Episode 24: "Wolves in Rangers' Clothing, part 2"

Writer:  Joe Rovang

[ Sentai footage is from Jetman #42 unless otherwise noted. ]

[ "A Pressing Engagement" refers to the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers season 1 episode, though visuals referenced therein originate from Zyuranger #6. ]

[ "Green with Evil, part 1" refers to the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers season 1 episode, though visuals referenced therein originate from Zyuranger #17. ]

[ "Gung Ho!" refers to the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers season 1 episode, though visuals referenced therein originate from Zyuranger #29. ]

[ "The Green Candle, part 2" refers to the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers season 1 episode. ]

[ "Welcome to Venus Island," "Where There's Smoke, There's Fire," and "The Wedding, part 3" all refer to Mighty Morphin Power Rangers season 2 episodes. ]

[ "Ninja Quest, part 1" refers to the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers season 3 episode. ]

DR. BERING (voice-over):
Previously on Power Rangers Take Flight:

[ Fade in to INT. JAIL CORRIDOR - A Thadian prison guard (see previous episode) is casually strolling between cells when a loud crash is heard in the distance.  He perks up and hurries around the corner. ]

[ In another section of the jail, the guard happens upon a cell from which light is emanating. ]

[ Over the guard's shoulder, we see that a door-sized slab has been cut out of the wall and has fallen inward, allowing light from outside to shine in (the dust still settling).  In a fenced yard beyond the makeshift opening stand the two captured rebels (see previous episode), with BLACK RANGER behind them, his hands protectively on their shoulders. ]

[ BLACK RANGER delivers a salute with his index finger to the guard, and the trio is beamed up in a blue ray of light from above. ]

[ The guard lurches forward and grips the cell bars, transfixed. ]

[ EXT. CASTLE (NIGHT) - An imposing castle stands in the hills.  Contrasting with the low-tech structure, powerful spotlights sweep through the night sky over the castle. ]

[ EXT. ACCESS TUNNEL (NIGHT) - The five RANGERS sneak through the bushes and encounter a sealed access tunnel leading into the castle structure.  The tunnel's metal door opens, revealing a Thadian in a formal uniform, apparently a servant.  He sneaks the RANGERS inside. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger, quietly):
Man...  It helps to have spies.

[ INT. SERVICE TUNNELS - Escorted by the servant, the RANGERS make their way through a series of tunnels.  The tunnels are dimly lit by a string of weak electric bulbs seemingly installed along the ceiling as an afterthought. ]

[ At one particular junction, the servant quietly parts ways with the RANGERS and disappears down a different tunnel.  The RANGERS bid him farewell as he leaves, RED RANGER speaking a word in Thadian.  RED then turns to the others. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger, quietly):
Okay, we need to go up past the dungeon and hang a right.

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
And then we find out if the rebels were right about most of the generals being away in other territories.

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):
Luke, do you need that phrase?  I wrote it down in case --

LUKE (Red Ranger):
I remember it.

[ BLUE shrugs to PINK as the group continues down the tunnel. ]

[ INT. DUNGEON (NIGHT) - Alone in a cell, a scrawny and dirty-looking JANOS (see previous episode) lies on a worn stone slab, his body bearing several scars.  He sits up as he hears people shuffling nearby. ]

[ Passing down the dungeon corridor, the RANGERS approach the cell.  JANOS walks to the bars and grips them, examining the RANGERS in silence as they near his cell.  (A second cell nearby remains empty.) ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger, quietly):
You guys, it's one of the generals!

[ JANOS speaks in Thadian with a faded voice. ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
Janos.  So this is what they did with him.

[ JANOS speaks again, apparently perplexed. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
Poor guy.

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
Are you kidding?  He's a butcher!

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
Yeah, I guess...  But look what they've done to him.

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Come on.  Let's keep moving.

[ At the opposite entrance to the dungeon, two Thadian servants, SERVANT1 and SERVANT2 enter, neither of them identical to the previous undercover servant.  SERVANT1 has a whip looped at his hip. ]

[ Upon noticing the RANGERS, SERVANT1 and SERVANT2 put their fists to their chests as a salute (see previous episode), but they then seem startled upon examining the RANGERS further.   SERVANT1 draws his whip and cracks it. ]

[ The RANGERS assume defensive positions as JANOS, in the background, backs away from the bars. ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
Whoa, easy there, fellas.  We don't want to hurt you.  (to Red)  Do you know the phrase for that?

[ RED shakes his head.  SERVANT1 lashes out with his whip, but RED lunges forward, grabs the whip out of the air, and jerks SERVANT1 to him. ]

[ Outside the empty second cell, YELLOW RANGER uses his superhuman strength to pry the bars apart into a man-sized opening.  RED RANGER shoves SERVANT1 (now minus his whip) into the cell.  His hands up anxiously, SERVANT2 willingly climbs into the cell as well, while BLUE RANGER supervises with her arms crossed.  Once the two servants stand within, YELLOW bends the bars roughly back into place. ]

[ JANOS watches from his cell. ]

[ The RANGERS gather in the center of the room.  BLACK RANGER tosses the servant's whip out of reach.  RED RANGER points sternly between JANOS and the two servants in their respective cells. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Now I don't want any trouble from you guys.  You leave each other alone, got it?

[ Showing his palms innocently, JANOS coolly backs away from his bars and sits on his stone slab. ]

[ SERVANT1 and SERVANT2 anxiously look between JANOS and the RANGERS as they remain in place in their cell. ]

[ RED nods. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
All right then.  (to the Rangers) Now, let's try this again.

[ The RANGERS depart (making a right in the adjoining hallway). ]

[ From his slab, JANOS watches curiously. ]

[ INT. DINING HALL (NIGHT) - In an extravagantly decorated dining hall, FEXEL sits alone at a long table, stuffing his face with a variety of seemingly decadent (but non-Earthen) foods.  He is wearing a thick, dark blue robe.  Though not clearly visible, his right hand is clad in what resembles a fingerless black glove. ]

[ Beside FEXEL stands an attentive Thadian servant, but FEXEL dismisses him with the wave of a hand.  The servant begins to depart. ]

[ From off-screen, LUKE boldly speaks a phrase in Thadian.  FEXEL startles and looks to the far doorway, where the five RANGERS stand. ]

[ FEXEL jumps to his feet, knocking over his chair, and wipes his reptilian mouth on his sleeve.  He then mutters in Thadian.  (In the background, the servant flees the room.) ]

[ The RANGERS enter and fan out with the apparent intention of surrounding FEXEL. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
So what was that again that we just told him?

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
Something about surrendering his powers and coming with us.

[ FEXEL assumes a defensive stance and barks a retort in Thadian. ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
(chuckles)  I can guess what that means.

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):
At least there's only one of them.  Looks like the rebels were right.

[ Surrounded by the RANGERS, FEXEL readies his right hand, at which point we see his POWER COIN (triceratops) set within the palm of his glove. ]

[ The RANGERS hold their ground. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Watch out, guys.

[ Using his left hand, FEXEL draws his blue POWER CRYSTAL out from his coin with a bright gleam of blue energy.  He is left with a conical crystal spike jutting out from his palm, which he thrusts into the air with a Thadian declaration. ]

[ The blue POWER CRYSTAL glows brightly, at which point a fiery shimmer (compare with "A Pressing Engagement") pulses outward and causes GRINDEL, FEI, KIRO, and ANDAR (see previous episode) to appear beside him from gleams of energy (purple, pink, blue, and red, respectively).  They are wearing similar outfits to their original appearance, all wearing similar coin-laden gloves on their right hands. ]

[ The five generals assume defensive stances as FEXEL, center, cockily retracts his POWER CRYSTAL back into his palm. ]

[ The five RANGERS startle and regroup. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
Wow.  That's a heck of a trick.

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):
Wish we could do that.

[ Simultaneously, the five generals perform arm gestures and present their POWER COINS in a manner reminiscent to Mighty Morphin Power Rangers' morphing stances (see "Ninja Quest, part 1"). ]

[ The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers lightning bolt logo flashes on-screen (as precedes the typical morph sequence). ]

MMPR lightning bolt

[ Over a respectively-colored background of crackling electricity, each of the generals - in the order GRINDEL (black), FEI (pink), FEXEL (blue), KIRO (yellow), and ANDAR (red) - calls out a word in Thadian.  At the end of ANDAR's declaration, the camera quickly zooms in on his face, which is overlaid with a fiery red gridline texture, this in turn splitting to reveal the helmet of the RED MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGER (hereby referred to as the RED MMPR).  (This morph sequence should be similar to the morph sequences featured throughout Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.) ]

[ The five MMPR assume aggressive stances.  Their costumes are nearly identical to the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, with a few small revisions: in place of Morphers, their belt buckles are featureless black panels; they possess neither holsters nor Blade Blasters; their POWER COINS are embedded in their right palms; and their bodies are shaped to reflect the generals' slightly inhuman physique. ]

[ The RANGERS react. ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger):

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
They're Power Rangers, all right.

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
Look at their helmets!  They match the dinosaurs we saw earlier.

[ The MMPR begin to encircle the wary RANGERS. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger, raising a finger profoundly):

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
All right, all right!  The ancient creatures!

[ The MMPR attack with hand-to-hand combat, scattering the RANGERS. ]

[ YELLOW MMPR delivers a strong side-kick to PINK RANGER (her foot briefly gleaming yellow), sending PINK flying back and crashing against the wall.  As PINK recovers, BLACK RANGER grapples YELLOW MMPR, but she promptly hurls him across the room.  He lands beside PINK. ]

[ BLUE RANGER performs backwards cartwheels to evade the approaching BLACK MMPR and BLUE MMPR.  BLACK MMPR then charges his fist with purple energy and slams it into the ground (compare with "The Wedding, part 3"), projecting a series of shockwaves which shake the ground and cause BLUE RANGER to falter. ]

[ Recovering her footing, BLUE draws her SKY BLASTER and fires yellow lasers at her approaching attackers, but they seem relatively unfazed by the resulting sparks. ]

[ As YELLOW RANGER squares off with PINK MMPR, YELLOW readies his right fist. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
Battlizer, pow--  Oh, darn it.

[ PINK MMPR appears to meditate, drawing multicolored wisps of energy from the surrounding air into her hands (compare with "Welcome to Venus Island").  YELLOW watches a moment, but the same wisps then gather around him and strike his body, causing him to spark all over and fall back. ]

[ RED RANGER attempts to come to YELLOW's aid, but RED MMPR grapples him and hurls RED across the room.  RED RANGER lands on the table and slides off, scattering food and dishes to the floor.  He quickly rises, but RED MMPR is on him in a flash, pummeling him with punches and kicks he is unable to block.  In slow motion, RED MMPR finally delivers a strong punch to RED RANGER's gut, a translucent red image of his fist expanding outward and vanishing (compare with "Passing the Lantern").  RED RANGER flies back from the impact. ]

[ RED RANGER crashes to the floor near the far wall.  The other RANGERS gather around him. ]

[ Joined by the other MMPR, RED MMPR summons red electricity into his hands, forming a gleaming sphere of red energy which he then hurls (compare with "Green with Evil, part 1"). ]

[ The RANGERS barely manage to leap aside as the energy sphere strikes the wall behind them with a hefty explosion.  The blast causes a portion of the wall to crumble, but the RANGERS successfully avoid the falling debris.  They nonetheless appear exhausted. ]

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):
This isn't going well.

CHRIS (Black Ranger, dourly, to Red):
Hey, try that phrase again.

[ RED RANGER reaches for his weapons. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
We're not finished yet.  Sky Enforcers!

[ Switch to sentai (Jetman #3) - RED RANGER assembles his SKY ENFORCER. ]

Red Ranger assembles Sky Enforcer

[ US footage - Following an order from RED MMPR (Andar), the five MMPR hold hands, their respective energy seeming to pool between them (compare with "Where There's Smoke, There's Fire"). ]

[ The RANGERS simultaneously fire their ENFORCER beams, which form a force bubble (see episode 7). ]

Enforcer blast Enforcer blast Enforcer blast Enforcer blast

RANGERS (in unison):
Fire!  (blast fires)

[ Switch to US footage - The force bubble (compare with sentai) flies toward the MMPR, but the blast is halted as the linked MMPR are enveloped in a white barrier (compare with "Where There's Smoke, There's Fire").  The bubble hovers in the air a moment. ]

[ Still wielding their ENFORCERS, the RANGERS react. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):

[ The RANGERS evacuate toward the entrance from which they came. ]

[ The glowing MMPR extend their hands, hurling the force bubble back at the Rangers. ]

[ INT. CORRIDOR - As the RANGERS flee from the adjoining dining hall, a massive explosion behind them violently hurls them down the corridor. ]

[ Smoking, the RANGERS land in a tangled heap further down the corridor.  They collect themselves and continue to flee. ]

[ At the damaged, flaming doorway, the five MMPR gather and inspect the corridor.  Seeing the retreating Rangers (off-screen), they hurry on foot to pursue them. ]

[ INT. DUNGEON (NIGHT) - The MMPR hastily round the corner from the adjoining hallway. ]

[ From their point of view, we see SERVANT1 and SERVANT2 still in their cell.  Janos, on the other hand, is missing, his cell bars having been pried open. ]

[ RED MMPR (Andar) growls. ]

[ Break. ]

[ INT. REBEL OUTPOST - In the rebels' base (see previous episode), the five HEROES stand in their black uniforms as a REBEL CAPTAIN speaks in Thadian with the seated JANOS, whose wrists are tied behind his back.  Other rebels, including the REBEL LIEUTENANT, stand guard along the walls. ]

[ Following his conversation, the REBEL CAPTAIN turns to the HEROES and speaks: ]

"Friend," Janos.

[ The HEROES are perplexed. ]

Wait, what...?

He wants to be our friend?

Planet find.  (points to palm)


Those coins...  (speaks one of the Thadian words previously spoken to Fexel)  He can take us to where they found them?

How do we know it's not a trap?

We don't.  But it's about all we've got at this point.

We've got the Kestrelzord.

Yeah, but we can't just go blasting the castle to pieces.  It's full of innocent workers.

Yeah, real innocent.  Like the guy with the whip.

MAGGIE (to Chris):
All right, so what do you want to do?  Blow everybody up?

(chuckles)  No...  Our problem's with the generals and their Ranger powers.  Once we neutralize them, let the people decide who else they want to put on trial.  Right?

[ LUKE nods. ]

Right.  So let's see what that planet has to offer.

[ EXT. ALIEN VALLEY (DAY) (sentai) - We see STRIFE walking in a mountainous valley.  He pauses and looks around. ]

Strife searching Strife searching Strife searching Strife searching

[ Through Strife's view, we see an on-screen scanner analyzing the area.  (His customary side Hoverbird displays are not present.) ]

Strife's display Strife's display

[ EXT. SPACE, ILLAM ORBIT (US footage) - TRASK'S SHIP orbits around ILLAM, a moderately Earth-like planet with brownish-gray land masses and ample bodies of water.  The atmosphere is a deep, hazy blue, with prominent dark clouds.  The near side of the planet is lit by a nearby sun (off-screen), but the light shines mostly on the southern hemisphere, such that the north is relatively dark and icy. ]

[ INT. VILLAIN COCKPIT (US footage) - At the controls, DILLIK is wearing his VR helmet (see episode 12) as he slowly pans his head.  (The Star Handle is not in view.) ]

Where are you, your majesty?  I see terrain disruptions, residual radiation... but no princess.  (looks around further)  I've gotta hurry.  It won't stay light for long on this end of the planet.  Oh, wait... I can see in the dark.

[ EXT. ALIEN VALLEY (DAY) (sentai) - STRIFE starts to proceed, but he is distracted by something below.  A robot speaks in a childlike voice. ]

Gamma 2 pleads for help Gamma 2 pleads for help

GAMMA TWO (off-screen):
Please, help me...

[ We pan down to see a smoking yellow robot clutching to STRIFE's leg in desperation. ]

Gamma 2 pleads for help

GAMMA TWO (cont'd):
My power cell is dying...

[ INT. VILLAIN COCKPIT (US footage) - DILLIK is looking down and to his right (compare with sentai). ]

Power cell?  I-- I'm sorry, I don't...  Well, actually, I do have a spare...

[ EXT. ALIEN VALLEY (DAY) (sentai) - In close-up, STRIFE removes a small component from some sort of compartment, which he then closes. ]

Strife donates power cell Strife donates power cell Strife donates power cell

There's no telling whether it's compatible though.

[ STRIFE bends down to assist GAMMA TWO. ]

Strife donates power cell Strife donates power cell

Let's see what we have here.

[ STRIFE opens a compartment in the robot's torso, revealing smoking robotic innards.  STRIFE removes a fuse-shaped object and replaces it with his own part, which is shaped differently but seems to fit.  Red lights within the cavity light up once the part is inserted, and the sound of electronics coming to life is heard. ]

Strife donates power cell Strife donates power cell Strife donates power cell Strife donates power cell Strife donates power cell

Looks like your access panel's here...  Oh, well there's your problem.  (takes fuse, replaces it)  All right, let's see what this does.  (electronics come to life)

[ STRIFE watches GAMMA TWO as the robot is looking down. ]

Strife watches

Ohh...  Thank you!

[ GAMMA TWO looks up meaningfully at STRIFE.  His smaller eye blinks with a red light as he speaks. ]

Gamma 2 speaks Gamma 2 speaks

GAMMA TWO (cont'd):
Now I can go save that alien I found!

[ INT. VILLAIN COCKPIT - DILLIK cocks his head. ]


[ EXT. ALIEN VALLEY (DAY) (sentai) - GAMMA TWO speaks and looks down absently (footage reversed from sentai) as we dissolve to: ]

Gamma 2 speaks Gamma 2 speaks

That's right.  With my friends all gone, I was so happy to find a visitor...

[ Dissolve to EXT. ALIEN MOUNTAINS (NIGHT) (US footage) - In a rocky region surrounded by total darkness, SASHA lies sprawled unconscious on the ground beside a few tall boulders.  On her other side is a cluster of burning rocky debris. ]

GAMMA TWO (voice-over, cont'd):
I found her lying by a pile of debris.  I don't know what happened to her, but she was unconscious.

[ Switch to sentai (sentai) - GAMMA TWO approaches the unconscious SASHA (US composite over sentai) and crouches down. ]

Gamma 2 finds Sasha (US composite not shown) Gamma 2 finds Sasha (US composite not shown)

GAMMA TWO (voice-over, cont'd):
For some reason, she seemed familiar.  But my memory's not what it used to be.

[ EXT. ALIEN MOUNTAINS (DAY) (sentai) - From a distance, we see GAMMA TWO struggling to carry the unconscious SASHA on his back. ]

Gamma 2 carries Sasha Gamma 2 carries Sasha

GAMMA TWO (voice-over, cont'd):
I tried to carry her back to the Vanguard base for treatment...

[ GAMMA TWO staggers slightly under SASHA's weight.  He then finally collapses, dropping her and rolling to the side. ]

Gamma 2 falls Gamma 2 falls Gamma 2 falls Gamma 2 falls Gamma 2 falls

GAMMA TWO (voice-over, cont'd):
But it's hard to do just about anything with a depleted power cell.  (falls)

[ US footage - The unconscious SASHA rolls to a stop on the rocky ground (compare with sentai). ]

[ INT. VILLAIN COCKPIT - DILLIK cocks his head curiously. ]

DILLIK (inwardly):
Vanguard base...?

[ EXT. ALIEN MOUNTAINS (DAY) (sentai) - Nearby, GAMMA TWO regains his bearings and looks at Sasha (off-screen).  Soon, a rumbling sound is heard, and GAMMA TWO looks up. ]

Gamma 2 looks up Gamma 2 looks up Gamma 2 looks up

GAMMA TWO (voice-over, cont'd):
Yep!  Good old Vanguard base!  But we never made it there...

[ Large rocks careen down the rock face above. ]

rockslide rockslide

[ GAMMA TWO jumps to his feet and places himself in front of SASHA with a mighty declaration. ]

Gamma 2 to the rescue Gamma 2 to the rescue Gamma 2 to the rescue

Don't worry, friend!  Gamma Two to the rescue!

[ The rocks continue to fall.  They strike GAMMA TWO, sending him flying back.  He and the rocks plunge off a rocky ledge. ]

rockslide rockslide rockslide rockslide rockslide

GAMMA TWO (voice-over):
I think I saved her, but those rocks sure did a number on me.

[ GAMMA TWO falls, smoking, into vegetation below.  He lies prone as the large rocks (US addition) land and bounce around him. ]

Gamma 2 falls (rocks not shown) Gamma 2 falls (rocks not shown)

GAMMA TWO (voice-over, cont'd):
And this is where I landed.

[ Before the previous line ends, the smoking GAMMA TWO tries to sit up, but sparks  As he completes the previous line in voice-over, we see the smoking GAMMA TWO try to sit up, but sparks burst out from his body, and he remains on his back. ]

Gamma 2 injured Gamma 2 injured

[ EXT. ALIEN VALLEY (DAY) (sentai) - STRIFE raises his head slightly. ]

Strife reacts

Wait...  So she's still up there?!

[ EXT. ALIEN MOUNTAINS (OVERCAST) (US footage) - SASHA continues to lie on the rocky ground, with several large rocks to one side of her.  A long shadow matching Strife (from off-screen) falls over her, causing her to stir slightly.  She groans and opens her eyes slightly, looking at Strife (off-screen).  The shadow fades as the sky (off-screen) seemingly grows overcast. ]

SASHA (weakly):

[ EXT. ALIEN VALLEY (RAIN) (sentai) - We see heavy rain begin to pour down into a muddy puddle which STRIFE then steps in.  He is supporting SASHA as she hobbles weakly during their journey through the valley. ]

Strife helps Sasha walk Strife helps Sasha walk Strife helps Sasha walk Strife helps Sasha walk Strife helps Sasha walk Strife helps Sasha walk

Come, your majesty.  There's a cave not far from here.

[ SASHA coughs as her legs seem to fail her.  STRIFE bends and picks her up into his arms.  Before he can proceed more than a few steps, STRIFE notices something ahead. ]

Strife carries Sasha Strife carries Sasha Strife carries Sasha Strife carries Sasha Strife carries Sasha

Let me carry you, your majesty.  (picks her up, notices something)

[ From the brush emerges GAMMA TWO.  Seeing Strife and Sasha (off-screen), he reacts enthusiastically and then approaches them cheerfully. ]

Gamma 2 emerges Gamma 2 emerges

Oh, I'm so glad you found her!  Let me help you!  (approaches)

[ GAMMA TWO stops in front of STRIFE and nods politely.  He then eagerly gets close to the duo.  STRIFE asks a question, to which GAMMA TWO shakes his head, at which point STRIFE pushes him out of the way as he continues ahead. ]

Gamma 2 rebuffed Gamma 2 rebuffed Gamma 2 rebuffed Gamma 2 rebuffed Gamma 2 rebuffed

Gamma Two, at your service!  Is there anything I can do?  Do you want me to carry her a while?

Do you even know who the lady is?

GAMMA TWO (shaking head):

STRIFE (pushing him aside):
Then step aside, automaton.

But --  But... I just want to help!

Go play with your "friends."

[ GAMMA TWO pitifully watches them leave. ]

Gamma 2

GAMMA TWO (softly):
But... Queen Magda destroyed them all...

[ INT. CAVE (RAIN) (sentai) - As it continues to rain outside, we pan from the cave opening to STRIFE and SASHA as they sit on two large rocks, still wet from the rain. ]

cave cave cave Strife and Sasha in cave (sentai actress to be replaced)

(coughs)  So you came all this way just to find me...

[ STRIFE looks at Sasha (off-screen). ]

Strife looks at Sasha Strife looks at Sasha

[ With a faint smile, SASHA (US actress composited over sentai) looks up at STRIFE (foreground). ]

Sasha speaks to Strife (sentai actress to be replaced)

I guess you do care about me.  (smirks)  Do you make this a habit?  ...following girls from planet to planet?

[ STRIFE turns his head away from her. ]

Strife turns away Strife turns away

N-- No... of course not.

[ SASHA (US actress composited over sentai) queries STRIFE (foreground).  His head remains turned away. ]

Sasha inquires (sentai actress to be replaced)

All right...  So, what, you want to be partners or something?

[ STRIFE looks toward SASHA (foreground) and ultimately gives a solemn nod. ]

Strife looks at Sasha Strife looks at Sasha Strife looks at Sasha

W-- Well, yes... (with a nod) I-- I'd love that.

[ US footage - SASHA responds. ]

All right.  (coyly)  You know, you're not so bad, as far as shady cyborgs go...

[ STRIFE gazes at SASHA intently as she continues. ]

Strife gazes at Sasha

SASHA (cont'd, off-screen):
I think I even kinda like you a little.

[ US footage - SASHA continues with a frown. ]

SASHA (cont'd):
...unlike those losers Trask and Dillik.

[ STRIFE lowers his head (footage reversed from sentai). ]

Strife lowers his head Strife lowers his head

[ US footage - SASHA notes randomly: ]

SASHA (cont'd):
You know, I used to think Dillik was all right, but he's as much of a coward as Trask.

[ STRIFE stands abruptly. ]

Strife stands Strife stands

[ US footage - SASHA looks up, surprised. ]

What's wrong with you?

[ STRIFE speaks grimly. ]

Strife speaks

I should go.

[ US footage - SASHA is confused. ]

What?  What did I say?  Are they your friends or something?

[ STRIFE slowly turns and walks away. ]

Strife walks away Strife walks away

Goodbye, your majesty.

[ US footage - As STRIFE (indistinct) passes by in the foreground, SASHA watches him leave.  She protests, then stands as he continues to leave (off-screen). ]

Oh, come on!  (stands)  Strife!

[ As STRIFE walks out of the cave, SASHA (US composite over sentai) stands in place, shouting after him.  As he exits, the camera zooms in on SASHA as she coughs and has to sit back down. ]

Strife leaves (sentai actors to be replaced with US Sasha) Strife leaves (sentai actors to be replaced with US Sasha) Strife leaves (sentai actors to be replaced with US Sasha) Sasha (US)

SASHA (cont'd):
Fine!  Leave, then!  (coughs, sits)  I don't want you on my planet anyway.

[ EXT. ALIEN VALLEY (RAIN, DUSK) (sentai) - Initially focused on small rocks in the rain after the sun has gone down, we focus on STRIFE and GAMMA TWO in the distance.  The yellow robot cheerfully tags along with STRIFE as he walks.  When GAMMA TWO eventually stands in front of STRIFE to get his attention, STRIFE brusquely shoves him aside. ]

Gamma 2 tags along Gamma 2 tags along Gamma 2 tags along Gamma 2 tags along Gamma 2 tags along Strife shoves Gamma 2 aside

Hey there, friend!  Whatcha doing now?  Do you want to come see the Vanguard base?  I could show it to you if-- (shoved aside)

[ GAMMA TWO crashes to the ground and rolls onto his back.  He sits up and calls after STRIFE as he walks by. ]

Gamma 2 falls Gamma 2 falls Gamma 2 falls Gamma 2 sits up Gamma 2 sits up

GAMMA TWO (cont'd):
Oof!  (sits up)  Hey, wait!  What happened to that lady?

[ STRIFE pauses.  He looks up distantly as the rain pours over his face. ]

Strife pauses Strife pauses Strife pauses Strife pauses

[ Dissolve to INT. CAVE (US footage) - We see a flashback (though now in US footage) of SASHA's recent line in the cave: ]

SASHA (with a smirk):
I think I even kinda like you a little.

[ Dissolve to EXT. ALIEN VALLEY (RAIN, DUSK) (sentai) - We zoom out from the rain-drenched STRIFE as he stares skyward.  He ultimately turns back. ]

Strife pauses Strife pauses Strife pauses Strife looks back

[ Below STRIFE, GAMMA TWO sits on the wet ground, seemingly sucking his thumb with a childish coo.  He pauses to look up, noticing Strife. ]

Gamma 2 Gamma 2 Gamma 2

[ STRIFE speaks. ]

Strife speaks

Will you take care of her?

[ GAMMA TWO nods timidly, his thumb still in place. ]

Gamma 2 nods


[ STRIFE addresses the downed robot.  GAMMA TWO sits up in response.  It is now almost completely dark outside. ]

Strife addresses Gamma 2 Strife addresses Gamma 2

But I want you to make me a promise.

Sure!  Anything!  You saved my life!

[ STRIFE speaks, shaking his head. ]

Strife speaks

Don't ever mention the Vanguards.

[ GAMMA TWO nods with resolve. ]

Gamma 2 promises Gamma 2 promises

Okay!  I... don't understand, but I promise!

[ STRIFE turns aside and looks down at his hands.  We see them trembling in close-up. ]

Strife reflects Strife reflects Strife reflects Strife reflects Strife reflects

Good.  Now, as for me...  (looks at hands)

[ We cut to INT. VILLAIN COCKPIT - Still wearing his helmet, DILLIK holds his hands in the same position.  He speaks and then clenches his fists. ]

I'm tired of pretending to be someone I'm not.

[ EXT. ALIEN VALLEY (RAIN, NIGHT) (sentai) - STRIFE similarly clenches his fists.  He then slowly looks skyward. ]

Strife reflects Strife reflects Strife reflects

I think it's time I went home.

[ EXT. CAVE (RAIN, NIGHT) (US footage) - Now in darkness as the rain continues, SASHA steps out of the cave entrance (compare with sentai).  Resting on a rock outside is her STAR HANDLE. ]

[ SASHA looks around but finds no one nearby. ]

[ EXT. ALIEN DESERT - In the same alien desert (see previous episode), the five RANGERS walk with JANOS, the REBEL CAPTAIN, the REBEL LIEUTENANT, and four additional rebel soldiers carrying laser rifles.  JANOS leads the way, seemingly unsure of his destination.  Around his neck is an electronic collar of some sort. ]

[ YELLOW RANGER seems to yawn inside his helmet before uttering: ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
Dude, he totally doesn't know where he's going.

[ YELLOW RANGER shrugs in the REBEL CAPTAIN's direction as the group passes a water hole of modest size. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger, cont'd):


[ JANOS stops in his tracks and looks back at the water hole.  The rebels watch him warily.  JANOS curiously approaches the water and, to everyone's surprise, dives in, vanishing beneath the surface. ]

[ The rebels cry out in alarm and rush to the water's edge.  Janos is nowhere to be seen. ]

[ The REBEL CAPTAIN paces and turns to YELLOW. ]

Lost, Janos.

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
Yeah, we sure did.  He's pretty clever, I'll give him that.  Except I don't know how long he can hold his breath.  Anybody see gills on that guy?

[ Just then, JANOS reemerges from the water, causing the startled rebels to aim their rifles at him.  In his hand, he reveals a glimmering gold coin, a sixth POWER COIN. ]

[ The RANGERS and rebels are amazed by the sight.  In close-up, we see the coin bears a three-pointed claw shape (the Green Ranger's dragon emblem in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers). ]

[ The REBEL CAPTAIN has his men back up, allowing JANOS to climb out of the water hole.  Once he has emerged, his collar crackles with electricity, causing JANOS to convulse and drop to the ground.  The DRAGON COIN rolls out of his hand.  The REBEL CAPTAIN bends down and picks it up, a remote device in his other hand. ]

[ The RANGERS react to the sight. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
Hey, take it easy!

[ The REBEL CAPTAIN switches off the device, and JANOS's convulsions stop.  The YELLOW and BLUE RANGERS come to his aid, helping him onto his side. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger, cont'd, to the captain):
What's the deal?!

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
Yeah, that's low-class.

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
Is he okay?

[ The REBEL CAPTAIN shrugs nonchalantly. ]

Rangers, friends...

[ YELLOW RANGER points scoldingly at the captain. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger, gesturing briefly at Janos):
Yeah, I'll tell you what...  I'm liking him a lot better than you right now.

[ The REBEL CAPTAIN slips the DRAGON COIN into a pocket in his uniform. ]

Coin find.  Thank you.

[ RED RANGER steps into frame, confronting the REBEL CAPTAIN, to his surprise. ]

[ LUKE (Red Ranger) sternly repeats the phrase he spoke earlier to Fexel.  Each of the other RANGERS reacts in stunned silence, as do the rebel soldiers and the REBEL CAPTAIN himself.  The showdown lingers on, until the REBEL CAPTAIN finally reaches into his pocket and hands RED RANGER the DRAGON COIN. ]

[ BLUE RANGER nods approvingly. ]

[ RED nods calmly to the REBEL CAPTAIN. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Thank you.

[ Apparently noticing something unusual, RED RANGER looks at the DRAGON COIN in his hand.  It briefly gleams with green energy which flickers red.  A pulse of red energy then flows up his arm, giving way to a golden flash of light around his chest (compare with "Gung Ho!" and "The Green Candle, part 2").  When the light subsides, RED RANGER is seen to be wearing the DRAGON SHIELD, a golden torso shield and accompanying golden armbands (traditionally worn by the Green Ranger in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers). ]

[ The RANGERS react. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger):

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
What is that?

LUKE (Red Ranger):
I... don't know.  But I feel strong.

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):
That's good.  We'll take strong.

[ JANOS rises.  YELLOW and BLUE try to help him, but he seems able to stand on his own.  Looking at the enhanced RED RANGER, JANOS nods calmly. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
All right.  Let's see what kind of plan we can cook up between here and Thadia.

[ As the RANGERS set out with JANOS, BLUE RANGER brushes by the REBEL CAPTAIN and quips: ]

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):
You're riding in back.

[ EXT. MOUNTAIN BASE (DAY) - The HEROES, JANOS, and the REBEL CAPTAIN and his men beam down in blue light. ]

[ Everyone is startled to see the metal entrance to the rebel base torn open.  The REBEL CAPTAIN exclaims, and he and his men rush forward. ]

Whoa...  What happened here?

[ JANOS (now no longer wearing his collar) mutters something under his breath in Thadian. ]

I'll give you five guesses.

[ Their weapons drawn, the soldiers and REBEL LIEUTENANT enter the darkened base, followed by the REBEL CAPTAIN. ]

[ The HEROES and JANOS scan the area warily. ]

Any sign of them?

I don't see anybody.

[ The REBEL CAPTAIN emerges from the opening and calls out in Thadian to get the HEROES' attention.  With JANOS, they approach and enter. ]

[ INT. REBEL OUTPOST - In a darkened chamber, sunlight from outside reveals charred marks on the walls.  The REBEL CAPTAIN shows the HEROES and JANOS to a metal rod which has been driven into the wall.  A crude cloth banner hangs from the rod, with Thadian characters hand-painted on it. ]

A message?

[ JANOS studies the banner. ]

[ Meanwhile, two of the rebel soldiers enter from deeper into the facility.  They shake their heads soberly at the REBEL CAPTAIN. ]

There's nobody left...

What'd they do with them?

[ JANOS turns to the HEROES and speaks in Thadian, gesturing as he does so.  His gestures seem to indicate that the rebels have been taken to somewhere distant. ]

Okay, they were taken somewhere...

[ JANOS then gestures to himself and the HEROES and makes an exchanging gesture in the direction previously used to describe the rebels' destination. ]

CASEY (cont'd):
And...  I don't get it.  We trade places?

I think that's exactly it.  They want us to give ourselves up in exchange for the rebels.

CASEY (disappointedly):
Oh.  Well, that's not good.

And they're probably expecting an attack.

[ As the HEROES converse, the REBEL LIEUTENANT returns with the remaining two soldiers and quietly reports to the REBEL CAPTAIN in the background. ]

Right.  A frontal assault's no good.

Wait a minute...  The generals don't know who we are, do they?

What do you mean?

They haven't seen us unmorphed, right?  And look where they hit right after our first visit.

The rebel base...

Right.  I think they think we're Thadian rebels.


MAGGIE (glancing at the captain's men):
So what happens if Janos shows up with five rebel captives?

They might think it's us...

And that could buy us time to spring the rest of the rebels.

That's if the rebels haven't said anything about our identities.

Ohh, yeah... the rebels saw us.  If they've said anything, our cover's blown.

[ The HEROES ponder.  Apparently getting an idea, CHRIS tears down the banner and places it blank side up on the ground.  Crouching over it, he gestures for a writing instrument. ]

CHRIS (to the rebels):
You got anything to write with?

[ Wipe to INT. REBEL OUTPOST (LATER) - Using a writing instrument of some sort (vaguely resembling a grease pencil), CHRIS finishes a drawing.  He beckons the rebels to look at it. ]

Here, see...

[ The drawing shows a group of rebels in chains in a dungeon.  Above their heads are two bubbles, like cartoon word bubbles, but each containing an image rather than words.  In the first bubble is a drawing of the five RANGERS, helmetless, revealing their human identities.  The second likewise shows the helmetless RANGERS, but in place of the heroes are five rebel heads. ]

[ CHRIS points, alternating between the two bubbles. ]

CHRIS (cont'd):
Which one?

[ The REBEL CAPTAIN and his men appear confused by the drawing.  They murmur between each other but don't seem to understand. ]

Maybe they don't understand word bubbles.

[ CHRIS points to the tail of one word bubble and gestures as if sound is emanating from his own mouth. ]

Blah blah blah.  Get it?

[ The rebels study the drawing further.  Finally, the REBEL CAPTAIN takes the writing instrument from CHRIS and, with a Thadian utterance, draws a slash across both word bubbles. ]

(chuckles)  I guess they won't say anything.

[ INT. THRONE ROOM (DAY) - In a regal chamber, the five generals sit in five thrones, ANDAR center.  They are wearing ornate chain mail, and each continues to wear his or her coin-laden glove. ]

[ A Thadian servant, SERVANT3, enters the chamber anxiously.  All dialog in this scene is spoken in English, but once again their mouths don't quite match the words, as though the dialog has been dubbed. ]

Your graces, a Master Janos requests an audience.

FEI (to the others):
Janos?!  I thought the rebels took him!

Maybe he escaped...

(scoffs)  Yeah, and now he wants to "talk."  He's up to something.

Let him throw away his life if he wishes.  It should be amusing.  (to the servant) Send him in.

[ INT. CORRIDOR - From the vantage point of someone standing outside the throne room, we see the doors open by SERVANT3's hands.  (Within, the generals are now in their morphed MMPR forms.)  JANOS walks into frame as he ventures into the throne room. ]

[ INT. THRONE ROOM (DAY) - JANOS saunters into the room, dragging behind him the REBEL LIEUTENANT and his four men.  They are all shackled in chains. ]

So these puny rebels really gave you all that trouble?  Really, Andar, I thought you ran a tighter operation.

[ RED MMPR stands indignantly. ]

What is this?!

[ JANOS replies nonchalantly.  SERVANT3, meanwhile, slinks out of the room and quietly closes the doors behind him. ]

They wanted my help, but I had different ideas.  You know how betrayal works, don't you, Andar?

[ ANDAR (Red MMPR) growls. ]

[ BLUE MMPR leans forward, intrigued. ]

What was that strange language they were speaking?

JANOS (after a brief pause):
... A forgotten Thadian dialect.  (yanks on the chains)  Speak!

[ The REBEL LIEUTENANT hesitates but then speaks: ]

Uhhh... "blah blah blah."

A crude language.  They hoped to confuse us.

KIRO (Yellow MMPR):
Where'd they get their powers?

[ JANOS extends his hand.  In his palm we see a handful of loose change: a quarter, a nickel, and three pennies (all appropriate for 1992). ]

These strange coins.

[ INT. CORRIDOR - We pan down a castle corridor.  Littered along the hallway are various Thadian servants, bound in the shiny material previously used to restrain the Rangers in the rebels' base. ]

[ Down the hallway, we see: ]

[ INT. DUNGEON (DAY) - The dungeon is empty, all of the cell doors having been wrenched from their hinges. ]

[ INT. CORRIDOR - Back in the corridor, we see a pair of gloved hands (BLUE RANGER's) hoisting one of the bound servants into the air (out of frame), causing him to emit a muffled yelp. ]

[ INT. THRONE ROOM (DAY) - The five MMPR stand around the REBEL LIEUTENANT and his men as they remain in shackles.  JANOS stands lazily nearby with his arms crossed.  BLUE MMPR studies the currency in his hand. ]

Strange creatures.  (to Black MMPR)  Look at this one.

[ BLUE MMPR shows BLACK MMPR the quarter's reverse side, which bears an eagle. ]

Yeah, that looks like the shapes they had on their chests.

ANDAR (Red MMPR, to Janos):
Don't toy with us, Janos.  What is it you want?

Oh, I don't know...  Make me an offer.

[ ANDAR (Red MMPR) laughs. ]

Janos, you fool.  You've already given us everything.  You have no bargaining power.

Not true.  (gestures to the coins in Blue MMPR's hand)  You don't know how to use those.

[ YELLOW MMPR flashes JANOS the POWER COIN in her palm. ]

KIRO (Yellow MMPR):
We figured these out just fine.

[ JANOS turns toward the door. ]

Suit yourself.

(grunts)  Fine.  The islands of Nabas.

[ JANOS turns. ]

(scoffs)  An island nation?  (considers)  I'll take it.  But I want something in writing that'll hold up in the courts.

The courts...!

[ The MMPR laugh wildly, and at great length.  Finally, ANDAR (Red MMPR) notes: ]

A document for the jester!  (calls out)  Servant, enter!

[ There is no response. ]

ANDAR (Red MMPR, cont'd):

[ Receiving no response once again, RED MMPR storms over to the doors and throws them open.  Unexpectedly, he finds the BLACK, YELLOW, PINK, and BLUE RANGERS on the other side, their SKY ENFORCERS aimed directly at his chest.  BLACK RANGER is wearing the DRAGON SHIELD. ]

[ RED MMPR freezes.  The four other MMPR react as well. ]

[ BLACK RANGER (Chris) repeats the same phrase previously used by Luke. ]

[ BLUE MMPR throws the change to the ground in frustration. ]

[ BLACK turns his head slightly in BLUE MMPR's direction. ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
Hey, man, that's my money.

[ JANOS comments in Thadian to the MMPR and cheerily escorts the chained rebels out of the room. ]

[ Still staring down the barrels of the ENFORCERS, RED MMPR subtly tenses his hand as it begins to crackle with red electricity. ]

[ BLACK RANGER glances down and responds: ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
No no.  Fire!

[ The four RANGERS simultaneously fire respectively-colored lasers from their ENFORCERS (Black Ranger's beam tinged with green), igniting a massive spark explosion from RED MMPR's torso as he is flung backwards across the room.  He smashes into the thrones, toppling the center seat. ]

[ The other four MMPR make a move to help RED MMPR, but the opposite wall suddenly explodes in stone fragments.  The MMPR are pelted with debris (causing them to spark with each impact).  BLACK RANGER, meanwhile, shields the other three RANGERS as fragments of rock bounce off his DRAGON SHIELD with greenish energy. ]

[ As the smoke clears, we see the massive SKY KESTREL hovering in jet mode just outside the newly created hole in the castle wall.  We can now see the distant plains, and it is evident the throne room is several stories above the ground. ]

[ Standing atop the KESTREL's head, RED RANGER leaps off and lands inside the throne room.  The KESTREL then rises and flies away. ]

[ The smoking RED MMPR weakly digs out of the rubble around him and begins to rise, but RED RANGER places the blade of his TALON SWORD against RED MMPR's shoulder, prompting him to remain still as he sees the blade. ]

[ The four RANGERS enter the rubble-strewn room with their ENFORCERS still held aloft.  The four MMPR hold their ground apprehensively. ]

[ CHRIS (Black Ranger) repeats the same Thadian phrase. ]

[ BLUE MMPR somberly looks at the POWER COIN in his palm.  He then suddenly hurls a blue sphere of energy (compare with "Green with Evil, part 1") at the four RANGERS.  BLACK RANGER steps into the path of the sphere, and it is repelled from his DRAGON SHIELD with a green burst of energy.  The errant energy ball flies back at the four MMPR, striking them and flinging them apart with a modestly large explosion. ]

[ The MMPR individually land on the stone floor, each smoking and seemingly fatigued. ]

[ BLACK RANGER nears the fallen MMPR, his ENFORCER still aimed at them.  He speaks and then presents his right palm, wiggling his fingers. ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
This isn't a hard concept.  (repeats the phrase, then shows palm)  Coins please.

[ BLUE MMPR (Fexel) mutters in Thadian.  The four MMPR then quickly present their palms toward RED MMPR, and respectively-colored electrical bolts stream out from their POWER COINS and into RED MMPR.  RED RANGER steps back, startled, as RED MMPR is enveloped in a white electrical field due to the constant bombardment. ]

[ The four RANGERS react.  BLACK RANGER clutches his ENFORCER warily with both hands and shakes his head. ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
(grunts)  People...!

[ RED MMPR appears to grow stronger within the electrical field.  RED RANGER watches anxiously.  He lunges toward RED MMPR but is repelled by the field. ]

[ Their energy seemingly expended, the four MMPR weakly collapse and demorph with respectively-colored electrical effects.  The four generals remain barely conscious. ]

[ The four RANGERS look toward RED MMPR, who stands boldly.  RED RANGER swings with his TALON SWORD, but RED MMPR spins around and grabs the blade in his hand.  With a massive burst of red energy bolts from his hands, RED MMPR sends RED RANGER flying out of the castle through the opening in the wall.  The TALON SWORD clatters to the ground beside RED MMPR. ]

[ The four RANGERS react. ]

RANGERS (in unison):

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
Oh man, he's strong.

[ RED MMPR slowly turns to face the Rangers (off-screen).  He picks up Red Ranger's fallen TALON SWORD. ]

[ BLACK RANGER disassembles his ENFORCER. ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
Go get the coins.  I'll try to hold him off.

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
Be careful, Chris.

[ YELLOW, PINK, and BLUE leave BLACK behind.  Now alone, BLACK holds his bladeless TALON SWORD handle.  With a wave of his hand, BLACK RANGER causes the blade to extend to full length, the metal gleaming steadily with a mixture of purple and green energy. ]

[ RED MMPR advances slowly.  He passes his hand over the blade of his TALON SWORD, charging the blade with a steady red gleam. ]

[ BLACK RANGER lunges forward, as does RED MMPR, and the two combatants lock swords.  They exchange swings, each blocking the other's attacks, but it becomes readily apparent that BLACK RANGER, despite the powers of his DRAGON SHIELD, can't match RED MMPR's strength.  Soon, he is forced to his knees while trying to fend off a downward strike from RED MMPR's gleaming sword.  He struggles to hold up the crushing weight. ]

[ Having set her ENFORCER aside while crouching beside the prostrate FEI, PINK RANGER watches the contest of strength across the room. ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
Ohh...!  Chris!

[ PINK RANGER quickly grabs her SKY ENFORCER and fires a pink beam at the distant RED MMPR.  Her beam strikes him squarely in the ribs, but he appears unfazed by the resulting burst of sparks. ]

[ BLUE RANGER watches while crouching beside FEXEL. ]

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):
It's no use!  He's too strong!

[ Crouching beside KIRO, YELLOW RANGER tears the POWER COIN from her glove.  (His ENFORCER lies nearby.) ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
Not for long!

[ YELLOW firmly holds the POWER COIN in the direction of BLACK RANGER and RED MMPR.  As YELLOW seems to pull back against an unseen force, yellow wisps of energy begin to flow out of RED MMPR and into YELLOW's coin. ]

[ Continuing to press down on BLACK RANGER's sword, RED MMPR is momentarily confused by the yellow energy leaving him. ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
Keep it up, guys!  He's getting weaker!

[ After tossing her ENFORCER aside, PINK RANGER tears the POWER COIN from FEI's glove and extends it as well.  Pink wisps now also flow from RED MMPR. ]

[ BLUE RANGER does the same with FEXEL's POWER COIN, draining blue energy from RED MMPR.  (Her ENFORCER lies nearby.) ]

[ As the three colors of energy flow from RED MMPR, BLACK RANGER struggles onto his feet, pushing the red blade further upward.  With a decisive swipe, BLACK RANGER causes the TALON SWORD to fly out of RED MMPR's hands, terminating its red glow.  The TALON SWORD clatters nearby. ]

[ Staggering backward (and closer to the broken opening behind him), RED MMPR attempts to grasp in futility at the energy flowing from his body. ]

[ Upon sheathing his now normal TALON SWORD, BLACK RANGER leaps, flips through the air, and lands among the others.  He crouches over GRINDEL and tears the POWER COIN from his glove.  He extends it, and purple energy forms the forth color of energy flowing from RED MMPR. ]

[ The energy flow eventually ceases, and a weakened RED MMPR staggers backward.  Reaching the broken edge of the floor, RED MMPR loses his footing and tumbles over the edge. ]

[ EXT. CASTLE WALL (DAY) - RED MMPR tumbles down the side of the castle.  Just then, the RED RANGER (sans Talon Sword) flies upward (as though from an off-camera leap below).  In slow motion, we see him grab RED MMPR's wrist in passing.  Their momentum causes them to spiral around each other for a half-revolution, at which point RED RANGER whips RED MMPR upward with great force, catapulting himself earthward from the force exerted. ]

[ INT. THRONE ROOM (DAY) - Approaching the broken edge of the room, BLACK RANGER sees RED MMPR flying upward toward him.  Just as RED MMPR reaches the zenith of his upward arc, BLACK RANGER grasps his ankle, turns, and heaves RED MMPR over himself.  RED MMPR smashes face-first against the stone floor with such force that the stone buckles inward in the form of a Ranger-shaped dent.  RED MMPR (Andar) groans as he lies embedded in the floor. ]

[ RED RANGER hops up onto the ledge (still lacking his sword) and joins the other four RANGERS as they surround the prone RED MMPR.  Each of the four is holding a POWER COIN.  (Their weapons are once again in their holsters.) ]

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):
Luke!  You're okay...

LUKE (Red Ranger, glancing around):
Yeah.  Nice work, guys.

[ BLACK RANGER crouches in front of RED MMPR and holds out an empty hand.  He repeats the same Thadian phrase. ]

[ RED MMPR (Andar) groans.  He then demorphs into ANDAR with a fizzle of red electricity.  BLACK RANGER tears the POWER COIN from his limp hand and then stands.  He tosses the POWER COIN to RED RANGER, who deftly catches it.  RED studies the coin. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
It's done.

[ EXT. CASTLE (DAY) - The five RANGERS emerge from the main doors of the castle, each one leading a weakened general out of the castle.  A waiting crowd of rebels breaks into wild cheers.  (RED RANGER now has his TALON SWORD in its sheath.) ]

[ The RANGERS are met by the REBEL CAPTAIN and REBEL LIEUTENANT, to whom they hand off the generals.  The rebels tie the generals' wrists behind their backs and take them away. ]

[ Break. ]

[ EXT. HILLSIDE - The five HEROES stand on a hillside overlooking the distant castle grounds.  Each is holding a POWER COIN (Chris the mastodon, Pete the saber-toothed tiger, Casey the pterodactyl, and Maggie the triceratops), though LUKE holds two (tyrannosaurus and dragon).  They study their coins absently. ]

So what do we do with these?

You mean other than shooting them into space...

[ MAGGIE playfully sticks her tongue out at CHRIS. ]

They could come in handy once we get home.  Never know when you'll need a backup.

Yeah, but I'd feel bad leaving the Thadians without any powers to defend themselves with.  We get by all right with what we've got.

[ CASEY nods. ]

Yeah, but who should keep them?  I don't know if I trust any of these guys.

They've got their faults.  But who doesn't?

[ CASEY ponders. ]

Maybe what's best is if no one group has all the power.  You know, divide them up.  A coin to this group, a coin to that group...

And if their planet gets attacked...?

Then they'd sure better learn how to work together.

Hmm.  I like it.

Yeah, I can go for it.

[ CASEY and CHRIS nod. ]

All right then.  Let's do it.

[ Dissolve to EXT. MOUNTAIN BASE - Outside the damaged rebel base, YELLOW RANGER presents a POWER COIN to the REBEL LIEUTENANT as a large group of rebels stand at attention.  Near him stands DAIRU.  The REBEL CAPTAIN is not seen. ]

[ Dissolve to INT. GOVERNMENT BUILDING - Surrounded by civil patrolmen, RED RANGER presents a POWER COIN to one particular male officer, DRASCANE. ]

[ Dissolve to EXT. THADIAN TOWN - In town, PINK RANGER presents a POWER COIN to a female villager, CERITHENA, as a crowd looks on. ]

[ Dissolve to EXT. WATERFALL - Beside a waterfall, BLUE RANGER presents a POWER COIN to TYSO, a male member of a group of Thadians in leathery armor. ]

[ Dissolve to EXT. MOUNTAIN PATH - On a rocky mountain path dotted with snow patches, BLACK RANGER presents a POWER COIN to WELTAR, a male member of a Thadian tribe dressed for cold weather. ]

[ Dissolve to EXT. WOODED CLEARING - In the woods, JANOS stands, head bowed, before the five RANGERS.  RED RANGER presents him with a POWER COIN and then places his hand on JANOS's shoulder.  JANOS meets his gaze and places his fist to his chest with a solemn nod. ]

[ The RANGERS stand back and are beamed up in blue light.  JANOS looks up as the hovering SKY KESTREL flies off into the sky.  While the ship recedes into the distance, we see JANOS from behind as he surreally fades into the GREEN MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGER, complete with DRAGON SHIELD. ]

[ Dissolve to EXT. STARRY SKY (NIGHT) - We begin with a shot of the night sky.  As we pan down, we hear someone struggling and see: ]

[ EXT. QUARRY RAVINE (NIGHT) - In a large ravine (see episode 1) dimly lit in moonlight, we see TRASK climbing down a rocky ledge with his bare hands, grunting occasionally. ]

[ He finally reaches a black pod, roughly the size of a football, affixed in a rocky nook with black webbing.  The pod is tinged with jagged yellow stripes. ]

Aha... I found you.

[ TRASK pries the pod from the rock and, holding it under his arm, leaps upward, flying out of the ravine.  We hold on the night sky. ]

DR. BERING (voice-over):
Next time on Power Rangers Take Flight:

[ INT. SPACE STATION COMMAND - DILLIK cheerfully strolls into the command center (not yet shown fully) from the direction in which he left (see episode 23).  He carries a metal suitcase. ]

Traaa-aaask, I'm home!

[ DILLIK halts in his tracks upon seeing the center of the room.  The central console is missing, leaving only a circular connection port and several bolt holes on the floor. ]

DILLIK (quietly):
W-- What happened here...?

[ DILLIK startles as heavy metallic footsteps begin to plod down an adjoining corridor, growing closer. ]

[ INT. FRANCO'S KITCHEN - In uniform, PETE speaks with SAM and PATRICK as he puts on his hat. ]

PETE (with a chuckle):
You didn't notice I wasn't here for a week?

Pete, are you okay?

Yeah, Pete, you were here all week.  You... don't remember?

[ PETE blinks, stunned. ]

PETE (inwardly):
I was... here...?

[ Cut to black. ]

DR. BERING (voice-over):
Next time, on Power Rangers Take Flight.