Episode 1: "Welcome to Windvale, part 1"

Writer:  Joe Rovang

[ This episode uses sentai footage from Zyuranger #1. ]

[ "Day of the Dumpster" refers to the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers season 1 episode, though some visuals referenced therein originate from Zyuranger #1. ]

LISA (voice-over):
Previously on Power Rangers Take Flight:

[ Fade in to EXT. WARP - As the camera travels through a black void punctuated with amber streaks (compare with season 1, episode 38), we hear GARAVAN's voice (see same episode). ]

GARAVAN (voice-over):
My name is Garavan.  I watch other universes.

[ The void gives way, revealing: ]

[ EXT. COMMAND CENTER (MMPR) - The familiar COMMAND CENTER structure (compare with "Day of the Dumpster") rests nestled among pointy mountain peaks in the desert. ]

Command Center (for reference only)

GARAVAN (voice-over, cont'd):
In one universe, I've found the elusive Zordon.

[ The camera rushes away into space at lightning speed, settling on: ]

[ EXT. ALIEN DESERT - We arrive on a desert on another world, where a SPACE DUMPSTER (compare with "Day of the Dumpster") lies partially buried in sand. ]

GARAVAN (voice-over, cont'd):
He appears fascinated by a certain unremarkable space dumpster...

[ We fly back through the black and amber void until emerging in: ]

[ EXT. SPACE - The camera reveals an establishment shot of the Milky Way galaxy. ]

GARAVAN (voice-over, cont'd):
In another universe lives a team of Power Rangers who once spared my planet from disaster.  Their names are...

[ INT. VAMPIRIAN DOME - In a relatively dark domed room with earthen walls (compare with the domes in season 1, episode 17), LUKE (see last season) wears a black uniform (worn by the heroes last season).  On his wrist is his AVIMORPHER.  He speaks (no audio) to a group of pale-skinned Vampirian youths of various ages, including LIRA, a Vampirian girl roughly sixteen years of age.  Her hair is long, straight, and black; the other children's hair are varying shades of black, purple, and maroon.  (Though they aren't shown closely, it may be noted that two of the Vampirian children are wearing necklaces bearing Christian cross pendants fashioned out of stone.) ]

GARAVAN (voice-over, cont'd):
Luke Branson, currently an emissary to an alien world...

[ INT. MAGGIE'S APARTMENT - In an apartment bearing similar decor to her original apartment (see season 1, episode 2), MAGGIE (see last season) peruses what may be the classified section of a newspaper.  She is wearing casual clothes and no AviMorpher. ]

GARAVAN (voice-over, cont'd):
Maggie Lu, looking forward to her first job as a school counselor...

[ INT. SECRETARY'S OFFICE - In moderately dressy attire, LISA (see last season) types on a computer, beside which is a nameplate reading, "Lisa Ward."  She is wearing an AVIMORPHER.  Not far from her desk is an office door with frosted glass.  The name on the door reads, "Headmaster," but below it in a different style of lettering, perhaps covering up a previous name, is "Jonathan Newgard."  Outside of the door is a waiting area consisting of five chairs. ]

GARAVAN (voice-over, cont'd):
Lisa Ward, government agent in disguise...

[ INT. PET STORE - In casual clothes, CHRIS and CASEY (see last season) are holding hands as they browse a section of scratching posts and cat gyms.  They both wear wedding bands (see season 1, episode 40) and AVIMORPHERS. ]

GARAVAN (voice-over, cont'd):
Chris and Casey Jacobs, still newlyweds by most accounts...

[ INT. BANQUET HALL - In a chef's uniform, PETE (see last season) walks past an audience in slow motion as reverent music plays in the background.  In his hand is a tote bag full of cooking equipment.  He is wearing an AVIMORPHER. ]

GARAVAN (voice-over, cont'd):
And Pete Williams, chef extraordinaire.

[ At a table in the competition area (compare with season 1, episode 29), SCOTT (see last season) calls out.  The tag on his table reads, "Scott Williams." ]

Hey, Pete, come on!

[ Having been walking slowly intentionally, PETE picks up the pace.  The background music stops. ]

[ PETE arrives at his own station, located beside SCOTT's.  His tag reads, "Peter Williams."  PETE begins unpacking the tote bag, which contains the last of his belongings, the rest having been set up previously. ]

[ An ANNOUNCER's voice is heard (same as season 1, episode 29, if possible). ]

ANNOUNCER (voice-over):
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the seventh annual Kingston's Tomato Sauce Cook-Off!

[ The audience applauds (off-screen). ]

SCOTT (to Pete, over the applause):
All right, Pete, I may be your boss, but that doesn't mean I'm letting you win without a fight.

That's cool.  I'll try not to beat you too badly.

(laughs)  Your second year here, and you're already a hot shot.

[ PETE smirks. ]

[ The ANNOUNCER speaks into a microphone in front of the competition areas. ]

ANNOUNCER (voice-over):
As most of you know, each of today's entries must be prepared using at least a half-cup of Kingston's brand tomato sauce.  Judging will be based on --

[ The ANNOUNCER is cut off as the sound system squeals.  The audience recoils from the noise. ]

[ As the sound continues, cans of Kingston's tomato sauce at various workstations begin to warp and rupture.  Tomato sauce oozes out.  The sound system's noise warbles and cuts out, but despite the abated noise, glass jars of tomato sauce begin to shatter.  The crowd borders on panic. ]

[ PETE and SCOTT look over as a glass shatters at the station on PETE's opposite side.  People in the crowd are beginning to make their way toward the main exits. ]

What the heck?!

All right, I'm starting to think this cook-off is cursed!

[ Standing atop PETE's table, a being fades into view.  He has a green humanoid body with leafy growths around his wrists and ankles (compare with Jetman #46 or season 1, episode 28).  Around his neck is a red cape.  His head is an oversized tomato bearing a yellow face like a jack-o-lantern, atop which is a leafy crown bearing the Japanese kanji for "king" (王).  This is TOMATO KING. ]

[ The villain extends his hand and issues a bold proclamation (his voice matching season 1, episode 28): ]

Citizens of Earth!  Your massacre of my people has gone on too long!  Nevermore shall innocent lycopersica suffer at the hands of mankind!

[ TOMATO KING turns and speaks gleefully to PETE, behind him. ]

TOMATO KING (cont'd):
I mean it, too!

[ As TOMATO KING returns to the audience, PETE mutters privately to himself. ]

It's the guy from my dream!  But how...?

[ Meanwhile, TOMATO KING hops off the table and approaches the remaining crowd, which begins to flee with increasing urgency. ]

[ As the competitors head toward the rear service doors backstage, SCOTT grabs PETE by the arm. ]

Pete, come on!

[ PETE watches the chaos (off-screen). ]

[ TOMATO KING waves his arms menacingly toward a crying child being carried away by her mother. ]

Oogity boogity!

[ TOMATO KING lowers his arms as the mother and still-crying child escape.  The last of the crowd exits, leaving the exit doors wide open. ]

TOMATO KING (cont'd, dejectedly):
Well, jeez, it's no fun if you're already crying.

[ PETE remains mystified by the sight. ]

Am I dreaming...?

[ SCOTT grabs PETE by both shoulders and shakes him thoroughly, partially rousing him from his daze. ]

Pete!  We've gotta leave!  Now!

PETE (distantly):
Wha...?  Yeah, o-- okay...

[ Meanwhile, TOMATO KING turns to look at SCOTT and PETE, now the only people left in the banquet hall. ]

Hey, what are you two still doing here?  You want a go with the baron of beefsteaks?

[ SCOTT pulls PETE away in the direction of the nearest rear exit. ]

Uhh, no, that's okay.  We were just leaving.

[ TOMATO KING snaps his fingers. ]

That's what you think.

[ From nowhere, tomato vines emerge and wrap around the door handles of the rear exit.  SCOTT and PETE arrive just in time to find the door sealed tight. ]

We're locked in!

[ TOMATO KING approaches, casually tossing a tomato into the air and catching it several times.  SCOTT leads PETE aside a few feet to place a short stack of tomato sauce boxes between them and the approaching villain. ]

You see, humans, your planet is stained with the juice of my people.  (increasingly upset) You plant them, raise them with care, and then ship them off to be diced and sliced, boiled and roasted... (shakes his head woefully) ...and smooshed up into paste.  (sobs)  It's just not fair...  (then suddenly collected)  Anyway, yada yada yada... I'm here to destroy you now.  Take this!  (throws tomato)

[ As the tomato flies through the air toward SCOTT and PETE, it's suddenly obliterated by a blue streak flying by. ]

[ PETE and SCOTT are startled. ]

What the...?

[ BLUE RANGER (see last season) leaps in through the open exit doors on the opposite side of the banquet hall.  On her wrist is a BATTLIZER brace, to which her BATTLE BIRD returns and reattaches. ]

LISA (Blue Ranger):
Stop right there, creep!

[ SCOTT is awestruck.  PETE's reaction is more subdued. ]

Blue Ranger!  (devilishly) Oh, this'll be great!  She's the spunky one!

[ TOMATO KING glowers in BLUE RANGER's direction. ]

"Blue Ranger," eh?  All right, let's see what you've got, you tiny-headed...

[ The BLACK and PINK RANGERS arrive at another exit.  (They are not wearing Battlizers.) ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
You got a problem, pal?

[ TOMATO KING stops. ]

TOMATO KING (inwardly):
Hmm.  I like it better when they run away.  (boldly) You win this time, Blue Ranger and friends!  But you haven't seen the last of me!

[ TOMATO KING prepares to do a backflip but notices the stack of boxes behind him.  He takes a step to the side and then performs his backflip.  In mid-air, he vanishes in a puff of tomato leaves. ]

TOMATO KING (cont'd):
Tomato King...!  (notices boxes, steps aside)  Tomato King... (backflips) ...away!!  (vanishes)

[ The three RANGERS exchange glances. ]

[ EXT. CONVENTION CENTER - The three RANGERS accompany SCOTT and PETE outside.  (BLUE is no longer wearing her Battlizer.)  PETE still looks inwardly confused. ]

Thanks for saving us.  It's nice to see the Power Rangers are still watching over the city.

CASEY (Pink Ranger):
Just doing our job.

[ BLACK RANGER looks to PETE. ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
Uh, sir, you look a little out of sorts.  Would you like us to take you to get some medical assistance?

[ PETE clears his head.  Though dissatisfied, he appears willing to put the issue to rest for now. ]

Nah, I'm okay...

CHRIS (Black Ranger, more pointedly):
Umm, no, I think you should really let us take you...  (gestures beckoningly with his head)

PETE (with sudden realization):
Ohhhh...!  Right, right!  I really should get some... assistance.  (to Scott) You know, better safe than sorry.

SCOTT (with a nod):
Right.  Get some rest, Pete.  Don't worry about your shift tonight!

Thanks, Scott.

[ The three RANGERS stand apart with PETE.  BLACK RANGER speaks into his left wrist. ]

CHRIS (Black Ranger):
We're ready.

[ A moment later, the RANGERS and PETE vanish with respectively-colored vertical streaks (Pete is yellow).  SCOTT looks up and all around, now alone. ]

Wow.  Neat trick.

[ We pan up to see TOMATO KING has been hiding on the roof of the convention center, listening.  He, too, looks around for the Rangers.  He then departs. ]

[ Dissolve to EXT. SPACE STATION - We see an establishment shot of the space station (see last season), now restored to its original appearance (no chunk is missing from the side).  (When LUKE's voice is heard, it is slightly muffled, as though through a transmission of some sort.) ]

PETE (voice-over):
So how could that demon from my dreams be real all of a sudden?

LUKE (transmission):
I think I know how.

[ INT. SPACE STATION COMMAND - The command center looks as it did last season, with the addition of a restored central console.  Standing together to converse are PETE, MAGGIE, LISA, CHRIS, CASEY, and DR. BERING (see last season).  Also included in the conversation is LUKE, who appears in a transmission in the wall monitor.  DR. BERING is in her normal station attire (complete with silver wristband, as seen last season), while the rest are in their last attire seen. ]

[ In the monitor, LUKE is speaking from a different domed room from the one shown earlier. ]

LUKE (cont'd, from monitor):
When the demon-eater gave us those dreams to ask for our help, he showed me a demon warrior who used to be real, before he was captured ages ago.  His name was Vang.

So you think Tomato King was a real demon too?  And somehow he got out?

But how?

Trask couldn't have gone mining for more demons, could he?

No, he's still locked up here on New Vampiria.

Well, it couldn't be Dillik... right, Dr. Bering?

Right, he's back in the Yag system finishing his studies.  We keep in touch.

Somebody else must've released him.

Well, what if WE released him?

PETE (skeptically):
Say what?  I don't know about you guys, but I haven't been visiting any demon-eater breeding grounds.

But remember when it asked us about exorcising the planet?

[ As the discussion continues, LUKE listens intently from the monitor. ]

We told him we didn't want him locking up all of Earth's ghosts...

So he let go all the ones he'd captured?!

Well, maybe the ones from Earth, anyway...

TOMATO KING (off-screen):
I'll bet that's exactly what happened!

[ The HEROES nod thoughtfully.  Then all and DR. BERING suddenly look to one of the side doorways, where we whip-pan to see TOMATO KING stroking his chin.  Startled by the attention, he quickly looks over his shoulder but sees nothing. ]

TOMATO KING (cont'd):
What?!  What is it?  (looks at himself, then to heroes)  Oh, right.

[ TOMATO KING quickly hurls a leafy green vine.  It wraps around the HEROES and DR. BERING, pinning their arms by their sides despite their struggles. ]

[ LUKE cries out from the monitor. ]

LUKE (from monitor):

[ PETE struggles. ]

Oh man, not the Tomato Shocker!

[ TOMATO KING crosses his forearms but then pauses, mildly surprised. ]

Wow, you know about the Tomato Shocker?  (brushes knuckles against his chest) Well, I guess my reputation precedes me...

[ Just then, GUARDS armed with laser rifles appear in the hallway behind the distracted TOMATO KING and unleash a hail of yellow lasers.  The villain convulses as his body erupts in sparks. ]

TOMATO KING (sparking):
Hey!  Ow!  Stop that!

[ In desperation, TOMATO KING hurls something unseen toward the GUARDS. ]

[ The barrels of the GUARDS' laser rifles are plugged with tomatoes.  The GUARDS pause, mystified. ]

[ Smoking, TOMATO KING staggers aside and points vengefully toward the vine-wrapped HEROES. ]

All right, you guys are on my list!  ... the very second I start one!  Note to self: start list.  (points again)  Yeah!!

[ TOMATO KING twirls and vanishes in a puff of leaves. ]

TOMATO KING (cont'd):
Tomato King away!  (vanishes)

[ The GUARDS help the HEROES and DR. BERING wrestle out of the vines, which they toss to the floor.  (The guards' rifles still have tomatoes stuck to their barrels.) ]

LUKE (from monitor):
Are you guys okay?

(grunts)  We're fine.  Computer, get me Turnquist.

[ Dissolve to INT. HEADMASTER'S OFFICE - Dressed in a suit and tie, JON (described last season as SPECIAL AGENT TURNQUIST) sits at a desk in an office befitting of someone serving in an educational role.  (Note that this office connects with the previously featured secretary's office.)  JON is speaking into some sort of object on his desk. ]

I understand your concern, Rangers, but we've had our eye on Tomato King for a while.  We consider him a low-level threat.

[ We see a close-up of the object on JON's desk.  It appears to be a Hoverbird (see last season, though it lacks a Ranger-colored stripe around the middle) affixed to a squat metallic stand resembling a paperweight.  In the base of the object, hereby described as a COMMUNICATOR, is a tiny monitor, in which we see the HEROES and DR. BERING in the space station's command center, as seen from the wall monitor.  In the command center, the guards are gone, and the floor is now lacking the previous vines and leaves. ]

CHRIS (from communicator):
A low-level threat?  I don't think all the people he attacked would call him a "low-level threat."

[ INT. SPACE STATION COMMAND - JON replies, his image now appearing in the large wall monitor, from the perspective of his communicator, while LUKE listens from a smaller monitor. ]

JON (from monitor):
Understood.  However, I assure you we're on top of the situation.  Please, just carry on as you were and let us take care of this.

[ The HEROES seem somewhat dissatisfied, but none voices an objection.  LUKE then speaks up from his monitor. ]

LUKE (from monitor):
Uhh, if it's all the same to you, Agent Turnquist, I think I'm gonna head back to Earth.  Just in case.

JON (from monitor):
You're free to come home whenever you like.  Send our regards to the Vampirians.

[ LUKE nods.  DR. BERING, meanwhile, remains silent as the dialog continues. ]

JON (cont'd, from monitor):
As to the rest of you, please, go about your lives.  If we need you, we'll contact you.

PETE (reluctantly):
Yeah, well... all right...

JON (over monitor):
By the way, Miss Lu, how goes the job search?

[ The HEROES are puzzled. ]

MAGGIE (suspiciously):
Um...  Fine...?

[ JON nods. ]

JON (over monitor):
I'm sure something will turn up.  Take care, Rangers.

[ JON appears to touch the communicator, and the monitor goes black. ]

CASEY (to Maggie):
Job search...?  I thought McCloud Middle School hired you.

Yeah, well... it fell through at the last minute.

What?  No way!

I didn't know...

I didn't tell anybody.  I mean, except my parents, and they're in China.

So how did Smiley find out about it?

That's what I'd like to know.

[ LISA keeps mum.  CHRIS looks to her. ]

Lisa?  Anything you'd like to share?

[ LISA opens her mouth but is reluctant to say anything.  She appears remorseful over her silence. ]

CHRIS (cont'd):
Right, classified.  We know the drill.

I'm sorry, guys.

[ Dissolve to INT. PETE'S APARTMENT - LUKE places two large suitcases beside a convertible couch in the living room of Pete's apartment, which bears understated decor.  PETE sets down a third suitcase.  Both wear casual clothes (Pete's different from the previous scene) and AVIMORPHERS. ]

Thanks so much for letting me stay here, Pete.

No problem, man.  It's been kinda lonely since we sold the house.

LUKE (absently):
Yeah, that was a shame...  I liked that house.

Yeah, sorry, man.  Maggie and I just couldn't --

Oh, no no...  I totally understand.  I mean, it doesn't help that I just went off into space and left you guys short a roommate...

Well, I guess, but... you know, Chris and Casey got their own place, and Lisa was up on the station... so it just worked out this way.  Nobody's fault.  Things just change.

[ LUKE nods soberly. ]

Speaking of which, I guess our hero days are over.

Yeah, that's kinda weird how Turnquist's giving us the cold shoulder.  (ponders)  You think we should go after Tomato King anyway?

(sighs)  I dunno.  Maybe there's a chance Turnquist knows what he's doing.

[ Wipe to EXT. PENTATHLON STAGING GROUND - A large number of people are gathered for an outdoor event.  Banners read, "1993 Liveman Pentathlon."  Though attendees are of mixed ages, all of the competitors appear to be of high school age, and none younger than sixteen. ]

ANNOUNCER2 (voice-over):
Welcome, one and all, to the Liveman Pentathlon!

[ EXT. PENTATHLON STAGING GROUND, STAGE - Alone on a stage, ANNOUNCER2 speaks into a microphone, his voice echoing over the area. ]

ANNOUNCER2 (cont'd):
Aristotle once said that the most perfect sportsmen were pentathletes, because, he said, "in their bodies strength and speed are combined in beautiful harmony."  Well, with all due respect to our friend Aristotle, we've mixed things up a bit today.

[ Standing by themselves in a relatively secluded area behind the stage, LISA and JON watch the crowd.  Both are in formal attire, each wearing a navy blue blazer.  LISA continues to wear an AVIMORPHER.  ANNOUNCER2's voice recedes indistinctly into the background. ]

ANNOUNCER2 (voice-over, cont'd, becoming indistinct):
In this competition, points will not be carried over between events.  Instead, each event's gold medal winner will be awarded a college scholarship of...

[ JON appears pleased as he surveys the crowd. ]

Nice turnout.  Should give us plenty of candidates.

Yeah, but what's with the age cutoff?  I thought the whole point of the academy was to start with freshmen...  You know, you're not really keeping your so-called "assistant" very informed.

[ JON makes sure they're relatively alone before replying in a hushed tone. ]

It seems the empire has spread more quickly than we expected.  That made the general reevaluate his equations.

What equations?

Malleability versus strength.  Originally, we wanted to train them from the ground up, but we need recruits who have strength and skill right now.

(ponders)  So what's the deal with Tomato King?

An incidental diversion.  As long as he sticks to just scaring people, we're content to save him as a training exercise.

LISA (somewhat outraged):
A training exercise?!  THAT'S why you won't let us stop him?!

JON (coolly):
Please keep your voice down, Miss Ward.

[ With some frustration, LISA forces herself to quiet down. ]

So I guess the moral of all this is that you don't need my team anymore.

JON (deadpan):
Well, we might always need reserve forces.  You know, if these kids get themselves destroyed.

[ LISA scowls at him. ]

JON (cont'd):
I'm kidding, Miss Ward.

[ LISA looks away, calming slightly. ]

JON (cont'd, absently):
That's what the silver medalists are for.

[ LISA rolls her eyes and walks away.  JON smirks privately. ]

[ INT. GYMNASIUM - TRINI, a slender black female, approximately sixteen years old, stands opposite an opponent, RIVAL 1.  Both wear white gis with black belts tied around their waists, as well as light padded sparring gear.  TRINI's hair is tied into a tight bun behind her head. ]

ANNOUNCER2 (voice-over):
And we're ready to begin round one.

[ A REFEREE approaches the duo. ]

Challengers bow...

[ TRINI and RIVAL 1 bow to each other. ]

REFEREE (cont'd):
Ready positions...

[ TRINI and RIVAL 1 assume defensive stances. ]

REFEREE (cont'd):

[ The REFEREE backs away, and TRINI and RIVAL 1 engage in combat, each skillfully employing karate techniques.  TRINI, however, soon scores a backfist against her rival's headgear, her blow precise and using a measured amount of force.  The REFREE dashes in. ]


[ The REFEREE raises TRINI's gloved hand. ]

[ INT. GYMNASIUM (LATER) - TRINI battles RIVAL 2 (female), blocking her blows and then landing a deft roundhouse kick to her ribs.  Again, TRINI's strike is precisely measured, delivering speed but no more force than necessary. ]


[ INT. GYMNASIUM (EVEN LATER) - TRINI scores against a third rival, SLADE, with a precision strike to his midsection.  Here, SLADE is wearing a black gi and a brown belt.  His hair is dark and messy.  He is wearing a small earring in his left earlobe. ]


[ INT. GYMNASIUM (LATER STILL) - TRINI engages in combat with a particularly formidable opponent, RIVAL 4.  Their match goes on for some time, neither able to deliver a blow which the other doesn't block or dodge. ]

[ Finally, RIVAL 4 delivers a lunging kick which TRINI sidesteps, spinning into a reverse roundhouse kick (shown in slow motion).  RIVAL 4 barely manages to duck the kick, sending TRINI's foot (heel first) sailing just over his head.  Just as it seems RIVAL 4 is in the clear, however, TRINI's foot circles under his head and returns to the original side, striking his headgear almost gingerly with the top of her foot (her knee turned in the other direction from her original roundhouse kick).  RIVAL 4 blinks, startled either by the unexpected move or by its gentleness. ]

[ As TRINI lowers her foot to the mat, the REFEREE rushes in and takes her hand. ]


ANNOUNCER2 (voice-over):
The winner...!  Trini Moore!

[ The crowd of spectators applauds and cheers as the REFEREE raises TRINI's hand.  TRINI flashes a thin smile to the crowd, perhaps more out of politeness than overt excitement. ]

[ In the stands, MR. MOORE, a black man seemingly in his late thirties, applauds while sporting a broad smile.  His is not wearing a wedding ring. ]

[ Apparently catching Mr. Moore's eye in the stands, TRINI smiles more genuinely. ]

[ INT. WOMEN'S LOCKER ROOM - Seated on a bench near the showers (currently unused), TRINI puts on socks and sneakers.  She is now wearing a hooded sweatshirt and athletic pants.  Beside her on the bench is a sports bag containing her gi and black belt. ]

[ The announcer's voice can be heard distantly outside. ]

ANNOUNCER2 (voice-over):
Next up: swimming!

[ From elsewhere in the locker room, a teenaged girl, APRIL, walks past TRINI, dressed in a one-piece competitive swimsuit.  She has curly auburn hair which hangs loose, and a swim cap is in her hand, as well as several small hair clips.  She appears to be approximately sixteen as well.  TRINI flashes her a polite smile as APRIL (face unseen) heads toward the showers. ]

[ As TRINI finishes tying her shoelaces, APRIL turns on the water, soaks her hair under the spray, and then turns it off and exits the shower.  TRINI curiously glances up at APRIL as she passes once more, this time clipping her wet hair back and affixing her swim cap over it.  In passing, APRIL notices TRINI's attention and pauses.  TRINI glances away awkwardly, but it's too late to escape APRIL's notice.  APRIL flashes a self-effacing smirk. ]

I know, it's weird, right?

[ TRINI refrains from making eye contact as she tries to hold back a chuckle. ]

I didn't say anything.

[ APRIL finishes tying the swim cap in place. ]

Some of the girls on my swim team make fun of me when I do it, but I don't care.

[ TRINI shakes her head with a smile as she stands and drapes her bag over her shoulder.  She still resists making eye contact. ]

I'm sure you have a good reason.

Well, nobody else believes me, but I swear it stops the chemicals in the pool from getting in your hair.  It's like... it's already as wet as it's gonna get, you know?  So it can't soak up the pool water.  Otherwise, your hair turns all green and everything... (grimaces)

I'll take your word for it.

[ APRIL chuckles self-consciously.  She then studies TRINI's face. ]

Hey, didn't you win the karate event?  Trini Moore, right?  You're really good!

[ TRINI finally makes eye contact and bows her head politely. ]


"Trini"...  That's a nice name.  Is it short for something?

TRINI (matter-of-factly):
It's short for Trini Rodriguez.  My great-grandmother.

[ APRIL appears moderately puzzled. ]

TRINI (cont'd):
I'm an eighth Mexican.

Oh yeah?  I'm an eighth Gaelic.  (pauses)  ... And seven-eighths Irish.

[ TRINI smiles softly.  APRIL extends her hand. ]

APRIL (cont'd):
My name's April.

[ TRINI looks at her hand briefly and then shakes it. ]

Nice to meet you.

Hey, you should come watch the swimming event.  I think it's gonna be kinda crazy.  (glances at Trini's outfit)  I'm guessing you're not competing.

[ TRINI chuckles. ]

No.  Maybe I'll check it out though.

APRIL (with a smile):
All right...  Well, see ya!

[ APRIL turns and leaves. ]

[ EXT. SWIMMING POOL (UNDERWATER) - Swimming gracefully through the water while wearing goggles in addition to her swim cap, APRIL navigates a novel underwater obstacle course.  Once through, she darts up to the surface. ]

[ EXT. SWIMMING POOL - APRIL breaks up through the water's surface and slaps her hand against a large panel on the side of the pool. ]

ANNOUNCER2 (voice-over):
35.28!  That gives April Flynn a generous lead!

[ EXT. STANDS - Seated in the stands overlooking the swimming pool (off-screen), TRINI claps along with the rest of the audience. ]

[ We pan up to the rear of the stands, where LISA and JON stand apart from the crowd, watching the event below.  LISA speaks to JON as the applause begins to die down. ]


Looking that way.

[ EXT. POOLSIDE - APRIL anxiously stands with a towel draped over her shoulders.  Her hair is wet but uncovered.  With her are MR. FLYNN and MRS. FLYNN, an attractive couple passable as Irish-American.  Both are in their late thirties and wear matching wedding rings.  Together, the trio listens as the announcer's voice begins. ]

ANNOUNCER2 (voice-over):
And Rachel Lee finishes with 42.94!  That means April Flynn is our first-place winner!

[ APRIL gasps as the audience erupts into applause.  Her parents hug her in delight. ]

[ EXT. STANDS - TRINI rises for a standing ovation.  She smiles without making any vocal outbursts. ]

[ EXT. POOLSIDE - APRIL excitedly waves to the applauding crowd.  MR. and MRS. FLYNN have moved into the background.  Meanwhile, JON approaches her and addresses APRIL privately, catching her parents' attention. ]

Congratulations, Miss Flynn.  If you'll meet us in the registration booth after the final event, we'll get all the paperwork straightened out.

[ APRIL nods with bewilderment. ]

O-- Okay.

[ JON departs.  The applause continues, and APRIL continues to smile toward the stands.  Her parents watch JON leave. ]

[ INT. ARCADE - BRAD, a somewhat slender Asian teenager in casual clothes, wanders through an arcade-like room full of sixteen flight simulator capsules while continuously checking a numbered tag in his hand (it bears the number seven).  (BRAD routinely wears a digital watch, though it is clearly not an AviMorpher.) ]

[ As BRAD navigates the arcade, we see that each capsule is numbered (some with teenagers waiting beside them), and BRAD eventually makes his way to number seven.  Beside it is number eight, against which leans LANDON.  LANDON is a teenager in casual clothes as well.  Curiously, he happens to look identical to Slade (seen earlier), though they wear their hair somewhat differently, and LANDON lacks an earring or even a pierced ear. ]

[ BRAD nods politely to LANDON, who nods in return. ]


Hi.  Looks like I'm your neighbor.  (chuckles and shakes his head)  What a weird pentathlon.

[ LANDON is mildly amused but cocks his head curiously. ]

What do you mean?

Well, I mean, THIS!  Who's ever heard of a flight simulator event in an athletic competition?

[ LANDON laughs.  His demeanor seems quite laid-back and easily amused. ]

Oh, yeah, I guess so.  I'm kinda glad this one's not physical, though.  I'm beat from that last one.

Dodgeball?  Hey, I was in that one too!  (ponders)  I got eliminated pretty quickly though...

[ Flash to INT. GYMNASIUM - A robotic mechanism pivots in a random direction and then uses two spinning wheels to launch an inflated rubber dodgeball toward a crowd of teenaged athletes.  In slow motion, the ball flies toward BRAD.  Apparently unable to dodge the ball, BRAD turns just in time for the ball to slam against his back, sending him careening to the gym floor in a comical manner. ]

[ INT. ARCADE - LANDON smiles with dawning recollection. ]

Oh yeah!  I remember you!  You were that guy who left on his hands and knees!

BRAD (matter-of-factly):
I was trying to avoid being hit again.  (cheerily) How'd you end up doing?

[ LANDON tries to hide a proud smile. ]

LANDON (attempting humility):
Oh, well, first place...

BRAD (eagerly):
Wow, seriously?  Congratulations!  So that's a five thousand dollar scholarship right there!

LANDON (with a chuckle):
Yeah, I guess so.

ANNOUNCER2 (voice-over):
Ladies and gentlemen, the practice round will begin shortly.  Please take your places at this time.

[ BRAD and LANDON turn to situate themselves into their simulator cockpits. ]

Well, good luck.

Yeah, you too.

[ INT. SIMULATOR 7 - BRAD climbs into his cockpit and situates himself.  The dark screen then comes to life, revealing a computer simulation of a jet cockpit of some sort (no particular similarity to the Falcon cockpit in Liveman #2) as the simulated craft flies over a mountainous terrain (the mountains arranged in a vast ring around what is likely the intended combat zone).  The graphics are fairly advanced by 1993's standards. ]

[ INT. ARCADE - Atop simulator #7, a red light turns on. ]

[ BRAD grips the joystick with his right hand, a simple button trigger available for use with his index finger, and his left hand rests on a throttle lever to his left.  A recorded computer voice plays through the cockpit's internal speakers. ]

COMPUTER (voice-over):
Welcome to the Liveman flight simulator.  The controls are quite simple.  The joystick controls your flight direction, the joystick trigger button fires your lasers...

[ BRAD experimentally squeezes the trigger, firing a pair of blue lasers into the distance. ]

COMPUTER (voice-over, cont'd):
... and the lever on the left controls your flight speed.

[ INT. SIMULATOR 8 - In his own cockpit, LANDON studies his controls as a number of smaller displays light up below his main viewscreen.  They show various views from all angles outside the ship: left, right, rear, above, and below. ]

COMPUTER (voice-over, cont'd):
The displays below show your surrounding environment.

[ INT. SIMULATOR 7 - BRAD checks his displays and then readies his hands on his controls. ]

COMPUTER (voice-over, cont'd):
Your objective is to destroy or be destroyed.  The winner will be the last pilot flying.  In the event of a draw, the pilot with the greater number of shoot-downs will be declared the winner.

Got it.  Let's do this.

LANDON (off-screen, muffled):
Hey man, are you talking to yourself in there?

BRAD (slightly embarrassed):
Uh, no...?

LANDON (off-screen, muffled):
Oh, all right.

COMPUTER (voice-over):
A two-minute practice round begins... now.

[ In the viewscreen, additional fighter ships, each an identical single-passenger craft, suddenly appear in the sky, likewise flying over the same landscape.  There are a total of fifteen craft at this point, though all may not be seen at once.  Each craft, while on-screen, has a translucent number superimposed above it (1 through 16, with the exception of 7). ]

[ BRAD pushes his throttle forward, and his ship races into the fray, where ships have already begun firing on each other with blue lasers.  The giant battle takes place over the mountainous ring. ]

[ INT. ARCADE AUDIENCE - At the back of a set of stands overlooking the arcade below, LISA speaks with JON.  A giant monitor on the far wall of the arcade shows an overview of the action. ]

LISA (sarcastically):
Oh, okay, you're not rebuilding the Flyers.  I believe you.

No comment.

[ Wipe to INT. SIMULATOR 7 - BRAD is flying his craft when the display suddenly goes dark, surprising him. ]

COMPUTER (voice-over):
The practice round is now over.  All fighter positions will now be reset.  Prepare to battle... in three...

[ BRAD grips his controls with intensity. ]

[ INT. SIMULATOR 8 - LANDON smirks with amusement and readies his controls. ]

COMPUTER (voice-over, cont'd):

[ INT. SIMULATOR 7 - BRAD remains steady. ]

COMPUTER (voice-over, cont'd):
One...  Begin!

[ The viewscreen returns, revealing sky and mountains.  Most significantly, however, all sixteen ships are arranged as nodes on an invisible dome, each flying inward and none directly facing another ship from the outset.  The invisible dome of ships begins to collapse inward as all ships lazily approach one another. ]

[ BRAD forcefully thrusts his throttle stick forward, and his ship speeds ahead. ]

[ INT. ARCADE - On the large monitor, we see an external viewpoint as most of the ships rocket inward toward each other, and a hail of blue laser fire crisscrosses the battle zone.  Each ship is numbered, 1 through 16. ]

[ In close-up, we see ship #14 struck by laser fire.  It explodes in a spray of fire and shrapnel. ]

[ The red light above #14 switches off. ]

ANNOUNCER2 (voice-over):
And number fourteen is eliminated!

[ In the monitor, ship #6 explodes as well. ]

ANNOUNCER2 (voice-over):
Number six is second to go!

[ The red light on simulator #6 goes dark. ]

[ On the monitor, we see the aerial battle raging from assorted angles.  Various craft weave through the air and exchange laser fire.  One after the next, ships explode in midair (though not #7 or #8). ]

[ In the arcade below, we see an overview of the simulators as assorted red lights shut off.  In short time, only a handful of red lights remain: 2, 7, 8, and 11. ]

[ INT. SIMULATOR 8 - LANDON pilots his ship deftly as he pursues ship #2.  He misses several times but then succeeds in striking his foe, blowing up the ship ahead of him.  He pumps his fist. ]


[ Suddenly, another ship (#7) darts straight up across his viewscreen, and he weaves to catch it. ]

LANDON (cont'd):
Where do you think you're going?

[ INT. SIMULATOR 7 - Having been flying straight up, BRAD levels off and keeps his eyes on his smaller displays as ship #8 begins to tail him.  He also sees ship #11 approaching from the distance on his right. ]

Just a little closer...

[ INT. SIMULATOR 8 - LANDON steadily pursues ship #7, setting it in his sights. ]

You're going down, man.

[ LANDON prepares to squeeze his trigger button. ]

[ INT. SIMULATOR 7 - BRAD suddenly yanks back on the throttle and veers down into a sharp dive to the left. ]

[ INT. SIMULATOR 8 - LANDON is startled as ship #7 suddenly peels off.  To his surprise, ship #11 approaches from his right with a hail of laser fire, striking his ship.  LANDON yelps as his screen is engulfed in a white flash.  The computer voice comes in: ]

COMPUTER (voice-over):
You've been destroyed.  Please remain seated until the event is over.

[ LANDON releases his hands from his controls and jestingly shakes his fist in the direction of simulator 7. ]

LANDON (with mock wrath):

[ The white screen partially dissolves to show a detached overview of the combat area as ship #11 pursues #7.  LANDON watches with interest. ]

[ INT. SIMULATOR 7 - As BRAD swoops down near the ground, ship #2 swings down to pursue him.  Laser fire peppers the air around his ship, but he expertly weaves out of the way of each volley of shots, his eyes darting back and forth between his main viewscreen and his rear display. ]

[ INT. ARCADE - LISA is enrapt by the giant monitor.  If seen below, simulators 2 and 7 are the only red lights remaining. ]

Dang...  How does he keep dodging all those lasers?

[ INT. SIMULATOR 7 - BRAD pulls up, continuing to dodge laser fire from behind as he gains altitude. ]

[ INT. ARCADE - In the large monitor, ship #7 quickly drops into a dive.  Ship #2 follows.  They soar earthward as ship #7 continues to evade hail of lasers. ]

[ INT. SIMULATOR 7 - The ground approaches rapidly. ]

[ INT. ARCADE - LISA watches intently. ]

He's gonna crash...

[ INT. SIMULATOR 7 - As his collision with the earth seems imminent, BRAD suddenly jerks back on the joystick and pushes the throttle to maximum. ]


[ INT. ARCADE - Ship #7 performs a dazzling swoop upward, just barely missing the ground below.  Ship #2, behind, attempts to pull up as well but smashes into the terrain with a mighty explosion. ]

[ LISA reacts excitedly.  Meanwhile, JON steps forward out of frame. ]


COMPUTER (voice-over):
Simulation over.

[ Below, BRAD emerges, someone confused and bleary-eyed. ]

ANNOUNCER2 (voice-over):
The winner... pilot number seven!  Brad Ito!

[ The audience cheers and applauds.  BRAD waves and bows his head self-deprecatingly. ]

[ LANDON climbs out of the adjacent simulator. ]

LANDON (with a smirk):
All right, what the heck, man?  You dodge a jillion lasers, but you can't dodge a dodgeball?

[ BRAD shrugs sheepishly. ]

[ JON approaches. ]

Mr. Ito, congratulations.

[ Wipe to EXT. REGISTRATION BOOTH - Standing beside unmanned tables under a large tent, TRINI and APRIL are talking (mostly April talking to Trini).  Some distance away, MR. and MRS. FLYNN are chatting with MR. MOORE, his demeanor slightly reserved.  APRIL is now wearing slightly preppy casual clothes, along with a promise ring on her left ring finger (which she will continue to wear with all clothes except her swim outfits). ]

[ BRAD approaches the tent, hands in his pockets.  APRIL and TRINI look at him as he approaches. ]

Hi.  Is this where the winners go?

APRIL (looking up at the tent):
That's what they told us.  (extends her hand to Brad)  My name's April.  This is Trini.

[ BRAD bashfully shakes APRIL's hand. ]

Hi.  Brad.

Which event did you win?

Oh, the, uh... flying event.

[ APRIL giggles. ]

Flying event...  This is such a weird pentathlon.

[ BRAD lights up with enthusiasm. ]

I know, right?!  I did some research on pentathlons before I came.  It turns out the Greek pentathlon events were based on their soldiers' skills, like jumping, and wrestling, and javelin-throwing...

[ TRINI listens. ]

BRAD (cont'd):
And then the modern Olympic Games based them on cavalry soldiers, like with the horse-riding, fencing, all that...

[ TRINI grows interested enough to speak up. ]

So what kind of soldier is all this based on?


Well, all I know is I can use that scholarship.  Um... as soon as I decide what college I wanna go to.

[ JON approaches with SLADE, who is now wearing casual black clothes. ]

Ladies... Mr. Ito...  I'd like to introduce Slade Ballard, winner of the shooting event.

BRAD (astonished):
Holy cow...  You won at shooting too?!

[ SLADE coolly eyes BRAD without a response. ]

Ah, no, actually...

LANDON (off-screen, distant):
Hey, wait for me!

[ They all turn to see LANDON running up from the complex nearby. ]

[ BRAD does a doubletake as he looks between SLADE and the arriving LANDON.  They are virtually identical in appearance, with the exception of clothing, hairstyle, and SLADE's earring, as well as a perpetually icy expression on SLADE's face, while LANDON appears more cheerful. ]

Hey, you guys are twins, aren't you?

(laughs)  You think?

[ MR. FLYNN, MRS. FLYNN, and MR. MOORE approach. ]

I'd like to congratulate you all once again for your accomplishments today.  However, I'm afraid I need to come clean with you for a moment.

[ MR. and MRS. FLYNN eye him somewhat suspiciously. ]

JON (cont'd):
In our promotions, we indicated that the winner of each event would receive a five thousand dollar college scholarship.

What, there's a catch?

Not exactly.  The scholarships are still yours to keep.  But I'm actually the headmaster of Windvale Academy.

APRIL (privately, with recognition):

Though we didn't advertise this aspect of the competition, I'm prepared to offer each of you a full scholarship to Windvale for the remainder of your high school education.

[ APRIL and her parents are astonished.  TRINI and MR. MOORE share a glance, and SLADE and LANDON appear mildly perplexed. ]

MRS. FLYNN (astonished):
But... the school year starts the week after next!

Yes, I... regret the short notice.

I'm sorry, Windvale Academy?  Is that like one of those charter schools?

No.  We're a private boarding school in Windvale, about forty miles from here.

Whoa... boarding school?

Our college acceptance rate for the past four classes is one hundred percent.

[ APRIL looks to her parents.  A car horn honks, and everyone looks back. ]

[ Driving a sports car (appropriate for 1993), an older teenager named NICK waits impatiently.  He calls out to Brad: ]

Hey, knucklehead!  Hurry up!

[ BRAD sheepishly looks to JON. ]

JON (to Brad):
Let me get your paperwork.  (departs)

[ LANDON looks to SLADE. ]

Wow, Windvale Academy...  That's kinda crazy.

Yeah.  There's no way I'm going to a boarding school.

[ Unbeknownst to them, a HOVERBIRD (see last season) watches the group from above.  Its stripe is blue. ]

[ INT. SPACE STATION COMMAND - On the wall monitor, we see the group from the Hoverbird's perspective above them.  Watching the monitor in the command center are DR. BERING and LISA.  LISA still wears her same blazer. ]

So what happens if none of them agree?  Tomato King's still on the loose, and the empire...

Let's hope they change their mind.

[ "To be continued..."  Fade to black. ]

[ Fade in to EXT. ALIEN DESERT (Zyuranger #1) - Two silver-suited ASTRONAUTS remove the lid from the SPACE DUMPSTER (no audio), freeing four familiar space aliens: GOLDAR, FINSTER, SQUATT, and BABOO.  The ASTRONAUTS scramble away in terror.  RITA REPULSA then emerges, stretching her arms with a sense of refreshment. ]

Rita's release Rita's release Rita's release Rita's release Rita's release Rita's release Rita's release

GARAVAN (voice-over):
Addendum: In Zordon's universe, the space dumpster has just been opened.  I suspect this may keep Zordon busy a while.

[ Cut to black. ]