Spoiler Warning: The commentary found here discusses events in this episode and beyond.  Read at your own risk!


Episode 34: "Firestorm"

This episode was completed on February 7, 2008, and released on October 25, 2008.  Its title references Brimstone's lava attacks, as well as the media response to the outing of Lisa's identity.

Writer:  Joe Rovang

[ Sentai footage is primarily from Jetman #40 and 41, but all sources are indicated. ]

In Jetman #40, as the villains seek to rid themselves of Tranza, Radiguet pulls a meteor to Earth and uses a red bug to create a powerful new monster (Brimstone).  The monster nullifies the Rangers' powers but is countered by a powerful new team, the Neo-Jetmen; he is then effectively neutralized when he's repelled into a nearby pool of water (revealing a weakness to water which will be completely ignored after this point).  Back at the base, the Neo-Jetmen are revealed as cyborg soldiers serving under an obnoxious general who outranks Commander Odagiri (and by cyborg, I mean mostly human with cyborg enhancements).  When the Neo-Jetmen fare poorly in the Megazord against giant Brimstone, Red punches the general, and the Rangers set out to help in the Kestrelzord, only to find their powers no longer work!

In Jetman #41, the powerless Rangers nonetheless manage to destroy Brimstone with the Quad Cannon, but Tranza sneaks a meteor (which survived destruction) into the Megazord, and Brimstone is reconstituted inside Skycamp!  The Neo-Jetmen are overwhelmed and ultimately lend their energies to the Rangers, restoring their powers.  Brimstone is kicked right out of the building (somehow), and the Rangers are now impervious to his blasts.  He grows, and they finish him off with the Mega Kestrelzord.  Oh, and Chokan is now back in charge.

The setup for the Neo-Jetmen is similar to the setup for the Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue episode "Cyborg Rangers," in which the Rangers have difficulty against a particular monster until the arrival of a group of cyborg replacements, who come at the behest of a cantankerous general who outranks the Rangers' commander.  In "Cyborg Rangers," however, the Rangers' rivals appeared to be entirely robotic (despite their name), and they ultimately turned on the Rangers after being struck by lightning (as their foe happened to be a lightning demon).

As mentioned in the commentary for episode 9 (wherein the Neo-Jetmen were used as the Vanguards of Illam), I had neither US Neo-Jetman costumes nor a desire to emulate "Cyborg Rangers," so I omitted the Neo-Jetmen from Brimstone's scenes.

[ Fade in to INT. LISA'S APARTMENT HALLWAY - Outside Lisa's empty apartment, a RENTER exits, followed by LISA, who exhibits a faint air of desperation. ]

The first portion of this episode takes place on Sunday, September 6, 1992, the day after the Rangers' battles with Gluestreak (previous episode).

A-- Are you sure?  Do you know anybody who needs an apartment?

[ The RENTER waves a hand, apparently a "no" or an apology, as he leaves.  Now alone, LISA sighs. ]

I gave the renter a silent response as a nod to the tendency for TV shows such as Power Rangers to minimize speaking roles, for what I assume is the purpose of paying their extras a minimal fee.

LISA (cont'd, inwardly):
I'm gonna be out so much money...

Lisa was more easy-going in the previous episode when she glossed over the consequences of breaking her lease early.  Now that the reality of the situation has dawned on her, however, she's a bit more serious about it.

[ STACY KEENE approaches from further down the hallway. ]

Excuse me...  Are you Lisa Ward?

[ LISA perks up slightly upon seeing her. ]

Hey, you're that reporter...

Lisa only knows Stacy from TV.

Miss Ward, I know.

You know?  (chuckles) Well, it's good to know who you are, I guess...

No, Miss Ward, I know who you are.  (softly) ... Blue Ranger.

[ LISA blinks, dumbfounded. ]

LISA (somewhat flustered):
I-- I'm sorry, what?

Jake, the brother of Lisa's mother's boyfriend, told Stacy Lisa's identity (for a price) in the previous episode.

I wanted to give you the chance to tell your story, in your words.  We'll make sure it's flattering, and there's money in it for you.  ... a lot, if we can make it exclusive.

Stacy is just lucky Lisa isn't of a mind to make her "disappear" to preserve her identity.

Listen, lady, you're way off-base.  Who-- Who... would tell you a thing like that, anyway?

Nice try, Lisa.

I'm sorry, I can't say.  It wouldn't be right.

Oh, but it's okay to come extort me?  Make me tell you everything or else you'll tell it anyway?

Listen, Miss Ward, you have no idea how big this story would be to my career, and I'm just sitting on it.  Someone else WILL break this story.  I'm just giving you the chance to do it the way you want.

Presumably Stacy is true to her word, in that she intends not to break the story herself without Lisa's blessing.

[ LISA looks down. ]

STACY KEENE (cont'd):
Let me know if you change your mind.

[ STACY KEENE hands LISA a business card and begins to leave.  LISA stares blankly for a moment but then suddenly grabs STACY KEENE's hand. ]


[ STACY KEENE turns. ]

LISA (cont'd):
Do you know about the others too?

[ STACY KEENE shakes her head. ]

Just you.

Good to know.

[ LISA lets go and ponders.  STACY KEENE slowly turns away and departs. ]

[ INT. MELODY'S LIVING ROOM (EVENING) - MELODY (see previous episode) opens the front door to find a glowering LISA standing outside the screen door in the rain.  Not much light remains outside. ]

Oh!  Lisa!  (opens the screen door)  Get in here!  What are you doing out there in the rain?

[ LISA reluctantly comes inside.  Her clothes are fairly wet.  Her face is frozen in a numb state of displeasure.  They sit facing each other. ]

MELODY (cont'd):
Why didn't you call first?  I could've made you something.  Are you taking care of yourself up there?

[ LISA finally speaks, her enunciation crisp as though she is holding back anger. ]

Ma...  Why is a reporter asking me about being a Power Ranger?

[ MELODY appears startled. ]

What...?  What are you talking about?

Melody didn't tell any reporters; she only told Glenn (previous episode).

LISA (more firmly):
Why is a reporter asking me about being a Power Ranger?

[ MELODY anxiously feigns innocence. ]

W-- Why are you asking ME?  What do I know about reporters?

[ LISA's voice grows more gruff. ]

Who did you tell, Ma?

I didn't tell nobody!

I mean it, Ma.  I wanna know.

[ MELODY gestures with clumsy nonchalance. ]

MELODY (mumbling):
Well, I mean... I told Glenn...

[ LISA stomps on the floor as she rises with indignation. ]

LISA (angrily):
I can't believe you!  (pacing down the hall)  The first time in years I actually trust you with something important, and you ruin it!

In recent months, Lisa has put forth some effort to trust her mother again, but we don't know the circumstances of this mistrust.

[ MELODY stands, shouting out after her. ]

MELODY (shouting):
Hey, what do you want from me?  He's my fiancé!  We tell each other things!

[ LISA returns to the near end of the hall and shouts in return: ]

LISA (shouting):
He's not your fiancé!  "Maybe we'll get married someday" isn't a proposal, and "sure, I'll make your car payments" isn't planning a future together!

MELODY (shouting):
I don't need you judging me!  If that's what you're here to do, you can just leave!

Melody may have some issues in her own life.

[ LISA storms across the living room for the door. ]

LISA (shouting):
Yeah, you know what?  I will leave!  And don't expect to see me back here!

[ LISA shoves the screen door open and then whirls around for a final declaration. ]

LISA (shouting, cont'd):
I wish I had never come back here!

[ LISA furiously slams the screen door shut and storms out into the rain.  She gets into her car (see previous episode), turns it on, and drives away with a vengeance.  Melody isn't seen through the screen door. ]

[ Dissolve to INT. SPACE STATION, LISA'S QUARTERS - In a room resembling Luke's quarters (see episode 2), LISA sits balled up on the bed, wearing her black uniform.  She cries softly. ]

[ Eventually, LISA brings her MORPHER near her mouth and speaks. ]

Call Lisa.

[ She waits for a moment, but there is no reply.  Eventually, she speaks again, her voice trembling. ]

LISA (cont'd):
Call Lisa.

[ Silence lingers once again.  LISA ultimately sobs and rolls onto her side. ]

LISA (cont'd, quietly):
Why didn't you warn me?

This apparent rejection leads Lisa to mistrust her future self during the Brimstone battle (which indirectly leads to the loss of the Battlezord).  The reason for future-Lisa's silence is shown in episode 37.

[ EXT. SPACE STATION, LISA'S WINDOW - We begin with a tight focus on Lisa's quarters, as seen through the window, and slowly zoom out. ]

[ INT. OLD HOUSE (NIGHT) - GLENN (see previous episode) paces across the living room while JAKE counts a small wad of money (several hundred dollars, in twenties) at a dilapidated wooden table. ]

This was Stacy's payment to Jake for his Blue Ranger tip.

I dunno, man, I don't feel good about this.

Glenn may be an accomplice of sorts, but he isn't happy about it.

What are you talking about?  Do you know how much money we can make off this?

Yeah, but Melody --

Dude, you can make it up to her with a little... (tosses bills at him) ...cha-ching!

[ GLENN turns away angrily. ]

You're such an idiot!  We're selling her daughter out!

Well, we just need to let her in on the profits...  Everybody has a price, right?

Jake has an unusual worldview to think Melody would sell out her daughter, and yet there are probably a few mothers who would do so.

[ GLENN rubs his face with his palms and groans with exasperation. ]

JAKE (cont'd):
Look, man, you're the one who's all, "Hey, man, stop dealing.  Why don't you get a real job?"

Further reason Glenn isn't completely despicable.

[ GLENN turns. ]

This isn't a real job!

JAKE (waving the wad of money at him):
Oh, okay, fine.  Well, maybe this ain't real money either.  I guess you don't want your half, and I guess you don't want any tomorrow when the reporters come back, and I guess you don't want to pay off your car and get your girlfriend a ring.

[ GLENN narrows his eyes contemptuously at JAKE.  He then snatches the money from JAKE's hand and walks away. ]

But Glenn doesn't make the best decisions either.

[ INT. SPACE STATION, LISA'S QUARTERS - Sleeping in her bed wearing a black sleeping outfit (see episode 23), LISA stirs restlessly until she finally wakes.  Squinting, she sits up on the edge of the bed. ]

The rest of this episode takes place on Monday (Labor Day), September 7, 1992, though it's currently quite early in the morning.

(sighs)  I need a walk.

[ LISA slips on a pair of sneakers and walks to the door, which opens.  Outside, LISA is confused to see a few officers hurrying by. ]

[ INT. SPACE STATION CORRIDOR - LISA stops one of the officers, OFFICER1. ]

Hey, what's going on?

Some kind of emergency on Earth.

[ LISA glances at her MORPHER and then hurries down the hall. ]

Brimstone's pyramid attacks didn't take place within the Hoverbirds' search area.

[ INT. SPACE STATION COMMAND - DR. BERING intently watches a four-by-four split-screen of various news broadcasts, as displayed on the central viewscreen.  Officers man the stations around her and bustle about.  LISA enters. ]

Dr. Bering, what is it?

[ Shown in greater detail, the broadcasts appear to be an assortment of languages and ethnicities, but a number are in Arabic.  Common to most is either an inset still, live video, or on-site reporter featuring one or more Egyptian pyramids, every one buried in a thick coating of still-smoldering igneous rock, as though lava had been poured over them and hardened.  Each is shown in daylight.  At least one English graphic mentions Labor Day tourism, while another mentions minor injuries.  Another bears the phrase, "Exodus Revisited?" ]

I figured the significance of fire and brimstone raining down on Egypt wouldn't be lost to people familiar with the Old Testament.  Technically, however, Egypt was struck with hail and lightning (Exodus 9:22-25; some translations use the word "fire" for lightning), while it was Sodom and Gomorrah which were destroyed by fire and brimstone (Genesis 19:23-25); I figured some people would surely mix up the two stories.

It was merely a coincidence that the bulk of this episode happened to take place on Labor Day.

[ Seeing the screens, LISA is aghast. ]

LISA (cont'd):
Oh my gosh...  What --

[ DR. BERING turns to her. ]

It started about two hours ago.  Every sizable pyramid in Egypt has been covered with lava.  (counts on her fingers) Pyramids at Giza, Dahshur, Saqqara...  No fatalities, fortunately.

Brimstone was last seen on video attacking the Vanguards inside their pyramid base on Illam (episode 22).  He has now found his way to Earth following a tip from Garavan (see episode 38), and he's now made it his mission to destroy all the major pyramids on Earth in a misguided attempt to destroy the Rangers' base.

Major pyramids at the Giza necropolis include the Pyramid of Khufu (also known as the Great Pyramid), the Pyramid of Khafre, the Pyramid of Menkaure; the Great Sphinx lies nearby but was not hit in Brimstone's attack.  (As a bit of trivia, it's not immediately evident from photos of the pyramids that the Giza necropolis actually lies within a highly urbanized area.)

Dahshur is the site of sizable pyramids known as the Red Pyramid and the Bent Pyramid.

The most notable pyramid in the Saqqara necropolis is Djoser's step pyramid.

Brimstone's list of attack sites across the entire episode:

1Giza, EgyptGiza necropolisvarious pyramids hit, later investigated by Rangers
2Dahshur, EgyptRed Pyramid, Bent Pyramidboth pyramids hit
3Saqqara, EgyptDjoser's step pyramidpyramid hit
4Paris, FranceLouvre MuseumLouvre Pyramid destroyed
5Supe Valley, PeruCaralRangers drained, various pyramids hit
6Chichen-Itza, Mexicovariousvarious structures hit
7Cholula, MexicoGreat Pyramid of Cholulapyramid hit
8Teotihuacan, MexicoPyramid of the Sun, Pyramid of the Moonboth pyramids hit
9Cahokia, ILMonk's Moundsite hit
--Memphis, TNPyramid Arenanot hit
--Las Vegas, NVLuxor Hotel (under construction)not hit
10San Francisco, CATransamerica Pyramidprotected by future Rangers

[ LISA blinks, apparently stunned. ]

Wait...  Lava?!  From what?  Does Egypt even have volcanoes?

Not in modern times.  This came from the sky.

Egypt hasn't had an active volcano for at least several thousand years.

[ EXT. MILITARY BASE (MORNING) - We see an establishment shot of the Phoenix base during the morning hours. ]

This scene takes place later that morning.  Chris and Pete normally work Monday mornings, but this happens to be Labor Day!

CASEY (voice-over):
The sky?!  How is that possible?

[ INT. LAB - DR. BERING stands with SPECIAL AGENT TURNQUIST, opposite the five HEROES.  LISA is in her black uniform, while the others wear casual clothes. ]

We don't know yet.  We picked up an atmospheric anomaly when the incidents began, and we're watching for it to show up again.

In the meantime, we want you to investigate the pyramids for clues.  We'll be recording the data through your visors, so be sure to get a nice, long look around.

Will do.

[ EXT. GIZA PLATEAU (SUNSET) - In the desert complex overlooking the Giza necropolis, the five RANGERS materialize from respectively-colored vertical streaks.  They are immediately entranced by the smoldering, rock-encrusted pyramids in the distance.  Spotlights and clusters of people are also visible on the horizon, while helicopters circle over the pyramids. ]

While it's morning in California, it's sunset in Egypt.

PETE (Yellow Ranger):

CHRIS (Black Ranger):

[ PINK RANGER turns away, seemingly heartbroken. ]

[ BLACK turns to her. ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger, cont'd):
Casey?  Are you okay?

[ PINK looks to him as the others turn. ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
I just... always wanted to come here some day.  (looks to the pyramids, voice cracking)  But now they're ruined.

Casey's Egyptian roots probably seem like an arbitrary invention for this episode, but I'd planned this aspect of her character since episode 13 and only added this reaction because I thought it was required by her backstory.

[ BLACK embraces her as the others look on. ]

LISA (Blue Ranger):
Hey, it's okay.  You know, maybe they'll be able to dig them out... umm... eventually.

Indeed, Casey will have joined the Pyramid Restoration Society by the end of the series.

[ PINK hangs her head. ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
Yeah, I guess...

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
Uhh, not to be a jerk or anything, but the sun's probably gonna set soon...

[ PINK nods, and they set out across the sand. ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger, to Pink):
Do you want to wait back at the base?

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
No, I'm okay.

[ As the RANGERS walk, BLUE and RED cluster together some distance from the others.  BLUE RANGER speaks softly to RED: ]

LISA (Blue Ranger, softly):
Boy, I've never seen someone so broken up over antiquities.

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Well, you know her dad's from Egypt, right?

LISA (Blue Ranger):

[ Elsewhere, the RANGERS approach a span of cooled black rock, once a flow of lava that apparently flowed some distance away from the nearest pyramid. ]

[ RED RANGER looks down on the edge of the rock flow. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Are you getting this, Dr. Bering?

[ INT. SPACE STATION COMMAND - DR. BERING mans the wall controls, in which one monitor shows Red's view of the rock. ]

Affirmative, Luke.

[ EXT. GIZA PLATEU (SUNSET) - RED RANGER crouches down and places his hand on the rocky surface.  Apparently unexpectedly, the rock cracks and collapses a bit under his touch.  He examines the rock's flakiness between his fingers. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
It sure is crumbly.

[ YELLOW bends down and takes a handful of the crumbly material.  He then looks aside distantly, as if lost in recollection. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
Whoa, whoa...

[ YELLOW stands and looks up at the rock-covered pyramid above. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger, cont'd):
Oh, deja vu!

LISA (Blue Ranger):
What is it?

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
That base on Illam where we found the Kestrelzord!  It was a pyramid covered in this same kind of rock!

Pete was the one who stumbled in it on Illam (episode 22).

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
Wow, that is weird.

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Good catch, Pete.  So maybe whatever was responsible on Illam did this too...?

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
I hope it wasn't that monster we saw in that video recording.

The Rangers saw Brimstone fighting the Vanguards in a recording on Illam (episode 22).

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Hmm, it could be...

[ The RANGERS are taken off-guard as Egyptian police officers swarm on them with weapons drawn, shouting in Arabic for them to drop their weapons.  The startled RANGERS put up their hands, though RED's response is more an apparent attempt to calm them than surrender. ]

A number of sources seem to indicate the Egyptian police aren't renowned for their friendliness (not to mention their record on human rights), so I figured they would probably be hostile toward the Rangers.

I leave it unresolved whether the rest of the world (or even the rest of the United States) is especially familiar with the Rangers.

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Whoa, whoa, easy...

The Rangers are surely bulletproof (or bullet-resistant), but it seemed like a reasonable response not to want to provoke aggressive officers.

[ The police continue to bark orders in Arabic. ]

LISA (Blue Ranger):
Uhh, Casey, you do you speak Egyptian?

I figured Lisa was the least educated of the Rangers, so a mistake like this ("Egyptian" instead of Arabic) would be reasonable.

LUKE (Red Ranger, subtly, to Blue):

This mirrors Luke's correction of which creatures were dinosaurs in the monument on Thadia (episode 23).

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
Umm... I can sing Happy Birthday in Arabic.  Otherwise... no.

But she will learn it during their year back in time (see episode 37).

[ The RANGERS listen as DR. BERING's voice is heard. ]

DR. BERING (voice-over):
Rangers, it's happening again!  This time in Paris!

The Louvre Pyramid is Brimstone's fourth attack site.

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
Yeah, uh, feel free to get us out of here...

[ The RANGERS dematerialize into vertical streaks, startling the officers. ]

[ EXT. LOUVRE (BEFORE SUNSET) - The five RANGERS run into frame across the roundabout directly in front of the Louvre Museum.  (Behind them, if shown, is the Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel, in addition to numerous fleeing tourists.) ]

Thank you, Google Earth, for letting me visit the site of the Louvre virtually.

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Oh no...  The Louvre!

[ Before them, a tremendous mass of rapidly cooling lava sits spilled across the front courtyard; the Louvre Pyramid, normally located in the center of the courtyard, is nowhere to be seen.  The lava is beginning to blacken as it turns to rock, but flames burn throughout.  The Louvre itself is essentially undamaged, though a few side columns may be charred. ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
Wait... but the building's still standing.  The lava just... missed it completely.

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
On purpose?

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Hang on...  There was a pyramid here.  A glass pyramid!  They just added it a few years ago!

The Louvre Pyramid was completed in 1989, three years prior.  Luke seems to be an expert on museums since being employed at the Spring Valley Museum.

There are surely larger and more noteworthy pyramid-shaped structures than the Louvre Pyramid, but I found this attack to be helpful in terms of story.

LISA (Blue Ranger):
Another pyramid?

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Now we know what to look out for.  Come on, maybe we can catch this guy in the act!

[ The RANGERS dash off. ]

[ INT. SPACE STATION COMMAND - DR. BERING addresses the five helmetless RANGERS. ]

This scene takes place later that same morning.

All right, I've dispatched your Hoverbirds to the five sites we think are most likely to be hit next.  The National Guard has also been deployed.

Of the five sites being monitored at this point, only Supe Valley, Peru, is mentioned.  Other potential candidates for the top four include Chichen-Itza, Cholula, and Teotihuacan (all in Mexico); Cahokia, Memphis, and Las Vegas are mentioned later.  The Transamerica Pyramid (the site of the later Zord battle) may or may not have been overlooked.

This is the first time we've heard of a non-Ranger military response to a monster threat.

So now we wait?

[ An alert tone is heard, and a monitor beside DR. BERING zooms in from a map of the world to a blinking purple dot on the coast of Peru, just north of Lima.  The view expands to a sentai shot (Jetman #40) of BRIMSTONE (see episode 22) arising from a smoking crater in a rocky area. ]

Brimstone Brimstone

In the sentai, Brimstone had just been created when Radiguet merged a red bug with a meteorite (burning his hand in the process).  That scene took place in the oft-seen quarry, which I happily reinterpreted as a more exotic location.

From the looks of this smoking crater, it seems Brimstone may travel in the form of some sort of fireball, as he seemed to do on Illam (see episode 22).

No, now you go stop a monster.

It IS him!

This is the Rangers' first live look at Brimstone.

Supe Valley, Peru.  (presses buttons)  Are you ready?

Supe Valley (Caral) is Brimstone's fifth attack site.

[ The RANGERS nod. ]

Let's do it.

[ DR. BERING presses the final button, and the RANGERS vanish with vertical streaks. ]

[ EXT. ROCKY MOUNTAINS (Jetman #40) - Walking through the valley, BRIMSTONE stops in his tracks and mutters to himself in a deep, rumbling voice. ]

Brimstone pauses

This scene is meant to take place near Caral, an ancient city in Supe Valley, Peru, which sports a number of weathered stone pyramids.

Well, what do you know...

Brimstone came to Earth looking for the Rangers.  (His utterance would have been in an alien language, but I've dubbed it in English for the sake of the audience, as I did with the Thadians in episodes 23 and 24.)

[ The five RANGERS assume ready stances.  RED leaps. ]

Red leaps Red leaps

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Go for it, guys!

[ RED RANGER performs a flying TALON SWORD strike.  PINK and BLUE perform synchronized flying punches, while BLACK and YELLOW kick. ]

Rangers strike Rangers strike Rangers strike

[ Each attack - sword, fists, and feet - rebounds off the monster's surface with no effect. ]

Rangers strike Rangers strike Rangers strike

[ The RANGERS land in a heap some distance away as BRIMSTONE stands in the foreground.  The RANGERS rise. ]

unsuccessful unsuccessful unsuccessful

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Man, he's tough!

[ BRIMSTONE utters an alien phrase, and yellow electricity pulses outward from assorted points on his torso, including a spherical orange rock embedded in his chest. ]

Now that he's within earshot of the Rangers, his utterances are heard in their native tongue.

The rock in Brimstone's chest was important in the sentai; it was the means by which he survived destruction by the Quad Cannon (similar to Cardiatron surviving the Hatchasaurus's destruction in two episodes of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) and was later reconstituted.  In Take Flight the rock plays no special role.

power drain power drain power drain

[ Their suits briefly blurred with respectively-colored light that seems to smear away from them (a US effect), the RANGERS immediately collapse with sudden weakness. ]

power drain power drain power drain power drain

The smear effects which I envisioned would be added in postproduction were a throw-back to the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers season 2 episodes "The Power Stealer" and "Missing Green," in which Rangers suffering from a power drain had a similar appearance.

LUKE (Red Ranger):
(groans)  What's happening?

[ RED RANGER drops his sword and clenches his fist as he struggles in vain to ward off the weakness. ]

power drain power drain

LUKE (Red Ranger, cont'd):
(grunts)  He did something to us!

[ PINK and BLUE seem unable to keep their bodies off the ground. ]

power drain

LISA (Blue Ranger):
Yeah, what's the deal?

[ BLACK RANGER tries to get up but limply falls back. ]

power drain power drain power drain power drain

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
I feel like my body's made out of lead!  (grunts and falls)

As opposed to legs that feel like mush (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers season 3: "Master Vile and the Metallic Armor, part 2").

[ Rising slightly, YELLOW RANGER weakly points his finger ahead, then looks at his hands and drops to the ground. ]

power drain power drain power drain power drain

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
He's just like those Shadow Rangers!  ... draining our powers...  (groans, drops)  That's not cool!

[ RED RANGER desperately tries to rise as PINK and BLUE writhe in the background.  RED collapses. ]

power drain power drain power drain

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Guys... we've gotta stop him... while we still have the chance!  (collapses with a grunt)

[ BRIMSTONE speaks in his alien tongue as he seems to ready an attack of some sort. ]

Brimstone readies attack Brimstone readies attack

[ The RANGERS weakly rise to their feet.  RED clenches his fist. ]

Red calls for attack Red calls for attack Red calls for attack Red calls for attack

LUKE (Red Ranger):
All right, guys... we can do this!  (breathes heavily, then clenches fist)  Echo Blasters!

[ RED RANGER extends his ECHO BLASTER and holds it close. ]

Echo Blasters Echo Blasters Echo Blasters

LUKE (Red Ranger, cont'd):
Let's do it!

[ BLACK and YELLOW perform puny somersaults and hold their ECHO BLASTERS ready with every last ounce of strength. ]

Echo Blasters Echo Blasters

CHRIS / PETE (Black/Yellow Rangers, in unison):

[ PINK and BLUE do likewise. ]

Echo Blasters Echo Blasters

CASEY / LISA (Pink/Blue Rangers, in unison):

[ The five RANGERS fire, unleashing five independently zig-zagging red beams which ultimately find their way to BRIMSTONE and strike him in sequence.  Each blast produces an ineffectual burst of sparks on the monster's body. ]

Echo Blasters Echo Blasters Echo Blasters Echo Blasters

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Fire!  (beams fire, strike Brimstone)

[ RED RANGER reacts.  He then crosses his wrists and readies his ECHO BLASTER. ]

Echo Enforcers Echo Enforcers Echo Enforcers

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Nothing!  All right, then... Echo Enforcers!

[ RED RANGER assembles his ECHO ENFORCER. ]

Echo Enforcers Echo Enforcers Echo Enforcers

[ The five RANGERS prepare and aim their ECHO ENFORCERS. ]

Echo Enforcers Echo Enforcers Echo Enforcers

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Ready... aim...

[ RED's finger hovers over his ECHO ENFORCER's trigger.  He begins to pull. ]

Echo Enforcers Echo Enforcers

[ Twitching, BRIMSTONE quickly unleashes a barrage of red beams from various volcano-like protrusions across his body. ]

Rangers blasted Rangers blasted

[ Five beams strike the RANGERS for a moment before the RANGERS then fly back with an eruption of sparks. ]

Rangers blasted Rangers blasted Rangers blasted

[ Switch to US footage - As the smoking RED RANGER falls to the ground, the shattered fragments of his ECHO ENFORCER crumble apart in his hands.  His body splayed across the ground, RED reaches for the pieces of his blaster but is barely able to lift his hand. ]

At this point, I had no further sentai footage which required the Echo Blasters, so I used this opportunity to destroy them, as I was growing eager to eliminate sentai-exclusive items prior to the finale.  Curiously, this meant they were destroyed after only one successful use (against Gluestreak in episode 33).  They had several other uses in Jetman (including against Hammersham, Smog Rat, Tomato King, and Strife), but I'd already used those episodes and omitted the anachronistic Echo Blasters.  Thus, the blasters become little more than an artifact from the Gluestreak battle.

LUKE (Red Ranger, weakly):

[ Finally, he goes limp.  Fade to black. ]

We don't get to see whether the Rangers immediately demorphed, and at what point Dr. Bering teleported them to safety, but I did like that the Rangers lost consciousness before demorphing; in Power Rangers in Space (1998), this tendency made their powers seem quite resilient, as opposed to seasons in which they demorphed at the drop of a hat.

[ Fade in to INT. SPACE STATION, INFIRMARY - LUKE slowly awakens in an infirmary aboard the space station (larger and better equipped than the one in episode 32).  He lies in bed in a white gown.  He weakly looks around, and we see the other four HEROES lying unconscious in beds nearby.  They too wear white gowns.  Each is hooked up to monitoring equipment and still wears his or her AVIMORPHER. ]

The Rangers have been unconscious for several hours; they now awaken in the afternoon.  Incidentally, Casey's shift would have begun by now, and Booksmart may be open on Labor Day.

MAGGIE (off-screen):

As in episode 32, I wasn't originally planning for Maggie to play a role in this episode, but it seemed reasonable that she'd pay them a visit after they'd been incapacitated for this stretch of time.

[ LUKE notices MAGGIE standing against the doorway, wearing casual clothes.  She straightens and approaches. ]

LUKE (weakly):
Maggie...  What happened?

You've been out a long time.

[ CHRIS begins to stir.  LUKE looks at him, then at MAGGIE. ]

Are they okay?

Dr. Bering thinks so.  That monster took a lot out of you, though.

[ LUKE looks down in dismay. ]

Oh no...  The monster...  What happened to Peru?

[ MAGGIE makes a face, seeming to have no way to soften the truth. ]

Well, the Caral pyramids are buried.  But the good news is everybody's safe.

[ LUKE appears dissatisfied nonetheless. ]

[ MAGGIE awkwardly continues, reciting a list. ]

MAGGIE (cont'd):
He also got the Great Pyramid of Cholula, the Pyramid of the Sun and the Moon at Teotihuacan, and the ruins of Chichen-Itza.

All major pyramid structures in Mexico.  Chichen-Itza was Brimstone's sixth attack site; Cholula was seventh, and Teotihuacan was eighth.

LUKE (forlorn):

Yep.  He could be moving north, but we've fortified all the pyramid-shaped buildings we know of.

[ LUKE tries to get up but finds his body weaker than expected. ]

We've gotta -- (grunts)

Just like Dr. Bering in episode 30.

[ MAGGIE steadies him and covers him back up. ]

Easy there.  You're gonna be out of commission for the rest of the day.

[ LUKE shakes his head. ]

No, we've got to stop him.

MAGGIE (more firmly):
No, you've got to get better.

[ LISA is now awake. ]

LISA (groggily):
Would you have powers if I gave you back your Morpher?

A delicate way of asking, "Can you fight for us?"

[ MAGGIE shakes her head. ]

No.  It's not just your bodies that have been drained...  It's the capacitors in the Morphers that are empty.  They'll recover, but you just have to give it some time.

This was convenient for this episode's events, but it also seemed to make decent sense.

[ CHRIS rubs his head. ]

Man...  Who's been hitting my head with a sledgehammer?

[ CASEY and PETE stir as well. ]

[ MAGGIE smiles softly but still appears worried. ]

I'll tell Dr. Bering you're awake.

[ She leaves. ]

[ INT. SPACE STATION, OBSERVATION BOOTH - LISA stands at the window, gazing distantly into the hangar.  She wears her black uniform. ]

[ LUKE enters, taking slow steps.  He too is wearing a black uniform. ]

Hey.  Maggie said I'd find you here.

[ LISA turns and looks down pensively. ]


Is something wrong?

[ LISA sighs and doesn't appear to want to answer.  Finally, though, she speaks: ]

I told my mom I was a Ranger, and now other people know.  There are even reporters after me.  I don't think they know about you guys, though.

"Oops, did I forget to mention?"

[ LUKE nods calmly. ]

I see.

You're not upset?  I screwed up big-time.

It's okay.  There's no Ranger code that says you can't tell your family.

In Power Rangers, Zordon's requirement that their identities remain secret apparently prevented them from telling family members as well.

Did you tell YOUR parents?

Oh.  Well, no.  But that-- that was my call.  You don't have to make the same decisions I do.

LISA (grumpily):
Yeah, well, maybe I should've.

LUKE (cont'd):
Listen, it'll be okay.  We'll think of something.  Maybe Maggie could double for you... get the reporters off your case that way.

This seemed to be a perfectly good solution to Lisa's problem, and they probably would've enacted that plan successfully, had future-Lisa not decided to make an appearance.

[ LISA nods softly. ]

Yeah, that's not a bad idea.

But, hey, right now we need to get some rest.

[ LISA nods, and LUKE helps her into the hallway. ]

[ INT. SPACE STATION COMMAND - LISA and LUKE enter the command center as DR. BERING is in the middle of a heated conversation with SPECIAL AGENT TURNQUIST, who speaks from a wall monitor. ]

No, Jon, absolutely not.  That would be suicide.

Turnquist (or Taggart, by proxy) apparently wants the Rangers to go into battle in their depleted state.

Depending on the staging and the layout of the command center set, it might be implausible for Turnquist not to have seen Luke and Lisa standing in the doorway.  I overlooked this when I was writing this scene.

Well, what exactly do you propose, Doctor?  The Air Guard didn't even faze him at Cahokia...

Monk's Mound at Cahokia, Illinois, was Brimstone's ninth attack site.  Though it's a bit of a stretch to regard Monk's Mound as a pyramid, an attack here was useful for the story progression.

[ LUKE and LISA stop to listen. ]

...and if we use any more firepower than that in Memphis or Vegas, we might as well just level the buildings ourselves.

They're concerned about the Pyramid Arena in Memphis and the (currently incomplete) Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas, two large pyramid-shaped structures in the United States.  (The Luxor was under construction in 1992; I don't know exactly what stage of completion it was at in September, 1992, but it seemed plausible that it would be roughly halfway erected around this time, enough to make it a potential target.)

I don't know what to tell you, Jon.  I can send in the Flyers, but we'll have the same type of collateral damage.  But I absolutely will not send the Rangers in at quarter-strength.

Usually a taboo in Power Rangers, Dr. Bering mentions sending the Zords to deal with the small-scale Brimstone, but one problem becomes apparent: in an urban setting, pitting Zords against small foes can lead to collateral damage (ignoring for the moment that a Megazord fight without collateral damage seems even more far-fetched).

And if the general sends his own team to take the Morphers...?

That's not an option.  Your men or my men... the Morphers aren't ready for battle.

Dr. Bering thinks of the Rangers as hers, as contrasted with General Taggart's airmen.

Dr. Bering seems to remain dispassionate here, arguing from an objective Morpher-oriented standpoint, but she'd probably object to the ousting of "her" Rangers just the same.

Note that it's this particular set of Morphers (and their embedded capacitors) which are weakened; this left open the opportunity for the time-traveling duplicates to remain at full strength, as they brought their own time-doubled Morphers.

[ SPECIAL AGENT TURNQUIST is silent for a moment before replying. ]

... I'll get back to you.

[ The transmission ends.  DR. BERING turns and is startled to find LISA and LUKE at the doorway. ]

Oh.  Rangers.

What's Cahokia?

[ DR. BERING lowers her gaze. ]

It's an archaeological site near Saint Louis.  (pauses)  It... didn't go well.

[ LUKE is visibly bothered.  LISA looks to him. ]

DR. BERING (cont'd):
Look, we'll stop him eventually.  You're not going to do anyone any good if you rush out prematurely and get yourselves seriously hurt... or worse.

[ LUKE nods reluctantly. ]

I know.  (nods toward the monitors)  Where do you think he'll be striking next?

[ DR. BERING pulls up a display of the United States with markers at Memphis, Tennessee, and Las Vegas, Nevada. ]

We've got our eye on the Pyramid Arena in Memphis, and the Luxor Hotel that's under construction in Las Vegas.  (points)  Memphis is probably most likely.

It's closer to Illinois, and the Luxor was incomplete at the time.

[ LUKE ponders searchingly. ]

How's the terrain?  Could I get a clear shot with Hawk One?

[ DR. BERING presses a button, showing Memphis's Pyramid Arena flanked on one side by tall buildings, Mud Island and the Wolf River Harbor on the other. ]

Thank you again, Google Earth.

There are high-rises all along the east, but it's clear to the west.  It all depends on where the monster shows up.  Sometimes he's been as far as a kilometer away from his targets.  And the situation doesn't look any better in Vegas.

[ LUKE thinks further. ]

LISA (to Luke):
You think you could pull a favor from the Thadian Rangers?

DR. BERING (with a gentle chuckle):
Sorry, we can't teleport far beyond Earth orbit.

Always nice to ask, anyway.

[ OFFICER1 appears on-screen. ]

OFFICER1 (from monitor):
Dr. Bering, we have a reading in San Francisco!

The Transamerica Pyramid is to be Brimstone's tenth target; the building is pointy, like a very elongated pyramid (with a few extra structures near the tip).  It's a bit of a stretch to consider it a pyramid (despite its name), but it was just too tempting to adapt the suspension bridge in the sentai (Tokyo's Yokohama Bay Bridge) as the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, or its counterpart in this universe.

[ DR. BERING springs into action, pressing a series of buttons.  LUKE and LISA, meanwhile, are stunned. ]

San Francisco?  What's he doing in our area?!

[ CASEY, CHRIS, PETE, and MAGGIE enter from another door.  All but MAGGIE are wearing their black uniforms. ]

What's going on?

The monster's just across the bay.

What?  You're kidding.  How did he know where we live?

Just coincidence.

[ On the monitor, DR. BERING studies a map of the northeastern portion of San Francisco. ]

He's near the harbor, moving west-northwest from the Bay Bridge.

Wait a minute... west?  He's moving away from Spring Valley?

What could he be after?

[ CASEY has a flash of inspiration. ]

The Transamerica building...

Oh come on!  That's not even a pyramid!

I guess crater-face begs to differ.

It is pointy.

What are we gonna do?

Dr. Bering, what weapons do we have online?

DR. BERING (absently):
Well, the Phoenix Cannon needs more work, but you have the Battlizers and the Enforcers, thanks to a spare set of Sky Blasters I made.  (with sudden clarity) Hey, wait a minute...  You're not going anywhere in your condition!

The Phoenix Cannon was just gummed up with Gluestreak's glue two days prior (episode 33).  The Sky Blasters were just recently destroyed by Brimstone along with the Echo Blasters, but Dr. Bering had a spare set after she had to replace them following the Smog Rat encounter (episode 31).

[ OFFICER1 cuts in. ]

OFFICER1 (from monitor):
Uhhh, Dr. Bering...?  I'm showing the Rangers there too.

[ The HEROES, MAGGIE, and DR. BERING look at one another in stunned silence.  LISA, however, seems to understand, as does DR. BERING a moment after meeting eyes with LISA.  The others, however, are too distracted to notice the glance. ]

Lisa has known about the duplicates since episode 25, and Dr. Bering found out behind the scenes in episode 31.  The duplicates' actions from this point onward are shown again in episode 37.

Wait, what?  (checks his Morpher)  That's not --  (with realization)  Our duplicates!

[ The HEROES all look to the monitor.  In it, we see the beginning of the next scene, to which we then cut: ]

[ EXT. HARBOR (Jetman #41) - Smoking slightly, BRIMSTONE lands on the pavement and rolls with a grunt. ]

harbor battle harbor battle

In the sentai, Brimstone was in the Rangers' base until Red Ranger kicked him so hard he landed here (!).  This reminded me of Andros' fight with Darkonda in "The Barillian Sting" (Power Rangers in Space), in which the combatants were in a tunnel one moment and then inexplicably out in a plaza after leaping out of frame.

[ The five RANGERS flip and leap over the camera.  Their voices (if they are heard grunting) match their normal counterparts. ]

harbor battle harbor battle harbor battle harbor battle harbor battle

[ The RANGERS land near the waterfront and turn in unison, the Bay Bridge in the background.  BRIMSTONE stands in the foreground. ]

harbor battle harbor battle

RANGERS (in unison):
Power Rangers!

[ BRIMSTONE crosses his arms and unleashes a barrage of red beams. ]

harbor battle harbor battle

[ Struck with the beams, the RANGERS writhe a moment as they glow with red energy, but they then throw their arms out with defiance, dispelling the red energy as sparks erupt harmlessly around them. ]

harbor battle harbor battle harbor battle harbor battle

The future Rangers are at full power, so they're much more resistant to Brimstone's attack.  I'm just lucky the sentai didn't show Brimstone using his yellow electrical attack here, because even the future Rangers wouldn't have been resistant to his energy drain.  (Your loss for not trying, Brimstone.)

[ INT. SPACE STATION COMMAND - The HEROES and MAGGIE are dumbfounded.  (LISA appears impressed but less shocked than the others.) ]


They just shrugged off that blast like it was nothing!

At our power level, that would've totaled us.

Whoever these guys are, they look like they're in top shape.

This was my way of interpreting their resilience as being at full strength, whereas the Neo-Jetmen's energies seemed to give them added immunity in the sentai.

[ EXT. HARBOR (Jetman #41) - The RANGERS admire themselves while RED RANGER clenches his fist. ]

harbor battle harbor battle

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Well, Brimstone, we sure have missed you, but this is where it ends!

I thought this line would be intriguing; how did these Rangers know Brimstone?  Also, maddeningly, hearing this remark is apparently how the younger Rangers learn Brimstone's name.

[ BLACK RANGER thumbs his nose at Brimstone (off-screen) and gestures toward the others. ]

harbor battle harbor battle

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
Let's see how you handle a Ranger team at full power!

[ RED RANGER presents his fist.  The others join in, and all charge. ]

harbor battle harbor battle

LUKE (Red Ranger):
All right, let's do it!  (Rangers charge)

[ INT. SPACE STATION COMMAND - The HEROES and MAGGIE watch with fascination, though LISA remains less bewildered than the others. ]

[ EXT. HARBOR (Jetman #41) - RED RANGER readies his BATTLIZER. ]

harbor battle harbor battle harbor battle

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Battlizer, power up!

[ RED leaps, opens his underarm wings, and soars toward BRIMSTONE.  He finally delivers a flying punch (shown twice). ]

harbor battle harbor battle harbor battle harbor battle harbor battle harbor battle harbor battle

[ The punch strikes BRIMSTONE in the chest.  He sparks and is knocked backward. ]

harbor battle

[ INT. SPACE STATION COMMAND - LUKE watches approvingly. ]


The younger Rangers will repeat this combo, also apparently introduced by watching their older counterparts, in episode 35 against Zindrek.

[ EXT. HARBOR (Jetman #41) - Smoking, BRIMSTONE staggers back slightly but braces for more while uttering an alien retort. ]

harbor battle harbor battle

[ His wings open, BLACK RANGER spirals through the air with his fists above his head in a corkscrew BATTLIZER attack.  BLUE does the same. ]

harbor battle harbor battle harbor battle harbor battle

[ BLUE and BLACK punch BRIMSTONE simultaneously, causing him to spark and fly back. ]

harbor battle harbor battle harbor battle

[ Smoking, BRIMSTONE lands some distance away and rolls across the concrete.  He rises with a growl. ]

harbor battle harbor battle

[ Leaping through the air with their wings open as well, YELLOW and PINK fire their Battlizer Beams. ]

harbor battle

PETE / CASEY (Yellow/Pink Rangers, in unison):
Battlizer Beam!  (both fire)

[ BRIMSTONE sparks repeatedly.  We see the winged RANGERS standing some distance away as the monster continues to spark.  Finally, a large explosion (US addition) erupts around him. ]

harbor battle harbor battle (US explosion not shown)

In the sentai, the Rangers followed their Battlizer combo with a blast from the Echo Enforcers.  Not only did I destroy the Echo Blasters previously in this episode, but the Echo Enforcer sequence showed the wrong type of background (it was the one used in the Gluestreak battle in episode 33); also, it becomes apparent in the next episode that the Battlizer combo alone can prompt tough foes to grow, so the Echo Enforcers simply weren't necessary.

[ Above, BRIMSTONE appears from fiery energy in giant form.  He roars menacingly. ]

I cut a shot of a red bug flying up to reconstitute the monster.

giant Brimstone giant Brimstone giant Brimstone

[ As the RANGERS scatter below, RED calls into his wrist. ]

giant Brimstone giant Brimstone

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Sky Flyers, we need you!

[ EXT. SKY (Jetman #40) - The FLYERS fly overhead. ]

Sky Flyers Sky Flyers

[ EXT. HARBOR (US footage) - The five RANGERS are beamed up in green light. ]

[ EXT. SKY (Jetman #9) - The RANGERS beam up into the FLYERS. ]

Rangers beam up

[ INT. HAWK COCKPIT (Jetman #8) - RED RANGER thrusts his fist forward. ]

Red calls for Megazord

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Skyforce Megazord!

[ EXT. SKY (Jetman #5) - The FLYERS streak into the sky. ]

Flyers streaking

[ Switch to Jetman #40 - The FLYERS transform and assemble into the SKYFORCE MEGAZORD. ]

Megazord formation Megazord formation Megazord formation Megazord formation Megazord formation Megazord formation Megazord formation

[ EXT. CITY (Jetman #40) - BRIMSTONE stands ready as the MEGAZORD lands in front of him. ]

I merged two sentai Brimstone battles for this sequence; one spanned Jetman #40 and the beginning of #41, while the second was the climax of Jetman #41.

Megazord lands Megazord lands Megazord lands

[ Switch to Jetman #41 - The MEGAZORD and BRIMSTONE circle each other.  BRIMSTONE mutters in his alien language. ]

Megazord vs. Brimstone Megazord vs. Brimstone Megazord vs. Brimstone

[ BRIMSTONE then blows a stream of fire from his mouth. ]

Megazord vs. Brimstone

[ Inundated with flames, the MEGAZORD sparks. ]

Megazord vs. Brimstone Megazord vs. Brimstone Megazord vs. Brimstone

In the sentai, this shot was used in Jetman #40 when Brimstone flamed the one-armed Megazord; Jetman #41 then reused it, but they cut it short to avoid showing the severed arm (as the Megazord had both arms for the second battle).

[ INT. MEGAZORD COCKPIT (Jetman #12) - The RANGERS are jostled as smoke lingers in front of the cockpit.  RED RANGER presses a button. ]

Red Ranger calls for Vane Daggers Red Ranger calls for Vane Daggers

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Vane Daggers!

The term "vane" can describe a part of a bird's feather, or the feather on the tail of an arrow.

I'd omitted the Vane Daggers from previous fights for various reasons, but now seemed like as good a time as any to introduce them.

[ A diagram of a VANE DAGGER appears in his monitor. ]

Red Ranger calls for Vane Daggers

[ EXT. CITY (Jetman #40) - The MEGAZORD brandishes the VANE DAGGERS and quickly throws them.  They fly through the air (shown twice). ]

Vane Daggers Vane Daggers Vane Daggers Vane Daggers Vane Daggers

[ The VANE DAGGERS harmlessly bounce off of BRIMSTONE with a flash of sparks as he advances unhindered. ]

Vane Daggers ineffective Vane Daggers ineffective


"Vane Daggers?"  Where did they get those?

Oh, um, actually, I created some new weapons while the Phoenix Blade was being re-forged.  (sheepishly)  I forgot to tell you.

That absent-minded Dr. Bering...

The Phoenix Blade had to be re-forged after Smog Rat ruined it in episode 31.

Yeah, well, it doesn't look like they're doing a lot of good right now.

DR. BERING (remembering something):
Oh, that reminds me!  (begins entering commands into a wall console)

Off-screen in the previous episode, Dr. Bering began working on deactivating the component which was causing problems with the Mega Kestrelzord.

[ INT. MEGAZORD COCKPIT (Jetman #41) - The RANGERS are jostled again.  RED presses a button once more. ]

Raptor Axe Raptor Axe

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Raptor Axe!

Now seemed like a fine time to debut the Raptor Axe as well.  "Raptor" is another word for a bird of prey, one with a sharp beak and talons for hunting.  The axe's curved blade reminded me of a hawk's beak.

[ A diagram of the RAPTOR AXE appears in his monitor. ]

Raptor Axe

[ EXT. CITY (Jetman #41) - The MEGAZORD brandishes the RAPTOR AXE and leaps into the air.  It readies a strike in midair. ]

Raptor Axe Raptor Axe Raptor Axe Raptor Axe

[ Upon landing, the MEGAZORD strikes BRIMSTONE twice.  BRIMSTONE then catches a third strike in his claws and slashes the MEGAZORD back. ]

Raptor Axe Raptor Axe Raptor Axe Raptor Axe Raptor Axe Raptor Axe Raptor Axe

[ Stabilizing itself, the MEGAZORD continues to clutch the RAPTOR AXE. ]

Raptor Axe Raptor Axe

[ Switch to Jetman #40 - In the foreground, the MEGAZORD takes a step back as BRIMSTONE approaches, muttering in his alien language. ]

Brimstone approaches Brimstone approaches flail fails

[ The MEGAZORD readies its flail weapon and throws it. ]

flail fails flail fails flail fails

[ Continuing his advance, BRIMSTONE easily swats the flail aside. ]

flail fails flail fails

[ INT. MEGAZORD COCKPIT (US footage) - YELLOW RANGER looks on apprehensively. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
Uhh, we're running out of weapons here!

[ RED RANGER replies: ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
We've gotta buy Dr. Bering more time.  Phoenix Blade!

[ PINK RANGER shakes her head. ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
She's not gonna like this...

Future-Casey is actually mistaken; she is confusing Dr. Bering's recent irritation over ruined weapons (episode 33) for her neutral reaction in response to the sword breaking here (keep in mind it's been a year since this battle, by future-Casey's time).

[ EXT. CITY (Jetman #40) - The MEGAZORD brandishes the PHOENIX BLADE and charges. ]

Phoenix Blade Phoenix Blade

[ In passing, the MEGAZORD slashes BRIMSTONE.  It then turns and delivers two more strikes, each causing a spark burst which fails to faze the monster. ]

Phoenix Blade Phoenix Blade Phoenix Blade Phoenix Blade Phoenix Blade

[ Finally, the MEGAZORD delivers a final swing.  The sword comes down on BRIMSTONE's shoulder (catching the side of his head as well).  Sparks burst forth from the impact zone. ]

Phoenix Blade Phoenix Blade Phoenix Blade Phoenix Blade

[ We see the end of the PHOENIX BLADE, cleanly snapped off, as it embeds itself into the ground below. ]

Phoenix Blade broken Phoenix Blade broken

[ The MEGAZORD reacts and examines its broken sword. ]

Phoenix Blade broken Phoenix Blade broken Phoenix Blade broken

[ INT. SPACE STATION COMMAND - The HEROES and MAGGIE (LISA included) are shocked. ]

Oh man, the Phoenix Blade!

[ Momentarily distracted from her work on her wall console, DR. BERING looks over at their monitor (off-screen).  She frowns. ]

I knew I should've tempered it more.  (returns to wall console)  But maybe you won't need it, if I can just get these disable codes right...

Dr. Bering hasn't had a tremendous amount of time to temper the newly forged Phoenix Blade; I used this to explain the break here.  (Also see episode 39.)  She isn't terribly upset, though, because the Mega Kestrelzord will trump the Phoenix Blade if she can get it online quickly.

[ The HEROES and MAGGIE look again to the monitor. ]

[ EXT. CITY (Jetman #40) - BRIMSTONE begins assailing the MEGAZORD with a series of slashes. ]

Megazord gets pounded Megazord gets pounded Megazord gets pounded Megazord gets pounded Megazord gets pounded Megazord gets pounded

[ After staggering back, the MEGAZORD counters with a swing of its broken PHOENIX BLADE. ]

Megazord fights back Megazord fights back

LISA (voice-over):
All right, guys, that's my cue!

[ BRIMSTONE catches the blade, swats it aside, and slashes the MEGAZORD with a mighty blow to the left shoulder.  Just before the blow hits, however, the MEGAZORD's left arm is obscured with a bright gleam of blue light (US enhancement). ]

faring poorly faring poorly faring poorly faring poorly

At this point in Jetman #40 (the first battle), Brimstone severed the Megazord's left arm with its blow; I used some creative editing to inretpret this as a well-timed Zord detachment so I could then show the one-armed Megazord without implying heavy damage (as I needed to form the Mega Kestrelzord soon).

[ Jetman #26 - As the gleam (US effect) subsides, we see SWALLOW FIVE flying through the city (shot mirrored from sentai). ]

Swallow Five Swallow Five

[ INT. SWALLOW COCKPIT (Jetman #10) - BLUE RANGER looks over her shoulder and breathes a sigh of relief. ]

Blue Ranger sighs with relief Blue Ranger sighs with relief

LISA (Blue Ranger):
Whew, that wasn't a second too soon!

Future-Lisa must have remembered the arm detachment coming shortly after the sword was broken.

[ EXT. CITY (Jetman #40) - The MEGAZORD, now missing its left arm but clutching the broken PHOENIX BLADE in its right hand, falls backward and crashes to the ground. ]

Megazord falls Megazord falls Megazord falls

[ INT. SPACE STATION COMMAND - The HEROES and MAGGIE cringe, though PETE seems intrigued. ]

Man, they're getting torn up.

Yeah, but did you see that Blue Ranger disengage right when that blow was coming?  It's like she knew it would happen!

Almost like they're from... the future!!

[ LISA keeps quiet. ]

[ EXT. CITY (Jetman #40) - BRIMSTONE spins the one-armed MEGAZORD around by its feet.  He then hurls it, and the MEGAZORD crashes to the ground some distance away. ]

Brimstone tosses Megazord Brimstone tosses Megazord Brimstone tosses Megazord Brimstone tosses Megazord Brimstone tosses Megazord Brimstone tosses Megazord

[ BRIMSTONE blows fire from his mouth. ]


[ Just as it rises, the MEGAZORD is inundated with flames.  Sparks erupt all around it. ]

Megazord gets flamed Megazord gets flamed Megazord gets flamed Megazord gets flamed Megazord gets flamed

[ INT. MEGAZORD COCKPIT (Jetman #34) - The cockpit flashes with sparks (Blue Ranger isn't visible). ]

cockpit sparks

Actually, I cheated: Blue wasn't absent in this shot, but the sparks obscured her enough that I pretended she was absent.

[ EXT. CITY (Jetman #40) - The MEGAZORD goes limp and falls backward.  It slams to the ground as BRIMSTONE is seen in the background. ]

Megazord falls Megazord falls Megazord falls Megazord falls


The Megazord's down!  Dr. Bering, send me to the Kestrelzord!

As if Luke doesn't know the others will insist on joining him.

[ From her console, DR. BERING looks back at him apprehensively. ]

[ EXT. CITY (Jetman #40) - BRIMSTONE approaches the smoking, prone, one-armed MEGAZORD while uttering in his alien language.  Suddenly, he looks left with a questioning grunt. ]

Brimstone approaches Brimstone approaches Brimstone looks

[ The KESTRELZORD flies overhead. ]


In Jetman #40, the Kestrelzord was piloted by the (powerless) Rangers, while the Megazord had been piloted by the Neo-Jetmen.

[ INT. MEGAZORD COCKPIT (US footage) - Their cockpit shown from a tilted angle, the four RANGERS (lacking Blue Ranger) look up. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Right on time.

In Jetman #40, the Neo-Jetmen were unconscious by this point.

[ INT. KESTREL COCKPIT (US footage) - The camera dollies in on the five unmorphed HEROES as they man their normal seats in the Kestrel cockpit. ]

Thanks for coming, guys.  Let's be extra careful.

[ On their side of the cockpit, CHRIS and CASEY nod. ]

[ PETE and MAGGIE nod as well. ]

[ LUKE readies his MORPHER. ]

LUKE (cont'd):
Let's see how well this works.  Sky Hawk!

[ The others ready their MORPHERS in turn. ]

Sky Condor!

Sky Owl!

Sky Swan!

Sky Swallow!

[ In mostly the same order as their morphing calls, the HEROES begin to morph with sputtering glimmers of respectively-colored light.  Eventually, each morph takes hold, leaving the five RANGERS morphed, but not without effort. ]

[ RED RANGER cocks his head and grips his joysticks tightly. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Here goes nothing...

The Rangers remained unmorphed in the sentai.

[ EXT. CITY (Jetman #40) - The KESTREL performs a flying kick.  It strikes BRIMSTONE in the face, knocking him back. ]

Kestrel vs. Brimstone Kestrel vs. Brimstone

[ BRIMSTONE lands nearby but rolls back onto his feet with an angry alien retort. ]

Kestrel vs. Brimstone Kestrel vs. Brimstone

[ The KESTREL lands and assumes a ready position.  It then turns to look back at the prone, one-armed MEGAZORD. ]

Kestrel vs. Brimstone Kestrel vs. Brimstone Kestrel vs. Brimstone Kestrel vs. Brimstone Kestrel vs. Brimstone

[ INT. KESTREL COCKPIT (US footage) - The RANGERS look down anxiously from their cockpit. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Hey, guys, are you okay?

[ INT. MEGAZORD COCKPIT (US footage) - YELLOW RANGER waves his attention away. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
Dude, watch out!

The Neo-Jetmen remained unconscious.

[ EXT. CITY (Jetman #40) - BRIMSTONE fires his red beams. ]

Kestrel vs. Brimstone

[ The distracted KESTREL turns just in time to be blasted with the energy barrage, causing it to crackle with electricity and spark. ]

Kestrel vs. Brimstone Kestrel vs. Brimstone Kestrel vs. Brimstone Kestrel vs. Brimstone

[ INT. KESTREL COCKPIT (US footage) - The RANGERS are shaken heavily. ]

[ EXT. CITY (Jetman #40) - BRIMSTONE crosses his arms and fires again.  The KESTREL staggers to one side but continues to crackle and spark. ]

Kestrel vs. Brimstone Kestrel vs. Brimstone Kestrel vs. Brimstone Kestrel vs. Brimstone

At this point in Jetman #40, the Rangers tried to morph but were unsuccessful, to their astonishment.

[ BRIMSTONE blows fire from his mouth. ]

Kestrel vs. Brimstone

[ Caught in the flames, the KESTREL is inundated with spark explosions. ]

Kestrel vs. Brimstone Kestrel vs. Brimstone

[ We zoom down to the still-smoking MEGAZORD. ]

Kestrel vs. Brimstone Kestrel vs. Brimstone

This was the cliffhanger between Jetman #40 and #41.

[ INT. MEGAZORD COCKPIT (US footage) - The four RANGERS look to RED RANGER's monitor. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
Hey, Dr. Bering, how are those disable codes going?

The future Rangers know they're simply buying time for Dr. Bering to allow the Mega Kestrelzord to form.  (It might've been nice if she'd started sooner, of course.)

[ INT. SPACE STATION COMMAND - DR. BERING continues her work on the wall console. ]

Almost got it...

[ EXT. CITY (Jetman #41) - BRIMSTONE clashes with the KESTREL at close range, striking it across the chest and sending it toppling over. ]

Kestrel vs. Brimstone Kestrel vs. Brimstone

[ INT. KESTREL COCKPIT (US footage) - The five RANGERS are jostled heavily as the Zord hits the ground (off-screen).  As they recover, BLUE RANGER declares: ]

LISA (Blue Ranger):
Guys, we're getting creamed!  Let's get the Battlezord out here!

Oh yeah, we have another Zord!

[ EXT. SKY (Jetman #4) - SWALLOW FIVE loops overhead. ]

Swallow Five Swallow Five

LISA (voice-over):
No, don't do it!

Future-Lisa protests the decision to call the Battlezord because she remembers it vanishing at this point (and as far as the future Rangers know, they won't ever see it again).  Of course, the sentai lacked this plot point, as there were no Rangers from the future, and the Battlezord didn't originally vanish during either Brimstone battle.

[ INT. SWALLOW COCKPIT (Jetman #26) - BLUE RANGER speaks over her shoulder. ]

Blue Ranger speaks

LISA (Blue Ranger):
You have to believe me...  You don't want to call the Battlezord!

[ EXT. CITY (Jetman #41) - BRIMSTONE fires his barrage. ]

Kestrel vs. Brimstone

[ Lying face-down on the ground, the KESTREL erupts in spark explosions. ]

Kestrel vs. Brimstone Kestrel vs. Brimstone

[ INT. KESTREL COCKPIT (US footage) - The five RANGERS are showered in sparks and shaken.  BLUE RANGER pounds her fist on the controls. ]

LISA (Blue Ranger):
Well, what are we supposed to do?!

LISA 2 (from controls):
Just hang on.  I'll try to buy you some more time.

Future-Lisa is acting in futility, as she surely knows this won't work.

[ EXT. SKY (Jetman #40) - SWALLOW FIVE's WING BLADE detaches and flies down. ]

Wing Blade Wing Blade

[ EXT. CITY (Jetman #40) - The WING BLADE flies by BRIMSTONE, producing a nominal spark. ]

Wing Blade Wing Blade Wing Blade

In Jetman #40, the individual Flyers attacked Brimstone before the Megazord was formed.  I cut that sequence because it seemed pointless, and because I had a better use for the Wing Blade here.

[ INT. KESTREL COCKPIT (US footage) - BLUE RANGER retorts: ]

LISA (Blue Ranger):
That's it?!  That's your plan?!

[ EXT. CITY (Jetman #41) - BRIMSTONE stomps on the chest of the KESTRELZORD, which is now lying on its back.  It sparks from the impact.  BRIMSTONE gloats in his alien language and then stomps again, producing another spark, and then another. ]

Brimstone stomps Kestrelzord Brimstone stomps Kestrelzord Brimstone stomps Kestrelzord Brimstone stomps Kestrelzord Brimstone stomps Kestrelzord Brimstone stomps Kestrelzord Brimstone stomps Kestrelzord

[ INT. KESTREL COCKPIT (US footage) - As the RANGERS are shaken, BLUE RANGER declares: ]

LISA (Blue Ranger):
Forget this!  Battlezord, we need you!

Lisa's faith in her future self was shattered when she failed to warn her of her mother's betrayal (though it works out okay in the end), and when she wouldn't answer her call (see episode 37 for the reason why).

[ EXT. CITY (Jetman #41) - BRIMSTONE chuckles, grinds his foot into the KESTREL's smoking chest, and then stomps once more. ]

Brimstone stomps Kestrelzord Brimstone stomps Kestrelzord Brimstone stomps Kestrelzord

[ We see the BATTLEZORD's fist being readied in close-up.  We then follow alongside the fist as it approaches BRIMSTONE from behind.  Finally, it punches the monster in the back of the head, knocking him forward. ]

Battlezord to the rescue Battlezord to the rescue Battlezord to the rescue Battlezord to the rescue Battlezord to the rescue

[ With a grunt, BRIMSTONE rolls forward but recovers his footing. ]

Battlezord to the rescue Battlezord to the rescue

[ The BATTLEZORD prances eagerly in front of the downed KESTRELZORD. ]

Battlezord to the rescue Battlezord to the rescue

[ BRIMSTONE growls and angrily charges. ]

Brimstone vs. Battlezord

[ The BATTLEZORD advances as well. ]

Brimstone vs. Battlezord Brimstone vs. Battlezord

[ As the combatants meet, the BATTLEZORD opens with a spinning backfist to the monster's head, followed by a flurry of punches punctuated by kicks. ]

Brimstone vs. Battlezord Brimstone vs. Battlezord Brimstone vs. Battlezord Brimstone vs. Battlezord Brimstone vs. Battlezord Brimstone vs. Battlezord Brimstone vs. Battlezord

Always with the groin blows...

[ The BATTLEZORD then winds up and unleashes a rapid series of backfists to BRIMSTONE's face. ]

Brimstone vs. Battlezord Brimstone vs. Battlezord

[ Finally, the BATTLEZORD leaps into the air with a flying punch. ]

Brimstone vs. Battlezord Brimstone vs. Battlezord

[ BRIMSTONE lunges forward with his claws extended and grasps the incoming BATTLEZORD by the head.  He effortlessly tosses the BATTLEZORD over his head a few times, then spins and hurls it. ]

Brimstone vs. Battlezord Brimstone vs. Battlezord Brimstone vs. Battlezord Brimstone vs. Battlezord Brimstone vs. Battlezord Brimstone vs. Battlezord Brimstone vs. Battlezord Brimstone vs. Battlezord

[ The BATTLEZORD crashes to the ground near the fallen KESTRELZORD and looks up at the monster as we zoom in on the KESTREL. ]

Battlezord down Battlezord down Battlezord down Battlezord down

[ INT. KESTREL COCKPIT (US footage) - The five RANGERS react. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
Still nothing!  Let's get these Zords up and try the Quad Cannon!

[ EXT. CITY (Jetman #34) - As it lies downtown in an industrial area, the BATTLEZORD fades away with a golden shimmer (US effect) and is gone. ]

Battlezord vanishes Battlezord vanishes (shimmer not shown) Battlezord vanishes

In the sentai, the Quad Cannon, fired by the Kestrelzord, succeeded in destroying Brimstone (before the Kestrel collapsed), though Brimstone was later reconstituted inside the Rangers' base.  Here, I've used a shot from Jetman #34 (see episode 38 for plot summary) to make the Zord vanish; this is explained as Garavan's doing in episode 38.

[ INT. KESTREL COCKPIT (US footage) - The five RANGERS startle in disbelief. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
What just happened?!

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
The Battlezord!!

LISA (Blue Ranger):
Where'd it go?

[ INT. MEGAZORD COCKPIT (US footage) - The four RANGERS look on and listen as DR. BERING's voice is heard. ]

DR. BERING (from controls):
Rangers, I've lost track of the Battlezord.  But I've got good news...  The Mega Kestrelzord is back in business.

[ The four RANGERS shake their heads in dismay. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
Well, Lisa tried to warn them.

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Come on.  I think we've done enough here.

LISA (from controls):

[ The four RANGERS vanish with respectively-colored gleams. ]

I wanted the future Rangers to leave before the battle was over to keep up their mystique, and I picked this moment for their departure so I wouldn't have to deal with ten Rangers inside the Mega Kestrelzord.

[ INT. KESTREL COCKPIT (US footage) - The five RANGERS are puzzled, though YELLOW remains focused on his controls. ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
Our duplicates just bailed on us!

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
Hey, what gives?

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
Dr. Bering, I thought the Mega Kestrelzord was too dangerous!


No, I've remotely disabled the back-flow inhibitor that was installed to prevent energy leeching.  That's what was causing the problem with the power coupling!

Similar to the problem which plagued the Echo Blasters in the previous episode; it was that situation which gave Dr. Bering this idea to fix the Mega Kestrelzord, which had been off limits since episode 30.


PETE (Yellow Ranger):
Wait a second...  You're turning OFF our protection against energy-draining monsters?!

An interesting coincidence, I thought.

DR. BERING (from controls):
That's right, so you'd better get with it!

[ RED RANGER nods and pumps his fist. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Let's do it!  Mega Kestrelzord, combine!

[ EXT. ANYWHERE (Jetman #41) - The components of the MEGA KESTRELZORD assemble.  Its talon rotates into position, and the MEGA KESTRELZORD stands complete. ]

Mega Kestrelzord formation Mega Kestrelzord formation Mega Kestrelzord formation Mega Kestrelzord formation Mega Kestrelzord formation Mega Kestrelzord formation

We've now switched into events from the resolution of Brimstone's second battle, in Jetman #41.

I trimmed the beginning of the Mega Kestrelzord's formation because the Swallow was supposed to be detached from the Megazord going into this formation; the sentai showed both arms detaching to make way for the Kestrel's parts.

[ EXT. CITY (Jetman #41) - BRIMSTONE unleashes another barrage, but the MEGA KESTRELZORD advances unfazed through the spark explosions.  It then strikes a ready position. ]

Mega Kestrelzord unfazed Mega Kestrelzord unfazed Mega Kestrelzord unfazed Mega Kestrelzord unfazed

Good ol' invincible Mega Kestrelzord.

[ INT. MEGAZORD COCKPIT (Jetman #41) - The RANGERS present their fists in unison, and RED RANGER then thrusts forward on his joysticks. ]

finish him! finish him!

RANGERS (in unison):
Gemini Beam, fire!

[ EXT. ANYWHERE (Jetman #41) - The MEGA KESTRELZORD opens its talons. ]

talons talons

[ The MEGA KESTRELZORD then charges electricity between its talons and fires its powerful chest beam. ]

Gemini Beam Gemini Beam Gemini Beam

[ EXT. CITY (Jetman #41) - The beam strikes BRIMSTONE, causing him to crackle with blue electrical bolts.  Two glowing spheres, red and blue, engulf the monster, and he then explodes. ]

Brimstone destroyed Brimstone destroyed Brimstone destroyed Brimstone destroyed Brimstone destroyed

It bothered me that Jetman introduced Brimstone's weakness to water when he first fought the Neo-Jetmen in the previous episode, but water played no future role.  Further, while Brimstone survived his destruction by the Quad Cannon by ejecting his special orange stone (on Tranza's command), I don't see why he shouldn't have done the same to survive destruction by the Mega Kestrelzord.  I eliminated both the water weakness and the orange stone, such that his destruction here is simply thanks to the godlike might of the Mega Kestrelzord.

Incidentally, at one point I did consider using water to account for Brimstone's permanent destruction (I probably would have made it rain using a US effect), but this proved unnecessary.

[ EXT. CITY (BELOW) (US footage) - Standing in the shadow of a nearby skyscraper, TRASK shields his face with his hand until the light of the explosion (off-screen) subsides.  His gaze alternates between the monster's former position and the Mega Kestrelzord above (off-screen). ]


Presumably Trask didn't see the two sets of Rangers; I imagined that his remark pertained to the Mega Kestrelzord's return and the mysterious disappearance of the Battlezord.

[ TRASK vanishes with a ripple effect. ]

[ Jetman #41 - The MEGA KESTRELZORD stands triumphant. ]

Mega Kestrelzord triumphant

[ Break. ]

[ EXT. OLD HOUSE (MID-AFTERNOON) - On the front yard of Jake's house, GLENN stands talking to a crowd of reporters, some with microphones and others with cameramen in tow.  JAKE watches from the porch, his arms crossed.  GLENN seems moderately uncomfortable as he answers questions. ]

Uhh, no...  No, I never saw her with anybody else.

Glenn and Jake continue their outing of Lisa's identity (see previous episode).

Did she ever demonstrate any superhuman qualities?

No... not that I noticed.

[ Another reporter calls out: ]

REPORTER2 (off-screen):
Look, there she is!

It's actually a fine coincidence that Lisa's identity is exposed after she moved out of her apartment, or else she'd have been swarmed at home.

[ LISA is approaching the crowd with her hands in her pockets.  She is wearing her casual clothes once again, but she is presently not wearing her MORPHER. ]

Lisa loaned her Morpher to Maggie to get her off the hook, but future-Lisa will actually play this role, leaving Maggie with nothing to do.

[ As they rush over to her, leaving GLENN behind, the reporters issue a cacophony of calls for attention, including "Lisa," "Miss Ward," and "Blue Ranger."  One of them, REPORTER2, is more distinct. ]

Blue Ranger, can you tell us who's been destroying all these pyramids worldwide?

[ LISA 2's voice calls down to the crowd from above, prompting them to turn and look up. ]

LISA 2 (off-screen):
You're the journalist.  Why don't you tell us?  (heads turn)

[ Perched atop the roof of Glenn and Jake's house is the BLUE RANGER, her hands on her hips. ]

[ From her vantage point, LISA scrutinizes the Blue Ranger above (off-screen), as though something seems slightly amiss. ]

Lisa was expecting Maggie.

[ BLUE RANGER effortlessly leaps high off the roof, flips through the air several times, and lands on the grass below. ]

[ The reporters are surprised.  Some are reluctant to leave LISA, while the rest immediately gravitate to the BLUE RANGER.  LISA looks on with wide-eyed interest.  In short time, all of the reporters have abandoned LISA in favor of BLUE. ]

[ As microphones are jammed in front of her, BLUE RANGER coolly addresses the crowd. ]

LISA 2 (Blue Ranger):
It was just your average, run-of-the-mill monster.  You can call him Brimstone.  I assure you he won't be causing any more trouble.

It's not clear why Lisa played down Brimstone's uniqueness.

[ The reporters respond with a flurry of questions regarding the monster, its motives, extraterrestrials, the pyramids, the Rangers' robots, the Rangers' identities and motives, last month's evacuations, and Lisa. ]

The questions about last month's evacuations pertain to the Infernis battle in episode 29, during which the future Rangers were secretly behind every destroyed building being evacuated preemptively.

[ Meanwhile, on the roof of a house positioned behind Jake's house, a second BLUE RANGER lands (with MAGGIE's voice) and is surprised to notice the first BLUE RANGER on the roof ahead (her back to her). ]

MAGGIE (second Blue Ranger, inwardly):
What...?  Boy, these guys are everywhere.

This is Maggie's first time back in the Blue Ranger suit since retiring in episode 31.  She reprises this role only temporarily.

[ She hops down off the roof and takes cover as the first BLUE RANGER addresses the crowd, trying to calm them. ]

LISA 2 (Blue Ranger):
All right, all right, you have a lot of questions... and I don't plan to answer any of them.  But what I will say is that you should all be ashamed of yourselves... (pauses to glare at Glenn and Jake, then gestures toward Lisa as she continues) ...for preying on this young woman.  Our duty is to protect this city and the planet Earth, not to keep your wallets fat and happy.

Future-Lisa is a bit gruff with the media.

[ Some of the reporters look ashamed, while a few others scoff privately or appear confused. ]

Whenever I featured crowd reactions, I was mindful that surely not everyone in a given group of people would react the same way.

LISA 2 (Blue Ranger, cont'd, boldly):
If and when we choose to reveal ourselves, we will do it on our terms.  In the meantime, try to look into something useful, will you?  (subtly takes a threatening half-step toward Jake)  Like drug dealers in our neighborhoods.

[ JAKE apprehensively steps behind GLENN. ]

[ BLUE RANGER turns away from JAKE and salutes the crowd. ]

LISA 2 (Blue Ranger, cont'd):
And now if you'll excuse me...

[ The reporters clamor forward, but BLUE RANGER leaps into the sky and is gone almost instantly.  GLENN and JAKE look up in awe, as does MAGGIE, who peeks out from behind the house.  (MAGGIE is presently wearing an AVIMORPHER.) ]

Maggie will soon return the Morpher after the end of this episode.

[ Apart from the crowd, STACY KEENE looks up from beside a Channel 6 news van.  She narrows her eyes skeptically. ]

Stacy doesn't seem to buy the ruse, but she doesn't make her doubts publicly known.

[ Meanwhile, LISA chuckles to herself, apparently impressed with "herself."  She turns and is surprised to see a sorrowful MELODY waiting to speak with her.  (Behind LISA, the crowd begins to disperse.) ]


I'm so sorry, baby.

[ LISA shifts, trying to remain aloof, but she appears drawn to her mother's words. ]

MELODY (cont'd):
I didn't mean to hurt you.  You're the most important thing in my life, and I can't stand that I broke your trust.

[ LISA finally gives in and opens her arms.  They embrace. ]

LISA (with an affectionate eye roll):
Oh, Ma...  (they hug)

This resolution is surely why future-Lisa made no effort to avert this chain of events.  Lisa and her mom may have even ended up on better terms after this incident.

[ As they continue to embrace, MELODY speaks into LISA's shoulder. ]

So you're not really a Power Ranger?

Ehhh... it's a long story.

It isn't mentioned whether Lisa reveals herself to her mom a second time.

[ We zoom out high above the neighborhood.  As the reporters continue to disperse, we see GLENN berating JAKE on their porch (no audio) before going inside alone.  JAKE throws out his palms in exasperation and turns, apparently uncomfortable to find himself alone.  (Maggie isn't seen.)  We hold on the neighborhood before fading to black. ]

Glenn will soon move out of his brother's house (and into Lisa's old apartment, as seen next episode).  Jake's fate is unknown.