Episode 38: "Across the Multiverse"

Writer:  Joe Rovang

[ Sentai footage is from Jetman #34 unless otherwise noted. ]

DR. BERING (voice-over):
Previously on Power Rangers Take Flight:

[ Fade in to EXT. DOLI'S APARTMENT - Establishment shot (see episode 21). ]

[ INT. DOLI'S APARTMENT - CHRIS finishes putting away groceries and then joins DOLI in the living room.  She is seated by the window. ]

Okay, you're all set, Grandma.

Gaagii, come sit a moment.

[ CHRIS sits nearby.  His expression is bright. ]


[ CHRIS remembers something and removes a personal check from his pocket. ]

CHRIS (cont'd):
Oh, I have the money you loaned me.  Thanks for, uh... not mentioning it.

[ He hands it to her, but she seems more interested in studying his face. ]

[ CHRIS chuckles self-consciously. ]

CHRIS (cont'd, amusedly):
Grandma...  Why are you staring at me?

Sometimes it surprises me how much you look like your father.  Wise... and mature...  (cocks her head)  Did you grow older on your vacation?

(puzzled) Vacation...  (remembers)  Oh, Hawaii, right.  Gosh, that seems like forever ago.  (chuckles)  Maybe I did grow a little older.  There's something I need to tell you, though, Grandma.  Casey and I are engaged.

[ DOLI smiles. ]

I knew your hearts were connected.  Does her family approve?

[ CHRIS ponders. ]

[ We flash to INT. REYNOLDS ESTATE - In a spacious, expensive-looking home (arguably a mansion), CHRIS awkwardly stands in the living room with his hands in his pockets while CASEY argues with MRS. REYNOLDS (see episode 13) in the next room (no audio). ]

[ INT. DOLI'S APARTMENT - CHRIS nods facetiously. ]

Oh, yeah, they're fine.

[ DOLI eyes him. ]


Nah, they really are fine.  I kinda wish I'd had a chance to ask their permission, but they're okay.  Her mom's just still worried about us living in the valley.  Especially if we started a family.

And you took their concerns to heart?

Actually, yeah, we did.  We told them we wouldn't get married until the Power Rangers win for good.

[ DOLI puzzles over this. ]

[ INT. REGALA - The five HEROES clink their glasses together, the contents resembling champagne.  They are sharing a table at Regala, each in relatively dressy attire. ]

To our new lives!

Congratulations, Pete!  (looking around)  You start tomorrow?

Bright and early, 2 PM!

[ CASEY giggles. ]

Chris, when do you go back to Mike's?

Thursday.  I'm helping Mr. Fischer through the end of the month.

LISA (to Chris):
Hey, is it true Mike's opening a tattoo shop?

CHRIS (chuckles):
Yeah...  He's getting the place all set up...  A sink, sterilizer, lights...

Are you gonna do tattoos?

(chuckles)  Mike wants me to apprentice with this guy he's bringing in.  I dunno, we'll see.

Oh, you should totally do it.

PETE (to Lisa):
(laughs)  Listen to you.  You sound like a little bit of a tattoo fan there.

[ CASEY cocks her head curiously at LISA. ]

You don't have a tattoo, do you?

[ LISA darts her eyes back and forth to appear suspicious.  The others laugh, with the exception of LUKE, who chuckles with restraint.  LISA grabs his arm. ]

Hey, babe, if you were gonna get a tattoo, what kind of design would you get?

LUKE (awkwardly):
I... I wouldn't...

[ LISA goads him further. ]

Oh, come on!  I'm not even saying you have to get one!  Just... if you did.

[ LUKE shakes his head uneasily. ]

I wouldn't.

LISA (to the others):
Would you listen to this guy?  He won't even pretend!

[ LUKE places his napkin on the table and stands. ]

Excuse me.  I need to use the restroom.

[ As he leaves, LISA slumps forward exaggeratedly.  The others look around uncomfortably. ]

He's just no fun.

[ CHRIS looks from LISA to the departing LUKE. ]

[ INT. SPACE STATION, ARMORY - BLACK RANGER smashes his right fist through a thick slab of concrete.  On his wrist is a new BATTLIZER, sleeker than his old Battlizer. ]

[ As the dust settles, BLACK RANGER admires the BATTLIZER. ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
Not bad.

[ Wearing her black uniform, LISA unlocks restraints from the platform holding the concrete and wheels it aside.  Several technicians arrive and begin sweeping up the remaining debris. ]

[ DR. BERING speaks over a microphone from behind a glassed-in control room.  Behind her, Trask's sword rests in a glass case. ]

How does it feel?

[ BLACK RANGER flexes his fingers and squeezes them into a fist. ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
It feels good.  Nice and sturdy.

Good.  Lisa, would you set up the steel sample?

[ LISA nods and wheels out a large slab of steel.  She crouches and begins locking it into place. ]

So, uh... sorry about making a scene last night.

[ BLACK RANGER touches his fingers behind his right cheek. ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger):

[ His helmet disappears with purple energy (see episode 15), revealing CHRIS's head. ]

It's not a problem.

I mean, do you and Casey ever argue like that?

Like what?  I mean, we disagree about some stuff, but... we're pretty low on the drama.

[ LISA makes a sour face. ]

Yeah, but he's so buttoned-up sometimes!  You know what I'm talking about, right?

Not really.  Luke is who he is.  You guys should like each other for who you are.

[ LISA blinks. ]

CHRIS (cont'd):
I mean, if you spend your whole relationship trying to make each other into something you aren't, that's not really much of a relationship, is it?

[ LISA stares distantly. ]

DR. BERING (off-screen):
Lisa, are we ready for the next test?

[ LISA stands. ]

Uhh, yeah.  Sorry, Dr. Bering.

[ CHRIS raises his left hand. ]

Sky Condor.

[ His helmet re-forms with purple energy. ]

[ EXT. DOWNTOWN - In his museum uniform and red helmet, LUKE is biking through light traffic on his blue bicycle.  Without warning, he spontaneously vanishes with a yellow shimmer (compare with episode 34). ]

[ EXT. SNOWY MOUNTAINS (NIGHT) - We see TRASK'S SHIP resting outside a familiar rocky cliff face. ]

[ INT. DARK LAIR - DILLIK wanders through the lair.  A console and the biomass refiner stand nearby. ]

Traa-aask, I'm home...

[ We hear a number of footsteps shuffling all around DILLIK.  He looks around apprehensively. ]

DILLIK (cont'd):
Wh-- Who's there?

[ From the darkness emerge more than a dozen NOBOTS (see episode 35).  They quickly surround DILLIK and maintain battle-ready poses. ]

DILLIK (cont'd):
Who are you people?!

[ Nearby, MAINFRAME appears from silver streaks of light. ]

I might ask you the same question.

Mainframe, it's me, Dillik!

Nice try.  Who are you really?

DILLIK (panicking):
Mainframe, why don't you believe me?!  Remember when we fixed the biomass refiner together?  And then we started a new Battlezord?  But then we turned it into the Gigazord?

[ MAINFRAME eyes DILLIK.  He then gestures to the NOBOTS, and they disperse back into the darkness. ]

DILLIK (cont'd, slightly relieved):
What's going on here?  Where's Trask?

Trask was arrested.  Kora took him back to their home planet.


How are you still alive?

The Blue Ranger saved me, actually...  That's what I need to talk to you about.  The humans aren't so bad after all.  We need to call off these attacks.

[ MAINFRAME scoffs.  He turns to leave. ]

Very funny, Dillik.

[ DILLIK tags along. ]

I'm serious, Mainframe!  The people of Earth don't deserve this!

[ MAINFRAME stops and turns to face DILLIK. ]

The Gigazord is almost finished.  Nothing's going to stop me from destroying the Rangers.

[ DILLIK blinks and begins to reply, but MAINFRAME interrupts: ]

MAINFRAME (cont'd, firmly):

[ DILLIK looks sad and alone as MAINFRAME proceeds into the darkness. ]

[ Break. ]

[ INT. DARK LAIR - In a hushed tone, DILLIK speaks into the stand-up console. ]

Dillik calling the Power Rangers...  Dillik calling the Power Rangers...

LISA (from console):
Dillik, you're back!  How are you?

Oh, Blue Ranger!  Listen, I'm in our lair in the Ver--  Verkho...  Darn it, I can never remember the name.  But I'm in Russia, and Mainframe's about to finish his war Zord, and I can't --

[ The monitor suddenly cuts off. ]

MAINFRAME (off-screen):
That wasn't very smart, Dillik.

[ DILLIK whirls around to see MAINFRAME approaching. ]

MAINFRAME (cont'd):
I'm going to have to lock you up now.

[ NOBOTS are quickly upon DILLIK, holding him in place. ]

No!  Wait!

[ MAINFRAME places his hand on the biomass refiner. ]

I don't guess I'll be needing this anymore.

[ Its machinery flexing and rearranging, the refiner opens like a metallic, sideways mouth. ]

MAINFRAME (cont'd):
Put him inside.

[ As the NOBODIES drag him forward, DILLIK squirms and cries out. ]

Mainframe, no!  Don't do it!

Don't worry, Dillik.  I'll make sure they feed and water you.

[ Once DILLIK is inside, the machinery seals shut.  A small hole is left for his face to be seen within. ]


[ INT. GARAVAN'S WORKSHOP - In a breezy workshop lined with pipes and other contraptions, LUKE dismounts his bicycle and removes his helmet.  He eyes his surroundings with wonder as he lays his bike and helmet on the floor. ]

[ A doorway in the back corner of the room slides open, revealing GARAVAN, a distinctly alien creature with a vaguely humanoid frame. ]

Welcome, Red Ranger.  I'm pleased my remote worked.

[ LUKE assumes a defensive stance and speaks into his MORPHER. ]

Sky Hawk.

[ With a red gleam, he morphs into the RED RANGER. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Who are you?

Please... I mean you no harm.

[ GARAVAN activates a switch on the wall, causing a panel to slide aside, revealing a monitor. ]

GARAVAN (cont'd):
I've brought you across dimensions to ask for your help saving my world.

[ In the monitor appears a planet resembling an upside-down Earth, centered on Africa. ]

[ RED RANGER tilts his head while studying the image. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
This planet looks like Earth...

In a way, it is, though we know it by different names.

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Wait...  We're on a parallel Earth?

Indeed.  My people settled here thousands of years ago.  But unlike in your dimension, your species never arose here.

[ RED RANGER ponders briefly. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Do you know of anyone named Zordon?  Or Ninjor?

I'm sorry, I do not.  But please, come...  We have grave matters to discuss.

[ GARAVAN leads RED RANGER toward the balcony at the end of the room.  As they pass by a table, GARAVAN gestures toward a cup of liquid resting there. ]

GARAVAN (cont'd):
Drink this.

[ RED RANGER looks at GARAVAN incredulously. ]

[ INT. SPACE STATION, ARMORY CONTROL ROOM - In the control room, LISA studies a display while CHRIS (helmetless as the Black Ranger) and DR. BERING look on. ]

LISA (uneasily):
This is really weird...  I'm trying to call the guys, but I don't see a signal from Luke.

[ DR. BERING looks more carefully. ]

There's... no reading from his Morpher.

What does that mean?

I... don't know.

[ EXT. GARAVAN'S BALCONY - LUKE and GARAVAN stand at the balcony overlooking a plaza.  LUKE is helmetless as the RED RANGER.  (Behind them, the cup on the table in the workshop is upside-down and empty.) ]

You're telling me Queen-Empress Magda has been living here ever since... ever since we thought we destroyed her?

In these hundred and thirty-four days, she has turned our factories into engines of abomination, breeding foul creatures which she plans to use to invade your world.  Like Brimstone.

Brimstone?  How do you know about him?

I was the one who pointed him to Earth, under Magda's orders.

[ LUKE ponders a moment. ]

Where is she?

In a cavern far in the mountains, she is sleeping.

Sleeping?  What, you can see her with the spanner remote or something?

[ GARAVAN nods down toward the plaza below.  DISCARDS positioned throughout the town stand stiffly without motion.  Townspeople resembling Garavan's physique skulk through the streets without a sound. ]

No.  Look.  The Discards are still.  They can be woken, but if we tread lightly, we remain safe.

I don't understand...  The Discards sleep when Magda sleeps?

The Discards ARE Magda.  She gives them life through her willpower alone.  But once every few days, she rests her mind, and the Discards fall dormant.  This is why I brought you now.

All right.  So, what do we have to do?

[ Wipe to INT. SPACE STATION COMMAND - DR. BERING works a wall console while CHRIS stands nearby in casual clothes.  LISA paces. ]

[ PETE and CASEY materialize from respectively-colored vertical streaks. ]


No.  He never showed up to work, and Detective Morales doesn't know anything either.

Did he say anything unusual when he left this morning?

CASEY (sorrowfully):
He said we were running low on orange juice...

I think we should split up to look for him.

CHRIS (to Pete):
Hey, aren't you gonna be late for work?

That's not important.  We've gotta find him.

[ DR. BERING turns. ]

Rangers, I'm getting a signal!

[ As the HEROES gather around, a wall monitor fades from static to an image of LUKE, helmetless as the RED RANGER, in Garavan's workshop.  His audio is low-fidelity, and the video suffers from some degradation. ]

LUKE (from monitor):

Luke!  Where are you?

LUKE (from monitor):
I'm in a parallel dimension.  I'm okay, but I have some bad news.  Magda's here, in this dimension.  She's enslaved the whole planet.

Magda??  But we destroyed her!

LUKE (from monitor):
No, she's alive.  Dillik and Trask must've banished her here with their wormhole generator.

[ DR. BERING begins working on an adjacent wall console. ]

So how do we get you out of there?

LUKE (from monitor):
Oh, we have a dimension spanner.  Garavan built it for Magda.


LUKE (from monitor):
He's the one who brought me here.  Magda forced him to build this device, and now she's getting ready to invade the Earth.  We've got to destroy her before that happens.

Destroy her?  How are we supposed to do that if she survived the Phoenix Cannon?

LUKE (from monitor):
Trask knew a lot about Magda.  Dr. Bering, do we know where Kora took him?

We know a rough trajectory, but that's all.  Finding them would be like finding the right grain of sand on a beach.

What about Dillik?

[ DR. BERING pulls up a graphic of Russia (identical to episode 9), including a blinking red dot in the Sakha Republic. ]

Found him.  The Verkhoyansk Range in the Sakha Republic.

Let's get down there.

LUKE (from monitor):
Hang on, guys.  I think we can do this another way.

[ INT. GARAVAN'S WORKSHOP - Still helmetless as the RED RANGER, LUKE tears open DILLIK's prison pod (formerly the biomass refiner), freeing DILLIK.  (Luke's bike rests against the far wall.) ]

W-- Red Ranger!  Where am I?

You're in another dimension.  I need you to tell me what you know about Queen-Empress Magda.

Magda?!  Why would you need to know about her?  (notices Garavan)  Oh, hello.

LUKE (with a nod toward Garavan):
Because she's taken over Garavan's homeworld, and I'm planning to destroy her.

DILLIK (panicked):
Magda's here?!  You brought me to Magda's dimension?!  Are you insane??

We'll send you home once you tell us what you know.

LUKE (to Dillik):
No, you can go whenever you want.  But if we don't stop Magda here, she'll be coming to our dimension soon enough.

Hmm.  To tell you the truth, Trask was mostly the expert on Magda, but he's been arrested.

Yeah, but do you know where he was taken?

Oh...  Well, Trask never told me where his home planet was.  But maybe if I had some star charts...  Can you bring me my ship?

[ GARAVAN looks at LUKE and then mans the wall controls. ]

[ INT. SEWER - In a large sewer cavern, TRASK'S SHIP appears with a yellow shimmer.  A light dusting of snow covers the ship. ]

[ DILLIK, LUKE, and GARAVAN descend a nearby set of stairs, their eyes on the ship. ]

Not bad.

[ INT. VILLAIN COCKPIT - Inside the cockpit, DILLIK sits at the navigation computer as LUKE and GARAVAN watch over his shoulder.  DILLIK brings up a 3-dimensional chart of the Milky Way.  (The Earth's location in the Orion Arm is denoted with a small blue dot.) ]

All right, Trask wiped his ship's memory when he had it retrofitted, but he did mention that he frequented Nimian outposts...  (sneezes)  Excuse me.

[ DILLIK highlights a small region in red, opposite the Earth's side of the galaxy. ]

DILLIK (cont'd):
That puts him in or near this region.  He also mentioned a Vessit missionary that visited his homeworld.

[ DILLIK then superimposes a web-like pattern over the galaxy.  (None of the lines happens to overlap Earth's position.) ]

DILLIK (cont'd):
The Vessits use a system of spoke-shaped travel paths radiating from the center of the galaxy.

[ We zoom in many times to study the small length of space in which the red region is overlapped by a Vessit spoke. ]

DILLIK (cont'd):
That limits us to this stretch here.

[ The star chart is replaced with a grid-shaped presentation showing dozens of stars of varying size and color, each labeled with a small bit of alien text. ]

DILLIK (cont'd):
Of all the stars there, only a few have Earth-sized planets in your habitable zone.

[ The stars are replaced with two roughly Earth-like planets, shown in side-by-side comparison. ]

DILLIK (cont'd):
Two of those planets have liquid water with exposed land masses...

[ One planet takes center view as the other is pushed off the screen. ]

DILLIK (cont'd):
One of the two has a nice, stable sun with minimal output variation.

[ The other planet returns, edging out the previous one. ]

DILLIK (cont'd):
But Trask's planet was experiencing significant climate change, which probably means we want... (previous planet returns) ...this one!

[ LUKE pats DILLIK on the shoulder. ]

Nice job, Dillik.

[ DILLIK smiles proudly.  He then ponders while studying the alien writing under the planet display. ]

DILLIK (inwardly):
Hmm, "New Vampiria"...  What are the odds?

[ EXT. PRISON DOME (NIGHT) - DILLIK and the helmetless LUKE appear from yellow gleams outside a prison dome resembling the architecture formerly seen on Trask's homeworld (see episode 17).  Though the area is dark, we see the landscape nearby is quite parched. ]

[ Two Vampirian guards approach with swords bared.  DILLIK sneezes at this point, startling them.  He tries to calm them with an alien phrase, but the guards don't appear to understand. ]

DILLIK (cont'd):
Hmm, they don't speak Galactic Common.  (sniffles)  Kinda primitive.

I don't speak "Galactic Common."

[ DILLIK rolls his eyes sparingly. ]

[ KORA emerges from the dome. ]

To what do we owe this pleasure, gentlemen?

Kora, it's you!

Have you two come to conquer another world?  Sorry, boys, this planet's not what it used to be.

No, we need to talk with Trask.  Please.

[ KORA eyes him skeptically. ]

[ INT. PRISON CORRIDOR (NIGHT) - The camera dollies down the corridor of a dark prison chamber.  TRASK's voice echoes distantly. ]

TRASK (voice-over, distant):
And how exactly do you plan to slay an immortal?

[ INT. PRISON CHAMBER (NIGHT) - LUKE is joined by DILLIK as he speaks with TRASK through the bars of his cell.  The chamber windowless and kept quite dark.  TRASK's hands are seen to be bandaged. ]


Admittedly, not a piece of trivia she shared openly...

LUKE (absently):
So Sasha didn't know...

But... you said the Rangers could destroy her with the Phoenix Cannon...

Simple motivation.  (to Luke) Now, I should add, it may be possible to destroy her... if you had some Ancients' tears.

Ancients' tears...?

Rumored to be the only substance able to kill immortals.  Very rare, of course.  But I had the good fortune of finding a sage who directed me to the last bottle in the galaxy.  I tried to use the potion to slay Magda, but I never landed a blow, even with my enhanced strength.

[ LUKE is enrapt. ]

Is there any left?

TRASK (with a smug smile):
So sorry, Ranger.  I applied the last drop while I still suspected Sasha of being an immortal.

[ We flash to SASHA's fire escape fall from episode 14. ]

TRASK (cont'd, voice-over):
That was before I saw the fear of mortality in her eyes.

[ LUKE ponders. ]

Wait...  You said you "applied" it.  What does that mean?

Have you not figured it out yet, Ranger?  The potion is on my sword!

[ DILLIK and LUKE are surprised. ]

Your sword...!

[ We flash to Trask's sword, hereby referred to as the SWORD OF TEARS, in the armory. ]

[ LUKE nods with determination and begins to leave. ]

LUKE (cont'd):
Thanks, Trask.

[ DILLIK pauses thoughtfully and turns to TRASK.  LUKE looks back. ]

Say, Trask, what ever happened to Omos?

[ TRASK gazes at him with indifference. ]

[ DILLIK is disgusted. ]

DILLIK (cont'd):
You didn't...!

He served no further purpose.

[ DILLIK scowls and turns away.  He and LUKE leave together.  TRASK remains alone. ]

[ Wipe to INT. SPACE STATION COMMAND - Helmetless LUKE stands with the SWORD OF TEARS in hand, admiring the blade.  The other four HEROES, DILLIK, and DR. BERING are gathered nearby.  GARAVAN is seen through a low-quality transmission in a wall monitor beside DR. BERING. ]

The Hawkzord's all set.

All right, is everyone ready?

[ The HEROES reply affirmatively.  DILLIK also chimes in. ]

Let's do it!

[ LUKE and the others look at DILLIK. ]

Dillik, we appreciate your help, but I think we'll handle this one.

[ DILLIK slouches. ]


GARAVAN (from monitor):
Dillik, I've placed your ship in orbit alongside the space station.

CASEY (to Dillik):
Don't you want to go home, and see your family and stuff?

[ DILLIK bashfully twists his toe against the floor. ]


You're welcome to stay here as long as you like.

[ DILLIK beams delightedly. ]


[ The HEROES are mildly amused.  LUKE nods for them to leave. ]

Come on, guys.

[ As they leave, LUKE casually mentions: ]

LUKE (cont'd):
Oh, by the way, Magda has the Battlezord.

[ As they walk out of frame, the others startle, particularly LISA. ]


[ Wipe to EXT. SKY (Jetman #32) - The KESTREL MEGA CRUISER flies by. ]

Kestrel Mega Cruiser Kestrel Mega Cruiser

[ INT. CRUISER COCKPIT (US footage) - The five RANGERS man their respective controls.  Outside the viewscreen, clouds occasionally streak by as they fly through the daytime sky. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
All right, Garavan, we're all set.

GARAVAN (from controls):
Acknowledged.  Transporting now.

[ From the Rangers' vantage point, we see out the viewscreen as the sky gives way to a black void with amber streaks flying by.  The streaks then fade away, and a blue sky returns. ]

[ The RANGERS are puzzled. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
Did we make it?

[ RED RANGER nods toward his monitor.  In it, we see massive factory complexes built into snow-covered mountains.  The factories' designs are distinctly otherworldly.  They are apparently inactive at the moment. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Yeah, there are some of the factories Garavan told me about.  They're unmanned by civilians as long as Magda's asleep.

[ RED rises and moves toward the rear of the cockpit. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger, cont'd):
Try to take out as many as you can with the Vulcan Beams.  I need Magda awake but distracted.

LISA (Blue Ranger):
Be careful, Luke.

LUKE (Red Ranger, wryly):
When am I not careful?

[ He exits through the rear door. ]

[ BLACK RANGER takes the center seat. ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
All right, let's do some damage.

[ EXT. SNOWY MOUNTAINS - Holding the SWORD OF TEARS, RED RANGER beams down in a ray of blue light.  He looks around furtively and proceeds through a rocky mountain pass. ]

[ INT. QUEEN'S CHAMBER - In a throne room similar to her previous one (see episodes 9 and 10), QUEEN-EMPRESS MAGDA sits on her throne, her eyes closed and upright staff in hand, but she appears to be made of stone. ]

[ The chamber shakes slightly as explosions rumble in the distance.  MAGDA's composition transitions from stone to her actual form as she opens her eyes.  Briefly aware of her surroundings, she then begins to meditate. ]

[ EXT. ALIEN FACTORY - Outside a burning factory, dozens of DISCARDS pour out from the exits, their attention on the sky above. ]

[ EXT. SKY (Jetman #32) - The KESTREL MEGA CRUISER fires its lasers. ]

Pulsar Beams Pulsar Beams

[ EXT. ALIEN FACTORY - A massive explosion tears the factory apart, flinging DISCARDS through the air. ]

[ INT. QUEEN'S CHAMBER - Her eyes closed, MAGDA grimaces angrily. ]

[ INT. VOID - Still holding the SWORD OF TEARS, RED RANGER emerges through a stone archway (through which is more darkness) and looks up at a large structure towering overhead (off-screen). ]

[ Sentai (Jetman #34) - We see an enormous apparatus from a low angle. ]

spanner spanner spanner

[ RED RANGER remarks privately.  He then suddenly looks to his right. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
That must be the spanner.  It's bigger than I expected.  (looks right)  Huh?

[ Sentai - TENDRILAG, a monster comprised of tentacles with a large sideways maw where his chest would be, rises from a mist-covered pile of debris. ]

Tendrilag rises Tendrilag rises Tendrilag rises

[ RED RANGER readies the SWORD OF TEARS defensively. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger, cont'd):
Looks like I've got some company.

[ Switch to sentai - Seen in close-up, TENDRILAG's hands are actually hissing, fanged mouths. ]

Tendrilag hisses Tendrilag hisses Tendrilag hisses

[ The creature then issues a hissing shriek as his torso-based jaws open and close. ]

shriek shriek shriek

[ Switch to US footage - As RED RANGER struggles to hold his ears while the shrieking continues, the SWORD OF TEARS flies out of his hand. ]

[ The sword impales itself into the stone archway and then simply fades away. ]

[ RED RANGER cries out.  (The shrieking continues.) ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
No!  (clenches his fist)  The sword!  What did you do to it?!

[ Switch to sentai - RED RANGER's TALON SWORD is pulled from its sheath by an invisible force. ]

Talon Sword stolen Talon Sword stolen

[ The TALON SWORD flies through the air. ]

Talon Sword stolen

[ RED RANGER cries out. ]


LUKE (Red Ranger):
No, stop!

[ The TALON SWORD flies down like an arrow (shown twice) and strikes RED RANGER in passing.  He sparks and flies back.  The shrieking, meanwhile, has stopped. ]

Talon Sword strikes Red Ranger Talon Sword strikes Red Ranger Talon Sword strikes Red Ranger Talon Sword strikes Red Ranger Talon Sword strikes Red Ranger

[ As RED lands on the misty floor, TENDRILAG moves into the foreground.  RED rises. ]

Tendrilag moves in Tendrilag moves in Tendrilag moves in


Sky Blaster Sky Blaster

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Sky Blaster!

[ TENDRILAG opens his jaws and begins shrieking again. ]

more shrieking more shrieking

[ As RED RANGER writhes in place, the SKY BLASTER flies from his hand.  It lands in TENDRILAG's maw, which promptly clamps shut.  The shrieking stops thusly, and the monster gurgles approvingly. ]

Sky Blaster stolen Sky Blaster stolen Sky Blaster stolen Sky Blaster stolen Sky Blaster stolen Sky Blaster stolen

[ We zoom in on the RED RANGER. ]

protest protest

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Give me back my weapons!

[ A tentacle (with the monster's jaw-hand at the end) flies through the air and latches on to RED RANGER's neck.  As RED struggles, TENDRILAG issues a gurgling, alien utterance and opens his maw. ]

Tendrilag's tentacle Tendrilag's tentacle Tendrilag's tentacle Tendrilag's tentacle Tendrilag's tentacle Tendrilag's tentacle Tendrilag's tentacle

[ RED RANGER is pulled forward despite his struggles. ]

Red Ranger gets dragged Red Ranger gets dragged Red Ranger gets dragged Red Ranger gets dragged

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Guys, change of plans!  I need help!

[ TENDRILAG's maw awaits. ]

maw maw

[ RED RANGER briefly holds his ground but is then dragged forward out of frame. ]

Red Ranger gets dragged Red Ranger gets dragged Red Ranger gets dragged

[ Above, multicolored energy crackles in the black void, and the KESTREL MEGA CRUISER appears from blue streaks. ]

Kestrel Mega Cruiser arrives Kestrel Mega Cruiser arrives Kestrel Mega Cruiser arrives Kestrel Mega Cruiser arrives Kestrel Mega Cruiser arrives

[ As RED RANGER struggles with TENDRILAG at close range, sparks erupt around them, and RED rolls aside.  TENDRILAG does as well. ]

duo blasted duo blasted duo blasted duo blasted duo blasted duo blasted

[ The MEGA KESTRELZORD then lands, initially gleaming with a bluish shimmer. ]

Mega Kestrelzord lands Mega Kestrelzord lands Mega Kestrelzord lands Mega Kestrelzord lands Mega Kestrelzord lands

[ INT. MEGAZORD COCKPIT (sentai) - BLACK RANGER calls down from the center seat.  YELLOW waves, and BLUE and PINK look down as well. ]

look down look down look down

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
Hey, man, what's up?  Is that what you had in mind?

[ INT. VOID (US footage) - RED RANGER rises from the mist and nods but appears forlorn. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Yeah, that'll do.  (forlorn) But I lost the sword.  And that's the last of the Ancients' tears.

[ Nearby, MAGDA fades into existence, her staff in hand. ]

Are you looking for something, Red Ranger?

[ As we look down over the MEGA KESTRELZORD's shoulder (composite from sentai), RED RANGER (US) twirls around.  (His holsters remain empty.) ]

Red Ranger (US composite) twirls around (other figures to be removed)

LUKE (Red Ranger):

[ The SWORD OF TEARS fades in, hovering in front of her. ]

I think this might be what you're looking for...  (with insincere sweetness)  Is it important?

[ RED RANGER eyes her. ]

[ MAGDA grins wickedly. ]

MAGDA (cont'd):
Come and get it.

[ RED RANGER continues to glare at her.  He then spontaneously eases back. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
No thanks.

[ He turns and leaps into the air toward the Mega Kestrelzord behind him (off-screen). ]

[ MAGDA looks up, startled.  The SWORD OF TEARS fades away. ]

What...?  (scowls)  Black Ranger!

[ INT. MEGAZORD COCKPIT (sentai) - BLACK RANGER speaks to Magda below (off-screen).  As he talks, RED RANGER joins the others from the rear door.  He then leans over the controls to call down. ]

Red Ranger arrives Red Ranger arrives Red Ranger arrives Red Ranger arrives Red Ranger arrives Red Ranger arrives

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
I'd like to take credit, your majesty, but this was a group effort.  (Red enters)  And you can keep the sword.

LUKE (Red Ranger):
See, we weren't sure we could trust Trask...

[ Switch to US footage - PINK RANGER chimes in.  BLUE then calls into the air. ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
So we had a backup plan.  I hope you like traveling!

LISA (Blue Ranger):
Get ready, Garavan!

[ INT. VOID (US footage) - MAGDA waves her staff, causing GARAVAN to appear with numerous DISCARDS who are holding him in place.  He looks like he has been beaten harshly. ]

Rangers, I hate to interrupt, but it looks like Garavan is a little busy at the moment.

[ INT. MEGAZORD COCKPIT (US footage) - The RANGERS are startled. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
No way!

[ INT. VOID (US footage) - GARAVAN wearily calls up to the Rangers (off-screen). ]

GARAVAN (wearily):
Rangers, you have to destroy the spanner!  It's the only way to protect the multiverse!

[ A DISCARD punches GARAVAN in the midsection.  He crumples to the misty floor. ]

[ INT. MEGAZORD COCKPIT (US footage) - RED cries out, and the RANGERS puzzle over the dilemma. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
You guys, we can't destroy the spanner!  Then we'd never get home!

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
What if that's the only way to stop her?

[ RED RANGER makes his way toward the rear door.  (His holsters remain empty.) ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
I've got an idea.  Just keep Magda distracted.

[ INT. VOID (sentai) - The MEGA KESTRELZORD turns to face the giant machine.  It then strikes a ready pose. ]

Mega Kestrelzord faces spanner Mega Kestrelzord faces spanner Mega Kestrelzord faces spanner Mega Kestrelzord faces spanner Mega Kestrelzord faces spanner Mega Kestrelzord faces spanner

[ US footage - Below, MAGDA sneers. ]

They wouldn't...!

[ The MEGA KESTRELZORD begins advancing toward the machine. ]

Mega Kestrelzord approaches spanner Mega Kestrelzord approaches spanner Mega Kestrelzord approaches spanner Mega Kestrelzord approaches spanner Mega Kestrelzord approaches spanner

[ US footage - MAGDA scowls. ]

[ A blob of energy, pulsing between green and orange in color, swoops around the MEGA KESTRELZORD, halting its advance.  The blob eventually solidifies into TENDRILAG, in giant form.  He stands between the MEGA KESTRELZORD and the giant machine. ]

Tendrilag arrives Tendrilag arrives Tendrilag arrives Tendrilag arrives Tendrilag arrives Tendrilag arrives Tendrilag arrives Tendrilag arrives

[ TENDRILAG hisses and extends his jaw-hands.  His dual tentacles fly through the air and latch onto the MEGA KESTRELZORD's waist and shoulder. ]

tentacles away tentacles away tentacles away tentacled tentacled

[ We see the TENDRILAG and the restrained MEGA KESTRELZORD from a distance.  A smoky incendiary blast travels the length of the tentacles and strikes the MEGA KESTRELZORD, causing numerous spark explosions. ]

sparks sparks sparks sparks sparks

[ INT. MEGAZORD COCKPIT (US footage) - The four RANGERS are shaken.  BLACK RANGER remains in center. ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
I sure hope Luke knows what he's doing!

[ INT. SPANNER (US footage) - Inside a cavernous inner chamber within the giant machine, RED RANGER enters and searches the area.  (His holsters remain empty.) ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
All right, Garavan said the spanner could be controlled from inside, but where?

[ RED catches sight of an access panel nearby. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger, cont'd):

[ INT. VOID (sentai) - The MEGA KESTRELZORD pulsates with yellow energy.  Speckled red energy then flows through the tentacles and into TENDRILAG, who glimmers with the same yellow energy. ]

power drain power drain power drain power drain

[ INT. MEGAZORD COCKPIT (US footage) - The cockpit lights flicker. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
We're losing power!

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
Fine time to get caught without a back-flow inhibitor.

[ BLUE RANGER has an idea. ]

LISA (Blue Ranger):
Wait, didn't Luke say Magda has the Battlezord?  Let's see if he can hear us!  Battlezord, we need you!

[ INT. VOID (ELSEWHERE) (sentai) - We see the prone BATTLEZORD lying face-down in the mist, ensnared in some sort of thick cables from above. ]

Battlezord awakens Battlezord awakens Battlezord awakens

[ The BATTLEZORD's hand flexes, and the BATTLEZORD lifts its head.  Its eyes glow with red and white energy. ]

Battlezord awakens Battlezord awakens Battlezord awakens Battlezord awakens

[ The BATTLEZORD grips a cable and pulls itself up. ]

Battlezord rises Battlezord rises Battlezord rises

[ INT. SPANNER (US footage) - RED RANGER enters a series of commands into the control panel, pausing occasionally to consider.  During one such pause, we hear MAGDA's voice, causing RED RANGER to twirl around. ]

MAGDA (off-screen):
This is foolish, Red Ranger.  (Red twirls)

[ MAGDA approaches with her staff in hand. ]

MAGDA (cont'd):
You're only prolonging the inevitable.  I will crush your planet, beginning with those you hold most dear.

[ RED RANGER assumes a defensive stance but seems wary of his lack of weapons.  He sidesteps slightly, trying to distance himself from MAGDA. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
I'm guessing this is about Sasha.

Fool, you only destroyed a clone of my daughter.  I watched from afar as the shadow-dweller took her from me long before that.  But his time will come.

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Trask...?  So what do you have against us?

Let's just say I've had a run-in with the Power Rangers before you came along.

[ MAGDA slices through the air with her staff. ]

MAGDA (cont'd):
Now, sleep!

[ An invisible force strikes RED RANGER, but he recovers from the blow and regains his footing. ]

[ MAGDA is startled. ]

MAGDA (cont'd):
What is this?

[ RED RANGER retorts: ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
I guess Garavan's serum worked.

[ Flash to INT. GARAVAN'S WORKSHOP - LUKE, helmetless as the RED RANGER, skeptically holds the cup of liquid in his hand as GARAVAN explains: ]

My people have been testing it in secret.  It makes us immune to her mind control, and I believe it will do the same for humans.

[ LUKE grimaces as he raises the cup to his lips, but he then drinks. ]

[ INT. SPANNER (US footage) - RED RANGER summons his new BATTLIZER to his right fist with a red gleam. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Battlizer, power up!

[ MAGDA grits her teeth and readies her staff. ]

[ INT. VOID (sentai) - TENDRILAG continues to drain energy from the MEGA KESTRELZORD.  The robot sparks. ]

power drain continues power drain continues power drain continues power drain continues power drain continues

[ INT. VOID (ELSEWHERE) (sentai) - The BATTLEZORD rips itself free from the cables, causing a flash of sparks. ]

Battlezord frees itself Battlezord frees itself Battlezord frees itself Battlezord frees itself

[ INT. SPANNER (US footage) - MAGDA fights RED RANGER deftly, pitting her staff against his BATTLIZER punches. ]

[ INT. VOID (sentai) - The MEGA KESTRELZORD is drained further.  More sparking ensues. ]

power drain continues power drain continues power drain continues

[ Nearby, the BATTLEZORD readies its fist in close-up and advances. ]

Battlezord on the way Battlezord on the way Battlezord on the way

[ We follow the BATTLEZORD's fist as it approaches TENDRILAG from the side. ]

Battlezord on the way Battlezord on the way

[ The BATTLEZORD punches TENDRILAG in the maw, causing a burst of sparks as TENDRILAG flies to the side. ]

Battlezord punches Tendrilag Battlezord punches Tendrilag Battlezord punches Tendrilag

[ The tentacles detach from the MEGA KESTRELZORD. ]

tentacles detach tentacles detach

[ TENDRILAG lands and rolls across the misty ground. ]

Tendrilag lands Tendrilag lands

[ Still smoking, the MEGA KESTRELZORD looks to the BATTLEZORD, which prances nearby. ]

Battlezord joins Mega Kestrelzord Battlezord joins Mega Kestrelzord Battlezord joins Mega Kestrelzord Battlezord joins Mega Kestrelzord Battlezord joins Mega Kestrelzord

[ INT. MEGAZORD COCKPIT (US footage) - BLUE RANGER pumps her fist exuberantly. ]

LISA (Blue Ranger):
All right!  Way to go, Battlezord!

[ INT. SPANNER (US footage) - As the fight continues between MAGDA and RED RANGER, she waves her staff, telekinetically hurling him against a wall of machinery.  RED RANGER falls forward, revealing a human-sized dent in the machinery.  The wall sparks slightly. ]

[ MAGDA unleashes a surge of yellow energy from her staff toward RED's new position.  He leaps aside, and the blast blows a hole through the wall behind him, revealing the black void beyond.  (The hole is slightly larger than head-sized.) ]

[ Rolling onto his feet, RED RANGER readies his BATTLIZER. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Battlizer, striker mode!

[ Red wing panels flip out, similar to the original Battlizers' striker mode (see episode 12). ]

[ INT. VOID (sentai) - TENDRILAG rises, growls, and shoots a fiery beam from his maw. ]

Tendrilag's blast Tendrilag's blast Tendrilag's blast

[ Sparks erupt around the BATTLEZORD and MEGA KESTRELZORD, but the BATTLEZORD charges through the smoke. ]

blasted blasted blasted blasted

[ The BATTLEZORD leaps and performs a flying punch in midair (shown twice). ]

leaping punch leaping punch leaping punch

[ INT. SPANNER (US footage) - MAGDA fires a series of yellow blasts at RED RANGER, but he dodges each.  The blasts, however, seem to be taking their toll on the surrounding machinery. ]

[ INT. VOID (sentai) - The BATTLEZORD delivers a flurry of punches and kicks to TENDRILAG, the final punch spinning him around. ]

Battlezord on the attack Battlezord on the attack Battlezord on the attack Battlezord on the attack Battlezord on the attack Battlezord on the attack Battlezord on the attack Battlezord on the attack Battlezord on the attack

[ INT. SPANNER (US footage) - RED RANGER punches the air, launching the BATTLIZER's winged component (known as a BATTLE BIRD), while the brace component remains attached to his wrist. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Battle Bird, launch!  (launches)

[ As it flies through the air, the BATTLE BIRD gleams with red energy. ]

[ We zoom in on MAGDA as she readies her staff. ]

[ The BATTLE BIRD, now merely a bird-shaped streak of red energy, flies toward MAGDA in slow motion. ]

[ A white barrier of energy forms around MAGDA as she braces with her staff, but the BATTLE BIRD pierces it, shatters her staff's crystalline head, and grazes by her shoulder, slicing it as it passes by. ]

[ As the flow of time returns to normal, MAGDA twirls around, her barrier dissolving.  She angrily throws her broken staff aside and clutches her shoulder. ]

[ In normal form, the BATTLE BIRD loops around and heads for MAGDA a second time.  It gleams further with the same red energy. ]

[ EXT. VOID - The BATTLEZORD holds TENDRILAG in a grapple from behind.  As they struggle, the MEGA KESTRELZORD steps into frame. ]

Tendrilag grappled Tendrilag grappled Tendrilag grappled

[ The MEGA KESTRELZORD assumes a ready position, and we zoom in to its head. ]

Mega Kestrelzord looks on Mega Kestrelzord looks on

[ INT. MEGAZORD COCKPIT (US footage) - YELLOW RANGER points.  BLUE RANGER appears concerned, but BLACK RANGER presses a button on the center controls. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
Look, the Battlezord's giving us a free shot!

LISA (Blue Ranger):
Be careful not to hit him!

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
No worries.

[ INT. VOID (sentai) - The MEGA KESTRELZORD charges and fires its chest beam. ]

Gemini Beam Gemini Beam Gemini Beam

CHRIS (voice-over):
Battlezord, jump!

[ As the BATTLEZORD leaps upward, TENDRILAG is struck with the chest beam.  Blue and red orbs swirl out from him, and he explodes. ]

Tendrilag destroyed Tendrilag destroyed Tendrilag destroyed Tendrilag destroyed Tendrilag destroyed

[ INT. SPANNER (US footage) - As the BATTLE BIRD streaks toward MAGDA, RED RANGER quickly mans the control panel, where he presses a series of buttons. ]

[ The gleaming BATTLE BIRD streaks through MAGDA's midsection with a small burst of sparks.  She staggers slightly but then chuckles and slowly turns. ]

You think that will stop me?

[ RED RANGER presses a final button. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
No, but maybe this will.

[ MAGDA's eyes widen as the machinery around them hums loudly.  A yellow glow shines on them from above, and MAGDA vanishes with a yellow shimmer. ]

[ As the glow from above subsides, the BATTLE BIRD returns to RED's wrist and folds its wings.  RED RANGER wearily sighs with relief, but a burst of sparks erupts nearby.  He looks around as the machinery makes an unpleasant grinding sound. ]

[ INT. VOID (sentai) - The BATTLEZORD and MEGA KESTRELZORD regroup. ]

Zords regroup Zords regroup Zords regroup

LISA (voice-over):
Luke, what's happening down there?

[ INT. SPANNER (US footage) - RED RANGER speaks toward his left wrist while working the control panel.  (His BATTLIZER is no longer present.) ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Magda's gone, but the spanner's leaking coolant like crazy.  I've gotta send you home before it overheats.

LISA (voice-over):
No!  What about you?

[ RED RANGER turns away from the controls. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Power down.

[ LUKE demorphs with a red gleam.  He then hurries over to the hole in the front wall while removing his MORPHER from his wrist. ]

LISA (from Morpher):
Luke!  What about you?

[ At the wall, LUKE calls into his MORPHER and then tosses it out the hole. ]

Mega Kestrelzord, beam me up!  (tosses Morpher)

[ INT. VOID (US footage) - In midair, the MORPHER is beamed up in a ray of blue light. ]

[ INT. SPANNER (US footage) - LUKE returns to the controls and enters a final sequence. ]

LUKE (privately):
Bye, guys.

[ The machinery around him hums again. ]

[ INT. VOID (sentai) - The machine activates, its central unit glowing with golden energy.  The BATTLEZORD and MEGA KESTRELZORD writhe as electrical bolts crackle around them, but they then vanish with yellow shimmers.  The machine continues to crackle with electrical bolts as small explosions (US addition) riddle its surface. ]

spanner activates spanner activates spanner activates spanner activates spanner activates spanner activates

[ EXT. WARP (sentai) - The MEGA KESTRELZORD and BATTLEZORD fly through darkness, which is punctuated with amber streaks. ]

Zords away Zords away Zords away

[ INT. VOID (US footage) - Covering his head as debris rains down, LUKE (lacking his Morpher) evacuates from the machine. ]

[ Nearby, GARAVAN groans as he begins to regain consciousness on the misty floor.  LUKE quickly helps him up, and they flee the area. ]

[ EXT. SNOWY MOUNTAINS - A hole opens in the cliff face, and LUKE emerges with GARAVAN.  They stop to catch their breath. ]

Magda is gone?

LUKE (contently):
Yeah, looks like it.  But what was the destination?

[ Dissolve to EXT. ROCKY TERRAIN (DARK) - Lacking her staff, MAGDA wanders across an eerily silent rocky terrain dotted with small holes, each roughly the size of a football across.  The sky above is dark and murky. ]

[ A writhing sound behind her causes MAGDA to whirl around.  She sees nothing but the numerous holes in the terrain. ]

[ She hears another sound, but we still see nothing. ]

[ Then, from one hole, a JINNSECT slowly emerges.  Then others emerge. ]

[ We see a wide shot of JINNSECTS emerging from holes all around MAGDA.  She is surrounded. ]

[ MAGDA sneers and summons the SWORD OF TEARS to her hand.  Cut to black. ]

[ Break. ]

[ INT. REGALA, KITCHEN - SCOTT (see episode 29) is working in a chef's uniform as PETE dashes in, nearly slipping due to his haste.  He is in a sous chef uniform but quite out of breath. ]

[ SCOTT raises his eyebrow and looks up at a clock nearby.  The time is 2:00. ]

[ With a smirk, SCOTT nods a hello. ]

(nods)  Pete.

[ INT. SPACE STATION, LISA'S QUARTERS - In her black uniform, LISA stands at the window, looking into space.  In her hands, she absently turns over Luke's AVIMORPHER in her hands.  (In close-up, we may see the number 1 etched into the MORPHER's back plate.) ]

[ CHRIS enters.  He rubs the back of his head awkwardly, seeming unsure what to say.  He is wearing his same casual clothes. ]

Uhh... hey.

[ LISA glances over her shoulder.  She resumes looking out the window. ]

LISA (somberly):

[ CHRIS stands beside her and looks out the window as well.  Silence hangs in the air for a moment before CHRIS speaks. ]

We'll see him again, you know.

[ LISA looks down.  CHRIS searches for more words. ]

CHRIS (cont'd):
I mean, surely they'll fix the spanner.  It'll probably just take a while before we hear anything.  Dr. Bering and Dillik are searching every frequency in the meantime, though.

[ LISA nods.  After a moment, she notes: ]

I miss him.  A lot.  I wish I could tell him I'm thinking about him.

Yeah, well... he knows.

[ LISA smiles softly at him.  We slowly zoom out through the window and away from the space station.  Fade to black. ]

DR. BERING (voice-over):
Next time on Power Rangers Take Flight:

[ EXT. CITY - From behind a veil of smoke, the GIGAZORD emerges.  It is a heavily armored giant gray robot with numerous curved projections. ]

Gigazord's debut Gigazord's debut Gigazord's debut Gigazord's debut

CHRIS (voice-over):
So you're saying you think he's finished it.

DILLIK (voice-over):
It's not that I think he's finished it.  He's finished it!

[ The MEGAZORD readies the flail weapon and then throws it.  It flies through the air. ]

flail flail flail flail

[ As the flail approaches the GIGAZORD, it performs a mighty karate chop.  The flail falls to the GIGAZORD's feet, cleanly cleaved in two.  We pan up to see the GIGAZORD standing ready. ]

flail chopped flail chopped flail chopped flail chopped flail chopped flail chopped flail chopped flail chopped flail chopped

[ INT. MEGAZORD COCKPIT (US footage) - The four RANGERS shift uncomfortably.  (Red Ranger is absent, and Black mans the center seat.) ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
Uhh... uh oh.

[ Cut to black. ]

DR. BERING (voice-over):
Next time, on Power Rangers Take Flight.