Spoiler Warning: The commentary found here discusses events in this episode and beyond.  It also includes speculation toward a hypothetical sequel series.  Read at your own risk!


Episode 35: "To Darkness Returned"

This episode was completed on February 12, 2008, and released on November 1, 2008.  The title references Trask's return to darkness (symbolizing his home planet) and his fate to be imprisoned.

Writer:  Joe Rovang

[ Sentai footage is primarily from Jetman #32 and 50, but all sources are indicated. ]

Jetman #32 is a continuation from Jetman #31, summarized in commentary for episode 30.  First, Red is soundly beaten by Maria (Sasha), who is clearly no longer his fiancée.  In the quarry, Ramon (Zin) plans to absorb the power from Gorg's (Drek's) dying body, but Radiguet (Trask) and Gray (Strife) take the body; they later return it, but when Ramon approaches, numerous red bugs burst out of the body and infect him, merging the two demons into a subservient conglomerate, Gattai (Zindrek).  Upon hearing of Red's experience, Black grudgingly returns to the team, and the four Rangers ultimately set out to battle Gattai.  Red remains unable to fight Maria, but he helps his teammates, and the reunited team trounces Gattai.  In giant form, the Rangers finish him off with the Kestrel Mega Cruiser.

In Jetman #50, Red sets out to challenge Radiguet (Trask) to a fight to the death to avenge his fianc´e's death.  As the others go to help, they're ambushed by Gray (Strife), and Black stays to fight him while the others go on.  During his battle, Red calls the Phoenix Cannon, but it's destroyed.  White is hurt protecting Red, and he realizes the value of teamwork.  Meanwhile, Black destroys Gray (shown in episode 27).  The team reunites at the beach, where they merge into a firebird attack.  Defeated, Radiguet grows into his giant monster form, Raguem (continued in Jetman #51, summarized in commentary for episode 22).

I decided to link these two sentai episodes because one featured Red Ranger alone while the other featured the four Rangers without Red.  Also, I was happy to adapt the Phoenix Cannon's destruction as part of my plan to eliminate sentai-exclusive weapons by the finale.

[ Fade in to INT. DARK LAIR - MAINFRAME backs into frame while stepping away from TRASK, who advances on him.  MAINFRAME steps around a standalone control panel, complete with an embedded monitor, to put something between himself and TRASK. ]

This scene takes place on Monday, September 7, 1992, the same day as Brimstone's destruction (episode 34).

I won't ask again, Mainframe.  Who sent that lava monster, and what happened to the Battlezord?

Trask watched the Brimstone battle in the previous episode and was apparently intrigued by the monster's origin and the Zord's disappearance.

I-- I really don't know!  I promise!

[ TRASK narrows his eyes. ]

Mainframe, do you know of anybody else creating monsters in this part of the galaxy?

W-- Well, no, but... I've lived a sheltered life.

Maybe there are others, for all Mainframe and Trask know.

If you didn't make it, you'd better find out who did.

But h-- how would I do that?

[ TRASK summons his sword with a ripple effect and lazily stabs the tip a few inches into the control panel's monitor, cracking it. ]

That's your problem, not mine.

[ TRASK removes the sword and walks off.  Once he is alone, MAINFRAME tenderly touches the control panel.  Under his touch, the monitor repairs itself.  It then comes to life, displaying horizontal lines, and then a crisscross of horizontal and vertical lines. ]

Mainframe hasn't previously dabbled in imagery, beyond simply reading the input from security cameras.  Incidentally, Mainframe is beginning to realize he might pose a threat to Trask with his powers.

[ MAINFRAME cocks his head, studying the monitor curiously.  Some of the lines change colors and move around whimsically. ]

[ MAINFRAME looks at a nearby crate, then back at the monitor.  Pixels rearrange and shift around to form a rough rendering of the crate, as seen from Mainframe's perspective. ]

Hmm, not bad.

[ MAINFRAME looks toward the direction in which Trask left and ponders silently. ]

[ INT. HOUSE, DINING ROOM (SUNSET) - The HEROES and MAGGIE are squeezed in around the dining room table, eating dinner together. ]

This dinner takes place on Wednesday, September 9, 1992, two days after Brimstone's destruction; for some reason, Casey isn't at work.  The others are off today or have finished their shifts.

Ohh, this is so good, Pete.


Seriously...  Like, I would pay to eat this.

[ The others laugh. ]

Yeah?  Well, I guess it's a good thing I cook for a living.

[ CASEY giggles. ]

Didn't you make this for our road trip to Reno?

Yeah...  Both ways.

No further details of their road trip are known.

Oh my gosh, you guys...  We should take a vacation.

[ CHRIS chuckles. ]

Yeah, right.  A vacation while the Earth is still under attack.

No, I'm serious.  We've got Dr. Bering in the space station, Turnquist in the Phoenix base, and... (gestures awkwardly) ...you know, our duplicates, whoever they are.

Of course, Lisa knows who they are (see episodes 36 and 37).

PETE (seemingly to no one but himself):
I'm telling you, they're from the future.

Anyway, we can be anywhere in an instant with the teleporter... I think we should do it!  It'll be fun!

Being able to teleport anywhere on the planet opens up new possibilities, even after having jet Zords all along.

You know, that might just work.  We COULD teleport back if there's an emergency...  (to Chris) Do you think Mr. Fischer would let you have a couple days off?

The Rangers' vacation takes place over a weekend, during which Chris doesn't work anyway, but I raised this issue to set up a small detail from episodes 36 and 37.

Oh, yeah.  He's a softy all of a sudden.  I don't know what got into him.  (wryly) Maybe HE'S a duplicate.

[ CASEY giggles. ]

Hmm...  All right, so we go on vacation...  But where?

LISA (to Luke):
You decide.

Lisa tried to make Luke be more firm and decisive in episode 31.  This also plays into episode 38, in which Lisa seems dissatisfied with Luke's natural tendencies.

[ CHRIS eyes LUKE, who looks back at the others uncomfortably. ]

Chris finds it peculiar that Lisa automatically nominates Luke as the decision-maker for the whole group, but he waits to hear Luke's response before objecting.

Uhh, well...  Pete, didn't you want to visit your family in Chicago?

This is the first time we hear of Pete's family.

Oh, well, yeah...  But I don't need to drag you guys along for that.  Pick somewhere else.

Umm...  Maggie, you could show us your hometown...

In China, presumably.

Hey, I just started fall semester.  I can't go anywhere.  You guys have fun though.

I planned for her fall semester to have started the day after Labor Day (which was the previous day).

Hmm... Casey?

[ CASEY folds her arms. ]

Don't ask me.  I'm still upset about Egypt.

Episode 34.


I got nothing.

[ Finally, LUKE turns humorously to LISA, who bats her eyelashes playfully at him. ]


LISA (with a grin):
Well, since you asked...

Lisa has apparently wished to visit Hawaii.

[ EXT. HOTEL ROOM BALCONY - From inside, LISA throws open the balcony door from a hotel room.  LUKE, CASEY, CHRIS, and PETE are behind her. ]

The Rangers' first day of vacation fun takes place on Saturday, September 12, 1992; Luke and Pete have apparently taken the weekend off on short notice.


[ The others are impressed.  We pan across a beautiful Hawaiian beach befitting of Waikiki. ]


Oh my gosh, it's beautiful.  (suddenly mock-serious) We can't afford this.

CHRIS (teasingly):
You're right.  We'd better go home.

[ LISA giggles. ]

Come on, guys.  It's just two rooms for two nights...  We can manage.

CASEY (to Lisa):
Hey, did you ever find a tenant for your apartment?

Upon breaking her lease early to move into the space station (episode 33), Lisa had to find a replacement tenant or pay a hefty fee.

As a matter of fact, I did.

[ We flash to INT. LISA'S APARTMENT - Unpacking his belongings in Lisa's old apartment is GLENN (see previous episode). ]

As featured in episodes 33 and 34, Glenn is (or was) Lisa's mother's boyfriend; his brother Jake, whose house he shared, was a drug dealer who sold out Lisa by revealing her identity to the media (though she was later cleared).  Glenn played a reluctant role in the hijinx, and this may be a way of making things up to Lisa; he also needed a new place to stay after turning his back on Jake (I didn't plan this until writing this episode).

[ Return to EXT. HOTEL ROOM BALCONY - LISA pulls the others away from the balcony. ]

LISA (cont'd):
But come on, you guys!  There's a beach down there!

[ EXT. BEACH - We see an extended montage of the HEROES enjoying themselves at the beach in swimsuits.  A recurring image during the montage is PETE floating lazily in an inner tube with his arms hanging over the sides and his head barely visible in the center.  LUKE and LISA, on the other hand, as well as CHRIS and CASEY, tend to be paired up as couples. ]

It would surely be awkward for Pete to be the odd man out, given that all of his teammates are paired up as couples (too bad there's no sixth Ranger).

[ Dissolve to EXT. LUAU (NIGHT) - LISA and LUKE sip from colorful drinks at a Hawaiian luau. ]

This is so nice.  Hey, do you wanna go horseback riding tomorrow?

[ Having been visibly distracted, LUKE turns to her. ]

I'm sorry, what?

[ LISA smirks. ]

You're just a little distracted there, aren'tcha?

Yeah...  I was just thinking about the Battlezord, and how it just disappeared.

[ LISA hangs her head and sighs. ]

Look, I said I'm sorry about that.  I should've listened when she told me not to call it.

In episode 34, Lisa called the Battlezord despite a warning from her future self, and it resulted in the Zord mysteriously vanishing (see episode 38 for resolution).

LUKE (gently):
No, no...  It's not your fault.  None of us saw that coming.  I just mean... with the Echo Blasters destroyed, and the Phoenix Blade broken...

Both occurred in episode 34 against Brimstone.

All right, look, I've got an idea...  Let's not break any more stuff.

[ LUKE chuckles. ]

Yeah, okay.  Let's not.

[ LISA sets down her drink and gets up as the music grows louder. ]

Now, are you gonna dance, or what?

[ LUKE groans but puts up little resistance as she drags him by the hand out of his seat. ]

[ Dissolve to INT. HOTEL HALLWAY (NIGHT) - LUKE and LISA enter the frame while in each other's arms, lost in kisses.  Her back ends up against the door behind her.  She fumbles with her hotel key, but LUKE pulls away.  She is confused, while he gives a blithe smile. ]

This would probably be required to be toned down (or cut entirely) or a family audience, but I didn't find it especially egregious.

These nighttime scenes have probably stretched into the morning hours of the next day.

Well, good night.

I found Luke's response and Lisa's frustration amusing.

[ LISA blinks.  He leaves. ]

LISA (distantly):
Good night...

[ LISA unlocks the door and opens it.  Inside, we see CASEY doing yoga on a mat.  She cheerily smiles to LISA. ]

Hey, Lisa!

[ LISA makes a dour face as she enters and shuts the door behind her. ]

I figured Lisa's and Luke's expectations of a relationship would be quite different, and this seemed like a decent time to address it (assuming that it can be addressed while remaining family-friendly; maybe it can't).

[ INT. GUYS' HOTEL ROOM - LUKE enters with his key as PETE and CHRIS are playing a Sega Genesis connected to the TV.  The room includes two twin beds and a couch. ]

[ CHRIS glances over at LUKE as he shuts the door. ]

Hey, man.

Hey, we waited for you.

Yeah, but then we got bored.

Chris took your turn.  ...like, a hundred times.

CHRIS (evasively):
Uhh, I don't know how you lost all those lives...

Odd that they're playing video games while on a Hawaiian vacation, but that's Pete and Chris for you.  Then again, it sounds like Luke had been playing previously.

[ LUKE chuckles and tosses his key on the table nearby. ]

That's all right.

[ He takes off his shoes and collapses onto the couch.  PETE speaks while continuing to play. ]

I'm telling you, man, I can take the couch.

Nah, that's okay.

You know, you guys are handling this room arrangement really well.

What do you mean?

Huh?  Oh, you know...  Just us guys...?

I tried to dance around the issue without mentioning it outright, but surely some people would expect the couples to be rooming together, as they're adults who have been dating for over three months.  But Luke and Casey don't believe in premarital sex (Chris's stance isn't mentioned).

Oh.  (chuckles awkwardly)  Well, it's not a big deal.

[ INT. GIRLS' HOTEL ROOM - CASEY seamlessly continues Luke's dialog (above).  The girls' room is similarly equipped, with LISA and CASEY in pajamas under the covers in their respective twin beds. ]

We're waiting until marriage.

Admittedly not a subject that seems to come up on shows intended for a family (or even teen) audience, but I see nothing wrong with certain role model characters mentioning that they're "waiting until marriage," even if this approach isn't for everyone.

LISA (spellbound):
Wow...  You two are thinking about getting married?

Change of course: Lisa's more distracted by the subject of marriage.  Incidentally, by this point I was planning for Chris and Casey to marry in the finale.

CASEY (blushing):
Well, you know, some day, maybe...  We kinda talked about it a little, but it wouldn't be any time soon...  (changing the subject)  Have you and Luke ever talked about --

LISA (startled):
No...!  (ponders)  I mean... I haven't thought about it.  (frowns)  Is that bad?

No, not necessarily.  But, I mean... just personally, I don't know if I'd want to date somebody if I didn't think we might have a future together.

Casey expressed a similar opinion to Maggie in episode 27.

[ LISA looks down. ]

[ CASEY reaches for the light switch. ]

Well... good night!

[ CASEY turns off the lights, leaving LISA to think in the dark. ]

Casey's obliviousness was done for comic effect; I assumed she wasn't intentionally brushing off Lisa's concerns.

[ INT. DARK LAIR - TRASK enters with a biomass canister, which he sets down by a crate. ]

The rest of this episode takes place on Sunday, September 13, 1992.  This is the second day of the Rangers' vacation.

[ MAINFRAME emerges from behind a large metal structure. ]

Oh, Trask, you're here!  I have good news!

[ TRASK raises an eyebrow. ]


[ MAINFRAME approaches modestly. ]

Well, I did some analysis, and it turns out I accidentally created that lava monster during my early biomass monster experiments!  (chuckles bashfully)  Silly me, I forgot all about it!

A complete fabrication, but Trask demanded an answer, and now he gets one.

[ TRASK eyes him skeptically. ]

Really...  And the Battlezord?

De-molecularized!  It seems the monster had a special power he only used once.  You know those dopey monsters... never using their special powers as much as they should...

Aside from being another fabrication, this is an in-joke regarding the tendency of monsters and villains failing to use powerful abilities at critical moments; Take Flight is as guilty as other seasons of Power Rangers.  Also, this remark is ironic, in that Mainframe is one such monster who's neglected to use his own special powers to their full extent (but see the finale).


Trask seems to buy it.

Anyway, I'm sorry I forgot about the monster.  I promise I'll do better next time, okay?

[ MAINFRAME extends his hand, as if for a handshake. ]

What's this?

It's a handshake.  You know, a human custom conveying trust and good will...?

And why would I want to convey that?


Um... because Dillik would want us to?

[ TRASK ponders a moment before giving in and shaking MAINFRAME's hand.  MAINFRAME appears pleased, but TRASK promptly releases and heads out of the area. ]

Way to pull the dead-guy card, Mainframe.  And of course this is how Mainframe ends up implanting a microscopic controller into Trask's hand, which plays a pivotal role in his downfall later in the episode.

As a reminder, Dillik appeared to perish aboard the space station in episode 32.

MAINFRAME (cont'd):
All right!  Now... let me get back to work on this Gigazord!

[ TRASK is gone.  MAINFRAME chuckles privately. ]

MAINFRAME (cont'd, privately):
But first, a little entertainment...

[ INT. STONE CHAMBER - Entering his stone chamber (see episode 33), TRASK gazes at KORA's cryogenic container.  We see her face still frozen within. ]

You look so peaceful, comrade.

[ TRASK removes the red gem (see episode 29) from his coat and studies its facets.  The gem is now nearly back to its original color. ]

Trask has three gems left (Gog's shattered in episode 32).  Presumably it's still a bit early to use them, at the risk of shattering them as well.

TRASK (cont'd):
I wonder how peaceful you'd be merged with this eager little fellow.

[ TRASK looks at KORA and pockets the gem. ]

TRASK (cont'd):
(chuckles)  Maybe some other time.

[ He leaves.  We hold on KORA's frozen face.  Its image seems to flicker almost imperceptibly. ]

Mainframe has replaced the glass with a monitor to give the impression Kora is still inside, but she's currently being cared for by a Nobot.

[ EXT. WALKING PATH - In breezy clothes, LUKE and LISA walk hand in hand along a walking path under a row of palm trees.  Wearing sunglasses (appropriate for 1992), LISA basks in the breeze and sunshine, while LUKE absently looks out toward the beach. ]

LISA (voice-over):
See, this is nice.  We can just enjoy each other's company.  We don't have to obsess about "the future" or anything like that...

[ LISA turns to LUKE and asks: ]

Where do you see us in a year?

LISA (voice-over):

Poor Lisa.  She seems to have impulse control issues.

LUKE (absently):
Well, I hope we can take down Trask and Mainframe by then...

Luke seems to spend far more time thinking about Ranger affaris than about his relationship with Lisa.


[ LUKE clears his head and looks at her. ]


[ LISA shakes her head. ]

Never mind.

I'm sorry, I was distracted.

What are you thinking about?

LUKE (awkwardly):
Oh, uh...

[ LISA stops and faces him with a cheerful smile, holding both his hands. ]

Come on, you can tell me.

LUKE (embarrassed):
Umm...  I was thinking about the Battlezord again.

[ LISA blinks. ]

LUKE (cont'd):
I know, I'm sorry.  It just really bothers me how it disappeared out of the blue.  Did Brimstone do it?  Did Trask do it?  Did our duplicates do it?  Where is it?  Is it destroyed, or is it hidden somewhere?

[ LISA lowers her eyes in private disappointment. ]

LUKE (cont'd):
But I'm sorry.  I won't think about it anymore.  I'll just --

You want to go check out the battle site again, don't you?

Yes, please.

[ LISA sighs and looks up at him. ]

Go ahead.

[ LUKE kisses her on the cheek. ]

Thank you.  I'll be right back.

[ LUKE trots off.  LISA ponders. ]

[ EXT. INDUSTRIAL AREA - In a downtown industrial area (unlike any shown in Spring Valley), RED RANGER wanders around searchingly for some time. ]

The Battlezord vanished during the Brimstone battle (episode 34), which took place in San Francisco rather than Spring Valley.

[ After extensive searching, RED catches sight of someone skulking in his periphery, but the figure is gone before he can get a good look.  He hurries after the person. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Hey, wait!

[ RED RANGER rounds a corner but doesn't see the person.  We get another brief glimpse as the figure tries to escape detection, and RED gives chase again. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Wait!  I just want to talk to you!

[ After a protracted chase, RED RANGER finally leaps through the air and catches the person's shoulder.  He turns the person, revealing it to be a NOBOT, a greenish-beige robot foot soldier with a nondescript, white, mask-like face and a trim, black mohawk-like protrusion (see Liveman). ]

Like the ancient Red Ranger in episode 33, I had a need for a particular type of character (in this case, a robot foot soldier serving Mainframe), and this character design from Liveman fit just fine.  (By now, it seems certain that if Take Flight were to have a sequel series, it would use Liveman footage.)

The name "Nobot" is a play on "Nobodies," the foot soldiers Dillik used in the first half of the series.

[ Startled, RED RANGER accidentally releases his grip, at which point the NOBOT leaps into the air and bounds off a tall structure and into the distance.  RED RANGER leaps after him. ]

[ INT. DARK LAIR - We see the lair from above as MAINFRAME paces anxiously and calls out: ]

Trask!  Trask!  Come quickly!

[ TRASK appears with a ripple effect. ]

What is it, Mainframe?

I've picked up the Hoverbirds' video signal again!  But-- But...

Another lie.  Mainframe will not tap into their new frequency until episode 39.

Spit it out, already!

The Rangers have Dillik!!

And yet another lie; this is Mainframe's way of luring Trask into a battle with the Rangers.

[ TRASK's face contorts with disbelief. ]

What...?  Show me, now!

[ MAINFRAME touches the nearby console.  The monitor comes to life, showing RED RANGER accosting DILLIK in the quarry. ]

TRASK (cont'd):
Dillik!  (urgently)  Where is he??

They're at the quarry south of Spring Valley.  Please help him, Trask.

Mainframe knows of the quarry from his video archive, but the Zin and Drek battle also took place there (episode 30).

[ Scowling with determination, TRASK vanishes with a ripple effect. ]

[ MAINFRAME breaks into laughter, and the video scrambles and fades away as he releases his hand from the console. ]

Mainframe has apparently mastered his imagery skills.

(laughs)  Ohh, this is too good!

[ EXT. QUARRY - The NOBOT flees through the quarry, but RED RANGER leaps down and grapples it in an arm lock. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Hold it!

[ The NOBOT tenses up a moment.  The air around it shimmers briefly as the robot's body transforms into DILLIK. ]

Holographic technology courtesy of Mainframe.  In a sequel series, this would be a recurring ability of the Nobots.

[ RED RANGER is startled, turning him around to see his face. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
What...?  Who ARE you?

Only Chris, Casey, and Lisa actually saw Dillik before his apparent demise, but this comment would be valid (due to the holographic trickery) even if Luke had seen Dillik.

[ In the shadows of the far rock wall (compare with sentai), TRASK appears with a ripple effect, sword in his right hand.  He barks out an order: ]

Let him go!

[ Before RED can reply, DILLIK goes limp and suddenly explodes in a massive fireball which flings the RED RANGER a tremendous distance away. ]

This would also be an ability of the Nobots in a sequel series, as dangerous as it is.

[ Smoking, RED RANGER tumbles across the rocky surface of the quarry. ]

[ TRASK's face twists into a snarl.  He then calms to an icy gaze and begins to advance one step at a time. ]

Trask doesn't know quite what's going on (he may not even believe that was Dillik), but this is as good a time as any to dispose of the Red Ranger...

[ Switch to sentai (Jetman #50) - As TRASK (US addition) steps into the sunlight, he morphs with a blue gleam (see episode 8) into his armored, sentai form. ]

Trask transforms (not shown: US Trask) Trask transforms

I had long noted this shot as being a fine place to transition between Trask's US and sentai forms; it just so happened to be a part of his final battle from Jetman #50.

Curiously, in the sentai, it was Red Ranger who came to kill Radiguet (Trask) for the death of his fiancée, while the tables seem to be turned here.

The blue gleam matches his original de-powering in episode 8, but not his red-electrical de-powerings in episodes 9 and 16.

[ US footage - Still smoking lightly, RED RANGER weakly raises his head and startles at the sight of Trask (off-screen). ]

[ We see a long shot of the quarry.  On the right, TRASK advances.  On the left (US addition, in place of sentai figure), RED RANGER staggers to his feet.  In the center (US addition) burn the flaming remains of the previous explosion. ]

Trask in the quarry (not shown: US Red Ranger, flames)

This will be your last battle, Red Ranger.

[ US footage - RED RANGER tries to calm Trask (off-screen). ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Look, Trask, I don't know what's going on here, but --

[ While yelling, TRASK hurls two gems, blue and green (US addition, see episode 30) from his hand.  We zoom out rapidly to follow the gems as they fly across the quarry, spiraling around each other as they go.  The gems' colors are nearly back to their original appearance. ]

Trask throws gems (not shown: gems) Trask throws gems (not shown: gems) Trask throws gems (not shown: gems) Trask throws gems (not shown: gems)

In the sentai, Radiguet was hurling an unseen energy blast at Red (this was after their battle had left him unmorphed); unmorphed White then rushed in and took the blow, though she didn't seem to suffer from any lasting injuries.  I inserted the demon gems here (there were no demon gems in Jetman).

[ RED RANGER ducks as the crystals fly over his head to another part of the quarry.  He briefly glances over his shoulder but then returns his attention to Trask (off-screen). ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Whoa, what was that?  (to Trask)  Look, Trask, we can settle this some other way.

[ We pan up TRASK's body as he runs ahead at full speed, his sword ready to attack. ]

Trask charges Trask charges

TRASK (shouting):

[ US footage - RED RANGER reluctantly draws his TALON SWORD and charges as well. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Yeah, I thought you might say that.  (charges)

[ US footage - At the other side of the quarry, near a large rock, the two gems land and roll to a stop.  They gleam with their respective colors until their energies seem to fuse together. ]

We don't know what led to Zin and Drek fusing here, but episode 30 revealed them to be brothers, and they had a propensity for sharing each other's energies.

[ TRASK and RED RANGER meet in the center and cross blades repeatedly.  Shortly, they stand facing each other and begin to run off toward the right in unison.  They splash through a puddle and continue fighting. ]

Trask vs. Red Ranger Trask vs. Red Ranger Trask vs. Red Ranger Trask vs. Red Ranger Trask vs. Red Ranger Trask vs. Red Ranger Trask vs. Red Ranger Trask vs. Red Ranger Trask vs. Red Ranger Trask vs. Red Ranger Trask vs. Red Ranger

I was unable to determine the Japanese significance of two combatants running in sync before battling some more; it seems a bit pointless to me.

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Look, I don't want to have to hurt you, but you're leaving me little choice.  (both run right, fight more)

[ Their swords locked at close range, RED RANGER speaks, but TRASK merely growls angrily in return. ]

locked swords locked swords locked swords locked swords

LUKE (Red Ranger):
It doesn't have to be this way, Trask!  Just go home... please!  (Trask growls)

Always the pacifist... at least against humanoid foes.

[ They break.  Spinning back, RED RANGER draws his SKY BLASTER. ]

break away break away Sky Blaster Sky Blaster Sky Blaster

[ TRASK, however, unleashes a torrent of green energy from his hand.  RED RANGER flips aside, and the blast creates an explosion behind him.  Just as a second blast misses, RED drops to the ground and lets out two quick shots, blasting TRASK in the chest.  He sparks and takes a step back. ]

Trask's blasts Trask's blasts Trask's blasts Trask's blasts Trask's blasts Trask's blasts Trask's blasts Trask's blasts Trask's blasts

Trask's green blasts sure are destructive here, considering their purpose among Vampirians is to leech energy from others.  Trask has used them destructively, however (see episode 1), and they seem to be more potent in his armored form (see episode 8).

[ INT. SPACE STATION COMMAND - DR. BERING approaches the wall console and presses a button.  PETE's voice soon answers: ]

PETE (from console):
We read you, Dr. Bering.  What's up?

[ In a small monitor, we see RED RANGER battling an invisible foe at the quarry. ]

Rangers, I don't know what's going on, but it looks like Luke's fighting someone... or something... at the quarry.  ...and he won't answer my calls.  I think you should check it out.

Trask is invisible to cameras, even in his armored form.

PETE (from console):
Copy that!

Let me know when you're ready, and I'll teleport you... but not too close.  Just to be safe.

This was a contrivance to explain why the Rangers were approaching on foot when they were attacked by Zindrek (below).

[ EXT. QUARRY (Jetman #50) - RED leaps through the air and delivers a sword strike to TRASK's chest, causing another burst of sparks.  He then delivers a second and a third, dodging TRASK's swing.  As they circle, however, TRASK manages to knock RED RANGER's sword aside and deliver a blow to his chest. ]

Red vs. Trask Red vs. Trask Red vs. Trask Red vs. Trask Red vs. Trask Red vs. Trask Red vs. Trask

I cut a shot of Radiguet thrusting his sword past Red Ranger's helmet, somehow knocking him back; if the sword was supposed to hit his face, I figured it was too violent (though it didn't look like it actually touched him anyway).

[ RED RANGER rolls back but then leaps right back into the air. ]

Red vs. Trask Red vs. Trask Red vs. Trask

[ TRASK leaps as well. ]

Red vs. Trask Red vs. Trask

[ Flying by each other, both combatants deliver successful strikes, drawing sparks from each other's chests. ]

Red vs. Trask Red vs. Trask

[ RED RANGER rebounds off a rock wall, as does TRASK. ]

leaping leaping

[ As TRASK attempts another strike in midair, RED RANGER actually flips over him and grabs his wrist, pinning his collarbone from behind with the handle of his TALON SWORD. ]

leaping leaping grapple grapple

[ They land on their feet, with TRASK still in RED RANGER's hold.  RED speaks and then calls toward the sky. ]

grapple grapple grapple

LUKE (Red Ranger):
All right, Trask, this is it!  (to sky)  Phoenix Cannon, now!

[ The PHOENIX ROVER races off the cliff and transforms into the PHOENIX CANNON.  It then descends to a fixed point above the ground. ]

Phoenix Cannon Phoenix Cannon Phoenix Cannon Phoenix Cannon Phoenix Cannon

The Phoenix Cannon has been refurbished since its glue encounter in episode 33.

[ We zoom in on the duo as the PHOENIX CANNON remains aimed at both of them.  While RED RANGER issues a command, TRASK mutters while struggling. ]

Phoenix Cannon Phoenix Cannon Phoenix Cannon

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Initiate voice targeting...

A feature of the Phoenix Cannon we've never seen before; might it be new?

(groans)  You won't do it!

LUKE (Red Ranger):

[ In the PHOENIX CANNON's monitor (US composite over sentai), we see RED RANGER struggling to hold an invisible Trask. ]

target lock (monitor image to be replaced)

Radiguet appeared in the monitor here, but Trask was supposed to be invisible to electronics in Take Flight.  (From an early point in the series, I'd made several notes to myself warning me not to forget that Trask couldn't appear in the monitor in this scene.)

[ EXT. QUARRY, ELSEWHERE (US footage) - The other four RANGERS run through the quarry.  PINK RANGER is in the lead, watching her MORPHER in her wrist. ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
He's up ahead!

[ Suddenly, the four stop and look to their right, toward the quarry wall, as a greenish-blue light gleams brightly off-screen. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
Hey, look at that!

[ Switch to sentai (Jetman #32) - A gleaming ball of greenish-blue energy flies down and streaks past the RANGERS, causing them to fall with a flash of sparks. ]

glow-ball glow-ball glow-ball glow-ball

The fireball-ish attack comes courtesy of Drek (see episode 30).

[ US footage - The smoking RANGERS land but pick themselves up quickly.  They look in the direction the entity traveled (off-screen).  PINK RANGER'S Morpher is no longer exposed. ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
What was that?!

[ As a gleam subsides (US effect), ZINDREK rises, his hand formerly on a large rock.  ZINDREK is a greenish-blue monstrosity with four thick tentacles hanging down from behind his head.  He quickly faces the Rangers (off-screen) and speaks with a voice reminiscent of both Zin and Drek (see episode 30). ]

Zindrek Zindrek Zindrek

Prepare for destruction, Rangers!  Zindrek is here!

[ US footage - The four RANGERS are startled. ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
Zin-Drek?  Like those demons, Zin and Drek?

Casey was also the one who remembered Gog's name in episode 32.  Nice memory, Casey!

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
Oh, fantastic.  Two demons in one.

[ ZINDREK charges his arms with yellow energy and then fires dual beams, green (US tinting of sentai) and blue. ]

Zindrek's beams (yellow beam to be tinted green) Zindrek's beams (yellow beam to be tinted green) Zindrek's beams (yellow beam to be tinted green)

You got it!  (blasts)

[ US footage - A large explosion erupts around the four RANGERS, flinging them around. ]

Zindrek didn't spend much time accosting the four Rangers in the sentai, as Red Ranger showed up before long.

[ EXT. QUARRY (Jetman #50) - Continuing to hold TRASK, RED RANGER speaks into his ear.  TRASK maintains a grimace. ]

destroy us both destroy us both destroy us both

LUKE (Red Ranger):
You've threatened us too long, Trask.  We have as much right to exist as your race.  Now, give up or I'll destroy us both!

Normally, the Phoenix Cannon shouldn't have had much firepower without Rangers to charge it (Luke alone wouldn't produce much power), but perhaps it's been charged in the space station, similar to the state it was in when the Rangers first acquired it in episode 10.

I cut several instances of Radiguet (Trask) speaking, because of the difficulty I had dubbing his mouth movements believably.

[ As they struggle, the PHOENIX CANNON remains aimed at them. ]

destroy us both destroy us both destroy us both

[ TRASK laughs while RED RANGER calls to the cannon (off-screen). ]

destroy us both destroy us both

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Ready... and fire!

[ The PHOENIX CANNON fires. ]

Phoenix Cannon fires Phoenix Cannon fires

[ Suddenly, however, TRASK blows a green torrent of energy from his mouth.  The torrent overtakes the fiery blast and channels it back into the PHOENIX CANNON, which explodes in a fireball. ]

mouth blast mouth blast Phoenix Cannon destroyed Phoenix Cannon destroyed Phoenix Cannon destroyed Phoenix Cannon destroyed Phoenix Cannon destroyed

The mouth blast is an ability of Trask's we haven't seen before.  Apparently Vampirians can leech through their mouths...?

Hooray, no more Phoenix Cannon!  That's one less sentai weapon to worry about in the finale!

[ As RED continues to hold TRASK, mechanical parts litter the quarry ground. ]

Phoenix Cannon destroyed Phoenix Cannon destroyed Phoenix Cannon destroyed

[ While RED is distracted, TRASK breaks free.  He strikes RED in the chest with the handle of his sword and then punches him forward with his fist. ]

Trask breaks free Trask breaks free Trask breaks free Trask breaks free

[ RED RANGER rolls and regains his footing. ]

Red Ranger rolls Red Ranger rolls

[ TRASK hurls another green blast from his hand, striking RED in the chest.  Sparks erupt all around him. ]

blasted blasted blasted blasted blasted blasted

Red was demorphed by this blast in the sentai.

[ US footage - Smoking, RED RANGER falls onto his chest. ]

[ TRASK slowly advances as RED RANGER (US composite over sentai) lies in the foreground.  TRASK then stops as a darkness dome (US effect) envelops him.  He is obscured by a blue gleam (US effect). ]

Trask advances (US Red Ranger to be substituted) Trask advances (US Red Ranger to be substituted; gleam and darkness dome not shown)

[ Switch to US footage - RED RANGER is startled. ]

[ The blue gleam subsides, revealing TRASK in his normal form, still within the darkness dome.  He is startled by both the transformation and the dome.  KORA's voice is heard, causing TRASK to look to the side in shock. ]

Trask de-powers awfully quickly after leaving the sunlight.  This was a practical requirement of my use of the sentai footage.  I leave it to the audience to speculate why his transformations have different behaviors now than when he first began training.

KORA (off-screen):
Don't look so surprised, Trask.

[ RED RANGER quickly looks over as well. ]

[ Standing in the shade of the rock wall is KORA (see episode 26). ]

Advantage comes in many forms, comrade.

Trask told her this before freezing her in episode 26.

Note that Kora must stay in shadow, because she hasn't trained to endure the sunlight's painful (if not potentially lethal) effects.

[ TRASK tries to break out of the darkness dome, but it follows him with every step, keeping him as the epicenter.  TRASK drops his sword and desperately looks at his palms. ]

What have you done to me?!

[ MAINFRAME appears beside KORA from silver vertical streaks. ]

Oh, hi, Trask.  Are you having a problem with your warp generators?

I hadn't originally planned to make the warp generators (revealed as being responsible for his teleportation abilities in episode 26) responsible for his darkness domes as well, but I decided it would be simpler to connect them rather than requiring separate devices for the darkness domes (also, it made it easier for Mainframe's palm trick to affect the darkness domes if they were generated from the warp generators already revealed to reside in his palms).

[ TRASK's eyes widen as he appears to remember something. ]

[ We flash to a close-up of their previous handshake in their lair.  Then, in a microscopic view, we see a tiny filament extend from MAINFRAME's hand and delicately insert a miniscule probe through TRASK's palm before retracting. ]

It's my understanding that a sufficiently thin filament would be able to enter the skin without triggering any painful sensations.

[ TRASK bristles. ]

You traitor!

Sorry, Trask, but I intend to be a survivor.  Sacrifices have to be made, and all that.

Again, Trask's words from episode 26 are used against him.

But... Kora...!  I just saw her frozen!  She couldn't have recovered so quickly!

It took Dr. Bering days to recover from her freezing, so I added this Kora ruse to maintain plausibility.

[ As MAINFRAME explains, we cut to: ]

[ INT. STONE CHAMBER - MAINFRAME sneaks up to KORA's container and places his hand on it.  In front of her frozen face, a monitor forms.  It then activates, showing a substitute image of her face. ]

MAINFRAME (voice-over):
That was the easy part.  Just a little bit of video trickery.

[ MAINFRAME then opens the container from the rear and removes KORA's rigid, frozen body, which he hands to a NOBOT assistant.  The monitor continues to show KORA's face as though she remained inside. ]

MAINFRAME (voice-over, cont'd):
With my ruse in place, I created a robot assistant and had him tend to Kora in the coming days.

I needed Kora to have been cared for in the previous few days, so I used the previous Nobot here as well; this ended up being Mainframe's primary motivation for creating the Nobot, which served as the prototype for his eventual army of Nobots (episodes 38 and 39).

[ EXT. QUARRY - MAINFRAME continues: ]

MAINFRAME (cont'd):
Then it just took a little more wizardry to lure you into the Rangers' hands.  I was hoping they'd at least rough you up a little, but Kora had other plans.

[ In the foreground, KORA stalks TRASK's darkness dome with cat-like grace, though she remains in the shadow of the rock wall for the moment.  RED RANGER watches in the background. ]

Your services are appreciated, Red Ranger, but I'll take it from here.  Benaagen Trask, you're under clan arrest.

Kora seems to be neutral toward the Rangers and humans at large.

Trask's full name was previously revealed in episode 26.

[ TRASK quickly draws his BIOMASS GUN from his coat and aims it at KORA.  She stops in her tracks. ]

I don't think so, comrade.  You haven't beaten me yet.

[ MAINFRAME calls out to Kora (off-screen) while ripping a sharp, curved fragment of metal from his torso.  The fragment resembles a curved sword.  He tosses it to her. ]

[ TRASK quickly pulls the trigger, firing an orange beam. ]

[ In a flash, KORA catches the blade and deflects the orange beam.  With a graceful flip, she then leaps through the sunlight and lands inside TRASK's darkness dome. ]

[ In slow motion, KORA's sword cleanly slices through his BIOMASS GUN, littering the ground with small fragments. ]

I wanted the biomass gun destroyed during this battle so that Tachyderm (next episode) would end up being the last biomass monster.

[ TRASK angrily discards the broken gun and grabs his sword from the ground.  He and KORA lock swords within the darkness dome. ]

[ As RED RANGER watches, he hears a subtle alert tone in his helmet.  He touches the location of his left ear. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
What is it, Chris?

[ A loud clamor cuts in, apparently the sound of explosions and the four RANGERS grunting. ]

CHRIS (voice-over):
Little help?!

[ We then hear a muffled explosion rumbling in the distance.  RED RANGER cranes his neck to look around.  He then replies and dashes off. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger, inwardly):
That was right nearby...!  (touching his ear)  I'm coming, guys!  (departs)

I had Luke stick around long enough to learn of Mainframe's deception, and now he's free to join the others.

[ As RED RANGER dashes out of frame in the foreground, we zoom in to KORA and TRASK as they engage in a vicious swordfight within the darkness dome, which continues to follow TRASK as its epicenter.  TRASK fights desperately despite seeming fatigued. ]

Trask has usually been fatigued after reverting from his armored form, as the stress of processing all that light takes a toll on his body.

[ EXT. QUARRY, ELSEWHERE (US footage) - BLACK RANGER skids across the ground.  The other three rush to his aid. ]

[ Sentai (Jetman #32) - Smoke blows in the foreground as ZINDREK approaches.  He readies his hand for an energy blast but then looks up to his right. ]

Zindrek looks Zindrek looks Zindrek looks

Sorry, Rangers, it's over!  (looks)  What?!

[ RED RANGER flips over the camera. ]

[ RED lands near the others and checks on BLACK. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Are you guys okay?

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
We're fine.  Where were you?

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Just a little busy, that's all!  (turns)  So, you wanna take care of this guy or what?

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
You have to ask?

[ The RANGERS assume ready positions in the monster's direction (off-screen). ]

[ Switch to sentai (Jetman #32) - ZINDREK thrusts his hands forward.  He fires green (US tinting) and blue beams across the quarry, but the RANGERS leap and roll aside from the resultant explosion. ]

Zindrek's beams (yellow beam to be tinted green) Zindrek's beams (yellow beam to be tinted green) Zindrek's beams (yellow beam to be tinted green) Zindrek's beams (yellow beam to be tinted green) Zindrek's beams (yellow beam to be tinted green)

[ Rolling onto his feet, RED RANGER readies his BATTLIZER. ]

Red rolls Red rolls Red Ranger's Battlizer Red Ranger's Battlizer Red Ranger's Battlizer

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Battlizer, power up!

[ RED leaps and opens his wings. ]

Red Ranger's Battlizer Red Ranger's Battlizer

[ The five RANGERS fly over the camera, each with his or her wings open and BATTLIZER equipped. ]

Red Ranger's Battlizer flying attacks flying attacks flying attacks

[ RED leaps in with a flying BATTLIZER punch (shown twice).  He connects with a sparking punch to ZINDREK's chest, knocking him back. ]

Red Ranger's Battlizer Red Ranger's Battlizer flying attacks

[ Staggering, ZINDREK clutches his chest. ]

flying attacks flying attacks

You... you hurt me...!

[ BLACK and YELLOW perform spiraling BATTLIZER punches.  BLACK then punches ZINDREK, immediately followed by YELLOW, causing the monster to fly back. ]

flying attacks flying attacks flying attacks flying attacks flying attacks flying attacks

[ ZINDREK lands some distance away as YELLOW and BLACK land in the foreground. ]

flying attacks flying attacks

[ In midair, PINK and BLUE fire simultaneous Battlizer Beams. ]

flying attacks flying attacks

With the exception of Yellow and Blue switching roles, this is the same combo which the Rangers' future doubles were shown performing against Brimstone; for some reason, it proved remarkably effective in that instance as well, prompting the monster to grow.  It seems the Rangers are mimicking their future doubles' combo here, despite the paradoxical nature of the combo being its own origin (presumably someone thought it up at some point many time loops ago, and it stuck ever since).

[ ZINDREK sparks heavily.  As he continues to spark, we see the five RANGERS standing nearby with their wings held open.  ZINDREK finally erupts in a large explosion (US addition). ]

Zindrek sparks Zindrek sparks Zindrek sparks Zindrek sparks Zindrek sparks

[ ZINDREK materializes above in giant form from swirling blue energy. ]

giant Zindrek giant Zindrek giant Zindrek giant Zindrek

[ He roars and flexes his muscles. ]

giant Zindrek

[ As the RANGERS scramble below, RED RANGER calls into his wrist: ]

Red Ranger calls Red Ranger calls

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Sky Flyers, we need you!

[ EXT. SKY (Jetman #9) - The RANGERS beam up into the FLYERS. ]

Rangers beam up

[ EXT. SKY (Jetman #32) - The FLYERS transform, and the MEGAZORD assembles.  (Note: All additional sentai is also from Jetman #32 unless otherwise noted.) ]

Megazord assembly Megazord assembly Megazord assembly Megazord assembly Megazord assembly Megazord assembly Megazord assembly

[ EXT. MOUNTAINS (sentai) - Tusk weapons in hand (see episode 30), ZINDREK turns as the MEGAZORD lands. ]

Megazord vs. Zindrek Megazord vs. Zindrek Megazord vs. Zindrek Megazord vs. Zindrek

Zindrek's tusk weapons come courtesy of Zin (see episode 30).

[ The MEGAZORD stands ready. ]

Megazord ready Megazord ready

[ ZINDREK roars and charges. ]

Megazord vs. Zindrek Megazord vs. Zindrek Megazord vs. Zindrek

[ As they meet, ZINDREK deftly ducks under the MEGAZORD's punch and slashes it across the midsection with its tusk.  He then follows with two quick slashes. ]

Megazord vs. Zindrek Megazord vs. Zindrek Megazord vs. Zindrek Megazord vs. Zindrek

[ EXT. QUARRY - TRASK and KORA continue to battle with their swords.  With every movement, TRASK causes the darkness dome to move to remain centered around him.  Eventually, he notices that KORA must remain careful to stay within the confines of the moving dome during their fight, a fact which he begins to exploit to keep her off-guard.  Despite this, KORA manages to escape being struck, but her good luck appears to be wearing thin. ]

Though Trask is tired and Kora is known to be the better swordsman (see episode 26), I thought this darkness dome would prove an interesting handicap for Kora.

[ EXT. MOUNTAINS (sentai) - ZINDREK leaps into the air and performs a leaping thrust with a tusk weapon.  Struck, the MEGAZORD staggers back. ]

Megazord vs. Zindrek Megazord vs. Zindrek Megazord vs. Zindrek Megazord vs. Zindrek Megazord vs. Zindrek Megazord vs. Zindrek Megazord vs. Zindrek

[ INT. MEGAZORD COCKPIT (US footage) - YELLOW RANGER appears anxious. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
He's too fast for us!

I don't know whether Jetman offered this as a reason for forming the Kestrel Mega Cruiser rather than the Mega Kestrelzord, but it seemed like a good justification to me.

LUKE (Red Ranger):
If only we had the Battlezord!

[ In the background, BLUE RANGER seems to roll her eyes. ]

Poor Lisa; she'll never hear the end of it.  Luke isn't actually trying to make her feel bad, though.

In the sentai, the Battlezord was a viable option, but the Rangers simply neglected to use it here.

[ PINK RANGER offers an idea, but BLACK RANGER shakes his head. ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
What do we do, try the Mega Kestrelzord?

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
That's even slower!

[ INT. SPACE STATION COMMAND - DR. BERING speaks into the wall console. ]

Rangers, the Flyers and the Kestrel actually have a second configuration, the Kestrel Mega Cruiser!  It could help you out!

As in the case of the Mega Kestrelzord (episode 29), the Rangers aren't told of this new combination until they need it.  How convenient for dramatic purposes!

[ INT. MEGAZORD COCKPIT (sentai) - RED RANGER makes a straight-fingered gesture. ]

gesture gesture gesture

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Let's try it!  Kestrelzord, we need you!

[ EXT. SKY - The SKY KESTREL flies in. ]

Sky Kestrel

[ EXT. MOUNTAINS - The MEGAZORD looks up and leaps into the air. ]

Megazord leaps Megazord leaps

[ EXT. SKY (Jetman #5) - The SKYFORCE CRUISER assembles with its customary grid in the background. ]

Skyforce Cruiser assembly Skyforce Cruiser assembly Skyforce Cruiser assembly Skyforce Cruiser assembly

In the sentai, the Megazord leaped into the air, and the Skyforce Cruiser was then shown merging with the Kestrelzord; I preferred to show the Skyforce Cruiser's assembly first.

[ INT. CRUISER COCKPIT - The RANGERS perform an arm-crossing gesture in unison. ]

do it do it do it

RANGERS (in unison):
Kestrel Mega Cruiser, assemble!

Unlike when the Mega Kestrelzord was formed (at least the first time), it doesn't appear anyone needs to be in the Kestrel cockpit to push the "combine" button to form the Mega Cruiser.

[ EXT. SKY - The KESTREL approaches the SKYFORCE CRUISER from the rear. ]

Kestrel Mega Cruiser assembly Kestrel Mega Cruiser assembly

[ We pan down the CRUISER in close-up and eventually see the KESTREL merging to the craft's rear with a glimmer of blue energy. ]

Kestrel Mega Cruiser assembly Kestrel Mega Cruiser assembly Kestrel Mega Cruiser assembly Kestrel Mega Cruiser assembly Kestrel Mega Cruiser assembly Kestrel Mega Cruiser assembly

[ The completed KESTREL MEGA CRUISER flies by with a tremendous roar of jet engines. ]

Kestrel Mega Cruiser Kestrel Mega Cruiser Kestrel Mega Cruiser Kestrel Mega Cruiser

This was the Kestrel Mega Cruiser's debut in Jetman; it was used in battle only here (and it made a cameo in Jetman #34), but I put it to further use in episodes 38 and 40 (in fact, it plays a crucial role in the finale).

[ EXT. MOUNTAINS - ZINDREK looks up, startled. ]

Zindrek looks up

Wha...?  What is that?

[ INT. CRUISER COCKPIT - RED RANGER calls for an attack and then presses the button on his right joystick. ]

fire! Vulcan Beams Vulcan Beams

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Vulcan Beams, fire!

In real life, Vulcan lasers are a powerful type of laser; also, in Roman mythology, Vulcan was the god of fire and volcanoes.

[ EXT. SKY - As it flies overhead, the KESTREL MEGA CRUISER fires alternating bluish beams from its underside. ]

Vulcan Beams Vulcan Beams Vulcan Beams

[ EXT. MOUNTAINS - Spark explosions erupt around ZINDREK. ]

Vulcan Beams Vulcan Beams

[ INT. CRUISER COCKPIT - RED RANGER looks on approvingly.  He then clenches his fist and presses forward on his joysticks. ]

full throttle full throttle full throttle

LUKE (Red Ranger):
All right!  Full throttle!

[ EXT. ANYWHERE - Flying through the Cruiser's gridline region, the KESTREL MEGA CRUISER retracts its wings.  A golden glow appears in front of the craft, and the entire ship glows with a multicolored shimmer. ]

full throttle full throttle full throttle full throttle

[ INT. CRUISER COCKPIT - The camera dollies forward to a close-up of RED RANGER (footage slightly sped up from sentai). ]

full throttle full throttle full throttle

LUKE (Red Ranger):
All systems go!

An identical type of shot would have been seen in US footage in episode 34 before the Rangers morphed in the Kestrelzord cockpit.

[ EXT. MOUNTAINS - Our perspective races through the mountainous canyon in which ZINDREK stands. ]

hyperspeed hyperspeed hyperspeed

[ The KESTREL MEGA CRUISER flies through ZINDREK with lightning speed, but we pause briefly to see the craft's gleaming silhouette passing through. ]

hyperspeed hyperspeed

[ EXT. QUARRY (US footage) - The green and blue gems shatter into tiny fragments. ]

Three down, one to go (see episode 39).

[ EXT. MOUNTAINS (sentai) - The paused streak attack resumes.  ZINDREK sparks, crackles with electricity, and falls to an exploding demise. ]

hyperspeed hyperspeed hyperspeed hyperspeed hyperspeed hyperspeed

[ EXT. QUARRY (US footage) - KORA continues to battle TRASK, but it becomes evident that despite the tactical advantage of the moving dome, she simply has more stamina. ]

[ Finally, TRASK makes a clumsy swing, allowing KORA to swat the sword out of his hand.  It lands outside the darkness dome.  TRASK nearly rushes for it, but KORA is immediately on him.  She discards her sword and produces a simple shackle device, which she uses to restrain his wrists behind his back.  She then throws him on the ground. ]

Trask's sword will be of importance in episode 38; presumably the Rangers recovered it after this battle.  (I didn't have the Sword of Tears retcon in mind at this point, nor did I expect Trask to reappear in this series.)

As I said...  (catches her breath) ... you're under clan arrest.

[ Exhausted, TRASK drops his head to the ground in defeat. ]

[ MAINFRAME claps giddily and hurries over. ]

[ As KORA hoists TRASK back onto his feet with one arm, MAINFRAME enters the darkness dome. ]

Oh, that was terrific, Kora!

[ KORA activates a small device in her hand, and KORA'S SHIP (see episode 32) flies down from the sky and lands nearby. ]

Kora's ship was last seen being conveniently dislodged from the space station by the explosion which apparently cost Dillik his life (episode 32).

[ KORA looks impatiently at MAINFRAME. ]

Are we done here?

Kora doesn't seem to care for Mainframe, though he certainly did her a favor by having her resuscitated.

Oh, um... almost.

[ MAINFRAME reaches into TRASK's coat.  TRASK sneers at him but is otherwise powerless to stop him.  MAINFRAME removes the red gem from his coat and cradles it delicately in his hands. ]

MAINFRAME (cont'd):
Now we are!

At first, I wasn't sure how Infernis would return in the finale after Trask had been arrested, but then this easy solution came up.  (AKA: "Yoink!")

[ KORA hauls TRASK away in the direction of her ship, the darkness dome following her and leaving MAINFRAME in the light. ]


[ Some distance away, the five RANGERS arrive on foot.  They stop to marvel at the sight ahead of them. ]

I had to let the Rangers witness Trask being hauled away; otherwise, how would they have known the good news?  (Specifically, I wanted them to be in good spirits before going back in time next episode, to make them skittish about deviating from the course of events which had led them to near-victory.)

[ KORA and TRASK teleport with a white shimmer into the nearby ship, and the darkness dome vanishes. ]

This teleportation effect retroactively shows us how Kora boarded the space station in episode 26.

[ MAINFRAME waves contentedly as KORA'S SHIP lifts off and flies away. ]

[ The RANGERS watch as the ship departs.  Once all grows quiet, they look down at MAINFRAME.  He turns to face them. ]

Oh, I'm not done with you, Rangers.  But for now... bye!

[ He vanishes with silver vertical streaks. ]

[ The RANGERS look at one another. ]

[ Break. ]

[ EXT. HILLSIDE - The HEROES sit on a grassy hill overlooking the ocean. ]

You guys, am I dreaming, or is Trask really gone?

It looks like he's really gone.

But we still have Mainframe to deal with.

Yeah, but we're winning!  Strife, Sasha, Dillik, Trask...  (reconsiders, more seriously)  Oh, well, it's kind of a shame about Dillik...  (more positively)  But still...

As a recap, Strife was destroyed in episode 27; the Rangers believed they destroyed Sasha in episode 30 (it was actually a clone, the real Sasha having been melted in episode 27); Dillik apparently died in an explosion in episode 32; and now Trask has been arrested.  (Magda escapes mention, but she was apparently destroyed in episode 10; see episode 38, however.)

[ LUKE stands with significance. ]

Guys, there's something I have to do.

Oh, come on, man...  What are you gonna do?

You're not thinking of going after Mainframe by yourself, are you?

Luke's previous behaviors lead them to expect some crazy solo endeavor, perhaps like his flight to the space station in episodes 12 and 13.

No.  (extends a hand to Lisa)  I'm thinking of taking my girlfriend to lunch.  And maybe some horseback riding in the afternoon.

Maybe Luke isn't hopeless as a boyfriend after all.  I still don't like them as a couple, though.

[ LISA blinks with apparent disbelief but then grins and takes his head.  She rises, and they set out together, their arms around each other's waists. ]

[ PETE nods. ]

That's cool.  (to Chris and Casey)  Are you guys hungry?

[ CHRIS and CASEY look at each other and mull over the idea agreeably.  They converse exclusively. ]



Maybe that Polynesian cafe by the hotel?

Ohh, yeah!  That sounds good!

[ They stand and begin to leave. ]

CHRIS (to Pete):
All right, we'll see you later.


[ Left by himself, PETE slumps. ]

Okay, bye...

[ Smiling, CHRIS and CASEY turn back and call out to PETE: ]

Would you come on already?

[ They laugh, and PETE jumps up to catch up with them. ]

This was my light-hearted way of addressing Pete being left out from the couples' activities.

[ Dissolve to EXT. SPACE, GALGA 9 ORBIT - TRASK'S SHIP flies by the camera and approaches the uneven planet below (see episode 17). ]

Galga 9 was seen in Trask's flashback to his encounter with Omos in episode 17.

Trask's ship makes its first appearance since it was mysteriously absent from the space station during Dillik's apparent demise in episode 32.

[ Dissolve to INT. OMOS' CAVE - We see a familiar boot clomp through the rocky interior of Omos' cave.  We pan up to see it is DILLIK.  He wears his customary suit, complete with its clear helmet. ]

This scene reveals to the audience for the first time that Dillik apparently survived the explosion in episode 32 (unless some viewers deduced this from the absence of Trask's ship when the explosion occurred).  His survival is detailed in episode 37.

[ At the end of the cave, DILLIK finds a cane, as well as any other belongings previously shown in Omos' cave.  There is, however, no Omos. ]

I figured this was a fine time to revisit Trask's final dark secret, which was that he killed Omos.

[ DILLIK studies the cane. ]

That's strange.  This is Galga 9, but where's Omos?  (ponders)  I'll have to ask Trask when I get back to Earth.

Of course, Dillik would have no way of knowing Trask has been arrested.  He'll be surprised to find Trask missing when he returns in episode 38.

[ DILLIK turns and walks out of frame.  Freezeframe. ]