. ]

[ EXT. CITY STREETS (HIGH SPEED) - PINK RANGER continues to cling to the motorcycle as it races through the city.  (Her blaster holster remains empty.) ]

Having fun yet?

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
(groans)  I think I'm gonna be sick...

[ PINK touches her helmet as she has an apparent vision. ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger, cont'd):
Whoa, that's not good.  Sorry, Roadhog, you're on your own for now.

[ PINK RANGER extends her underarm wings and is immediately hoisted into the air by the wind. ]

[ Now unmanned, the motorcycle screeches to a stop.  With a purple gleam, it transforms into ROADHOG, a black and chrome monster with a JINNSECT embedded in his midsection.  His body somewhat resembles a biker while consisting of motorcycle parts. ]

[ ROADHOG looks skyward. ]

Hey, where are you going?  I was just messing with you!

[ EXT. FAIRGROUNDS - At an outdoor carnival, adults and children run in panic from SWIRLWIND, a slender, pink monster apparently constructed from a cotton candy cart.  Atop his head is a silver bowl, and a JINNSECT is embedded in his thigh.  Despite his coloration and physique, he speaks with a masculine voice. ]

Hey, what's the matter?  Afraid of monsters or something?  (laughs)

[ Landing behind him, PINK RANGER delivers a slash to SWIRLWIND's back with her TALON SWORD (no gleam effect present).  As he staggers forward, PINK inspects her sword disappointedly. (Throughout this scene, her blaster holster remains empty.) ]

SWIRLWIND (cont'd):
Ow, what the heck?!

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
Darn it.

[ SWIRLWIND spins to face her.  In the background, people take shelter behind various attractions and booths. ]

Who the heck are you supposed to be?

[ PINK hides her TALON SWORD behind her back. ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
Uhhh... a friend...?

[ SWIRLWIND leans forward and, from his head, projects a tornado of fluffy pink material resembling cotton candy; the fluff envelops PINK RANGER in the form of a partial cocoon, her TALON SWORD trapped within (against her back) as well. ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger, cont'd):

[ Unable to move her limbs, PINK squirms in the pink cocoon and ultimately falls over. ]

[ SWIRLWIND laughs and turns to resume antagonizing the cowering carnival patrons. ]

(laughs)  See you later, "friend!" (turns)

[ PINK continues to wriggle to no avail.  In the background, people begin to flee deeper into the fairgrounds as SWIRLWIND stalks them. ]

[ EXT. WAREHOUSE ROOFTOP - STACKSTER boldly emerges from a stairwell door and looks around. ]

Ah HA!!  (looks around)  Hey, where'd she go?

[ EXT. MUSIC FESTIVAL, REAR - At the rear edge of the music festival, BLUE RANGER examines the scene before her:  A wild crowd screams in delight as a wicked guitar solo emanates from FRETTER, an orange monster onstage, apparently created from the guitar seen previously.  (When he is later shown in a closer shot, a JINNSECT can be seen embedded in his guitar body.) ]

[ From the rear of the crowd emerges a disoriented ROCKER.  Seeing the BLUE RANGER, he approaches and grips her shoulder, looking back at the stage in distress. ]

That's my guitar, man!  (tugs at his hair)  I must be outta my mind...

[ The ROCKER wanders off.  BLUE RANGER returns her attention to the stage ahead, where FRETTER dances animatedly across the stage. ]

[ BLUE RANGER advances curiously. ]

[ EXT. CITY STREET - BOOMER, a black monster created from a tower speaker and other commercial audio equipment (appropriate for 1992), struts down the street.  Down his torso are several round drivers, and embedded in his hip is a JINNSECT. ]

[ A car rounds a street corner and has to slam on its brakes to avoid hitting the monster.  The DRIVER honks his horn, causing BOOMER to pause.  He then speaks with a youthful, enthusiastic voice. ]

Oh really?  Well, try a little of this, why don't ya?

[ BOOMER emits a titanic audio shockwave from his body, immediately shattering all of the glass on the car and in surrounding building windows. ]

[ As the sonic outburst ends, the dazed DRIVER opens his door and falls out of the car, his hands clasped over his ears in residual pain.  He weakly crawls away.  In the distance blare several car alarms. ]

BOOMER (cont'd):
Ha ha, yeah!  That's what I thought!

[ Yellow lasers from above strike around BOOMER, causing a series of small spark eruptions.  The monster twirls to see RED RANGER land nearby and holster his SKY BLASTER. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Ever heard of noise pollution?

[ BOOMER crosses his arms. ]

Well, yeah...!  Why do you think I'm here?

[ BOOMER generates another sonic blast, nearly knocking RED RANGER to his knees.  A few more windows shatter. ]

[ Once the attack ends, RED shakes his head and charges forward.  He and BOOMER engage in hand-to-hand combat. ]

[ EXT. FAIRGROUNDS - Still wrapped in pink fluff, PINK RANGER struggles to free herself, but her TALON SWORD doesn't prove especially fruitful, as it's wrapped tightly against her back.  In the background, SWIRLWIND struts around a corner and out of sight. ]

[ PINK RANGER continues her struggle with renewed effort. ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
Come on...!

[ In close-up, we see the obscured blade of her TALON SWORD briefly glow with faint pink light. ]

[ EXT. BACK YARD - BLACK RANGER continues fighting FLAMION.  BLACK ultimately rolls back onto a concrete patio. ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
All right, you know, I'm embarrassed I didn't see this sooner.

[ BLACK draws his SKY BLASTER. ]

[ Sentai (Jetman #25) - BLACK RANGER assembles his SKY ENFORCER. ]

Sky Enforcer

[ BLACK then holds his ENFORCER ready. ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger, cont'd):
But better late than never, right?

Hey, what are you --

[ BLACK fires a purple beam at FLAMION's propane tank.  The monster instantly explodes in a massive fireball. ]

[ Nearby, a house's windows shatter inward from the blast. ]

[ A smoking JINNSECT lands in the grass. ]

[ BLACK RANGER tracks the Jinnsect (off-screen) with the barrel of his ENFORCER and fires again. ]

[ The purple beam shatters the JINNSECT with yellow energy. ]

[ BLACK relaxes momentarily, but he then touches the side of his helmet and leaps away. ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger, cont'd):
(touches helmet)  And the fun just keeps on coming.  (leaps)

[ EXT. MUSIC FESTIVAL, STAGE - FRETTER continues to rock out onstage as the crowd goes wild. ]

[ EXT. MUSIC FESTIVAL, CROWD - Perplexed, BLUE RANGER winds her way through the dense crowd of screaming fans.  As she does, however, she appears to grow woozy as orange musical notes circle around her head.  Soon, she begins to bob her head to the music, and it's not long before she begins to sway and cheer. ]

[ EXT. CITY STREET - RED RANGER continues to fight BOOMER with hand-to-hand combat.  RED ultimately gets BOOMER in an arm lock, at which point the monster whispers to him: ]

BOOMER (whispering):
Hey, Red Ranger, I've got a secret.

LUKE (Red Ranger, inquiring):


[ A massive sonic wave blasts outward from BOOMER, flinging RED RANGER back. ]

[ As RED lands, clutching his head, BOOMER approaches and continues the audio assault.  RED attempts to crawl backward to retreat from the sound. ]

[ At this point, a voice is heard shouting over the steady noise. ]

VIBROS (off-screen):

[ BOOMER stops his attack and looks around. ]

Did you hear that?

[ RED is unresponsive as he shakes his head to clear it. ]

VIBROS (off-screen):
Up here, you loudmouth!

[ BOOMER looks up, and we pan to see VIBROS standing atop a short building nearby.  He is a white monster based on the previously featured flying massager, with a JINNSECT embedded in his oversized head. ]

VIBROS (cont'd):
That's right, I'm talking to you!

[ With a buzzing sound, VIBROS sinks downward, vanishing into the building below him. ]

[ BOOMER looks around, startled. ]

Hey, what's the deal?

[ At the ground level of the building, VIBROS emerges through the wall with a buzzing sound, passing through it like a ghost.  He then stands confidently beside the street, facing BOOMER. ]

That's more like it.

Hey, man, you got a problem or something?

As a matter of fact, I do.  It concerns your vibrations.

[ RED RANGER listens as the discussion continues. ]

What are you talking about?

That awful racket of yours is interfering with my powers.

[ BOOMER waves his hand dismissively and turns to face RED RANGER. ]

Ha!  That's your problem, buddy.

[ VIBROS replies and then vanishes into the street with a buzzing sound. ]

No, actually, I believe it's yours.  (vanishes)

[ BOOMER scoffs. ]

What a punk.

[ With another buzz sound, VIBROS suddenly rises from below BOOMER, grappling the speaker monster and hoisting him into the air.  He hurls BOOMER against a nearby wall, after which BOOMER lands on his face on the sidewalk.  He then rises angrily. ]

BOOMER (cont'd):
Ohh, you're asking for it...!

[ As VIBROS buzzes and begins to slip beneath the street once more, BOOMER generates a sonic attack which leaves VIBROS stuck waist-deep in the asphalt. ]

[ BOOMER laughs heartily and ceases the soundwave. ]

[ VIBROS promptly slips away with an additional buzz. ]

[ BOOMER slumps. ]

Aww, man.

[ With another buzz, VIBROS emerges from a wall, some distance off the ground.  As he flies down toward BOOMER, he fires blue eyebeams, causing sparks to erupt all around BOOMER. ]

[ As VIBROS lands nearby, BOOMER fires incendiary blasts from his fingertips, but VIBROS rolls aside as the spark blasts miss him. ]

[ We zoom in on RED RANGER in the background as he rises and slips away. ]

[ EXT. MUSIC FESTIVAL, REAR - At the rear edge of the music festival, the crowd is now even larger, and FRETTER continues his performance.  (Somewhere in the crowd, BLUE RANGER may be seen dancing.)  ROADHOG arrives onto the scene in a super-fast blur.  He surveys the scene and then approaches the crowd at a walking pace. ]

Hey, what's all the hubbub?  Hmm, music's not bad.  (approaches)

[ EXT. CITY STREET - ARMOROS, a monster based on the previously featured riot shield, plods down the sidewalk.  His eyes peek through the shield's small viewing window (above which a JINNSECT is embedded), and white limbs extend beyond its edges; when seen from behind, ARMOROS has a thin, frail body merged into the back side of the shield. ]

[ Pedestrians scramble to get away from the monster. ]

[ Purple lasers from above strike ARMOROS's front but bounce off ineffectually.  BLACK RANGER then lands in the street, wielding his SKY ENFORCER. ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
Hey buddy.  Got any fuel containers on ya?

[ ARMOROS looks at BLACK RANGER and promptly fires incendiary finger blasts at him.  BLACK sparks and falls back. ]

[ EXT. CONVENTION CENTER - RESA surveys the outside of a convention center.  No people are visible nearby. ]

PETE (off-screen):
All right, you thought you got rid of me, huh?

[ RESA looks up to see YELLOW RANGER flying down toward her from the sky above.  With a wave of her hand, she causes YELLOW to vanish with another white swirl. ]

[ EXT. MUSIC FESTIVAL, REAR - YELLOW RANGER lands near the rear edge of the music festival.  He looks around.  (In the background, FRETTER is addressing the crowd, though his speech is muffled in the distance.) ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger, disappointedly):
Aww, man...

[ YELLOW nearly departs, but he stops to glance at the festival (off-screen).  He then turns and takes a closer look. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger):

[ EXT. MUSIC FESTIVAL, STAGE - FRETTER calls out to the crowd with an echoing, charismatic voice. ]

That's right, my loyal fans!  It's time to take over this city!  And then... the county!  And then... Well, eventually, the world!

[ The crowd roars in approval.  Among the crowd, we can see BLUE RANGER cheering along.  (Elsewhere, ROADHOG might be seen.) ]

[ EXT. FAIRGROUNDS - Still wrapped in pink fluff, PINK RANGER has struggled her way back onto her feet.  She focuses for a moment, and her TALON SWORD begins to glow with pink light behind her back.  With a bright gleam from the blade, she cleanly slices through the fluff, freeing herself.  (Her Sky Blaster is still missing.) ]

[ PINK examines her now normal TALON SWORD with an impressed murmur.  She then shakes off the remaining fluff and runs to catch up with Swirlwind (last seen rounding a particular corner). ]

[ Elsewhere in the fairgrounds, PINK RANGER arrives (sword in hand, blaster still missing) just in time to see DEADWEIGHT attacking SWIRLWIND.  DEADWEIGHT is a silvery monster with four long, slender arms comprised of beams, up which run steel cables attached to a pulley system in his back.  Various weights dangle on the ends of his arms, and a seat resembling that of an exercise machine (complete with an embedded JINNSECT) is positioned in his torso. ]

[ Dodging a large weight swung by DEADWEIGHT, SWIRLWIND bends forward slightly and shoots a stream of pink fluff which entangles DEADWEIGHT's two left arms. ]

Oh, you wanna play, huh?  (shoots fluff)

[ DEADWEIGHT counters by swinging his right-handed weights.  In slow motion, we see SWIRLWIND deftly lean out of the way of the first weight.  As he comes out of the lean, however, the weight swung by the second arm catches him unawares, and it smashes into the side of the bowl on his head, crumpling it shut. ]

[ SWIRLWIND rolls to the side and clutches his head.  He soon feels the damage to his bowl with his hands. ]

Ohh, my aching... (feels bowl) My cotton candy dispenser!  You've ruined it!

[ Nearby, PINK RANGER watches, her TALON SWORD now back in its sheath.  RED RANGER lands beside her, and she notices him out of the corner of her eye. ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
Oh, Chris!  ... Uh, Luke.

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Hey.  This guy looked like trouble, but I guess he's kinda busy.

[ SWIRLWIND lunges angrily at DEADWEIGHT but is slammed through the air by another of the monster's weights, the monster having since torn the pink material from his arms. ]

[ Meanwhile, PINK continues to speak with RED. ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
Yeah, I don't know why they started fighting all of a sudden.

LUKE (Red Ranger):
I saw two other monsters get in a fight downtown.  It might be our lucky break.

[ PINK and RED react to something off-screen. ]

[ Nearby, DEADWEIGHT stands over the prone SWIRLWIND.  The monster rears back all four weighted arms and begins to swing downward with a mighty heave; we cut away before the result is seen. ]

[ Nearby, PINK and RED react.  A fiery explosion rocks the area (somewhat off-screen, in Swirlwind's location), causing the duo to cover their faces and steady themselves.  RED RANGER takes a quick second look and reaches for his SKY BLASTER. ]

[ A smoking JINNSECT lands on the dusty ground.  Just as it begins to glow with yellow energy, a red beam from Red's location (off-screen) shatters it. ]

[ With a gruff grunt, DEADWEIGHT turns to face RED RANGER as he continues to hold his SKY ENFORCER ready.  Flames from the recent explosion burn around the monster. ]

[ PINK speaks to RED: ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger, quietly):
Um... I think he sees us.

[ DEADWEIGHT swings one of his weights, extending the cable to reach the two RANGERS.  They leap aside in separate directions, and the weight slams into the ground between them. ]

[ Landing nearby, RED RANGER aims his ENFORCER at the monster, but a beam consisting of concentric rings (compare to an archery bullseye) strikes both RED and DEADWEIGHT simultaneously from another direction.  RED turns to look. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
What was that?

[ Some distance away stands BULLSEYE, a white monster resembling the previous galloping archery target.  A large bullseye is featured prominently on his torso, while a JINNSECT is embedded off to one side.  He speaks with a flourish. ]

It is I, Bullseye!

[ PINK joins RED. ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger, amusedly):
A monster with a bullseye in its chest?  Poor guy.

[ BULLSEYE looks down at his chest. ]

What?  I don't get it.

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
Well you--  Never mind.  What do you want?

[ The earth shakes a bit, causing PINK and RED to startle in DEADWEIGHT's direction.  We see that the monster has swung one of his weights again, but he has actually struck the ground harmlessly some distance from the RANGERS.  DEADWEIGHT appears puzzled as he retracts his weight. ]

[ BULLSEYE scurries off happily. ]

Oh, nothing!  Bye!  (departs)

[ As RED and PINK watch the monster leave, DEADWEIGHT growls indignantly and passes the two RANGERS in pursuit of Bullseye (off-screen).  PINK speaks once both monsters are gone. ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
That was weird.

[ Touching the side of his helmet, RED pats PINK on the arm. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Hey, we've got trouble.  Looks like another one's about to go down.

[ As they depart, RED notices PINK's empty holster. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger, cont'd):
Hey, did you lose your blaster?

[ EXT. MUSIC FESTIVAL, STAGE - FRETTER continues to address his crowd, which we see from over his shoulder.  (Somewhere in the midst of the crowd, not together, are BLUE RANGER and ROADHOG.) ]

Now, my minions-- I mean fans... It's time to tear this town apart!  Starting with... (points arbitrarily toward the back) ...that guy!

[ As everyone in the audience turns, we quickly zoom in over a long distance to the back end of the festival, where the lone YELLOW RANGER stands, startled by the sudden attention. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
Uhh, me?

[ EXT. MUSIC FESTIVAL, REAR - From over YELLOW's shoulder, we see a distant blue object streak up from the center of the crowd.  It arcs through the air and lands in front of YELLOW RANGER: it is BLUE RANGER.  She draws her TALON SWORD and confronts him menacingly, despite her cheerful greeting: ]

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):
Oh, hey, Pete.

[ YELLOW RANGER nods slightly, taking an anxious step backward. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger):

[ She advances, sword still held combatively. ]

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):
Whatcha doing here?

[ YELLOW continues to back up slowly. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
Ohh, not too much...  (into left wrist)  Hey, guys...?

[ YELLOW RANGER is backed against the wall of a nearby structure as BLUE continues to advance with her sword. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger, cont'd, into wrist):

[ Freezeframe.  "To be continued..." ]

DR. BERING (voice-over):
Next time on Power Rangers Take Flight:

[ EXT. CITY STREET (ELSEWHERE) - Confronting BOOMER, the PINK and RED RANGERS pause to listen to their helmets.  (PINK is holding Red's SKY ENFORCER). ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
Pete!  He sounds like he's in trouble.

[ RED nods and then addresses BOOMER. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
We'll be back.

[ As RED and PINK depart, BOOMER calls out after them. ]

Hey, take your time!  I'll just be tearing apart the city!

[ EXT. FIELD - In a field of trimmed grass bordered by trees, BLACK RANGER arrives and looks around before catching sight of someone (off-screen). ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
All right, where are you?  (notices someone)

[ STRIFE walks alone from the direction of the trees.  We see his feet in close-up as he comes to a stop. ]

Strife approaches Strife stops

Ah, you came.

[ EXT. ROOFTOP - In combat, RED RANGER counters SASHA's attack (she wears her form-fitting suit from episode 15).  Off-balance, she staggers backward and trips over the ledge nearby.  She tumbles off the edge of the building. ]

[ As the RANGERS react, BLUE RANGER leaps forward, her hand extended.  (Pink Ranger isn't present.) ]

[ BLUE grasps SASHA's wrist just before she can fall out of reach.  Cut to black. ]

DR. BERING (voice-over):
Next time, on Power Rangers Take Flight.