Episode 22: "Desperate Measures, part 2"

Writer:  Joe Rovang

[ Sentai footage is primarily from Jetman #39 and 51, but all sources are indicated. ]

DR. BERING (voice-over):
Previously on Power Rangers Take Flight:

[ Fade in to EXT. CITY STREET - Still holding his SKY ENFORCER (see previous episode), BLACK RANGER sparks and rolls back.  As he recovers, we see ARMOROS approaching. ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
Man, I'm not getting anywhere with this guy.  Maybe if I could hit him from behind...

[ PETE's voice is heard, causing BLACK RANGER to listen to his helmet. ]

PETE (voice-over, same as previous episode):
Hey, guys...?

[ EXT. CITY STREET (ELSEWHERE) - In another part of town (see previous episode), BOOMER turns his back on VIBROS as the off-white monster falls backward in slow motion.  Upon hitting the ground, VIBROS explodes in a large fireball. ]

[ The RED and PINK RANGERS run onto the scene, a SKY ENFORCER in RED's hand.  PINK RANGER's blaster holster remains empty (see previous episode).  RED prepares his ENFORCER. ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
We got here just in time!

[ A smoking JINNSECT lands in the street. ]

[ RED fires a red laser from his ENFORCER. ]

[ The laser misses the JINNSECT (by quite some distance).  Subsequent shots miss as well, each shot damaging the surrounding asphalt with bursts of sparks. ]

[ BOOMER turns to look at the Rangers (off-screen). ]

What gives?

[ RED RANGER fires desperately over and over as PINK watches worriedly. ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
What's wrong?

LUKE (Red Ranger):
I can't shoot straight!

[ On the street, the JINNSECT begins to glow with yellow energy. ]

[ PINK quickly grabs the ENFORCER from RED's hands and fires.  The red laser strikes the expanding JINNSECT squarely and shatters it. ]

[ Retaining the ENFORCER, PINK turns to RED. ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
Are you feeling okay?

LUKE (Red Ranger):
I don't know.  That's never happened to me bef--  Wait a minute.  That bullseye monster...

[ We flash back to the previous episode, in which RED RANGER and DEADWEIGHT are struck by a bullseye-colored beam. ]

LUKE (voice-over, cont'd):
He hit me with some kind of beam.

[ RED continues: ]

LUKE (Red Ranger, cont'd):
I think he ruined my aim!  Good thing you were here, or we'd have a giant on our hands.

[ BOOMER squares off with the RED and PINK RANGERS as flames burn in the street nearby. ]

Are you two done already?  (to Red)  Look, man, I don't care that you brought a friend, even if she CAN shoot better than you.  It's not gonna help.

[ Just then, we hear PETE's voice. ]

PETE (voice-over, same as previous episode):
Hey, guys...?

[ RED and PINK pause to listen to the inside of their helmets. ]

PETE (voice-over, cont'd, same as previous episode):

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
Pete!  He sounds like he's in trouble.

[ RED nods and then addresses BOOMER. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
We'll be back.

[ As RED and PINK depart, BOOMER calls out after them. ]

Hey, take your time!  I'll just be tearing apart the city!

[ EXT. MUSIC FESTIVAL, REAR - YELLOW RANGER remains backed against a wall as BLUE RANGER approaches with her TALON SWORD (see previous episode). ]

[ CASEY's voice is heard. ]

CASEY (voice-over):
Where are you, Pete?

[ YELLOW RANGER replies into his wrist as BLUE continues. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger, into wrist):
Brantley Park!  You'd better hurry!

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):
So how'd you like the performance?

PETE (Yellow Ranger, apprehensively):
I, uh, must've missed it.  Say, uh, whatcha doing with that sword, Maggie?

[ BLUE RANGER continues to advance. ]

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):
What sword?

[ BLUE notices the TALON SWORD in her hands and suddenly stops. ]

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger, cont'd):
Oh my gosh!  What am I doing?!

[ YELLOW nods over her shoulder. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
Yeah, I dunno.  But I think they're doing it too.

[ BLUE RANGER turns to see the crowd approaching them with malice.  Onstage in the distance is FRETTER. ]

[ BLUE RANGER pats YELLOW's chest. ]

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger, amusedly):
Ohh, right... Fretter wanted us to destroy you.

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
Well, yeah, but why'd you go along with it?!  What, did he put you under a spell or something?

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):
A spell?  Nahhh... (reconsiders)  Well, actually...

[ The RED, PINK, and BLACK RANGERS arrive.  (RED's weapons are back in his holsters.  PINK is still missing her blaster.) ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
Hey, what's going on?

[ YELLOW points to the stage. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
That monster's made himself an army of followers!

[ At the near side of the approaching crowd, ROADHOG emerges at superhuman speed, flinging people aside.  He confronts the RANGERS. ]

That's right!  And you can call me his number one fan!

[ RED addresses the others as they huddle together. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Guys, this is serious.  If he can ally all these monsters, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them.

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
Well, we've gotta take him out, then!

[ BLUE recoils in protest. ]

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):
Oh, come on, you guys!  He's not so bad!  (shakes her head)  What am I saying...?

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Listen, you guys try the Phoenix Cannon.  I'll distract this guy.

[ BLACK nods as RED leaves the group. ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
Right.  (into wrist)  Phoenix Cannon!

[ Jetman #34 - The PHOENIX CANNON transforms and descends to the four waiting RANGERS, with BLACK RANGER taking Red's normal position in center. ]

Phoenix Cannon transforms Phoenix Cannon transforms Phoenix Cannon descends Phoenix Cannon descends Phoenix Cannon ready

[ As RED RANGER approaches ROADHOG, the monster zips around him and approaches the Rangers (off-screen). ]

Sorry, man.  You're just too slow.

[ RED RANGER draws his SKY BLASTER out of apparent desperation.  He soon fires. ]

[ In slow motion, ROADHOG turns and watches the yellow laser soar well past his shoulder (no dodge necessary). ]

[ Switch to sentai (Jetman #34) - Struck in the shoulder, BLACK RANGER quickly mashes the cannon's button despite the burst of sparks. ]

Black Ranger manning Phoenix Cannon Black Ranger hit Black Ranger hit Black Ranger fires Black Ranger fires

CHRIS (Black Ranger):

[ The cannon fires. ]

Phoenix Cannon fires

RANGERS (in unison):

[ The firebird descends. ]


[ Switch to US footage - The spiraling fireball soars over the crowd and targets the distant FRETTER on-stage. ]

[ Stepping back (the Phoenix Cannon off-screen), BLACK RANGER leaps into the air. ]

[ EXT. MUSIC FESTIVAL, STAGE - FRETTER takes a step back and is suddenly enveloped by a bright fireball.  Our view is engulfed with an explosion. ]

[ The crowd turns to look at the stage in shock.  (The Rangers' area in back is not shown.) ]

[ A smoking JINNSECT lands on the stage. ]

[ Still flying through the air, BLACK RANGER fires a purple beam from his SKY ENFORCER. ]

[ The beam shatters the JINNSECT. ]

[ BLACK RANGER lands on-stage near the residual flames. ]

[ The crowd stares in stunned silence for a moment before breaking out in wild applause. ]

[ The other RANGERS join BLACK on-stage.  RED approaches BLACK contritely. ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
Are you okay?

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Chris, I'm so sorry...  My aim --

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
I'm fine.

[ ROADHOG races up beside the stage in a blur.  Most people in the crowd begin to back away anxiously, a few people outright fleeing. ]

All right, tough guys... So you took out that poser with your little go-cart cannon.  I dare you to try that on me.

[ Unexpectedly, ROADHOG begins to be pelted with debris from nearby, including empty soda cans, glass bottles, shoes, and other items. ]

ROADHOG (cont'd):
Hey, what gives?!

[ Nearby, we see a few members of the now diminished crowd hurling objects at ROADHOG. ]

[ The RANGERS look on. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger):

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Okay, now that the guitar monster's gone, I say we lure them all to one spot and see what happens.

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):
Combine and conquer, huh?

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
So where do we lure them?

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
The quarry?

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
Too far away.

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):
How about that naval base they just closed?

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
Oh, good one!

LUKE (Red Ranger):
All right.  Let's go round up all the monsters we can find.

[ Nearby, we see ROADHOG advancing on a residual group of young men who continue to throw debris at him as they back away. ]

CASEY (off-screen):
Hey, Roadhog!  Race you to the harbor!

[ ROADHOG looks up as PINK RANGER, underarm wings extended, soars over his head and away from the festival area. ]

Oh, you're on, Grandma!

[ ROADHOG zips away at high speed. ]

[ EXT. WAREHOUSE ROOFTOP - STACKSTER continues to search the rooftop (see previous episode). ]

All right, this is getting really lame!  I swear, I'm gonna stop looking soon!

[ BLUE RANGER stands atop the doorway leading downstairs, her arms crossed. ]

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):
Miss me?

[ STACKSTER reacts angrily. ]

Why you...!

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger, sweetly):
This way!

[ BLUE RANGER does a reverse handspring and flips off the roof, vanishing from sight.  STACKSTER charges after her. ]

[ EXT. WOODS - In dense, shady woods, DEADWEIGHT continues to pursue BULLSEYE (see previous episode).  DEADWEIGHT repeatedly swings his weights but misses BULLSEYE each time, delighting the lead monster. ]

Ohhh, you almost got me that time!

[ Another weight misses. ]

BULLSEYE (cont'd):
Ooo!  Try again!

[ Shown in close-up, BULLSEYE giggles as another weight swings by him.  Suddenly, BULLSEYE stiffens as sparks burst from his back (the culprit obscured). ]

[ DEADWEIGHT stops, puzzled. ]

[ The camera tracks around BULLSEYE to reveal ARELLA, a sinister version of the angel statue seen in the previous episode; a JINNSECT is embedded in her chest.  The narrow end of her long trumpet-staff has been stabbed into BULLSEYE's back (the point of injury not shown).  She pulls it out, causing another burst of sparks.  BULLSEYE falls and explodes, engulfing ARELLA in flames. ]

[ DEADWEIGHT shields his face with one of his arms. ]

[ A smoking JINNSECT lands on the ground but is promptly impaled by ARELLA's staff.  It shatters and vanishes with yellow energy.  We pan up to find ARELLA glowering at Deadweight (off-screen). ]

[ Seeing her, DEADWEIGHT reacts with alarm. ]

[ ARELLA quickly flies toward the camera.  We cut away to: ]

[ EXT. WOODS (ESTABLISHMENT SHOT) - From far away, we see an explosion billow up from the woods as a dull rumble follows. ]

[ EXT. HIGHWAY - On the side of a remote highway lined with rocky hills, SHOCKRA is siphoning electricity from power lines above.  Suddenly, a fireball strikes her from behind, sending her flying forward some distance with a large spark explosion. ]

[ Landing in the highway, the smoking SHOCKRA picks herself up and twirls around. ]

[ Sentai (Jetman #50) - The unmanned PHOENIX CANNON flies up into the sky (footage reversed from sentai).  No Ranger is in sight. ]

Phoenix Cannon rises Phoenix Cannon rises

[ SHOCKRA watches the cannon fly up (off-screen) and then looks around. ]

All right, who did that?!

[ Emerging from behind a small hill some distance beyond the cannon's former location (compare with sentai), RED RANGER dusts himself off. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
... I did!

[ SHOCKRA clenches her fist. ]

Oh, you are really getting on my nerves!

[ RED turns and leaps into the sky.  (A skyline is visible on the horizon in the direction in which he's traveling.) ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Well, come do something about it!  (leaps)

[ SHOCKRA pursues him on foot. ]

[ EXT. ALLEY - In a shaded alley tiptoes a furtive monster: RINGO, a monster apparently created from the previously featured pay phone (see previous episode), seems to try to avoid detection.  His nose consists of the phone receiver, and a JINNSECT is embedded in his torso. ]

[ RINGO is startled to see someone at the end of the alley: there we see ARELLA. ]

[ EXT. CITY STREET - ARMOROS plods down the street, sending a few pedestrians fleeing.  Suddenly, a purple laser strikes him from behind, causing him to stagger forward as a large burst of sparks erupts from his back.  His whole body sparks slightly, but he composes himself and twirls around, his body still smoking. ]


CHRIS (Black Ranger):
Huh.  Worth a shot.

[ ARMOROS charges toward BLACK RANGER.  BLACK takes a step forward and runs up ARMOROS's front side as if performing a backflip off a wall.  BLACK soars back through the air and lands some distance away.  ARMOROS stops in his tracks, surprised. ]

[ BLACK RANGER touches the side of his helmet distractedly. ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger, cont'd):
Oh, you've gotta be kidding me.  (to Armoros) Hold that thought.

[ BLACK RANGER takes a running leap into the sky, leaving ARMOROS seemingly bewildered. ]

[ EXT. ALLEY - A smoking JINNSECT lands in the alley and is promptly impaled by ARELLA's staff.  Once it vanishes, she flies off swiftly. ]

[ EXT. AIR BASE - At an inactive naval air base overlooking the harbor (compare with Alameda Naval Air Station), STACKSTER has BLUE RANGER in a fierce grip.  He hurls her aside, and she rolls back and quickly recovers her footing. ]

[ Nearby, ROADHOG zips onto the scene from the direction of the city.  Behind him, PINK RANGER lands, and he turns to face her.  (PINK's holster is still empty.) ]

Ha!  I win!  I gotta tell you, though, Grandma, I was really holding back, or I would've --  (stops and begins to turn around slowly)  Hellllooo...

[ ROADHOG stands face-to-face with STACKSTER, who gestures aggressively. ]

What are you supposed to be?  Some kind of biker club reject?

[ ROADHOG gestures as though he's pushing up imaginary sleeves. ]

All right, what... Are you just looking for a fight?  Is that it?  'Cause I can oblige you, my friend...

[ RED RANGER flips over the two monsters.  They look over their heads, but just then, SHOCKRA appears from a lightning bolt which strikes nearby.  She shouts in Red Ranger's direction: ]

Come back here!

[ The three monsters look at each other. ]

[ INT. CONVENTION CENTER - RESA meanders through a convention center devoid of people.  She looks around, seemingly pleased. ]

Yes yes...  This will do quite nicely for my travel agency.  "Resa's Instant Vacations!"  I can see it now...

[ With a shattering sound, shards of glass rain down on RESA from above.  She startles and looks up to see ARELLA hovering above ominously, having broken in through a high window.  She stares straight ahead. ]

[ RESA takes several huffy steps back. ]

Look, sister, this is a private establishment!

[ ARELLA slowly tilts her head down to look at Resa (off-screen).  Suddenly, purplish-white bolts of energy stream from her eyes. ]

[ As seen in a long shot, ARELLA's constant eye blasts strike RESA, causing her to stagger backward, sparks streaming from her body.  Blasted at great length, RESA finally explodes in a fireball. ]

[ ARELLA watches the Jinnsect roll aside (off-screen, below).  She fires another brief eye blast. ]

[ The blast strikes the smoking JINNSECT on the ground, destroying it. ]

[ ARELLA turns in midair and silently drifts away through the hole in the window.  We then pan down to see YELLOW RANGER enter through a door below.  He stands in the doorway and looks around. ]

[ Scanning the area, YELLOW RANGER does a double-take as he notices a patch of residual flames burning inside.  Spying broken glass, he looks up to see the broken window.  He finally takes one more look around the area. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger):

[ He leaves. ]

[ EXT. FIELD - In a field of trimmed grass, bordered by trees (compare with sentai), BLACK RANGER arrives and looks around before catching sight of someone (off-screen). ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
All right, where are you?  (notices someone)

[ Sentai (Jetman #39) - STRIFE walks alone from the direction of the trees.  We see his feet in close-up as he comes to a stop. ]

Strife approaches Strife stops

Ah, you came.

[ BLACK RANGER crosses his arms. ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
What is it this time?  I figured you'd be off protecting your girlfriend.

[ Sentai (Jetman #39) - STRIFE points at Black Ranger (off-screen) for a moment before gesturing with palm up. ]

Strife rebuts Strife rebuts

You're one to talk.  You're not with Pink Ranger.

[ BLACK RANGER shifts uncomfortably. ]

[ Sentai (Jetman #39) - STRIFE holds his hand in front of his chest for a moment as he speaks.  He then suddenly fires red lasers (US effect) from his wrist cannons. ]

Strife speaks Strife fires

But if you must know, I do it for her.  (suddenly fires)

[ BLACK RANGER rolls aside as sparks explode around him.  He then leaps. ]

[ Switch to sentai (Jetman #20) - BLACK RANGER draws his TALON SWORD. ]

Black Ranger draws Talon Sword

[ Switch to Jetman #39 - BLACK RANGER slashes with his TALON SWORD in midair. ]

flying strike

[ BLACK lands and slashes STRIFE four times in quick succession, though the robot seems only minimally fazed. ]

sword slashes sword slashes sword slashes sword slashes

[ BLACK swings his sword for an additional strike, but STRIFE catches the blade in his hand and hurls him back.  BLACK RANGER flips through the air. ]

another strike another strike foiled foiled Black flip

[ US footage - BLACK RANGER lands on his back.  He quickly rises and switches his TALON SWORD to his other hand.  He then reaches for his blaster. ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
Look, I really have more important things to do right now.  (reaches for blaster)

[ Shown in close-up, BLACK draws his SKY BLASTER. ]

Black Ranger draws Sky Blaster

[ BLACK RANGER fires a barrage of yellow lasers as STRIFE approaches, but they bounce off, creating spark explosions all around him.  STRIFE quickly emerges unscathed from the sparks and smoke. ]

lasers fired lasers deflected Strife unscathed

[ BLACK RANGER reacts. ]

Black reacts

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
Huh?  Nothing!

[ At close range, STRIFE kicks toward the camera. ]

Strife kicks

[ US footage - Still holding his weapons, BLACK RANGER flies backward but manages to land on his feet, skidding to a stop on the grass.  He holsters his weapons. ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger, privately):
Man, I wonder what worked last time.

[ STRIFE fires more red lasers (US addition). ]

Strife fires again Strife fires again

[ Switch to US footage - BLACK RANGER sparks and rolls back.  He soon recovers his footing. ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger, privately):
His armor deflects lasers, but I wonder...

[ Dissolve to EXT. OUTDOOR CAFE - We see a flashback from the previous episode: CHRIS and CASEY sit at the outdoor restaurant. ]

...what makes you not use your Battlizer?

[ We cut to CHRIS's reply: ]

I broke my wrist in the accident.  It took a long time to heal.  Still bothers me sometimes.

[ Dissolve back to EXT. FIELD - BLACK RANGER clenches his fist.  Looking at it, he shrugs and leaps into the air. ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger, cont'd):
Well, here goes nothing.  (leaps)

[ Switch to sentai (Jetman #39) - BLACK RANGER prepares his BATTLIZER in midair. ]

Black Ranger's Battlizer Black Ranger's Battlizer

CHRIS (Black Ranger, cont'd):
Battlizer, power up!

[ BLACK RANGER performs a flying BATTLIZER punch (shown three times). ]

Black Ranger's Battlizer punch Black Ranger's Battlizer punch Black Ranger's Battlizer punch

[ In slow motion, BLACK RANGER lands with a strong BATTLIZER punch to STRIFE's chest, causing a large flash of sparks as STRIFE is knocked backward. ]

Black Ranger's Battlizer punch Black Ranger's Battlizer punch

[ US footage - With a residual purple gleam which leaves his wrist bare, BLACK RANGER takes a step back and clutches his wrist, though not necessarily in great pain. ]

[ Smoking with perhaps some damage to his chest, STRIFE staggers back and ultimately vanishes with greenish-silver vertical streaks (US addition). ]

Strife staggers back Strife staggers back Strife gone

[ Switch to US footage - BLACK RANGER shakes out his wrist, seeming to be all right. ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
Hmm.  Not bad.  (looks up)  All right, time to get back to work.

[ BLACK RANGER takes a running leap out of frame. ]

[ EXT. CITY STREET - On the street where Boomer was last seen, a smoking JINNSECT lands in the street and is promptly blasted by Arella's eye bolts.  It shatters into nothingness. ]

[ Some distance away, ARELLA drifts away silently into the sky as flames dance in the foreground. ]

[ EXT. AIR BASE - In the open expanse of the air base, ROADHOG, STACKSTER, and SHOCKRA trade blows in a chaotic, three-way melee.  ROADHOG uses his superspeed and a white energy ray from his headlight, STACKSTER fires energy bolts from his hands, and SHOCKRA shoots electricity from her wrist tendrils. ]

[ Nearby, the RED, BLUE, and PINK RANGERS notice something off-screen.  (PINK still lacks her blaster.) ]

[ From two different directions, the BLACK and YELLOW RANGERS close in on the site, trailed by ARMOROS and LOCKJAW, respectively.  The duo lead their monsters toward the battle area and leap aside, joining the other RANGERS. ]

[ As LOCKJAW approaches curiously, STACKSTER is sent staggering back and colliding with LOCKJAW.  The safe monster shoves STACKSTER aside. ]

Hey, watch it!

[ STACKSTER turns to confront LOCKJAW.  They stare at each other a moment before STACKSTER spontaneously lunges at LOCKJAW. ]

[ Nearby, ROADHOG fires his headlight beam at ARMOROS, resulting in only a few negligible sparks along the surface of the monster's shielded body.  As ROADHOG is distracted, SHOCKRA grapples him from behind and electrocutes him. ]

[ Not far away, the five RANGERS watch the brawl (off-screen). ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
Is this it?

LUKE (Red Ranger):
No way.  There were more than this.

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
I couldn't find any others though.

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):
Me either.  You think they destroyed each other already?

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Well, Casey and I saw it happen twice.  And my aim came back, so that's probably three down.

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
Wait, but Jinnsects and all?

[ An explosion nearby suddenly shakes the RANGERS, drawing their attention. ]

[ From the flames following the explosion emerges SHOCKRA.  She brushes off her hands. ]

He was fast, but not fast enough!

[ A smoking JINNSECT lands in front of SHOCKRA.  She promptly zaps it into oblivion. ]

[ The RANGERS react. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Well, there's our explanation, I guess.

[ The sound of rending metal causes the RANGERS to change their focus of attention. ]

[ Nearby, STACKSTER has impaled LOCKJAW's body on his forks and hoisted him into the air.  His fists briefly glowing yellow, STACKSTER delivers a double punch to LOCKJAW, sending him flying off the forks and through the air. ]

[ LOCKJAW lands some distance away and explodes. ]

[ A smoking SKY BLASTER flies from the explosion (off-screen). ]

[ PINK RANGER leaps with a hand extended. ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
My blaster!  (leaps)

[ PINK catches the blaster in midair and fires downward. ]

[ The yellow lasers repeatedly strike the JINNSECT, causing it to recoil and spark with each successive strike.  PINK then lands beside it and fires at nearly point-blank range, shattering it. ]

[ BLACK RANGER calls out: ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
Nice job!

[ PINK holsters her blaster and replies from some distance away: ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
Thanks, "Black Ranger."

[ BLACK chuckles self-consciously, but the moment is interrupted as BLUE RANGER touches her fingers to the side of her helmet distractedly. ]

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):
Uhh, guys... We've got Sasha trouble downtown.

PETE (Yellow Ranger, exasperated):
You've gotta be kidding!

[ PINK RANGER addresses the others from her location.  In the background, SHOCKRA and STACKSTER begin to circle one another as ARMOROS watches from the sidelines. ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
You guys go.  I'll clean up here.

[ BLACK notes to the others: ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
I'll stay with Casey.

[ PINK rebuts: ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
I'll be fine.  Stopping Sasha's the important part.  For all we know, she's the one making all these monsters.

[ The others begin to leave, but BLACK hesitates. ]

[ PINK RANGER puts her hands on her hips. ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger, cont'd):
Seriously, I can take care of myself.  But... thanks.

[ After a moment, BLACK departs with the others. ]

[ EXT. ROOFTOP - On a rooftop downtown, SASHA is wickedly firing bluish-white lasers from her STAR HANDLE toward the streets below. ]

LUKE (off-screen):

[ She turns, and we see the four RANGERS (minus Pink) standing across the rooftop, their arms crossed. ]

[ SASHA grins sinisterly. ]

Rangers.  I was almost hoping you'd survive my monsters.

[ YELLOW takes a step forward. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
Yeah?  Why's that?

[ SASHA advances coolly. ]

Because now I get to crush you with my own hands.

[ With a white gleam, SASHA dismisses her STAR HANDLE.  Her costume morphs into her slim, form-fitting version (see episode 15), and she assumes a martial arts pose. ]

SASHA (cont'd):
Shall we?

[ EXT. AIR BASE - Crackling with electricity, STACKSTER falls and explodes. ]

[ A smoking JINNSECT lands on the ground.  A pink laser shatters it. ]

[ Some distance away, PINK RANGER raises her SKY ENFORCER. ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
One more down...

[ SHOCKRA turns to face ARMOROS.  They circle each other. ]

You and me, buddy...  Who's it going to be?

[ They charge toward each other.  We cut to: ]

[ EXT. ROOFTOP - Fitting with the previous scene, BLUE RANGER and SASHA become locked in hand-to-hand combat.  BLUE is ultimately knocked aside, and RED and BLACK attack in her stead. ]

[ The fight continues, each of the four RANGERS attacking and defending in sequence, but SASHA continues to fight with fearsome intensity. ]

[ At one point, a somewhat exhausted BLACK comments to RED: ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
Man, she's never fought this hard before!

[ SASHA delivers a fierce spinning back kick to YELLOW RANGER, knocking him backward. ]

[ The fight carries on until the four RANGERS manage to gain the upper hand through a combination of luck and teamwork.  SASHA lashes out with a clumsy attack which RED precisely counters, knocking her off balance.  She staggers backward and trips over the ledge nearby.  She tumbles off the edge of the building. ]

[ As the RANGERS react, BLUE RANGER leaps forward, her hand extended. ]

[ BLUE grasps SASHA's wrist just before she can fall out of reach. ]

[ Suspended by one hand, SASHA dangles many stories above the street below.  (Directly below is a wrought iron fence topped with sharp points.)  She looks up at BLUE RANGER with contempt. ]

Do it, Ranger.  Destroy me as you destroyed my mother.

[ BLUE shrugs. ]

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):
I guess you've got a point.

[ Nearby, the other three RANGERS startle. ]

[ BLUE continues to hold on to SASHA as she speaks. ]

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger, cont'd):
The first time I saved you, you repaid me by destroying my friend... Bobo.

[ SASHA listens, glowering. ]

MAGGIE (cont'd, off-screen):
I guess if I saved you again, you'd still repay us with hatred.  So why bother?

[ RED reacts with alarm.  YELLOW murmurs to BLACK. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):

PETE (Yellow Ranger, privately):
She under another spell or something?

[ BLUE continues: ]

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):
But I'll tell you how we're different, Sasha.  Even after all you've done to us, I don't want you hurt.  I just want you to leave us alone.  No amount of pain inflicted on others would bring Bobo or your mother back.

[ The three RANGERS look on. ]

[ BLUE's grip persists. ]

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger, cont'd):
The hand holding you is a hand of peace, Sasha.  Don't let it go.

[ Suspended, SASHA appears to consider (her other hand obscured).  She ultimately looks up at BLUE RANGER with a smile.  Just then, her other hand rises swiftly to strike BLUE in the head with her STAR HANDLE (now in her hand). ]

[ BLUE RANGER deftly blocks the incoming STAR HANDLE with an open-handed block, gripping the device and wrenching it from SASHA's hand. ]

[ In close-up, we see their other hands release, and SASHA falls, though exactly whose hand released first is unclear. ]

[ In slow motion, SASHA drifts earthward (her back toward the fence below), an expression of unrepentant hatred on her face. ]

[ The three RANGERS rush to the ledge, but they are too late.  The four look silently at the grim scene which has unfolded below (off-screen).  RED RANGER looks away. ]

[ EXT. AIR BASE - SHOCKRA unleashes a steady torrent of electricity, but ARMOROS advances, unfazed as the electricity pours into his armored front. ]

[ Exhausted, SHOCKRA ceases her electrical attack with an annoyed grunt. ]

All right, tough guy, you've gotta have a weakness...

[ Suddenly, ARELLA swoops up behind ARMOROS and swiftly slashes him across the back with her staff.  He sparks, remains still a moment, and then falls.  His explosion engulfs ARELLA. ]

[ SHOCKRA shields her face, as does PINK RANGER.  Once the explosion subsides, PINK readies her SKY ENFORCER but is startled by what she sees. ]

[ Surrounded with flames, ARELLA holds a smoking JINNSECT impaled on the sharp end of her staff.  The bug shatters into yellow energy, at which point ARELLA stares down Shockra (off-screen). ]

[ SHOCKRA appears visibly shaken.  She soon turns and flees. ]

Uhh, I think I'll just be going...

[ Before SHOCKRA can take more than two steps, ARELLA's eye bolts strike her in the back.  SHOCKRA explodes almost immediately. ]

[ ARELLA looks down at the latest Jinnsect (off-screen) and eye-blasts once more.  She then coolly looks at Pink Ranger (off-screen). ]

[ PINK RANGER apprehensively assumes a defensive stance. ]

[ EXT. CITY STREET - The four RANGERS rush out from behind the corner of the building from which Sasha previously fell.  The STAR HANDLE remains in BLUE RANGER's hand. ]

[ The RANGERS are puzzled to find the wrought iron fence damaged from an impact from above, but no body is in sight. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
Where'd she go?

[ RED RANGER studies the fence. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
She couldn't have just walked off after a fall like that!

[ BLUE RANGER somberly looks at the STAR HANDLE in her hand.  BLACK volunteers: ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
Come on, let's get back to the air base.

[ The RANGERS reluctantly depart. ]

[ EXT. AIR BASE - Struck with the broad end of ARELLA's staff, PINK RANGER (sword in hand) flips back amidst a slew of sparks and lands on her stomach, smoking slightly. ]

[ In a visibly weakened state, PINK RANGER looks up and tries to rise onto her hands and knees as ARELLA advances. ]

[ We see a low angle of ARELLA from Pink's point of view as the angel-monster stands over her.  ARELLA readies her staff in both hands to thrust downward with the sharp end. ]

[ In slow motion, ARELLA rears back.  PINK RANGER, meanwhile, springs to her feet with a gleaming pink upward slash from her TALON SWORD.  Still in slow motion, PINK gracefully carves an under-handed gleaming X-strike into ARELLA's chest (specifically, her embedded JINNSECT).  In the process, ARELLA's staff is also sliced in half. ]

[ Dropping her broken staff with a clatter, ARELLA staggers back, her chest smoking. ]

[ PINK RANGER watches warily. ]

[ ARELLA's JINNSECT glows with yellow light, and she is enveloped in a shroud of yellowish-white insectoid energy.  The energy expands and then reveals ARELLA in giant size, towering overhead. ]

[ As PINK RANGER scatters below (still holding her TALON SWORD), she is joined by the other RANGERS, BLUE equipped with the STAR HANDLE. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
Oh man!  What happened?!

[ Giant ARELLA fires her eye bolts at the tiny RANGERS below, causing a titanic explosion which flings them through the air. ]

[ Landing beside BLACK RANGER, YELLOW scrambles to his feet, his gaze locked on the giant monster above (off-screen). ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
What are we gonna do?!

[ Rising, BLACK draws his TALON SWORD. ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
Whatever we can.

[ Suddenly, an uneven bluish-white energy ray strikes the giant ARELLA from a similar level to her own head (the source not shown).  She staggers a moment, then falls forward with a titanic crash.  She then explodes. ]

[ Below, the scattered RANGERS are shaken as the charred ground quakes violently from the explosion.  They steady themselves and regroup, scanning the horizon. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
What was that?!

[ PINK points. ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger):

[ EXT. DOWNTOWN (Jetman #48) - As flames burn in the foreground, they slowly die down enough to see a glimpse of a giant, alien-looking monster (compare with episode 19). ]

monster revealed monster revealed monster revealed

[ EXT. AIR BASE - The RANGERS startle. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
Uhhh, that doesn't look like your average monster!

[ PINK is lost in thought. ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
I've seen it before...

[ We flash back to episode 19: CASEY peers into the crystal ball. ]

I see... some sort of monster.

[ Disguised as Madame Svetlana, SASHA awkwardly changes the subject. ]

SASHA (toward Barry):
... Tell me what you see about HIM.

[ EXT. AIR BASE - PINK has a sudden realization: ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger, cont'd):
It was in the crystal ball!  You guys, that's Sasha!

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
So her true form is a monster... just like her mother.

[ EXT. DOWNTOWN (Jetman #48) - The camera dollies around the monster (footage reversed from sentai).  SASHA's distorted, echoing voice is heard.  Clouds blow past her as we continue to look up at the monster towering above. ]

SASHA (distorted, echoing voice-over):
Clever Rangers.  Now, allow me to show you the future of your world!

monster monster

[ As seen from below, the monster is enveloped with bluish-white energy (US effect) which radiates outward, filling the frame. ]

monster energy (not shown: energy)

[ EXT. AIR BASE - Below, the RANGERS recoil as the same energy envelops them.  They vanish. ]

[ EXT. DOWNTOWN (US footage) - The skyline is empty, and all is now quiet. ]

[ Break. ]

[ Fade in to EXT. ALIEN VALLEY (DARK) - We pan across a mountainous valley on an alien world with no direct light source in the sky; rather, everything is dimly lit from the even, dark blue glow of the sky above.  It's not clear whether it's day or night, sunrise or sunset. ]

[ Visible in the valley are various plants, all colored a deep reddish-orange.  Their leaves are typically thick and dense, and no plants in sight are particularly tall. ]

[ The RANGERS look around in stunned silence.  (BLACK and PINK are still holding their TALON SWORDS, and BLUE holds the STAR HANDLE.)  Eventually, YELLOW speaks: ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
Are we in the future...?

[ PINK RANGER inhales deeply and exhales delightedly. ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
Ohh, it smells so beautiful...!  (looks around)  What is it?

[ PINK approaches a cluster of the reddish plants and inhales again.  In the background, BLACK sheathes his sword. ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger, cont'd):
Oh my gosh... it's so pretty...

[ YELLOW RANGER approaches. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
I wonder if they're edible.

[ BLACK RANGER looks around. ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
This sure doesn't look like Earth.

[ YELLOW glances back. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
Hey, if you see a Statue of Liberty, let us know.

[ BLUE RANGER has her fingers to the side of her helmet.  She looks around worriedly. ]

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):
I'm not getting a signal from my Hoverbird.

[ RED RANGER touches his helmet as well. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Me either.  I guess that's no surprise though.  I just wish I knew where we are.

[ BLUE RANGER points to the horizon. ]

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):
Hey, does that look like a city to you guys?

[ The RANGERS look.  PINK stands. ]

[ On the horizon, beyond a mountain ridge, appears to be a distant city with prominent spires, some of them broken or slanted. ]

CASEY (off-screen):
Kind of.

[ As the RANGERS continue to look, the ground quakes with a giant footstep, jarring the RANGERS.  It shakes again.  They look up. ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
We've got company!

[ Sentai (Jetman #51) - The giant monster fires a blue beam of energy toward the ground. ]

monster fires beam monster fires beam monster fires beam

[ The giant beam strikes nearby, and the RANGERS are flung into the air by a massive explosion. ]

[ The smoking RANGERS land in various places.  Upon landing, BLUE RANGER has dropped the STAR HANDLE, but she rises and scoops it up.  She then notices a cave opening nearby (vaguely in the direction of the distant city) and calls out to the others. ]

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):
Guys, there's a cave!  Let's take cover!

[ RED RANGER nods, and the RANGERS retreat into the cave. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Right!  (Rangers retreat)

[ INT. CAVE - Inside the cave, the RANGERS maneuver through the darkness, barely visible in the dim blue glow behind them.  (The front of the cave should roughly match Jetman #42.) ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger, calling out):

[ Her voice echoes through an apparently elaborate system of tunnels ahead. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
Man, it's pitch black in here.

[ As BLUE RANGER fumbles with it, the STAR HANDLE lights up like a flashlight (see episode 15). ]

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):
Oh, that's new.

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
Hey, nice.  (to Chris)  What'd you say it was called?

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
A Star Handle.

[ YELLOW RANGER makes an intrigued murmur.  Just then, the cave quakes briefly, causing a few small pieces of debris to fall from the cave ceiling.  The RANGERS look up and back at the entrance. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Come on, let's see where this leads.

[ As BLUE RANGER aims the light ahead of them, we see a glimpse of tunnels snaking ahead into the distance.  The light also flashes on something in one corner.  BLUE advances and shines the light on it, revealing two Illamite skeletons: ]

[ The skeletons, vaguely humanoid with some superficial structural differences, consist of an adult and a child, the former sheltering the latter.  A few fragments of deteriorated clothing and rusted metal ornaments remain around the skeletons.  Their skulls are distinctly non-human, with unique jaw and nose structures (though they must at least remotely match the Vanguards from episode 9). ]

[ The RANGERS approach, transfixed. ]

[ BLUE RANGER shines the light further down the tunnel (off-screen). ]

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):
You guys... there's more.

[ RED RANGER looks around. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger, astonished):
What happened here...?

[ The RANGERS press on. ]

[ Dissolve to INT. TUNNELS - The RANGERS cautiously navigate the twisting rocky tunnels, led by BLUE RANGER, whose STAR HANDLE is the only source of light. ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
Man, these tunnels go on forever.

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Hey, there's light up ahead.

[ The RANGERS advance in the direction of a very dim bluish glow. ]

[ EXT. ALIEN HILLSIDE (DARK) - The RANGERS emerge from a cave dotted with more reddish plants of various shades.  The hillside drops off sharply not far from the cave.  BLUE RANGER's STAR HANDLE is now dark. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
All right.  There's the city.  Man, what happened here?

[ The camera moves back some distance until a broken, futuristic spire enters the foreground (compare with sentai). ]

[ RED speaks to the others. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger, cont'd):
Come on, we can fly over...  Get a better look.

[ The others nod.  Starting with RED RANGER, they leap off the edge of the hillside. ]

[ EXT. ALIEN CITY (DARK) - Their underarm wings extended, the five RANGERS soar over the camera as they survey the scene below. ]

[ As they fly, RED RANGER nods toward their right. ]

[ Sentai (Jetman #23) - Our point of view passes through the broken remains of a futuristic city.  The gliding RANGERS (US addition) bank to their right and fly under a girder and around a building.  They recede into the distance in the direction of what appears to be a mountain, atop which is poised a giant mechanical bird, the KESTRELZORD.  A light shines from behind it. ]

ruined city (Rangers not shown) ruined city (Rangers not shown) ruined city (Rangers not shown) ruined city (Rangers not shown)

[ EXT. KESTREL MOUNTAIN, BASE (DARK) - The RANGERS land at the base of the mountain-like structure.  They marvel at the construct above (off-screen).  The ground around them is covered with a similar rocky material which resembles igneous rock. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
What do you think it is?

[ Sentai (Jetman #23) - We see the KESTREL from below. ]

Kestrelzord on mountain

[ The RANGERS converse while continuing to study the object above. ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
It almost looks like a Zord.

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
... You think?

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger, to Red):
Did Dr. Bering ever mention anything like this?

LUKE (Red Ranger):

[ YELLOW RANGER approaches the rocky base of the structure. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
Well, if it is a Zord, I say we see if it works.

[ YELLOW begins to climb up the rocky incline.  Before long, however, he slides down as chunks of the rocky material crumble away, revealing a corroded metal wall built at an angle (as though the entire structure were a metallic pyramid). ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger, cont'd):

[ As BLACK helps YELLOW to his feet, the RANGERS inspect the wall.  RED RANGER looks up the face of the construct. ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
It's metal!

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Some kind of base?

[ BLUE RANGER tears away globules of rock hanging over what is revealed to be a metallic double door. ]

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):
Looks like there's an entrance here.

[ Once the rock is removed, it can be seen that the door was once melted open, leaving a gaping hole slightly larger than human-sized.  The igneous rock covering the surface of the base spills into the interior of the building, as though a moderate amount of lava once poured in through the hole and solidified. ]

[ The RANGERS look at each other a moment. ]

[ INT. VANGUARD BASE - The RANGERS wander through a darkened corridor, BLUE RANGER's STAR HANDLE shining once again.  The light falls on various panels and controls, somewhat futuristic but also sparse and utilitarian (compare with sentai).  Some debris lies on the floor. ]

[ As the RANGERS advance, their attention is drawn by the occasional flicker of white light around a corner ahead.  RED RANGER cautiously draws his SKY BLASTER and stands near the corner as the others remain silent.  BLUE RANGER refrains from pointing her STAR HANDLE near the corner. ]

[ Quickly, RED twirls around the corner, his SKY BLASTER ready.  He relaxes as he sees the source of the sporadic light is a wall monitor, mostly dark but flickering with occasional static.  As RED holsters his blaster, the others join him and inspect the monitor. ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
Wow, something's still working.  ... Sort of.

[ RED RANGER presses one of several buttons beneath the monitor.  Bright blue alien text appears on-screen, its characters consisting of simple geometric shapes and angular lines, some of which are supplemented with varying numbers of dots (suggesting the writing system may be an abugida).  The characters are arranged in horizontal rows. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Huh.  That did something.  I dunno what, though...

[ RED presses another button, replacing the text with several short rows of characters (perhaps as a list of items).  When he presses a third button, the screen begins playing video: ]

[ In the monitor, we see: EXT. VANGUARD BASE (Jetman #23) - The KESTRELZORD sits atop a pyramid-shaped base in sunlight. ]

Kestrelzord atop base

[ The RANGERS watch, bathed in the flickering light of the video. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
Hey, that's that same Zord.

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
So... that must be this place, before... whatever happened to it.

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Hey, look at that!

[ In the monitor, we see the same footage as a fiery meteorite (US addition) streaks down from the sky and lands near the base of the structure (off-screen). ]

Kestrelzord (meteorite not shown)

[ The footage cuts to a different area of the base (Jetman #41).  In a similar corridor, the five VANGUARDS scramble out from a doorway (the Jetman symbol on the door replaced with the Kestrel emblem, a US composite) as red alert lights flash.  The camera pans as they round the corner.  (Throughout this shot and subsequent, any visible facial skin is covered with a black texture, a US effect, as in episode 9.) ]

Vanguards respond to alert Vanguards respond to alert Vanguards respond to alert Vanguards respond to alert

[ The RANGERS react. ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
Hey!  Who are those guys?

[ The footage continues as the VANGUARDS pile a desk and other furniture against a sealed door. ]

Vanguards blockade door Vanguards blockade door Vanguards blockade door

[ The monitor shows the rocky legs of a monster known as BRIMSTONE walking down a corridor.  We then see his face as he plods down the dark hallway. ]

Brimstone Brimstone

[ The RANGERS react again. ]

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):
Look at that guy!

[ Again in the monitor, the furniture crashes forward, knocking the VANGUARDS back. ]

barricade overwhelmed barricade overwhelmed

[ After a brief screen-full of static, we see a VANGUARD firing a black laser pistol at BRIMSTONE, flames burning beside him.  The laser pistol's blue lasers strike him ineffectually as he continued to advance. ]

blaster ineffective blaster ineffective

[ After another burst of static, BRIMSTONE thrusts his claw hand forward, striking a VANGUARD. ]

Brimstone strikes a Vanguard Brimstone strikes a Vanguard Brimstone strikes a Vanguard

[ One of the four remaining VANGUARDS lunges forward, his jump kick proving ineffectual against BRIMSTONE as flames burn in the foreground.  BRIMSTONE grabs the warrior and hurls him into a nearby wall console. ]

another Vanguard down another Vanguard down another Vanguard down another Vanguard down

[ An additional VANGUARD attacks but is slashed back with bursts of sparks (US effect). ]

Vanguard the third Vanguard the third (sparks not shown) Vanguard the third (sparks not shown)

[ The remaining two VANGUARDS react to their comrade's defeat (off-screen).  The camera zooms out as BRIMSTONE steps into frame. ]

two remain two remain two remain

[ BRIMSTONE walks toward the camera, at which point it cuts to static, and the monitor goes dark. ]

Brimstone approaches Brimstone approaches

[ The RANGERS solemnly look around. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
So that's what happened.  This place was invaded.

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):
And once the good guys lost, there went the planet.

[ PINK RANGER shudders.  YELLOW places his hand on her shoulder. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
Well, what do you say we try out that Zord and stop the same thing from happening to Earth?

[ RED RANGER nods soberly. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Right.  Let's go, guys.

[ The RANGERS depart. ]

[ INT. KESTREL COCKPIT (NIGHT) (US footage, compare with sentai) - In a darkened five-person cockpit, the rear door opens, and the RANGERS enter cautiously.  As power systems are heard activating, the lights sequentially turn on, revealing the cockpit in full:  It is a near duplicate of the Megazord's cockpit (compare with sentai, including Jetman #23 and 34), with the exception of a unique emblem on the rear door.  Beyond the front viewscreen (when shown) is near-darkness. ]

Kestrel cockpit lighting up (sentai shot for reference only) Kestrel cockpit lighting up (sentai shot for reference only) Kestrel cockpit front (sentai shot for reference only)

[ As the RANGERS examine the cockpit, BLUE RANGER retains her SKY HANDLE, though it is no longer shining.  The RANGERS gravitate toward their normal seating positions in the Megazord. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
I don't believe it...

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):
It's almost exactly like the Megazord...

[ YELLOW RANGER touches the side of his helmet as he looks around at the controls. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
Are you guys seeing this?  "Sky Kestrel...?"  Hey, we've got instructions for piloting this thing!

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
Just like we did for the Flyers!

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
How is that possible?

[ RED RANGER runs his hand along the front controls. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
When I was aboard the space station, I heard a rumor that the Ranger technology was a revelation from... (looks to the others) ...a higher power.

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
Say what now?

[ RED RANGER shrugs noncommittally. ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
So all of this is some kind of... master plan...?

[ YELLOW RANGER is already seated in his front cockpit seat. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
Hey guys, am I the only one who wants to fly this thing?

[ The others take their seats and begin working their controls, BLUE RANGER apparently tucking the STAR HANDLE somewhere under her seat.  Soon, the hum of engines grows louder. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Engines to full.

[ EXT. KESTREL MOUNTAIN (DARK) (Jetman #23) - From a distant establishment shot, we see the KESTRELZORD lift its head and extend its wings. ]

Kestrel awakens Kestrel awakens

[ From below, we see rocks tumbling down the mountain as the KESTRELZORD points skyward. ]

Kestrel awakened

[ INT. KESTREL COCKPIT (NIGHT) (Jetman #51) - Holding two joysticks, RED RANGER speaks animatedly and then thrusts the sticks forward. ]

Rangers prepare for launch Rangers prepare for launch

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Ready, guys?  Liftoff!

[ PINK and BLACK nod. ]

Rangers prepare for launch

CASEY / CHRIS (Pink/Black Rangers, in unison):
Let's do it.

[ BLUE nods as YELLOW smacks his fist.  They then face their controls. ]

Rangers prepare for launch Rangers prepare for launch

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
Sasha's gonna get it!

[ EXT. KESTREL MOUNTAIN (Jetman #23) - Covered with an ashen substance, the KESTRELZORD lifts off from the mountain, its dual boosters aflame with a thunderous roar.  Rocks fall from the Zord as it flies away. ]

Kestrel lifts off Kestrel lifts off Kestrel lifts off Kestrel lifts off

[ EXT. SKY (Jetman #23, tinted) - The KESTRELZORD flies over the camera. ]

Kestrelzord Kestrelzord

[ The KESTREL is then shown in close-up as it flies at high speed. ]

Kestrelzord Kestrelzord

[ EXT. ALIEN VALLEY (DARK) (Jetman #51) - The giant alien monster looks up. ]

monster looks up monster looks up

SASHA (voice-over, distorted):
What is that?

[ EXT. SKY (Jetman #25, tinted) - With successive cuts, the camera shows closer and closer shots of the KESTRELZORD in flight. ]

Kestrelzord Kestrelzord Kestrelzord

[ INT. KESTREL COCKPIT (NIGHT) - YELLOW RANGER calls into his controls: ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
Give it up, Sasha!  You'll never beat the Power Rangers!

[ In YELLOW's monitor appears a medium-shot of the monster (Jetman #51, looped for length). ]

monster (to be shown in cockpit monitor)

SASHA (voice-over, distorted):
The Vanguards thought they had a chance too.  They even escaped our attack on their headquarters, just like you.  But eventually they were obliterated.  And now all of planet Illam lies in ruin.  Some heroes.

[ YELLOW RANGER clenches his fist before pressing a button on his controls. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
Firing Kestrel Missiles!

[ EXT. SKY (Jetman #23, tinted) - From the underside of the KESTREL launch two glowing white missile-like projectiles. ]

Kestrel Missiles Kestrel Missiles

[ EXT. ALIEN VALLEY (DARK) (Jetman #51) - The missiles (US addition) spiral around each other in the foreground as the camera races toward the monster.  A lattice-like energy barrier (US effect) briefly pulses in front of the monster, causing one missile to explode and the other to veer off-course. ]

missiles approaching monster (not shown: missiles) missiles deflected (not shown: barrier, missiles)

SASHA (voice-over, distorted):

[ INT. KESTREL COCKPIT (NIGHT) - BLUE RANGER presses a button. ]

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):
Ion cannon!

[ EXT. SKY (Jetman #23, tinted) - The KESTREL's beak opens, revealing a cannon which fires a broad blue beam of energy (US addition). ]

ion cannon ion cannon (beam not shown)

[ EXT. ALIEN VALLEY (DARK) (Jetman #51) - The monster is struck with the blue beam but seemingly absorbs it. ]

monster absorbs beam monster absorbs beam


CASEY (Pink Ranger):
She absorbed the blast!

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
Luke!  You see these transformation specs?

LUKE (Red Ranger):
I'm on it.  Initiating Kestrel Warrior Mode!

[ EXT. SKY (Jetman #23, tinted) - The KESTREL flies past the camera. ]

Kestrel flyby Kestrel flyby

[ Switch to Jetman #25 - Over a black background, the KESTREL turns over as various wing panels fold up.  Arms extend, giving the Zord a humanoid shape (though its fists are actually large talons). ]

Kestrel transforms Kestrel transforms Kestrel transforms Kestrel transforms

[ In close-up, the KESTREL's head tilts down to become the head of the robot warrior.  It shrieks like a bird of prey, and we zoom out to see the KESTRELZORD's Warrior Mode stand ready in front of the Rangers' gleaming bird emblem. ]

Kestrel transforms Kestrel transforms Kestrel transforms Kestrel transforms Kestrel transforms

[ EXT. ALIEN VALLEY (DARK) (Jetman #51) - The monster turns as the KESTREL lands behind her (cut to tinted Jetman #36 for shot of feet landing).  We then pan up the KESTREL's body (Jetman #36, footage reversed) as it stands ready. ]

monster turns monster turns monster turns Kestrel lands Kestrel feet Kestrel Warrior Mode Kestrel Warrior Mode Kestrel Warrior Mode

[ INT. KESTREL COCKPIT (NIGHT) - RED RANGER works his controls. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Thermo Beam!

[ EXT. ALIEN VALLEY (DARK) (Jetman #25) - The KESTREL touches its fists together before projecting a red beam from the V shape on its chest. ]

Thermo Beam Thermo Beam Thermo Beam Thermo Beam

[ Switch to Jetman #51 - Another shield appears in front of the monster, neutralizing the incoming red beam. ]

Thermo Beam blocked Thermo Beam blocked Thermo Beam blocked Thermo Beam blocked

[ The KESTRELZORD assumes a ready position. ]

Kestrel ready Kestrel ready


LUKE (Red Ranger):

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
Watch out!  Here she comes!

[ EXT. ALIEN VALLEY (DARK) (Jetman #51) - In close quarters, the monster jabs her long claws toward the Kestrel (off-screen). ]

jab jab

[ INT. KESTREL COCKPIT (NIGHT) - The RANGERS are shaken, but they soon recover. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
She's just taking everything we throw at her!

[ BLACK RANGER examines a schematic of the monster (US original) in his monitor.  It rotates to her back, where a diagonal red mark flashes (compare with sentai). ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
Guys, I'm getting a weird reading from her back.  It might be a weak spot.

[ RED RANGER considers. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
I've got an idea.  We've still got a missile on the loose, right?

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):
Yeah, I'm patched into it now.

LUKE (Red Ranger):
All right.  I want you to target us.

[ The other RANGERS react. ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
You what?

LUKE (Red Ranger):
We'll use Sasha as a shield.

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
Oh man, this sounds reckless.  I like it already.

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):
Locked on.  ETA in twenty-two seconds.

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Let's do it!

[ EXT. ALIEN VALLEY (DARK) (Jetman #51) - The KESTREL assumes a ready stance and then leaps into the air. ]

Kestrel leaps Kestrel leaps

[ Switch to Jetman #25 - The KESTREL's hands open in the form of sharp talons. ]

talons talons talons talons

[ Over a black background, the KESTREL performs simultaneous slashes with its glowing blue talons, creating a blue X-strike effect. ]

Kestrel Slash Kestrel Slash Kestrel Slash

[ Switch back to Jetman #51 - The blue slash effect (composite from Jetman #25) strikes the monster, causing her to stagger back slightly. ]

monster slashed (slash effect added) monster slashed (slash effect added) monster slashed

[ The KESTREL leaps again (Jetman #43, tinted). ]

Kestrel leaps Kestrel leaps

[ In midair, the KESTREL performs a flying kick (Jetman #23, tinted). ]

Kestrel kick Kestrel kick

[ The ground shakes slightly as the monster reels backward. ]

monster reels monster reels monster reels

SASHA (voice-over, distorted):
(grunts)  You'll never beat me, Rangers!

[ EXT. SKY (DARK) - The gleaming missile is shown in flight. ]


MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):
Here it comes!

[ RED RANGER manipulates his joysticks. ]

[ EXT. ALIEN VALLEY (DARK) (Jetman #51) -  The KESTREL lunges forward with its talons open.  It grasps each of the monster's arms and promptly spins her around so that her back faces outward. ]

Kestrel Kestrel presents talons Kestrel lunges arm grapple arm grapple Kestrel spins monster Kestrel spins monster Kestrel spins monster

[ INT. KESTREL COCKPIT (NIGHT) - RED RANGER wrestles with his joysticks. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Here goes nothing!

CHRIS (Black Ranger, muttering):
Here goes our new Zord.

[ EXT. ALIEN VALLEY (DARK) (Jetman #51) -  The missile shown in the foreground (US addition), the camera quickly zooms in toward the monster's exposed back.  As the missile strikes, the screen flashes to white. ]

missiles strike (missiles not shown) missiles strike (missiles not shown) missiles strike (missiles not shown)

[ INT. KESTREL COCKPIT (NIGHT) - The cockpit lights up with a bright yellowish-orange flare from the viewscreen (off-screen) as the RANGERS are shaken violently.  Sparks erupt from the controls.  Shortly, the light subsides, and the RANGERS look on. ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
She's gone!

[ EXT. ALIEN VALLEY (DARK) (Jetman #25) - The KESTREL stands triumphant as flames burn in the foreground. ]

Kestrel triumphant Kestrel triumphant

[ INT. KESTREL COCKPIT (NIGHT) - The RANGERS jump to their feet. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger):

[ As the RANGERS whoop in elation, YELLOW and BLUE hug, while RED slumps back into his seat in exhausted relief.  BLACK stands mystified until PINK joins him in front and places her hand on his shoulder. ]

[ YELLOW RANGER pats RED in a congratulatory manner. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
We did it!

[ PINK adds: ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
And we've got a new Zord now!

[ RED looks ahead soberly. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Yeah...  Now we just need to figure out how to get home.

[ The RANGERS look ahead.  Fade to black. ]

[ Break. ]

[ EXT. KESTREL MOUNTAIN, BASE (DARK) (US footage) - The KESTRELZORD now rests at the bottom of the pyramid-shaped mountain. ]

[ The BLUE and YELLOW RANGERS carry a sizeable, cylindrical storage tank of some sort out from the base's entrance (now open wider, and cleared of debris).  They take it in the direction of the KESTRELZORD nearby. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
Luke says our flight path should take us about a week to get home.  You think this'll do?

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):
Probably, as long as nobody takes half-hour showers.

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
Fine by me.  But you're breaking the news to Casey.

[ BLUE RANGER chuckles. ]

[ Dissolve to INT. VANGUARD BASE - In a room lit by the STAR HANDLE, which rests on a nearby crate, BLACK RANGER uses his SKY BLASTER as a cutting torch to remove various lengths of metal pipes from the wall, placing them meticulously behind him. ]

[ Passing by with a heap of black garments in her hands, PINK RANGER pauses in the doorway.  Eventually, BLACK RANGER notices her out of the corner of his eye and acknowledges her, though he continues to work. ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger):

[ PINK responds with a subdued tone. ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
Hey.  How's it going?

[ BLACK continues cutting. ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
Not bad, I guess.  Looks like we should be in decent shape, with all the supplies we've salvaged.  I'm just trying to stockpile some spare parts.

[ PINK nods absently.  She then presents her heap of garments. ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
Cool.  (then, showing the garments)  I found some uniforms.  Figured we could use a change of clothes.

CHRIS (Black Ranger):

[ Soon, BLACK RANGER stops cutting and turns to face her. ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger, cont'd):
Hey, uh... about earlier...  I, uh... I dunno what I'm supposed to do when we're fighting somebody, and... like, should I stay and protect you, or...

[ PINK RANGER sets the clothes on the floor and sits against the wall. ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
Yeah, I guess I've been kinda confusing, huh?

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
A little.  I'm sorry I left you alone with that safe monster.

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
No, don't be.  I was actually tougher than I thought.  (giggles gently)  I did your sword trick.

CHRIS (Black Ranger, supportively):
Really?  That's great.

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
Yeah.  You know, it's funny.  I mean, I like the chivalry and stuff... the guy sticking up for his girl... that kind of thing.  But at the same time, I'm a Power Ranger, you know?  I can do all sorts of stuff I never thought I could, if I just believe in myself.

[ BLACK RANGER nods.  After a pause, he eventually speaks: ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
So, uh... does that mean I should let you go it alone more often?

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
(giggles)  I don't know.  What do you feel like doing?

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
Well, I'd... rather be there beside you.

[ PINK nods happily and rises with her garment pile in hand. ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
Good.  Me too.  (with mock sternness)  But don't be surprised if I don't need rescuing next time.

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
(chuckles)  Okay.

[ PINK RANGER looks at BLACK a moment before exiting.  He soon returns to his work. ]

[ INT. KESTREL COCKPIT (NIGHT) - RED RANGER sits alone at the front seat of the cockpit, interacting with his monitor by trying a number of buttons.  After each command, he receives a gentle error sound effect.  He finally shakes his head and gives up.  He looks up at the dark blue sky outside the viewscreen, below which a few spires from the Illamite city can be seen. ]

LUKE (voice-over):
The Earth's defenseless, and we're days away.  I hope we're not too late.

[ Dissolve to EXT. SPACE - We pan across a star field to see the Earth below, the Americas having fallen into twilight as the sun shines behind the planet. ]

[ INT. LISA'S APARTMENT (NIGHT) - In her apartment (see episode 10), LISA paces, listening to the phone receiver.  She is wearing a knee-length dress. ]

[ INT. HOUSE, LIVING ROOM (NIGHT) - In the darkened living room of the Rangers' house, the phone continues to ring.  The answering machine then picks up (see episode 16). ]

CASEY (from answering machine):
Hi, you've reached--

[ INT. LISA'S APARTMENT (NIGHT) - LISA hangs up.  She frowns as she contemplates.  Fade to black. ]

DR. BERING (voice-over):
Next time on Power Rangers Take Flight:

[ INT. SPACE STATION COMMAND - TRASK has set a biomass canister on the floor as he speaks with a conflicted DILLIK. ]

So...  What's the plan?  A robot army?  A giant war machine?  I have plenty of biomass if you want to --

Trask, I need to go.

[ INT. KESTREL COCKPIT - In a standard black uniform, LUKE (with some facial stubble) mans the center seat of the Kestrelzord in space.  CHRIS listens over his shoulder as an agitated alien recording plays in-cabin.  The voice cuts short as a crash is heard in the background.  An audible struggle seems to ensue, and the recording stops abruptly. ]

You think it's some kind of distress signal?

Seems like it.  The signal came from a star system not too far from here.  If we changed course, we could be there by tonight.

[ EXT. SKY - A fiery mass strikes the SKY KESTREL from below and explodes on impact, rattling the jet Zord. ]

[ INT. KESTREL COCKPIT - The HEROES are jarred violently as sparks erupt around the cockpit. ]

We're hit!

Hang on, everybody!  We're going down!

[ EXT. MOUNTAINS - The KESTREL skids to a rough landing in the mountains.  Cut to black. ]

Kestrel crash lands Kestrel crash lands Kestrel crash lands Kestrel crash lands Kestrel crash lands

DR. BERING (voice-over):
Next time, on Power Rangers Take Flight.