Spoiler Warning: The commentary found here discusses events in this episode and beyond.  Read at your own risk!


Episode 29: "Demon Dawn"

This episode was completed on October 21, 2007, and released on September 20, 2008.  Its title refers to Infernis being the first of Trask's four demons to be unleashed on the Earth.

Writer:  Joe Rovang

[ Sentai footage is primarily from Jetman #23 and 24, but all sources are indicated. ]

In Jetman #23, the Dimensians, three survivors from the Back Dimension, depart in the Kestrelzord from their broken world.  As Red explains to White that he isn't ready for love at this point, Radiguet unleashes Semimaru (Infernis).  The creature overpowers the Megazord, breaking its sword and severing both its arms.  Just then, the Kestrelzord arrives and freezes Semimaru with an energy bolt from its beak.  Back at the base, the Dimensians introduce themselves, but Semimaru thaws and soon pummels the Kestrelzord until a lucky shot causes him to fly away.

In Jetman #24, as the Megazord and Kestrelzord are being prepped for a new combination, one of the Dimensians (Dan, whose actor also played Blue Ranger Dan in Zyuranger) makes nice with Blue.  The Rangers battle Semimaru with the Megazord, but as the Dimensians set out to help, Radiguet's ghostly image shoots a dagger into their leader, causing the Kestrel to crash in the mountains.  Radiguet finishes off all but Dan and hijacks the Kestrelzord, joining Semimaru against the Megazord.  Dan, meanwhile, turns into his true bird-man form and attacks Radiguet, forcing him from the Kestrel but sacrificing his own life in the process.  The Rangers form the Mega Kestrelzord and finally destroy Semimaru.

From an early point in planning the series, I considered Infernis a member of Gog, Zin, and Drek's group of demons (though in Jetman Semimaru was merely a powerful monster hatched from the pod left behind by Juuza/Magda).  This approach placed the Infernis battle later in the series, and it no longer served as the Kestrelzord's debut.  As such, I omitted the "Kestrelzord to the rescue" angle from Jetman #23 and only showed the Kestrelzord's defeat downtown; I cut the Megazord's defeat downtown because I didn't want to leave it utterly crippled in the same episode I planned to introduce the Mega Kestrelzord.  (I didn't realize I would later find a way to use the omitted Megazord fight at a later point; see episode 39.)

To spare me from having to write filler material, my general approach toward sentai two-parters was to condense them into a single US episode (see Traffico in episode 5, Infernis in this episode, the demon trio in episode 30, Brimstone in episode 34, and the Gigazord in episode 39); only when my US storyline included a lot of material did I attempt a two-parter (those include the premiere, Magda's arrival, the monster army, the visit to Thadia, the Tachyderm incident, and the finale).  In some cases, though, I found ways to revisit sentai foes in distant US episodes (see Infernis in episodes 29 and 39, Zin and Drek in episodes 30 and 35, and Brimstone in episodes 22 and 34).  And finally, on a few occasions, I even managed to stretch sentai episodes: the first three US episodes were adapted from only two sentai episodes, and the Tachyderm two-parter was originally just one sentai episode.

[ Fade in to EXT. SPACE STATION - Establishment shot. ]

This episode takes place on Saturday, August 8, 1992, five days after Moleworm's destruction (episode 28).

[ INT. SPACE STATION, HOLDING BAY - At a makeshift bank of computer terminals and assorted cables leading off-screen, DILLIK idly zooms in on a schematic of some sort of robotic joint.  Beside, him, MAINFRAME holds his fingers to a different portion of the computer bank, operating a large crane in the background.  Some sort of large, mechanical project is under way in the holding bay. ]

Dillik and Mainframe continue constructing the Battlezord, a project they began after the holding bay was cleared out (episode 26); they will change their plans when the real Battlezord debuts in episode 30.

[ DILLIK ponders absently as he works with his schematic. ]

Hey, Mainframe, do you think the Rangers will try to attack us now that frozen scientist's gone?

In episode 26, Trask told Dillik that Dr. Bering's presence kept the Rangers at bay; Sasha then apparently got rid of her as a means of leaving Trask vulnerable to Kora.

Maybe.  I doubt they could get past my electrical grid though.

An electrical grid only seemed like a reasonable means of self-defense.  It becomes applicable in episode 32, though I hadn't yet planned that episode here.


[ They work in silence another moment before MAINFRAME has another thought. ]

Wait, how would they even know she's gone?  I didn't tell them.  Sasha didn't tell them.  Did you tell them?

[ DILLIK shakes his head. ]

No.  (ponders)  I wonder what happened to her, though...

[ Dissolve to INT. HOSPITAL ROOM - We slowly pan in close-up across the ID bracelet (appropriate for 1992) on the wrist of a woman lying on a hospital bed.  A heart monitor beside her bed beeps steadily.  The bracelet reads as follows: ]

Doe, Jane
Sex: F
DOB: ??/??/????
Type: AB
Dr. Paul Jenkins
ADM: 07/22/1992
MRN: 786113867

I did check Japanese blood type personality tables to determine which blood type would be most appropriate for Dr. Bering (though none of the tables I checked seemed to agree with each other).

Dr. Jenkins was the doctor who treated Pete in episode 8.

Dr. Bering's admission date is July 22, the day Sasha returned to the space station and sent Dr. Bering away (episode 26).

"MRN" stands for Medical Record Number; it's just a numeric ID internal to the hospital.  The number code used here is random (I pulled it from a random number generator just for good measure).

[ We tilt up to focus on the woman's face, revealing her as the unconscious DR. BERING. ]

This is the first we see of Dr. Bering's fate since her disappearance in episode 26.  Curious that Sasha actually sent the captive human somewhere where she could be cared for (though not necessarily the hospital; she may have been found elsewhere, still frozen).

[ INT. BANQUET HALL - An ANNOUNCER speaks at a microphone to an audience of perhaps a hundred people.  Behind him are numerous tables, each equipped with cooking equipment and various food supplies. ]

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the sixth annual Kingston's Tomato Sauce Cook-Off!

Kingston's is a made-up brand.

This cooking contest is my way of fulfilling my plan for Pete's skills to be noticed (as predicted by Casey in episode 19).  At this point, I was only planning for Pete to be tempted to leave Franco's, not that he actually would (see episode 37).

[ The audience applauds.  Among them are LISA, LUKE, CASEY, CHRIS, and MAGGIE. ]

[ The ANNOUNCER's voice trails away, eventually becoming indistinct, as we pan across the contestants, ultimately arriving at PETE's station.  He is wearing his work uniform and busily arranging his workstation. ]

ANNOUNCER (becoming indistinct):
For those of you who haven't been with us before, each of today's entries must be prepared using at least a half-cup of Kingston's brand tomato sauce.  (continues, indistinct)

[ The contestant adjacent to PETE is SCOTT, a white man in his early thirties.  (The tag on his table shows his full name as Scott Williams.  Pete's reads, "Peter Williams.")  SCOTT coolly enters PETE's prep area with an air of self-assuredness. ]

My intent for Scott was for him to be a friendly but somewhat annoying rival in the contest, but that he would end up offering Pete a job.  I gave them the same last name strictly for the purpose of Scott's awkward joke about their being related, below.

Hey there.

PETE (slightly distracted):

First time?


[ SCOTT extends a hand. ]

My name's Scott.  Scott Williams.

[ Though he is clearly busy, PETE tries to remain polite.  He wipes his hand on his apron and shakes SCOTT's hand. ]

Pete... Williams.

Oh, hey!  Same name!  (jestingly) Maybe we're related!

[ PETE chuckles awkwardly and resumes his activities. ]

Yeah, maybe.

I suppose this is remotely possible (if you want to get technical, we're all related, if you go back far enough).

[ SCOTT fails to leave PETE alone.  His demeanor, however, remains obliviously friendly. ]

What are you making?

Uhh, noodle casserole.

[ SCOTT balks slightly without being impolite. ]

Hmm, casserole...  Well, good luck to you!  Hey, if you need any pointers, just ask!  (chuckling humbly)  I kind of won the last two years in a row.  Hawaiian meatballs.  They're one of my specialties.

Very few Hawaiian meatball recipes actually include tomato sauce, but it's not completely unheard of.

[ PETE makes a sour face. ]

Oh, really?  Congratulations.

Are you a chef?

PETE (straining to continue the conversation):
Umm, kind of.  I'm a... uhh... (mutters, de-emphasizing the "junior") ...junior sous chef.

Oh yeah?  Where?

[ PETE can't hold back any longer.  He explains with a sigh: ]

Look, man, I know you're just being friendly, but I'm kind of busy here, and I'm having a hard time concentrating, so maybe you could just...

Could Scott actually be more gregarious than Pete?

[ SCOTT makes an "oops" face and backs away politely. ]

Sorry, man.  I'll leave you alone.

[ PETE looks down awkwardly before resuming his preparations.  He looks up as the ANNOUNCER's voice is heard. ]

ANNOUNCER (voice-over):
Let the cooking begin!

[ PETE scrambles to start preparing his dish.  We then see a montage of PETE and SCOTT's respective preparations.  SCOTT is cool and self-assured, while PETE appears slightly frayed and self-conscious.  PETE occasionally glances over at SCOTT, seemingly anxious about his competition. ]

[ Dissolve to INT. BANQUET HALL (LATER) - We see LISA and the four HEROES in the audience as they chat in relaxed poses.  The audience has thinned out slightly as people mingle and wander about.  No people are particularly close to the HEROES and LISA. ]

Pete has apparently taken this Saturday off to be in the cooking competition.  Luke also would have been scheduled to work, but he doesn't appear to be working, does he?

LISA (smiling, to Casey):
So you fell for this big, strong Power Ranger when he came to rescue you...

Lisa is asking Casey about when she fell for Chris (see episode 5).  I felt it was important for Lisa to be shown interacting with the Rangers on a personal level before her involvement with Ranger business.  (When I started writing this episode, I didn't realize Lisa would be integral in recovering the Kestrelzord.)

[ CHRIS looks aside bashfully. ]

LISA (cont'd, teasingly):
But... you did realize you were a Ranger too, right?

Lisa pokes fun at something I noticed about Casey's feelings toward Chris in episode 5, which was that she fell for her strong Power Ranger protector when she, herself, as a Power Ranger as well.

[ CASEY giggles. ]

I know...  I just... (looks at Chris admiringly) ...saw him in a different light all of a sudden.

[ LUKE absently holds up his palm for LISA. ]

When did you see me in a different light?

[ LISA playfully punches his palm. ]

Last night, when you couldn't bowl to save your life.

Here, I realized I hadn't shown Lisa and Luke interacting much at all in a romantic context (truth be told, I had trouble imagining them as a couple since they were so different).  I decided they would have a playfully combative relationship, something they demonstrated during their first meeting in episode 7.  The palm punch here is representative of that combative spirit.

[ The others laugh. ]

LISA (teasingly):
I'm sorry, I don't think I can date somebody who bowls like that.

LUKE (whispering to the others):
I let her win.

LISA (mockingly aghast):
Oh no you did not!

[ The ANNOUNCER speaks into the microphone. ]

Ladies and gentlemen, we have just ten minutes left in the competition!

[ The HEROES and LISA look on with interest. ]

[ At his table, PETE anxiously checks on his casserole in the oven.  He then looks over at SCOTT, who is sitting on a stool beside his oven and casually reading a magazine (Meatball Enthusiast).  He looks up at PETE and gives a friendly nod. ]

Scott's demeanor was meant as an amusing contrast to Pete's hectic state as a newcomer.  Scott isn't actually trying to be annoying.

The title of Scott's magazine makes me laugh.  To my knowledge, there is no actual magazine called Meatball Enthusiast.

[ PETE grunts and checks his casserole again. ]

[ INT. SPACE STATION, TRASK'S ROOM - In a particularly dark room, an opaque curtain hangs blocking the doorway which leads out to the adjoining corridor.  Moderate light from the corridor briefly streams in as TRASK brushes the curtain aside and enters.  It then grows dark once more as the curtain falls shut behind him. ]

Trask has a curtain in his doorway because his door wouldn't automatically open for him (he's invisible to electronic eyes).

I had a difficult time picturing Trask's room, because I didn't actually know what Trask did in his free time aboard the station.

[ We see TRASK in profile, barely illuminated by a pale bluish light outside his starry window (the Earth shines off-screen, not seen through the window from this vantage point). ]

[ TRASK removes a red gem from his coat (see previous episode).  It glows with an eery, flickering red light.  He marvels at it a moment, a sinister smirk on his face. ]

One of the four demon gems mined from the demon-eater in episode 28.

You're just dying to cause mayhem, aren't you, my pet?

[ TRASK removes three additional gems - yellow, green, and blue - with his other hand.  They throb with their own respective colors. ]

TRASK (cont'd):
Your brethren are as well.

[ He returns the additional gems to his coat, leaving only red. ]

TRASK (cont'd):
But let's see what you can do by yourself.  No sense destroying the planet entirely.  (smirks) ...if we don't have to.

After Infernis is defeated in this episode, however, Trask will unleash the remaining three at once (see next episode).

[ TRASK holds the gem in front of his mouth and blows gently, as if blowing out a candle.  Seemingly propelled by his breath, a fiery pulse of energy (compare with sentai) flies from the gem, passing harmlessly through the window.  The gem is left darkened.  TRASK casually pockets it while watching the fiery energy (off-screen). ]

There were no demon gems in the sentai.

[ EXT. CITY (Jetman #23) - A fireball of some sort flies down into the city, emitting a flash of light and a large shockwave of yellow energy as it lands downtown.  (Until otherwise noted, all sentai footage originates from Jetman #23.) ]

fireball fireball fireball fireball

I trimmed the end of this shot because the shockwave was a bit too over the top in the sentai.

[ INT. BANQUET HALL - The lights flicker briefly throughout the contest area.  People in the audience, including the HEROES and LISA, are mildly puzzled. ]

[ At his station, PETE looks up at the lights and then checks his oven again. ]

[ From the adjacent station, SCOTT remarks while removing a tray of Hawaiian meatballs from his oven: ]

(chuckles)  Power outage...  That'd be a new one.  (sets his tray down)  We did have a fire back in '88 though.

[ SCOTT suddenly realizes his faux pas and gestures as though zipping his lips. ]

SCOTT (hushed, cont'd):

[ EXT. CITY (sentai) - From the smoking rubble of demolished buildings rises a giant, red, winged demon, INFERNIS. ]

Infernis rises Infernis rises Infernis rises

In the sentai, Semimaru (Infernis) was a creature hatched by Radiguet from the pod he took from Empress Juuza (Magda) after slaying her in Jetman #18 (only five episodes prior in the sentai).

Look at all that destruction, and he hasn't even started yet!

Infernis is the only one of Trask's four demons without a monosyllabic name.  It is a modification of the Latin "infernus," meaning hell or underworld, as I wanted to reinforce his demonic appearance.

[ Break. ]

[ EXT. CITY (sentai) - INFERNIS plods through the city, each footstep reverberating with a massive thud.  (Japanese characters on a sign in the foreground are obscured with a US effect.) ]

Infernis on the loose Infernis on the loose Infernis on the loose

[ US footage - On a street below, drivers abandon their cars in panic and flee on foot. ]

[ INT. BANQUET HALL - An oversized digital timer counts down from three minutes. ]

[ Watching the timer, PETE anxiously checks his MORPHER for the time, at which point it chimes and begins blinking, surprising PETE. ]

[ In the audience, which has now re-populated, the four HEROES' MORPHERS chime one after another (nearly simultaneously).  LISA is puzzled, as are the HEROES. ]

Wow, what the heck...?

MAGGIE (checking her Morpher):
That's strange.  One right after the next.  (shows an expression of dread)  Whoa, this is serious.

No previous incident has caused the Hoverbirds to chime simultaneously, at least so far as we've seen.

[ PETE looks at the timer, still counting down, then at his dish in the oven.  Finally, he looks to the audience, where the four HEROES are urgently waving him to come with them.  LISA stands nearby. ]

This scenario reminded me of any number of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers episodes, particularly from season 1.

[ PETE lolls his head weakly and grudgingly proceeds out of frame.   We then focus on SCOTT, in the background, who notices PETE leaving. ]

Yet I had no interest in Scott learning Pete's identity here.

[ EXT. CITY (sentai) - INFERNIS continues through the city.  Buildings stand in the foreground. ]

Infernis on the loose Infernis on the loose

[ INFERNIS passes by a building, his image reflected in its windows. ]

Infernis on the loose Infernis on the loose

[ INT. OFFICE (US footage) - Workers react to the sight outside the window (off-screen) and make a hasty exit. ]

The sentai didn't show any of the buildings' occupants.  I thought it seemed appropriate here.

[ EXT. CITY (sentai) - INFERNIS stops and turns.  He wordlessly extends his palm, remotely causing a large building downtown to detonate in a large, fiery explosion.  A wave of fire rips through the city. ]

Infernis' rampage Infernis' rampage Infernis' rampage Infernis' rampage Infernis' rampage Infernis' rampage Infernis' rampage

In the sentai, plenty of people were seen panicking in the streets as rubble rained down on them.

[ INFERNIS surveys the city as smoke drifts around him. ]

Infernis' rampage Infernis' rampage

[ EXT. CONVENTION CENTER - The five HEROES slip out of a side door and furtively make their way through the parking lot. ]

[ At the door, LISA emerges and watches them leave. ]

At this point in the sentai, the Flyers were on their way, as the Kestrel hasn't yet debuted.

[ EXT. CITY (sentai) - INFERNIS marches through the city.  With each wave of his hand, a portion of the city erupts in a fiery explosion. ]

Infernis' rampage Infernis' rampage Infernis' rampage Infernis' rampage Infernis' rampage Infernis' rampage

[ As INFERNIS passes by a building, its top portion explodes. ]

Infernis' rampage Infernis' rampage

[ INT. HOSPITAL ROOM - DR. BERING's room is rattled slightly by a tremor.  DR. BERING's eyelids flutter almost imperceptibly. ]

I planned for Dr. Bering to participate in the Battlezord's debut next episode, so I figured why not have these tremors downtown contribute to her awakening?

[ EXT. CITY (Jetman #24) - INFERNIS continues to plod through the city with impunity. ]

Infernis' rampage Infernis' rampage

I've mixed in some footage from Semimaru's second attack, as I chose to condense two sentai battles into one.  Further, some shots from the first battle are used out of order.

[ Switch back to Jetman #23 - INFERNIS passes between two partially demolished buildings. ]

Infernis' rampage Infernis' rampage

[ EXT. SKY - The KESTREL's jet mode launches two glowing white missiles from its underside. ]

Kestrel missiles Kestrel missiles

We've skipped over the portion of the sentai battle which featured the Megazord against Semimaru (Infernis) downtown.  To my surprise, I later found a way to work this cut portion into a later episode (39), in the form of Infernis' return.

At this point, the three Dimensians (native to the dimension conquered by Radiguet and crew) were piloting the Kestrelzord in the sentai.

[ EXT. CITY - INFERNIS erupts in spark explosions. ]

Infernis missiled Infernis missiled

[ EXT. SKY - The KESTREL flies by the camera. ]

Sky Kestrel Sky Kestrel

[ EXT. CITY - Smoking, INFERNIS staggers back slightly, his gaze on the sky. ]

Infernis reacts Infernis reacts

[ EXT. SKY - We cut to progressively closer shots of the KESTREL in flight. ]

Sky Kestrel Sky Kestrel Sky Kestrel

Around this point in the sentai, the Kestrel fired an energy bolt from its beak which froze Semimaru (Infernis).  Though Take Flight never showed the Kestrel firing this bolt, Infernis' freezing was later used in episode 39.

[ INT. KESTREL COCKPIT (Jetman #40) - RED RANGER shifts his joystick as the others look to their controls. ]

Kestrel cockpit Kestrel cockpit

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Kestrelzord, warrior mode!

[ EXT. SKY (Jetman #25) - The KESTREL transforms. ]

Kestrel transforms Kestrel transforms Kestrel transforms Kestrel transforms

[ EXT. CITY - We zoom out from the KESTREL to see it and INFERNIS square off. ]

Kestrel vs. Infernis Kestrel vs. Infernis Kestrel vs. Infernis

In the sentai, this battle took place after Semimaru had thawed and broken free, prompting the Dimensians to return to battle in the Kestrelzord.

[ INT. KESTREL COCKPIT (US footage) - PINK RANGER surveys the city beyond the viewscreen (off-screen).  BLACK remains focused. ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger, grief-stricken):
Oh my gosh, you guys...  Look at all the damage he's done to the city...

To my knowledge, Jetman didn't regard the massive city damage as anything especially noteworthy, as buildings were shown exploding all the time (for instance, during the Reverbit attack in episode 16).  I had cut all such instances prior to this point, as I felt the destruction of buildings should merit much more gravity.  The Semimaru battles, however, featured a number of building destructions which would have been tricky to omit, so I included them and addressed them seriously.  Fortunately, no one is hurt, but this is secretly due to the Rangers' time-traveling duplicates (see episode 37) rather than unbelievable luck (see the Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue episode "Ryan's Destiny" for an example of said unbelievability).

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
Let's make sure he doesn't do any more.

Yeah, good luck with that, Chris.

[ EXT. CITY STREET (US footage) - LISA emerges from behind a building and watches the battle above (off-screen).  Some rubble lies nearby. ]

[ EXT. CITY - INFERNIS quickly extends his hand, causing spark explosions to erupt around the KESTREL, but the Zord flies into the air. ]

Infernis extends hand Infernis extends hand Kestrel blasted Kestrel blasted Kestrel blasted

[ The KESTREL performs a flying kick, but INFERNIS catches its foot and hurls it back.  The KESTREL performs a flip but lands on its feet.  It turns and leaps again. ]

flying kick Kestrel tossed Kestrel tossed Kestrel tossed Kestrel tossed Kestrel tossed Kestrel leaps

[ The KESTREL performs a flying punch (shown twice). ]

flying punch flying punch

[ The KESTREL lands and swipes INFERNIS with two sparking punches.  As it swings a third time, INFERNIS catches its hand and grips it with both hands.  INFERNIS hurls the KESTREL around by its arm as he makes a full revolution.  He finally releases, sending the KESTREL flying. ]

Kestrel vs. Infernis Kestrel vs. Infernis Kestrel vs. Infernis Kestrel vs. Infernis Kestrel vs. Infernis Kestrel vs. Infernis Kestrel vs. Infernis Kestrel vs. Infernis Kestrel vs. Infernis Kestrel vs. Infernis Kestrel vs. Infernis

[ INT. KESTREL COCKPIT (US footage) - The RANGERS exclaim as their Zord is hurled. ]

[ EXT. CITY - The KESTREL falls stomach-first onto a seven-story building, crushing it to rubble amidst an explosion. ]

Kestrel down Kestrel down Kestrel down Kestrel down Kestrel down Kestrel down

Wow, so much for avoiding more damage to the city.  Incidentally, Jetman recycled this shot several times over the course of its episodes (to get their money's worth, no doubt); I felt more than one use would be silly.

[ INT. KESTREL COCKPIT (US footage) - The RANGERS are shaken violently from the impact. ]

[ EXT. CITY STREET (US footage) - LISA wordlessly covers her mouth in disbelief. ]

[ INT. KESTREL COCKPIT (US footage) - As the dust settles, PINK RANGER anxiously clutches her helmet. ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
Oh no!!  What have we done?!  The whole building's been destroyed!

[ BLACK pounds his fist against his controls with an angry grunt.  BLUE points out the viewscreen. ]

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):
You guys, look out!

[ EXT. CITY - INFERNIS extends his palm, triggering a series of spark explosions to inundate the fallen KESTRELZORD. ]

Kestrel down Kestrel down Kestrel down Kestrel down Kestrel down

[ INT. KESTREL COCKPIT (US footage) - The RANGERS are showered with sparks as the Kestrel quakes mightily. ]

[ EXT. CITY - As the KESTREL lies prone, we zoom in on INFERNIS. ]

Kestrel down Kestrel down Kestrel down

[ INT. KESTREL COCKPIT (US footage) - As smoke lingers in the cockpit, the RANGERS recover.  BLUE RANGER checks her monitor. ]

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):
He almost crippled the Kestrelzord with one hit!

[ RED RANGER speaks before shifting his joysticks as if turning sharply to the left. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
We're not finished yet!  (turns)

[ EXT. CITY - The fallen KESTREL rolls over just enough to fire its chest beam. ]

Thermo Beam Thermo Beam Thermo Beam Thermo Beam

[ The beam strikes INFERNIS in his eye slot, causing him to crackle with brief red electricity and erupt in sparks. ]

Thermo Beam Thermo Beam Thermo Beam Thermo Beam

[ INFERNIS opens his demon wings and promptly flies away.  Having witnessed the demon's departure, the KESTREL then rolls weakly onto its back. ]

Infernis retreats Infernis retreats Infernis retreats Infernis retreats Infernis retreats Infernis retreats Infernis retreats Kestrel rolls back Kestrel rolls back Kestrel rolls back

[ EXT. CITY STREET (US footage) - LISA pumps her fist with relief. ]


[ INT. KESTREL COCKPIT (US footage) - The RANGERS breathe a collective sigh of relief. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
Wow, was that a lucky shot!  You hit him in the eyes!

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
Yeah, but where's he going?

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):
He's headed to the mountains!

This was my way of connecting the two sentai battles.

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
We'd better switch to the Megazord.

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Right.  (into wrist) Sky Flyers!

[ EXT. CITY - The five FLYERS are seen in profile. ]

Sky Flyers Sky Flyers Sky Flyers

[ INT. KESTREL COCKPIT (US footage) - The five RANGERS are beamed out of the cockpit in green light from outside. ]

[ EXT. SKY - The five FLYERS fly overhead. ]

Sky Flyers Sky Flyers Sky Flyers

[ INT. SPACE STATION COMMAND - DILLIK and MAINFRAME stand watching the main viewscreen as the FLYERS are shown streaking into the sky (Jetman #5) and then assembling (Jetman #12). ]

Flyers streak into the sky (to be shown in monitor) Megazord formation (to be shown in monitor) Megazord formation (to be shown in monitor) Megazord formation (to be shown in monitor) Megazord formation (to be shown in monitor) Megazord formation (to be shown in monitor) Megazord formation (to be shown in monitor) Megazord formation (to be shown in monitor) Megazord formation (to be shown in monitor)

In Jetman #24, the Cruiser transformed into the Megazord in a flash of light, and a brief fight between the Megazord and Semimaru occurred downtown.  After the Kestrel's crash sequence, however, the Megazord fight had then inexplicably progressed to the mountains.

[ TRASK watches smugly from the doorway, his arms crossed.  He begins to speak, but DILLIK's voice cuts him off. ]

Mainframe, the Rangers are distracted.  I want you to go seize the Kestrelzord.

[ TRASK raises his eyebrows, seemingly impressed. ]

[ MAINFRAME bows and vanishes with greenish-silver vertical streaks. ]

Yes, sir.  (vanishes)

[ DILLIK turns to TRASK. ]

Did you want to say something, Trask?

Dillik seems to be asserting himself as leader, though he hasn't yet tried giving Trask an order (see episode 32).

[ TRASK straightens and shows his palms innocently. ]

Looks like you've got it under control.  (begins to exit)  Nice idea, by the way.  (exits)

[ INT. BANQUET HALL - SCOTT sets out numerous plates of meatballs as judges wander the competition area.  He glances at Pete's abandoned area a few times before venturing over to Pete's oven and using a mitt to remove his casserole.  He sets it down and turns off the oven.  Unsure what to do next, he returns to his own station. ]

Scott's not a bad guy.

[ EXT. CITY - We zoom down on the fallen KESTRELZORD as it lies beside a pile of rubble in the war-torn city. ]

prone Kestrelzord prone Kestrelzord prone Kestrelzord

This shot was used as the cliffhanger between the two sentai episodes.  Originally, the Kestrel didn't remain downtown while the Megazord fought Semimaru, as there was a much greater stretch of time between the two battles in the sentai.

[ EXT. KESTRELZORD (US footage) - Beside the robot's giant yellow head, MAINFRAME appears from greenish-silver vertical streaks.  He approaches the robot. ]

[ LISA sneaks into the rubble-filled area, watching warily. ]

[ MAINFRAME touches his hands to the giant head, and a door-sized panel slides open in the metal surface.  MAINFRAME enters and vanishes inside. ]

[ LISA surreptitiously approaches.  She peeks in through the opening, but as it begins to slide shut, she quickly slips inside just before it closes. ]

While the Kestrel was hijacked in the sentai, it was in the mountains rather than downtown, and it was by Radiguet (Trask) rather than Mainframe (US original).  Further, it was Dan the Dimensian and not a civilian ally who later confronted the villain in the cockpit.

[ EXT. MOUNTAINS (Jetman #24) - INFERNIS punches the MEGAZORD, sending it flying back.  (From this point onward, all sentai footage not otherwise specified is derived from Jetman #24.) ]

Megazord sent flying Megazord sent flying Megazord sent flying

[ The MEGAZORD crashes through a mountain ridge, demolishing most of it. ]

Megazord sent flying Megazord sent flying Megazord sent flying

[ INT. MEGAZORD COCKPIT - The RANGERS are shaken heavily.  YELLOW pounds his controls in frustration as the shaking continues. ]

frustration frustration frustration

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
Man!  Nothing works against this guy!

[ EXT. SKY - The KESTRELZORD flies in in warrior mode. ]

Kestrel arriving Kestrel arriving

In the sentai, the Kestrel transformed from jet mode at this point, but I had no use for that transformation here.

[ EXT. MOUNTAINS - The MEGAZORD rises but is distracted by something above. ]

Megazord rises Megazord rises

[ The KESTREL swoops down with a flying punch. ]

flying punch

I cut a shot of the Kestrel's talon opening in close-up because it was unnecessary and disrupted the pacing.

[ The KESTREL lands with a punch to the MEGAZORD's chest.  It follows with a second swipe and then another solid punch to its chest. ]

Kestrelzord gone wild Kestrelzord gone wild Kestrelzord gone wild Kestrelzord gone wild Kestrelzord gone wild Kestrelzord gone wild

[ The MEGAZORD staggers back. ]

Megazord staggers Megazord staggers

[ INT. MEGAZORD COCKPIT - The RANGERS are startled by the sight.  RED RANGER looks down at his monitor as MAINFRAME's voice emanates from it. ]

Rangers startled Rangers startled

RANGERS (collectively):

MAINFRAME (from monitor):
Hello, Rangers!

[ US footage - In the monitor, we see MAINFRAME at the center seat of the KESTREL cockpit.  His hands are on the control panel, but he is not actively working any controls. ]

MAINFRAME (from monitor, cont'd):
My name's Mainframe, and I'll be your copilot today!  Just try to relax, and we'll have you destroyed in no time.

This is the Rangers' first exposure to Mainframe.

[ Startled, the RANGERS gather around RED's monitor with assorted gasps.  BLACK comments, and RED clenches his fist helplessly. ]

Rangers startled Rangers startled

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
That's no good.

LUKE (Red Ranger):

[ EXT. MOUNTAINS - The MEGAZORD finds itself surrounded by INFERNIS and the KESTRELZORD. ]

Megazord outnumbered Megazord outnumbered Megazord outnumbered

[ The KESTREL strikes.  As the MEGAZORD reels, INFERNIS follows up with another strike, and the KESTREL adds a third. ]

Megazord outnumbered Megazord outnumbered Megazord outnumbered Megazord outnumbered Megazord outnumbered Megazord outnumbered

[ The KESTREL opens its talon and grasps the MEGAZORD by the face.  It then hurls the robot across the mountains.  The MEGAZORD crash-lands violently. ]

talon talon Megazord thrown Megazord thrown Megazord thrown Megazord thrown Megazord thrown Megazord thrown Megazord thrown Megazord thrown


Rangers shaken

[ US footage - As the shaking ceases, BLUE RANGER notes inwardly: ]

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):
Man, deja vu...

Maggie just recently had a dream in which the Megazord turned on her and Luke as they piloted the Kestrelzord (episode 28).

[ INT. KESTREL COCKPIT (US footage) - MAINFRAME laughs heartily. ]

At this point in the sentai, Dan entered the Kestrel cockpit in bird-man form and battled Radiguet, ultimately expelling him at the cost of his own life.

(laughs)  This must be that "fun" everyone's always talking about!  I think I like it!

Mainframe is gradually exploring new emotions and sensations.

[ The rear cockpit door opens suddenly, revealing LISA.  MAINFRAME turns quickly.  She scowls and points threateningly at him. ]

All right, you!  Joyride's over!

[ As MAINFRAME rises apprehensively, we see the five RANGERS react in the Megazord cockpit through the monitor (Jetman #34). ]

Rangers react (to be shown in monitor) Rangers react (to be shown in monitor)

LUKE (Red Ranger, from monitor):
Lisa!  What are you doing in there?!

[ MAINFRAME apprehensively faces LISA. ]

Yeah, what ARE you doing in here?

[ LISA pauses almost imperceptibly before striking a defensive karate pose and retorting: ]

I'm a Power Ranger!  What do you think?

Lisa is trying to bluff her way through this encounter.  Fortunately for her, Mainframe is a bit of a coward at this point.

MAINFRAME (bewildered):
What?  A Power Ranger?!  (glances back at the monitor)  But there are five Rangers already!

[ LISA advances, cracking her knuckles. ]

All right, tough guy...  As long as you're prepared to risk it.

[ MAINFRAME takes a step back while watching LISA apprehensively.  He then seems distracted by a thought. ]

Y-- You're just bluffing.  (distracted) Wait a second...

[ As MAINFRAME thinks, we rapidly flash through hundreds of images from the RANGERS' previous monster battles until an image of the PINK RANGER demorphing into LISA appears (see episode 16). ]

Having been the space station's central console in his previous life, Mainframe has access to the archive of Hoverbird video.

Mainframe notices an image of Lisa as the Pink Ranger from episode 16, but he lacks the context to know that this was just a ruse at the time.

[ MAINFRAME recoils. ]

MAINFRAME (cont'd):
You ARE a Ranger!

[ As LISA continues to approach, MAINFRAME looks around desperately and then vanishes with greenish-silver vertical streaks. ]

[ LISA pumps her fist in private celebration. ]

[ INT. MEGAZORD COCKPIT (Jetman #34) - As the RANGERS look on in astonishment, RED slowly clenches his fist in celebration.  YELLOW places his hand on RED's shoulder, points ahead, and clenches both fists.  BLUE concurs, as does PINK, while RED nods. ]

Rangers offer kudos Rangers offer kudos Rangers offer kudos Rangers offer kudos Rangers offer kudos

LUKE (Red Ranger, stunned):
W... Way to go, Lisa...!

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
Well, Luke, judging from what just happened here, I'd say your girlfriend kicks butt!

Luke previously expressed concern to Pete that Lisa seemed to be hiding something from him (episode 28).

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):
I'll say!

CASEY (Pink Ranger):

LUKE (Red Ranger):
I know!

[ INT. KESTREL COCKPIT (US footage) - LISA approaches the front monitor, in which there appears a green diagram of a new robot formation (Jetman #24 or similar), if seen from this angle.  LISA sits. ]

sample diagram

Uhh, hey, guys...?  What's a "Mega Kestrelzord," and why is it telling me to form one?

Special Agent Turnquist and/or General Taggart has authorized the release of the Mega Kestrelzord data to the Rangers, considering the time to be right.

[ INT. MEGAZORD COCKPIT - BLUE, RED, and PINK are seen clustered around RED's monitor.  RED pumps his fist, and the girls return to their seats. ]

Rangers ready Rangers ready Rangers ready

LUKE (Red Ranger):
I see the same thing!  Let's try it!

CASEY (Pink Ranger):

[ INT. KESTREL COCKPIT (US footage) - LUKE's voice emanates from the controls as the monitor continues to show the previous diagram. ]

LUKE (from controls):
Lisa, push the blinking yellow button on your right!

[ LISA looks around and finds a blinking yellow button on her right.  She presses it. ]

Here goes nothing!  (presses)

[ EXT. ANYWHERE (sentai) - Over a black background, the MEGAZORD and KESTRELZORD approach and touch their right hands together.  Light glimmers briefly from their point of contact.  The Zords then quickly straighten and face the same direction, the KESTREL standing behind the MEGAZORD. ]

Mega Kestrelzord assembly Mega Kestrelzord assembly Mega Kestrelzord assembly Mega Kestrelzord assembly

[ After a brief flash of light, the MEGAZORD's arms detach, and the KESTREL's head and rear wing component fly upward. ]

Mega Kestrelzord assembly Mega Kestrelzord assembly Mega Kestrelzord assembly Mega Kestrelzord assembly Mega Kestrelzord assembly

[ INT. MEGAZORD COCKPIT - We see RED RANGER's monitor as a diagram of the Mega Kestrelzord fills with red and yellow sections (red representing components from the Megazord, and yellow from the Kestrel).  Once all are filled, the entire schematic turns green as various labels appear around it. ]

Mega Kestrelzord assembly Mega Kestrelzord assembly Mega Kestrelzord assembly

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Activating Mega Kestrelzord formation!

[ EXT. ANYWHERE - The KESTRELZORD's frame stands empty, the CONDOR and SWAN having formed thighs connecting the Kestrel frame to its lower leg portions below.  From above, the HAWK torso descends into the Kestrel's frame to form the chest and head, while the OWL and SWALLOW, complete with the Kestrel's forearms and talons, attach as arms. ]

Mega Kestrelzord assembly Mega Kestrelzord assembly Mega Kestrelzord assembly

[ We tilt up the newly formed robot's body to see the Kestrel's transformed head form a helmet over the Megazord's head, completing the MEGA KESTRELZORD. ]

Mega Kestrelzord assembly Mega Kestrelzord assembly Mega Kestrelzord assembly Mega Kestrelzord assembly Mega Kestrelzord assembly

[ Both of the MEGA KESTRELZORD's talon hands rotate into position. ]

talons talons talons talons

[ Jetman #48 - The MEGA KESTRELZORD poses with a flash of light in front of golden streaks, which give way to glowing bluish jets of mist. ]

Mega Kestrelzord ready Mega Kestrelzord ready Mega Kestrelzord ready Mega Kestrelzord ready

Interestingly, Jetman unveiled the Mega Kestrelzord in the same two-parter in which the Kestrelzord debuted, while Take Flight places them seven episodes apart.  I felt this delay made the Mega Kestrelzord's debut more dramatic, but this approach was also the result of the sentai including a number of solo Kestrelzord fights for no apparent reason; in the sentai order, this seemed to marginalize the Mega Kestrelzord.  Instead, I chose to use all of the solo Kestrelzord episodes before the Mega Kestrelzord's debut (and that was the basis for my subplot about the Flyers being disabled for a while).  Of course, this presented another wrinkle, in that the Battlezord's introduction now immediately followed the Mega Kestrelzord's; I introduced the power surge issue (episode 30) as a means of temporarily suspending the use of their most powerful Zord combination while the next few sentai episodes focused on the Battlezord.

[ INT. KESTREL COCKPIT (US footage) - LISA now finds the cockpit darkened and lit only by emergency lighting, as the front viewscreen has been blocked off by a large metal panel of some sort. ]

I figured the Kestrel cockpit has to go somewhere while the Kestrelzord is combined with the Megazord.  I kept Lisa here so the five Rangers could continue to be shown in sentai footage in the Megazord (Mega Kestrelzord) cockpit.

[ INT. MEGAZORD COCKPIT (Jetman #26) - The RANGERS present their fists in unison.  RED RANGER then thrusts his joysticks forward. ]

power up power up

RANGERS (in unison):
Mega Kestrelzord!

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Let's do it!

[ EXT. MOUNTAINS - INFERNIS charges.  As he advances, he readies a long spike extending from his right wrist. ]

Infernis charges Infernis charges

[ The MEGA KESTRELZORD advances as well.  It locks arms with INFERNIS, but the monster hurls its arms back and slashes it in the chest.  The robot, however, resists further attacks and swats INFERNIS across the chest.  INFERNIS returns with another strike to the MEGA KESTRELZORD's chest, and both combatants take a step backward. ]

Infernis vs. Mega Kestrelzord Infernis vs. Mega Kestrelzord Infernis vs. Mega Kestrelzord Infernis vs. Mega Kestrelzord Infernis vs. Mega Kestrelzord Infernis vs. Mega Kestrelzord Infernis vs. Mega Kestrelzord Infernis vs. Mega Kestrelzord Infernis vs. Mega Kestrelzord Infernis vs. Mega Kestrelzord Infernis vs. Mega Kestrelzord

[ INFERNIS extends his hand.  Sparks explode all around the MEGA KESTRELZORD, but it advances unfazed. ]

Infernis' hand blast Infernis' hand blast Mega Kestrelzord unfazed Mega Kestrelzord unfazed

The iconic "walk through sparks" moment.  A shame these Zords never stay as invulnerable as they are in their first appearance.

[ INFERNIS launches into the air. ]

Infernis takes flight

Just before leaping in the sentai, Semimaru (Infernis) was shown opening his wings, but the shots were erroneously set downtown (recycled from the previous sentai episode), so I omitted them.

[ Wings extended, INFERNIS swoops down and strikes the MEGA KESTRELZORD in passing. ]

terror from the skies terror from the skies terror from the skies terror from the skies

[ INFERNIS then swoops down from the other direction.  We approach the MEGA KESTRELZORD from his vantage point (footage sped up). ]

terror from the skies terror from the skies target: Mega Kestrelzord target: Mega Kestrelzord

Nothing says hokiness like an empty kaiju costume on wires.  Oh well.

[ As INFERNIS swoops in, the MEGA KESTRELZORD grapples it and staggers back a step from the impact.  The robot then spins the monster in a full circle and releases.  INFERNIS crashes through a large rock face. ]

Mega Kestrelzord catches Infernis Mega Kestrelzord catches Infernis Mega Kestrelzord catches Infernis Infernis' own medicine Infernis' own medicine Infernis' own medicine Infernis' own medicine Infernis' own medicine Infernis' own medicine

I found it fitting that the Mega Kestrelzord threw Infernis through a mountain after the Megazord had suffered the same indignity earlier.  These battles sure are rough on the landscape, though.

[ INT. MEGAZORD COCKPIT (Jetman #32) - RED RANGER pumps his fist and then delivers a straight-fingered gesture. ]

Red's gesture Red's gesture Red's gesture

LUKE (Red Ranger):
All right!  Laser Helm, fire!

[ EXT. MOUNTAINS - The MEGA KESTRELZORD readies its arm and then extends it.  A golden beam of energy fires from the V emblem on the front of its helmet. ]

Laser Helm Laser Helm Laser Helm

[ Rising, INFERNIS erupts in sparks. ]

Infernis blasted Infernis blasted

[ INT. MEGAZORD COCKPIT (Jetman #34) - RED RANGER pumps his fist and presses a button on his controls. ]

button button button button

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Yeah!  Now, let's finish him off!

[ EXT. MOUNTAINS - Over a black background, we see the MEGA KESTRELZORD's talons rotating sideways and opening, each gleaming once ready. ]

talons ready talons ready talons ready talons ready talons ready talons ready talons ready talons ready

[ The MEGA KESTRELZORD holds its talons together in front of its chest.  As it draws them apart, red and blue electrical bolts crackle between them, and the MEGA KESTRELZORD's chest emblem glows red.  The robot finally projects a powerful stream of red energy from its chest. ]

Gemini Beam Gemini Beam Gemini Beam Gemini Beam Gemini Beam

This blast, the Gemini Beam, goes unnamed until episode 34.  I named it after the constellation Gemini (Latin for "twins") because of the twin blue and red orbs seen when foes succumbed to the beam.

[ Lines of energy shaped to resemble the Mega Kestrelzord's chest emblem strike INFERNIS as electrical bolts crackle in all directions.  As he begins to fall backward, INFERNIS glows with white light and freezes a moment.  Two large, intersecting orbs of energy, one blue and one red, briefly well up behind the monster, promptly giving way to a large, fiery explosion. ]

This finishing move is the most powerful attack in the Rangers' arsenal, its power levels not matched by the Quad Cannon (as revealed in episode 31).  I don't actually know how the power levels compared in Jetman, but I liked the idea of the combo formation reigning supreme even despite a supplemental Zord coming along afterward.

Infernis destroyed Infernis destroyed Infernis destroyed Infernis destroyed Infernis destroyed Infernis destroyed Infernis destroyed Infernis destroyed

[ INT. SPACE STATION, TRASK'S ROOM - As TRASK holds the red gem, it suddenly bursts out of his hand with a small spark explosion.  TRASK recoils. ]

[ The charred, darkened gem bounces across the floor and rolls to a stop.  TRASK picks it up and narrows his eyes. ]

Infernis' energies will recover somewhat by the time Mainframe reuses the gem in episode 39 (after it changes hands in episode 35).

[ EXT. MOUNTAINS - At the edge of a forest in the mountains, the five RANGERS beam down in a green light, while LISA beams down beside them in blue light.  RED RANGER immediately hugs LISA, and she happily returns the embrace. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Lisa, you were great!

LISA (humbly, with a chuckle):
Yeah, well...

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
How did you get in there in the first place??

[ LISA shrugs. ]

What can I say?  I'm sneaky.

[ YELLOW cocks his head. ]

LISA (cont'd):
I followed that robot guy.

Most Power Rangers episodes probably would have left it at "I'm sneaky," to be followed by a chuckle or somesuch, but I liked the touch of Lisa having to explain further, just for realism.

PETE (Yellow Ranger):

[ LISA looks up at the Mega Kestrelzord (off-screen). ]

So, what gives?  Your robots combine into a super-robot and you're just now trying it out?

[ The RANGERS look up as well.  RED ponders. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Yeah, that is strange.  I think we need to pay Project Phoenix a visit.

[ Sentai (Jetman #41) - We see the MEGA KESTRELZORD towering above. ]

Mega Kestrelzord triumphant

[ INT. LAB - SPECIAL AGENT TURNQUIST turns to greet the five helmetless RANGERS as they enter the lab.  Behind them, not clearly visible, is LISA. ]

Well, you outdid yourselves on the property damage, Rangers, but I have to give you credit...  Not one civilian injured.  You're going to have to explain how you managed to evacuate every single building before it got destroyed.

This won't be explained until episodes 36 and 37.


I don't believe we've met.

But he does apparently know who she is.

[ LUKE begins to introduce her, but LISA speaks first. ]

Lisa.  Lisa Ward.

Ahh, that's right.  The shoplifting girlfriend.

Turnquist knows of Luke's connections with Lisa, probably from raiding Detective Morales' files in episode 25.

[ LUKE bristles, but MAGGIE speaks up. ]

Actually, Agent, she's the reason we recovered the Kestrelzord today.

I noticed.  That doesn't explain why she's here.

[ PETE crosses his arms. ]

We made her an honorary Ranger.  That's why.

Similar to the Rangers making Karone an honorary Ranger in Power Rangers in Space (1998).

SPECIAL AGENT TURNQUIST (rolling his eyes):
Well, that's just precious.

Turnquist obviously cares little about an "honorary Ranger" title.

What's this about evacuating people?  Are you serious?  Nobody got hurt in all that?

[ SPECIAL AGENT TURNQUIST eyes the RANGERS suspiciously for a moment.  He then answers: ]

No.  Your friend Detective Morales tells me you coordinated the evacuations with him earlier today, down to the last building.

[ The RANGERS are perplexed.  LISA tries to keep a low profile, but the RANGERS fail to notice her awkward reaction. ]

Lisa secretly knows about the Rangers' duplicates (see commentary in episode 25).

It must have been our duplicates again...

The Shadow Rangers?

Curiously, it seems the Rangers haven't told Turnquist about their mysterious duplicates (episode 25); all he knows about here are the Shadow Rangers (episode 27).  Apparently the Rangers' relationship with Project Phoenix doesn't compel them to tell the military everything they know, which is only fitting, given Turnquist's secrecy in return.

We don't know.

MAGGIE (to Turnquist):
Did you know about the Mega Kestrelzord?

[ SPECIAL AGENT TURNQUIST turns away disinterestedly. ]

We knew of it.  We sent you the schematics when we felt the time was right.

LUKE (voice raised):
When the time was right?!  We almost got destroyed out there!

We aim for that not to happen.  But you have to realize, Rangers, you won't know of every weapon at our disposal until it's necessary.  That's just how it works.  There are some even I don't know about.

I'm amused by the callousness of Turnquist's reply, "We aim for that not to happen."

Turnquist unwittingly foreshadows the Battlezord's debut next episode.

Oh yeah?  How do you know you don't know about them?

Heh.  He's got you there, Jon.


You'll have to excuse me, Rangers.

[ SPECIAL AGENT TURNQUIST exits.  The RANGERS remain speechless.  LISA glances around awkwardly. ]

[ LUKE sighs. ]

I wish Dr. Bering were here.

[ PETE clenches his fist. ]

Yeah, that guy really bakes my noodle.  (hit with sudden insight)  Oh, man!  My noodles!

What a contrivance of dialog there!  Oh well.

[ PETE rushes out of the room.  The RANGERS chuckle softly. ]

[ INT. HOSPITAL, HALLWAY - A NURSE walks by Dr. Bering's room.  She glances into the room, in which we see DR. BERING sitting up, now conscious.  The NURSE does a double-take and pokes her head into the room in astonishment. ]

[ INT. HOSPITAL ROOM - DR. BERING blinks, still slightly dazed, and watches the stunned NURSE approach her. ]

Y-- You're awake!

[ DR. BERING speaks with a somewhat hoarse voice. ]


Interesting that Dr. Bering's first word upon waking is "Luke."  Does this reflect her feelings toward him, or perhaps just that she was concerned about his escape from the space station?  Or did she subconsciously remember future-Luke's visits to the hospital (episode 37)?

[ Break. ]

[ INT. BANQUET HALL - The four HEROES and LISA mill around the rear of the audience area, speaking with low voices, as people linger here and there.  The contest appears to have concluded. ]

That monster looked really tough.  Are they all that hard?

No.  This guy was bad news.

Do you suppose he was one of the demons Trask stole from the demon-eater?

Maggie wins.

You're probably right.

I wonder how many more he has.

We can take 'em.  We've got the Mega Kestrelzord now.

A shame you'll have to stop using it next episode.

Yeah...  Here's hoping it works just as well on all of them.

[ Meanwhile, PETE approaches his station and finds his casserole roughly where Scott left it in the earlier scene.  Several servings have been removed.  PETE puzzles over the sight until SCOTT approaches. ]

Hey, man, are you okay?

[ PETE turns. ]

Huh?  Oh, yeah...  I just...

First-time jitters?  It's okay.  I got them too the first time I entered a competition.

This is how I explained Pete's absence in Scott's mind.

[ PETE glances over at SCOTT's station, where a blue ribbon lies on his table. ]

Hey, uh, congratulations.  Third time, huh?

[ SCOTT smiles humbly. ]

Yeah.  (nods toward Pete's casserole)  I hope you don't mind, but I tried some of your casserole.  It was really good.

[ PETE chuckles softly. ]


SCOTT (more emphatically):
No, I mean REALLY good.  I gave some to one of the judges.  She said you should enter again next year.

Presumably Pete was disqualified for being absent during judging, but at least one of the judges was impressed off the record.

PETE (with a smile):

Hey, uh... You know, I run a restaurant called Regala uptown, and I'm looking for a sous chef.  I don't know if you'd be interested, but I'd love to have you come in for an interview.

What a coincidence!  (Pete will eventually take him up on his offer in episode 37.)

Wow... really?

Absolutely.  (hands him a business card)  Give me a call.

[ PETE marvels at the card. ]

Yeah, sure...

[ INT. SPACE STATION CORRIDOR - DILLIK rounds the corner of a corridor and approaches the curtain leading into Trask's darkened room. ]

Hey, Trask...?  Sorry about your demon...  (pauses)  Trask?  Hmm, no one there.

Trask's whereabouts at this point are unknown.

[ DILLIK nearly turns to leave, but he then pauses, curious about something unseen in the room beyond the curtain.  He parts the curtain slightly with one hand and uses his other hand to snap his fingers just inside the doorway.  We then zoom in on DILLIK's large ear. ]

[ With enhanced audio and a 3-D recreation of the vague shapes in the room (one shape resembling an elevated coffin, but other shapes less recognizable), we follow the sound waves of Dillik's snap as they bounce from surface to surface.  We finally zoom in on the shape of a biomass canister near the door. ]

This is a keener use of Dillik's advanced hearing than has been featured previously, but it was useful here and didn't seem terribly out of line with established continuity.  (Dillik did have trouble navigating a dark region in Sasha's lair in episode 27, but note that his helmet was on at the time.)

Does Trask actually sleep in a coffin?  That seems to be the implication here.

[ Still outside the doorway, DILLIK cocks his head curiously. ]

That's not where biomass canisters belong.

[ DILLIK reaches in and removes the canister from the darkened room.  It sloshes as he inspects it. ]

[ We flash to a clip of TRASK melting SASHA (see episode 27). ]

[ DILLIK holds the canister at arm's length. ]


Trask melted Sasha in episode 27 and stored her biomass in this canister.  For some reason, he has kept the canister separate from the rest of the biomass supply, but he doesn't seem to have taken great pains to hide it.  He also won't be angry with Dillik for taking it (see episode 31).

[ DILLIK looks up and down the corridor before absconding with the canister.  Fade to black. ]