Episode 33: "Echoes of the Past"

Writer:  Joe Rovang

[ Sentai footage is from Jetman #33 unless otherwise noted. ]

DR. BERING (voice-over):
Previously on Power Rangers Take Flight:

[ Fade in to INT. LISA'S APARTMENT - In Lisa's living room, LISA and LUKE sit together on the floor packing the remnants of Lisa's belongings into cardboard boxes.  They are in fine spirits. ]

[ LUKE pauses to look at a photo of MELODY and GLENN.  MELODY is a woman in her late thirties who seems to have aged harshly.  GLENN is a slightly younger man with a rough appearance.  Both are dressed in casual clothes in front of a 1980s' sports car.  Neither wears a wedding ring. ]

Who's this with your mom?

Oh, that's Glenn, her new boyfriend.

[ LUKE looks again. ]

Oh.  How is he?

He's okay, I guess.

[ LUKE packs the photo away in his box.  He then grows more serious. ]

So you're sure you want to move to the space station?

LISA (with a smirk):
Well, it's a little late now.  I already gave my two weeks' notice at work and told Mr. Little I'm moving out.  (scratches her head while thinking) Of course, I still have to find a new tenant or I have to pay a penalty for breaking my lease early...  (shrugs)  But yeah, I'm sure.  I think it'll be fun.

Right.  (pauses)  It's just... I feel bad that you'll be up there alone...

LISA (with a smile):
Silly...  I won't be alone.  Dr. Bering's up there, and a whole maintenance crew.

No, I mean with the rest of us staying down here.

[ LISA crawls over to him. ]

Well, I guess you'll just have to come up and see me every now and then, huh?

[ They kiss lightly on the lips, and LUKE smiles in return. ]

[ EXT. MELODY'S HOUSE - We see a modest, slightly run-down home with a tiny yard.  MELODY stands at the screen door in casual clothes.  Dogs are perpetually barking in the distance. ]

[ In front of the house is a blue compact car, not in pristine condition (and no newer than 1990).  LISA is unloading one of several cardboard boxes from the car. ]

Thanks for letting me keep this here, Ma.

[ INT. MELODY'S LIVING ROOM - In a cramped living room filled with eclectic furniture and decor (including numerous ashtrays), MELODY follows LISA into the house as LISA continues to carry the box. ]

LISA (cont'd):
Oh, hey, is it okay if I have my mail sent here for a while?

[ MELODY appears suspicious. ]

Who'd you say you're staying with?

[ LISA answers while putting her box down in another room. ]

Just some friends, Ma.  Hey, does Glenn need an apartment?

No, he's staying with his brother.  You know, I don't like this.  You're just giving up a good apartment, a good job...

[ LISA returns to the living room. ]

I'll be fine.

Are you doing drugs?

[ LISA rolls her eyes. ]

Ma, I'm not doing drugs.

You know what happened to that Watson girl!  Those drugs ruined her life!

[ LISA continues back outside. ]

Ma, I'm not doing drugs!

[ EXT. MELODY'S HOUSE - MELODY follows LISA outside again as LISA fetches another box from her car. ]

Well, what is it?  Why would you just give up a good job and a good apartment to live with a group of people?  Is it a cult?  You're in a cult, aren't you?  Did somebody brainwash you?

[ LISA shouts back while taking the box inside. ]


[ INT. MELODY'S LIVING ROOM - LISA enters with MELODY still in tow. ]

I just don't understand why you won't tell me anything about these friends!  You can't even give me a phone number?  What's wrong with these people?

[ LISA growls under her breath and puts the box down in the middle of the floor.  She then takes a breath and turns around. ]

All right, Ma.  I'm a Power Ranger, okay?

[ MELODY blinks in surprise but then frowns. ]

Don't you sass your mother.

LISA (defeated):
I'm serious.  I'm the Blue Ranger.  I fight monsters and fly giant robots, and I'm gonna go live in a space station and keep an eye on the planet so you and everybody else are safe.

[ MELODY blinks again, speechless.  She eventually cocks her head skeptically. ]

You're putting me on...

LISA (exhaustedly):
No, Ma, I'm not.

[ MELODY seems to be coming to terms with the information. ]

My daughter's a... Power Ranger...?

[ Break. ]

[ EXT. OLD HOUSE - GLENN opens the front door of an aging house to find MELODY at his doorstep.  (MELODY is wearing the same clothes as seen previously.)  He is shirtless and well-built, with a T-shirt draped over his shoulder.  His body is adorned with various tattoos.  Seeming surprised to see MELODY, he slips out the door, closing it behind him. ]

Melody...  What are you doing here?

[ MELODY seems giddy, barely able to restrain herself. ]

Have I got news for you.  You aren't gonna believe it.

[ GLENN waits. ]

MELODY (cont'd):
You heard of the Power Rangers, right?

What, you think I don't got a TV over here?

Hey, don't get smart.  (coyly) You don't wanna aggravate someone whose daughter is the Blue Power Ranger, do you?

[ GLENN stares at her blankly, as if in disbelief. ]

What did you say?

Do I gotta send you a postcard?  I said, my daughter's a Power Ranger!

[ His head seemingly swirling with ideas, GLENN quickly escorts her off the porch. ]

Oh, we gotta talk about this...!

[ As GLENN and MELODY depart out of frame, we pan over to a nearby open window.  Inside, absently counting a wad of cash, stands JAKE, a more slender version of Glenn.  He smoothly looks up from his money to watch the couple departing (off-screen). ]

[ Dissolve to EXT. SPACE STATION - We see an establishment shot of the space station, which is missing a modest chunk out of its side where the explosion took place in the previous episode; this will be its state when shown, until noted otherwise.  Also from this point on, no ships are seen docked to the station unless otherwise noted. ]

DR. BERING (voice-over):
It's a shame, really.

[ INT. SPACE STATION, ENGINE ROOM - DR. BERING and LISA stand near the doorway of the engine room as technicians sweep up small pieces of mechanical debris (see episode 17).  DR. BERING is wearing her original outfit (see episode 1) with the addition of a thin silver wristband, while LISA wears her black uniform (see episode 23).  (The technicians wear uniforms like those seen in episode 1, but no current worker in this episode or later should have been seen aboard the space station in episode 1.) ]

DR. BERING (cont'd):
That wormhole generator was one of a kind.

You can't build another one?

[ DR. BERING furtively pulls LISA into the hallway. ]

[ INT. SPACE STATION CORRIDOR - Outside the engine room, DR. BERING makes sure they're alone before replying to LISA. ]

DR. BERING (quietly):
Truth be told, the military salvaged some of its core components from the remains of an alien spaceship.

An alien spaceship?

A four thousand year-old spaceship, actually.  Some of the space station's technology came from that ship, too.

LISA (awestruck):
Wow.  (considers)  So is that where the Power Ranger technology came from?

DR. BERING (with a chuckle):
No, actually, that was revealed by a wise being in another dimension.  General Taggart used the wormhole generator to contact him, and he shared the secrets of the Ranger technology.

But... who was he?

All we know is a name.  Zordon.  (pauses)  Zordon of Eltar.

[ INT. DARK LAIR - As TRASK walks up, MAINFRAME stands proudly by a large apparatus vaguely resembling the biomass refiner from Dillik's lab.  Numerous canisters of biomass rest on the misty floor nearby. ]

Well, it's finished!  I think these biomass monsters will turn out even better this time.  This refiner's top-notch!

Can it make Nobodies?

[ MAINFRAME is discouraged. ]

Well, no...  You didn't ask for that!

No matter.

[ TRASK casually scoops a biomass canister off the ground and tosses it to MAINFRAME with one hand. ]

TRASK (cont'd):
Get to work.

[ MAINFRAME awkwardly catches it with a grunt.  He glares as TRASK walks away. ]

[ INT. STONE CHAMBER - TRASK enters a misty-floored stone chamber, where an upside-down staircase leads into a black void above.  In the center of the room stands the cryogenic container holding KORA (see episode 26). ]

[ TRASK looks upon the container for a moment and then exits. ]

[ INT. SPACE STATION COMMAND - DR. BERING and LISA stand at the command center's wall console as DR. BERING shows LISA the controls.  Behind them, a makeshift round table (to be compared with sentai in a later scene) stands in the center of the room where the central console once stood. ]

... And then you'd press Destination, Alerts, 1, and Send.

And that's whatever's triggering the primary alert.


Okay.  And what if --

[ LISA is interrupted by an alert tone, followed by OFFICER1's appearance in one of the small wall monitors. ]

OFFICER1 (from monitor):
Dr. Bering, we're picking up a monster downtown.

[ From another portion of the wall console comes PETE's voice. ]

PETE (from console):
Hey, are you guys getting this?  Some kind of... cockroach monster.  Looks like Trask's still in the monster business.

[ DR. BERING nods to LISA.  LISA presses a button and replies into the air: ]

Copy, Pete.  Do you need a lift?

PETE (from console):
Nah, we're almost there.

All right, I'll meet you there.  Over.

[ DR. BERING watches patiently as LISA presses a series of buttons, ending with the sequence Dr. Bering showed her. ]

LISA (pluckily):
Here goes nothing!  (presses final button)

[ Just as she completes the sequence, LISA teleports with blue vertical streaks and is gone. ]

[ Now alone, DR. BERING mans the wall controls. ]

[ EXT. INDUSTRIAL AREA (sentai) - RED RANGER leaps for a flying punch. ]

Red's flying punch

[ GLUESTREAK, a cockroach monster with tubes on his head and a spray can on his wrist, leaps as well. ]

Gluestreak leaps

[ GLUESTREAK and RED pass in mid-air, with GLUESTREAK striking RED's chest.  He sparks, falls, and rolls across the ground. ]

Red struck Red struck Red struck Red struck

[ GLUESTREAK lands and turns.  He speaks with a chattering, insectoid voice.  Something above then gets his attention. ]

Gluestreak turns Gluestreak turns Gluestreak turns

Nice try, Red Ranger, but -- (looks up)

[ BLACK RANGER flies down to perform a leaping TALON SWORD strike. ]

Black Ranger's leaping strike

[ As BLACK lands, GLUESTREAK streaks out of the way in a black blur.  BLACK RANGER turns to strike again, but the monster streaks to a third spot.  BLACK swings yet again, but GLUESTREAK streaks back near his original position.  BLACK RANGER makes a final attempt, but GLUESTREAK swats his blade aside and slashes him to the ground. ]

untouchable untouchable untouchable untouchable untouchable untouchable untouchable untouchable untouchable untouchable untouchable

What's this?  (dodges)  Oh, another friend!  (dodges)  Oops, I'm over here!  (dodges)  Oh, try again!  (swats Black Ranger)  Not good enough!

[ The BLUE, YELLOW, and PINK RANGERS take turns attacking with their swords, but GLUESTREAK repels each of them, finally knocking PINK RANGER to the ground. ]

untouchable untouchable untouchable untouchable untouchable

[ Recovering her footing, PINK RANGER draws her SKY BLASTER. ]

Pink recovers Pink recovers Sky Blasters Sky Blasters

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
Guys, try the Sky Blasters!

[ BLUE and YELLOW draw theirs as well. ]

Sky Blasters Sky Blasters

[ From their respective positions, the PINK, YELLOW, and BLUE RANGERS open fire on GLUESTREAK, but he rolls aside.  They continue firing after him, but he quickly scampers away on all fours as sparks ineffectively erupt around him. ]

untouchable untouchable untouchable untouchable untouchable untouchable

[ GLUESTREAK then leaps into the air and rebounds off a metal structure above.  He flies between the three RANGERS, knocking them back with a flash of sparks. ]

untouchable untouchable Gluestreak's leap Gluestreak's leap Gluestreak's leap Gluestreak's leap Gluestreak's leap Gluestreak's leap

[ GLUESTREAK scampers around at high speed, chattering as he goes.  He briefly pauses to taste a nearby girder but then continues on his way.  Finally, he begins to climb another girder. ]

Gluestreak scampers Gluestreak scampers Gluestreak scampers Gluestreak scampers Gluestreak scampers Gluestreak scampers Gluestreak climbs a girder Gluestreak climbs a girder

GLUESTREAK (speedily):
You can't catch me!  I'm Gluestreak, the fastest monster on six legs!  Er, four legs!  Two legs?  How many legs do I have?  (tastes girder)  Hey, what's this?  Yuck!  (climbs)  Hey, you got any food up here?  (hums)

[ Nearby, RED RANGER looks on. ]

Red Ranger looks on Red Ranger looks on

LUKE (Red Ranger):
This guy's nuts...

[ While climbing, GLUESTREAK pauses to make a declaration. ]

Gluestreak pauses Gluestreak pauses

I almost feel bad for those slowpokes...

[ RED RANGER draws his SKY BLASTER and fires upward as the others join him. ]

Red fires Red fires Red fires

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Sky Blaster, fire!  (fires)

[ GLUESTREAK erupts in sparks and plummets backward off the tower. ]

Gluestreak falls Gluestreak falls

[ GLUESTREAK lands with a thud on his back, flailing his limbs. ]

Gluestreak lands Gluestreak falls

Arrgh, you got me!

[ RED RANGER holsters his blaster and calls into his wrist. ]

Red calls Red calls Red calls

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Let's finish him off in a hurry!  Now, Phoenix Cannon!

[ EXT. ROCKY TERRAIN (Jetman #25, brightness enhanced from sentai) - The PHOENIX ROVER races across rocky terrain. ]

Phoenix Rover

[ EXT. INDUSTRIAL AREA (sentai) - GLUESTREAK hops onto his feet. ]

Gluestreak hops up Gluestreak hops up

What's this?

[ US footage - The RANGERS look back at the monster (off-screen). ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):

[ From a yellow tube now extended from his mouth, GLUESTREAK shoots a viscous white liquid. ]

Gluestreak spews goo

[ The liquid splashes across the front and turbine of the PHOENIX ROVER.  (Though the images are originally shaking slightly, a US effect, it quickly stops as the sound of the Rover's motor grinds to a halt.) ]

Phoenix Rover gets glued Phoenix Rover gets glued Phoenix Rover gets glued

[ More liquid splashes near the front tire of the ROVER, which is now stationary. ]

Phoenix Rover gets glued

[ The PHOENIX ROVER is shown covered in white strands of a glue-like material.  The ROVER revs and tries to turn its wheels with no effect. ]

Phoenix Rover stuck Phoenix Rover stuck

GLUESTREAK (off-screen):
(laughs)  Looks like I put the brakes on your little toy!

[ The RANGERS react to the sight.  PINK RANGER speaks to RED, and all look to the monster (off-screen) when he issues a distant, high-pitched laugh.  Some of the RANGERS grunt in response. ]

Rangers react Rangers react Rangers react

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
Oh no!  It's really stuck tight!

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Yeah...  (Gluestreak laughs, Rangers look)

[ BLACK RANGER grabs RED's shoulder and speaks to him.  RED RANGER nods. ]

Rangers react Rangers react Rangers react Rangers react

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
We'll have to try the Enforcers!

LUKE (Red Ranger):

[ RED RANGER assembles his SKY ENFORCER. ]

Red Ranger assembles Sky Enforcer Red Ranger assembles Sky Enforcer

[ The five RANGERS ready their ENFORCERS. ]

Rangers ready Enforcers Rangers ready Enforcers

LUKE (Red Ranger):

[ The RANGERS fire their beams, forming the gravity ball. ]

Enforcers fire Enforcers fire Enforcers fire

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Fire!  (Rangers fire)

[ Apparently blasted, GLUESTREAK erupts in a large spark explosion and falls back. ]

Gluestreak down Gluestreak down Gluestreak down

[ The RANGERS react, YELLOW RANGER particularly cheery. ]

celebrate good times celebrate good times

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
All right!

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
(whoops)  It worked!

LUKE (Red Ranger):

[ GLUESTREAK rises from the flames. ]

Gluestreak rises Gluestreak rises Gluestreak rises

Don't worry, I'm okay!  Just wanted to give this vest a try!

[ The RANGERS startle.  YELLOW RANGER staggers forward in disbelief. ]

Rangers startle

LUKE (Red Ranger):
He's still alive!

[ GLUESTREAK extends his arm with a flourish.  The spray can on his wrist sprays a stream of fire. ]

flame on flame on flame on

Now it's your turn!  (sprays fire)

[ Blown with flames, the RANGERS spark and fall back. ]

Ranger roast Ranger roast Ranger roast

[ GLUESTREAK hops for joy and quickly dashes off in a zig-zag pattern. ]

Gluestreak departs Gluestreak departs Gluestreak departs Gluestreak departs

Bye!  (dashes off while singing to himself)

[ Switch to US footage - The smoking RANGERS rise. ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
The Enforcers didn't do anything!  What are we gonna do now?

[ RED RANGER has no response. ]

[ EXT. SPACE STATION - Establishment shot. ]

[ INT. SPACE STATION COMMAND - The helmetless RANGERS wait in the command center with dour expressions until DR. BERING enters.  She appears frustrated. ]

Well, the Phoenix Rover has glue all in its wheels and turbine...  Would you please take better care of your things?  I just replaced your Sky Blasters and a Talon Sword, and I've still got a Hawk gyro to fix, a new Phoenix Blade to finish tempering, and I still don't know what the heck's going on with the Mega Kestrelzord...

CASEY (remorsefully):
We're sorry.

[ DR. BERING takes a breath and calms herself. ]

No...  It's okay.  But the Phoenix Cannon won't be online for a while.

So... what do we do?

Yeah, he just shrugged off the Enforcers, even with their power boost.

Should we try the Battlizers?

We can't even get close to him.

CHRIS (to Luke):
What about that idea you had about combining the Battlizer Beams with the Enforcers?

Hmm...  It's worth a try.  ...if we can hit him.

[ DR. BERING appears distracted.  She then abruptly exits. ]

Hang on a second.  (exits)

[ The RANGERS exchange puzzled glances. ]

[ INT. SPACE STATION, STORAGE ROOM - The door of a storage room opens to reveal DR. BERING outside.  She enters. ]

[ DR. BERING crouches and digs through various storage containers until finally coming across a hefty, unmarked black case.  She presses her thumb to a small plate on the case, and it opens, revealing a silver suitcase bearing a red Jetman emblem (compare with sentai).  DR. BERING smiles with relief. ]

They're still here.

[ INT. SPACE STATION COMMAND - On the round table in the center of the command center is the silver case (composite from sentai), which DR. BERING opens.  Within we see the five ECHO BLASTERS, identical red and silver blaster weapons bearing the word "Jetman" across the side.  We zoom in slowly before panning up to DR. BERING (transition from sentai). ]

Echo Blasters (not shown: Dr. Bering) Echo Blasters (not shown: Dr. Bering) Echo Blasters (not shown: Dr. Bering)

They're called Echo Blasters.  They're designed to excel at targeting foes automatically.  And thanks to advanced plasma physics, their beams can change direction in mid-air, round corners, double back...  In short, they never miss their target.

[ The five helmetless RANGERS are impressed. ]

Whoa...  Those'll be perfect against Gluestreak.

[ Dissatisfied, DR. BERING closes the case (mostly off-screen). ]

Except you can't use them.

[ The RANGERS react incredulously. ]


Why not?

Because there's a dangerous glitch in their technology.  I suspect there was a miscommunication when we received their designs.  But without my feed to Zordon, it could take me days, weeks, or months to figure out the problem.  If I even can.

How dangerous is this glitch, exactly?

[ Dissolve to: ]

[ EXT. QUARRY (Jetman #43) - RED RANGER prepares his ECHO BLASTER (footage slowed from sentai). ]

Red summons Echo Blaster Red summons Echo Blaster Red summons Echo Blaster Red summons Echo Blaster

DR. BERING (voice-over):
If I don't fix the problem...

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Echo Blasters!

[ The five RANGERS aim their ECHO BLASTERS in slow motion.  As they fire, sparks explode from the blasters, and the RANGERS are engulfed in a large explosion. ]

backfire backfire backfire backfire

DR. BERING (voice-over):
... the blasters could explode when fired, causing you grave injury.

[ INT. SPACE STATION COMMAND - DR. BERING rests her hand on the closed case. ]

I'm afraid the risks are too high until I can identify the problem.

And there's no way to contact this Zordon guy?

[ DR. BERING ponders. ]

The only hope is that the general's crew missed something when they excavated the site where the wormhole generator was found.  But it's a long shot.

Well, let's --

[ LUKE is interrupted by an alert tone, followed by OFFICER1's appearance once again. ]

Dr. Bering, we've pinpointed the monster's location downtown.

[ DR. BERING looks to the RANGERS.  LISA speaks up. ]

I'll check the site.  You guys go after Gluestreak.

All right.  Be careful.

LISA (with a smirk):
When am I not careful?

[ DR. BERING mans the wall controls. ]

Ready, Rangers?

LUKE (with a nod):
Back to action!

[ DR. BERING presses a button sequence, and the four RANGERS teleport with respectively-colored vertical streaks.  LISA remains. ]

[ EXT. MOUNTAIN VALLEY - We pan across a rocky mountain range, where the site may have once been an excavation site decades ago. ]

[ Ultimately, BLUE RANGER teleports down with blue vertical streaks.  She surveys the area. ]

LISA (Blue Ranger):
Hmm.  All right, what the heck am I looking for?

[ BLUE RANGER wanders off in one direction. ]

[ EXT. PARKING LOT (US footage) - In a parking lot downtown, YELLOW RANGER lands gingerly while confronting someone just off-screen. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger):

[ His prey dashes across the screen with a black blur (compare with sentai) and is immediately gone. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
Aww, man...

[ YELLOW RANGER gives chase on foot. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger, cont'd):
Well, I guess this still beats fighting demons...

[ EXT. MOUNTAIN VALLEY - BLUE RANGER explores a different patch of terrain, now no longer resembling an excavation site. ]

LISA (Blue Ranger):
Jeez, I could spend all day out here and still find nothing.

[ After further wandering, BLUE RANGER reaches a spot where a rock slips out from under her.  She nearly falls but recovers her footing. ]

LISA (Blue Ranger):
Whoops.  Clumsy.

[ Suddenly, however, a sinkhole collapses beneath her, and she and a patch of earth beneath her tumble out of sight.  We soon hear a crash, and a plume of dust then wafts up from the sinkhole. ]

[ INT. TOMB - As dust settles around her, BLUE RANGER climbs out of the pile of earth beneath her and looks around.  This is an ancient tomb of some sort, featuring a stone sarcophagus and a bare-topped stone pedestal.  (Somewhere on the sarcophagus is the Rangers' emblem from the sentai Liveman, resembling an upside-down T with upside-down Vs on either side, all contained within a circular border.)  The only light in the tomb comes from the hole above. ]

[ BLUE RANGER steps forward while looking around curiously. ]

LISA (Blue Ranger):
It's an ancient tomb... but whose, I wonder?

[ BLUE RANGER stops warily as an ethereal red glow begins to flicker above the sarcophagus. ]

LISA (Blue Ranger, cont'd):
What's going on?

[ The red glow coalesces into the translucent image of an ANCIENT RED RANGER hovering over the sarcophagus.  His suit design matches the Red Ranger from Liveman.  His voice echoes with a ghostly, aged quality. ]

For what reason have you violated my sanctum?  Your kind has taken much from me...  Have you now come for my remains as well?

LISA (Blue Ranger):
N-- No.  I'm just trying to find a wise being named Zordon.  Have you heard of him?

I have not.  Now begone, human.

LISA (Blue Ranger):
What about the planet Eltar?

Eltar?  Now you have my interest.

[ EXT. PARK (US footage) - Having been running on foot, the four RANGERS converge on one location but seem confused. ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
Where is he?

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
I thought you had him!

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
I had him at the lake, but then I lost him.

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
The lake?  I had him uptown!

[ RED RANGER touches his temple. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Well, now I've got him downtown again!  Come on!

[ RED leaps into the air, and the other three follow, CHRIS grunting as they set out. ]

[ INT. TOMB - BLUE RANGER continues to speak with the ANCIENT RED RANGER. ]

Legend has it that Eltar was once home to the most advanced civilization in the near universe, unmatched by any since.  It was they who reawakened the power of the Ancients... the power you and I share.

LISA (Blue Ranger):
The Ancients?  Who are they?

Only immortals know, and immortals are secretive creatures.

LISA (Blue Ranger):
All right, you're not making any sense.  Could you just tell me where I can find Zordon?  We're really in a jam, and if we could just find him --

The planet Eltar was destroyed by an unknown cataclysm eons ago.  If this Zordon was Eltarian, he likely no longer exists.

LISA (Blue Ranger):
But that's impossible...  Dr. Bering was in contact with him just a few months ago!

One universe's impossibilities are another's reality when one gazes through the wormhole.

LISA (Blue Ranger):
So... you think Zordon's alive in one universe but not in ours?  Well, that's just great.  The wormhole generator's been destroyed.  Where did you get it?

You have squandered my treasures.  I have nothing left to offer you.

[ The ANCIENT RED RANGER fades away. ]

LISA (Blue Ranger):
Wait!  (thinks quickly, then blurts out) What about the dinosaur coins?

[ The ANCIENT RED RANGER returns. ]


[ Dissolve to INT. TOMB (LATER) - BLUE RANGER is in the middle of an explanation.  Her helmet is off, resting on the pedestal nearby. ]

... but the designs looked just like dinosaurs from Earth.  At least, that's what my friends told me.  But I figure whoever made those coins has a connection to Earth.  (nods toward the Ancient Red Ranger's chest) Just like whoever designed the hawk on your suit.

[ The ANCIENT RED RANGER remains silent.  He eventually replies: ]

My mentor, Ninjor, was an immortal.  It was he who forged the Power Coins.

Where can I find him?

I came here seeking the same answer.  During our time together, he spoke fondly of Earth and its creatures.  I had hoped I could find him here.  But he was not to be found.  It was then I began searching other planes of existence.


By following my master's description of Eltar's location, I discovered its remains and salvaged an ancient device scattered amongst the debris.

The wormhole generator.

Yes.  I returned to Earth and began studying worlds parallel to your own.  I found nothing.

Wait a second...  You searched all those Earths, and you never came across a Zordon?

If your Zordon existed on one of these Earths four millennia ago, I assure you he hid himself well.

Hmm.  (pauses)  So basically, we don't know where anybody is, and we're out of luck without a wormhole generator?

Unless your problem merely requires the services of a dabbler in Eltarian technology.

[ LISA laughs disbelievingly. ]

[ Break. ]

[ INT. TOMB - DR. BERING teleports into the tomb with greenish-silver vertical streaks.  In one hand she holds the silver case seen previously, and in the other is a large black tote bag filled with electronics-oriented tools and monitoring devices.  She sets down the tote bag and places the case on the nearby pedestal. ]

[ The ANCIENT RED RANGER appears before her. ]

Welcome, human.

[ DR. BERING smiles awkwardly while putting on a pair of work gloves. ]


[ EXT. DOWNTOWN - On a walkway running parallel to a fenced-in industrial area (compare with sentai), explosions erupt around a number of pedestrians.  Some scream and cower, while others look up at the nearby industrial structure.  Everyone then begins fleeing. ]

[ Switch to sentai - We zoom up toward GLUESTREAK as he stands atop a metal structure overhead. ]

Gluestreak's attack Gluestreak's attack

[ As we look over GLUESTREAK's shoulder, we zoom down on the fleeing people below, to whom he waves.  Through the smoke, several nondescript people are seen rushing onto the scene. ]

Gluestreak's attack Gluestreak's attack

Okay, bye for now!  You go run away, and I'll catch you!

[ Switch to US footage - Shown closer, we see the people are police officers helping to evacuate the fleeing crowd.  From the other direction come the five RANGERS. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Thanks.  We'll take it from here.

[ The officers nod and depart.  The RANGERS stand ready to face the monster above (off-screen). ]

LUKE (Red Ranger, cont'd):
What's the matter, Gluestreak?  Are you afraid to take us on?

[ Sentai - Above, GLUESTREAK retorts and departs. ]

Gluestreak departs Gluestreak departs

I'm not afraid!  I'm just bashful!  (departs)

[ RED RANGER speaks, and the RANGERS leap up after the monster. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
After him!  (Rangers leap)

[ EXT. INDUSTRIAL AREA - A small crowd of people desperately flee on foot. ]

[ Sentai - GLUESTREAK chases at high speed, almost running on all fours. ]

Gluestreak gives chase

[ The five RANGERS flip through the air. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Get back here!

[ Sentai - GLUESTREAK stops and looks up. ]

Gluestreak looks up

Who, me?

[ RED RANGER performs a flying kick squarely toward the camera. ]

[ Sentai - GLUESTREAK is knocked back against a metal wall nearby.  He flails his arms agitatedly. ]

Gluestreak hits wall Gluestreak hits wall

(grunts)  Hey!  Watch it!

[ The RANGERS land, ready to fight. ]

[ Sentai - GLUESTREAK steels himself and leaps out of frame. ]

Gluestreak leaps Gluestreak leaps

Hi-yah!  (leaps)

[ INT. TOMB - DR. BERING puzzles over an ECHO BLASTER (mostly obscured by her equipment). ]

But if that's the case, what prevents the runaway plasma flux?


[ DR. BERING blinks and stares at the device for a moment.  She then groans loudly and rolls her eyes. ]

(groans)  I can't believe it!  (quickly gets to work)  I added that inhibitor as a safety measure!  (shakes her head with a sigh)  Please don't tell anybody about this.

[ The ANCIENT RED RANGER cocks his head slightly. ]

[ EXT. INDUSTRIAL AREA (sentai) - The five RANGERS fly back and land on the pavement.  Rising, RED RANGER quickly draws his SKY BLASTER and addresses the others. ]

Rangers having trouble Rangers having trouble Rangers having trouble Red's idea Red's idea Red's idea Red's idea

LUKE (Red Ranger):
All right, guys, this is it.  Sky Enforcers and Battlizer Beams.  Let's try it!

[ We zoom out from YELLOW RANGER to see the five RANGERS wielding their SKY ENFORCERS with their BATTLIZERS on their wrists. ]

ready to fire ready to fire

RANGERS (in unison):

[ We zoom in on GLUESTREAK. ]

Gluestreak retorts Gluestreak retorts

Oh, this should be a riot!  Come on!

[ RED RANGER crosses his arms, and we zoom out as the five RANGERS fire their ENFORCERS and Battlizer Beams in unison. ]

dual blasts dual blasts dual blasts dual blasts

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Fire!  (Rangers fire)

[ GLUESTREAK erupts in sparks and flies back.  He on his back some distance away, twitches, and then stops moving. ]

Gluestreak blasted Gluestreak blasted Gluestreak blasted Gluestreak blasted Gluestreak blasted Gluestreak blasted

(groans)  I'm dead now.  (stops)

[ We zoom in on the cautious RANGERS beyond the prone GLUESTREAK. ]

victory? victory?

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Did it work?

[ GLUESTREAK hops onto his feet and chatters at tremendous speed, almost unintelligibly fast. ]

back on his feet back on his feet back on his feet back on his feet

GLUESTREAK (rapidly):
Just kidding!  It's funny you think you can stop me because I'm obviously unstoppable!

[ The RANGERS are astonished. ]

Rangers react Rangers react

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
Oh no!

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
It didn't work!

[ GLUESTREAK shoots fire from his spray can. ]

fire fire fire

Now burn, Rangers!

[ Scorched again, the RANGERS spark and fall back. ]


[ GLUESTREAK approaches while waving his arms. ]

(laughs)  This is more fun than scaring civilians!

Gluestreak gloats Gluestreak gloats Gluestreak gloats

[ As GLUESTREAK continues to approach, he suddenly sparks and falls back, rolling across the pavement. ]

Gluestreak gloats Gluestreak gloats Gluestreak blasted Gluestreak blasted Gluestreak blasted

GLUESTREAK (cont'd):
And that's saying a lot!  (blasted, rolls)

[ The fallen RANGERS startle and look to their left. ]

surprised Rangers surprised Rangers

[ We see a close-up of an ECHO BLASTER, its barrel smoking slightly.  Holding it is the gloved hand of DR. BERING (US composite over sentai). ]

Echo Blaster (to be composited: Dr. Bering's gloved hand)

[ US footage - We see DR. BERING in close-up, a determined look on her face. ]

[ The RANGERS rise. ]

Rangers react Rangers react

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Dr. Bering!

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
You fixed the Echo Blasters?

[ US footage - DR. BERING smiles broadly and tosses the Echo Blaster (off-screen).  She then begins tossing others (also off-screen). ]

Sure did.  Heads up!

[ The ECHO BLASTER flies through the air, followed by the other four. ]

thrown Echo Blasters thrown Echo Blasters thrown Echo Blasters

[ The RANGERS catch the ECHO BLASTERS and turn to face the monster (off-screen). ]

Rangers catch Echo Blasters Rangers catch Echo Blasters Rangers catch Echo Blasters

LUKE (Red Ranger):
All right, let's get this guy.

[ With the sun behind him, RED RANGER poses with his ECHO BLASTER in hand. ]

Red Ranger with Echo Blaster

[ US footage - DR. BERING calls out: ]

Try the auto-targeting!

[ GLUESTREAK rises to his feet, and we zoom out to see RED RANGER poised in the foreground. ]

showdown showdown

Oh, please!  You can't hit me unless I let you!

[ RED RANGER coolly aims his ECHO BLASTER. ]

Red aims Echo Blaster Red aims Echo Blaster

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Well, let's find out.

[ We see through the Echo Blaster's targeting system as GLUESTREAK yelps and runs away.  He moves with great speed, but the targeting system maintains a lock. ]

target lock target lock target lock target lock target lock

[ RED RANGER pulls the trigger, firing a red beam from his ECHO BLASTER. ]

Red fires Red fires

[ GLUESTREAK scampers from side to side in the distance, but the blaster's red beam bounces from wall to wall, following the monster's path. ]

nowhere to hide nowhere to hide nowhere to hide

[ While running, GLUESTREAK leaps into the air. ]

Gluestreak leaps Gluestreak leaps Gluestreak leaps

Can't catch me!

[ US footage - The red beam turns sharply in mid-air (compare with sentai) and shoots upward at a 45-degree angle. ]

[ GLUESTREAK is running along an elevated platform but turns to look behind him.  Just then, the red beam bounces up a staircase, off a nearby wall, and blasts GLUESTREAK squarely in the chest.  Sparks explode from his chest. ]

Gluestreak gets blasted Gluestreak gets blasted Gluestreak gets blasted Gluestreak gets blasted Gluestreak gets blasted

Ha!  I'm safe up here!  (blasted)

[ Racked with spark explosions, GLUESTREAK reels and falls off the nearby ledge. ]

Gluestreak gets blasted Gluestreak gets blasted Gluestreak falls

DR. BERING (voice-over):
Nice work.  Now, combine the Sky Blasters with the Echo Blasters to make the Echo Enforcers!

[ GLUESTREAK lands on his face below and issues a muffled sad groan. ]

Gluestreak lands Gluestreak lands

GLUESTREAK (muffled):

[ RED RANGER stands holding his ECHO BLASTER and SKY BLASTER. ]

Red Ranger with dual blasters Red Ranger with dual blasters

LUKE (Red Ranger):
All right, guys, let's finish this.

[ The back portion of RED RANGER's ECHO BLASTER unfolds, and a barrel flips over the front of the blaster.  RED then holds out his SKY BLASTER and inserts the unfolded ECHO BLASTER into the rear of the SKY BLASTER, forming the ECHO ENFORCER. ]

Red Ranger forms Echo Enforcer Red Ranger forms Echo Enforcer Red Ranger forms Echo Enforcer Red Ranger forms Echo Enforcer Red Ranger forms Echo Enforcer Red Ranger forms Echo Enforcer Red Ranger forms Echo Enforcer

[ The five RANGERS ready and aim their rifle-like ECHO ENFORCERS. ]

Echo Enforcers ready Echo Enforcers ready Echo Enforcers ready Echo Enforcers ready Echo Enforcers ready

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Echo Enforcers!  Ready... aim...

[ GLUESTREAK grumbles while rising to his feet once more. ]

Gluestreak rises Gluestreak rises Gluestreak rises

All right, you guys are gonna --  Hey, what are you doing?

[ We zoom far out from RED RANGER as the five RANGERS fire their ECHO ENFORCERS, their flickering white beams merging into a single blast.  Once the camera is far away from the RANGERS, the blast flies into view in the form of a rolling sphere of red and white energy. ]

Echo Enforcer blast Echo Enforcer blast Echo Enforcer blast Echo Enforcer blast Echo Enforcer blast Echo Enforcer blast Echo Enforcer blast Echo Enforcer blast

[ The sphere strikes GLUESTREAK with a spark explosion.  He falls to his knees, crackling with blue and yellow electricity, and then finally explodes in a large fireball. ]

Gluestreak destroyed Gluestreak destroyed Gluestreak destroyed Gluestreak destroyed Gluestreak destroyed Gluestreak destroyed Gluestreak destroyed Gluestreak destroyed

[ Happily surprised, the RANGERS examine their ECHO ENFORCERS. ]

victory victory victory victory

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
Whoa, these things are awesome!

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Effective, too.

[ Switch to US footage - DR. BERING smiles contently and picks up the silver case (now light-weight, apparently empty). ]

I'm glad you like them.

[ INT. DARK LAIR - MAINFRAME lowers his head. ]

Aww, man...

[ TRASK approaches. ]

Let me guess.  The Rangers destroyed your monster.

[ MAINFRAME has no response. ]

TRASK (cont'd, with a sigh):
Well, tell me he at least did a little damage to their Zords.

[ MAINFRAME rubs the back of his head. ]

Well, the thing is... I kind of forgot to adjust the fractal matrix again...

Which means what exactly?

He didn't grow.

[ TRASK sighs and turns away in disgust. ]

[ Break. ]

[ INT. TOMB - DR. BERING approaches the sarcophagus and bows respectfully.  The five helmetless RANGERS stand some distance behind her. ]

Thank you.  We're in your debt.

[ PETE turns to LISA. ]

PETE (whispering):
Where is he?

LISA (softly, perplexed):
I don't know.

CHRIS (at a normal tone):
He's shy.

LISA (to Luke):
Seriously, Luke, his suit looked just like yours.  Well, sort of...

[ Done paying her respects, DR. BERING returns to the RANGERS. ]

LUKE (to Dr. Bering):
Do you think that ancient Red Ranger inspired all of our bird-related stuff?

It's possible.  We may never know for sure.

So how'd you two fix the Echo Blasters so fast, anyway?

[ DR. BERING groans self-consciously. ]

Oh, don't make me say it...  (blushing) I added an inhibitor as a safety measure when we first assembled the blasters.  That was what was interfering with the power flow.

So all you had to do was take out a part?

DR. BERING (with resignation):
Yes.  Clearly sometimes less is more.

[ A realization slowly dawns on DR. BERING. ]

DR. BERING (cont'd):
Wait a minute...  (then, excited)  I just thought of something.  I'll see you guys.

[ DR. BERING presses a button concealed on the inner side of her wristband.  She teleports with greenish-silver vertical streaks. ]

[ Alone in the tomb, the five RANGERS look at one another awkwardly.  LISA then looks up at the hole above. ]

[ EXT. NEWS OFFICE (LATE AFTERNOON) - We see the outside of a news building displaying the logo of Channel 6. ]

[ INT. NEWS OFFICE - Behind a desk at a TV news office, STACY KEENE is sitting at a computer (appropriate for 1992) navigating menu screens of some sort, perhaps a gopher system, when her phone rings.  She disinterestedly presses a button and picks up the receiver. ]

This is Stacy.  (listens, then startled) The Blue Ranger?!  (skeptically) What is this, a joke?  (listens further)  No, I'll be there.

[ STACY hangs up, quickly logs out of her computer session, and departs after gathering a few items. ]

[ INT. OLD HOUSE (LATE AFTERNOON) - Now in different clothes, but still standing by the window of his aging house, JAKE hangs up the phone.  Freezeframe. ]

DR. BERING (voice-over):
Next time on Power Rangers Take Flight:

[ INT. MELODY'S LIVING ROOM (EVENING) - LISA sits opposite MELODY in fairly wet clothes, her expression clearly one of displeasure. ]

LISA (sharply):
Ma...  Why is a reporter asking me about being a Power Ranger?

[ EXT. ROCKY MOUNTAINS - In a rocky, mountainous valley, BRIMSTONE (see episode 22) emits electricity pulses from assorted points on his torso. ]

power drain power drain power drain

[ Their suits briefly blurred with respectively-colored light that seems to smear away from them (a US effect), the RANGERS immediately collapse with sudden weakness. ]

power drain power drain power drain power drain

LUKE (Red Ranger):
(groans)  What's happening?

[ INT. SPACE STATION, INFIRMARY - LUKE lies in an infirmary bed as the other four HEROES are unconscious in beds of their own.  MAGGIE speaks to LUKE from nearby. ]

You've been out a long time.

[ INT. SPACE STATION COMMAND - DR. BERING speaks with LISA and LUKE (both wearing black uniforms). ]

Look, we'll stop him eventually.

[ EXT. HARBOR - BRIMSTONE crosses his arms and unleashes a barrage of red beams. ]

harbor battle harbor battle

[ Struck with the beams, the RANGERS writhe a moment as they glow with red energy, but they then throw their arms out, dispelling the red energy as sparks erupt around them. ]

harbor battle harbor battle harbor battle harbor battle

DR. BERING (voice-over, cont'd):
You're not going to do anyone any good if you rush out prematurely and get yourselves seriously hurt... or worse.

[ Cut to black. ]

DR. BERING (voice-over):
Next time, on Power Rangers Take Flight.