Spoiler Warning: The commentary found here discusses events in this episode and beyond.  Read at your own risk!


Episode 30: "Back in the Fray"

This episode was completed on October 28, 2007, and released on September 27, 2008.  Its title could refer to Dr. Bering, Sasha, or the demon trio.

Writer:  Joe Rovang

[ Sentai footage is primarily from Jetman #30 and 31, but all sources are indicated. ]

In Jetman #30, two hikers wander into a cave and accidentally releases a demon named Mu (Gog).  Mu kills the hikers and announces his intent to free his masters Ramon (Zin) and Gorg (Drek), who need blood in order awaken from their stony repose; his solution is to find a champion warrior, but he ends up killing all of his unworthy foes.  As a new Zord (the Battlezord) is under construction, Black and White are attacked by Radiguet, who changes to his monster form, Radigan (Sashaga), when the others arrive.  Mu attacks them all and abducts White; back at the cave, Black finds her and sacrifices his own blood to save her.  The others help them escape, and they blast Mu with the Phoenix Cannon.  Radiguet, meanwhile, has given his own blood to set Ramon and Gorg free; they promptly obliterate the defeated Mu and snub Radiguet on their way out of the collapsing cavern.

In Jetman #31, Radiguet fails to rein in Ramon and Gorg.  The demons rescue various civilians but turn them into pineapples to drink their delicious juices (no, really).  White is now smitten with Black and goes horseback riding with him while the other three struggle against Ramon and Gorg.  Harangued by Red, Black takes off with White and gives up his Morpher devices.  Maria (Sasha) attacks the other three but is in turn attacked by Ramon and Gorg, reverting her to the form of Red's fiancée.  As she and Red reunite, Gorg (Drek) grows to giant size, and the three Rangers struggle until the Battlezord is set loose.  Meanwhile, Radiguet restores Maria's evil form (continued in Jetman #32, summarized in the commentary for episode 35).

As I had to trim a fair amount of footage from the Gog, Zin, and Drek battles due to the presence of Japanese actors or unsuitable material, I chose to condense their respective sentai episodes into a single US episode.

Curiously, the arrangement of episodes in their present order meant the Battlezord would debut immediately after the Mega Kestrelzord had debuted; as arranged, though, I simply had no Mega Kestrelzord battles to use prior to the Battlezord's debut (with the exception of Zephyros, though that fight lacked an ending).  Instead, I simply made up a reason for the Mega Kestrelzord to be off-limits (which, as written, is actually more plausible after a single use than if I'd waited until several uses had passed).

[ Fade in to INT. HOSPITAL ROOM - A patient sits in bed watching the TV on the wall.  On the screen, STACY KEENE reports for Channel 6 from outside the police station. ]

This episode takes place on Saturday, August 8, 1992, the same day as the Infernis battle (previous episode).

...but incredibly, no one was hurt.

Stacy is referring to widespread destruction during the Infernis battle (previous episode).

Stacy is, of course, the running Ranger correspondent first seen in episode 4.

[ The broadcast cuts to a split-screen of STACY KEENE and a female ANCHOR at the news desk. ]

Stacy, has there been any explanation for how the police knew which buildings would be damaged?

The Rangers' duplicates were Detective Morales' informants (see episode 37).  We never learn whether the police ever provided an explanation.

No, there hasn't, Nancy.  And that has some local residents concerned whether they'll be so fortunate next time.

ANCHOR (grimly):
All right.  Thanks, Stacy.

[ The patient changes the channel to a game show.  We slowly dolly out of the hospital room and into the hall, where the five HEROES and LISA rush down the hall anxiously.  In the lead, LUKE opens the door to another room.  (All are wearing their clothes from the previous episode, with the exception of PETE, who is now in casual clothing.) ]

This is a bit later in the day, after Pete's cooking competition.  Only Luke was scheduled to work, but he seems to have taken the day off.

[ INT. HOSPITAL ROOM 2 - LUKE opens the door and blinks in disbelief. ]

[ Sitting up in bed is DR. BERING.  She appears more alert and made-up since the previous episode.  She smiles softly. ]


[ LUKE begins to smile, but he then notices someone else in the room. ]

[ Standing near the wall, his arms crossed, is SPECIAL AGENT TURNQUIST. ]

Mr. Branson.

Apparently Dr. Bering contacted Project Phoenix before the Rangers were notified.

[ LUKE enters hesitantly.  The others wait outside as the door remains open. ]

LUKE (to Dr. Bering):
H-- How...?  I thought you were aboard the space station...

[ DR. BERING gives a subdued but whimsical shrug. ]

I don't know.  But I'm so glad to see you escaped.

[ LISA looks on curiously. ]

[ LUKE hangs his head. ]

But the rest of the crew...

DR. BERING (soberly):
I know.  (toward Turnquist) Jon told me.

Turnquist's first name is revealed.  Apparently he and Dr. Bering are on a mostly first-name basis.

[ SPECIAL AGENT TURNQUIST gives a polite nod to LUKE. ]

[ DR. BERING looks to the doorway and smiles softly. ]

These are your teammates?

[ LUKE turns and gestures for the others to enter.  They do so, each greeting her humbly as LUKE speaks their names. ]

This is Pete... Casey... Chris... Maggie... and our honorary member, Lisa.

LISA (with a smile):

[ DR. BERING smiles in return. ]

Hello.  (to the group) Have you had any problems with the equipment?  Any malfunctions...?

Dr. Bering is in her technical advisor role from the get-go.

[ The HEROES exchange doubtful glances, prepared to answer in the negative, but PETE speaks up.  Meanwhile, in the background, SPECIAL AGENT TURNQUIST walks over and closes the door. ]


Well, actually, we can't talk to each other when we're not morphed.  That's kind of annoying.

As first featured in episode 10.

Oh yeah...

Also, it'd help if we could send a signal to somebody in particular instead of having to broadcast to everybody.

Chris's identity was nearly revealed to Aaron in episode 13 when the others were calling each other during the Disastros incident.

Yeah, definitely.  Oh, and you know, I kind of wished we could switch the Hoverbirds over to night vision ourselves instead of it being automatic.

Maggie had to shoot out the lights in the parking deck in episode 26 to see Hammersham in infrared.

Oh, we need for the bad guys not to be able to see our Hoverbird video.

This has been a constant disadvantage for the Rangers (as early as episode 2); they first deduced it in episode 6.

For sure.  And the Cruiser attack is really bumpy.

They used the Cruiser's firebird attack in episodes 4 and 12; Casey noted not liking it in episode 6.

And can you help us track down these weird duplicates that keep helping us out?

Their presence was first felt when the Rangers returned from space in episode 25, but they also preemptively evacuated the buildings destroyed against Infernis in episode 29.

And am I supposed to be the Pink Ranger or the White Ranger?  I really think it's pink, but other people aren't so sure...

The issue arose in episodes 6 and 15.

The Rangers sure did come up with a good number of issues after nearly replying in the negative.

[ DR. BERING laughs softly. ]

DR. BERING (to Casey):
Well, for starters, your designation is Pink Four.

A line cut from episode 1 revealed that Red Ranger's official designation was Red One; I've copied that convention here.

This settles the question of Casey's official color designation.  In all fairness, it should be noted that in places where the other Rangers' suits bear their respective colors, Casey's is white; it's only in the neutral areas which are white on the other suits where Casey's bears pink coloration.  It seems Dr. Bering's choice of designation (or General Taggart's?) may have contradicted the intent of whoever actually designed the suits (Zordon?).

[ CASEY beams. ]

DR. BERING (cont'd):
As for the rest of your issues, let me check out of this hospital bed, and we can start working on them.

I'm afraid I can't let you return to work immediately, Doctor.  Your body has been through quite a lot.  We have a room prepared for you back at the base.

Apparently being frozen takes a while to recover from, even with whatever special treatment Dillik used to prevent ice crystals from perforating her cells.

[ DR. BERING extends her legs over the opposite side of the bed and attempts to stand.  Her legs buckle, however, and she falls. ]

Nice try, Jon.  I've got too much -- (falls)

[ As the others react, LUKE rushes to her aid.  He gently helps her back onto the bed.  She looks into his eyes and chuckles as he stands back. ]

[ LISA looks on. ]

[ DR. BERING admits: ]

DR. BERING (cont'd):
Well, I guess I could take it easy a little...  But I want to know all about this "Kestrelzord" you found.

Dr. Bering knew nothing about Illam or the Kestrelzord.

[ EXT. SPACE STATION - Establishment shot. ]

MAINFRAME (voice-over):

[ INT. SPACE STATION, DILLIK'S LAB - MAINFRAME puzzles over the biomass canister in his hands.  DILLIK stands near the door. ]

In the previous episode, Dillik found the canister containing Sasha's biomass (see episode 27).

MAINFRAME (cont'd):
B-- But... didn't she try to destroy you?

Every relationship has problems.  (glances over his shoulder)  Now hurry up before Trask finds out.

[ With an anxious grunt, MAINFRAME connects the canister to the machinery.  He then places his hand on the wall of machinery, and it hums to life.  MAINFRAME's eye's gloss over with data. ]

Analyzing...  Injecting Sasha's genetic material into the seed core...  Charging...

The seed core determines the species-specific foundation of a biomass monster; supplemental biomass then takes on traits particular to that creature, forming around an inanimate object which acts as a starting platform for the cellular growth.  Or something like that.

[ DILLIK waits anxiously. ]

MAINFRAME (cont'd):
Growth begun...  Feeding in supplemental biomass...  (to Dillik)  What object do you want to use for the lattice?

[ DILLIK ponders. ]

Didn't you say Trask put Kora's sword in storage?  Let's use that.

Kora's sword was last seen being warped away by Trask just before he had Kora frozen (episode 26).

Okay...  Sword it is.

[ MAINFRAME resumes his work. ]

MAINFRAME (cont'd):

[ A moment passes.  Soon, DILLIK asks: ]

W-- Will she remember me?

No.  Biomass monsters only take on limited characteristics of their primary species, and not much else.

Just as a clone wouldn't share memories from its original.

[ DILLIK appears disappointed. ]

Dillik pines for his fractured relationship with Sasha.

[ A door-sized panel slides open in the biomass machinery.  Initially, nothing but mist pours out. ]

[ From just beside the doorway, we see DILLIK's reaction as the creature, SASHAGA (barely shown, compare with sentai), steps out of the misty doorway.  DILLIK recoils in horror. ]

The side of a leg might be all right to recreate for US footage, but that's as much as I felt I could get away with.  Incidentally, this is the first (and only) time a biomass monster is shown emerging from the biomass refiner, due to the lack of available monster costumes in US footage.

Just as fish DNA creates a fish monster, Sasha DNA has created... a Sasha monster.  I called her Sashaga in accordance with a naming trend in Final Fantasy video games, wherein a "-ga" suffix denotes a more powerful version of a particular spell (actually two levels higher; "waterga" would be two levels higher than "water").  Per that naming trend, the very highest level would have been "-ja," but "Sashaja" is too hard to pronounce.

DILLIK (repulsed):
Ohh!  Get it out of here!  It's hideous!

[ INT. HANGAR - In moderately professional-looking clothing, DR. BERING sits in a wheelchair which LUKE slowly pushes through the hangar.  They stop, their attention on the Zords above (off-screen). ]

This Kestrelzord is amazing.  And you said they all form a "Mega Kestrelzord?"

It only debuted earlier that same day.


Incredible.  We knew the Flyers' designs included some superfluous connections, but we never imagined it was for something like this.

Zordon had them include connections for the Mega Kestrelzord without specifying what it was for.  That wily Zordon...

(chuckles)  It's a lifesaver.  Those monsters don't stand a chance against us now.

When heroes brag like this, you know there's going to be a problem.

DR. BERING (distantly):
You know, I thought we had so much more time...

What do you mean?

Well, the empire...  We thought we had centuries before they expanded this far.  (with a sigh) They caught us with our guard completely down.

Aha!  We finally learn the purpose of Project Jetman (and presumably the Vanguard project on Illam): Zordon was readying a coalition of forces to strike the empire before it could engulf the galaxy.

But Dr. Bering is mistaken: the attack on the space station wasn't by the empire.

[ LUKE stops, confused. ]

Wait, but... Trask isn't part of the empire.  Or, at least, the last I heard...

[ DR. BERING is equally puzzled.  She turns her wheelchair to face LUKE. ]

W--  Trask...?  The one who attacked the station?

Yeah.  He's just a space vampire with a grudge.  He helped us fight Queen-Empress Magda, actually.  Now we've got her daughter to deal with, but I don't think she has much to do with the empire.  Not from what we've seen, anyway.

Curiously, Luke describes Trask as a space vampire with a grudge, even after Trask refuted the term "grudge" in episode 13.

The Rangers have rightly concluded that Sasha has little affiliation with the empire (as they haven't seen any forces other than Trask's).

[ DR. BERING frowns and stares off into space. ]

They're just... rogue agents?

Dr. Bering seems almost disappointed that such an anomalous threat was responsible for taking down Project Jetman.

Seems like it.

[ DR. BERING ponders.  She then looks at him. ]

Did you say "space vampire?"

Even in a fictional world, I figured a term like this would still turn a few heads.

[ INT. CAFE - In the usual cafe, the four HEROES and LISA sit at their traditional booth. ]

You guys, I can't believe Dr. Bering is back.  That's so cool.

Yeah, it's definitely a relief.  It means Trask doesn't have a hostage anymore.

Luke became aware of her hostage status in episode 13; this has been keeping the Rangers from attacking the space station.

Hey, you're right...

What do you mean?

MAGGIE (to Lisa):
Luke didn't tell you about her?

LISA (searchingly):
No, I don't think so...  He said he used to be part of a crew on the space station, but he wouldn't ever say anything more.  I kind of assumed the worst.

Was Luke reluctant to describe Dr. Bering to his girlfriend because of his feelings for her?

Yeah, well, you were right... except for Dr. Bering.  Trask kept her captive so we couldn't attack the space station.

So why would he let her go?

PETE (puzzled):
Well... I don't know.

You don't think...


It could be a trick...?

I figured the sudden release would seem suspicious to the Rangers, as they didn't know it was simply part of Sasha's plan to betray Trask.

[ PETE blinks.  The group exchanges anxious glances. ]

[ Suddenly, they rise from the booth.  PETE leaves a ten dollar bill on the table, and they depart quickly. ]

[ Dissolve to INT. HANGAR - LUKE sits on a crate facing DR. BERING.  We join them mid-conversation. ]

LUKE (moderately upset):
...but when we found his car, it was too late.  All that was left of him was a container of liquid.

Luke is describing Will's apparent fate.  By this point, the audience hasn't been alerted to Will's survival, except with a veiled reference to a second human captive aboard the space station in episode 26.

[ DR. BERING furrows her brow. ]


LUKE (uncomfortably):
It was this... black... (grimaces)  It was terrible.  We saw the same stuff when one of Trask's foot soldiers melted.  We think it's how he... recycled people.

Before Will returned, I wanted to clarify how the Rangers had inferred Will's fate, as I realized by this point that I wasn't completely clear in that regard in episode 18.

[ LUKE looks away, silently furious.  DR. BERING soothingly places her hand on his.  He looks down at her hand but doesn't move his own.  Their eyes meet. ]

[ The four HEROES and LISA enter the area. ]

Hey, Luke!

[ LUKE quickly stands, pulling his hand away from DR. BERING. ]

Oops.  I wanted an awkward moment to force Dr. Bering and Luke to reset their previous relationship; I also wanted Luke to appear somewhat guilty but not be the initiating party (lest he seem too unfaithful to Lisa).

[ The group pauses, and PETE glances warily at LISA, who remains frozen. ]

[ LUKE plaintively looks to LISA. ]


[ Puzzled, DR. BERING looks between LUKE and LISA. ]

DR. BERING (to Luke):
What is it?  What's wrong?

[ LUKE rubs the back of his hand where Dr. Bering touched him, as though trying to massage away an injury. ]

Umm... Lisa's my girlfriend.

[ DR. BERING raises her eyebrows. ]

... Oh.

[ Break. ]

[ INT. HANGAR, CORRIDOR - The four HEROES confer with LUKE in a corridor.  Lisa isn't present. ]

CHRIS (to Luke):
Dude, what was that back there?


Come on...

Nothing happened!  She touched my hand!

[ The others seem unconvinced, but they let the issue rest. ]

All right, anyway...  The reason we came back is...

[ LUKE waits.  PETE eventually continues. ]

PETE (cont'd):
Are you sure that's really Dr. Bering?

LUKE (startled):
What?  Of course it is.

You're sure she couldn't be a duplicate?

The Rangers are paranoid of duplicates since events in episodes 25, 27, and 29.

LUKE (slightly exasperated):
L--  No.  She knows way too much to be an impostor.


Could she be under a spell...?

If she were, that would be vaguely similar to Jetman #43, in which the Rangers' mentor, Chokan, turned against them while Radiguet's parasite (Moleworm) was inside her.

We could all be under spells!  Look, what's wrong with you guys?

Heh, I liked Luke's flippant reply.

[ The others look at each other contritely.  MAGGIE then admits to LUKE: ]

We were just a little concerned about this sudden return.

Yeah... I mean, after all this time, Trask just suddenly decides to let her go?  You were the one who told us he was keeping her hostage to protect himself.

[ LUKE frowns slightly without replying. ]

I added this suspicion because it seemed like a natural response, given the circumstances, but it ended up playing an interesting role when Dr. Bering later told the Rangers they couldn't use the Mega Kestrelzord.

[ INT. HANGAR - LISA calmly pushes DR. BERING in her wheelchair. ]

I thought it said interesting things about Lisa's character that she could catch Dr. Bering getting friendly with her boyfriend but then partner effectively with her in a short span of time.

Lisa, I just want you to know... there's nothing going on that you need to worry about.


Luke and I became friends on the space station.  It's a... different environment up there, when you're all isolated...  (shakes head)  Anyway, everything's going to stay completely professional.

As it turns out, Lisa will soon take up residence aboard the space station, though she may not be as isolated as Dr. Bering was.  (At this point, I didn't yet know the Rangers would soon claim the space station for Project Phoenix.)

Starting now?

[ DR. BERING cocks her jaw slightly but then responds sincerely. ]

Zing!  But apparently Dr. Bering thinks she deserved that one.

Yes.  Starting now.

[ As DR. BERING's reply concludes, an alarm sounds.  LISA and DR. BERING look up. ]

Sounds like trouble.

Let's head to the lab.

[ LISA turns DR. BERING, and they proceed. ]

[ EXT. FIELD (Jetman #30) - The five RANGERS leap over the camera.  (Note that all sentai until further notice is from Jetman #30.) ]

Rangers leap over Rangers leap over Rangers leap over Rangers leap over

[ RED RANGER unsheathes his TALON SWORD and slashes in midair. ]

Talon Sword Red Ranger's flying slash

[ His opponent, SASHAGA, is a ghoulish gray and red monster with a sword for a left hand.  (Some viewers may notice that her face resembles the one seen in the midsection of Sasha's monster form in episode 22.)  She blocks RED's strike and then slashes the nearby YELLOW and BLUE RANGERS.  PINK and BLACK then gather as she slashes RED RANGER, but she then blocks their sword strikes. ]

Sashaga fights Rangers Sashaga fights Rangers Sashaga fights Rangers Sashaga fights Rangers Sashaga fights Rangers Sashaga fights Rangers Sashaga fights Rangers Sashaga fights Rangers

When I was first planning out the series, I wasn't sure whether I would be able to incorporate Radigan (Radiguet's monster form), but this scene posed a challenge, because omitting Radigan would have interfered with Gog's arrival, and yet Radigan had no exit in this scene.  How could I introduce Radigan as a new monster here but never show him again?  The answer was to interpret him as the monster form of Sasha's clone, an idea which didn't dawn on me until shortly before this episode was written.

As a fortunate coincidence, Radigan bears the face previously shown in Raguem's torso in episode 22, and I've interpreted both as alternate forms of Sasha.  Therefore, if viewers were to notice Sashaga's face in the torso of Sasha's monster form, it wouldn't be quite as strange as if they'd been separate characters.

[ SASHAGA ducks under their swords and slings both BLACK and PINK to the ground.  She rears back to strike the fallen duo, but they simultaneously kick her back. ]

Black and Pink downed Black and Pink downed Black and Pink downed Black and Pink kick back Black and Pink kick back

[ EXT. WOODS (sentai) - We see a yellowish-colored demon, GOG, running along a trail in the woods. ]

Gog on the move Gog on the move Gog on the move Gog on the move Gog on the move

Prior to this point in the sentai, Mu (Gog) had been killing various fighting champions who failed to adequately prove their worth, as he sought only the best blood to revive Ramon and Gorg.

Gog's name is found in various pieces of mythology (notably, the Bible), but it sometimes refers to a person or mythical being, and at other times a place.  Fundamentally, I chose it because it sounded primitive and was monosyllabic, a common thread among this episode's demon trio.  It's actually quite close to Drek's sentai name, Gorg.

[ EXT. FIELD (sentai) - SASHAGA falls onto her back but quickly rises.  She is then distracted by something above. ]

Rangers vs. Sashaga Rangers vs. Sashaga Rangers vs. Sashaga Rangers vs. Sashaga

[ The BLUE and YELLOW RANGERS leap in with simultaneous flying kicks, but they bounce off ineffectually.  They manage to backflip and land on their feet. ]

Rangers vs. Sashaga Rangers vs. Sashaga Rangers vs. Sashaga Rangers vs. Sashaga Rangers vs. Sashaga Rangers vs. Sashaga Rangers vs. Sashaga

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):
Do it, Luke!

[ As the duo braces, RED RANGER leaps off their shoulders as a launch platform. ]

Rangers vs. Sashaga Rangers vs. Sashaga

I'd have been happy to do without the "jump off our shoulders" routines, as they strike me as pointless, but this scene would have been a bit choppy without this instance.

[ In midair, RED RANGER readies his BATTLIZER. ]

Battlizer Battlizer

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Battlizer, power up!

[ RED performs a flying BATTLIZER punch (shown three times). ]

flying Battlizer punch flying Battlizer punch flying Battlizer punch

[ Struck in the chest, SASHAGA sparks and flies back. ]

Battlizer punch Battlizer punch Battlizer punch

[ Nearby, SASHAGA lands on her feet and turns.  Though smoking, she growls furiously and appears ready for more. ]

Sashaga ready Sashaga ready Sashaga ready

[ The others gather behind RED RANGER, who still sports his BATTLIZER. ]

Rangers regroup Rangers regroup Rangers regroup

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Man, this monster's strong!

In the sentai, Red and Black had previously fought Radigan while inside the building monster (Disastros, Jetman #6).

[ EXT. WOODS (sentai) - We zoom in three times on GOG as he continues to run through the woods.  He mutters with a gruff voice. ]

Gog on the move Gog on the move Gog on the move

Gotta get there...!

Gog can't teleport?

These running shots were shown a bit earlier in the sentai.

[ EXT. FIELD (sentai) - The five RANGERS square off with SASHAGA in an attempt to surround her.  Suddenly, a series of spark bursts erupt all around the combatants.  GOG enters the scene. ]

Rangers vs. Sashaga Rangers vs. Sashaga blasted blasted Gog's arrival Gog Gog Gog

[ As we rotate around GOG, we ultimately see SASHAGA and the RANGERS rising.  SASHAGA grunts. ]

Gog Gog Gog confronts group

So, people on this planet fight each other, do they?  Well, works for me!  (Sashaga grunts)

Gog comes from a planet in which species don't tend to fight each other, apparently.  Note that he thinks Sashaga is from this planet.  He doesn't seem to be as traveled as Zin and Drek.

I leave it up to the reader's imagination as to how demons are able to speak English.  (Infernis didn't speak.)

[ RED and YELLOW react. ]

Red reacts Yellow reacts

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Who are you?

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
Yeah, what do you want?

[ As GOG speaks, he suddenly brandishes a pair of gargantuan arm blades.  He then charges. ]

Gog Gog brandishes blades Gog charges

My name's Gog.  (brandishes blades)  I'm here to destroy you!  (charges)  Like this!

[ From Gog's perspective, we quickly advance through SASHAGA and each of the sword-wielding RANGERS, each knocked aside in kind.  At the end of the line, we approach YELLOW and PINK. ]

Gog's charge Gog's charge Gog's charge Gog's charge Gog's charge Gog's charge

[ GOG slashes PINK as he runs by, knocking her down.  He repeats with YELLOW. ]

Pink Ranger slashed Pink Ranger slashed Yellow Ranger slashed Yellow Ranger slashed

[ GOG runs and leaps into the air.  He performs a flying slash to SASHAGA, knocking her aside, and he then slashes the RED, BLUE, and BLACK RANGERS as smoke from the blows begins to cloud the area.  Finally, GOG deflects a strike from PINK RANGER and slashes her twice. ]

Gog leaps Gog's leaping slash Gog's leaping slash Gog whales on everybody Gog whales on everybody Gog whales on everybody Gog whales on everybody Gog whales on everybody Gog whales on everybody Gog slashes Pink Ranger Gog slashes Pink Ranger

Cough cough...  That's a lot of smoke.

In the sentai, Mu (Gog) followed these slashes with an X-strike to White's throat, knocking her back.  This made me nervous, as it seemed like it would have come close to beheading her, so I omitted it.

[ PINK flips over the camera and rebounds off a tree trunk.  In midair, she draws her SKY BLASTER and fires a series of yellow lasers. ]

Pink Ranger rebounds Pink Ranger rebounds Sky Blaster Pink's lasers

[ GOG is struck in the arm with a spark explosion. ]

Gog blasted

In the sentai, Mu's forearm was severed by the lasers, but it then grew right back.  Except when it involved robots, I was averse to including limb severings, but furthermore, when has a Sky Blaster laser ever been that powerful?

[ US footage - Her blaster and sword still in hand, PINK RANGER lands. ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
Take that!

[ GOG raises his smoking hand and replies: ]

Gog unscathed Gog unscathed

What?  Was that supposed to hurt?

This was the new arm Mu regrew.

[ The others gather behind PINK RANGER. ]

Pink Ranger Pink Ranger

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
Well... kinda...

[ GOG speaks before blowing a stream of fiery energy from his mouth. ]

Gog speaks Gog blasts Gog blasts

Aww, I was hoping we might have a challenge on this planet... but I guess not!  (blows energy)

[ Sparks erupt around the RANGERS. ]

Rangers blasted

[ INT. SPACE STATION COMMAND - DILLIK confusedly watches the viewscreen as the RANGERS battle GOG (from previous scene). ]

W-- Where'd Sasha go?  I don't see her!

[ MAINFRAME concentrates. ]

She's been injured.  It looks like she wandered off into the woods.

In the sentai, a weakened Radiguet was shown spying on the battle from the nearby trees.  Since no exit for Radigan existed in the sentai footage, I had to imply Sashaga's exit here.

[ EXT. WOODS - Her body smoking, SASHA staggers weakly through the woods in human form.  She is dressed in a white bodysuit.  She pauses to gasp for breath against a tree. ]

Why would a monster created from Sasha's DNA revert to human form upon being weakened?  I don't quite know, but it's a behavior she and Magda both exhibited previously.

I chose an all-white bodysuit for Sasha's clone here to symbolize that she was a blank slate, unencumbered by Sasha's memories or misdeeds.

[ EXT. PARK (US footage) - In an area with a paved surface beneath them (compare with sentai), the RANGERS roll back from an unseen attack.  Rising with his TALON SWORD in hand, BLACK RANGER clenches his fist and leaps into the air. ]

[ BLACK RANGER rears back for a midair sword slash. ]

[ Switch to sentai - We zoom in on GOG from above as he startles. ]

Gog startles Gog startles

By this point in the sentai, Mu (Gog) had abducted White Ranger as a blood sacrifice, but Black and the others had freed her; Mu then chased them outside for a second round.

Hey, what are you doing up there?

[ BLACK RANGER pauses with a star field and condor emblem behind him.  He then performs his gleaming purple X-strike (US effect). ]

X-strike X-strike X-strike

[ The purple X-strike (US effect) strikes GOG, causing a burst of sparks from his chest. ]

X-strike X-strike

[ US footage - As BLACK lands, the others gather behind him.  RED calls into his left wrist. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Phoenix Cannon!

[ The PHOENIX ROVER races off a cliff and transforms into the PHOENIX CANNON, which then descends to the RANGERS.  They charge it. ]

Phoenix Rover Phoenix Cannon transforms Phoenix Cannon transforms Rangers receive Phoenix Cannon Rangers receive Phoenix Cannon Rangers with Phoenix Cannon Rangers with Phoenix Cannon Rangers charge Phoenix Cannon

[ RED RANGER looks down at the monitor. ]

target lock

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Target lock!

[ RED presses the trigger button. ]

trigger button

LUKE (Red Ranger):

[ The PHOENIX CANNON fires. ]

Phoenix Cannon fires Phoenix Cannon fires Phoenix Cannon fires

RANGERS (in unison):

[ The phoenix blast flies down. ]

phoenix blast phoenix blast

[ GOG is struck with a spark explosion. ]

Gog blasted

This blast didn't destroy Gog; he somehow escaped while the Rangers didn't notice.

[ INT. LAB - Having been watching a monitor, DR. BERING and LISA rejoice, and LISA initiates a high-five, which DR. BERING returns.  LISA cocks her head and looks again at the monitor. ]

This begins Lisa's role as Dr. Bering's lab assistant.  It also places Dr. Bering into a mentor-like role (similar to Commander "Chokan" Odagiri from Jetman, though Dr. Bering is a technical advisor rather than a commander).

Wait, did they really destroy him?

I don't see him anymore...

[ SPECIAL AGENT TURNQUIST enters.  He stands in the doorway soberly.  DR. BERING and LISA cease their celebration and look at him. ]

Ladies, I'm afraid I have some bad news.

Turnquist brings word of the Mega Kestrelzord's instability.

[ EXT. CAVE - We zoom in on the entrance of a cave in the woods.  GOG's grumbling voice echoes from within as he seems to proceed further and further into the cave.  At one point as he speaks, a thud is heard, followed by a scattering of rock fragments. ]

GOG (voice-over):
Well, that didn't go so well.  (thud, rocks scatter)  Ow.  What are these guys doing hanging out in this smelly old cave, anyway?  Hey, Drek!  Zin!  This isn't funny, guys!

In the sentai, Ramon (Zin) and Gorg (Drek) slumbered in this cave and were awoken by Radiguet's blood sacrifice (after Black had given a bit to spare White from a similar fate).  To use this footage, I had to imply that Zin and Drek had come here just recently, as they were alien demons unleashed by Trask; I don't feel this quite meshed with the visuals, but if I hadn't used this scene, Gog would have had to be permanently destroyed by the Phoenix Cannon, which seemed too easy for a demon.

[ INT. CAVE (sentai) - GOG approaches a peculiar stone wall, in which two monstrous figures are embedded.  (In the center is what appears to be a human-shaped recess.)  GOG kneels and speaks to the two figures.  His body is smoking (US addition).  After speaking to both, he rises and turns, talking to himself. ]

Gog addresses stone figures Gog addresses stone figures Gog addresses stone figures Gog speaks Gog speaks

(to right) All right, come on, you guys!  (to left) We're a team, aren't we?  (rises, turns)  All right, fine.  You wanna sleep here all day, that's just more for me to conquer!  

Poor Gog, suckered by the others into fighting the Rangers first.  He's the odd man out, as Zin and Drek refer to each other as brothers; they also seem savvier than Gog.

Some shots in this scene (the ones in which Gog isn't smoking in the sentai) were taken from Mu's initial release.

[ As GOG's back is turned, a sinister voice echoes behind him, causing him to turn.  GOG continues to smoke (US addition). ]

Gog turns Gog turns

ZIN (voice-over):
Gog... (Gog turns)

[ We see the two stone figures. ]

Zin's stone figure Drek's stone figure

[ GOG takes a step forward. ]

Gog reacts

Uh, yeah...?

[ The two stone figures are bathed in green and blue light, respectively.  From the light streak two demonic shapes.  As the light yields, we see DREK, a turquoise warrior holding a forked staff, and ZIN, a gray warrior with a sword. ]

Drek and Zin emerge Drek and Zin emerge Drek and Zin emerge Drek and Zin emerge

At first, I thought it was a stretch to interpret turquoise and gray demons as green and blue (I preferred that Trask's gems be basic colors).  Then I stumbled across this sequence, wherein Drek/Gorg had a green gleam (despite his turqoise body), and Zin/Ramon had a blue gleam (despite his gray body)!  Quite coincidentally, these were also the color assignments I had thought up for them.

[ As a blue gleam subsides (US effect), we pan up ZIN's body.  He holds his sword close as mist rolls off his body. ]

Zin Zin Zin

For those trying to remember, Zin is the bald gray demon with elf ears and a sword.  His name comes first in the name "Zindrek" (episode 35).

Your mission is over, Gog.

[ As a green gleam subsides (US effect), we pan up DREK's body.  Mist drifts around him as he readies his staff. ]

Drek Drek Drek

Drek is the turqoise demon with a skullcap, black hair, and a staff.  His name comes second in the name "Zindrek."

That's right.  You're finished.

[ Still smoking, GOG trembles and drops to his knees in desperation. ]

Gog grovels Gog grovels Gog grovels

What are you talking about?  I thought we were gonna do this together!  (drops)

ZIN (off-screen):
That's right.

[ ZIN points his sword. ]


ZIN (cont'd):
You go down fighting...

[ DREK speaks.  He then twirls his staff and points a finger at Gog (off-screen). ]

Drek points Drek points Drek points

... And we get all the spoils!  (grunts)

[ A green electrical bolt from DREK's finger strikes GOG, dissolving him into nothingness. ]

Gog obliterated Gog obliterated Gog obliterated Gog obliterated Gog obliterated

I hoped this obliteration might somewhat explain Gog's lack of a giant form.

When I wrote this episode, I wasn't yet planning for Gog to return (in the form of Demi-Gog in episode 32).

[ EXT. PARK - The RANGERS survey the edge of the woods which adjoin the park. ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger, to Pink):
Are you sure that gray monster went this way?

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
Well, I thought so... but it was a little hectic at the time.

The Rangers have lost both Gog and Sashaga.

[ EXT. WOODS (sentai) - ZIN and DREK are walking through the woods when they suddenly stop in their tracks. ]

Zin and Drek in the woods Zin and Drek in the woods Zin and Drek stop

Well, brother, at least it's just us now.  (both stop)  Wha...?

This scene takes sentai shots from the demons' standoff with Radiguet and their de-powering of Maria (Sasha), which were originally unrelated scenes.

[ US footage - Staggering forward, SASHA notices the two demons (off-screen) and stops as well. ]

ZIN (off-screen):
Well, well, look at this...  A Gorgon on this side of the galaxy.

This is the first time the term "Gorgon" is used to describe Sasha's lineage; I felt some sort of descriptor was appropriate here, as I thought of Zin and Drek as being well-traveled demons.  In mythology, the Gorgons were a class of monstrous female creatures to whom Medusa belonged; some myths indicate Medusa alone had snakes for hair, while others state that all Gorgons except Medusa were immortal (a coincidental match with Magda's immortality, which I had not conceived of at this point).

[ We pan between DREK and ZIN. ]

Drek Zin

ZIN (cont'd):
I'll bet she wants this planet for herself.

Apparently Magda's lineage is equated with the conquering of worlds.

[ Switch to US footage - SASHA appears confused. ]

I...  I don't know what you're talking about.  Who are you?

[ DILLIK materializes from greenish-silver streaks.  He stands defensively in front of SASHA.  He is wearing his clear helmet. ]

Don't worry, your majesty.  I won't let them hurt you.

Dillik no longer has Strife, but that doesn't stop him from coming to "Sasha's" rescue.  Of course, Dillik seems unduly eager to regard this as actually being Sasha, though she is only a clone.

[ SASHA disgustedly shoves DILLIK aside. ]

I don't need your help, worm!

Sasha likewise called Dillik a worm when she first saw him in episode 11.

[ DILLIK stumbles some distance away (toward the left).  Regaining his footing, he looks back at Sasha, pained. ]

DILLIK (pitifully):
Your majesty...

[ SASHA stands her ground defiantly. ]

SASHA (cont'd):
Look, you gargoyles, I don't know who any of you are.  Or even who I am, for that matter.

[ Switch to Jetman #31 - ZIN points to the left, and then to the right.  He then clenches his fist and gestures with his arm.  Finally, he reaches over to Drek (off-screen). ]

Zin speaks Zin speaks Zin speaks Zin speaks Zin reaches

He knows... even if you don't.  You're a member of the House of Gorgon, and your stay on this planet ends... right now!

The term "House of Gorgon" seems to imply familiarity with Magda's lineage as a royal family rather than her species at large.  I leave it up to the audience's imagination to fill in the details of Magda's roots.

[ DREK and ZIN clasp hands, and bluish-green electricity crackles between them.  From their joined hands, they then fire a crackling beam of energy. ]

demon twin powers activate demon twin powers activate demon twin powers activate

[ Switch to US footage - SASHA tries to shield herself, but an explosion erupts around her. ]

[ DILLIK cries out. ]


[ Amidst flames and smoke, SASHA falls into the brush, unconscious. ]

And yet she somehow survived this blast, even in her already weakened form.  She is, however, left in a state whereby a powerful sword slash is able to destroy her, below.

[ Sentai - ZIN and DREK recede into the mist, disappearing (footage reversed from sentai).  Their laughter echoes for some time. ]

demons vanish demons vanish demons vanish

[ DILLIK tears off his helmet, tossing it aside, and scrambles over to SASHA.  He cradles her head in his arms. ]

Gasp!  Allergies!

DILLIK (sobbing):

[ The pink-striped HOVERBIRD hovers above. ]

[ EXT. PARK - Still at the edge of the woods, PINK RANGER suddenly touches the side of her helmet. ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
You guys, I just found Sasha!  ... And there's some weird guy with her.

The Rangers have never seen Dillik; only Luke has heard his voice (episode 10); Mrs. Patterson might have described him in limited detail after her abduction (episode 8), but it doesn't appear to have stuck.

[ BLUE RANGER touches hers as well. ]

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):
I've got something at the quarry.  It's... two more monsters!

[ YELLOW RANGER lolls his head as if rolling his eyes. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
Oh great, it's gonna be one of THOSE days...

The Rangers fought multiple monsters in episodes 21-22 and 25.  Further, this is still the same day that the Rangers fought Infernis (episode 29)!

LUKE (Red Ranger):
We'd better split up.

[ EXT. WOODS - In DILLIK's arms, SASHA weakly opens her eyes and looks up at him. ]

I... I remember you...

[ DILLIK's eyes light up joyfully. ]

Y-- You do...?

Dillik seems to expect that if he can just get through to Sasha, she'll remeber their good times together and want to partner with him again.  This is impossible, however.

You're the one who said...

[ SASHA fiercely grasps DILLIK by the throat. ]

SASHA (cont'd):
"Get it out of here.  It's hideous."

Dillik's earlier response upon seeing Sashaga in the space station doesn't seem to have gone over so well.  So much for Dillik's wishful thinking.

[ SASHA rises, nearly lifting DILLIK into the air by the neck.  He claws at her hand but is unable to free himself. ]

SASHA (cont'd):
You abandoned me on this planet.

[ A gold laser suddenly strikes SASHA in the back with a burst of sparks, causing her to drop DILLIK.  He gasps for air as SASHA twirls to find the BLACK and PINK RANGERS nearby, PINK wielding her SKY BLASTER. ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
Let him go, Sasha.

[ SASHA turns and advances aggressively toward PINK and BLACK. ]

Well, would you look at this...  Everyone wants a piece of me!  Well, come on then!

[ With a white gleam, SASHA summons Kora's sword (see episode 26) and charges.  BLACK counters with his TALON SWORD as PINK holsters her blaster and unsheathes her sword as well. ]

[ Nearby, DILLIK watches anxiously. ]

[ BLACK and PINK deftly battle SASHA in a three-way sword fight. ]

Sasha also fought Chris and Casey in episode 20; in that fight, they succeeded in knocking the Star Handle from her hand, leaving her relatively powerless.

[ EXT. QUARRY (Jetman #31) - As RED RANGER leaps for a TALON SWORD strike, YELLOW and BLUE flip behind him.  (Note that all further sentai is from Jetman #31 unless otherwise specified.) ]


In the sentai, Black and White were busy horseback riding, as White was now smitten with Black after his self-sacrifice in Ramon and Gorg's cave.  This relationship was ill-fated, however, as Black would eventually find he didn't fit in with White's high-class family.  Let this be a lesson, kids: stay away from people outside of your social class.

[ RED slashes ZIN a total of three times, each blow causing a burst of sparks but otherwise failing to faze ZIN in any measurable way. ]

Red Ranger vs. Zin Red Ranger vs. Zin Red Ranger vs. Zin

[ RED lunges with a stab, but ZIN blocks the strike and grasps RED RANGER by the neck and hurls him into the air.  RED lands with a mighty splash in a large puddle.  ZIN then rears back and delivers a karate chop to RED's TALON SWORD, snapping the blade in half. ]

Red Ranger vs. Zin Red Ranger vs. Zin Red Ranger vs. Zin Red Ranger vs. Zin Red Ranger vs. Zin Red Ranger vs. Zin Red Ranger vs. Zin Red Ranger vs. Zin Red Ranger vs. Zin Red Ranger vs. Zin Red Ranger vs. Zin

I cut Ramon's (Zin's) strangling of Red a bit short.  I wasn't fond of stranglings, as I found them a bit too imitable.

This is the first time a Talon Sword has been broken, but it won't be the last.  (Good thing Project Phoenix is around now!)

[ Nearby, the BLUE and YELLOW RANGERS ready their BATTLIZERS.  They are then shown delivering simultaneous flying punches (shown twice). ]

Battlizers Battlizers Battlizers Battlizers flying Battlizer punches flying Battlizer punches

[ The BATTLIZER punches strike DREK's chest with virtually no effect, and the two RANGERS fly back. ]

Battlizers ineffective so much for that

[ Across the puddle, YELLOW and BLUE land as RED RANGER joins them.  We zoom out to see ZIN and DREK gathering in the foreground as the RANGERS recover. ]

so much for that so much for that so much for that

[ ZIN readies his arms.  In his hands appear two curved tusks, which he then throws. ]

Zin's tusk attack Zin's tusk attack Zin's tusk attack Zin's tusk attack Zin's tusk attack Zin's tusk attack

Unusual power, but it's a demon, so I figured what the heck?

[ The tusks fly through the air (shown twice). ]

Zin's tusk attack Zin's tusk attack

[ A barrage of numerous tusks strikes the three RANGERS, causing a series of spark bursts. ]

Zin's tusk attack Zin's tusk attack

[ DREK leaps into the air.  While performing a somersault in midair, he transforms into a gleaming red fireball which then flies down. ]

Drek's fireball attack Drek's fireball attack Drek's fireball attack Drek's fireball attack Drek's fireball attack

Turning into a fireball... now that's a power.  Just ask the Galaxy Rangers (Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, 1999).

[ The fireball streaks past the three RANGERS, flinging them aside amidst bursts of sparks. ]

Drek's fireball attack Drek's fireball attack Drek's fireball attack

[ Smoking, RED RANGER rolls across the ground and weakly calls into his left wrist. ]

Red calls for help Red calls for help Red calls for help Red calls for help

LUKE (Red Ranger):
(groans)  Any chance you guys could lend us a hand?

[ EXT. WOODS - BLACK and PINK continue to battle SASHA.  BLACK tries to reply into his left wrist, but SASHA slashes him, and he sprays sparks and rolls aside. ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
We've kinda got our hands full over here, d-- (slashed)


[ PINK looks down at BLACK, then back at SASHA with intensity. ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
Chris!  (looks at Sasha)

[ In slow motion, PINK RANGER performs a mighty swing, shattering SASHA's sword as she tries to block. ]

Once a damsel in distress around Chris, Casey now returns the favor by coming to his rescue.

[ Still in slow motion, PINK then spins once and returns with a glowing pink sword strike across SASHA's midsection.  SASHA reels back.  PINK follows with a vertical chop, likewise glowing pink.  A pink trail of energy slices down SASHA's center. ]

[ The fallen BLACK RANGER looks on alertly. ]

[ DILLIK looks on as well, somewhat horrified. ]

[ In slow motion, SASHA staggers back several steps.  She then finally falls and explodes in a large fireball. ]

If Sasha (or a Sasha lookalike) had to perish in combat, for some reason it felt more acceptable for a female Ranger to be the one to do it.

As far as Chris and Casey are aware, they've just destroyed Sasha following her return from Illam; they were not privy to her melting by Trask or her resurrection as a clone.  They don't seem especially moved by the accomplishment, however.

Why doesn't Sashaga grow here?  It probably has something to do with her alien nature, or her human form.  I didn't have a specific answer in mind, though.

[ DILLIK shields his eyes as he's pelted with dirt and other forest debris. ]

I enjoyed adding little touches, like the dirt and debris pelting Dillik.

[ As flames burn nearby, BLACK RANGER rises, and both sheathe their TALON SWORDS and approach DILLIK.  He scrambles back, frightened. ]

L-- leave me alone!  (coughs)

[ BLACK RANGER picks up Dillik's discarded helmet and tries to hand it to him. ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
Hey, it's okay, man.

Chris and Casey knew Sasha was a villain, and that she was attacking this unidentified alien.  They didn't figure he would be so horrified by Sasha's defeat.

[ DILLIK continues to back away from the duo. ]

No!  It's never going to be okay!  (sniffles, wipes his nose on his sleeve, then points threateningly)  I'll see that you two are the first ones I destroy when my project's done!  Until then...


Dillik alludes to his Battlezord project, which eventually becomes the Gigazord project.  The project will engross him for days to come, until his encounter with Dr. Bering aboard the space station (episode 32).

[ DILLIK produces his COMMUNICATOR (see episode 27).  He presses a button and vanishes with greenish-silver vertical streaks. ]

The communicator was a plot device for episode 27, but I've found further use for it here.

[ BLACK and PINK look at each other in puzzlement as BLACK continues to hold the clear helmet. ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
Do you think that was Dillik?

[ EXT. QUARRY (sentai) - The PHOENIX CANNON descends to the three waiting RANGERS.  Some distance away, ZIN and DREK approach. ]

Rangers receive Phoenix Cannon Rangers receive Phoenix Cannon Rangers receive Phoenix Cannon Zin and Drek approach Zin and Drek approach Zin and Drek approach

The above shot of the three Rangers holding the Phoenix Cannon was previously used in episode 12 to replace a shot of Red Ranger alone with the cannon.

[ RED RANGER pumps his fist and presses the trigger button. ]

Red Ranger fires Red Ranger fires

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Phoenix Cannon, fire!

[ The fiery blast spirals toward ZIN and DREK, but they easily reflect it back at the RANGERS, causing massive, fiery explosions to erupt around them. ]

phoenix blast reflected phoenix blast reflected phoenix blast reflected phoenix blast reflected phoenix blast reflected phoenix blast reflected phoenix blast reflected phoenix blast reflected

Would the Rangers have had any more luck firing a five-man blast?  Probably not.  These demons are pretty powerful, and there's two of them.

In the sentai at this point, the three Rangers somehow made it back to the base to lick their wounds; Jetman had a habit of cutting from the Rangers in a terrible predicament to their recovery in the base without indicating how they had escaped.

[ Switch to US footage - Smoking, the three RANGERS land some distance away.  They attempt to pick themselves up. ]

[ The BLACK and PINK RANGERS arrive on the quarry ledge above.  PINK RANGER calls out to the villains below (off-screen). ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
Hey, meat-heads!  You leave our friends alone!

[ Switch to sentai - Both demons are looking up as we zoom in on ZIN, who replies at length.  Finally, ZIN clenches his fist with a flare of blue energy (US effect). ]

Zin's speech Zin's speech Zin's speech Zin's speech Zin's speech Zin's speech

Your struggle is meaningless, Rangers.  This planet is ours!  Now, my brother, I give you my powers!  Grow and crush them!  (blue flare)

This shot was taken from an earlier point in the sentai episode; giant Gorg (Drek) merely appeared out of the blue at a later point while Red was reuniting with his fiancée in the quarry.

[ With a flare of fiery green energy, DREK materializes into giant size.  He then flexes his muscles. ]

Drek grows Drek grows Drek grows Drek grows Drek grows

[ US footage - The BLACK and PINK RANGERS join the others below as they somewhat weakly pick themselves up off the ground.  RED speaks to the others and then calls into his wrist. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
We can do this, guys.  (into wrist) Sky Kestrel!  Skyforce Megazord!

[ EXT. MOUNTAINS - The MEGAZORD lands in the mountains and stands ready. ]

Megazord lands Megazord lands Megazord lands

[ INT. MEGAZORD COCKPIT (sentai) - RED RANGER situates himself, alone in the Megazord cockpit. ]

Red Ranger ready Red Ranger ready

[ EXT. MOUNTAINS - The KESTREL flies in.  It then lands beside the MEGAZORD. ]

Kestrelzord arrives Kestrelzord arrives Kestrelzord arrives

[ INT. KESTREL COCKPIT (US footage) - The four RANGERS man their normal stations, Red's front seat unoccupied. ]

In the sentai, Black and White remained absent even here; it was Blue and Yellow who piloted the Kestrelzord alone.  Even though the cockpits were lopsided, I kept Luke alone in the Megazord cockpit to be able to keep the sentai Megazord cockpit footage.

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
You ready, Luke?

[ INT. MEGAZORD COCKPIT (sentai) - RED turns and gives a thumbs-up. ]

thumbs-up thumbs-up

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Let's do it!

[ INT. KESTREL COCKPIT (US footage) - The four RANGERS present their fists in unison, but a voice from the front controls interrupts them. ]

RANGERS (in unison):
Mega Kestrelzord!

DR. BERING (from controls):
Rangers, wait!  The analysts have detected a dangerous power surge from the log of your last battle!  You can't form the Mega Kestrelzord!

I thought this was an interesting, if frustrating, turn of events so soon after the Rangers' "they don't stand a chance now" combination was just introduced.  In a way, this retroactively makes episode 29 just a sneak peek at the combination before its permanent (re)-introduction in episode 34.

When I wrote this, I didn't yet realize that the back-flow inhibitor, the modification which prevented energy leeching (see episode 28), was the culprit.  This will be revealed in episode 34.

Keep in mind that the Mega Kestrelzord was only formed for the first time earlier that same day!

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
What?!  Are you kidding??

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger):
You guys, something isn't right about this...

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
I know... I'm not buying it.

Their skepticism may be aggravated by the suspicious nature of Dr. Bering's sudden return.  And yet there's actually nothing funny going on here.

[ INT. LAB - LISA leans in to speak into the microphone into which DR. BERING was just speaking. ]

Guys, it's true.  Turnquist just came in and gave us the news.

[ INT. MEGAZORD COCKPIT (US footage) - RED RANGER listens. ]

LISA (from controls, cont'd):
He said you could lose the Zords if you risk it again!

[ INT. KESTREL COCKPIT (US footage) - The four RANGERS look out their viewscreen and amongst each other with apparent concern.  BLACK clenches his fist. ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
So it's true...?  We really can't use the Mega Kestrelzord...?

The Rangers trust Lisa more than Dr. Bering right now.  That may change in the future, however.

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
We'll just have to do it old-school, right, Luke?

I checked newsgroup archives from 1992 to make sure the expression "old-school" was in use back then.  Of course, it was, as it appears to have been in use as early as the 19th century.

[ INT. MEGAZORD COCKPIT (sentai) - RED RANGER confidently clenches his fist. ]

Red Ranger Red Ranger

LUKE (Red Ranger):
No problem!

[ INT. KESTREL COCKPIT (US footage) - BLACK RANGER pumps his fist. ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
All right...  Let's do it!

[ EXT. MOUNTAINS - The KESTREL screeches, and it and the MEGAZORD strike ready poses and advance. ]

Zords to battle Zords to battle Zords to battle

[ DREK charges, his staff in hand. ]

Drek vs. Zords Drek vs. Zords

[ EXT. QUARRY - Below, ZIN steps forward, observing.  We see the titanic battle above as ZIN looks on.  Giant DREK strikes the MEGAZORD twice, the second blow producing a burst of sparks and sending the MEGAZORD reeling. ]

Zin looks on Zin looks on Drek vs. Zords Drek vs. Zords Drek vs. Zords


Zin and Drek probably haven't encountered Zords before.

[ EXT. MOUNTAINS - Its chest smoking, the KESTREL stands ready and then leaps into the air.  It swoops down with a flying punch. ]

Kestrel's flying punch Kestrel's flying punch Kestrel's flying punch Kestrel's flying punch

[ DREK readies his staff and strikes.  The staff hits the KESTREL's chest, propelling it backward. ]

Drek strikes Kestrel Drek strikes Kestrel Drek strikes Kestrel

[ The KESTREL lands on its back.  The MEGAZORD places itself in front of its fallen comrade and then throws its flail weapon. ]

Megazord to the rescue Megazord to the rescue Megazord to the rescue Megazord to the rescue

[ The flail flies through the air, but DREK swats it with his staff, deflecting it back at the MEGAZORD, which is struck squarely in the chest. ]

flail flies Drek swats flail Drek swats flail Megazord's own medicine Megazord's own medicine

[ INT. MEGAZORD COCKPIT (sentai) - Shaken, RED RANGER speaks to the others. ]

stating the obvious

LUKE (Red Ranger):
(grunts)  This guy's tough!

[ INT. KESTREL COCKPIT (US footage) - BLACK RANGER retorts: ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
Yeah, you don't say!

[ EXT. MOUNTAINS - DREK leaps through the air and swings his staff.  Landing, he strikes the KESTREL and then turns with another slash to the MEGAZORD. ]

Drek vs. Zords Drek vs. Zords Drek vs. Zords Drek vs. Zords

At this point in the sentai, Radiguet confronted Red's fiancée in the quarry and turned her back into Maria.

[ DREK then readies his staff and fires two arcs of green energy at the robots.  They erupt in sparks. ]

Drek vs. Zords Drek vs. Zords Drek vs. Zords Drek vs. Zords Drek vs. Zords

[ INT. KESTREL COCKPIT (US footage) - The four RANGERS are shaken. ]

[ INT. MEGAZORD COCKPIT (sentai) - RED RANGER is likewise shaken. ]

Red shaken

[ INT. LAB - LISA anxiously watches the monitor (in which we see sentai from the following scene, if shown) as DR. BERING urgently types a string of commands into a nearby keyboard. ]

He's too strong!

I'm working on it.

[ INT. HANGAR (sentai) - In some sort of holding bay, we see a close-up of the BLUE BATTLEZORD, a humanoid blue warrior Zord, as it snaps to attention, its eyes aglow with red and white energy. ]

Blue Battlezord awakens Blue Battlezord awakens

This shot appeared a bit later in the sentai; the robot then proceeded to smash its way past the girders in front of it (similar to the Red Battlezord in Power Rangers Zeo, 1996).  Incidentally, I chose the Blue Battlezord's name as an homage to the Red Battlezord.

In Jetman, the Zord had just been constructed, whereas in Take Flight it's been in storage for some time, known to few beyond Dr. Bering.

[ EXT. MOUNTAINS - DREK spins the KESTREL above his head as the MEGAZORD looks on anxiously.  DREK then throws the KESTREL. ]

Drek spins Kestrel Drek spins Kestrel Megazord looks on Drek throws Kestrel

[ The KESTREL falls into the MEGAZORD, knocking both of them to the ground. ]

collision collision

[ DREK twirls his staff and blasts both of the fallen robots. ]

blasted blasted blasted blasted

[ INT. KESTREL COCKPIT (US footage) - Sparks erupt around the four RANGERS.  As they recover, Dr. Bering speaks from the controls. ]

DR. BERING (from controls):
Rangers, I'm sending you some help!

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
Help?  What help?

[ EXT. SKY - Its arms extended, the BLUE BATTLEZORD does a barrel roll as it flies through the sky. ]

Blue Battlezord flies in Blue Battlezord flies in Blue Battlezord flies in Blue Battlezord flies in

[ EXT. MOUNTAINS - DREK charges toward the fallen KESTREL and MEGAZORD, his staff poised for a lethal blow. ]

Drek charges Drek charges

[ Elsewhere in the mountains, we see the BATTLEZORD's feet running across the terrain at high speed. ]

Battlezord to the rescue

[ The BATTLEZORD barrels through the mountains at near-comical speed. ]

Battlezord to the rescue Battlezord to the rescue Battlezord to the rescue Battlezord to the rescue

Near-comical indeed.  The Battlezord sure was a silly little thing, but oh well.

[ As DREK prepares to strike the fallen KESTRELZORD, he is suddenly kicked by the BATTLEZORD, sending him flying. ]

Battlezord to the rescue Battlezord to the rescue Battlezord to the rescue

[ DREK crash-lands elsewhere in the mountains.  His staff is lost in the landing. ]

Drek's landing Drek's landing

[ EXT. QUARRY - Still watching, ZIN reacts. ]

Zin reacts

What is this?!

[ EXT. MOUNTAINS - The BATTLEZORD hops from foot to foot like a boxer between rounds.  In the background, the KESTREL and MEGAZORD look up at their rescuer. ]

A few shots here are used out of their sentai order.

Battlezord rescue Battlezord rescue Battlezord rescue

[ INT. MEGAZORD COCKPIT (sentai) - Having been slumped over, RED RANGER rises to attention. ]

Red Ranger reacts Red Ranger reacts

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Wha...?  What is that?

[ INT. KESTREL COCKPIT (US footage) - The four RANGERS look on in apparent astonishment as Dr. Bering's voice explains: ]

DR. BERING (from controls):
Rangers, I give you the Blue Battlezord.

[ EXT. MOUNTAINS - As shown in various angles, the BATTLEZORD continues its antics. ]

Battlezord antics Battlezord antics Battlezord antics Battlezord antics Battlezord antics Battlezord antics

DR. BERING (voice-over, cont'd):
He's an autonomous Zord who excels at close-quarters combat.

The Battlezord is the Rangers' first Zord capable of complex independent combat.

[ INT. KESTREL COCKPIT (US footage) - The four RANGERS appear puzzled. ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
He's our help...?

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
Dude looks like he's had too much coffee.

To my knowledge, none of the sentai Rangers disparaged the Battlezord, but I couldn't resist some sort of comment on its silliness.

[ INT. LAB - DR. BERING replies into the microphone as LISA watches the monitor (which shows the overeager BATTLEZORD). ]

The A.I. is a little... exuberant, I'll give you that.  But you haven't seen anything yet.

[ EXT. MOUNTAINS - The prancing BATTLEZORD readies itself and finally advances. ]

Battlezord to battle Battlezord to battle Battlezord to battle

[ DREK is startled. ]

Drek startled

Huh?  What the--?

[ The hyperactive BATTLEZORD dances in circles around DREK, occasionally punching him in the head and stomach and kicking him in the knee.  The continued circular scampering makes DREK considerably dizzy. ]

Battlezord dance Battlezord dance Battlezord dance Battlezord dance Battlezord dance Battlezord dance Battlezord dance Battlezord dance Battlezord dance Battlezord dance Battlezord dance Battlezord dance Battlezord dance Battlezord dance Battlezord dance Battlezord dance Battlezord dance Battlezord dance Battlezord dance Battlezord dance Battlezord dance Battlezord dance Drek dizzy Drek dizzy Drek dizzy Drek dizzy Drek dizzy Drek dizzy

Among these various attacks, I omitted a backfist to Drek's groin.

[ The BATTLEZORD approaches and pummels DREK with its fists, following with kicks to his shins. ]

Drek pummeled Drek pummeled Drek pummeled Drek pummeled Drek pummeled Drek pummeled Drek pummeled Drek pummeled

If this series were actually produced, some of these fist-to-face blows might be considered too violent to include.  I was less concerned.

[ Finally, the BATTLEZORD lunges with a double-punch, knocking DREK back with a burst of sparks. ]

double punch double punch double punch double punch double punch

[ DREK crashes to the ground nearby.  He rises. ]

Drek lands Drek lands Drek lands Drek lands

Oh, you'll pay for that!

[ The KESTREL and MEGAZORD strike a pose behind the prancing BATTLEZORD. ]

Zord trio Zord trio Zord trio Zord trio

[ INT. LAB - DR. BERING calls into the microphone: ]

Rangers, activate the Quad Cannon!

[ INT. KESTREL COCKPIT (US footage) - BLACK RANGER studies his controls for a moment, as though processing something unseen.  He then presses a sequence of buttons. ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
Quad Cannon it is.  (presses buttons)

Chris is the one to activate the Quad Cannon (even though the cannon will go to Luke's Megazord) because I lacked sufficient footage of Luke studying his controls while alone in the Megazord cockpit.

[ EXT. MOUNTAINS - The BATTLEZORD leaps into the air. ]

Battlezord leaps Battlezord leaps Battlezord leaps

[ EXT. ANYWHERE - Over a black background frequented by blue streaks of light, the BATTLEZORD folds over at the waist.  It then rolls over as two silver barrels formerly embedded in its legs unfold.  Finally, a panel opens to make way for the two additional cannons which were once the robot's arms, and it snaps back into place once all four barrels are in position.  The QUAD CANNON is complete. ]

Battlezord transformation Battlezord transformation Battlezord transformation Battlezord transformation Battlezord transformation Battlezord transformation Quad Cannon Quad Cannon Quad Cannon

DR. BERING (voice-over):
See, the Battlezord also turns into the Quad Cannon... for some serious firepower.

The Quad Cannon will be shown being fired from the shoulders of the Megazord and Kestrelzord in separate instances, but in theory, it could have been fired by the Mega Kestrelzord, or both Zords at once, similar to the variations with which Artillatron's cannons were used in Power Rangers Turbo (1997).

Incidentally, as noted in previous commentary, I wasn't sure how Dillik planned for his own Battlezord's Quad Cannon mode to be fired in battle without a Megazord, but I realized afterward that a giant monster would be a fine candidate to hold it.  The military's solution for this is shown in episode 40.

[ INT. KESTREL COCKPIT (US footage) - BLACK RANGER gives a casual finger salute. ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
Coming your way, Luke.

[ EXT. ANYWHERE - The cannon then descends to the MEGAZORD, which aims the cannon from its shoulder.  We then zoom in on the MEGAZORD's face. ]

Megazord receives Quad Cannon Megazord receives Quad Cannon Megazord receives Quad Cannon Megazord receives Quad Cannon Megazord receives Quad Cannon

[ INT. MEGAZORD COCKPIT (sentai) - RED RANGER gives a straight-fingered salute before pressing a button. ]

Red fires Red fires Red fires

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Quad Cannon, ready!  Fire!

[ EXT. ANYWHERE - The MEGAZORD's eyes glimmer just before the QUAD CANNON's barrels glow with intense blue light.  Simultaneously, four comet-shaped pulses of blue light fire from the cannon. ]

Quad Cannon fires Quad Cannon fires Quad Cannon fires Quad Cannon fires Quad Cannon fires Quad Cannon fires

[ The four pulses fly in formation, electricity crackling between them and forming a point of light in front of them. ]

Quad Cannon blast Quad Cannon blast Quad Cannon blast Quad Cannon blast

[ EXT. MOUNTAINS - We zoom in on an alarmed DREK as streaks of light rush his way. ]

target: Drek target: Drek

[ Over a black background, DREK is struck by the four pulses (shown from various angles).  We fade to white and transition to: ]

Drek's destruction Drek's destruction Drek's destruction Drek's destruction Drek's destruction Drek's destruction Drek's destruction

[ US footage - A large, fiery explosion erupts in the mountains. ]

No actual explosion was shown in the sentai.  I felt the transition was abrupt without it.

[ As flames burn in the foreground, we zoom in on the MEGAZORD as it continues to hold the QUAD CANNON on its shoulder. ]

Megazord triumphant Megazord triumphant Megazord triumphant

[ EXT. QUARRY - Enrapt by the scene above, ZIN clenches his fist and speaks defiantly.  He is then enveloped in expanding blue energy (US effect). ]

Zin vows revenge Zin vows revenge Zin vows revenge (energy not shown)

I will avenge you, brother!  I swear it!

In the sentai, Gorg (Drek) actually survived his defeat, and Ramon (Zin) sought his dying body to absorb his energies (as summarized in the commentary for episode 35).  Here, I've used some editing and stand-ins to show Zin as befalling Drek's fate (destruction), because I wasn't planning to use their combined form until a number of episodes later (see episode 35).

[ INT. KESTREL COCKPIT (US footage) - The RANGERS are briefly elated until something to their right distracts them. ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
All right!

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
Nice shot, man!

MAGGIE (Blue Ranger, pointing):
Watch it!  Here comes the other one!

I had no footage of Ramon (Zin) in giant form, so I had to imply it through dialog.  Cheap, but I had no other option.

[ INT. MEGAZORD COCKPIT (US footage) - RED RANGER presses a button sequence. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Here, you guys take this one.

[ EXT. ANYWHERE - The QUAD CANNON flies up from the MEGAZORD's shoulder (footage reversed from sentai). ]

Quad Cannon ascends Quad Cannon ascends

[ Jetman #39 - The QUAD CANNON then descends to the KESTRELZORD.  We zoom in on the KESTREL's head. ]

Kestrelzord receives Quad Cannon Kestrelzord receives Quad Cannon Kestrelzord receives Quad Cannon Kestrelzord with Quad Cannon Kestrelzord with Quad Cannon Kestrelzord with Quad Cannon

Just for variety, I pulled footage of the Kestrel firing the Quad Cannon from a different sentai episode.  (There weren't many instances to choose from, however, as the Quad Cannon was only used four times in Jetman, and never after Jetman #41.)

Quad Cannon userSourceVictims
MegazordJetmanDrek, Smog Rat
Take FlightDrek (30), Smog Rat (31)
KestrelzordJetmanArtillacat, Brimstone
Take FlightZin (30), Zephyros (31), space station forcefield (32)

[ INT. KESTREL COCKPIT (US footage) - BLACK RANGER repeats Red's previous gesture and presses a button. ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
Quad Cannon, fire!

[ EXT. ANYWHERE (Jetman #39) - The KESTREL's eyes pulse red, and the QUAD CANNON fires.  The four pulses once again fly in formation. ]

Quad Cannon fires Quad Cannon fires Quad Cannon fires Quad Cannon fires Quad Cannon fires Quad Cannon fires Quad Cannon fires Quad Cannon blast Quad Cannon blast Quad Cannon blast Quad Cannon blast

[ A silhouette of ZIN is struck and dissolved by the blinding white light.  (Note that this monster is a stand-in for Zin; its silhouette may be modified to more closely resemble Zin if desired.) ]

Zin destroyed Zin destroyed Zin destroyed Zin destroyed Zin destroyed Zin destroyed

I used Artillacat from Jetman #39 as a stand-in for Zin because of his approximate body shape.  Some modification of his silhouette would make him match Zin even more closely, though.  Incidentally, I considered the Quad Cannon a boon for my series, because its victims could be shown as animated silhouettes which didn't require sentai footage.

[ EXT. MOUNTAINS (US footage) - We witness a second explosion. ]

[ INT. LAB - DR. BERING sighs with relief.  LISA pumps her fist triumphantly. ]


[ EXT. QUARRY EDGE - TRASK emerges from woods at the edge of the quarry, a darkness dome around him.  In his hand is a small black box (similar to the one seen in episodes 6 and 8), which he opens. ]

[ In the box, we see the four colored gems (see episodes 28 and 29), each charred and dull.  The formerly green and blue gems are still smoking slightly. ]

By this point, I knew I wanted Zin and Drek to return in the form of Zindrek in a later episode, but I don't recall at what point I thought of ideas for revisiting Infernis and Gog.

[ TRASK snaps the box shut and vanishes with a ripple effect.  The darkness dome vanishes. ]

[ Break. ]

[ INT. SPACE STATION, DILLIK'S QUARTERS - DILLIK sits on his web-bed, absently turning the STAR HANDLE over in his hands. ]

Trask gave Dillik the Star Handle after destroying Sasha in episode 27.  It will play an important role in episode 32.

[ The door slides open, and MAINFRAME urgently advances a step to enter. ]

MAINFRAME (anxiously):
Dillik!  Did you see?

[ Caught off-guard, DILLIK quickly stows the STAR HANDLE in his hidden wall panel (see episode 6). ]

W-- What is it?

The Battlezord!  The Rangers already have it!

[ DILLIK furrows his brow in incomprehension. ]

That--  That can't be right...

I'm telling you, I saw it with my own circuits!  It came out of nowhere and destroyed the last of Trask's demons!

In retrospect, it occurs to me that the phrase "saw it with my own circuits" unduly minimizes Mainframe's biological aspects, without which he would be unable to see or hear Trask.

[ DILLIK stares ahead blankly.  Finally, he throws up his hands in exasperation. ]

Well NOW what are we going to do with all those robot parts??

Dillik and Mainframe's Zord project is revealed: they were in the middle of constructing the Battlezord from plans found aboard the space station.

[ MAINFRAME shrinks timidly. ]

I don't know...

[ DILLIK sighs and waves him away. ]

Don't worry about it.  I'll think of something.

The unfinished Battlezord will become the Gigazord (see episode 39).

[ MAINFRAME bows slightly and exits.  The door shuts behind him. ]

[ DILLIK ponders with a fiery intensity. ]

[ INT. LAB - DR. BERING and LISA stand smiling as the five helmetless RANGERS enter the lab.  LUKE tosses his broken TALON SWORD onto a table. ]

PETE (amusedly):
All right...  What the heck was that thing?

It's the Blue Battlezord, silly.

Yeah, but where'd it come from?  Why haven't we ever heard of it before?

[ SPECIAL AGENT TURNQUIST enters behind them, his arms crossed and his eyes narrowed somewhat suspiciously. ]

I'd like to know that myself.

CHRIS (to Turnquist):
You mean this wasn't another one of your secrets?

Actually, the Sky Flyers and the Battlezord were all constructed here on Earth, but by separate firms.  Neither knew of the other's existence, and few in the government were told of either.  (to Turnquist, with a chuckle)  If the Flyers hadn't been made public when the Rangers showed up, you probably wouldn't have known about THEM either, Jon.

PETE (to Turnquist):
Wow, so you weren't kidding...  They keep you in the dark too, huh?

In response to the Rangers' indignation over the Mega Kestrelzord being kept a secret in episode 29, Turnquist mentioned there were some weapons even he didn't know about.

[ SPECIAL AGENT TURNQUIST raises his eyebrow as he gives PETE a sideways glance. ]

LUKE (to Dr. Bering):
Well, in any case, we're glad to have it.


So, what exactly happened with the Mega Kestrelzord?

Yeah, what's this about a power surge?  It worked fine when we used it earlier.

[ DR. BERING gestures for SPECIAL AGENT TURNQUIST to speak.  The RANGERS look at him expectantly, PETE crossing his arms. ]

[ SPECIAL AGENT TURNQUIST shows his palms innocently. ]

Hey, it wasn't my call.  I just pass along orders.

Oh yeah?  Whose orders?

[ An older male voice emanates from behind SPECIAL AGENT TURNQUIST and the RANGERS, who step aside to reveal GENERAL TAGGART.  He is a gruff-looking man in his late fifties.  He wears a general's uniform and a wedding band. ]

GENERAL TAGGART (initially unseen):
Mine.  (revealed)

General Taggart might remind some viewers of General McKnight from the Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue episode "Cyborg Rangers"; though McKnight wasn't a recurring character, he did make a lasting impression on some fans due to his apparent involvement behind the scenes of Lightspeed Rescue.

[ DR. BERING speaks, surprised. ]

General Taggart...

[ The RANGERS appear confused. ]


Curiously, despite their affiliation with Project Phoenix, the Rangers haven't yet been told about General Taggart.  (Turnquist mentioned a director in episode 26, but not by name.)

The founder of Project Jetman.

And now Project Phoenix.

GENERAL TAGGART (with a nod):

[ Cut to black. ]