Episode 40: "All or Nothing, part 2"

Writer:  Joe Rovang

[ This episode uses a small assortment of sentai footage, but all sources are indicated. ]

[ "Big Sisters" refers to the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers season 1 episode, though visuals referenced therein originate from Zyuranger #10. ]

DR. BERING (voice-over):
Previously on Power Rangers Take Flight:

[ Fade in to EXT. SPACE STATION - DILLIK'S SHIP (formerly Trask's ship) remains docked to the space station. ]

DR. BERING (voice-over):
Thanks for coming, Maggie.

[ INT. SPACE STATION COMMAND - In casual clothes, MAGGIE stands beside the other four helmetless RANGERS (Chris, Pete, Casey, and Lisa).  DR. BERING and DILLIK face them.  An AVIMORPHER is on MAGGIE's wrist. ]

DR. BERING (cont'd):
We needed a Red Ranger, and I think it's best I stay here to keep an eye on Mainframe.

[ MAGGIE nods. ]

No problem.  I just have to remember I'm "Sky Hawk" now.

[ Then, conscious of the MORPHER on her wrist, MAGGIE subtly makes a soothing gesture toward it as if her words have nearly roused someone she doesn't want to wake. ]

So, Dr. Bering, what are our options?

Yeah, if you've got any Zords you haven't told us about, now would be a good time.

[ DILLIK sneezes. ]

[ DR. BERING shakes her head. ]

All we've got left is the Battlezord.

[ SPECIAL AGENT TURNQUIST appears in the monitor. ]

Doctor, the general wants to know how our fighter jets would do against the Cruiser.

[ DR. BERING turns to the monitor. ]

They'd get massacred.  What we need is --

[ On the monitor, SPECIAL AGENT TURNQUIST holds up a finger to pause her while a technician speaks with him.  SPECIAL AGENT TURNQUIST grows pale. ]

He's coming this way.

[ DR. BERING, the RANGERS, and MAGGIE take on a look of dread. ]

[ EXT. SKY (Jetman #32) - The KESTREL MEGA CRUISER fires its twin beams. ]

Pulsar Beams Pulsar Beams

[ EXT. MILITARY BASE (US footage) - Bombarded with repeated beams, the base is ripped by explosions. ]

[ INT. LAB - The lab is shaken violently from repeated explosions nearby.  SPECIAL AGENT TURNQUIST and the technician attempt to man various stations. ]

[ GENERAL TAGGART staggers into the room amidst the shaking.  He barks to SPECIAL AGENT TURNQUIST. ]

Turnquist!  What's going on?

We're under fire, General.  I'm calling the Battlezord now.  (to the technician) Deploy the firing platform.

[ EXT. HANGAR - As flames burn in the background, a massive blue platform rolls out from an open hangar on enormous treads.  The platform possesses some sort of interlocking mechanism on top, as if something is supposed to attach there. ]

[ EXT. SKY (Jetman #31) - The BATTLEZORD flies in and begins to do a barrel roll. ]

Battlezord flies in Battlezord flies in

[ INT. CRUISER COCKPIT (US footage) - MAINFRAME notices something off-screen and banks in that direction.  He then presses a button on his controls.  (The front glass remains cracked from the previous episode, as it will remain in all subsequent scenes.) ]

I don't think so!  Hyperspeed attack!

[ EXT. ANYWHERE (Jetman #32) - The KESTREL MEGA CRUISER retracts its wings. ]

Kestrel Mega Cruiser Kestrel Mega Cruiser

[ EXT. SKY (Jetman #31) - As the BATTLEZORD continues its roll, the gleaming green and yellow KESTREL MEGA CRUISER (compare with Jetman #32) streaks through the BATTLEZORD, ripping it apart with a shrapnel-spewing explosion (US effect). ]

Battlezord flies in Battlezord flies in Battlezord destroyed

[ INT. LAB - GENERAL TAGGART, SPECIAL AGENT TURNQUIST, and the technician gape at the monitor.  In it, we see debris staining the sky with curved trails of black smoke. ]

[ INT. CRUISER COCKPIT (US footage) - MAINFRAME is giddy as he banks to turn around. ]

(laughs)  Where's your Battlezord now, humans?

[ MAINFRAME presses a thumb trigger. ]

[ EXT. SKY (Jetman #32) - The KESTREL MEGA CRUISER's lasers continue. ]

Pulsar Beams Pulsar Beams

[ EXT. MILITARY BASE (US footage) - The base continues to be torn apart by explosions.  The blue treaded platform is struck with a direct hit and explodes. ]

[ INT. LAB - As the shaking grows more intense, the room begins to fail structurally. ]

Turnquist, evacuate the base!

Yes, sir.

[ They flee the room as the ceiling collapses. ]

[ EXT. VARIOUS EXITS - Personnel evacuate various areas of the base as explosions continue to rock the base.  SPECIAL AGENT TURNQUIST leads the evacuation efforts in one locale. ]

[ Meanwhile, the yellow-striped HOVERBIRD watches from above. ]

[ INT. SPACE STATION COMMAND - Watching the monitor (off-screen), DR. BERING appears stunned. ]

The Phoenix base has been destroyed.

[ The RANGERS are visibly disturbed by the news.  LISA seems to search for some solution. ]

Can't we... teleport him out of the Cruiser or something?

No, he's erected some sort of distortion field.  We can't lock on.  (rechecks the monitor and grows even more grim)  Rangers...

[ They listen anxiously. ]

[ DR. BERING turns to them. ]

DR. BERING (cont'd):
He's coming this way.

[ The HEROES and MAGGIE are alarmed.  DILLIK listens anxiously. ]

What?!  What are we going to do?

LISA (to Dr. Bering):
What about the station's electrical grid?

[ DR. BERING punches a command into the monitor. ]

It might've stopped the regular Cruiser, but I don't think it has a chance against the Mega Cruiser.

[ As DR. BERING finishes, an alarm sounds throughout the station, and the command center doors seal shut.  The RANGERS, MAGGIE, and DILLIK look around. ]

[ INT. SPACE STATION, LIFE SUPPORT - Several officers working in Life Support are spontaneously teleported with greenish-silver vertical streaks. ]


What are we doing?  Are we abandoning ship?

Not necessarily, but I've evacuated the crew as a precaution.  It's just us now.

All right, so if we don't want the station destroyed, what other options do we have?

There is the option of a self-destruct.

[ The RANGERS are alarmed. ]

CHRIS (incredulously):
Blow up the Zords?

It may be our only choice.

[ CHRIS ponders weightily. ]

[ Break. ]

[ INT. SPACE STATION COMMAND - After glancing at her monitor which counts down past 30 seconds, DR. BERING faces the RANGERS. ]

Thirty seconds 'til impact.  I need a decision.

[ CHRIS seems displeased with his options.  MAGGIE steps forward and places a hand on his arm while speaking mostly to DR. BERING. ]

Isn't there a way to teleport the Zords back to Earth?

The recall sequence!  Of course!  (nods confidently)  I think I can make it work.

Let's do it.  (inwardly) We'll see how long it holds him off.

[ INT. CRUISER COCKPIT (US footage) - As we look out the viewscreen from Mainframe's perspective, outer space lights up with bluish-white streaks.  The streaks then give way to a shot of the ocean from above, the surface rising to meet the Cruiser at high speed. ]

[ MAINFRAME quickly recoils. ]

What the--?!

[ EXT. OCEAN (US footage) - The gleaming greenish-yellow KESTREL MEGA CRUISER (compare with Jetman #32) streaks into the ocean from a nearly vertical angle.  It slips straight into the water with little ado, and its blue contrail quickly fades away. ]

[ INT. SPACE STATION COMMAND - PETE and CASEY are excited.  The others appear more apprehensive. ]

All right!

It worked!

[ In DR. BERING's monitor, we see a diagram of the ocean as a red blip, formerly traveling down, slowly curves up to exit the ocean. ]

But not for long.  He's pulling up.

Man, we could be doing this all day.

Until he figures out how to disable the recall command.

[ CHRIS ponders a moment and then speaks with conviction: ]

CHRIS (cont'd):
Blow it up.

[ The other RANGERS and MAGGIE look amongst themselves apprehensively.  DR. BERING looks at them a moment, but, when nobody has any reply, she reluctantly turns to the controls. ]

Activating self-destruct sequence.

[ After pressing several buttons, she closes her eyes with a sigh and presses the final button. ]

[ INT. CRUISER COCKPIT (US footage) - MAINFRAME is holding the joysticks back, as if pulling up. ]

You'll never stop me, Rangers!

[ EXT. OCEAN (US footage) - We are looking down at the ocean waters as the KESTREL MEGA CRUISER (composite from Jetman #32) emerges from the water, traveling straight up.  (The waves below are to scale, as though the Cruiser is roughly 90 meters long.)  Just as the ship nears the camera, however, a tremendous explosion completely rips it apart (US effect). ]

Kestrel Mega Cruiser emerging from ocean (not shown: ocean) Kestrel Mega Cruiser emerging from ocean (not shown: ocean) Kestrel Mega Cruiser explodes

[ As the waters are sheared away in massive waves, flaming fragments of the Zords are flung across the ocean.  Fiery, watery chaos ensues. ]

[ Among the debris bombarding the water, a smoking JINNSECT hits the surface.  Its legs writhe as it slowly sinks. ]

[ INT. SPACE STATION COMMAND - DR. BERING blankly stares at the monitor (off-screen) for a moment.  She then utters: ]

It's done.

[ The RANGERS seem to have heavy hearts. ]

Power down.

[ He reverts to his civilian clothes with a purple gleam. ]

Power down.

[ They revert with respective gleams as well. ]

[ EXT. OCEAN (US footage) - As the prior mayhem subsides, some flaming debris floating in the water, we see a large source of yellow light glinting beneath the surface.  The water above bulges and ripples outward, as if from a pressure disruption (though not an explosion) below. ]

[ INT. SPACE STATION COMMAND - The HEROES shift awkwardly.  DILLIK's head is bowed. ]

Wow, I never thought it would end like this.

[ A swirling mass of translucent bluish-white light appears in the center of the room.  The HEROES, DILLIK, and DR. BERING look on cautiously. ]

[ The light speaks with a somewhat eery, reverse-echoed voice. ]

Rangers, I am sorry for your loss.  You have fought admirably.

[ MAGGIE looks to the others. ]


[ The others have no answer for her. ]

I wish to thank you for your efforts to rescue me from Moleworm.

MAGGIE (softly, to herself):
Oh, the demon-eater.

Since then, I have recovered my strength, and I will now return to my breeding grounds.  Please rest assured that Infernis will not bother you again.

Hey, thanks for your help.  I don't know what we would've done without you.


You are welcome.  And now I have one final question.  Before I go, shall I cleanse the Earth of its lingering spirits?

[ The HEROES and DR. BERING look at one another, surprised by the question. ]

Uhh... wow.

You're talking about exorcising the entire planet?

[ They ponder.  DILLIK listens carefully. ]

Well, are ghosts usually harmful?  I don't think they are...

What about the ancient Red Ranger?  He might still be around, searching for his mentor.  He's not a bad guy.


Jeez, um...  Well, I guess it's not fair to lock them away in the demon-eater if they're not hurting anybody.  They just need closure, right?

[ CHRIS ponders.  He then addresses the swirling light. ]

All right, we're gonna pass.

[ He looks to the others, and they nod in support, including DR. BERING. ]

CHRIS (cont'd):
Yeah.  But thanks for the offer.

[ The light begins to disintegrate.  Meanwhile, an alert tone is heard, though it is muffled by the sounds of the dissolving apparition. ]

Very well.  Farewell, Rangers.

[ It is gone. ]

[ The HEROES and DR. BERING look at one another in stunned silence.  The alert tone then sounds again, getting their attention.  DR. BERING presses a button on the wall.  In the monitor appears an image of the harbor as MAINFRAME slowly rises from the water in giant size, the height of a skyscraper. ]

[ The HEROES gape at the monitor, some of them growing pale. ]

[ PETE chuckles with weary disbelief. ]

PETE (wearily):
Oh, look at that.  He's got a Jinnsect in him.

[ DILLIK clenches his fist in the air out of frustration. ]

Darn it!  I knew there was something I forgot to mention!

[ EXT. CITY (US footage) - MAINFRAME steps out of the harbor and enters the city.  He speaks with a deep, booming voice. ]

I'm back, Rangers!  You don't stand a chance!

[ Then, from his hands he projects a number of techno-organic tendrils which embed themselves into the city. ]

MAINFRAME (cont'd):
Now, your city is my playground!

[ EXT. CITY STREET - A MOTORIST is trying to pay a parking meter when the meter transforms to reveal a robotic mouth which snaps at the MOTORIST.  She startles and looks around as parking meters all down the street transform as well. ]

[ Nearby, a driver begins to pull out from a parking deck as the exit gate is raised.  Just then, however, the gate apparatus transforms, its gate becoming a sharp blade resembling an oversized sword.  The blade swings down and chops into the passing car's hood, causing the driver to panic.  The blade then lifts and begins chopping repeatedly at high speed, like a chef chopping food.  The driver exits his car with a shriek and flees on foot. ]

[ INT. SPACE STATION COMMAND - CHRIS steels himself. ]

Well, let's do this.  It's morphing time.

[ As DR. BERING and DILLIK look on with concern, the five HEROES turn away from the monitor and ready their MORPHERS. ]

[ CHRIS calls into his MORPHER: ]

CHRIS (cont'd):
Sky Condor!

[ We see purple energy forming the BLACK RANGER suit around him in slow motion. ]

[ PETE calls into his MORPHER: ]

Sky Owl!

[ Yellow energy transforms him into the YELLOW RANGER in slow motion. ]

[ CASEY calls into her MORPHER: ]

Sky Swan!

[ Pink energy transforms her into the PINK RANGER in slow motion. ]

[ LISA calls into her MORPHER: ]

Sky Swallow!

[ Blue energy transforms her into the BLUE RANGER in slow motion. ]

[ After glancing aside to concentrate, MAGGIE calls into her MORPHER: ]

Sky Hawk!

[ Red energy transforms her into the RED RANGER (feminine variation) in slow motion. ]

[ EXT. ROOFTOP - The five RANGERS materialize on a rooftop from respectively-colored streaks.  RED RANGER remains female, in Maggie's stature.  In the distance, they watch as the titanic MAINFRAME continues to embed tendrils into the city. ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
Oh no...

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
Look at him!  He's huge!

LISA (Blue Ranger):
How are we supposed to stop him without any Zords?

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
We try the Battle Enforcers.  (extending his fist) Battlizers, power up!

[ RED RANGER admires her BATTLIZER, as the RANGERS each possesses one on his or her wrist. ]

MAGGIE (Red Ranger):
Wow, fancy.

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
Yeah, and the Battle Bird can fly off and hit stuff.

[ YELLOW detaches his BATTLE BIRD. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger, cont'd):
But for right now, do this!

[ YELLOW inserts the BATTLE BIRD into his SKY BLASTER, forming the BATTLE ENFORCER. ]

[ The five RANGERS ready their BATTLE ENFORCERS.  BLACK RANGER stands in center. ]

RANGERS (in unison):
Battle Enforcers!

CHRIS (Black Ranger):

[ The RANGERS aim at the distant giant. ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger, cont'd):

[ They fire, and their Ranger-colored beams combine into a swirling red and gold sphere which flies toward the distant MAINFRAME. ]

[ The blast strikes MAINFRAME in the chest, causing a burst of sparks.  He staggers aside slightly with a grunt but otherwise remains unharmed and connected to the city with his tendrils. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
Jeez!  It didn't even make a dent!

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
All right, let's split up and try to get his attention.  Maybe we can get him to disengage or something.

MAGGIE (Red Ranger):
Wait, split up?  Is that such a good idea?

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
Well, it's better than one big hand-sized target, right?

MAGGIE (Red Ranger):
Hmm, good point.

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
Let's do it, guys.

[ The RANGERS set out. ]

[ EXT. DOWNTOWN - On the street below, PINK RANGER runs up and waves her arms wildly to the giant monster above (off-screen).  Her weapons are put away, and her Battlizer is gone. ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
Hey, Mainframe!  Down here, you big bag of bolts!

[ MAINFRAME looks down. ]

[ Meanwhile, PINK RANGER is absently pondering to herself. ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger, cont'd):
You know, this seems kind of familiar...

[ MAINFRAME lifts his massive foot.  It hovers over PINK RANGER, casting a shadow over her, as she looks up. ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger, cont'd):
Oh yeah!

[ PINK leaps aside just in time to avoid being crushed by his massive foot, which shakes the ground mightily and sends a cloud of dust radiating from the impact site. ]

[ PINK RANGER rolls back onto her feet and dashes off while MAINFRAME still appears interested in her. ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger, cont'd):
This is a lot easier with Zords.

[ EXT. ROOFTOP - BLACK RANGER takes a running leap off a skyscraper's rooftop. ]

[ Sentai (Jetman #2) - BLACK RANGER opens his wings. ]

Black Ranger opens wings Black Ranger opens wings

[ His wings extended, BLACK RANGER glides toward the giant MAINFRAME as the monster continues to look down around his feet. ]

[ BLACK RANGER lands on the giant Jinnsect embedded in MAINFRAME's shoulder.  BLACK draws his TALON SWORD from his sheath, grips it with two hands and points the blade downward, and then finally plunges it into the Jinnsect's hard surface. ]

[ MAINFRAME roars in pain and swings his massive hand across his body to swat at BLACK RANGER.  BLACK leaps off just in time, but his TALON SWORD remains embedded in the Jinnsect.  MAINFRAME's hand rubs across his shoulder, snapping off the exposed portion of the TALON SWORD with little difficulty. ]

[ EXT. ROOFTOP - Now lacking his TALON SWORD (and throughout the remainder of the episode), BLACK RANGER lands clumsily on a rooftop and rolls. ]

[ RED RANGER joins him, her BATTLIZER on her right hand. ]

MAGGIE (Red Ranger):
I should've known you'd try something like that.  Battle Bird, fire!

[ RED RANGER fires her BATTLE BIRD, whose wings immediately extend. ]

[ The BATTLE BIRD glows with red energy and streaks around MAINFRAME, confusing him.  It finally comes around his head and embeds itself into his eye.  He growls and clutches his eye. ]

[ Just then, DILLIK'S SHIP swoops by, blasting MAINFRAME with its blue laser pulses, though they are ineffective.  MAINFRAME swats his arm angrily through the air but hits nothing. ]

[ INT. VILLAIN COCKPIT - DILLIK is at the controls. ]

I've got your backs, Rangers!

[ EXT. ROOFTOP (ELSEWHERE) - YELLOW RANGER runs up to the ledge of a building, carrying an air conditioning unit over his head.  He hurls it mightily. ]

[ The relatively tiny unit bounces off MAINFRAME's giant head as he's tentatively releasing his hand from his eye.  He turns to look in YELLOW RANGER's direction. ]

[ YELLOW RANGER shrugs innocently. ]

[ MAINFRAME retracts his tendrils and stalks toward YELLOW RANGER's building. ]

[ YELLOW RANGER backs up anxiously. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
Uh oh.

[ Now close to his building, MAINFRAME swings his hand to swat YELLOW RANGER, but YELLOW leaps aside.  The hand crashes onto the rooftop, crushing part of it beneath the force of the blow. ]

[ YELLOW RANGER rolls aside and listens to a voice in his ear. ]

CASEY (voice-over):
Uhh, guys?  I think I found something weird down here.

[ MAINFRAME lifts his hand again and clenches it into a fist.  He then slams it down where YELLOW stands, but YELLOW leaps off the building just in time. ]

[ EXT. ALLEY - PINK RANGER is examining something ahead of her (off-screen) when YELLOW RANGER falls from above and crashes into a dumpster.  He climbs out and casually brushes himself off. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
Oh, hey, Casey.  (taken aback)

[ In front of them is a long row of pod-like machines extending down the alley.  Each seems cobbled together from car parts and other machines. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger, cont'd):
Whoa, what are those?

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
I dunno, but --  Huh?

[ She is interrupted as the pods simultaneously open with a hiss of air.  From within each emerges a look-alike of LUKE (dressed in his clothes from episode 1). ]

[ PINK and YELLOW startle. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger):
What the heck?!

[ The other RANGERS join them and are equally alarmed. ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
What is this?!

[ The LUKES turn and begin to approach. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger, anxiously):
I don't know!  They all just popped out of those pods!

[ Above, giant MAINFRAME giggles amusedly while peeking down into the narrow alleyway. ]

[ BLUE RANGER cocks her head suspiciously at the LUKES. ]

LISA (Blue Ranger):
Wait a minute...

[ She double-twists her left wrist, causing her MORPHER to appear in her wrist with a blue gleam.  She then presses the lower right MORPHER button, and her HOVERBIRD promptly appears over her shoulder. ]

LISA (Blue Ranger):

[ We see through the Hoverbird's camera as the image switches to a thermal image of the relatively cool alley.  Where the Lukes stood, however, there are now NOBOTS. ]

[ BLUE RANGER double-twists her wrist again, dispelling her MORPHER. ]

LISA (Blue Ranger, cont'd):
I thought so.  Visor off.

[ We see through Blue Ranger's visor as she stares down the approaching LUKES.  The visor goes black, but a corner image expands into the Hoverbird's thermal image of the NOBODIES (from its vantage point over her shoulder). ]

[ RED RANGER looks to BLUE. ]

MAGGIE (Red Ranger):
What are you doing?

[ Without a response, BLUE RANGER springs into action.  The LUKES attack, but she pummels them all with punches and kicks. ]

[ The other RANGERS look on, apparently puzzled. ]

[ Above, giant MAINFRAME objects. ]

Hey, no fair!

[ The last of the LUKES falls to BLUE RANGER's fists.  The LUKES now lie in a writhing heap at her feet.  Their holograms fade, revealing short-circuiting NOBOTS. ]

[ BLUE RANGER suddenly looks to the others. ]

LISA (Blue Ranger):
Oh, shoot.  Run!!

[ No sooner than BLUE reaches the others and they begin to turn, the pile of NOBOTS explodes in a massive fireball.  As the wall of fire reaches the RANGERS, however, it pours around them as a white barrier (see episode 24) is seen shielding them.  They stop, puzzled, as the explosion rips through the alley but leaves them untouched. ]

[ EXT. ROOFTOP - Above, giant MAINFRAME is hunched over the buildings which line the alley.  He leans his head back as the flames briefly shoot up from the nook below. ]

[ As the flames subside, the giant catches sight of seven figures in front of him, on the rooftop opposite him.  The figures include the MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS (see episode 24), including the GREEN RANGER with his DRAGON SHIELD.  (Their body frames now match Thadian physiology, with the exception of GREEN RANGER, whose body is shaped like the original reptilian generals.)  Also with them is LUKE, dressed in all white. ]

[ Giant MAINFRAME is startled by the sight. ]


[ As LUKE stands by, the six MMPR hold their hands together, generating a glimmering emblem in front of them.  In it, a red triangle is set upside-down within a blue triangle, and this is surrounded with a golden ring (compare with "Big Sisters").  The MMPR then throw their hands forward, sending the emblem shooting forward, rotating as it travels. ]

[ The emblem strikes giant MAINFRAME between the eyes, causing him to jerk back with a yelp as a spark explosion erupts from his head.  (He may be more surprised than hurt.) ]

[ EXT. ALLEY - We initially see bright white, yellow, and orange blotches through Blue Ranger's visor.  We hear LISA's voice at close quarters, as though we share her helmet with her. ]

LISA (voice-over):
Visor on.

[ The brightness shrinks away into the corner, and the black visor image comes to life, revealing the alley.  LUKE and the six MMPR are standing in front of her. ]

[ BLUE RANGER startles.  The other RANGERS look on in apparent wonder. ]

LISA (Blue Ranger, cont'd):

[ BLUE RANGER clenches her fist warily and takes a step back. ]

LISA (Blue Ranger, cont'd, skeptically):
Is it really you?

[ LUKE chuckles softly.  We hear distant explosions in the background, almost unnoticeable. ]

Yeah, it's me.  I think Garavan fried his spanner getting us all here.  That's AFTER sending me to Thadia.  But anyway... here we are.

[ The MMPR remove their helmets, revealing their identities (see episodes 23 and 24). ]

[ We see RED MMPR is DRASCANE, a Thadian. ]

LUKE (cont'd, off-screen):
You guys remember Drascane, with the Thadian civil patrol...

[ BLACK MMPR is WELTAR, another Thadian. ]

LUKE (cont'd, off-screen):
Weltar, of the Generot tribe...

[ BLUE MMPR is TYSO, still another Thadian. ]

LUKE (cont'd, off-screen):
Tyso, of the the Nabas League...

[ PINK MMPR is CERITHENA, Thadian as well. ]

LUKE (cont'd, off-screen):
Cerithena, of Shiku Prime...

[ YELLOW MMPR is DAIRU, likewise Thadian. ]

LUKE (cont'd, off-screen):
Dairu, of the Eastern Rebels...

[ GREEN MMPR is JANOS, the reptilian general. ]

LUKE (cont'd, off-screen):
And Janos, reformed general of the Lendei Guard.

[ RED RANGER waves bashfully.  (The distant explosions continue.) ]

MAGGIE (Red Ranger):
Wow...  Hey, guys.

[ YELLOW RANGER touches his fingers behind his right jaw. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger):

[ His helmet vanishes with a yellow gleam, revealing PETE's head. ]

[ The others do the same, dispelling their helmets.  (LISA's and MAGGIE's hair tumbles out from behind their heads once their helmets disappear, while CASEY's and CHRIS's are short enough not to be affected substantially.) ]

[ Helmetless PETE approaches DAIRU. ]

PETE (cont'd):
Dairu...  You're the one who fixed my tooth...

[ DAIRU smiles with dawning understanding. ]

Yes... tooth.

[ PETE smiles in return. ]

You do fine work.

[ DAIRU appears not to understand.  PETE instead gives a thumbs-up. ]

PETE (cont'd):
Good.  Very good.

[ Now seeming to understand, DAIRU smiles again humbly. ]

[ LUKE, meanwhile, looks to MAGGIE. ]

Nice job, Red Ranger.

[ MAGGIE smirks bashfully. ]

Power down.

[ MAGGIE's RED RANGER suit disappears with a red gleam.  She then removes her MORPHER and hands it to him. ]

MAGGIE (cont'd):
Why don't you go ahead and have it?

[ LUKE takes it with a respectful nod. ]

[ We hear another explosion, somewhat louder.  PETE listens. ]

Man, what is that sound?

[ EXT. CITY STREET - MAGGIE, LUKE, the four helmetless RANGERS, and six helmetless MMPR emerge from the alley, their eyes on the action above (off-screen). ]

[ Some distance away, giant MAINFRAME tries to swat a series of missiles which strike his chest with sizable explosions (though he is essentially unharmed).  Two fighter jets (compare with episode 3) then roar overhead and break away from each other. ]

[ INT. JET COCKPIT - In one of the cockpits is HENDERSON (see episode 3). ]

We're not even scratching him!

[ INT. JET COCKPIT 2 - In a similar cockpit is LANCE (see episode 32). ]

Rangers, Hutchins here.  If you have a plan, now would be a good time to use it!



[ LUKE looks up in a different direction.  From the sky descends DILLIK'S SHIP, and dangling from it in chains is the massive broken tip of the Phoenix Blade (see previous episode).  Its dimensions are roughly 40 feet by nine feet. ]

[ DILLIK's voice is broadcast from the descending ship. ]

DILLIK (from ship):
Hey, Luke, I got it!

[ LISA, MAGGIE, and the three RANGERS look at LUKE in confusion. ]

It's the tip of the Phoenix Blade.  I watched your battle against the Gigazord.

[ LISA tries to make sense of the sight. ]

[ EXT. SKY - The five RANGERS and six MMPR are all standing on the massive blade fragment as it cuts through the air beneath DILLIK'S SHIP on a flight over the city.  Each Ranger is helmeted and holding a chain for stability.  The RED RANGER is now back to his masculine form. ]

DILLIK (from ship):
We're getting close, Rangers!

[ Up ahead is the giant MAINFRAME.  The two fighter jets fly by in the opposite direction, leaving MAINFRAME's location. ]

[ INT. JET COCKPIT 2 - LANCE clenches his fist as he glances out his canopy. ]

Good luck, guys!

[ EXT. SKY - RED RANGER crouches down and places both hands on the metallic surface beneath him. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
This is it, guys!  Let's do it!

[ The other ten Rangers crouch and place their hands on the metal as well. ]

[ EXT. CITY - Giant MAINFRAME looks into the distance. ]

Oh, this should be quaint.

[ MAINFRAME uproots a building beside him and readies it as a shield.  It transforms, coating itself with metal to form an actual shield. ]

MAINFRAME (cont'd):
Do your worst, Rangers.

[ INT. VILLAIN COCKPIT - DILLIK presses a button on his controls. ]

Flooding the Jinnsects' audio frequency... (presses) ...now.

[ EXT. CITY - A shrill squealing sound suddenly begins, causing MAINFRAME to writhe in pain.  He drops his shield. ]

(yells in pain)  What is that sound?!


His guard's down!  Here we go!

[ EXT. SKY - RED RANGER begins to glow with red energy.  This energy then radiates out through his hands and into the metal beneath him. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
Focus, guys!

[ Yellow energy radiates from YELLOW RANGER.  Then pink from PINK RANGER, and purple from BLACK RANGER.  Finally, blue from BLUE RANGER.  The metal is beginning to glow with a neutral white light. ]

[ On the other side of the platform, energy flows through the MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS' hands as well: green from GREEN MMPR, blue from BLUE MMPR, red from RED MMPR, yellow from YELLOW MMPR, purple from BLACK MMPR, and pink from PINK MMPR.  By the time all have emitted energy, the metal is gleaming with bright white light. ]

[ RED RANGER nods. ]

LUKE (Red Ranger):
All right, let's get outta here!

[ The eleven Rangers all leap off the brightly gleaming sword fragment as DILLIK'S SHIP accelerates. ]

[ EXT. ROOFTOPS - The five RANGERS land together on a rooftop, while the MMPR roll to a stop on various rooftops.  Upon landing, each Ranger watches the action ahead (off-screen). ]

[ EXT. CITY - DILLIK'S SHIP races toward the uncomfortable MAINFRAME, the white-hot blade fragment still in tow. ]

[ INT. VILLAIN COCKPIT - DILLIK makes a determined face. ]

Here goes nothing...  In three... two...

[ DILLIK trails off while making an uncomfortable face and then sneezes.  He grumbles: ]

DILLIK (cont'd):
Stupid allergies.

[ He then remembers his activity with a panic and desperately mashes a button on his controls multiple times. ]

DILLIK (cont'd):
(yelps)  One!  One!

[ EXT. CITY - As DILLIK'S SHIP roars over MAINFRAME's at high speed on an upward climb, its chains release, but the gleaming sword fragment soars over MAINFRAME's shoulder, missing him. ]

[ EXT. ROOFTOP - The five RANGERS startle. ]

LISA (Blue Ranger):

[ EXT. CITY STREET - Watching the sky by herself, MAGGIE gapes in disbelief. ]

[ EXT. ROOFTOP 2 - The GREEN MMPR looks on, transfixed. ]

[ EXT. SKY - The gleaming blade fragment soars through the air on a deteriorating flight path.  Then, however, it unnaturally begins to rise again, and it banks to one side, bobbing slightly as it travels through the air. ]

[ EXT. ROOFTOP - The RANGERS nearly do a double-take, YELLOW RANGER attempting to rub his eyes through his visor. ]

PETE (Yellow Ranger):

[ In front of the five RANGERS appears the translucent image of the ANCIENT RED RANGER (see episode 33), his back to the RANGERS.  He performs a complex arm gesture. ]

[ EXT. SKY - As the gleaming fragment continues to bank, a giant red translucent falcon takes shape around it, the fragment being carried in its beak.  The bobbing of the blade is now revealed to be the beating of the giant bird's wings. ]

[ EXT. ROOFTOP - The RANGERS stare on. ]

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
Umm... am I seeing things?

[ The ANCIENT RED RANGER briefly glances over his shoulder. ]

You're seeing my Red Falcon.

[ EXT. CITY - MAINFRAME turns around to see the enormous spectral falcon, its wingspan as long as he is tall, soaring straight for him with the glowing blade fragment in its beak. ]

[ MAINFRAME curiously cocks his head. ]

That's new.

[ In a quick streak, the glowing fragment and ghostly falcon sail straight into MAINFRAME's chest with a large burst of sparks and a white shockwave.  Neither the fragment nor the falcon emerge out the other side.  MAINFRAME grows rigid for a moment.  He then feels his chest and begins to wobble on his feet.  Rays of white light begin to pour out from his chest. ]

MAINFRAME (cont'd, his voice increasingly distorted):
I think I'm all right.  I think I'm all right.  I just need to... lie down a minute...

[ MAINFRAME loses his balance as the white rays grow even brighter.  He falls over and explodes in a massive fireball.  The flames billow up into the sky. ]

[ EXT. ROOFTOP - The six MMPR join the RANGERS on the rooftop, GREEN MMPR carrying MAGGIE.  He sets her down, and she stands beside the RANGERS.  All are transfixed by the ANCIENT RED RANGER.  He turns to face them without a sound. ]

So, these are the dinosaur coins.

[ The ANCIENT RED RANGER silently advances.  The RANGERS and MAGGIE make room, allowing him to approach the MMPR.  The MMPR watch him respectfully. ]

[ The ANCIENT RED RANGER begins to take RED MMPR's hand.  Seeming to understand his intent, RED MMPR shows the ghost the POWER COIN embedded in his palm (without the ghost having to touch him). ]

[ After studying the POWER COIN for a moment, the ANCIENT RED RANGER speaks to RED MMPR. ]

Will you help me find my master?

[ RED MMPR nods solemnly.  A dull gray ship, unlike any seen previously, descends from the sky and hovers behind the MMPR, its entry hatch open. ]

Thank you.

[ The ANCIENT RED RANGER turns back to the RANGERS and MAGGIE. ]

Goodbye, Rangers.

[ The ANCIENT RED RANGER fades away, and the six MMPR board their ship behind them.  The hatch closes, and the ship begins to lift off. ]

[ The RANGERS and MAGGIE watch in awe as the ship departs.  Meanwhile, behind them, DILLIK teleports onto the rooftop in greenish-silver vertical streaks. ]

Hey, what'd I miss?  (gets no response, sniffles)  Hey, guys?

[ Break. ]

[ EXT. DIRT ROAD - On a barren dirt road, the five HEROES, MAGGIE, DR. BERING, GENERAL TAGGART, SPECIAL AGENT TURNQUIST, and DILLIK all confer.  The HEROES are all in their same civilian clothes (see previous episode), and DILLIK is wearing his clear helmet.  DILLIK'S SHIP rests some distance away, and an unmarked black helicopter (see episode 26) idles nearby. ]

DILLIK (embarrassed):
Jeez, uh... I-- I'm really sorry about earlier, Rangers...

LUKE (gently patting him on the shoulder):
It's all right, Dillik.  You did your best.

Yeah, and you kept Mainframe's guard down.  That was a big help.

Yeah, I guess so...

So... we finally did it.  There's nobody left!  (to Dillik, unenthusiastically) There isn't anybody else, is there?

[ DILLIK seems to search his memory. ]

I-- I don't think so...

So, what now?  Do we all just go back to our normal lives?

[ GENERAL TAGGART steps forward. ]

Actually, I have a special assignment.  The President has decided to send one of you as a peace ambassador to the Vampirians.  Notwithstanding Trask's criminal actions, the President believes their grievances may have a legitimate basis, and it would be in our interests to smooth things over.

Wait, but you said one of us?  Who is it?

That's your decision, Rangers.

[ The HEROES look amongst each other.  LUKE then nods confidently. ]

I'll go.

[ LISA looks at him plaintively but doesn't speak. ]

LUKE (cont'd):
May I bring a guest, sir?

You may.

[ LUKE looks to LISA expectantly.  LISA shifts her gaze uncomfortably. ]

Umm... actually...  (winces slightly)  I think I'll stay.

LUKE (taken aback):
... Oh.

I mean, I...  (fidgets a bit)  I just think it's better this way.

[ LUKE appears confused. ]

[ DILLIK steps forward eagerly. ]

I'll go with you!  I think I might be able to help them with their climate problem.  (to Luke) I can even give you a ride there.

[ LUKE nods awkwardly. ]

Yeah, okay...  That... sounds like a good plan...

CASEY (to Taggart and Turnquist):
Do you think you'll start up Project Phoenix again?  You know, rebuild the Flyers and all?

That seems unlikely, Miss Reynolds.

But... what about the empire?  (to both Dillik and Taggart)  It's still out there, isn't it?

[ DILLIK nods noncommittally. ]

[ GENERAL TAGGART seems to have a metaphorical twinkle in his eye. ]

Oh, I don't think we'll give up on that front.  But we may take more of a ground-up approach.

[ From his pocket, GENERAL TAGGART removes a golden POWER COIN resembling the Thadian Rangers' coins.  In close-up, we see a dolphin emblem etched into the coin.  It glints in the sun. ]

[ GENERAL TAGGART smirks and pockets the coin.  He then puts his arm around LISA and escorts her aside. ]

Miss Ward, how would you like to continue your career in experimental technology?

[ DR. BERING pursues them out of frame. ]

Now wait just a minute, General!  Where did you find that?

[ They are gone.  SPECIAL AGENT TURNQUIST, meanwhile, addresses the others. ]

You're free to keep your Morphers in case of emergency.

MAGGIE (pointedly):
That's... unusually generous of you.

Not my call.

[ Spontaneously, PETE claps his hands together excitedly. ]

All right!  So, let's get a press release going!

Press release?  What for?

PETE (rolling his eyes):
To show your parents the Power Rangers won!  You do wanna get married, right?

[ CASEY and CHRIS look at each other and smile warmly. ]

CASEY (happily):

[ They reach to hold each other's hands. ]

[ EXT. CHURCHYARD - In close-up, we see CASEY and CHRIS's hands meet (now wearing wedding bands), but as we cut to a longer shot, we see they are in a white wedding gown and black tuxedo, respectively.  Together, hand in hand, with a smile on CHRIS's face and a squeal coming from CASEY, they hurry down several steps and rush past two lines of cheering people throwing bird seed into the air.  CHRIS may be wearing a black watch of some sort on his left wrist, but it's obscured by his sleeve; CASEY is not wearing her MORPHER. ]

[ Among the cheering guests are LUKE and LISA (though standing separately); PETE; MAGGIE; DR. BERING; MR. RASHAD (see episode 13) and MRS. REYNOLDS; DETECTIVE MORALES; TODD; DAVID (somewhat resembling Todd but younger) and HEATHER (an attractive woman in her twenties); DOLI; MR. FISCHER; MIKE (a man in his late twenties with tattoos on his hands); STEVE and LENORE; BARRY and DIANE (see episode 19); and DANNY, R.J., and ROBIN.  All are dressed formally.  Of the former Rangers, LUKE, LISA, and PETE appear to be wearing AVIMORPHERS.  Some of the guests are wearing coats. ]

[ CHRIS and CASEY hurry to Casey's idling car, which has decorations tied behind it.  The top is up, but the windows are down.  The couple gets in (CASEY in the driver's seat) and buckle up. ]

[ They wave and prepare to drive off.  Over the cheering of the crowd, TODD calls out: ]

Hey, squirt, take some pictures after you dig up those pyramids!

[ CASEY smiles and nods, and she puts the car in gear. ]

[ We begin with a close-up of a bumper sticker on the rear of Casey's car.  It reads, "Save the Pyramids," and bears a logo for the Pyramid Restoration Society.  Just as we are able to read this, the car pulls away. ]

[ Everyone waves happily. ]

[ LUKE, meanwhile, steals a glance at LISA, but she doesn't seem to notice. ]

[ EXT. PARKING LOT - Still in his suit from the wedding, LUKE walks alone through a nearly empty parking lot surrounded on two sides by woods.  He appears to be heading for the woods at the far end of the parking lot.  We can occasionally see his breath in the cold. ]

[ INT. VILLAIN COCKPIT - DILLIK has his feet up on the controls while working on some sort of puzzle toy in his hands.  Outside the viewscreen are trees, indicating the ship is stationed in a wooded clearing.  (The deciduous trees are missing their leaves, befitting a winter setting.) ]

[ EXT. PARKING LOT - As LUKE continues across the parking lot, a MUGGER approaches, his demeanor apprehensive and his hands stuffed into his pockets.  We see the MUGGER's breath in the air as he breathes. ]

Yo, man, hand over your wallet.

[ LUKE coolly stops in his tracks and cocks his jaw with amused disbelief. ]

Would you believe I don't have one on me?

Don't get smart with me.  Hand it over!

[ LUKE tries to gesture calmingly. ]

Really, man, I don't have a cent on me.  I actually just came for a wedding.

[ The MUGGER looks around warily before sneering at LUKE. ]

Fine, then give me your watch!

[ LUKE glances at the MORPHER on his wrist and chuckles. ]

Uhh, no, I don't think that's going to happen.

[ The MUGGER advances angrily and reaches for LUKE's arm. ]

I said gimme your --!

[ LUKE deftly grabs the outside of the MUGGER's wrist and twists him around into an arm lock, his back to LUKE. ]

Let's just take it easy, pal.

[ After struggling briefly, the MUGGER slips his foot behind LUKE's leg and throws his weight back, sending them both tumbling backward.  They roll together and struggle at length. ]

[ Ultimately, the MUGGER rolls free.  Rising to his feet, he reaches into his jacket as if to pull out a weapon, but a gloved hand taps him on the shoulder.  He sharply turns his head to see: ]

[ Standing beside him is the BLUE RANGER.  She crosses her arms and shakes her head at the MUGGER. ]

[ His face filled with panic, the MUGGER scurries away.  BLUE RANGER merely watches him run, but he isn't halfway across the parking lot before DETECTIVE MORALES tackles him to the asphalt and handcuffs him. ]

[ BLUE RANGER then turns to LUKE. ]

LISA (Blue Ranger):
Are you okay?

[ LUKE rises, brushing himself off.  He chuckles to BLUE RANGER. ]

Doing fine.  Yourself?

[ BLUE RANGER appears bashful.  She chuckles softly. ]

[ EXT. HIGHWAY - CASEY drives toward the city.  Beside her, CHRIS reaches into his coat pocket and removes an additional AVIMORPHER. ]

Missing something?

[ She glances over and smiles.  She reaches her left wrist over her driving arm (her wedding band also on this hand), and he gently fastens the MORPHER onto her wrist. ]

[ Once the MORPHER is attached, she returns her hand to her side and flexes her wrist. ]

CASEY (with a smile):
I felt naked without it.

[ With a faint smile, CHRIS cocks his head with nothing particular to add. ]

[ The camera passes intangibly through the rear windshield, and we watch as the car drives away.   The shot holds and then fades to black. ]