Spoiler Warning: The commentary found here discusses events in this episode and beyond.  Read at your own risk!


Episode 36: "Second Time Around, part 1"

This episode was completed on February 16, 2008, and released on November 8, 2008.  Its title refers to the Rangers' repeated year, courtesy of Tachyderm.

Writer:  Joe Rovang

[ Sentai footage is from Jetman #26 (first act) unless otherwise noted. ]

In Jetman #26, Yellow puts his farming on hold to help the others fight an elephant monster (Tachyderm).  The monster casts the Rangers back in time, but not before Yellow headbutts him in the forehead.  Separated from the others, Yellow awakens in prehistory, cared for by a young woman who, coincidentally, looks just like White!  While the others make do elsewhere in the prehistoric land, Yellow is revered by the villagers after teaching them fire-starting and farming techniques.  When the monster emerges in giant form, Yellow lacks his Morphers, but the others blast the giant with their Enforcers, opening a rift into the present.  They all fly through, and Yellow's prehistoric girlfriend reluctantly returns his Morphers, knowing this means he'll leave her.  He joins the others in the Flyers, rescuing Blue with a well-placed boulder, and the Mega Kestrelzord finishes the monster off.  Yellow then finds a mention of himself in a book on cave paintings.

While planning the series, I spent a while mulling over what to do with the Tachyderm battle, as the monster's forehead display prominently showed "1991" for a while, and my series was set in 1992.  My original solution was simply to have this airbrushed out with a US effect, but at some point mid-series I started wondering what would happen if 1991 represented the Rangers' destination instead of the current year.  A time-travel episode in which the Rangers only went back a year in time?  What would be the point in that?  Well, eventually, it dawned on me that this would make for a unique spin on the obligatory clip show (a recap device Power Rangers has employed many times): the Rangers wouldn't simply recall events from earlier in the series; they would actually relive them from a second perspective!  I began incorporating elements of the time-traveling duplicates plot as early as episode 25, when the Rangers returned from space to find their affairs having been tended to.  Eventually, their presence in history snowballed, climaxing in their prominent role against Brimstone in episode 34.

I placed this episode here because most clip shows occur near the end of a season (perhaps to catch people up on series happenings before the finale), but specifically after Trask's arrest to make the Rangers reluctant to deviate from history as they'd experienced it (see commentary in episode 35).

I omitted the normal recap segment prior to this episode because the whole episode is, in effect, one big recap.

[ Fade in to INT. FRANCO'S OFFICE - Inside a tiny business office, MR. FRANCO (see episode 10) sits at a desk.  In uniform, PETE enters politely, though he has no place to sit. ]

The first portion of this episode takes place on Wednesday, September 16, 1992, three days after Trask's arrest (episode 35).  Pete isn't usually scheduled to work on Wednesdays, but it seems he may have switched days in accordance with his recent mini-vacation (episode 35).

As the Tachyderm battle featured Yellow prominently, I wanted a Pete subplot to cap the time travel aspects of this two-parter.  As such, I decided to make Pete rethink his approach toward a new job (see episode 29) after living a year of his life over again.

You wanted to see me, Mr. Franco?

Yeah, Pete.  Come in.

[ PETE awkwardly takes one additional step into the small office. ]

Mr. Franco's office hasn't been seen previously.

MR. FRANCO (cont'd):
Pete, you've been a junior sous chef for four months now, and you've been doing a good job.  A really good job.

Pete was promoted to junior sous chef all the way back in episode 8.

[ PETE is taken aback. ]

W--  Thanks, Mr. Franco...

I'm sure you're wondering when you're gonna be getting a promotion.

[ PETE shrugs bashfully. ]

Oh, well, you know...  (trails off)

[ MR. FRANCO takes a moment to form his words. ]

... But I've got some bad news.  Business just hasn't been the same lately with all these monster attacks, and I'm just not gonna be able to afford an extra chef.

It seems the monster activity in Spring Valley has taken a toll on more than just the housing market (see episode 15).

[ PETE appears stunned and confused. ]

I-- I don't understand...

I'm coming back to work as head chef.

That Mr. Franco had stepped away from his duties as head chef was my way of explaining why Pete had had more of a de facto head role, and why Pete would have been able to leave for Ranger emergencies without Mr. Franco being around to notice.

[ PETE is crestfallen. ]

... Oh.

You're a good man, though, and I'd like you to stick around.  I need a second cook, and you can keep your salary.

Second cook?  What about Sam and Patrick?

Patrick's out if you stay.

Brutal.  Fortunately for Patrick, Pete will decide to leave between episodes 37 and 38.

[ PETE blinks. ]

MR. FRANCO (cont'd):
It's not the way I wanna run things, but I don't have much of a choice.  You understand, right?

PETE (distractedly):
Umm... yeah...  (clears his head)  Can I think about it?

[ MR. FRANCO nods.  PETE quietly steps out. ]

[ EXT. CITY PARK - LUKE and PETE walk through the park (see episode 16), both in their work clothes. ]

Luke and Pete have spent several lunch breaks talking in the earlier portion of the series.

So basically, I'll be a slightly overpaid cook.

Jeez, Pete, I'm sorry to hear it.  But... wait...  You were training to be a sous chef, right?  And a sous chef is like second in charge?


So, I mean, you'll still be second in charge, right?

PETE (dissatisfied):
Well, I guess...  But it almost looked like Mr. Franco was gonna retire and leave me in charge at some point.  But now I'm... right back to where I was a year ago.  Maybe I should've taken that job at Regala after all.

In episode 31, Pete mentioned neglecting to take the job offer (also seen episode 29).

Is it too late?

PETE (with a chuckle):
Well, dude... it's been, like, a month...

[ LUKE is silent for a moment before asking: ]

Does that mean it's too late?

[ PETE stops to think. ]

PETE (curiously):
Well, I don't know...

[ PETE's MORPHER chimes with its alert tone.  PETE checks the display after pressing the upper left button.  In the display, we see an elephant monster, TACHYDERM, terrorizing people downtown (Jetman #26). ]

Tachyderm's name is a fusion of the words "pachyderm" (an informal synonym for "elephant") and "tachyon" (a hypothetical particle that moves faster than light, popular among fiction writers for making time travel possible).  This was my favorite monster name.

Tachyderm attacks Tachyderm attacks Tachyderm attacks

[ PETE looks to LUKE. ]

PETE (cont'd):
Uh oh.  Duty calls.

[ They depart. ]

[ EXT. CITY PLAZA (sentai) - TACHYDERM plods through the plaza.  As he comes to a stop, we pan up his body, revealing an hourglass at the end of his trunk, and a stopwatch-shaped clock in his forehead, below which is a display which reads, "AD 1991." ]

Tachyderm Tachyderm Tachyderm

In the sentai, the year 1991 represented the current date.  In Take Flight, the monster, being of limited intellect and ability, intends to cast the Rangers into the past (though they'll simply wait him out for a year).  Tachyderm might have had more luck sending the Rangers a year into the future, as at least he'd have been the one with a year to prepare until their second round.

Regarding the use of A.D. (Anno Domini) and B.C. (Before Christ), some scholars prefer the abbreviations C.E. (Common Era) and B.C.E. (Before Common Era) to allow for cross-cultural use of Gregorian years without referring to Christ, while others regard this as unnecessarily secular.  Tachyderm apparently prefers A.D.

All right, humans, Tachyderm is here!

[ We see a close-up of his trunk as he speaks. ]

Tachyderm Tachyderm

TACHYDERM (cont'd):
Mainframe tells me I'm the last of my kind...

Tachyderm used up the last of the biomass supply, as Trask's biomass gun was destroyed in episode 35.

Several shots in this sequence were used out of order to accommodate a different method of time travel for the Rangers.

[ We then see a close-up of his clock and its year display. ]


TACHYDERM (cont'd):
...so let's do this right!

[ US footage - A group of civilians (compare with sentai) cowers beside a fountain.  They then look up to the sky. ]

[ The five RANGERS fly down from the sky (Jetman #29). ]

Rangers fly down Rangers fly down

Currently, Chris, Pete, and Luke are absent from work.  Casey's shift hasn't yet begun, but she'll appear to miss her shift today (see next episode).

[ Switch to US footage - The RANGERS land in the plaza and strike poses. ]

RANGERS (in unison):
Power Rangers!

[ The civilians cheer. ]

We're saved!

[ Sentai - TACHYDERM turns, speaks, and pounds his chest.  He then begins to blow a white mist from his mouth. ]

Tachyderm turns Tachyderm turns Tachyderm blows mist Tachyderm blows mist Tachyderm blows mist

Ah, right on time!  Now for my specialty!  (blows mist)  ...your disappearing act!

In the sentai, the mist was explosive, resulting in the (frivolous) destruction of numerous skyscrapers in the area.  Only later did he use his clock to warp the Rangers through time with a bluish fluid effect (interrupted by Yellow's headbutt).  I needed the Rangers to vanish and then reappear with a vengeance, so I rearranged this sequence and used the mist as their vanishing effect.

[ US footage - The RANGERS stagger back slightly as the mist blows around them. ]

LISA (Blue Ranger):
Hey, what is this?

[ TACHYDERM continues to blow mist. ]

Tachyderm blows mist Tachyderm blows mist

So long, Rangers!

[ US footage - As the mist swirls around them, the RANGERS glow with multicolored energy and then vanish. ]

[ As mist hangs in the air, TACHYDERM chases after the fleeing civilians.  He stops and turns when a voice calls out. ]

Tachyderm resumes his rampage Tachyderm resumes his rampage Tachyderm resumes his rampage Tachyderm turns

TACHYDERM (cont'd):
With those chumps lost in the timestream, I'm free to --

CHRIS (off-screen):
Heads up, ugly!

(turns)  Wha?

In the sentai, the Rangers didn't arrive twice; Tachyderm warped them (and himself) to prehistory, he grew, and they all returned downtown for the Zord fight at the end of the episode.  For my sequence of events, however, I've edited the sentai in a way that suggests two arrivals.

[ The BLACK and RED RANGERS leap in with flying kicks, striking TACHYDERM. ]

Rangers attack Rangers attack

[ The BLUE and PINK RANGERS follow suit, knocking TACHYDERM back slightly. ]

Rangers attack Rangers attack Rangers attack

[ YELLOW RANGER leaps through the air with his BATTLIZER on his wrist.  He performs a flying punch (shown three times) and strikes TACHYDERM.  We freezeframe just as the sparks burst from the point of impact, and we then hear PETE's voice narrating. ]

Yellow's Battlizer punch Yellow's Battlizer punch Yellow's Battlizer punch Yellow's Battlizer punch Yellow's Battlizer punch

PETE (voice-over):
Now, you're probably wondering, "Did his spell not work or something?"  Or maybe you're thinking it's just those wacky duplicate Rangers again.  Well, you're sort of right...  But let me start from the beginning.

As continued in episode 37, we learn that Pete has broken Tachyderm's clock at this moment (fitting that we've freezeframed now).

This two-parter was the longest Take Flight episode in the making, as I added pieces here and there over the course of the latter half of the series.  For example, the freezeframe as the Rangers arrive despite having just been sent back in time was a setup I had planned many episodes prior, as it seemed like a suspenseful hook for the rest of the episode.  (Originally, I just had Pete asking the audience if they thought it hadn't worked, but by this point the duplicates had played a far greater role beyond episode 25 than I'd expected, so I had to mention them here.)

Of course, Pete is actually telling this story to Maggie, as we see next episode.

[ EXT. PLAZA (ELSEWHEN) - In their poses as seen when they disappeared, the RANGERS appear from multicolored energy.  Surprised, they look around. ]

As shown later, these next few scenes take place on Monday, September 16, 1991, exactly one year from their time of origin.  As tedious as it is, they'll have to wait an entire year just to catch up with Tachyderm.  Good thing he didn't send them into prehistory!

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
Hey, where'd he go?

[ RED RANGER touches his left temple. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
I dunno.  Check your --  Hey, my Hoverbird's not responding.

The Hoverbirds are probably still under construction aboard the space station, where Dr. Bering is presently working.

[ The others try theirs. ]

LISA (Blue Ranger):
Mine either.

CASEY (Pink Ranger):

[ RED RANGER calls into his wrist. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Dr. Bering, is there something wrong with the Hoverbirds?

Conveniently, I'd changed the Morphers' frequencies by this point, so the Morphers brought back in time by these Rangers don't broadcast on the frequency on which Project Jetman is currently listening.  (These Morphers will, however, listen to the old frequency, as explained next episode.)

[ There is no response.  RED tries again. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger, cont'd):
Dr. Bering?

[ The others are puzzled.  PINK RANGER twists her left wrist twice, summoning her MORPHER onto her wrist.  She then speaks into it. ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
Call Turnquist.

We don't know what Special Agent Turnquist was up to a year ago, but General Taggart is probably involved with Project Jetman from some point on Earth; Project Phoenix doesn't yet exist.  But once again, it's the frequency issue that's important here; nobody is listening on this channel yet.

[ Silence.  CASEY then tries the side buttons on her MORPHER: upper left causes the display to go black (and then return to time mode with a second press), while none of the other buttons do anything.  She finally gives up with a shrug and dispels her MORPHER with another double-twist. ]

Upper left toggles Hoverbird video, but the Hoverbirds aren't active right now.  The other buttons issue commands to the Hoverbirds, but of course on the wrong frequency.  (For some reason, the Morphers will still be able to call the Zords on the old frequency.)

CASEY (Pink Ranger, cont'd):
This is really weird, you guys.

[ YELLOW RANGER speaks into his wrist. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger):

[ He looks to the sky expectantly but sees nothing. ]

The Kestrel is still on Illam at this point.

PETE (Yellow Ranger, cont'd, meekly):

Though Luke succeeds in calling the Hawkzord later in this episode (that being many months after this point), the Flyers are not presently taking calls; they may still be under construction on Earth.

[ The RANGERS become aware of passers-by looking at them with mild curiosity. ]

The passers-by wouldn't have any reason to think of the Rangers as anything other than people in odd-looking costumes.

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Let's regroup downtown, you guys.

[ The RANGERS leap into the sky and vanish.  The onlookers are stunned by the sight. ]

What effect does this incident have on Spring Valley's history?  Apparently little.  (I did like, though, that the onlookers were stunned by the sight, as they had no reason to expect these people to be able to fly.)

[ EXT. ROOFTOP - The RANGERS land on a rooftop and survey the city below in various directions. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
All right, we've gotta figure out what's going on.  And keep an eye out for that monster.

Unlike the sentai, Tachyderm didn't come back in time with the Rangers (which also leaves them with no way back to the present aside from waiting, being frozen, or traveling close to the speed of light for a while, and the latter two options are out).

[ PINK RANGER is spellbound by a sight in the distance. ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
You guys...!

[ The others look.  PINK points downtown. ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger, cont'd):
Look!  That building!  That's the one the Kestrelzord fell on!

Episode 29: a harrowing event when it happened.

[ She points at more buildings in the general vicinity. ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger, cont'd):
And look!  That red demon destroyed those buildings!  All of them!

Also referring to Infernis' attack in episode 29.  I regarded building destruction as a serious event, with repercussions felt long beyond that battle.

[ The RANGERS look around, apparently trying to gain perspective. ]

LISA (Blue Ranger):
All right, what's going on?  Are we in an alternate dimension or something?

Lisa thinks of alternate dimensions after her conversation with the ancient Red Ranger about peering through wormholes (episode 33).

It still hasn't clicked for Lisa that this is the event which created their duplicates (though her future self told her they were from the future, she didn't go into details).  She's become used to having a future self out there somewhere, so the idea of suddenly being the future self is an idea which will take her by surprise when she does catch on.

[ YELLOW RANGER has a thought and speaks into his wrist again. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger):

Pete keenly wonders whether the Battlezord was taken to an alternate dimension (it was; see episode 38), and if so, perhaps that's where they now find themselves.  Nice guess, but wrong; it does provide a hint about the Battlezord's whereabouts, though.

[ He looks to the sky expectantly but is let down once again. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger, cont'd):
Okay, never mind.

[ Dissolve to EXT. APARTMENT BUILDING - The five RANGERS land on the sidewalk in front of their original apartment building (see episode 13).  They look up at the building, all but BLUE apparently flabbergasted by the sight. ]

Of course, this building (Parkview Apartments) was destroyed after it was turned into Disastros in episode 13.  Presently living here are the past versions of Maggie, Casey, Pete, and Chris, as well as Barry and the Pattersons.

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
No way!

LISA (Blue Ranger):
This is where you guys used to live, right?

Lisa apparently never visited Luke's apartment before episode 13 (they didn't start dating until episode 17).

LUKE (Red Ranger):
It sure is.

[ YELLOW RANGER fetches a newspaper out of a nearby trash can.  The date, as seen in close-up, is September 16, 1991.  The others soon look at the paper as well.  (Its headlines contain no mentions of Ranger or alien activity, nor a poor housing market.) ]

The checking of the newspaper is an intentional nod to Back to the Future, though that movie may or may not have been the first to use this method to familiarize a time traveler with his settings.

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
Darn.  There goes that theory.  It's still today's date.  (does a double-take)  Wait a minute!

[ The RANGERS gape at the date. ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger):

LUKE (Red Ranger):
We're in the past!

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
That elephant sent us exactly one year back in time.

[ BLUE RANGER rolls her head in exasperation and then thumps herself on the helmet with her knuckles. ]

LISA (Blue Ranger):
Ohhhh...!  Duh!

Duh indeed.

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
Man, this is heavy.

Another nod to Back to the Future.

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
So, how do we get back?

[ YELLOW RANGER looks at her. ]

At this point, Pete's long-standing theory about their duplicates being from the future seems to be confirmed.  If true, however, that means they'll end up waiting an entire year to return to their time.  Pete decides to investigate first (see below).

[ EXT. BIKE SHOP - Outside Chris's bike shop, LISA pretends to stroll casually past the bike shop, but she peers inside as she passes. ]

They sent Lisa because Chris would have recognized the rest of them.

[ INT. BIKE SHOP - In his original grunge clothing, CHRIS is repairing a bicycle.  We see LISA passing by outside. ]

Not much changed in Chris's life between September, 1991, and April, 1992 (his debut as a Ranger in episode 2).

[ EXT. ALLEY - In the alley behind the bike shop, LISA quickly joins the waiting HEROES. ]

Yep, he's in there.

Ha, I knew it!  WE'RE our duplicates!  That whole time, it was us!

Pat on the back.

(groans)  Are you serious?  That means we spend a whole year waiting to catch up with the present?  What are we gonna do until then?

Well, for one thing, I think we need to stay out of the way and let history work out the way it's supposed to.

Luke's default is not to mess with anything while they're back in time.  His stance will vacillate over time, however.

PETE (ponderously):
Yeah...  We don't want to break the space-time continuum.

Pete is familiar with time travel from his comic book years as a kid; he may also have seen Back to the Future, if it's canon in this universe.

That's fine and all, but does anybody have an idea what to do for food and shelter for a year?

[ The HEROES consider. ]

[ INT. DOLI'S HALLWAY - We see CHRIS waiting outside DOLI's apartment.  She lets him in and closes the door behind him.  We hold on the door for a short while until CHRIS emerges with a personal check in hand. ]

PETE (voice-over, cont'd):
Finally, we talked Chris into asking his grandma for some money.  He didn't want to, but we didn't want to starve in the streets either, so I think we made the better argument.

Chris will repay this loan in episode 38; he'll also thank her for not mentioning it over the past year.  (It may be assumed from episode 38 that this is one of the instances in which Doli thought Chris looked older, but she brushed it off as being an illusion.)

[ EXT. TIME BASE - Outside a slightly run-down, one-story garden apartment building (affectionately referred to here as the "Time Base"), the HEROES are carrying grocery bags into the building from a used mini-van (1980s model). ]

The Rangers bought or rented a mini-van and presumably car-pooled during their year back in time.  They seemed to keep it upon returning to the present (see next episode).

PETE (voice-over, cont'd):
We rented an apartment east of town.  I tried to get everyone to call it the Time Base, but it never really caught on.

Pete coined the term "Time Base" in episode 26; at the time, he was trying to reassure Maggie that her lack of a future duplicate wasn't necessarily grim, as she could have remained behind in their Time Base to watch over them (in this regard, Pete's theory more closely matched Power Rangers Time Force than the reality of this episode).

[ INT. MOTORCYCLE GARAGE - CHRIS paints an intricate design on a motorcycle in a garage. ]

PETE (voice-over, cont'd):
Eventually we all found discreet, low-key jobs.  Chris started helping out at a motorcycle repair shop, and he even got to paint some sweet designs.

This explains how future-Chris had a motorcycle in episode 27.  I assumed the shop was on the outskirts of town, and he probably didn't come in direct contact with many customers to risk detection.

[ INT. CALL CENTER - CASEY seems to be enjoying herself while speaking on a headset. ]

PETE (voice-over, cont'd):
Casey started working for a phone help line.

Low-key is critical; Casey wouldn't have wanted someone to recognize her face.

[ INT. RETIREMENT HOME KITCHEN - PETE works as a sous chef.  He appears busy but content. ]

PETE (voice-over, cont'd):
I found work at a kitchen in a retirement home.  Got promoted quickly, too.

Thanks for nothing, Franco's!

[ INT. HUMAN RESOURCES OFFICE - In a dress shirt and tie, LUKE speaks with an applicant from behind a desk.  The office is decorated with aerospace memorabilia.  On his desk is a nameplate reading, "Rich Feynman." ]

PETE (voice-over, cont'd):
And Luke actually got a job in the H.R. department at the aerospace museum!

This move was a bit risky, in that Luke was downtown in a place where someone might have recognized him (though as he worked in human resources, his "customers" were museum employees).  This also glosses over Luke's previous difficulty finding work in episode 4; perhaps self-confidence had something to do with it.

Note that Luke is working under an alias as he seeks to avoid detection by Detective Morales and Special Agent Turnquist.  What Lisa doesn't realize is that his alias is a reference to Dr. Bering's favorite scientist, Richard Feynman (see episode 10).

This is the same aerospace museum which Sasha attacked (or will attack) in episode 12.

[ EXT. HARBOR - The camera pans across the harbor. ]

PETE (voice-over, cont'd):
As for Lisa...

[ EXT. FISHING BOAT - Wearing appropriate gear, LISA uses her strength to haul a net aboard a large fishing boat in the bay.  Her shipmates include a few men of varying ages. ]

PETE (voice-over, cont'd):
Well, we're not sure how, but Lisa got into fishing.

This one puzzled me as well, but it seemed bizarrely appropriate for some reason.

[ INT. TIME BASE, LIVING ROOM - We see a time lapse over the course of many days as the HEROES dash in and out of the building, day after day, on varying schedules. ]

PETE (voice-over, cont'd):
So that's how we spent our days.  At first, it was strange not to be on-call as Rangers twenty-four hours a day.

[ INT. TIME BASE, DINING ROOM - The five HEROES enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner together. ]

PETE (voice-over, cont'd):
But somehow, we got used to it.

The Rangers enjoyed Thanksgiving and Christmas together as a family of sorts.

[ We begin to dissolve to the next scene. ]

PETE (voice-over, cont'd):
We also started a journal.

[ INT. TIME BASE, GIRLS' ROOM (NIGHT) - Wearing pajamas, CASEY lies on her stomach on one of two beds, writing into a crisp, new journal with a black cover.  She begins writing on page one, referring to several pages of notes, each page well-worn and written with varying types of ink and in varying handwriting.  The notes have been revised and annotated at great length. ]

Casey may have been chosen as the team journal-writer due to her penmanship, but she also had a journal of her own (see episode 16).  Here, she's compiling notes the Rangers have perfected over the course of many months, which detail the events they expect to witness as their younger counterparts battle the coming alien threat; this journal will serve as a reference to history as they wish to preserve it.  (Originally, I thought of a journal as the primary vehicle for my clip show's flashbacks, but it became only one of two parts as I found myself with more material than could fit in one episode; the other part will feature the Rangers actually interacting with history rather than simply recalling it.)

CASEY (voice-over):
Dear reader, this journal chronicles an alien threat soon to grip Planet Earth.  If you have found this book, please contact General Norman Taggart: Commander, Special Air Command, and read no further.  The future of the entire space-time continuum may be at risk.  

Taggart's first name and rank are given for the first time.  My original intent was for the journal to be reserved for Dr. Bering's eyes only, but I opted instead for the higher-ranking general.

[ As CASEY's voice-over continues, we slowly dissolve to a rising shot of the starry sky.  Ultimately, we come to: ]

CASEY (voice-over, cont'd):
Now, if you're still reading this and you're not General Taggart or one of us, then I guess you're a snoop who didn't pay attention to my warning.  In any case, I suppose I can't stop you now.

[ EXT. SPACE STATION - The space station comes into view, as it first appeared in episode 1. ]

CASEY (voice-over, cont'd):
This story begins aboard a top-secret space station, currently the headquarters for an operation known as Project: Jetman.

The use of the colon here mimics the opening sequence from episode 1, though I phased out the colon in "Project Jetman" in all future mentions.

[ INT. SPACE STATION COMMAND (from episode 1) - We see a clip of DR. BERING at work in the space station. ]

CASEY (voice-over, cont'd):
There, a scientist by the name of Dr. Vanessa Bering is hard at work crafting weapons and vehicles which my friends and I will use to defend the planet in the coming year.  Our team includes...

"Crafting."  Many of the items were actually designed by Zordon, though a few were Dr. Bering's.

[ INT. JET COCKPIT - LUKE is flying a jet matching the one from episode 3, in a suit matching Henderson's (see episode 3).  He is not wearing a MORPHER. ]

CASEY (voice-over, cont'd):
Lucas "Luke" Branson, currently serving with the United States Air Force...

Past-Luke joins Project Jetman in December of 1991.

[ INT. BIKE SHOP - CHRIS is repairing a bicycle in the bike shop.  He wears his original grunge clothing and no MORPHER. ]

CASEY (voice-over, cont'd):
Wayne "Chris" Jacobs, a bicycle mechanic employed in Spring Valley...

He dropped out of college two years prior (see episode 7).

[ INT. FRANCO'S KITCHEN - Wearing a cook's uniform like those worn by Sam and Patrick (see episode 8), PETE cuts vegetables in Franco's kitchen.  He is not wearing a MORPHER. ]

CASEY (voice-over, cont'd):
Peter "Pete" Williams, Jr., a cook at Franco's Italian Restaurant...

Past-Pete is still a cook; he'll become a commis chef prior to April, 1992.

[ INT. CLASSROOM - In a classroom comparable to the one from episode 4, we see a clip of MAGGIE taking a seat in a college classroom.  She is not wearing a MORPHER. ]

CASEY (voice-over, cont'd):
Margaret "Maggie" Lu, a student at Spring Valley University...

A few months prior, past-Maggie resumed school and moved into Parkview after breaking up with Sean (see episode 14).

[ INT. DEPARTMENT STORE - In her original style of clothing (see episode 6), LISA shoplifts a silver picture frame (compare with episode 10).  She, too, wears no MORPHER. ]

CASEY (voice-over, cont'd):
Lisa Ward, a recent arrival to Spring Valley...

Past-Lisa was a shoplifter back then.  While I was showing her stealing something, I figured continuity would be nice, so I had her steal the picture frame shown in her apartment in episode 10 (she still had the stock family in the frame).

[ INT. BOOKSMART CAFE - CASEY works behind the counter, wearing her regular uniform and no MORPHER. ]

CASEY (voice-over, cont'd):
And your humble narrator, Estelle Reynolds, college graduate and Booksmart associate.  You can call me Casey.

Past-Casey is currently in her third year at Booksmart.

Note that Casey refers to herself as "your humble narrator."  This phrase is used by the (disturbingly violent) main character of the book/novel A Clockwork Orange; I have a hard time imagining Casey lasting through either version, so perhaps she didn't intend this parity.

[ EXT. CITY - We see a panoramic shot of the city. ]

CASEY (voice-over, cont'd):
Things seem pretty peaceful in Spring Valley right now, but that's all going to change on March 9, 1992.

Well, technically, Spring Valley doesn't get any less peaceful until April 18.  All that happens in March is the attack on the space station.

[ ASSORTED FLASHBACKS - We see clips of TRASK's attack on Life Support (episode 1), followed by DILLIK prancing through the command center (episode 1), and finally WILL's glare to LUKE (episode 11). ]

CASEY (voice-over, cont'd):
On that date, two extraterrestrials by the name of Trask and Dillik succeed in taking control of the space station, with the help of an infiltrator, William Duresky.

Will's last name is given for the first time.  I pulled it out of thin air.

[ We see DR. BERING frozen in her cryogenic container in Dillik's lab (episode 8). ]

CASEY (voice-over, cont'd):
They leave only two other survivors: Dr. Bering...

[ INT. SPACE STATION, HOLDING BAY - In the holding bay, LUKE hurries to the waiting HAWK ONE (shown barely in the foreground) carrying a metal case and wearing his original flight suit (see episode 1).  In the background, a metal girder falls from the ceiling and lands on a stack of crates, setting off a chain reaction of explosions that nearly knock LUKE to his feet.  Nonetheless, he makes it aboard the HAWKZORD. ]

CASEY (voice-over, cont'd):
...and test pilot Luke Branson.

This scene wasn't shown in episode 1; I added it to explain the source of the explosions which left Luke with the impression that the station was destroyed (see episode 11).

[ ASSORTED FLASHBACKS - HAWK ONE flies away from an explosion in the space station (episode 1).  We then see three AVIMORPHERS in their case in Luke's apartment (episode 2).  Finally, we see the five RANGERS colluding in the quarry (episode 2), YELLOW RANGER firing his SKY BLASTER while being dragged (episode 2), and an abbreviated rendition of PODLING's destruction by the SKY ENFORCERS (episode 2). ]

Hawk One escapes AviMorphers Power Rangers Sky Blaster Sky Blaster Sky Enforcers Sky Enforcers Sky Enforcers Sky Enforcers Podling destroyed Podling destroyed

CASEY (voice-over, cont'd):
Luke escapes to Earth, and on April 18, 1992, he and four new friends use special devices called AviMorphers to become Power Rangers and defeat an alien creature.

...and render his species extinct.

[ We see a JINNSECT fusing with the museum's ruby (episode 4), followed by FACETIA attacking in a plaza (Jetman #8).  FACETIA then grows (episode 4).

Jinnsect on ruby Facetia attacks Facetia attacks Facetia grows Facetia grows

CASEY (voice-over, cont'd):
But Trask and Dillik have other creatures up their sleeves - Jinnsects.  When a Jinnsect infects an object, it becomes a monster.  And unfortunately, monsters have a habit of growing to the size of skyscrapers.

Some of these flashbacks are shown out of chronological order, for the sake of grouping them thematically.

[ HAWK ONE blows up WING KING (episode 3), and the CRUISER's firebird attack destroys FACETIA (episode 4) and TRAFFICO (episode 5). ]

Wing King destroyed Wing King destroyed Wing King destroyed Facetia destroyed Facetia destroyed Traffico destroyed Traffico destroyed Traffico destroyed Traffico destroyed Traffico destroyed

CASEY (voice-over, cont'd):
Fortunately, we have a flight of jets called Sky Flyers at our disposal.

This is the first and only time the Sky Flyers are collectively referred to as a "flight"; the term "squadron" would involve too many jets to be appropriate here.

[ We see the MEGAZORD's Phoenix Strike destroying BUSSTER (episode 6), CANHANDLER (episode 7), THREADLETTER (episode 8), and RAMENATOR (episode 11). ]

Phoenix Strike Phoenix Strike Phoenix Strike Busster destroyed Busster destroyed Busster destroyed Busster destroyed Canhandler destroyed Canhandler destroyed Canhandler destroyed Threadletter destroyed Threadletter destroyed Threadletter destroyed Ramenator destroyed Ramenator destroyed Ramenator destroyed

CASEY (voice-over, cont'd):
Of course, some jobs are so big they call for a giant robot.  That's where the Skyforce Megazord comes in.

[ We see LUKE and PETE losing their voices in the park (episode 16), MAGGIE berating a customer in Booksmart (episode 4), and the four HEROES lazily lounging in front of the apartment building (episode 7). ]

Reverbit's spell Facetia's spell Canhandler's spell

CASEY (voice-over, cont'd):
There's also the small problem of spells.  But even though mind-bending magic makes life difficult...

I omitted a flashback to the voice spell (episode 16) because it didn't fall under the category of a mind-bending spell.

[ We see CASEY and BARRY in the car together (episode 5), MR. PATTERSON speaking with PETE in the hospital (episode 8), and LUKE talking with LISA in the museum (episode 6). ]

Casey and Barry Pete and Mr. Patterson Luke and Lisa

CASEY (voice-over, cont'd):
...we still find time to make new friends.

Technically, most of the heroes were already friends with the Pattersons, but their friendship took on a new dimension when Steve learned the Rangers' identities (episode 8).

[ MAGDA on her throne (episode 10), and SASHA confronts the four HEROES in their icy cell (episode 9). ]

Queen-Empress Magda Princess Sasha and captive Rangers

CASEY (voice-over, cont'd):
Things get a little hectic when Queen-Empress Magda and her daughter, Princess Sasha, come to Earth.

[ RED RANGER speaks with TRASK on a rooftop (episode 10).  The PHOENIX CANNON then fires and blasts MAGDA's monster form (episode 10). ]

Trask's offer Magda's defeat Magda's defeat Magda's defeat Magda's defeat Magda's defeat Magda's defeat Magda's defeat

CASEY (voice-over, cont'd):
But with some help from Trask and Dillik, of all people, we manage to take down Magda with a new weapon called the Phoenix Cannon.

[ INT. AEROSPACE MUSEUM - In business attire, LUKE furtively escorts concerned museum employees into his office just before SASHA passes by with Barry's camera in hand (see episode 12).  She is wickedly amused but obliviously passes by Luke's office. ]

This scene didn't appear in episode 12 (most notably, because I hadn't yet planned the Rangers' trip through time at that point).

CASEY (voice-over, cont'd):
For some reason, Sasha starts working for Trask...

This change of allegiance continued to puzzle the Rangers, even long after Sasha was gone.  And yet they never tried to play Sasha and Trask against each other.  Would that have been too low for their tastes, or were they just not shrewd enough?

[ ASSORTED FLASHBACKS - STRIFE appears from greenish-silver vertical streaks (US effect) and runs to shield SASHA and SNAPSHOT from the Phoenix Cannon's blast (episode 12). ]

Strife to the rescue Strife to the rescue Strife to the rescue Strife to the rescue Strife to the rescue

CASEY (voice-over, cont'd):
...and she's soon joined by a robot bodyguard called Strife.

The Rangers never realized Dillik was Strife.

[ In the apartment stairwell, the four HEROES (minus Chris) react as a large tendril winds through the wall, cracking it (episode 13).  DISASTROS then rises in monster form, and the MEGAZORD confronts it (episode 13).  We then see flickering flights in the Megazord cockpit while CHRIS is helmetless (episode 15). ]

tendril Disastros Disastros Disastros Megazord vs. Disastros Megazord vs. Disastros cockpit lights flicker

CASEY (voice-over, cont'd):
Things go downhill from here.  First, a Jinnsect turns our home into a monster, and we have no choice but to destroy it.  Then, the Megazord starts to malfunction.

No flashback is shown from episode 14 (Bobo).

[ We see PINK RANGER's confession while her head is gripped in ESTELLE's arms, and CHRIS reacts speechlessly (episode 15).  CASEY then clumsily kisses CHRIS at the fireworks show (episode 20). ]

Casey and Estelle Chris reacts fireworks

CASEY (voice-over, cont'd):
Also, I make a fool out of myself when I let it slip that I like Chris.  That part turns out okay, though.

Probably not all that noteworthy for the Rangers' journal, but I thought it warranted a mention in terms of significance to the series.

[ LUKE and LISA talk fondly outside the museum (episode 16). ]

Luke and Lisa talk

CASEY (voice-over, cont'd):
Luke and Lisa also start dating.

[ The MEGAZORD falls (episode 17). ]

Megazord falls Megazord falls Megazord falls

CASEY (voice-over, cont'd):
Finally, the Megazord breaks down completely.

No flashback is shown from episode 18 (Will and the Somebody army).

[ BLACK RANGER sharp-shoots a JINNSECT with his SKY ENFORCER (episode 19).  The RANGERS stand triumphant (episode 19). ]

Black Ranger fires Enforcer triumph

CASEY (voice-over, cont'd):
But we turn the tide by shooting the Jinnsects before they can grow.  It looks like we have it made.

[ We see assorted shots of the RANGERS initially struggling against Sasha's monster army (episode 21), but they are then shown faring better (episode 22). ]

CASEY (voice-over, cont'd):
That's until a whole army of monsters is set loose in Spring Valley.  We manage pretty well...

[ In the alien valley, Sasha's monster form shoots a beam from her mouth to the ground, and the RANGERS are flung through the air by an explosion (episode 22). ]

Sasha's monster form on Illam Sasha's monster form on Illam explosion

CASEY (voice-over, cont'd):
...until Sasha turns into a monster and warps us to her home planet, Illam.

[ Atop its rocky pyramid, the SKY KESTREL comes to life.  We then see the KESTRELZORD grappling the monster as the missile (US addition) strikes her back. ]

Kestrel stirs Kestrel stirs Kestrel stirs missiles missiles missiles

CASEY (voice-over, cont'd):
The good news is that the Illamites left behind a fighting machine called the Kestrelzord, and we use it to beat Sasha.

All this "good news, bad news" reminds me of an early episode of The Simpsons, in which a shopkeeper warns Homer of a cursed frogurt.

[ In the Kestrel cockpit, RED RANGER notices something in his monitor (episode 23).  We then see the morph sequences of GRINDEL, FEI, FEXEL, KIRO, and ANDAR (episode 24), and the four MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS charge RED MMPR with electrical bolts from their palms (episode 24). ]

Kestrel cockpit generals morph MMPR charge

CASEY (voice-over, cont'd):
On our way home, we come across the planet Thadia, where we fight a team of evil Power Rangers.

Personally, I like to avoid using the term "evil" because I find it overly simplistic.  Casey is fine with it, however.

[ Wearing the DRAGON SHIELD in the Thadian throne room, BLACK RANGER slams RED MMPR into the floor (episode 24).  He then pries the POWER COIN from ANDAR's glove (episode 24).  PINK RANGER hands a POWER COIN to CERITHENA (episode 24).  JANOS watches as the KESTREL flies away (episode 24). ]

Black slams Red MMPR yoink! handout Janos

CASEY (voice-over, cont'd):
We win - naturally - and give their Power Coins to the people of Thadia.  Then we head home.

[ We see TWO-FISH landing in the mountains (episode 25), SATELLIZARD running (episode 25), FORMICO growing (episode 25), and the KESTRELZORD being struck by Hammersham's hammers (episode 26). ]

Two-Fish Two-Fish Two-Fish Two-Fish Satellizard Satellizard Formico grows Formico grows Formico grows Hammersham attacks Kestrel Hammersham attacks Kestrel Hammersham attacks Kestrel Hammersham attacks Kestrel Hammersham attacks Kestrel Hammersham attacks Kestrel

CASEY (voice-over, cont'd):
Once we're back on Earth, we learn the Jinnsects are gone, but the monsters keep coming.  It's hard work when you've just got one Zord!

[ SPECIAL AGENT TURNQUIST approaches the RANGERS by a mountain stream as his helicopter idles in the background (episode 26). ]

Special Agent Turnquist

CASEY (voice-over, cont'd):
But that's when Project Phoenix contacts us.

[ In the hangar, the MEGAZORD is under repair (episode 27). ]

repair repair

CASEY (voice-over, cont'd):
They give us shelter and repair our Zords in return for knowledge.

[ STRIFE is engulfed in explosions, and BLACK RANGER leans on a metal structure, his visor partially broken (episode 27).  We then see CHRIS in the lab, helmetless with a bandage under his eye, as the other helmetless RANGERS stand around him and a technician repairs his helmet (episode 27). ]

Strife's destruction Strife's destruction broken visor broken visor broken visor on the mend

CASEY (voice-over, cont'd):
And when Chris's final battle with Strife gets a little rough, they patch him up like new.

I didn't consider Project Phoenix's role during episode 27 especially significant, but here Chris's helmet repair falls under the category of "good stuff Project Phoenix did for us."  I suppose it would've been pretty inconvenient to have a broken helmet with nobody to repair it.

[ In the park, PINK RANGER claws at a JINNSECT embedded in her chest, but CASEY then startles awake in her bedroom (episode 28).  We then see the demon-eater floating in space as the SKYFORCE CRUISER flies to it (episode 28). ]

get it out Casey wakes into the demon-eater

CASEY (voice-over, cont'd):
A little later, we all start having weird dreams, but they turn out to be caused by a giant creature in space called a demon-eater.

Apparently the series got much more dense in terms of plot around this point, as these recaps begin to spend more time on each episode than those above.

[ Inside the demon-eater's bloodstream, we see MOLEWORM with his drills spinning (episode 28).  The KESTREL blasts MOLEWORM downtown with its Thermo Beam and then finishes it with the Kestrel Slash (episode 28). ]

Moleworm Moleworm Kestrel blasts Moleworm Kestrel blasts Moleworm Kestrel blasts Moleworm Kestrel Slash Kestrel Slash Moleworm destroyed Moleworm destroyed Moleworm destroyed

CASEY (voice-over, cont'd):
We learn Trask is stealing evil spirits from the demon-eater.  We put a stop to it, but Trask still ends up with four demons to serve his bidding.

[ Downtown, INFERNIS turns and extends his hand, blowing up a skyscraper (episode 29).  He is then seen walking by a partially destroyed building (episode 29). ]

Infernis' rampage Infernis' rampage Infernis' rampage Infernis' rampage Infernis' rampage Infernis' rampage

CASEY (voice-over, cont'd):
The first one is a real nightmare.  Thank goodness our future selves -- that's us now! -- evacuate everyone safely.

The Rangers won't learn Infernis' name until episode 40.

[ MAINFRAME sits in the Kestrel cockpit with his hands on the controls (episode 29).  In the mountains, the KESTRELZORD grabs the MEGAZORD's head and hurls the robot as INFERNIS stands nearby (episode 29).  The MEGAZORD crashes some distance away (episode 29). ]

Mainframe at the helm Kestrel runs amok Kestrel runs amok Kestrel runs amok Kestrel runs amok Kestrel runs amok Kestrel runs amok

CASEY (voice-over, cont'd):
As if the demon wasn't enough, a new villain named Mainframe hijacks the Kestrelzord!

Though he debuted in episode 25, it took until episode 29 for the Rangers to first encounter Mainframe.

[ In the Kestrel cockpit, LISA enters through the rear door and points at MAINFRAME (episode 29).  He anxiously teleports away as LISA approaches him (episode 29). ]

Lisa chases Mainframe out Lisa chases Mainframe out

CASEY (voice-over, cont'd):
But Lisa pulls through and chases him away.

[ The MEGA KESTRELZORD assembles (episode 29). ]

Mega Kestrelzord assembly Mega Kestrelzord assembly Mega Kestrelzord assembly Mega Kestrelzord assembly

CASEY (voice-over, cont'd):
That gives us the chance to form the Mega Kestrelzord, a powerful new formation that's essentially unstoppable.

At least so far.

[ LUKE pushes DR. BERING through the hangar in a wheelchair (episode 30). ]

Luke and Dr. Bering

CASEY (voice-over, cont'd):
For some reason, Dr. Bering is released from the space station.

The Rangers never figured this one out; unbeknownst to them, Sasha released her to try to bring about Trask's downfall in episode 26.

[ We see a close-up of GOG in the park (episode 30).  As DREK prepares to strike the fallen KESTRELZORD, he is kicked aside by the BATTLEZORD; below, ZIN reacts (episode 30).  The BATTLEZORD shadow-boxes in front of the fallen KESTREL and MEGAZORD (episode 30). ]

Gog Gog Battlezord to the rescue Battlezord to the rescue Battlezord to the rescue Battlezord to the rescue Battlezord to the rescue Battlezord to the rescue Battlezord to the rescue

CASEY (voice-over, cont'd):
And when the rest of Trask's demons attack, her new Battlezord saves the day.

"New" in the sense the Rangers hadn't seen it before; it had actually been sitting around in storage prior to that point.

[ In the woods, PINK RANGER delivers to gleaming strikes to SASHA with her TALON SWORD (episode 30).  As BLACK RANGER looks on, SASHA falls and explodes (episode 30). ]

Sashaga's demise Sashaga's demise Sashaga's demise

CASEY (voice-over, cont'd):
We also destroy Sasha, who's come back from Illam.

The Rangers are incorrect here; they actually destroyed her clone after the real Sasha had been melted by Trask in episode 27.  They eventually learn the truth in episode 38.

[ With DR. BERING, LISA, and MAGGIE nearby, GENERAL TAGGART introduces LANCE, who wears an AVIMORPHER on his wrist (episode 31).  In the Kestrel cockpit, Blue Ranger fires a button, and the KESTREL fires the QUAD CANNON, destroying ZEPHYROS (episode 31). ]

Lance Blue fires Quad Cannon Quad Cannon Quad Cannon Quad Cannon Zephyros destroyed

CASEY (voice-over, cont'd):
When Maggie decides to step down to focus on her education, General Taggart nominates a Blue Ranger of his own.  But he destroys a monster who was a friend of ours...

"Friend" in the loose sense of the word.

[ In the lab, the four HEROES defiantly plant their MORPHERS on a table and stare down GENERAL TAGGART (episode 31).  Outside of LISA's apartment, LUKE smiles and presents her with a MORPHER (episode 31). ]

ultimatum ultimatum Luke presents Morpher

CASEY (voice-over, cont'd):
...so we threaten to quit if Lisa isn't the Blue Ranger.  It works, and Lisa joins the team.

[ The RANGERS discover the cryogenic container in the space station's command center (episode 32).  It bursts open, revealing DEMI-GOG (episode 32). ]

cryogenic container Demi-Gog

CASEY (voice-over, cont'd):
Soon, the general sends us to take over the space station, and we find Will, who's now possessed by one of Trask's demons.

[ In his lab, DILLIK pushes DR. BERING aside and stabs DEMI-GOG with the STAR HANDLE sword (episode 32).  DEMI-GOG crushes the STAR HANDLE in his hand, revealing bright white light within (episode 32).  A bright white explosion rips out from the side of the space station, loosing KORA'S SHIP (episode 32). ]

Dillik makes his move Demi-Gog grabs Star Handle Star Handle breaks explosion

CASEY (voice-over, cont'd):
After a talk with Dr. Bering, Dillik sacrifices his life to destroy Will, and Project Phoenix reclaims the space station.

The Rangers don't know that Dillik survived, except perhaps for Lisa.

[ The PHOENIX ROVER is shown covered in gluey strands (episode 33).  GLUESTREAK rises from the flames, startling the ENFORCER-wielding RANGERS (episode 33). ]

sticky Phoenix Rover Gluestreak unfazed Gluestreak unfazed Gluestreak unfazed

CASEY (voice-over, cont'd):
Later, when a sticky monster named Gluestreak ruins the Phoenix Cannon, we're left in need of serious firepower.

[ In the tomb, BLUE RANGER stops as a red glow flickers in front of her, and the ANCIENT RED RANGER appears (episode 33). ]

red glow in tomb Ancient Red Ranger

CASEY (voice-over, cont'd):
Lisa finds the tomb of an ancient Red Ranger...

I didn't know that the ancient Red Ranger would play a role in the finale when I wrote this recap.

[ DR. BERING tosses the ECHO BLASTERS to the RANGERS (episode 33). ]

Dr. Bering tosses Echo Blasters Rangers catch Echo Blasters Rangers catch Echo Blasters

CASEY (voice-over, cont'd):
...who helps Dr. Bering fix the Echo Blasters...

[ The ECHO ENFORCERS' blast destroys GLUESTREAK (episode 33). ]

Echo Enforcers destroy Gluestreak Echo Enforcers destroy Gluestreak Echo Enforcers destroy Gluestreak Echo Enforcers destroy Gluestreak Echo Enforcers destroy Gluestreak Echo Enforcers destroy Gluestreak

CASEY (voice-over, cont'd):
...weapons that let us defeat Gluestreak for good.

...before being immediately destroyed in the following episode.

[ BRIMSTONE emerges from a smoking crater (episode 34). ]

Brimstone Brimstone

CASEY (voice-over, cont'd):
Soon, the Earth is attacked by Brimstone, the monster who attacked Illam.

[ BRIMSTONE drains the RANGERS' powers (episode 34). ]

power drain power drain power drain

CASEY (voice-over, cont'd):
He drains our powers and destroys the Echo Blasters.

[ At the harbor, the RANGERS resist Brimstone's beams (episode 34). ]

Rangers resist Rangers resist Rangers resist

CASEY (voice-over, cont'd):
That's when our future selves -- us again -- help out.

[ The Gemini Beam destroys BRIMSTONE downtown (episode 34).  We then see the BATTLEZORD vanish with a golden shimmer (US effect) (episode 34). ]

Brimstone destroyed Brimstone destroyed Brimstone destroyed Battlezord vanishes Battlezord vanishes Battlezord vanishes

CASEY (voice-over, cont'd):
We beat Brimstone, but we lose the Battlezord in the process.

The Rangers relive this entire year without knowing what happened to the Battlezord (see episode 38).

[ In the quarry, TRASK transforms into his armored form as he emerges into the sunlight (non-armored Trask and blue gleam are US additions) (episode 35).  He and RED RANGER lock swords (episode 35). ]

Trask's transformation Trask vs. Red Ranger Trask vs. Red Ranger Trask vs. Red Ranger

CASEY (voice-over, cont'd):
Later, Mainframe lures Luke into a fight with Trask, who's also been led there on false premises.

...all of which Luke observed before going to join the others against Zindrek.

[ TRASK, now de-powered in his darkness dome, has his BIOMASS GUN aimed at KORA, but she leaps from the shadows into his dome and slices the weapon with her curved sword (episode 35). ]

Kora leaps biomass gun destroyed

CASEY (voice-over, cont'd):
While Trask is confronted by an old comrade named Kora seeking to arrest him...

[ ZINDREK arises (episode 35).  In the mountains, the KESTREL MEGA CRUISER cleanly streaks through ZINDREK (episode 35). ]

Zindrek Zindrek Kestrel Mega Cruiser destroys Zindrek Kestrel Mega Cruiser destroys Zindrek Kestrel Mega Cruiser destroys Zindrek

CASEY (voice-over, cont'd):
...we have to fight Zindrek, the combined form of more of Trask's demons.  We win...

[ The RANGERS arrive in the quarry and see KORA hauling TRASK away in shackles, the darkness dome following him (episode 35).  MAINFRAME faces the Rangers and teleports away (episode 35). ]

Rangers arrive Kora hauls Trask away Mainframe departs

CASEY (voice-over, cont'd):
...and come back just in time to see Kora taking Trask away.  That leaves just Mainframe!

[ INT. TIME BASE, GIRLS' ROOM (NIGHT) - CASEY finishes writing many pages later.  She is now sitting up with the journal on her lap, with the notes thoroughly scattered out in front of her. ]

It probably took Casey more than one night to write out all of that narration.

CASEY (voice-over, cont'd):
So there you have it.  A whole year mapped out.  Should be smooth sailing, right?

[ With an optimistic expression, CASEY drops her pen and shuts the book. ]

[ INT. TIME BASE, LIVING ROOM (DAY) - We see an open newspaper which PETE, sitting at the dining table, immediately slaps onto the table with a dramatic flourish. ]

This scene takes place on Saturday, February 29, 1992.

Well, our house is on sale three months too early!

I had the house go on sale earlier than the Rangers expected to shake their faith in history turning out as they expected, and to serve as an early example of the anxiety they would feel as they wondered whether they needed to intervene to keep things on track.  (Only in the next episode do they find out the house is still on track for their ultimate purchase months later.)

Our house...?

Yeah, the one Todd finds us.  It's already on the market!

Could it be a mistake?

PETE (agitated):
Nope, that's definitely it.  Todd said it went on the market in May, and it's not even March yet.

Well, let's calm down...  There has to be some explanation.

Yeah, maybe they'll take it back off the market.

In fact, that's what happens.  (Curiously, though, the owners seem to have a hard time selling the house even before the housing market goes crazy in response to Ranger phenomena.  Oh well, I suppose this isn't the first house not to sell immediately.)

But what if somebody buys it??

Maybe they don't like it and they move out.

Yeah... the housing market goes crazy once the attacks start.  (reconsiders)  Oh, but wait...  Who was it who owned the house before us?  The Johnsons?

No significance to the name.

Yeah, that sounds right.

Okay, so call the number and see who's selling the house.

[ PETE anxiously looks at the others.  He then lunges for the phone and dials the number from the paper.  Soon, someone answers. ]

PETE (on edge):
Yes, hi.  Are you selling the house at Mountain View?  Yeah?  Do the Johnsons live there?  They do?  All right, thanks.

[ PETE abruptly hangs up and looks to the others. ]

PETE (cont'd, calmly):
That's them.

[ The others have no immediate response. ]

[ Dissolve to EXT. TIME BASE - We see an establishment shot of building during the day. ]

[ A caption reads, "One week later..." ]

LISA (voice-over):
The space station?!  Are you crazy?

[ INT. TIME BASE, LIVING ROOM - The HEROES are now wearing different clothes.  All are standing, and the attention centers around LUKE. ]

This scene takes place on Saturday, March 7, 1992, two days before Trask and Dillik's raid on the space station (episode 1).

I'm serious.  I can't just sit here while all those people get -- (breaks up)

Despite his initial reluctance to alter history, Luke is overwhelmed by his grief for the slain crewmembers aboard the space station.

[ The others are visibly distressed, but they hold back as LUKE collects himself.  Eventually, CHRIS speaks. ]

CHRIS (gently):
Umm...  Look, man, I understand where you're coming from, but... wouldn't that be a pretty big change to history?

Chris is much less combative toward Luke than when the series began.

[ In the background, CASEY reaches for something on a bookshelf nearby. ]

Pfft, history.  We don't even know where we're gonna live in June.

The past-Rangers ultimately moved into their new house on June 6 (between scenes in episode 15).

LISA (to Pete):
Hey, the house hasn't sold yet.  Maybe we're still on track.

CHRIS (to Luke):
Anyway, I'm just saying... you're the one who didn't want us to change anything more than we had to.

[ CASEY steps forward with her journal in hand. ]

CASEY (gently):
Maybe... things happened the way they did... for a reason...?

Casey and Chris seem to have different philsophies about life (Casey is probably religious as well), but they get along well nonetheless.

[ LUKE ponders a moment. ]

Or maybe we were sent back for a reason.

This isn't the first time Luke has attributed cosmic significance to their role as heroes (see episode 10).

[ The others look to each other with no response. ]

[ EXT. ABANDONED LOT - In a run-down lot flanked by high walls, LUKE finishes suiting up in a flight suit roughly matching his original (see episode 1), but lacking the red emblem.  The other HEROES anxiously stand nearby. ]

The rest of this episode takes place on Monday, March 9, 1992, the day of the infamous raid (episode 1).

Future-Luke has scrounged up a suit that's mostly passable for his younger self's flight suit, though it lacks the Jetman emblem.

Seriously, man, what are you gonna try to do?  Fend off Trask and Dillik by yourself?

Chris is right, Luke.  You're just one Ranger.

The five Rangers encountered little resistance from Trask, Mainframe, and Dillik during their raid in episode 32, but there's no guarantee they'll react the same against one Ranger, and under these circumstances.

And how do you know we can call the Flyers on our new frequency?

Oh, we can.

For some reason, the Morphers are able to call the Flyers on their old frequency.  Did Dr. Bering add this feature after her conversation with future-Luke (see next episode)?

[ The others look at LISA. ]

LISA (cont'd, awkwardly):
... Uhh, probably.

Lisa still hasn't revealed her cross-temporal communication with herself (see next episode).

CHRIS (to Luke):
Look, if you're so bent on changing history, at least let us come with you.

Yeah, we know our way around the space station!

[ LUKE shakes his head, indifferent to their pleas. ]

I may or may not change anything.  I'll see when I get there.  In the meantime, I'm the only one who can pass for myself up there.

Certainly not the first time Luke has resisted their efforts to help him.

[ LISA steps forward pleadingly. ]


[ LUKE turns to look at her, but she appears to be speechless.  She eventually lowers her gaze. ]

[ LUKE turns away from the others and speaks into his MORPHER: ]

Hawk One, beam me up.

[ Sentai (Jetman #1) - HAWK ONE flies overhead. ]

Hawk flies over Hawk flies over

[ LUKE is beamed up in a green beam.  The others remain behind and look up wistfully. ]

[ INT. HAWK MACHINE AREA - In a cramped mechanical area with jet noise roaring around him, LUKE tucks himself behind a recess where he will remain hidden. ]

Future-Luke will wait here until the Hawk is recalled to the space station for maintenance (just prior to the beginning of episode 1).

[ EXT. SPACE STATION - HAWK ONE flies from Earth toward the distant space station. ]

Oh look, there it goes!

[ Dissolve to INT. SPACE STATION CORRIDOR - Sneaking through an empty space station corridor, LUKE checks his AVIMORPHER. ]

Hang on, kids!  We're in retcon territory!

It's almost time...

[ While LUKE is distracted, WILL (in his suit from flashbacks in episodes 11 and 18) approaches him from behind and strikes him with a metal rod, knocking him to the floor. ]

Mission accomplished, Luke.  You've passed for your past self.

[ WILL looks down at LUKE as his eyes flutter near unconsciousness, but he may manage to see WILL standing over him. ]

Sorry, buddy.  You're not gonna play the hero today.

I didn't see this twist coming until shortly before I wrote this episode, but it retroactively gives added meaning to Will's panic upon being found by Luke in episode 18.

[ LUKE finally loses consciousness. ]

[ INT. SPACE STATION, AIRLOCK - WILL drags LUKE's body into an airlock and rolls him onto the floor.  WILL then exits and mans a wall control on the outside of the door. ]


[ WILL presses a button, sealing LUKE inside the airlock. ]

That future-Luke ends up in an airlock is a convenient way to allow him to survive the rest of the crew's asphyxiation and melting by Trask.

[ We hold on a close-up of LUKE as he remains unconscious on the airlock floor.  Freezeframe.  "To be continued..." ]